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Illinois abandons gun rights, empowers criminals

Plan on purchasing, owning, transporting and/or operating a firearm in your lifetime?  Do not relocate to the state of Illinois. The state has one of the worst gun laws in the country and the Illinois Police and the Illinois Attorney General really need to stop pursuing innocent gun owners, sellers, and users, and pursue those who actually commit crimes that injure or harm others.  

Stemming from a public safety initiative, Illinois implemented a law in 1968 that says a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card must be issued by the Illinois State Police before a resident can possess or purchase firearms or ammunition. Whether this initiative has been successful in providing safety to the public is a story where the evidence in support of such an act leaves much to be desired.  

Upon reviewing the State’s crime-rate statistics, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred after FOIDwas made law. Nationally, we see crime rates increase through the 1980s with a decrease across the board, in the mid 1990s through today. My gut tells me that FOID has done absolutely nothing to provide for public safety, and instead, FOID serves as a template for other anti-firearm states in the Union to pass similar laws, costing the Illinois taxpayer an untold amount of funds, all in the name of “public safety.” Um, I don’t think so. 

In fact, there is no evidence to show that obscene gun control laws protect anyone but criminals. Venues where we see lenient gun control laws, we see less crime. Creating and implementing obscene laws that restrict innocent American’s from selling and possessing firearms violates the Second Amendment, and opens the door for more hoodlums to commit more crimes. 

Yet, the anti-firearm fanatics will build hurdle after hurdle to reduce, restrict and ultimately control, the rights of innocent Americans and their use of firearms, contained specifically in the Second Amendment, and made applicable to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment, without a blink of an eye.

In addition to the law that requires a FOID card be provided by the State Police, Illinois law requires that when a firearm is sold by an individual having a Federal Firearms License or sold by an individual at a gun show, the seller must perform an inquiry to the State Police to verify that the buyer’s FOID card is valid before a firearm can be sold. 

Hurdle after hurdle for innocent Americans? Yes.  Providing safety for innocent Americans? No. Wasting tax payer money? Yes.

For example, in the matter of People v. Holmes, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed a decision involving the FOIL act. In this case, the District Court ruled, and the Appellate Court affirmed its decision on appeal, that Defendant, Leonard Holmes, Jr. is liable for allegedly failing to properly transport a firearm under the FOIL act umbrella. In April 2011, the Illinois Supreme Court in a unanimous decision found that Mr. Holmes did nothing wrong and reversed the lower court’s decision. Now, is that a big, fat waste of time or what?

When authorities make it so difficult to purchase ammunition, let alone firearms, this dissuades the people from using firearms at all. Meanwhile, the people have been protecting themselves with firearms and/or using same for hunting, target practice and the like for hundreds of years.  There is nothing wrong with firearms, just like there is nothing wrong with using a knife for cutting meat. Instruments do not commit crimes, people do.

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  • pappap42

    They are only sticking up for  the ones who vote for them. If good people had guns then you can get rid of the bad ones, there goes the demoRATs votes. 

  • JohnWIS

    Considering that I just read, that 49 people were shot in the city of Chicago…(10 fatally)…over the weekend, and that a Chicago police officer is now in intensive care after being shot in the chest by a 20 year old with suspected gang ties……I am more convinced, that the people of the state of Illinois need to start getting extremely vocal towards those elected officials who are preventing them from owning and carrying a firearm.

    They are still in defiance of the Supreme Courts ruling that what the elected are doing, are denying the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  And this, is simply wrong. 

  • Chuck Reynolds

     The FOID card was actually about racism.  Let’s think about this.  What else was going on in 1968.  The FOID was a compromise.  The permit was requested, and if it was from a rural white person it was issued, and if it was from a negro in Chicago it was denied. 

  • JackOfDiamonds

    There’s absolutely nothing “liberal” about these control freaks. Bloomberg, Madigan, and the rest of them want total autonomy over every aspect of our lives!

  • DucatiRider

    I hear anti-gunners say we need “common sense gun laws” — isn’t it common sense that the best way to fight criminals, is to fight criminals? Enforce the laws on the books against actual crimes, you know: murder, rape, assault, robbery. Stop trying to control the law-abiding population, they are not the ones committing the crimes. 

  • Jimmy J. Mireles

    Normally, I don’t even weigh in on stories like this. I just prefer to keep my opinions to myself. That being said, I couldn’t keep from speaking up. I am a Liberal. However, those people, the ones you keep calling “Liberals” aren’t truly so. They are small-minded, micro-managing, pig-headed morons bent on protecting the average citizen from their worst enemy…themselves. A TRUE Liberal is someone who believes in free thought, free will, tolerance in its many forms (within reason people, no slippery slopes here). Additionally, my idea of “gun control” is using both hands so as to improve your aim. So, please don’t blame Liberals. We’re not the ones to blame. It’s those idiot politicians who have hijacked the term “Liberal” and sullied it with their stupidity. Thanks. Stepping off the soapbox now.

  • Raquel Okyay

    Yep. : )

  • Tom Jones

    My favorite question to ask proponents of gun restrictions: “What makes you think that people who currently possess ILLEGAL guns will suddenly abandon them because the law is harsher? In other words, how will a harsher law make a difference to people who IGNORE the law in the first place?”

    …and let the justifications begin. Good for a laugh anytime.

  • Tom Jones

    BTW, there’s a great book specifically on the topic of gun control – and what can be done about it. John Ross, “Unforeseen Consequences”. Out of print, so just Google for a PDF.

  • Gary Alan Fink

     It is refreshing to hear a police officer express common sense logic.  As a citizen of Pennsylvania where our Constitution simply states: “the right of the citizen to carry a firearm shall not be questioned”, we still have stupid trying to pass laws to legislate the criminal element. 
    The COP (Chief Of Police) of Philadelphia is one of those idiots that feels citizens shouldn’t be armed therefore encouraging the creation of unarmed victims with unsubstantiated statistics.
    Every day an armed citizen stops a violent crime from being committed.  Police officers cannot possibly prevent violent crimes when they are not there at the onset.  Response times are predictably inadequate which only justifies self protection by the law-abiding citizen.
    Police carry firearms to protect themselves, not us.

  • Gary

    I believe that we all as citizens have the right the second amendment states, however , with that right comes responsibility. I have carried a weapon all my aldult life. twenty four years in the Marine Corps and 10 years as a Police Officer. I respect all people and I respect weapons. Weapons in the right hands can be an asset to society, in the wrong hands a disaster. The only way to insure the right of the people is to insure they have the proper training and information with respect to carrying a concealed waepon. There needs to be a information and training progran established in every state to insure all persons who have the  right to carry a weapon recieve the required information and training they need in order to have a safe and secure society. I have spoken with many who carry a weapon and discovered that many were misinformed or clueless on what their state and the federal requirements are with respect to self defense with a weapon and the proper securing and or transporting a weapon accross state lines. I would like to see the states, NRA, and federal government get involved in a serious traning program, with the federal government setting basic guide lines and the state along with the NRA providing the training. When everyone is trained and informed to one standard this country will be safe,secure, and better serviced.

    Gary E. Bocra
    GYSGT USMC Retired.

  • Gary Alan Fink

    The problem with  Illinois is that the liberals in the legislative offices ‘know what’s best for you’ and do not adhere to ‘We the People’.
    It is refreshing to see, when confronted with a legislature in New Jersey that wanted to pass a Gay Marriage Bill without the representative vote of the populace, Governor Chris Christie voided the passage and put the vote to the people.  His words were, “I have my own feelings about this but it’s not about how I feel.  If the people of New Jersey vote to pass the bill, I will sign it into law”.  Maybe, if the citizens of Illinois EVER wake up, they will rid their state of socialists and regain a ‘We the People’ mentality.
    Obama came from Illinois so I don’t expect a ‘light to turn on’ very fast.  Stupid is what stupid does and , you can’t fix stupid..
    Illinois , unless the stupid people are miraculously educated or cured, will continue to follow like sheep.  The problem with this country now is that stupid has been bused to the voting booths and now outnumbers common sense.
    We elected a ‘Community Organizer’… who is a known socialist with Marxist ties… a guy who has a wife who ‘is ashamed to be an American’… what were we thinking?

  • Gary

    Most gun laws are enacted for one purpose, politics, and getting votes, they have no other reason except to misinform those who have no idea what the law is about. The law only effects the good citizen, not the criminal who can care what law you make. The criminals  will not obey the law, that is why they are criminals.These laws only make it difficult for the honest citzen who owns and or carries a weapon. Do you really think some thug can care less how many rounds he can have in his weapon, or what type of weapon he can carry.Lets get serious about gun laws. They should focus on the criminal not the citizen. 

  • Gary

    The federal CCW lAW WILL PROBABLY DIE, it is just being used as a fund raiser and political tool. If you really want things to get better read what I posted. We all must push for a program to inform and provide training with respect to weapons, like states provide for hunting etc. Start with your state reps. and the NRA.
    Gary E. Bocra
    GYSGT USMC Retired.


    The response of Tzipora Menache, an Israeli spokeswoman, came loud and clear:
    “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control Congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.”
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    Israel: No Friend of Obama (FCN, 01-13-2009)
    Palestine: If Americans Knew (FCN, 12-24-2007)
    Pro-Israel lobby dictates U.S. policy, study charges (FCN, 04-05-2006)


    Quotes by
    Netanyahu“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United
    States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
    Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We
    need all the useful idiots we can get
    right now.”—Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime
    Minister of Israel. Present in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7
    subway bombings.

  • sam's son

    Please don’t if you’re a liberal socialist, already got too many of them from Kalifornia, they’re trying to alter or destroy the TX Castle Doctrine over this Trevon crap, which did not involve anyone’s home or property, not even relevent !