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Bloomberg evicts churches from using public schools, but allows labor unions

Should religious institutions be able to rent public property just like any other community group?

If you’re New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the answer is a resounding no, a decision that has angered local communities and is poised to kick out dozens churches from meeting in New York City public schools even though other groups, including labor unions, are granted full access.

“Houses of worship throughout the city consider this policy to be nothing short of discrimination, and we will make that known,” said Fernando Cabrera, a Democratic city councilman representing the Bronx. “Evicting [churches] hurts people and neighborhoods by denying them the social and spiritual services they desperately need, which in my district includes tutoring services, soup kitchens and more,” he added.

At issue is whether or not allowing religious organizations access to public schools during off-hours is an “endorsement” of that particular religion’s belief system. For the past 10 years an injunction issued by the U.S. District Court of New York said that churches can, in fact, rent out school facilities just like any other group. But a recent ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals defied the lower court’s ruling, agreeing with the Department of Education that granting churches equal access to vacant government buildings amounts to a subsidy of religion. 

“When worship services are performed in a place, the nature of the site changes. The site is no longer simply a room in a school being used temporarily for some activity,” the majority opinion stated. “The church has made the school the place where it performs its rites, and might well appear to have established itself there. The place has, at least for a time, become the church.”

Such a ruling adheres to an “extreme version of the establishment clause and separation of church and state,” Jordan Lorence, a senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, the legal firm representing the local churches, told HUMAN EVENTS. “It’s hard for the bureaucrats and judges to grasp the difference between government sponsored religion and government accommodating everybody to use an empty building.”

The idea that a school would morph into a church vis-à-vis a worship service taking place on non-school days makes no sense to NYC pastors who rent the space.

“The church is a people, not a building,” Pastor Chris Dito of International Christian Center in Staten Island told HUMAN EVENTS. “If we have a prayer meeting at Starbucks, it doesn’t magically transform into a church.” Dito said that International Christian Church caters to families who have children with special needs, and the New Dorp High School where they currently meet provides his church with the ability address those needs.  “The classrooms are a big help.”

And it’s not like the church is freeloading either. They pay $1,500 a month in maintenance costs.

In total, more than 70 churches are at risk of being evicted. A handful of Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu groups also had access to the school grounds, although they don’t meet as frequently as the Christian groups.

What’s more, while Mayor Michael Bloomberg will forbid religious organizations from leasing out schools under the rubric of “separation of church and state,” it turns out that the Department of Education itself rents out religious facilities to house public schools. P.S. 133 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for instance, leases a Catholic institution that is run by St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

“Talk about hypocrisy,” notes Lorence. “The kids in P.S. 133 go everyday to a building with crosses on it and that doesn’t bother them [Education bureaucrats]. But what bothers them is a three-hour stint on Sunday mornings of a church being there.”

Out of the 1,200 school buildings in New York City, there are at least 10,000 extracurricular community uses each year, ranging from dance recitals, Boy Scout meetings and even the filming of the popular television show “Law & Order.” And, as the Alliance Defense Fund points out in one of their many legal briefs, labor unions, including the Communications Workers of America, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Service Employees International Union and the United Federation of Teachers, all are allowed to meet in public school buildings.

But come Feb. 12, not churches.

Pastor Matt Brown of Park Slope Church has been meeting in John Jay High School in Brooklyn for the past eight years. He pays a fee of $3,200 a month to cover maintenance costs and is one of the clergymen being forced to relocate.

“Everyone loses with the mayor’s decision,” Pastor Brown told HUMAN EVENTS. “The janitors and guards at John Jay High School who will now be out of work on Sunday, the school itself, which uses part of the rent money for facilities; and the students at the high school who were the beneficiaries of our presence there.” Pastor Brown noted that he and his congregation has stocked the school’s library with academic books, tutored students for standardized tests, and even painted the hallways and classrooms voluntarily.

Mayor Bloomberg could single-handedly reverse the Education Department’s decision, as they report directly to him, but he’s refused to do so. In fact, the mayor’s office tells HUMAN EVENTS that the evictions will go through as planned. Legislation has been submitted by Bronx City Councilman Fernando Cabrera to block the mayor’s decision since the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case late last year, but that bill is currently being held up by the Council’s speaker, Christine Quinn.

“The Left’s whole concept of equality goes right out the window when we’re talking about renting unused NYC classrooms on the weekends,” said Lorence. “’Churches lose’ is how the Left always interprets the First Amendment.”

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  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    I guess Bloomberg and the court hates the founders of our nation and think the founders have no idea what they meant when they wrote there own words.

    Funny how the Congress was used as a place of worship when the legislature was not in session but NOW, public schools represent government more than Congress does.

    This is what I have said all along, the separation of Church and State was NEVER a tenet of the first amendment. This was the first step in a long line of steps to destroy our religious founding. All the government would have to do is dig their claws into every aspect of our society, then they can say that nope! Separation of Church and State. We are not attacking religion, cannot have any religiousocity near government.

    Enter ObamaKillCare. Takeover 1/5 of our economy and eliminate any religion from that. Sorry Catholics, you are going to either have to close your hospitals or deny your religion. Separation of Church and State, don’t you know.

    It is long past time to……………

  • jagscl

    The establishment provision does not equal “separation of church and statte”.  The establishment provision is easy to understand if you look at it in the context of the time it was written.  The Church of England was forced by Government edict upon the populace and those who didn’t follow suffered fines or worse.  The Founders expressly forbid this but not as a stand alone provision.  Rather, it was intended to facilitate and support the key provision, which is the free exercise guaranatee.  The application applied by the Fourth Circuit and sismilar decisions eliminates the free execise of religion from the Amendment and turns government into an antagonist to religious belief and exeercise. Like many things in our Government today, its a corruption of the very intent of the First Amendment.

  • denbren52

    Why are people like Bloomberg and Obama called Progressive when their policies are so REGRESSIVE.  This country is regressing all the way back to 1775: Taxation without representation, no freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and the press are in jeopardy, the 2nd amendment is on life support and people continue to call them progressives.

    Our Constitution is the greatest governing document ever written and so-called progressives use it like it is toilet paper and now they are ready to flush it down the toilet of socialism.

    Wake up America!  Rise up America!

  • Genna2

    If renting a room or building to an organization is an endorsement of its belief system, then Mayor Bloomberg is going to have some difficult questions to answer about the belief systems of those organizations the City endorses because they are allowed to rent its property.  Bloomberg is proof there are some things wealth can’t buy – intelligence and common sense.

  • Rocco11

    There’s no room for religion in Communism…

  • HWGood

    “Everyone loses with the mayor’s decision,” Pastor Brown told HUMAN EVENTS.
    Pastor Brown is so wrong. Nannyman feels great about himself, and that’s all that counts.

  • Duke_Digger

    Bloomberg – enemy of freedom?
    Bloomberg – member of MAIGS (Mayors Against Individual Gun Sales)
    Bloomberg – member of HAGS (Hates Any Gun Show)
    Bloomberg hates liberty????
    NOOOOOOooooo…….. say it ain’t so Jason!
    Say it ain’t so.


  • Rick Blaine

    If they want to rent public spaces like everyone else then let them pay taxes just like everyone else.

  • MammyYokum

    BINGO! Give that man a prize! You know history re: the Church of England and why our Founders did what they did.
    Maybe this is where the trouble lies: “Mayor Bloomberg could single-handedly reverse the Education Department’s decision…” Bloomberg is just another wealthy ego-driven boor who feels entitled to run the little people. I don’t mind his wealth, but I DO mind his blythe assumption that HIS mores should be imposed on everyone else. Not so fast, Bloomie…

  • 1angryplumber

    What about other non-profits that are not religion related?  By your reasoning should they also not rent space?

  • TenFace

    The fact that the state let all religions rent out space means they can’t possibly be endorsing any one religion and if you allow non-religious groups to use the space you can’t be endorsing the idea of religion over atheism.  As long as you don’t prohibit one particular group from renting out space, like say all religious groups, you can’t be endorsing any idea or belief over another.

  • Hominid

    Exactly – these are EDIFICES being RENTED out, not dedicated to religion by the state.

    This another example of, at best, lib irrationality or, at worst, a leftist attack on religious freedom.

  • Hominid

    Firstly, renting time for a religious function in a building that happens to be state owned is not a 1st amendment issue in any way – the renters are paying to temporarily use a building – thats not the gov ‘establishing religion.’ 

    Your opening statement is false for at least two reasons.  First, a reading of the 1st as anything but a separation of church and state trivializes it.  Second, Madison and Jefferson repeatedly make the intent of the 1st to ‘separate church and state’ crystal clear in their writings on the subject.

  • Hominid

    Read Madison & Jefferson on the reasons for the 1st and you will see that their thinking goes well beyond the abuses of religious freedom by the Church of England.  They repeatedly make it clear that gov should have nothing to say about religion at all – i.e., ‘SEPARATION of church and state’ – their words.

  • Hominid

    You’re dead wrong.  See The Hominid’s remarks above.

  • Hominid

    There was no ‘reasoning’ in his comment – just emotion.

  • AgTrotter

    Oh joy, more “brilliant” insight and wisdom from little Rickie the tent dweller. Essentially, by your “brilliant” line of thinking, no non-profit should be allowed to rent public spaces. Never mind the lost revenue opportunities, but it completely defies rational thought.

    Please go back to your tent. Of course, I’m sure you completely miss the irony of your support of the OWS bowel movement utilizing public property without paying rent.

  • AgTrotter

    “But a recent ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals defied the lower court’s ruling, agreeing with the Department of Education that granting churches equal access to vacant government buildings amounts to a subsidy of religion.”

    If this is what can be considered modern legal thinking, we’re screwed.

  • chuckinva

    I can not state strongly enough my dislike for Mayor Bloomberg. It is one thing to be tough but fair. It is quite another to be so arrogant to think that you know what is best in every situation. If you don’t think there is a war on religion, think again.

    My church met in schools for years before we could afford to build our own church. Years later we had to rent church space during the week to a private school to help pay our expenses. That has been the story of many churches. We were not affiliated with this school, it was a business deal.

    I am happy to live in Virginia where the needs of our citizens come first. We have almost always been blessed with good governors because our governor can only serve one term. New York should also consider term limits on its mayors, particularly when they no longer answer to all of their constituents.

  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Hom, I SEE NOTHING, in your comments that conflict with what I have stated.
    Yes, Jefferson and others wanted a wall, but not around religion, but around the state.

    NOW, the state is using their eloquent words and private discussions to eliminate religious freedom. The state putting their tendrils into everything, eliminates the religion through these statist and atheistic ambitions.

    Tell me, in the beginning of our nation, do you think there was a separation of schools and religion? OF COURSE NOT!

    Next, they are going to say that Catholic or other religious schools will have to close because it infringes on the rights of the government to make a homogeneous culture. Why do you think they have been purposefully bringing in millions of muslims? To save those moderate muslims? They will use the muslims as their excuse.

    HELL NO, it is a systematic implementation of the communist doctrine. You have read it. Quit your obfuscatory tactics there buddy.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    The people of N.Y. elected this pos. The people of N.Y. want no part of any religion not moslum. You people still do not get it. You, We are so screwed. It is all over but the shouting.

  • Rick Blaine

    You think evolution and global warming are hoaxes. You are hardly one to be delivering relevant, cogent arguments.

  • AgTrotter

    Stated like a true leftist. When your point (such as it is) is directly countered, change the subject.

    I say brava to you madame!

  • globalcrap

    How many buildings do the radical mooslums rent from his state ??

  • JamesDrouin

    There’s do difference between a RINO and an intellectually retarded left wing liberal Democrat.

    And Bloomberg just provided additional evidence.

  • ohin

     It’s a mistake to think that the courts and Bloomberg lack logic or common sense. There are few, if any, liberals who are not hostile to Christianity. Note I say Christianity and not religion, as there are any number of religions that they tolerate, not the least of which is human secularism, which is the Left’s state religion. Christianity is singled out for persecution in this country.

    I make the distinction because it is necessary for all of the American people to get the word out that liberals must be voted out of office, and it will take the people, not a particular party to do that. We must quit demonizing our opponents as stupid, and come to grips with the fact that this is an intentional misreading of the Bill of Rights.

    The liberal Left has determined that now is the time to bring their agenda out in the open. We see this country in the last three years lurch into hard Socialism, but this is not new, it has been coming down the pike for the last eighty years. The left obviously feels that America, like the frog in the kettle, has become so used to Socialism that we will accept it. Their efforts over the past many years to banish God from this country have gone largely unnoticed because WE have been foolish enough to allow that to happen.

    They now feel that they will get away with ordering churches to fund abortion which is directly against the doctrine of the Catholic church. The government is ordering A CHURCH to go against their own teachings. Christian Chaplains in the armed forces have been told they can’t call upon the name of Jesus. Now churches have been stripped of the right to meet in public places. The next step will be to disallow churches from owning property. Once that it accomplished, it’s not too far from there when churches will only be allowed to meet in homes, and from there to being abolished all together. If that sounds far-fetched, did you ever think we would be reading an article like the one above in America?

  • Adam Moreira

    I’d like to meet these liberals who are actually hostile to Christianity…some are, but most are not.

    As for this issue of abortion funding—call it indifference, or at least waiting out the Supreme Court. Anything you say starting with next step will never happen. To me, it sounds far-fetched.

    As for the right to meet in public spaces…there has to be more to this than what has been reported. The only odd thing here is that it didn’t occur at the end of the school year as opposed to the middle of it (i.e., the policy takes effect July 1).

  • John Everette Russell

    Message to Mr. Bloomberg: You can’t evict God. But you can invite his judgment on NYC.
    Also, in order to be consistent with your anti-Christian position, you should evict Muslims from praying in the streets. Streets are public property, you know.
    Why don’t you back off your irrational policy?
    1) Allow the Gideons to pass out Bibles and New Testaments to students who want them. 
    2) Stop Planned Parenthood from poisoning the minds of the children in public schools.

  • PR_Ohio

     I don’t think any reasonable person doubts the hypocrisy or religious bigotry from Bloomberg or the typical liberal (whether they be RINO or Commicrat). The issue is equal access and politicians openly showing hostility and abusing their biases to restrict those they don’t agree with from equal access while permitting access those they do like.

    Muslims should be permitted the same equal access to public facilities as unions, churches, community groups, and anyone else provided their activities are lawful. Public property is owned by the people, not politicians, or even the “govenment” who are only supposed to be stewards of public property and tax payer dollars, although I realize most liberals completely don’t get this concept.

  • Dustoff

    In NY city.   Come on Adam.

    Maybe up state, but not in the city. 

  • John Everette Russell

    [The first ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) were ratified effective December 15, 1791.]
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Is Mr. Bloomberg prohibiting the free exercise of religion?
    Notice that the first amendment is to protect religious groups from being persecuted by a powerful government. It is not to protect the government from reform.

  • Mike Thomas

    Ninth Circuit, now the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, well lets face it the, Right, won’t be happy until we eliminate all judges and they control the other two branches of government.  Then we can have the Christian controlled country they’ve always wanted. Liberals, are not fearful of Christianity,  as the majority of Liberals are Christians themselves. What Liberals are fearful of are Christians that would turn the, United States of America, into a theocracy. Oh, that’s right, Left thinking Christians aren’t true, born again, Christians?

  • PR_Ohio

     They do. A church as an entity doesn’t pay taxes, but church goers do pay taxes like anyone else. Unions don’t pay taxes but union members do. Non-profits should not be excluded from constitutional equal access protection.

    Churches have been tax-exempt since the founding our nation because our Founders understood that the government could use taxation as way to control them. President Johnson found a way to muzzle churches by requiring them to become 501c3 corporations as a condition to remain tax exempt.

  • Gina Hunter

    He allows the Occupiers to destroy the streets, but discriminates against churches who have agreements with the schools to use their facilities??? Again, he is afraid of something!

  • Rick_Kalifornication

    Hominid wrote: the Framers wanted a wall BETWEEN gov & religion, i.e., no involvement of either with the other.

    Then please explain why Congress and many state legislatures open each session with a prayer?

  • John Everette Russell

    The only theocracy this world will have is when Jesus the Messiah rules the earth.

    Uninformed people say that Islam is a theocracy. 
    They also worry about Christians setting up a Theocracy.
    We need competent Christians in charge of the United States. Then we would get rid of the corruption in government. That, my friends, is good government–not a theocracy!
    Jesus and the Apostle Paul said that Satan rules the world now. That would make the world a Satanocracy. The evidence is there.

  • sigp238

     Explain to me why Obamao can have a national prayer breakfast in the Whitehouse, funded by our tax dollars, yet a church cannot RENT out a school for prayer.

  • Guest

    “At issue is whether or not allowing religious organizations access to public schools during off-hours is an “endorsement” of that particular religion’s belief system.”

    That’s just the convenient lie those who hate God and morality are using at the moment to attempt to justify themselves.

    If NYC rents a public building to, say, the Minnesota Lakers, does that mean that NYC is no longer a Brooklyn Dodgers supporter? (Sorry if I hash this up; I’m not a sports fan. But you get the idea.)

    I don’t want to hear anyone in NYC blaming God when the crime rate goes through the roof.

  • Telescoping You

    “This country is regressing all the way back to 1775.”

    Or, Haiti, circa 2012.  But yes, you’re right, America needs to be wide awake and diligent come this November.

    If not, store food and supplies and ammo-up.  Just remember, you will smell worthless liberals from five miles away.  They are grossly obese, riddled with multiple diseases, always walking hysterically in circles and dumber than an after-birth.  So, they’ll be fun and easy targets.

    And the good news is, once we enjoy massive worthless liberal cleansing, we will be on our way back to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  • Rick_Kalifornication

     According to the article, a few.

    Just wait until they start issuing threats. THEN we’ll see a reversal.

    Islam. The Religion of Peace. They’ll kill you to prove it.

  • brian

    There is a simple solution New Yorker.  Quit electing freakin democrats.  That is why your state pays outrageous taxes, rent, and everything else.  Like Californians, keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

  • Rick_Kalifornication


    I fail to see any evidence that the U.S. is in any danger of becoming a Theocracy. Christians do not hold the power to compel you. The Government however, does.

  • Quarantine Guard

    Certainly not five times a day, knees to the
    chest, face on the floor, facing east.

  • sigp238

     I think “Moreira” means “incoherant rant” in some obscure language that i haven’t studied.

  • Hominid

    Changing the subject, are we?.

  • John Everette Russell

    Amen to You!

    LBJ, then a senator, instituted compartmentalized thinking into our political system by adding an amendment to a bill. LBJ was a bully and he bullied churches. Based on this law, the IRS threatened to cancel the tax exempt status of churches and non-profits if they told the whole truth about candidates and recommended certain candidates. Then, it was assumed people would not donate as much. Politicians have misused the IRS to manipulate people in other areas also. We should shut down the IRS and adopt a better and more fair means of taxation. The categories of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) infringe on our freedom and hinder progress. 

    Old Testament prophets spoke the truth in love boldly in spite of the consequences.
    Jesus and the writers of the New Testament also spoke the truth boldly and with compassion.

    How about a presidential candidate running his campaign based on the key word, “Truth”?
    Or, is it no longer in many politicians’ vocabulary?

  • Hominid

    Technically, it’s a violation, but it’s too trivial to worry about.  Just like writing ‘in god we trust’ on currency or putting a crucifix on public grounds.  Only assholes (commies and other busy-bodies) complain of such things.  Now, putting the ten commandments in a court room or teaching creationism as science in public schools? – that’s a serious breach of the 1st.

  • h8commielibs

    This country was founded on Gods principles and words. It is you, the immoral Godless scum that have used scum attorneys and unelected judges to set this country on a collision path with destruction.  GOD IS GREAT! I have never met a communist liberal that is a Christian to answer your incoherent mumblings. The democrat party today is synonymous with communism/racism/hate filled diatribes, and we Americans are getting sick and tired of your push immoral, Godless trash upon us. Mike, you are heading straight to hell.

  • Hominid

    Good point, as usual, PR.  In fact, no entity other than persons should ever be taxed and, in effect, aren’t, because, when an entity is taxed, the cost of the tax is passed on to individual persons.

  • Hominid

    It’s Portuguese for ‘muddle-headed.’

  • montegoblack

    This is just another assault on Christians, The left is trying to De legitimize religion because they hate the fact that the Declaration of Independence states our unalienable Rights come from our Creator. The Democrats are the real enemy’s of Life , Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    ” That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute new Government “

  • GomeznSA

    Your first paragraph nails the crux of the issue: if, as bloomie and his cohorts are claiming – the use of a public building ‘endorses’ the organization using it, then by default when said group is no longer using that facility, the endorsement goes away…………… is blatantly obvious that this is an overt attempt to decide which groups can or cannot use public facilities. Never mind that those groups are paying fee to do so……………

  • John Everette Russell

    31,000 US scientists say that global warming is a hoax. Google “31,000 petitions.” Of course, Al Gore is a scientist.

    Evolution just had the last nail driven in its coffin with the publication of “Darwin’s Black Box” by microbiologist Michael J. Behe, PhD.

  • GomeznSA

    And repetitious………

  • Hominid

    He should be able to at his own expense and if the participants are willing invitees.  If a religious group wishes to voluntarily assemble in the public square and engage in a public expression of their religion, they should be able to do so with impunity under the protection of the 1st Amendment.  If a gov entity makes a building available for rent to the public, it MUST be available to ALL the public and the gov cannot discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, or any other reason.  As PR sagely points out, this is an equal access issue rather than a 1st Amendment issue.

  • Hominid

    Not to mention the Constitution proscribes theocracy.

  • Hominid

    Perhaps you could invest your comments with some coherence?

  • Hominid

    Exactly.  It’s not a 1st Amendment issue – it’s an equal access issue.  Blooming is discriminating against a group on an unlawful basis.

  • kipmjf

     The USA is in great danger of becoming a Theocracy of Secular Humanism, if not Atheism.  Liberalism has  become a religion that includes these two types of  faith in Man in place of God.

    Federal, state, county and municipal governments are already enforcing many of the tenets of these faiths in direct contravention to our federal civil rights as defined in the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution and  as defined in the First Amendment to that Constitution.

  • GomeznSA

    Your tale is typical of many churches. When I was in VA one time, the local congregation I worshiped with met in a heating/airconditioning building, until sufficient funds were raised to move into a small church that had been outgrown by its congregationwho had built a new building to move into. By bloomies reasoning we were establishing some sort of illegal church/HVAC conglomeration. 
    NYC had term limits (that’s why Giuliani only served 2 terms) – bloomie ‘coerced’ (for lack of a better term) the city council to ‘allow’ him a 3rd term as he still had things he ‘needed’ to get done (MAIG perhaps?)

  • Hominid

    It’s because lib-lefties live in an inverted world – regressive is progressive, strong is weak, perverted is normal, bad is good, women are men, serfdom is freedom, and on and on.

  • GomeznSA

    Klingon perhaps?  ‘-)

  • John Everette Russell


    Written by Dr. John E. Russell

    “Shortly before he [Karl Marx] died, he made a statement which has puzzled his followers ever since:’I am not a Marxist.’ ”

    Marx the Man
    Karl Marx, PhD (1818-1883).
    Marx was born in Trier, Germany. His Jewish family “converted” to Christianity apparently to escape persecution. However, Karl appeared to be a sincere Lutheran in his youth. The story goes that he later became an atheist. However, Richard Wurmbrand makes a compelling argument that Marx became a Satanist in his book “Marx & Satan.”

    Belgium, Germany and France banished him because of his radical teaching of the violent overthrow of governments.He seemed to be devoted to his family, although he did not support them very well. He didn’t seem to mind accepting money from the Engels family, who were capitalists. One of his daughters killed herself.

    His time was spent in research when he lived in London.

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels authored the Communist Manifesto in 1848, which summarized communist theory.”One final contradiction: shortly before he died, he [Karl Marx] made a statement which has puzzled his followers ever since: ‘I am not a Marxist.’ ” (From the poster “Great Economists,” published by Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco; P O Box 7702; San Francisco CA 94120.He called his writings “human excrement.”Why do you think Marx said that he was not a Marxist? I believe that this “atheist” knew that he would be facing God soon. “There are no atheists in foxholes.” When we are facing death, rationalizations tend to drop. So, if the father of communism denied his own brainchild, why do some still persist in believing this failed system? Why do we allow communists to teach in our tax-supported colleges?

    The United States Democratic Party has accepted some of the ideas of Karl Marx. Marxism (communism) has failed. Why would any sane party leadership want to embrace a failed system?

    Marx the Misinformed
    Marxism is based on three faulty basic assumptions: Atheism, Dialectical materialism and Economic Determinism. (Dr. Fred Schwarz, “You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists),” published by the Christian Anti-Communists Crusade; Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1960). Here is a brief discussion of those basic assumptions:

    1 Atheism—denial of the existence of God. Atheism is simply not true:”The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good” (Psalm 14:1, KJV).

    Communism is both a political ideology and a religion. It is a religion because it makes the metaphysical assumption that God does not exist. This is in the area of metaphysics—the realm of the religious—not the scientific. Marx’ claim that his ideology was “scientific socialism” is false—it was a religion! If the foundation of a religion, philosophy or ideology is flawed, then the superstructure is flawed also.

    Leaving God out of one’s life is a formula for failure. Marx left his Jewish-Christian roots, possibly in anger.If God does not exist, then there are no absolutes: one can lie and kill to achieve his purpose.

    Communists have followed this immoral and unethical means to their end, which is world domination. If the end is a just society, this would seem to be a noble goal. The problem is this: the end will not be reached and they live in the means, which is immoral and unethical conduct. Hence immoral and unethical conduct characterize communist society.

    (Islam is another political religion. Born from a spurious vision of Muhammed, it soon began its goal of world domination and is a danger to Christians, Jews and the free world. However, not every Muslim is an evil terrorist.)

    2 Dialectical materialism—the application of Hegel’s dialectic to history. Communists believe in socio-economic evolution. As Karl Marx applied Hegel’s dialectic, history is moving toward a classless society and Marx wanted to help it along—it didn’t work. However, the redistribution of wealth worked to some extent—it made everyone poor! That is, all except the communist hierarchy.

    3 Economic determinism—the means of production determines the type of life of a society.Communists and socialists point to the book of Acts, where early Christians sold possessions and gave the money to the poor. However, early Christians voluntarily sold possessions and gave to the poor. The wealthy should give to the poor out of compassion, but if someone forcibly takes their wealth, even to give to the poor, it is still stealing!

    In a practical sense, communism and socialism are self-defeating. When one is punished for working hard by being fined (overtaxed), it discourages hard work. When one is rewarded with welfare payments for doing nothing, it discourages honest work.

    What a personal tragedy for Karl Marx—a life wasted—a giant intellect wasted! Inspired by Satan, his life’s work became an evil web that entrapped millions and murdered millions.

  • Hominid

    You’re a nitwit – Behe (a third-rate biochemist) acknowledges the fact of evolution and that Darwin’s theory of speciation through natural selection – is irrefutable.  Behe simply re-applies to cell metabolism the failed old arguments that the anti-evolutionists applied at the organ system level, to wit, that life systems are too complex to have come about incrementally.  He’s been shown (rather easily) to be full of shit on this point as have those who made the same lame argument before him.

  • Rick Blaine

     That’s exactly what I did. And guess what I found? That some people still seem to believe there’s a petition signed by “31,000 scientists” saying global warming is not man-made and not a problem. This is in fact the fraudulent Oregon Petition, first produced and disseminated by the dubious ‘Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine’ and the George C. Marshall Institute, which is funded by Exxon-Mobil oil, in the late 90s (when it only had 17,000 dodgy signatories)  and then re-released every 5 years or so. The authors of the attached mock up of a research paper are members of the ‘Oregon Institute’ who don’t include any climate scientists at all. They’re variously vets or  physicians or chemists or electrical engineers – though given all the other things they’ve made up they might not even have those qualifications. They falsely claim that the ‘Research Paper’ was published in the journal of the US National Academy of Science, who disowned it and say they have nothing to do with it. Many of the supposed signatories, who include the unlikely ‘Dr. Michael J. Fox’ and ‘Dr. Geri Halliwell’, are not scientists at all; almost none are climate scientists

  • Rick Blaine

     Evolution is a fact.

  • John Everette Russell

    I don’t buy it.
    Carbon dioxide is a food for vegetation.
    Attacking facts and libeling people does not prove global warming.

  • John Everette Russell

    I don’t buy it. 

    I am a nitwit with a BA, two masters and an earned doctorate.
    Instead of name-calling, why not use logical arguments and science?

  • Rick Blaine

    Of course you don’t. No one would expect you to any more than an intelligent person would expect you to believe in evolutionary theory.

  • truzak

    This “all of a sudden” full assault on religious institutions and people’s faith is not a coincidence.  This is the result of the dark shadow Obama has cast across the land.  All the cockroaches feel secure now to come out from under their slime holes without fear of getting squashed by an indignant populace.  The people are in fearful retreat from the infestation of hateful tyrannical Marxists  now controlling the positions of power in the former Republic created under God.

    Is there any doubt now that Obama and his tyrannical hordes are the judgement by God upon His nation?  In turning away from the source of our life and liberty, the people have necessarily turned to the one who brings misery and destruction, and ultimately death.  And just look at the suffering and fear that has been released upon the land! 

    No, this is no coincidence.  It is a wake up call.  Until the people turn back to the God of their fathers -  who brought them unparalleled and inconceivable victory over their enemies in a revolution they should never have won, in a second revolution they were unprepared to fight, in a civil war that mended a divided nation, and in world wars that brought unprecedented global power – we will forever lose the freedom and prosperity that have been poured upon us by the grace of God.

  • John Everette Russell

    Teaching the truth is not a breach of the first amendment.

    We all–Christians included–been brainwashed in public schools to be rational humanists. Organized humanists admit that secular humanism is a religion.We all need to be deprogrammed with the truth.

  • John Everette Russell

    Yes. Obama is trampling the first amendment. 

  • Niniane

    It must mean that these groups often served salty potato chips and sodas at their gatherings. And there have probably been rumors that someone had a pack of cigarettes in their pocket.

  • Hominid

    Did you read my post beyond the part about you being a nitwit? I did ‘use logical arguments and science,’ dummy. What’s you’re PhD in and from where? Lemme guess — religious studies, Liberty U.

  • Hominid

    Define ‘truth.’ If, as you claim, you are a doctorate level scientist, you would be well aware that truth is delusion – that there can’t be more than approximations of physical reality.

  • rebelyell4

    It seems long ago now that I suggested that we stop paying taxes so easily and willingly. Something strange about taxation without representation. Suggested we needed a new “tea party”. Oh well.

    At any rate, my opinion has not changed. It is not illegal to decide to pay your taxes on April 15th all the time, rather than let the government receive quarterly funds from the many companies that turn in our witheld taxes. I suggest, therefore, once again that all conservatives open a seperate bank account and place the proper amount of witholding in it each week or month. Simply, through our actions, delay the payment of any taxes to all forms of government we possibly can, until such a time we may get in legal troubles.

    Along with this it is possible to file for extentions and such and even if only 20 or 30% of us were to take this route the various state and federal government officials might notice that they are no longer able to function properly.

  • DaneChile

    And notice that, in any case, the Constitution only prohibits CONGRESS from enacting any laws etc…   The City of New York is not bound by this amendment so cannot use it as an excuse.

  • sjmom

    Mayor Bloomberg has made a huge mistake; then again,  maybe not because whenever his term is up the city will be rid of his liberal ways. I doubt he will be re elected after this decision.

  • RonL

    Bloomberg is a Democrat who purchased the Republican line in 2001.

  • redwolf6911

     I imagine liberal Democrats are voting this jerk in.  He calls himself a Republican, but sure does not meet any Republican positions.

  • Deadman

    But they’ll rent to union s,thugs and probably some pedophiles that are union card carrying members,putting them on school grounds like the would do on election day,allow access to undesirables.Bloomberg is in lockstep with obama in misinterpeting the U.S.Constitution as are those judges that are in bed with them.

  • Joshua Martin

    This is *not* ignorance, it is purposeful, part of a wider progressive agenda to eliminate Christianity from the public eye.  Anything that would seek to limit or call a halt to a a relativistic hedonistic society is a threat to their plan.  Churches will not cease to exist just because Bloomberg takes away a reasonable source of income for their schools by making them useful on Sundays.  Remember, Satan obviously didn’t really know what he was doing at Calvary, either ;-)

  • DouglasH

    Then call them communists! They are definitely NOT progressive.

  • DouglasH

    No one can “take” your freedom unless you let them. I will fight until my dying breath, and then I will die a free man!

  • DouglasH

    He won’t seem so smart standing in front of God on judgement day. None of them will.