Jim Moran, racist pig

Congressman Jim Moran is an old white Democrat from Virginia who thinks he can judge whether we minority conservatives are acting sufficiently non-white enough. Moran’s an inveterate bully, a brawler, a crook and a bigot. And not one of his civility-preaching liberal colleagues has the courage to call him out.
Responding on cable news to GOP Rep. Allen West’s blunt criticisms of President Obama this week, Moran derided the retired U.S. Army colonel, who is black, as “not representative of the African-American community.” Moran then launched into the kind of tired race-traitor tirade I’ve heard from progressives of pallor for more than 20 years.
How dare we “people of color” stray from the left’s ideological plantation? If we choose personal responsibility over entitlement, capitalism over statism or self-determination over identity politics, presumptuous white liberals appoint themselves spokespeople for our forefathers and deciders of our true destinies.
To wit: Lt. Col. West “just seems clueless now that he has climbed aboard ship,” Moran fumed. “He’s climbed this ladder of opportunity that was constructed by so many of his ancestors’ sweat, sacrifice, blood, you know, they did everything they could for his generation to be successful. But now that he’s climbed on board ship, instead of reaching down and steadying the ladder, he wants to push it off.”
West, his father, his mother and his brother all dedicated their lives to military service; four consecutive generations of his family served in the U.S. armed forces. As a freshman congressman, West’s message has been a compelling agenda of self-empowerment. For this, he is savaged by a House colleague as a racial saboteur?
But Moran was just warming up. Next, he contrasted conservative West with big-government savior Barack Obama, who he said acted in proper accordance with his ancestors “by reducing college tuition and training our workers, trying to get a decent job for everybody” and leaving a “constructive legacy.”
Er, how’s the savior’s near double-digit unemployment, record food stamp enrollment, re-inflation of the housing and higher-education bubbles, and massive redistribution of wealth from the working class to the Wall Street bundler class working out for you?
Moran hailed Obama as “our Lion King” and compared his Republican detractors to the “hyenas in the background trying to cause trouble” for the White House. This bumbling chief of political correctness apparently is unaware that those hyenas in the Disney movie have been criticized for perpetuating negative stereotypes about blacks and Hispanics. Dog-whistle politics, anyone?
Do Moran’s constituents in Virginia’s 8th district support his incessant race-baiting? Last year, he accused Tea Party activists of racism for sweeping out entrenched Democrats in the November 2010 midterm elections. It “happened for the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States. It happened because the Southern states, the slaveholding states, didn’t want to see a president who was opposed to slavery,” he ranted to Arabic-language television network Alhurra. “(A) lot of people in the United States don’t want to be governed by an African-American, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society.”
Yet, only two short years before, this hopelessly racist nation put Obama in the Oval Office with a landslide victory. Logic never was the demagogue’s strong suit.
The aptly named Moran, an 11-term incumbent, continues to be rewarded by voters for his extravagant spending habits, self-dealing and diarrhea of the mouth. As I’ve reported previously:
– While on the Alexandria (Va.) City Council, he was charged with casting a vote that helped a developer friend win a bid for a lucrative plot of public land. A special prosecutor concluded that Moran had violated the state’s conflict-of-interest law. He sobbed as he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of vote-peddling. He received a year’s probation for a reduced conflict-of-interest misdemeanor charge and was forced to resign.
– In 1995, he had to be subdued by Capitol Hill police when he threw a punch at California Republican Rep. Randy Cunningham on the House floor. After the incident, Moran blamed “talk radio” for creating a hostile environment in Washington. That same year, he screamed “I’ll break your nose” at Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton during a hearing.
– In 2002, Moran revealed in financial disclosure statements that he accepted a $50,000 loan in January 2001 from an “old friend,” billionaire America Online co-founder James Kimsey. The congressman claims to have paid the business mogul back at 15 percent interest over three months, and his spokesman emphasized the loan came with no accompanying quid pro quo.
– Kimsey’s gift came on the heels of Moran’s disclosure that he had received another Big Business-tied loan: $25,000 from “old friend” Terry Lierman, a drug industry lobbyist representing Schering-Plough. After getting that unsecured loan at a lower-than-market interest rate, Moran co-sponsored a bill that would extend the patent on Schering-Plough’s allergy medicine Claritin — and prevent generic drug manufacturers from offering inexpensive alternatives.
Liberal busybodies are an annoyance. Liberal race-card abusers who lambaste patriotic minority conservatives to cover their own dirty deeds make my brown skin crawl.

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  • confedgal

    I lived in his district the year he was elected, moved the following year due to my husband getting a new job. Didn’t vote for him. 

  • ohin

    What you have here is a moron name Moran who is a fat, white, bigot condescending to minorities about how they should think and feel. The Democratic Party is the party of slavery who fought for it (Civil War), fought to keep it going (Jim Crow), resisted laws to overturn injustice (most Democrats opposed Civil Rights laws, most Republicans helped pass it), and want to continue it today (welfare and affirmative action).

    Moron thinks that without the help of the government minorities are incapable of looking out for themselves. Unlimited welfare enslaves because it breeds ambition and self-reliance out of people of ANY race, but it is great for buying votes. Cutting (not eliminating) welfare will give people back their dignity, provide LONG-TERM assistance from the private sector (like jobs), and starve the true parasites (POLITICIANS).

  • confedgal

    Not really. When I lived there many moons ago I didn’t know very many conservatives at all.

  • BruceInCO

    I suggest we kick the original 13 colonies out of the Union so they can form their own socialist, liberal, racist, atheistic nation.
    That would allow the rest of the country to enjoy the freedoms that are constitutionally ours.

  • sigp238

     So you are saying it takes one to know one? Then right back at ya Jeanne.

  • Toastertreat

     Wait – blacks did move north after Reconstruction because although they were free, the white farmers (Southern Democrats) made it hard for them to make a living. They were sharecroppers and they had to buy their own tools, which were obtained through high interest loans. And they had little or no collateral. Once they arrived in the north, they lacked the skills needed to work in the factories. So they got a rotten deal all around. And some, I wouldn’t wonder, would have preferred a cooked meal as a slave than to starve as a free man. I think the north was kinder, eventually.

    But why they vote Democratic today is the mystery and trend that needs to be examined. (scratching my head right now).

  • bill80205

    Dustoff’s a dope!

  • bill80205

    No, they are not lazy as you claim. I have talked with a number of inner-city blacks in their fifties and they admit that after four plus generations in the welfare state created by the Democrats to keep them down and dependent, many just don’t think they are able. Plus those are hard habits to break after one, let alone several generations. You are pure and simply a bigot, based on your opening statement.

    The problem is our massive welfare system. The answer is to elect a Republican President and Congress.

  • bill80205

    Or more stupid, which is what most of the Dems are.

  • bill80205

    Well, not all of them, there are a couple, like Georgia, we can keep around.

  • mogul264

    Perhaps his name should be MORON, not Moran! He’s sounding like one, at any rate!

  • Popo2

    Sounds to me like the bigotted bully simply needs to be taken behind the shed and taught a few of life’s lessons.

  • StackoLee

    IS “record food stamp enrollment” at all related to The Great Global Recession?  Better to be honest about this stuff than score cheap points.

    And WHY do people ask “How many jobs has Obama created” when they just got through saying “It is NOT Governments roll to create jobs!”.  Which one is it?  Best to stick to ideology than score cheap points.

  • StackoLee

    Both parties have changed so much since 1860 that it’s no longer relevant.

  • evasosick

    You’re not too bright – Thomas has written both majority and
    minority opinions and they are brilliant.  Do a little research
    before you throw stones.  He’s already recognized as one
    of our finest jurists by fair-minded people who know
    what they’re talking about.

  • troon62

    While the Moran morons of the world are incredibly annoying, I take great comfort in knowing that individuals of Allen West’s character are gaining increasing traction — and credibility for the minority conservative viewpoint — in our deeply troubled nation. Would that there were a hundred more Allen Wests in Congress!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3GQRR2U3STQKGSVKMOW6ZKIH4E Jessica

    And yet, Juan Williams continues to do the same thing.  He is the ultimate apologist for Obama, agreeing with every horrible decision that clown has made.  At the same time, Williams pretends to KNOW what makes conservatives vote the way they do: bigotry, again.  He’s a hypocrite, and though people in general don’t deserve the treatment NPR gave Williams, Williams definitely deserved it.

  • bill80205

    I have also traveled to many countries and been associated with organization that do work around the world, and I have spent substantial time in Africa where I have met members of Parliment, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, missionaries and spent much time in villages and with the very poor. The only instances that support your contention are where big NGOs, like World Vision and the UN have established what are referred to as the “NGO” mentality, which is the same thing as the welfare mentality we, via liberal, Democrat influence, have established here. Your assessment of black people is narrow and flawed. Also you apparently have little or no understanding of history or the impact of Colonialism in the past history
    of Africa. Like the liberal, progressive influence in America, that same influence; however in spades is pervasive in Africa and much of the world. Oppressed people, from Asia to Africa to South America are still suffering from the influence of colonialism. Perhaps you are too young or toomlazy to understanding these things.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    My Dear Miss Malkin,
     I don’t care what color your “Brown Skin” is. To me, it’s “Red, White and Blue”.

  • vieteravet

    I would say, “Stick it to the liberals, they ‘F’ed it all up!”