Exclusive to Human Events: GOP pushing new energy and jobs bill

Last month, President Obama visited the House chamber and had an opportunity to chart a new course for America’s still-ailing economy.  Instead, in his State of the Union address, the president doubled down on the same failed approach and gimmicks that have left unemployment above 8 percent for a full three years.  The president’s economic policies are simply making it harder for small businesses to grow and hire more workers.  That’s why House Republicans have been pursuing a different approach to job creation.

Our Plan for America’s Job Creators is focused on fostering entrepreneurship, easing regulations that are smothering job creators, boosting American exports, reducing budget deficits that are stifling economic growth, lowering the tax burden on small and family-owned businesses, and removing government barriers to domestic energy production.

This week, the House will continue to advance pro-growth legislation by passing the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R. 7).  This legislation will help to create good, private-sector jobs, ease rising gas prices and promote stable, long-term economic growth.  It represents not only a 180-degree turn from the failed stimulus approach of President Obama, but also a genuine departure from the misguided way Washington has been abusing hardworking taxpayers for years.

Keystone and other energy resources

H.R. 7 begins by breaking down government barriers to allow for responsible exploration of energy resources here at home.  Producing more American-made resources will bolster our energy security, help ease prices at the pump and create more than one million new American jobs.  The bill will also override the President on the Keystone pipeline so that it can move forward.  While President Obama has destroyed energy jobs by implementing a drilling moratorium and rejecting the Keystone project, Republicans want to tap American resources to create new jobs.

Royalty income

Increased production also means additional royalties from the lease of new federal lands and offshore areas.  H.R. 7 devotes these payments from energy companies to help fund a new long-term approach to repairing and improving America’s roads and bridges.  We must rebuild our ailing highway system—not because spending government money is how you create jobs, but because dependable infrastructure is critical for commerce and long-term private-sector growth.  The President’s short-sighted stimulus approach is no way to ensure we have a stable transportation system that is built to last.

Still, we must recognize Washington has acted irresponsibly in spending infrastructure dollars long before President Obama.  Congress last passed a major highway program in 2005.  It was a pork-laden, Washington-centered nightmare that brought us the “Bridge to Nowhere” and required more than one taxpayer-funded bailout to stay afloat.  I voted against that bill—one of only eight members of the House to vote no.  In fact, I’ve never voted for a highway bill in my 21 years in Congress.  In the past, highways bills represented what was wrong with Washington: earmarks, endless layers of bureaucracy, wasted tax dollars and misplaced priorities.

No earmarks

The new Republican majority was sent to Washington to end the status quo, and with the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, we are fixing the mistakes of the past—completely overhauling the way taxpayer dollars are spent.  For starters, pulling from new energy exploration, this infrastructure jobs bill doesn’t add a dime to the deficit.  And it will have no earmarks—none.  The last highway bill was stuffed with more than 6,300 earmarks.  But gone are the days when powerful chairmen and the most senior members of Congress steer your money to their most-favored pet projects.

Washington already has too much control over the way highway dollars are spent.  Today, only about two-thirds of the dollars that states collect from the federal gas tax end up back in state control.  Local communities know best what their needs are.  That’s why more money needs to go back to the states—without a complicated web of federal strings attached.  With this legislation, 93 percent of the money will be returned to the states so they can set their own priorities.

Reduced federal mandates

Sending more money back to the states isn’t enough.  We must also relieve them of the federal mandates that divert hard-earned tax dollars from fixing roads and bridges to wasteful projects like new bike paths, lighted sidewalks, and scenic byways.  Washington’s priorities have gotten so out of place that it’s actually mandated currently that 25 percent of highway dollars be spent on non-highway projects.  With the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, 100 percent of gas tax revenue will be devoted to core highway programs.  The bill also eliminates 70 duplicative and wasteful government programs, expedites bureaucratic processes, cuts project approval time in half, and encourages greater private-sector investment in highway projects.

The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act will be first highway infrastructure bill I’ve ever voted for.  That’s because it has its priorities straightened out.  This legislation, like all the components of our Plan for America’s Job Creators, is about breaking down government so we can build up private-sector jobs.

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  • AgTrotter

    “H.R. 7 devotes these payments from energy companies to help fund a new long-term approach to repairing and improving America’s roads and bridges.”

    Good luck with that. The federal gasoline tax is supposed to already be used for that, yet does anyone honestly believe that it isn’t going into the general revenues to pay for shrimp on treadmills?

    Oh well, I guess it is a step in the right direction.

  • Dustoff

     True AG. 

  • CaptainAhab

    Speaking of job killers, Mr. Boehner, how about getting rid of all Federal minimum wage laws?  Minimum wage laws only result in higher prices and unemployment. Let the market determine wages and prices.

  • Guest

    “Today, only about two-thirds of the dollars that states collect from the federal gas tax end up back in state control.  Local communities know best what their needs are. That’s why more money needs to go back to the states…”

    If you really want to fix the problem, stop taking money from states in the first place. And defund all federal departments and employees who have been employed in the handling of this money.

  • h8commielibs

    One year later, Mr Boenher, and you have done nothing you said you would do before Jan 2011.  You have not required constitutional law on all bills.  You have not push reduction in the budget every week as you said. You have not stopped earmarks. You are a weak, ineffective leader and need to be replaced by someone that will fight, everyday, against the communist democrats. Step aside and allow a strong fighter to take over and rescue this nation.

  • sigp238

     You beat me to it, but these are the same comments I was going to post, with maybe a few curses thrown in.

  • crakpot

    You lost me on the debt ceiling.   Where did those trillions go?   My kids have their names on those loan papers.

    All I see are more weasel words like “easing” “reducing” and “boosting” in your “different approach.”

    Please step aside.

  • Dustoff

    Let’s remember.  These Bills die in the Senate.

    Bit I agree they should just keep throwing more of these bills at the Dem’s & Prez. 

  • https://twitter.com/#!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Hey John!
    You have not worked hard enough to work with the Democrats. You have been great calling out their deficiencies. You have greatly lowered spending. You have been great in regards to communicating your plans. You are one of the least freaky leaders of the House ever. You should golf with Obama more. You should spend more money we do not have. You should tell Bernanke that zero interest rates are a great idea. You should bail out all the Europeans by devaluating our dollar. You should continue on as you have been.

    If you have not caught it, that was ALL SARCASM!

    My God, you finally reach the pinnacle of your career and you do what? Go against every single belief you have? Yes, in the beginning you kicked arse, then you did what every loser Republican has done before, you COMPROMISED.

    You know what that means to us, you LIED and you again DESTROYED our labor. If you have any clue about macro economics, you know the closest to the credit are the most beneficent! But hey, who cares right! You are the Leader of the House!

    Too bad you are going to be challenged for your seat. Even if you win, we the Tea Party are going to ask for your chair! That is right, this economy is your fault as well as Obama’s now. You have not allowed the deflation to occur, you have only kicked the can down the road.

    By the way, if you have not realized it yet, since the internet is up and running, the idiots are beginning to learn what some of us know, you are screwing us by the inflationary aspects of the currency manipulation.

    But hey, as long as you are happy!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

     Bull, read my comment and tell me if you do not agree!

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Boehner has not cut a single dime from current spending levels. All he has done is compromise with the Democrats and cut a few measly dollars out the horrific increases built into the coming years. He is a complete fraud on fiscal matters and should be replaced with a conservative in January 2013. However, I will not be holding my breath for this arcane and incompetent Republican party to come to its senses.

  • Concerned4America

    Did you ever ask why the “State of the Union” speech never has much to do with where we are as an nation but always seems to turn into a campaign speech or a list of thing of things the President wants Congress to do?

  • Concerned4America

    OK Mr. Speaker, I have made this request to you several times and usually get the same nice form letter from some staffer saying you will vote for tax reform if it comes up. You are the speaker, you can bring up anything you want. It may go down in flames or be unrecognizable once the committees get through with it but you can bring it up. Many of us would like to get a veto proof GOP Congress, preferably a conservative majority, to get things moving again and correct the mistakes of the last few years. If we can make that happen and the results are not satisfactory that may be the tripwire that launches a serious third party. I really believe that this tax reform and cutting regulations back to the point that they are enforceable and serve to level the playing field. Government should be a referee, not a player.

    The Simple Consumption Tax

    Proposed, an amendment

    Section 1. The sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
    Section 2. A tax to be collected at the point of consumption{1}of all new{2} goods and services, except as exempt by this act, at a rate to be set by 2/3 vote of Congress as required, is hereby established. Items in the following classes shall be exempt; unprepared food{3}, drugs{4}, and medical treatment{5}.

    The following is provided for regulatory guidance and does not constitute a part of the amendment:

    1   The tax is on the end user or consumer. In this context end user or customer means the retail customer. While some might argue that a corporation or business is a consumer of office supplies, services, utilities and raw materials we treat them as the cost of doing business that is included in the cost of the end product. A case that requires special treatment is those items like motor fuel where the tax is usually included in the price at the pump. This can be handled in two ways. Businesses that pay at the point of purchase can apply for a rebate on the taxes paid. The preferred mechanism would be to issue special credit cards and have the clearing organization remove the taxes before charging the card holder’s account and crediting the vendor.

    2   The restriction to new goods and services and the following exceptions is to lower the impact on lower income citizens who would be expected to purchase used items and spend a disproportionate portion of their income on the necessities of life.

    3   Ingredients as would normally be purchased at a grocery store. Food purchased at at restaurant or catered meal would be taxed. For example an apple purchased at a grocery store is not taxed but if it is provided as a healthy choice menu item at a location where it is intended to be consumed on location or “to go” it is taxable.
    4   We would assume that the term “drug” is restricted to those items that fall under the responsibility of the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

    5   Those procedures and/or treatments performed and/or prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.

  • Ol_Irish_Barrister

    Hey John; in case you hadn’t noticed, you’re already 5 or 6 steps above the top rung on your intellectual ladder, which in reality is a small step-stool.  Now, go sit in the corner, put on the pointed hat, shut up and stop blubbering all over the place. 

  • CaptainAhab

    All of you folks griping because people like Boehner compromise with the democrats?! 

    Hah, if you don’t vote for Ron Paul in the presidential election, and if you don’t also elect Constitutional Libertarians to Congress,  you are HYPOCRITES!!!

    Ron Paul 2012!!  Elect Constitutional Libertarians to Congress!!  The GOP and Democrats are both SPENDAHOLICS!!

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Mr Speaker

    I hope the fellow citizens in your state mount a primary challenge to you, or I pray you step down as Speaker of the House. Your empty promises are just that, you have basically given Maobama a blank check to continue destroying this country. I would also like to know why you continue to stab Americans who handed you the opportunity to become speaker of the house and am wonder about this particular story:

    John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House

    Oh here’s a little snippet just in case people don’t know what I’m referring to.

    Congressman John Boehner, the House Speaker better known for displays
    of weeping than of courage, is reportedly cutting a deal with Eric
    Holder which would provide a “mutually satisfactory” outcome in Barack
    Obama’s criminal, gun running endeavor Operation Fast and Furious.

    Months ago, Boehner prevented Darrell Issa filing a charge of perjury
    against Holder even after documents proved the Attorney General’s May 4th House
    testimony concerning the date of his first “acquaintance” with Fast and
    Furious to be an outright lie.  And now the weepy Speaker will
    OFFICIALLY let the most corrupt Department of Justice head in the
    nation’s history off the hook for complicity in the Regime’s murderous
    scheme to savage the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people.

    The terms of the betrayal John Boehner is:

    The Committee will accept the scalps of [Lanny] Breuer and
    [Jason] Wienstein, DOJ will release enough of the (documents) to condemn
    them, claim cooperation (thus giving the appearance of recognizing
    congress’s oversight authority), and Holder will survive – looking like a
    “leader” for offering them up (along with a few lower level ATF and DOJ
    folk). The Committee will chalk one in the “Win” column for oversight
    and holding people accountable. DOJ will have the same for cooperating
    and accountability.

    http://www.westernjournalism. com / john-boehner-to-halt-fast-and-furious-investigation-sell-out-to-holder-and-white-house/ ?utm_source=Western+Journalism&utm_campaign=baa404ee79-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email

    Remove spaces to link to article.

    Tell us Mr. Speaker if this is true.

  • Dustoff

    Was I even speaking to you David?  

  • https://twitter.com/#!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    No, but I was talking to Captain Morgan. LOL

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2OVMY3GIVVFEJDUB7SSP5ATP5I James

    All Boehner is doing is crying today without the tears..what a waste.. YOUR entire letter Boehner is always the same, its titled what you should do..you though never do anything.

  • Guest

    All talk and no backbone from Boehner.

  • Aceituno

    Just wondering, if all those who are castigating Bonehnor were in his shoes, would they be able to do as they say he should do, or would they learn about new obstacles that we know nothing about?  We can keep telling him what we want, but just maybe, he is in a position that forces him to do otherwise.  We just don’t know, but continue to tell him what you want, but do not be so bombastic in your description of what you think he is.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Gee other congresspeople and Speakers of the House in previous GOP controlled houses were able to do what they told the people they would do. What makes Boehner so different, the fact that he doesn’t have a backbone and that he’s just another RINO.

  • Stratosaurus

    Is there REALLY going to be a GOP jobs bill, or is this more posturing from Bonehead?  He KNOWS comrade reidovic won’t bring anything before the senatebozos unless it fits odildo’s agenda.  If that happens the congressclods will be in “they obstructed this bill!” mode from both sides of the aisle.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone tell us all the machinations that go on behind the crat that they try to pass as “good for YOU!” bills?

  • kazzer66

    Blah, blah, blah.  GOP can push job bills until the cows come home.  If Dems (read Harry Reid) don’t cooperate, it’s all just flatulence in the wind…and Dems don’t care.  Reid has his, Nancy has hers, Boxer has hers, Franks got his, Dodds has his…etc……

    But let’s not just focus on corrupt Democrats, the entire Congress needs to be overturned and the American people know it. 


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QGJB6XKBWEVILASOVXE5FP65SA Dave D

    Spot on !  an excellent way to recount the effort to delete the facts that stand in the way of the regression to the dependency of the conservation effort that everyone wants to hear from the party of that will lead us to oblivion where everyone will be in the 1%.   Kudos to the writer for the inciting effort to unity us in dividing the country without which the sum of the parts are equal to the hole.

  • redwolf6911

     How do you suggest he do all these things on his own.  The House can pass bills.  Harry Reid will not bring them up in the Senate and Obama will veto any Republican backed bills.  If voters elect a Republican President, keep the House and take the Senate, then the things you mention will be done.

  • totalyFedup

    As most of you have commented, Mr. B has disappointed me from the start by reappointing the light bulb killer, Fred Upton, to the chair of the Energy Committee.  Upton “tried” to repeal the bill and Boehner supported that appeal knowing that would not succeed.  The words from his mouth are not sincere and tears are fake!  He should have intervened from the start.  Just another half-baked politician!

  • totalyFedup

    That’s why we need to rid the houses of Congress from officials who won’t take a solid stand and get things moving again to preserve our liberties!  Haven’t heard anything from Boehner about the latest injustice against religious freedom.  

    And, I haven’t heard anything solid about HOW they are going to do away with the “affordable” health care act from the GOP candidates!  We’ve experienced the “executive order.”  How about the next, hopefully, GOP president signing that immediately upon swearing in?  

  • HOO

    Mr. Boehner,

    I am afraid that you have long ago destroyed any credibility you may have had by your unbelievable Caving, Compromising, Working Together, and all the other BS phrases you use to conceal your dedication to political pacifism. You are the major reason Obama remains a viable political evil in the US. You have voted to fund Obamacare and Abortion. What could be more fulsome, pathetic or weaker? Why do you insist on compulsively accommodating the most dangerous and destructive individual on the Planet?

  • 2shinyshoes

    That will make it to the Senate, and Hairy Reid will table it, or if the Senate moves it along, the Prez will refuse to sign it.  There is a very big wall between them.  Unfortunately, the House keeps trying to resolve problems and turn things around, but they are met with the gang in the senate……..I wonder if Paul Ryan was Speaker…..would he kick b**tt and put prez back where he belongs, or is everyone intimidated by the continual rhetoric, Warnings”.  All his “speeches” have “warnings”.  What a bag of hot air. 

  • 1tomritter1

    “..removing government barriers to domestic energy production.”

    So why won’t the GOP introduce legislation to abolish the EPA?

  • 1tomritter1

     “H.R. 7 devotes these payments from energy companies to help fund a new
    long-term approach to repairing and improving America’s roads and

    So why won’t the GOP introduce legislation to abolish prevailing wage laws?

  • globalcrap

    Hey Bonehead your just another pawn in the O Bogus regime. You promised this and that ,and achived nothing. Make sure you have a lot of”” tissues”” when your voted out. Mr Crybaby.,