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Navy begins first tests of ‘Velocitas Eradico’

The Navy conducted its first successful test on Jan. 28 of a powerful new ship-based weapon at the Naval Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) in Virginia.

“We are starting our full-energy tests to evaluate the barrel life and structural integrity of the prototype system,” said Roger Ellis, who is the Navy’s program manager for the electromagnetic railgun.

Ellis said that the EM railgun, nicknamed “Velocitas Eradico,” will allow ships to hit targets at an extremely long range. The EM railgun fires a heavy, metal projectile that travels at 4,500 mph to 5,600 mph, which is many times the speed of sound.

“The team will conduct tests at 20 megajoules and 32 megajoules, shooting test projectiles similar to what was previously fired through NSWCDD’s laboratory launcher,” Ellis said. A megajoule is a unit of measuring energy.

He said that the railgun is a true warfighter game changer that has incredible range and a fast response, giving U.S. ships extended reach and lethality.

The tests will be conducted for several months by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and will test one of two EM railguns that the Navy is considering for future use. If and when the project is completed, the railgun will be used on the Zumwalt class destroyer according to the Navy Times.

The EM railgun being tested was built by BAE Systems, which is a British company that specializes in developing military weapons and equipment. The BEA railgun is in competition with another EM railgun designed by General Atomic Electromagnetics, which is an American company.

Ellis said that the next step for the Velocitas Eradicos is to increase the rate-of-fire to 10 rounds per minute using pulsed power and to create a thermal management system. The range of the gun will be roughly 50 to 100 miles.

“Its increased velocity and extended range over traditional shipboard weapons will allow them to conduct precise, long-range naval surface fire support for land strikes; ship self-defense against cruise and ballistic missiles; and surface warfare to deter enemy vessels,” Ellis said of the railgun.

“The next phase of the development effort is to demonstrate the ability to operate at a firing rate of significant military utility,” Ellis said.

The railgun will be a cost-effective dumb-fire weapon, as opposed to a guided missile, with incredible range and accuracy. According to Ellis it could be used to knock missiles and other projectiles out of the sky, and so it doubles as an effective defensive weapon as well as being an offensive weapon.

You can see the railgun test here:

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  • beemerguy

    what test!???

  • tom cook

    Nice column.  Terrific new weapon.

  • edree

    Now, if we can keep, the politicians from giving the secrecy involved with this weapon away to the enemy, we may have a military advantage for a while. PAYING ATTENTION obama?

  • paperpushermj

    He can’t help himself,  deep down at his core he thinks its American Hegemony that causes most of the Worlds problems.

  • edree

    Isn’t that a horendous truism.

  • sbbarnett

    5600 MPH = Mach 7.4 at sea level.  More than twice the speed of sound indeed.

  • Kirk Stefanski

    “politicians from giving secrecy away”…lol….do any of you know how intelligence communities work? lol again.

  • Charles Toca

    10 rounds a minute, 50 to 100 mile range, to shoot missiles out of the sky?  What happens to all those projectiles that miss?  I hope they keep track of the landing zone and make sure our guys and allies are out of the area.

  • 3rdjerseyman

    Why do we disclose these things. Why do we show photographs that can be analyzed by our Chinese friends and reverse engineered? Why?

  • Borghesius

    Ha, I can just see the Looney Tunes Wile E. Coyote opening up  a box from ACME with the label  “Velocitas Eradico”.  


    Like to see “downsized” for M1A1 tank use for land use, be bad to bone.
    Radical, no powder, load & shoot.

  • Lisa

    enlighten us, please.

  • Lisa

    Just read he wants to share info about our missile shield stuff with Russia because of the threats to Europe from Iran – - – - –  now there’s a great idea.  I think obama and his coven should be slapped with treason charges if they do this.  And the gutless wonders at the Pentagon get used as his mouthpieces on this to sound credible.  bah.  

  • Lisa

    now that’s funny !!!!

  • Lisa


  • ringostarr1

    Heck Lisa, no need for Oblame’us to give our military secrets to the Ruskies. Just give our vital national secrets to our good friend and ally, Israel for safe keeping and before Sundown they will sell our secrets to the Russians, French, Chinese, Brazilians, Indians, North Koreans, and Hugo Chavez. Just like Israel did with the TWO truck loads of documents the Zionist CIA employee Pollard stole from his employer at the DoD & CIA and that he then gave to the state of Israel.

    Israel then turned around and sold these secret weapons plans to the Russians for the packing list and manifests for all the arms the Russians and Warsaw block had previously sold or given to the Arabs. Now Israel has sold these documents a second time. The Chinese now have a copy, and those CIA with wizz on their hands kids in DC can’t even find out what the Chinese gave Israel in return for Israel giving the Chinese our own property. Oh boy.

    But don’t forget about Al Gore and Bill Clinton “selling” the math formulas for successful return from outer space to the Chinese for campaign donations. What do you want to bet that our little Mandarin brothers don’t some day soon shoot these math formulas back at us from outer space and with a big ol A-Bomb attached for good measure?

    Is that what you wanted to know Lisa?

  • John

    Where do you get your talking points , from the  Palestinians or Obummer ? Do you have any proof of what you say or just more misinformation like we’re used to from the W H  ?

  • JayC777

    “He said that the railgun is a true warfighter game changer that has incredible range and a fast response, giving U.S. ships extended reach and lethality.”

    If it’s successful, it will be cancelled.  Just take a look at Joe Squeal and george’s comments lately.  They lay out this failed administration’s goals the best.  If it is successful, it’s not worth having, but if it is a failure … VOILA!!!!!  It’s just what the country needs.

    This is not a joke.

  • Guest


    There is only one columnist on Human Events which prevents it from going belly up –Ann Coulter. Get rid of her and H.E. will meet its well deserved demise.

    Human Events has become anti-Romney central. The comment sections are so filled with anti-Romney tripe that a larger portion of its “former” readers no longer bother reading Human Events. Don’t believe it? Note how many no longer post here.

    Romney supporters love this country just as well as you do, if not more so. For the most part we are primarily social conservatives, closely followed by our fiscal conservativism. Above all else, we are Constitutional constructionists –which is far more than the vast majority of the anti-Romney’s who favor taking away rights of groups they don’t like.

    Calling us liberals, makes us question whether you are the real liberals.

    H.E. is what it is. So this is not a complaint, so much as it is a prophecy of sorts: Human Events is loosing its readers/commentors fast. The two most Internet savvy, and the most politically educated, are the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters. They may disagree with each other because of personal philosophies, but they are the most informed.

    Soon, Human Events will become defunct. They have chased away the less emotion driven branch of conservativism, the Romney supporters. The magazine has also lost the Paul supporters, with its parroting the liberal lies about him AND his supporters.

    In the end, you Gingrich and Santorum supporters might believe you have won the war. Truth is, if you win, you will have only won the battle, but you will have lost the war. Your tactics, much as your two candidates, are based on lies and prejudice, misinformation and ignorance.

    Eventually, reality might sink in, if you succeed in putting one of these two corrupt men up for nomination. [Either one would irreversibly set back the conservative movement.] Problem is, just like with McCain, you were warned, and the day after the election, wherein Obamao wins in an historic landslide, it will be too late. Too late for you to realize your gross errors and too late for this country.

  • rebelyell4

    And what would you use to carry the power supply?

  • rebelyell4

    The same thing that happens when the Isrealis use their anti missile system, the destroyed everything lands over enemy held territory. Theirs and the anti missile. Twice the fun.

  • Nuker1110

    And yet he would still find a way to shoot himself in the face with the damn thing.

  • Nuker1110

    Cold fusion reactor, what else? If they can figure out a railgun, they can figure out a damn trash-compactor generator!

  • GeorgeS


  • AgTrotter

    Is it time for someone to tell little Tommy Hegemony that he has incoming?

  • AgTrotter

    And, your hysterical and inane rant has what to do with the article?

  • boats48

     On no longer posting, why don’t you register so you’ll receive proper credit for you off topic posts?

  • rebelyell4

    Yeah and some folks used to power tanks with gasoline too. Cute fireballs? What does a reactor do under those conditions?

    My original thought long ago was to simply nuke it all. I was thought to be extreme, by some. Now the answer is that we nuke ourselves?

  • rebelyell4

    I’m with you on the algae. I think the next time we see a red tide we need to harvest it, bet those critters eat oil spills.

  • rebelyell4

    I’d hate to depend on anything of the sort as a defensive weapon. We all know how ships get damaged and even going back to WW2, many survived and were able to defend themselves even with no engines and no power, while on fire. Why? The systems worked independent of the ship and could do without a lot of the support the ship itself provides. Modern ships are tied more and more into being dependent on the ship itself being functional.

    That makes defending yourself a completely useless situtation if any sort of serious damage happens. This is just another fancy way for something that works when you are NOT under attack.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

     Do you try to be an idiot, or does it come to you naturally?

  • A_Proud_Infidel

     Liberals consider the Military to be a waste of money. In their little world, just talking about it will solve all problems.  In the meantime, they’ll divert the money to handouts in order to buy votes!

  • jwallin

    Well, first off it’s good that they’ve invested money in a Rail Gun. The technology derived will benefit other projects and the Rail Gun itself is a huge advance.

    Now for the critique of a few points:

    1. I seriously doubt the nickname is velocitas eradico. This is PC hype that was exagerrated by the author or the PR flack for some benefit of “inclusiveness” dictated by a memo from some desk bound admiral with not enough to do.
    I’m pretty sure that sailors will adopt something else more pungent and less pompous or already do. It may be unprintable.

    2. A rail gun is LINE OF SIGHT. That means that although it’s got a long range, it’s only good for those longer ranges against air targets. Not a bad thing but still this limits surface engagement to about 20 mi. And since they’re shooting against high speed air targets that are small and carry extensive ecm gear, the target resolution and thus accuracy may not be that good in real time use. (Since they’re fired in air, the projectiles will be subject to friction and may not perform so well over long distances at moving targets).

    3. Good news is; this is a fantastic weapon for use in space. Which is probably the real driving force behind the research but they had to put it under the Naval budget to get the funding through.

    4. And for use against ballistic missiles. In other words; Reagan was right and “Stars Wars” (or SDI) is working and worth it.

  • BigJon46

    This gun has been in the works for many years and that have been many programs on t.v. and articles written about it. There is also a portable
    version being developed for use by land based soldiers.

  • Leon McClure

    You neo con bastar*s can all go straight to He*l

  • NevadaMom

    I think we have our first volunteer target for the railgun tests! Yeah, Leon! Smile (but do it quickly) …

  • markinidaho

    Sounds like BS to me. I have not heard of the Israelis doing any such thing – only the Clinton’s.

  • hooy

    your mother!

  • Phydeux

    How can i order one? ….  Do they take visa?

  • Blitzman

    Sorry jwallin you are wrong. I worked on the program. Not just line of sight. Think of it as long range incredibly fast artillery. It just depends how you use it and what type of round you use. Yes, the program is nick-named Velocitas Eradico or Speed Kills! It was a PHD that named it.

  • rleffler

    Huh sounds allot like the weapon design I have, using reverse magnetic propulsion!

  • Walter Hefty Jr

    This is really no longer the case.

    The new class of destroyer will run on a nuclear reactor. You can’t just ‘turn that off’, short of losing containment (which would be disastrous).

  • Walter Hefty Jr

    Not quite, there.

    Existing artillery pieces can already fire beyond LoS, which included the sixteen-inch guns on our now retired battleships.

    As for friction, well, that’s what makes this weapon so potent. The sheer velocity of the projectile creates an incredible amount of friction, which will generate massive amounts of heat by the time it reaches it’s target, not to mention the shock wave the friction alone will generate as it reaches it’s target.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

     “a” and “lot” are two separate words.  The word  “allot” that you used in their stead, means to distribute or apportion, as when you make out an “allotment”.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Do you really  believe that Romney will change the way he has governed to become a CONSTITUTIONALIST as a president ?  The present socialist Republican Party is only Democrat light, in that it relies on expanding the government at a slightly slower rate than the socialist Democrat Party.  Go ahead and vote for more of the same but don’t expect Constitutional rule.

  • Culture_Warrior

    The Reagan legend lives on. After 40 years and $billions poured into rat hole technologies, still no “Peace Sheild.”  SDI is NOT working and a tragic waste of money for this era of weak economy and debt.

  • Culture_Warrior

    The projectiles will have a guidance system if the problems of developing electronics and mechanisms that can withstand the huge g forces encountered during the acceleration to hypersonic speeds can be overcome.

  • bobfrommosinee

    Sorry, but even at mach 7 a projectile is subject to the laws of gravity, so it is capable of being used beyond line of sight, you just don’t need as much super elevation or lead for the firing solution.

  • bobfrommosinee

    Non Sequitur

  • bobfrommosinee

    The engine, up grade the engine to have the power to drive the necessary electric generator system. Turbines are great at that.

    8,600 ft per sec,  will greatly simplify the firing solutions.

  • Ed_USA

     Reagan could have agreed to Gorbachev’s offer of substantial cuts in missiles for an agreement to limit SDI to research only, no deployment, for just 10 years. We’d be just as far along with SDI as we are now (since nothing of any value was deployed in the first 10 years anyway), but we’d have got much closer to Reagan’s dream of eliminating nuclear weapons.  Too bad Reagan got suckered by Richard Perle and missed that chance.

  • Ed_USA

     Just a heads-up, Reagan wanted to share SDI with the USSR. He said so many times.

  • greekdish

     The name is a play on the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote series…..with an ACME invetion having a latin type name.

    Velocity Eradicates basically.

  • greekdish

     Look up the definition of a neo con you moron….. its not us… we arent “former Liberals”.

  • greekdish

     There is nothing remotely close to portable version for infantry… watched too many Arnold movies.

  • greekdish

     Its irrelevant… because unlike WWII…. modern ships have radar and defensive weapons that can reach out miles before they are under attack. If a naval vessel becomes damaged already…its too late… because most likely its a powerful torpedo or missile that will sink it by itself.

  • greekdish

     No he didnt. Where do you get your BS from, a cracker jack box??

  • rleffler

    I am sorry,I am using a my touch phone and sometimes the Swype feature doesn’t quite work the way you want it to! Yes I meant a lot, thank you, but I have schematics of my own for a much less bulky weapon our defense mechanism.

  • rebelyell4

    So… spend billions, call it a defensive system. Add all that extra generator capacity from the nuclear reactor, then it’s still a sitting duck. Everything we use has a fair amount of guidance, this is a dumb gun. Usefull only as one of those situations where we choose to start something with someone that cant shoot back.

    Our navy is only great as long as they are not truly shooting back. It’s only the submarine service that keeps our enemies from developing the same weapons on the surface. It would be a cost not bearable by any modern country outside of China.

    If we look very close, the cost will no longer be bearable by the US when we get about 2 more years of Obama. Every other modern nation has so much tied up in social “help” for it’s peoples that they cannot afford armies and navies.

  • rebelyell4

    It’s the size of the generation needed that presents the problem. Only reactors running tanks would provide the solution. I grant that if this was NOT a dumb weapon that it might be interesting to see a next generation of battle tanks built with things like this, and nucear power while onboard laser (not guided, but laser ) weapon added to that would get us to the all inclusive end and do away with all usual hardware.

    It might be better to wait till those battle saucers are ready though.

  • rebelyell4

    Personally I believe those of us who truly believe in the Constitution and it’s return to being used as the standard for federal law should get our tents and sleeping bags together and stake out a place at the republican convention so we can get the word out.

    Get a few hundred thousand over there and we’ll let the hippies entertain.

  • bobfrommosinee

    Like every system before, Once the bugs are out, it will become smaller lighter, and less power will be needed to make it go zoom.

  • Jim Imgrund

    If we’re showing the photos, then they probably can’t be used to reverse engineer this thing. People in the DOD do tend to think these things through a little bit. 

    As for China “reverse engineering” this… Go pick up a knock off Chinese version of an American… well… ANYTHING, and tell me how well they did. 

  • honorary

    Just hope that Obama don’t let Eric assholeder walked it to Mexico on the Faster and More Furious scheme that should be good enough.  This time they both might walk it to Iran, who knows..

  • AtillaPrime

    Yep you libtards are really something. We were attacked at Pearl Harbor by Japan, Hitler  declared war on USA. Japan was rather nasty on POW’s as in BRUTAL, I lost a uncle on the Batann death march. They even did medical experiments on POW’s. I lost another uncle on a submarine in the China sea. My other uncle was a Navy Captain (O6) and a jet fighter pilot ACE  from Korea. My wife lost a uncle on OMAHA beach who is still guarding that beach from the cemetery above it. I am a 10 + year Navy veteran myself. Was anyone in your family ever in the service or do you specialize in others spilling their blood in your absence?
    We didn’t START it we FINISHED it and saved the globe from speaking German or Japanese.
    Your liberal tactic of “talking sense them into them” has worked so well that IRAN has or will have a neuk soon that could start WW3. The “O” talking machine has ignited the Arab Spring that has so far been a boom to the radicals that have taken over Egypt and will inflame the Mideast. The only thing that has happened from this “talk forever” is instability, turmoil and more trouble.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Wow! Gone 6 days and the first thing you do when you return is insult someone……….right from the starting gate.

    Like I always say….the internet is the best thing that ever happened to a smart mouth punk.

  • Ed_USA

    Yes, an ignorant fool much like you who has the temerity to say to me “Where do you get your BS from, a cracker jack box??” when he is clearly and demonstrably in the wrong. Hmmmm, that does sound a lot like you.

    The thing is, I find it particularly galling when “conservatives”, who spend so much of their time worshiping Reagan, demonstrate that they don’t know the first thing about him.

  • Willis Forster

     It is BS, he is an obama butt buddy jew hater like his hero.

  • Ed_USA

    Also, you say “insult someone……….right from the starting gate”, which is wrong. If you bothered to read the thread before injecting your bogus comments, you’d see that my first comment, “right from the starting gate” was the polite and correct statement:

    “Just a heads-up, Reagan wanted to share SDI with the USSR. He said so many times.”

    I insulted no one until AFTER I’d been insulted by someone who made the mistake of being both rude and wrong. As usual, though, you are choosing partisan loyalty to your “conservative” tribe over honesty and adherence to the facts.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    We could aim at washington.d.c. and see what happens.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    A cammo chevy volt.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    High speed, low drag, algae.

  • Duncan Jones

    Yee-haw.  Oorah.  Douche bag.  

  • John

    That is what I was saying,  What don;t you get about { misinformation from W.H. }  I know the Israelis don’t do that type of thing !

  • Sublimat

    Doe anybody have any insight into the unusual shape of the projectile?  Must it be iron?

  • markinidaho

     The consensus is that you are full of crap, and that the only people who agree with you are people that love a lie. 

  • rebelyell4

    The odd part about Afghanastan, and no one speaks of it, is that there are remnants of what seems to be 4-5 ancient cities that show destruction as if by atomic blast, with the correct traces of such weapons having been used to destry them, hanging around. Happened thousands of years ago..

    I just know that I asked a silly question about power, but I asked one about the second supercomputer after the pentagon. I was standing in the middle of the darn thing and all I asked was this. “Is the air conditioning on backup generator”. Now mind you, I was staring at huge battery chains and generators.

    Guess what, It went down at 78 degrees. Bet it wasn’t 15 minutes into the power fail test. Yes, it’s good to be simple now and then. Those things used to need huge amounts of cold air. Better these days.

  • rebelyell4

    One of my very first jobs in the real world was very interesting. Huge building. Lots of electrical draw. Needed two load sharing turbines to keep them up and peacefully running. Way back in those stone ages, our control circuitry was such that it was not very accurate or dependable. Most of the time the building and wiring were designed so that individual sections were assigned to individual genrators and a “sharing” system was not needed. This one was of course the latest and greatest, I always worked on the latest and greatest.

    Trouble is, in every emergency situation I was on call to be there to babysit these two delicate and tempermental ladies and keep one hand on each large control and my eyes glued to the loads. My hands were considerred far more accurate than the latest and greatest. For several years I had to respond to these two ladies of the night. They finally built some gear to replace me and I installed it. Worked myself out of that job. I still dream about them from time to time. A couple of the loudest ladies I’v ever dealt with too. But it was sorta like you had to rub them the right way or they would have a hissy fit.

  • bobfrommosinee

    Yep, have worked on a few systems bringing them on line and to full potential, working the bugs and termites out of the systems.

  • rebelyell4

    KNow that Burma railroad the British made a movie about? Yeah, lots of Dutchmen there to, they just lied to the japs and told them they were English too. That why I use an odd english middle name that my dad used as his first name at the railroad.

    No, I never went to any of the services. But I did my share as a private contractor. I gave plenty for this country, from my heart, lungs, and most of my joints. Its odd what asbestos, fiberglass, liquid rocket fuel and strange gases will do. Wearing those exposure badges makes you feel better too. Speaking of magnets, no one likes to discuss the influence of the magnetic fields we used to deal with when tubes still powerred things and so much electricity was flowing you felt as if you were being cooked.

    Then my doc asks, “hey, did you have a stresfull job”?

  • BigJon46

    Before you continue to show you ignorance do some research. Then pull your foot out of your mouth.

  • ConcreteCowboy1

    When I served in the United States Navy (1972-1976)  To achive the rank of Admiral, you were required to have brains, and loyalty to the United States.  I can only assume the same policy exists.  If it does, the Admirals will be keeping this weapon in it’s “testing” stages until “Dear Leader” vacates the Oval Office.