Frontrunners Romney and Obama intensify their social media efforts

It has become clear to virtually every individual that breathes oxygen that more and more citizens have found the Internet and venues like websites, Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere as their primary medium for insight, opinion and research. Data continues to show that network and cable television viewership is in decline.

Nevertheless, political candidates and their affiliates will spend billions of dollars between now and Election Day on those conventional advertising venues in a vain attempt to shift the mindset of a group of folks that are probably more likely to be on the Internet than watching a 30-second spot on their local affiliate.

What’s also clear from looking this week at the social media landscape, is that there is a new level of intensity and focus on social media by the true front runners in this race–Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. What is also readily apparent is that all of rhetorical jousting being done by the remaining candidates–Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and to a much lesser degree, Ron Paul—is taking away from any real opportunity for momentum to be generated by the GOP standard bearer.  It’s clear that President Obama’s machine is kicking it into higher gear as its views the inevitable winner of this prolonged primary season, Mitt Romney, in its cross hairs.

Despite a range of issues that should be negatively impacting the President and his re-election campaign, re-election candidate Obama is experiencing a surging and/or solidification of the base that won him the White House in the last election.  It’s very clear from this week’s data that the guys in Chicago were told to put the pedal to the metal and let’s start cranking up our strategy online. 

After weeks of steady growth, President Obama surged this week.  A performance that could be a precursor to the fall campaign and an early warning shot to Republicans to end this overhyped media love affair and get down to the business of winning the White House. Here’s this week’s round-up.

Facebook Friends

Mitt Romney – 1,541,160 – UP 13,618
Ron Paul – 916,723 – UP 10,039
Newt Gingrich – 296,296 – UP 501
Rick Santorum – 184,068 – UP 8,434
President Barack Obama – 25,732,604 – UP 192,177

•    Mitt Romney – Mitt is looking much more like the ordained candidate of the Party. He continues to see strong growth week in and week out while others are fading. Mitt’s page is much more engaging. One day last week he showed his human side, asking friends to wish him and his wife Happy Anniversary.  Mitt continues to miss an opportunity though in stating his clear and concise vision for leading the country on these pages. As we head toward fall, he must clarify his views; attacking the other side will only get a candidate so far.

•    Ron Paul – While Ron continues to run a solid online campaign, my sense is that his message is losing steam even though his friends number rises each week. Right now his Facebook page is gushing about his appearance on Jay Leno last night.  While doing a guest slot on the Leno show might be a good thing for a actor or starlet; right now…Ron needs to figure out where he will wind up after the nominee is selected. Paul’s camp has had a very strong effort online and the Romney camp would do well to join forces if possible.

•    Newt Gingrich – Cover blurb on Time magazine this week “Quit Newt Quit” says it all. I don’t hear anyone “don’t count Newt out just yet”. Newt’s performance on Facebook is the weakest one week total increase that I have seen since we started monitoring this race. There may be a lot of bark still left in the dog, but it is readily apparent that no one is listening. From a marketing and brand standpoint, the race is over for Gingrich.

•    Rick Santorum – There is little doubt that Rick is a solid competitor with a strong message.  This may be a case that the candidate has run out of time. No one believes that the process need drag out to the Republican Convention. As challenging as Santorum feels a Romney candidacy would be, his attempt to delay the inevitable may result in further damage to the Republican challenge. Rick’s friend base does grow each week; just not enough to matter. 

Twitter Followers

Newt Gingrich – 1,449,576 – UP 4,982
Ron Paul – 409,772 – UP 17,345
Mitt Romney –  385,992  UP 23,701
Rick Santorum – 174,677 – UP 19,659
President Barack Obama – 13,143,775 – UP 292,604

•    Newt’s Twitter Followers have grown modestly. Once again this week his increase lags the field putting him at the bottom of all candidates in terms of growth rates.  Strong out of the gate; his brand and message isn’t resonating with the audience any longer.

•    Ron Paul – Candidate Paul knows the Internet and despite not getting any serious attention or credibility from the mass media, Ron’s online followers continue to grow each week, placing him in second place behind Gingrich in total number of followers.  Ron is ascending to the Gingrich decline. It’s time for the Republican brass to take a hard look at the Ron Paul message and follower base and start figuring out how to bring them along to the bigger party in the near term.

•    Romney out front – Big week for Romney campaign on Twitter this week. Candidate is making a move on Ron Paul’s second place slot and leading all others in growth week over week. Promising sign here is that Romney’s message seems to be gaining the momentum required to make a significant stand within the Twitter platform.  Little doubt that after the Illinois win, Romney’s standing will only get stronger in the weeks ahead.

•    Santorum up again – Rick continues to benefit from press coverage around some of the more controversial topics on the campaign trail. He is most definitely looking for signature issues that will garner strong factions and segments amongst the electorate. This week’s stance on pornography is a case in point.  Like the modest growth in Facebook, Santorum’s Twitter standing  (in fourth place) shows that while the media may love the message, it hasn’t garnered the support in the electorate required to be meaningful in a race when tens of millions of votes are required to win the prize.

As you look at the numbers for President Obama, the only conclusion that one can reach is that the race has started in earnest.  The growth in both Twitter followers and Facebook friends is crushing the Republican challenger field. While GOP candidates continue to be baited into a false sense of media security through weekly visits to Face the Nation, Meet the Press & Fox News, the campaign online has ramped into high gear.  Based on what I continue to see each week, there is no chance that anyone is going to catch Barack Obama online.  The Republican Party and its leadership continue to tease folks like me saying that they “have a plan” and “wait and see”. Based on what I have observed online, the only surprise that awaits this fall will be how large a win the President will achieve.

Those that have read this column and commented along the way can be portioned into several groups. There are some that take this data and analysis and discount it as not being relevant to the election. They argue that the online audience doesn’t represent the “true American”.  Still others worry like I do that the leadership within the Republican Party is tragically out of step with the insight and expertise required to leverage the modern day interactive tool kit.  Regardless of what camp you belong to, it should be crystal clear to both camps that there is a problem. A big problem.

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  • Guest

    Facebook is the modern incarnation of the old AOL-style vanity websites. Twitter is the hand-held equivalent of the ANSI BBS comment wall. It’s unserious. A lifetime “digital marketer”, however, may be much more apt to overlook this property.

    It’s unclear to me that folks who have in their hand a perfectly functional telephone, but choose to type instead, are serious people who show up and vote. 

  • Leroy_Whitby

    These things are fads. Facebook will fall. They can’t protect their market share. Same goes with twitter. Nonetheless, like Disneyworld, just because a thing isn’t necessary and is sort of quirky, it can survive and thrive, so we will see. I say Facebook will fall, just because social media is like TV. There’s room for way more than 1 channel.

    Twitter and Facebook users are real and do vote. The thing about using these metrics is that they are bogus. Romney pours money into them and gets bogus followers. If you want to see real, look at Palin who DOESN’T pour money into social media but has more activity than all of the Republicans put together. She has 2x the twitter and facebook followers of all them combined, and with little to no money invested to do it.

  • Hominid

    “What is also readily apparent is that all of rhetorical jousting being done by . . . Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and to a much lesser degree, Ron Paul – is taking away from any real opportunity for momentum to be generated by the GOP standard bearer.”

    That includes Obie-dopes like you Leroy.

  • TampaMike50

    You could be right–but do any of the candidates do themselves any good if they DON’T reach out and appeal to these people?  I know many folks who live on the internet and 80% of them do vote.  I don’t think Mitt can afford to NOT reach out to these people, and in their own comfort zones in their own language.  Obama is KILLING on the internet; and he will do so at the ballot box with people under 30 as well if this trend continues!! 

  • Guest

    TampaMike asks: “but do any of the candidates do themselves any good if they DON’T reach out and appeal to these people?” 

    Oh, I’m sure it makes sense for any salesman to leverage anything that can help them close the deal.

    But pointing out that Obama has 5 bazillion Facebook “likes”, and thus is the obvious victor, it’s just a question of how big, is a misreading.

    How many Facebook “dislikes” does he have?

  • jagscl

    I am not sure upon what basis you draw a conclusion that those who text versus using a telephone are not serious people.  Some people are more comfortable using text.  Others simply don’t want to stop what they’re doing to answer.  In any event, when it comes to winning this election, we should use every means available to reach people even if it means carrier pigeons.

  • Guest

    Watching people who text. They start speaking to you, then fade out of reality and begin texting, then fade back into reality for a couple more words, then fade out. I walk away chuckling, and they don’t even notice.

    It has been my experience that texting appeals to a certain caliber of person. This might explain why commercials about texting invariably target children.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    You folks still pretending that the primaries are over? Cause Romney is losing North Carolina and Louisiana. The man can’t win outside of a quick drive to the Canadian border, small island nations, or without a big Mormon population in the state. Most of America gives the thumbs down to him. The odds are against Romney being the nominee and are against his being President, because he is a weak candidate against Obama. The Republican base is not turning out to vote for him. Tallies are down even compared to the primary votes for McCain, when it was pretty much a done deal for him. 

    Republicans need to turn away from Romney NOW before we drift into a nation destroying mistake. The establishment screwed up in their choice of candidates. Fine. Pick another and support them. No reason to lose.

  • Guest

    I think the nation destroying mistake happened last go round.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    The coup de grace will be Obama’s re-election if we are stupid enough to nominate such a weak candidate as Romney!

  • Guest

    That’s what all the candidate-worshippers say. I don’t worship any of the candidates, and I’m alright voting for whomever prevails. Looks like Romney has it in the bag.

  • Thomas

    Romneys lack of momentum has much more to do with Romney than anyone else. If we don’t like him then how is anyone else supposed to like him? The primary voters are mostly voting for him because he has spread the lie that he is “most electable” they don’t like him,

    Other wise he would have this wrapped up; nice try to try and blame us for his unpopularity, but that is his own fault, because his past is so unpopular and the future, if we use standard investment criteria will probably be similar.

    Very high-tech etcha sketch 

  • Hominid

    Perry was to be the man of the hour, but he bumbled it away.  Now it’s Rom or Obie – take your pick.

  • Hominid

    Certainly a major mistake or the culmination of big preceding mistakes.

  • Hominid

    Some refreshing common sense – thanx.

  • Hominid

    We do like him, dummy – it’s you suckers for the Left who are the problem.

  • Thomas

    Texting is a good way to communicate when in a boring meeting, or you want don’t have time to get caught in a 15 minute conversation, or you want to have something spelled out;

    But other than that you are right, anyone who would go back to the telegraph after  the phone was invented because the telegraph is cooler, is not a serious person. I say the kids won’t vote unless it is clear to them that the big gov is going to burn them bad,

    I don’t think Mitt can make that case very well, actually Mitts position is basically that Obama will burn you bad, put you in the hospital, my burn you can have treated at the local clinic, now conservatives get your @jagscl:disqus -s$ in line so I look better!

    You don’t want Obama do you! Then panic, stampede, the difference is black and white!

  • Leroy_Whitby

    No I’m being serious Truncheon when I say that Romney is a likely loser and we need to go to a contested convention.

    The reason I think Romney is a likely loser is his political incompetence. He has a terrible label and reputation, because deserved, as a flip-flopper. Yet a top campaign aide yesterday on CNN says Romney is an “etch-a-sketch”, once the primary is over he just shakes himself clean of all the stuff in the primary and starts fresh. The meme is reinforced by his own aides honesty (and incredible political incompetence).

    Romney’s only advantage has been money and staff in these primaries, and he barely squeeks out pluralities, or outright loses, with a 7 to 1 or greater spending advantage. Meanwhile, Obama is going to outspend Romney and Obama’s campaign staff will be bigger and more experienced than Romneys.

    I truly believe he is a loser and would be much more sanguine about victory prospects if I knew for sure that Romney would not be the nominee and we can choose someone else at the convention.

    Regarding Romney having it in the bag, losses in NC and LA are next up. The idea that this is over is not accurate.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I don’t think Romney will be the nominee.

  • george

    Romney’s Lies Should Disqualify Him From High Office
    By karoli

    After that disastrous comparison of the Romney campaign and Romney the well lubricated wind mill himself as an
    Etch A Sketch — a blank slate to be rewritten to
    fit the moment -Romney is undermining democracy
    and the office of President when he lies so easily just to get the job. Romney’s
    own words bolster the lack of conviction to any set of ideals.
    Romney 1.0 was an independent who distanced himself from Reagan; Romney 2.0 was a moderate Republican with self-described “progressive” views on social issues and health care; Romney 3.0 was a social conservative who cared deeply about the culture war; and Romney 4.0 is a far-right businessman who represents the GOP establishment and the top 1%.

    What will Romney 5.0 look like? I don’t know; I guess we’ll have to wait until after Fehrnstrom & Co. shake the Etch A Sketch and hit the reset button.

  • Guest

    Leroy writes: “No I’m being serious Truncheon when I say that Romney is a likely loser and we need to go to a contested convention”

    I don’t doubt your seriousness. I just don’t share your worries. Obama’s record is all anyone needs to defeat him. Any of the four candidates could do it.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I think Thomas is a Santorum supporter. Not sure but that’s my impression. You don’t have to call him names because he supports a different candidate than you do. 

  • Thomas

    The idea that he has it in the bag when he is about to lose the next couple of states and has become a laughing stock and doesn’t have the flavor of personality to work this to his advantage just goes to show that he cannot win in the general;

    But don’t take my word for it Leroy, go on Santorums site and see the poll showing Romney trailing Obama in the core four swing states, I keep mentioning it because most of Romneys lead is based on the idea that he is a better candidate than Santorum, but the fact is that Santorum leads Obama in those same states,

    Meaning that Romney supporters are either a bit ignorant or a bit lib. I say lib because they are not concerned with Romney shifting back to the left, or ignorant because they don’t get how the electoral college works and they don’t get how moderate campaigns have worked in the past.

  • Guest

    That was me, not Leroy, who said Romney has it in the bag. It sure looks that way to me. If at the convention someone else is the winner, then fine. It’s just that if I had to put a paycheck on it, I’d go with Romney.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Obama has screwed up very badly. But Romney doesn’t have the ability to articulate that well. He’s boring as hell and not likeable. People don’t “cotton” to Romney. He’s stiff and not “one of us.” 

    Obama is superficially likeable and he has the corrupt billions behind him and his candidacy. The combination is deadly to our prospects.  Voters are not very educated regarding our Constitution, economics, our traditions, what Obama has actually done. They are lazy in terms of seeking out information and tend to take what the media provides them. The media is left. 

    Obama, if he wins, will be in a position to really steer us towards open tyranny and abuse of non-favored groups. Fascism.

    You should worry in my opinion.

  • Thomas

    besides his hair, I think his hair policy is a deep one, what else is it you like, his singing?

    Or you can just come out and tell us you like same sex unions and Oromneycare, and Romney bailing out his buddies and so on and other policies he is holding right now even while he is in the conservative poser leg of the election.

    consider my posts about how he is trailing Obama in the core four swing states while Santorum is leading Obama and so either you don’t get the electoral college or you are for Romneys left positions.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Would you bet your house? Because if he had it in the bag, you would, with confidence. But Romney doesn’t! And you wouldn’t bet everything you have.

  • Dustoff

     WOW…. the teachers union strikes again.

    A Virginia middle school teacher recently forced his students to
    support President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign by conducting
    opposition research in class against the Republican presidential

    The 8th grade students, who attend Liberty Middle School in Fairfax County, were required to seek out the vulnerabilities of Republican presidential hopefuls and forward them to the Obama campaign

  • Guest

    The delegate count doesn’t support your contentions. Tends to suggest the precise opposite. That speech he gave the other night was moving. That answer to the “free contraception” heckler was perfect.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    All primaries before April 1, with very few exceptions under Republican rules, are proportional. The stated delegate count doesn’t factor that in, so it’s just a form of propaganda, or conjecture.

  • Guest

    Guess we’ll see….

  • Leroy_Whitby


    Santorum 37
    Romney 24
    Gingrich 21
    Roemer 3
    Paul 3

    North Carolina

    Santorum 34
    Romney 26
    Gingrich 18
    Paul 10


    Romney 38
    Santorum 31
    Gingrich 14
    Paul 9

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I didn’t see the speech the other day, but I can say that I have not seen a Romney speech in over six years of watching him that moved me. And my distrust of Romney is so great that if he has a witty comeback to a heckler, I would suspect a plant. He hasn’t exactly earned trust politically. Remember the etch-a-sketch statement; we get a reset, new Romney after the primaries. All this stuff he’s saying now doesn’t really count according to his senior aide. Just shake it off, and pick new positions.

  • Hominid

    There ya go – that’s what’s important – his hair & singing.  Write to someone else, I’ve already exposed you as a lib infiltrator.

  • Hominid

    No – he’s a dummy and a lib infiltrator.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Yah, me too according to you. Everyone that doesn’t share your candidate preference is a “insert insult here” and a “add additional insult there” . . .

  • TanongSak

    For one thing, in a debate he would blow Obama away. For another, he knows how to play the numbers, and electoral politics is a numbers game. Right now, he should say whatever it is people want to hear to get elected. In the matter of defeating Obama, the end justifies the means.

  • TanongSak

    Well now, forgive me, but I forgot my violin. Name-calling is what the political forum is all about, that an other things. Would you rather have me call you names, or shoot you? If you somehow really believe all this rubbish about “civility” in politics, get over it. Politics is war by other means; and if the war of words fails, then there will be a war with guns.

  • TanongSak

    I suggest you do your homework on the financials of Faceboo, and while you’re at it, learn something about how the market works. The best and most saavy investors in the world are awaiting its IPO. Perhaps they should all consult you for advice.

  • TanongSak

    For once you’re absolutely right. But you’re mistaken about Romney. I’ve listened to him many times discussing issues at length, and he’s not only well-informed, by eloquent, and smooth, very smooth. If making a lot of money, and being able to turn things around financially makes Romney not “one of us,” then perhaps “we” are badly misguided, and don’t deserve even what little freedom we have left.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I forgive you. Although guilty of it, I do not support name calling, particularly in political discussion forums, except for trolls. I find it ironic that a supporter of Romney thinks I am too compromising in politics and need to toughen up and get less “civil” . . . although I suppose Romney’s massively and almost exclusively negative campaign corresponds to that. Nonetheless I think Romney is a weak candidate who compromises too much (he runs when no one pursues). Politics is not war by other means; I believe Clauswitz referred more to diplomacy.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    That is not what makes Romney not one of us. You set up a straw man there. Romney’s inability to be likable and trustworthy, along with his political incompetence in terms of the way he presents himself is what does it in my opinion. Wealth doesn’t factor into it, much, except to create a cliche for him to have to defend against. It’s his incompetence that makes that cliche stick.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I enjoy the assumptions that people make online about people they know nothing about.

  • Brian_in_VA

    Deadpan Al,


    Until I got to the last paragraph. You make an excellent point there. There is a big problem.

    Followup question: How do you address the “internet” side of things and not mention the Game On song?

  • Brian_in_VA

    Yes, one could ask how many likes could you have if you’ve hired people to create online identities and like your page?

  • Brian_in_VA

    The funny thing is that Lelola thinks Romney would lose and Gingrich would be a good candidate.

  • corrina

    Who cares. It’s not the topic here. Afraid to defend the arthropod by changing the subject is stupid. It is refreshing that you can post more than one sentence though. Congrats!

    Try hijacking the thread with oil. It’s what talk radio is doing avoiding etch and sketch blow out. Teachers union and school story is very weak like Mitt Romney.

  • corrina

    Any of the four candidates could do it has been an old spin that just isn’t true.
    Ron Paul does have a better chance defeating Obama despite being to the left of Barack Obama in foreign policy.
    Ron Paul does not have the general liberal baggage Mitt Romney has especially the liberal business baggage. 
    Ron Paul is consistent and Mitt Romney is not.
    Newt Gingrich can easily defeat Barack Obama with the media attached to Barack Obama’s hip.
    Rick Santorum can defeat Barack Obama only with Newt Gingrich as his running mate.

  • corrina

    What’s pathetic is that many drones believe Mitt Romney can defeat Barack Obama. What’s more pathetic is that Mitt Romney is ahead in the primaries. Nothing funny about this.
    It is funny to Democrats though and I get your laughter.

  • corrina

    Negative ads work for Mitt Romney. Barack Obama will do the same should Mitt Romney be the party’s choice. It will be the general not Republican primaries and Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney cannot tap dance his liberal ties in the general like he does in the primaries.  

  • corrina

    And it went down the tubes with etch and sketch revelation. Mitt Romney did not mean the conservative speech. It was an act…he didn’t mean it.
    Mitt Romney did not change religion. He’s still a liberal playing games.

  • corrina

    We’ll see if etch and sketch destroyed Mitt Romney this Saturday. He can fool some of the people but not all of the people. 

  • Leroy_Whitby

    If Romney is the nominee, Obama will beat the hell out of Romney for his record in Massachusetts and his flip flops. He will make Romney look very stupid and I am going to hate watching it. Slow motion train wreck.

  • corrina

    Your rhetorical jousting for Mitt Romney is pathetic. You lost all creditability arthropod.

  • corrina

    You like a nobody from Boston. Like a liberal who liked an unknown Barack Obama in 2008. Mitt Romney supporters and Republican liberals are similar to liberals for Barack Obama. Your posts shows it over and over.

  • rdman_VietVet

    All the Romney-bashers/haters and leftist trolls continue to under-estimate Romney with their shallow analysis of his hair, jeans and some silly toy, and at times, bald-faced lying, bigotry and subversive propaganda (corrina, the troll is back spewing…).

    If anyone one of you bashers/haters had the integrity to objectively study Romney’s professional experience and accomplishments, just maybe, you might realize what Romney brings to this election is exactly the prescription required to destroy the Obluelips virus and heal this great country.

     One can only hope some of you bashers/haters will take the blinders off (except corrina, the troll) and get on-board. Romney will destroy Obluegums in the debates and win the POTUS… no doubt about it!!!

  • rdman_VietVet

    Tan… every time you present facts and valid points that Leroy cannot refute, he accuses of setting up a straw man. He’s been using that tactic for months on end on other threads.

    Leroy appears to be a rigid ideologue, rather than a logical, rational Conservative. If the straw man attack fails, then Leroy will claim that divergent view posts are without substance and worse.

    You cannot have an honest and open debate with Leroy…

  • Poor Wilber

    Romney’s very ugly wins, based on spending 5 to 7 times more than opponents on negative ads, yet has never given the base a good reason to vote for him other than he’s not Obama.

    RINOs, like McCain, always campaign like a conservative, and govern as moderate.  Romney’s no different.  Etch a Sketch is an apt analogy.

    RINOs that have made it into office such as GH Bush reneged on his tax pledge, and continued to expand the Federal bureaucracy.   His son W,  had to be beaten to a pulp by conservatives to stop him from passing comprehensive immigration reform ,  nominating Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court, and finally taking action to fire Donald Rumsfeld for mismanaging two wars.    GW should have fired Rice for convincing him to get involved in two nation building debacles.    Unfortunately, conservatives couldn’t stop Bush from growing the Department of Education, and building new bureaucracies such as the Department of Homeland Security…..bringing us the airport gropers we all know and love….the TSA.

    If Romney is elected and turns left, it will be the end of the Republican party.    I agree with you, he is a loser, and his negative campaigns generate no enthusiam or confidence.  I might have to vote for the SOB, but I won’t donate, and I won’t volunteer, and I damn sure not putting a Romney sticker on the back of my truck.

  • TanongSak

    I suspect he’s a closet liberal. I suspect he doesn’t even know what a straw man is. In fact, to liberals, we’re all straw dogs. There’s a reference to them in Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching.” A straw dog is someone who is  used or sacrificed, and then discarded. That’s the essence of collectivism. Human beings are simply means to an end, which is usually some crackpot’s idea of a utopian state.

     And your conclusion comes as no revelation. It’s not possible to have an honest and open debate with any of them.

  • TanongSak

    Well, then he’s way ahead of Obama. Romney doesn’t have to make him look stupid; he does that all by himself.

  • TanongSak

    Woman, what ever are you talking about?

  • TanongSak

    Well I’m glad that you enjoy them. But unless your writing is a very effective disguise for your real persona, then there is much we know about you.

    If I’m wrong, tell me why, and be specific. Otherwise, stop trying to con me and everyone else. You must have learned the con-artist craft from Obama; he’s the master.

  • TanongSak

    Well, while you’re at it, try to practice what you’re going to say when it happens. Will you then admit that you were wrong?

  • TanongSak

    Who asked you to think?

  • Poor Wilber

    Excellent analysis of Romney’s many versions.   Like Pelosi said that we’ll have to pass Obamacare to see whats in it…..we may have to elect Romney to expose his core.

  • Poor Wilber

    I suppose if we are not licking Romney’s boots and kissing his arse like Ann Coulter, we are Romney haters?    I haven’t heard much discussion of Mitt’s hair, but much about his actual record and many flip flops.    

  • Poor Wilber

    If the economy improves to some level that satisfies “moderates” and the layabout class,  Romney doesn’t have a leg to stand on.   He’s a one trick pony.   Since Romney’s record has enervated the conservative base, he’ll sink like a battleship.

  • Poor Wilber

    I’m sick and tired of these so-called pundits telling candidates to get out of the race.  I have’nt had a chance to vote, and I want the same opportunity as other States have already enjoyed to vote for the person I support.   If he or she loses, then they lose.   However, if we are going to stop a primary fight after a few early States vote, then let’s just say to hell with State primaries and allow Iowa, NH, and SC select the nominee…..just do away with the entire primary system.   At least that would be honest.   I wish the establishment would simply shut the hell up.   J

    BTW,  the Jeb Bush endorsement for another establishment Republican,  oh gee, what a surprise.

  • BuckeyePhysicist

    I’m not on FaceBook nor do I Tweet.  You couldn’t get me on those sites for anything.

  • Reno Rivera

    Jeb Bush endorses Romney and Santorum endorses Obama. 

    So now there are three, two actually since Ron Paul is ignored. Santorum definitely will be ignored even if he doesn’t drop out after that comment.

    I could understand the anger towards Romney, negative ADS and so forth, but the goal is to defeat Obama and all liberals.

    I’ve often say Santorum is a mama’s boy. Can’t take the heat and get his own way, throw a spite fit. 

    The establishment created this monster. He was told to run from the get-go, to neutralize Perry and Gingrich. He won Iowa and went rogue.

    Santorum voters will probably go to Romney. Both candidates are the same and their supporters.

  • Thomas

    Are you talking about what happened when we all rallied behind McCain or when McCain went for the Bush bail-out or when all of that ended in Obama winning?

  • Thomas

    I bet he will do some liberal things to get good press and some elitest things because he is an elitist and some conservative things to shore up his base for the next election,

    And by elitist I mean he will again go along with the crowd that stole our money to bail-out his cronies, it ain’t class warfare if they started it, pointing it out ain’t hating the rich because they are rich I only hate being robbed by the rich.

  • Thomas

    It should be pointed out that almost all of the ads were total distortions about his opponents and together they rose to the level of a lie because they implied that Romney was the conservative in the race.

  • Thomas

    Thank you for an honest answer, so let me follow up on it and show you why the end doesn’t justify the means.

    Would it be OK to torture to death one innocent man to save 10? how about 100? how about 1000, how about 1,000,000? how about 10,000,000? how about 100,000,000?

    If you answered yes to any of those then you are wrong because what is the good and who determines it? Assuming you hold that God reveals to us the natural law and the moral law then it is God who determines what is good.

    So would God say the end justifies such an act? No, he wouldn’t. This life is just a journey we all have to make to get to the place that is prepared for us (maybe I’m being generous by saying us, but I hope not, either way I don’t judge your soul so I’m just being polite here)

    So while we can fight hard and even be a bit nasty, but at a certain point we hit a thin line which if we cross it we are now doing more harm than any good. Lying would be an example of this.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for that, I am a Santorum supporter, I would also find Newt acceptable, but I am pretty concerned that Romney will lose, everything we know from history and polling shows it doesn’t look good for him.

    I also have noticed that our media can just as powerful as the liberal media now when it has to be, but only when it is exposing a clear-cut lie from the left,

    We saw this in the case of the Fluke/slut/pill/Rush dust-up. They were lying and we exposed it and threw them back on their arse. Problem is for Romney is that our media is not suited to defending his flip flops,

    Also we are great at making the case for our principles, but we have never been able to beat the media on distinctions without a difference which is what the whole Romney campaign is about, because Romney always tries to stake out a position as close to his opponent as possible.

    See you and I are actually a big part of how conservative media works and you and I will have trouble telling folks why Romneys version of Obamacare is so much better than Obama’s and also why the person listening to us should care.

  • Thomas

    That is not the point, the point is that some of us are intelligent and want to argue things out at the level of ideas,

    If I wanted to see who could yell louder I could just argue with a child, I’m not calling you a child I’m just pointing out that I have to ask,

    Then what is your point? Why did you pick Team Romney in the first place? Why is it even important to you?

    When you call names, as is standard in lesser forums, not that it doesn’t happen here, but it is discouraged,

    But when all you do is name call it implies to us here that you have no substance. This is why I don’t like to see the Ron Paul guys called names because it gives them the idea their positions have merit, because otherwise we would be able to show how they have no merit.

  • Thomas

    Oh my gosh, The fact that he had a good comeback made me think it was a plant as well;

    but actually his come-back was not conservative, a conservative would have sat down and asked her wear she thinks the rubber in the rubber suit, and the wart lotion and so forth she needs comes from and who pays for it and why it is not free.

  • Thomas

    The worst part will be when we make sick-hearted attempts to defend him wondering all the time if we are selling out our credibility.

    I think I can truthfully say the difference between them is “black and white”but that wouldn’t make me want to vote for Mitt so he will have to be as conservative as the folks he is pretending to be to the right of right now if he wants me to campaign for him.

  • Thomas

    You can’t run a country like you run a business because the folks you say don’t deserve freedom are not your employees and you can’t fire them or threaten them.

    Even if you could do that, and in Russia, China, Cuba and so forth it has been done it ends in failure, spectacular failure.

    I now you think we are just rigid ideologues, but in reality we are just telling you what we know to be true, what Obama and Mitt are doing has all been done before and has failed every time.

    That is why Mitt is stupid in this matter; he doesn’t get it.

  • Huperetes

    Your guy, sanctimonious Santorum is finished, a jackass and needs to drop out.  He stated, like the unstable fool that he is, that it would be better to re-elect Odingobama than Mitt Romney. He will now face immense pressure to drop out.

    So long, Rick.

    Even Newt said sanctimonious Santorum is “dead wrong”.

    Santorum is a loser. He is no principled conservative, like Romney. He has run on hubris and now he has gone off the rails: Not fit to be president.

  • Thomas

    If you mean that the Romney camp followers can’t be honest with Leroy because if you are he won’t go along with it out of principle then I agree.

    As to Leroy I have read many of his posts and after reading that many posts you get a sense of a guy and he is not a rigid as you claim it is just that Romney is a bridge to far,

    Really Mitt has held at one time or another every position we have ever hated that Obama holds, and his aides etcha-scketch comment isn’t just a misspeak because it is probably true, or at least it rings true.


  • Guest

    Here it is from Rick Santorum’s own mouth.  (Just eliminate the spaces for the web address.)

    w w w.  the daily candidate. com / video / 2012 / mar / santorum _ better _ obama

  • TanongSak

    You’re right; as a general moral principle, it can’t be true that the end justifies the means. But we’re not talking here about torturing people. We’re talking about campaign strategies. I believe I specified that in the matter of defeating Obama, the end justifies the means. That is, we should use whatever means are necessary to get the job done. Obviously what we can do within the law is quite limited. Lying, or at least stretching the truth, hardly compares with torturing people. Moreover, most people believe what they want to believe, whether it be true or false. And it’s up to them to examine the evidence and weigh it in order to get at the truth. If they don’t want to do this, it’s not up to me or anyone else to do it for them. As for the “people’s right to know,” it doesn’t exist.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Hell Ann Coulter has made an ass of herself trying to explain why socialized medicine by Romney is good and by Obama is bad. It’s stupid that we are even considering this guy. Farce.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Stupid post. Typical Romney stuff, insulting and without respect for conservatives. It may be Romney and his supporters personalities to be that way, but I also think that it’s all that they’ve got . . . negative and attacks.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Sorry chum, you’ll have to go with the financial geniuses you posted about, whoever they are, on this one!

  • Leroy_Whitby

    It will be a walk in the park beating Obama with a natural political talent, who has consistently fought for the good as Romney has. /sarc

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I agree. The only good I see from the Romney campaign is that he has outed some of the phony “conservatives” that have pressed into the movement such as Coulter. I never dreamed she would go around the bend like this. Yesterday she attacked Malkin on twitter.

  • Dustoff

     LOL, I Was going to ask the same question.   (-:

  • Dustoff

     Ron Paul……………..  HAHAHAHA.

    Jezzz look at his numbers. Get a grip

  • rdman_VietVet

    Good Grief… nobody is saying that you have to kiss anyone’s arse… just be honest, objective and fair-minded instead of buying into the leftist’s and lib troll templates.

    Like you I “heard” the same crap about Romney. Unlike you and others, a comprehensive and thorough examination of Romney’s political record factoring in what he had to work with, his professional accomplishments in the private sector and his personal life revealed a totally different person than what is portrayed in the template propaganda.

    That in-depth analysis utilizing solidly objective sites like the Heritage Foundation, NRO, American Thinker, FactCheck, to name a few, only took a couple hours on the internet… you and others might give it a try unless your false misguided egos and agendas are standing in the way.

  • rdman_VietVet

    I’ve wondered whose payroll Leroy is on… despite being thoroughly and objectively countered, he persists with the same lefty talking points thread after thread after thread.