Bruce Springsteen: A tax-dodging farmer

Bruce Springsteen is a man of the people. He stands up for the little guy. A regular blue-collar Joe. A union man. A bona fide working-class hero.

And, when he’s not busy being all that… he’s a tax-dodging liberal hypocrite worth over $200 million who pretends to be a farmer to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on his property taxes that would have otherwise funded the welfare programs he pretends to care about.

That’s right. Mr. “Union Man, Blue Collar” Springsteen is a total fraud, as I explain in my brand-new book Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers.

Recall that Springsteen actively campaigned for Obama in 2008, hosting free concerts that attracted tens of thousands of people in key battleground states. Springsteen’s song, “The Rising,” became a campaign staple for Obama’s speech venues and culminated in him playing for Obama’s Inauguration. And this time around, the White House plans on using the aging rocker’s new politically-motivated track, “We Take Care of Our Own,” to warm up crowds as the re-election bid kicks into high gear.

So does The Boss live by the same prescriptions he and Obama wish to inflict on the rest of America?

Consider the following.

In 2011, perhaps wanting some local free press, Springsteen decided to write a letter to the editor of his town’s newspaper. In response to an article about tax cuts and aid to entitlement programs, the Boss wrote in to praise the piece for being “one of the few that highlights the contradictions between a policy of large tax cuts, on the one hand, and cuts in services to those in the most dire conditions, on the other.”

Furthermore, Springsteen wrote, “your article shows that the cuts are eating away at the lower edges of the middle class, not just those already classified as in poverty, and are likely to continue to get worse over the next few years.” Then, with his well-honed “everyman” touch, he signed the letter along with his oh‑so-common-man-sounding town name, “Colts Neck.”

A year earlier, the Boss echoed similar concerns while emphasizing his support for Obama’s constant naggings to tax the rich.

“The biggest problem we have now is almost 10 percent unemployment, but we also have the disparity of wealth,” Springsteen told London’s Sunday Times. “You can’t have an American civilization with the kind of disparity of wealth we have. It will eat away at the country’s heart and soul and spirit.”

Now, all this would be just fine and dandy. But there’s one small problem with Springsteen’s anti-tax-cut posturing: the man is a first-rate tax evader.

Bruce Springsteen pays over $138,000 a year in taxes for his three-acre home in Colts Neck, New Jersey. He owns another 200 adjoining acres. But because he has a part-time farmer come and grow a few tomatoes (organic, of course) and has horses, his tax bill on the remaining 200 acres is just $4,639 bucks. Do the math.  By being a fake farmer, the working-class zero Springsteen is making a mint by robbing New Jersey of the antipoverty program funds he says they desperately need.

“I think it is unfair to our other property taxpayers that if you are a fake farmer, and that you don’t legitimately farm, that you are getting a property tax break and forcing your neighbor to pick up your tab,” said state senator Jennifer Beck. “That was not the intent of the law. It’s a violation of the public trust.” When Fox 5 New York reporter Barbara Nevins Taylor asked a lawyer for the trust that owns Springsteen’s land to comment on the Boss’s lucrative fake-farming tax breaks, predictably, the lawyer had no comment.

The tax loophole comes from the New Jersey’s Farmland Assessment Act of 1964. Originally the provision was created to help preserve agriculture in New Jersey. To qualify for the tax break, landowners must own at least five acres of land and produce just $500 a year in goods in order to qualify. Anyone who can meet those minimum standards can reduce their farmland tax bills by an astounding 98 percent.

Now, no conservative begrudges anyone—not even a die-hard Obama Zombie like Bruce Springsteen—from lowering their tax burden by taking full advantage of every tax break available to them. That’s legal and fine. But for a guy who makes hundreds of millions pretending to be a guardian of the working class, and who vocally supports Obama’s attempts to tax the rich at higher rates, to then turn around and utilize obscure tax loopholes to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to his beloved social programs . . . well, that’s just flat-out Hollywood hypocrisy.

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  • John T. Ward

    I don’t know which is more savory here: a self-described “powerful
    conservative voice” complaining that a rich guy doesn’t pay enough in
    taxes, or the fact that he’s nakedly libeling Springsteen by accusing
    him of a crime.

  • NidhoggRocketman

     Read the last paragraph and try again, twit.

  • 301

    Folks like John T Ward just can’t stand it when they have to eat their own Ovomit.  

  • Joe Steel

    I’m sure Springsteen is taking the tax break just to illustrate the injustice of our tax code.

    In any case, even if he gave everything he has and everything he ever has had and everything he ever will have, it wouldn’t make a dent in the need for tax revenue.  We have to raise taxes so we can fund the government programs we need to establish justice and restore prosperity to America.

  • JohnWIS

    He is not accusing Springsteen of committing a crime…….unless being a flat-out hypocrite is a crime.

  • JohnWIS

    He’s just another big-time lib telling everyone else that the “rich” can afford to pay more taxes. (He probably complains about not being told to pay more…..but isn’t smart enough to figure out that all he has to do, is cut a check for however much he wants to contribute).

    It’s funny how all the libs complain that the government doesn’t tax enough…..but what they don’t get, is that they tax too much already and waste the money…and they keep voting in morons that want to tax and spend more…..which takes away income from the people who voted for them in the first place.  Then the ones who voted them in…b!tch about not having enough money in their personal lives.

  • JohnWIS

    If he wanted to honor what he speaks of…he wouldn’t take the tax break.
    No….we need to lower taxes and get rid of the programs which encourage people not to get up and pursue their lives.  The local poor need to be cared for by local communities.

    The government does not produce anything. 

    This is not a socialist country.  What you speak of, is detrimental to this country.

  • RonCarnine

    Joe, since when does raising taxes “establish justice”? Justice does not come by raising taxes in any way whatsoever. I spent most of my life (and all of my health) trying to make sure that justice was “established”. You don’t do it with taxes. It is not “justice” to rob from the rich and give to the poor. You can’t make America “prosperous” by taxing small businesses out of business. That is what is happening wholesale across this great nation. Leave these businesses alone and they will become prosperous and pay their taxes and get this nation moving again. Robbing the rich and giving it to the poor might be a good story but it isn’t justice. It violates the history of this nation and the Word of God. 

  • Joe Steel

    In fact, wealth redistribution is justice.  The wealthy have taken for themselves too much of the world’s riches.  Giving some to the poor so they don’t have to suffer impoverishment recognizes their worth and dignity and restores to them their share of what belongs to all mankind.  Redistribution is the essence of justice.

  • AgTrotter

    Oh joy, we have a new idiot without the savant.

  • AgTrotter

    “even if he gave everything he has and everything he ever has had and everything he ever will have, it wouldn’t make a dent in the need for tax revenue.  We have to raise taxes”

    In just 2 sentences, you have managed to encapsulate what a complete moron you are. Please thank God for making breathing involuntary.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    This is not exactly an exclusive. In fact it is old news although it is encouraging to see it brought to light again.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    I know what you were doing to those little children and it is time you were put away for life.


    all i have is a bit of advice for all of us that see the danger in obama. 1. pray. 2. vote. 3. buy more ammo (just in case)

  • dmacleo

     lazy mans jealousy justice.

  • globalcrap

    Liberal hypocrite.

  • globalcrap

    Give back your welfare heck

  • globalcrap

    Work for a living.

  • NidhoggRocketman

    And where, then, is the justice for those who earned their wealth by producing something of value only to have it taken from them by the government, to be given to those who produced nothing?

    Socialism and its even more evil brother, communism, only discourage people from producing and lead everyone to live off the government dole. See: USSR, Zimbabwe

    “All you need to know regarding the success and failure of socialism and capitalism you can learn by noting the direction of those jumping the Berlin Wall.”

    Still the be-all-end-all debunking anything you say.

  • 23rd_Americal

    You’re evidently a dope-smokin’, charter member of “Occupy Ignorance” along with all the other Obama supporting, liberal freaks!

  • Douglas Parritt

     truth hurts

  • Douglas Parritt

     right on

  • Douglas Parritt

     do as we say not as we do

  • Douglas Parritt

     probably more than Springsteen

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     He’s Born in the USA .will do what every red blooded american does. I’ll vote for his fake farmer before I vote for any of the neocons.

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     every single one of you have demanded and said you were going to force Obama/Holder to resign. Nothing is ever done, you are all a bunch of talking heads with nothing to back it up but your h8. Its old and most people USA know it. Not the uneducated in Alabama and Mississippi, however. They want to stay that way.

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     go for it fake

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     well said, you DID know that you were going to be called names. That’s all they know how to do. They sit by their computers waiting for “those liberals” to post so they can pounce on them.

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     as I said, GO FOR IT, DEMAND. I don’t see that happening anywhere except here. Stop being a phony and set up a website calling for them to resign. Why not? FRAUD.  when I read these stupid posts. they are fodder for any decent American. You are a fraud. Nothing against a difference of opinion, but you are so far to the right you don’t make any sense on any level except to each other and Palin…what a jerk. Just like my idiot brother in law. A real winner

  • Douglas Parritt

     free money is good? better to get paid for working

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     its always about the guns…even if one of them accidentally hit one of your loved ones? Nut cases

  • Douglas Parritt

     you do not get it cloud dancer

  • Douglas Parritt

     maybe he is correct and you are not ever think that possible.

  • Douglas Parritt

     maybe you need to educate yourself not cloud dance

  • Douglas Parritt

     truth hurts cloud dancer

  • Douglas Parritt


  • Douglas Parritt

     maybe you are missing the point

  • Douglas Parritt

    a big misunderstanding is that more charity comes from small town America not big liberal city San Francisco, Liberal charity in to many cases is for show and in some many cases not their money they are just the mouthpiece. 

  • Douglas Parritt

     cloud dancer living in wonderland

  • Douglas Parritt

    in wonderland with Alice

  • hicusdicus

     Is that structure noise Springsteen emits actually referred to as singing? I thought he was just having gas pains.

  • hicusdicus

     Springsteen getting paid for imitating the noises of a cow giving birth is the real crime.

  • Allen

    The only problem I see is the government will survive or die trying . Obama is dangerous and the Boss is not entertaining. All three spend other people’s money and take no responsibility for what they do or dont do.  conservatives can explain it to liberals. And liberals cannot listen to reality to accept or deny the truth. government will win unless we change it again. So, read everything you can and change it for the better. I need a job

  • Jerrybear

    Bruce Springsteen is a talentless hack who somehow reached ‘legend’ status through left wing activism. He accomplished a public relations masterpiece to transform a mediocre at best singer song writer into ‘the Boss’.

  • Baloo123

    Add also couple more hypocrits: Ted Turner with his buffalo herd(collecting money from Ag.DEpt. intended for the poor farmers) and saintly Warren Buffet whose Norfolk Southern Co., dutifully transports oil from the ND fields thus adding $30.00per barrel in cost(is this why Obama kills all pipeline project – in exchange for Warrens war cry: “tax the rich”)

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Another POS Hollyweird liberal.

  • cliffvettej

     People normally think that “Born In the USA” is a great pro-American song. However, the words run this Country into the ground. Look up the words. You may be surprised what the song actually talks about.

  • justme

    Yes but casper I DO MIND PAYING HIGHER TAXES.    And if you really wanted to pay more taxes you can now.  dont take your refund, write a check, just pay more you have many options.  The problem is you really don’t want to unless  you can force others to pay more also.

  • justme

    AND THERE IS THE RUB I DON’T BELIEVE IN HIGHTER TAXES!!!!  I believe in people going out and earning what they want.  I know that is a foreign concept these days.  What ever happend to people actually earning what they wanted instead on demanding free everything?

  • jetstream

    Mostly a Viet Nam protest song:

    Born down in a dead man’s town   The first kick I took was when I hit the groundYou end up like a dog that’s been beat too much 
    Til you spend half your life just covering up
    [chorus:]Born in the U.S.A.  Born in the U.S.A. Born in the U.S.A. Born in the U.S.A.I got in a little hometown jam  And so they put a rifle in my handsSent me off to Vietnam   To go and kill the yellow man  [chorus]Come back home to the refinery.   Hiring man says “Son if it was up to me”I go down to see the V.A. man,     He said “Son don’t you understand” [chorus]I had a buddy at Khe Sahn   Fighting off the Viet CongThey’re still there,   he’s all gone 
    He had a little girl in Saigon   I got a picture of him in her arms,   [chorus]
    Down in the shadow of the penitentiary,  out by the gas fires of the refineryI’m ten years down the road   Nowhere to run, ain’t got nowhere to goI’m a long gone Daddy in the U.S.A.  Born in the U.S.A.I’m a cool rocking Daddy in the U.S.A.   Born in the U.S.A. 

  • hicusdicus

    Support programs for those who really need it ??????? Who are they and what is their problem?…. Who decides? Compassion is only for those with excess. I am not working to support a bunch of losers. If they can’t swim they can sink. Its compassionate folks like you that have pulled us into this mess. There has never been a Jesus he is a mythical person. Mohamed is more real. … Quit putting your beliefs in a myth and start paying attention to what is real. I would ask God to help you, but he does not exist..

  • kjb199

    Bruce ol’ boy: If you want to be a preacher, then you have to wear the robe.

    The fact that Brucie has made millions with his recordings doesn’t bother me at all. The fact that he follows the pattern of wanting some government thug to take from me to support the welfare programs he favors, while avoiding his own monetary contribution to the same programs, is totally repulsive. But I guess there are still enough suckers around that will blindly pay for his music and then pay the higher taxes to support his favorite programs, is enough to keep his long-gone music career coasting on Obama-fuel (read: hope).

    Well, Brucie, there’s no hope with (a) dope. I just won’t be fooled again by such a commie-simp as you.

  • nameless

    A young Ann Coulter Jason is. Honestly some conservatives just hate liberals so much, it’s disgusting. I bet you would love all liberals to die or go to hell or whatever.

  • Scott

    Can’t find anything about this on snopes. Help

  • Betty Eyer

    Your “facts” are carefully contrived to lead us to a conclusion which may very well be false. I suspect that the “three acre home” owns most of it’s value to the structures themselves, and perhaps a prime location. It is disingenuous to assume that the other 200 acres are valued at the same amount. Most undeveloped land zoned agricultural has a pretty low tax rate. Also, you are demeaning this farming of vegetables – how do we know whether or not that’s a viable business? I know someone who supports his family on 6 acres doing farmer’s market organic vegetables, so it’s possible that this is completely legit. Also, there are lots of very wealthy land owners who get paid to NOT grow anything, and some of them are in public office.

    Also, what is his effective tax rate? Property tax does not pay for welfare, you know. State and Federal taxes do.

    I consider your article to be biased BS.

  • Betty Eyer

    No problem. One less drunk red neck in front of me wanting him to play the same stuff he played 35 years ago.

  • Pádraig Pearse


  • Steven Campisi

    Not true, the red states are the welfare states. the blue states carry this nation

  • Steven Campisi

    Run the country into the ground? No, its the truth. Vets have been used to fight the rich mans war for years and he is just pointing out how they are tossed aside after they return home from war. I work with homeless vets and it is sad as I am now seeing the Iraq and Afghan war vets coming home to the same America the Vietnam vets returned to.

  • mike

    Colts neck is one of the richest towns in NJ…..those 200 acres are worth a Fortune!! The taxes should be way higher on a property worth millions….

  • AgedYouth

    Is Bruce breaking any laws? Should he voluntarily pay more taxes? Are you high or just jealous? Add this tax bill to the taxes on his properties in Florida and California and the number is higher than you’ll ever earn in your lifetime. Bruce is one of the most genuine human beings you should be ever privleged to know. But you aren’t and shouldn’t be.

  • Lynne Westmoreland

    Springsteen is a brilliant musician and a highly intelligent and smart and savvy business man. Were I to ever come into a huge fortune I would do exactly the same thing he does . Give directly to the source…NOT turn over my hard earned money to a corrupt and inept government that will misappropriate, mishandle and give it away to FOREIGN countries. Bruce Springsteen gives hundreds of thousand away, a lot of it in Monmouth County for such things as a new heating system for one family, medical care for another, college tuition, etc., etc. All you bad mothers are just ticked because you aren’t smart enough to figure out how to keep more of your hard earned money from the circus full of thieves we call Capitol Hill yourselves.

  • Smoking Gun
  • ave ngangel

    You don’t think the Romneys shelter the family from paying the expense for Miss Ann’s dressage horses? You want them to pay more tax, change the law. One is for the change, one is not. If you side with the one who is not for tax law changes, who is the hypocrite now?

  • Paul Tatara

    Recall also that Obama won the election.

  • Paul Tatara

    Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Keep me away from your playlist, sweetie.

  • Sea Slipper

    Not only that, his band mates are hired labor. They don’t share in record sales or revenue. He is a dictator in the studio and on-stage. They have no job security. He fired them all without warning in 1989.

    They have all done reasonably well in life, but why should he make 300x what they make and call all the shots – if he claims to be this democratic lover of the working man. He’s like any CEO.

  • Sea Slipper

    don’t forget the cover photo of him peeing on the flag