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Sarah Palin: Mainstream media and Barack Obama want Mitt Romney as nominee


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said the mainstream media and President Barack Obama “want to face Mitt Romney in the general election.” She made those comments on  “Justice With Judge  Jeanine” on FOX News on Saturday during the same time the Republican presidential candidates were debating in New Hampshire on ABC. 

Palin said the mainstream media would take a hands-off approach to Romney “in order to bolster Romney’s chances” to “finally face Obama.”

According to Palin, the mainstream media and Obama would then portray Romney as someone who is out of touch with regular Americans in the general election. 

“They are already gearing up to portray him, accurately or inaccurately … as being out of touch with the working class,” Palin said, noting that Romney’s wealth and perfect family may make it easy to paint him as someone “being a bit out of touch from working and middle class Americans and from the challenges we all face.” 

Palin continued: “My opinion is that I can see what’s coming … the media will try to bolster Romney so they can tear him down, and that is quite unfortunate.”

Palin then conceded that any of the candidates, though, would be better than Obama. 


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  • Patriot41

    How about the fact that your dear leader is destroying our Constitution and Republic?  Who may I ask is concerned about that?  I would wager that it is not the big govt., establishment candidates you are supporting.

  • AngryBuddha

    Huntsman is the only candidate that can get votes from the middle and the left.  If they don’t run Huntsman, all that is left are un-electables.

  • Glenn

    As opposed to the scintillating progenitor of Obamacare, Mitt Romney? Sorry, but all his fake sequins are dulled.

  • lewis b

    Palin right on the Money ! She has had the news Media fury about Her and She can see right through the Liberal Media. Most everyone can after their support of the DUMMER OBUMMER and all his spending. I will not waste my time on watching MSNBC or the likes !!!

  • Buck Sterling

    you’re in the wrong country then bud.  Head to Europe.

  • Ctaj

    As for WW3 and concentration camps, what would you suppose would happen if Ron Paul and his supporters rose to power and eliminated most government jobs, government contracts with the private sectors, Social Security Medicare, Medicaid, and Unemployment Insurance?  In theory, that would be a good thing, but in reality, you would have another Civil War on your hands.

  • rifftop

    Yep that is the main goal.  My issue is with the lack of fire by these candidates to hammer Obama”s “agenda, policies, hirings, wasted money, failed economic plans”.  Gingrich was the only on target thinker on this…….but became distracted???…….and started this contrived in house fighting.  Any in house repub attacks amongst republicans will be used by Obama.  When it is decided who is the nominee, all the rest must come forward to solidify and back who ever it is………to show a solid front.  Whoever the nominee is…….when elected, must hire the other candidates to appropriate positions to show continued solidarity and clean out all departments of these marxist hacks that are destroying our economic, business, social foundation. Start with putting Bolton as Sec of State ………and through every cabinet.  Give Cain a slot, give Bachman a job…………but no Bush retreads.  In this election the choice of VP is important to gain “uncommon” voters.  This could be Rubio, or a female yet unknown.  It is possible the dems get Biden to drop out and Obama pulls H. Clinton over to be VP…….to gain stronger support, that would be a tough pair to fight………but we dont know yet.  While the pundits show Obama weak……..his drooling robots are still too many.  The fact that he still pulls 40+percent approval is frightening as best……….that many morons still believe the guy has any value as a president that results in a better nation!! It took at least 3 decades to dumb down a population this size, through generational indoctrination in schools to buy into this ridiculous, self loathing, guilt assuming philosophy as a nation by teaching anti American sentiments, low worth values, “we owe everybody” nonsense, everybody on the planet is good except the US and we should lower our standards of life, give away our wealth, legacy, inventiveness, explorations.  This idiot Obama………killed the space program…..which provided smart kids a chance to study science and engineering with a place to exercise that incentive.  He wants us to “hitch” rides with the miserable russian space crafts.  Obama makes no mention, movement or “changes” to the insane flooding of our shelves with chinese goods……….we are completely inundated with their junk……….and he rants about “creating jobs”……..not going to happen.  Obama abides and sucks up to the chinese …….who choke us with their imports, he sucks up to arabs rather than weening off their oil and becoming more independent……..even little at a time.  OBAMA IS A NIGHTMARE………..this concludes my rant……….thanks for giving me the moment…………Rich

  • billwhit1357

    There is no doubt that any of the candidates can and will do a better job than the nonleader and pathetic person, B. Hussein Obama.  Hell, my pet pig, Allah, could do a better job, lol!

  • Glenn

    I agree, but better an honest idiot than another self-serving liar.

  • Hazmat77

    Can tell you where it should have been – the first amendment.

    If the all powerful “God” who created everything, wanted human beings to display religious symbols in public, he/she would simply decree it!

  • tayloralexander

    How right you are Sarah, maybe 2016…. These days both corrupt major political parties have their brain dead 35-40 percent that will vote for whomever is on the Presidential ticket. The challenge is to entice the undecided to vote for your candidate. This is why Obummer recently said he wasn’t worried who was on the Republican ticket. Most freethinking persons of intellect will not vote for Mitt, Rick, or Newt because after being burned all these years they are fed up with the status quo. A vote for Paul is a vote for Constitutional change and hopefully the destruction of our perverted, elitist, two party system. Paul will get the independent 15% + 1 needed.

  • Pamela

    Actually, YOU need to read the Constitution.  Separation of church and State is nowhere in the Constitution.  The Constitution addresses freedom of Religion.  The freedom to practice one’s religion without interference from the government not the other way around.

  • Glenn

    So you find religion creepy, do you?

  • ask2learnwhy

    Newt is just like BJ Clinton.  Right down to the multiple BJs in his Congressional Office, Campaign Office, Hotels with women….you haven’t heard the 1/16th of it.

  • Joe

    News flash, Sarah … They’re going to do that to WHOEVER the nominee is. And Romney DOES have the best chance of beating Obama. I’m Republican but I’m tired Conservatives who think their nobody candidate (Gingrich, Santorum) is the only choice. Bottom line, THEY CAN’T WIN, ROMNEY CAN.

  • Hazmat77

    If you’re going to quote John Adams, use “” marks and at least give him credit.

    Of course, that may have been John Adams’ belief, but that doesn’t make it true or accurate. It’s just his opinion.

  • Chad Larsen

    The Constitution has not based on Christianity, and most of our Founding Fathers openly despised religion and were either atheists, or deists. GET OVER IT.  And NO , human behavior is not the same now as it was in the beginning. When your bible was written, people still s**t where they ate and sacrificed goats and cattle because the smell ‘pleased God’ (God actually gives instructions on exactly how to sacrifice and burn the offering for him, so that it pleases his nose). We also don’t ENSLAVE human beings anymore either, although Christian slave holders used their bibles to claim that they had a right to own other human beings.

     Imagine how absolutely ridiculous it would sound to you if every debate, the candidates got on the stage and professed their everlasting love and devotion to Zeus.  Well, that’s how ridiculous it sounds every time one of these bozos mentions God to us non-believers, and everyone else in the developed world. They, and we simply cannot believe that candidates must kowtow to ignorant people that are afraid of the dark and cling to their invisible sky wizard. If you want to see a place where those running /taking office constantly invoke God and religion, move to the middle east.

  • Joe

    You idiots do more damage to the Republican Party than Democrats do. What a bunch of total ‘cult-like’ fools.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    Now the article will get some intellectual scrutiny and the Paulholes will get scraped off.

  • Thrasybulos

    Allah, “Yahweh”, and God (Jesus Christ, too, if you’re a Christian)  are all the same God.  I know of no one who believes in Zeus, Ra, or Mithra, so who’s spouting off?  I’m no Christian per se, but I — like many — am beginning to find you anti-Christians to be boorish bigots.  Bigotry is bigotry.  

    Btw, it’s good to be reminded that God has a sense of humor: Tebow’s 316 yards is good stuff.

  • SummaLogicae

    I see there are a bunch of historians and constitutional scholars here…lol. I’m guessing mostly stay at home moms and cashiers who have no idea what they are talking about, rather. Trying reading what James Madison, who drafted the First Amendment, or Thomas Jefferson, had to say about the text — or how early courts and modern cases alike have interpreted it. They speak of a “great barrier” or a “great wall” preventing either from affecting the other. I don’t know about you folks, but I like my society pluralistic (a distinctly American value), and my public policy decisions driven by science (a distinctly logical value).

  • therjnel

    Prior to the constitution, those same great men we revere drafted another document called the declaration of independence, which in turn eventually gave rise to the great constitution we all uphold.  The declaration of indepence directly states the foundational beliefs of those men, one of which is that, “all men were endowed by their Creator with certain… rights,” based on that single fact, government is based on rights given man by God, whether you want to address Him by one name or title or another.

  • carmtom13

    Everyone should go to mark America web site and read the article he posted. The RINO Willard will do whatever he has to do to be the candidate, even if it is destroying people.
    Read the article and share it with everyone.
    I will NOT vote for a democrat disguised as a republican!!

  • Your_Name_Goes_Here

    My father was a truck driver, and my mom stayed at home, so you leaped to a conclusion you shouldn’t have. My point is that some use their education wisely, with a dose of common sense sprinkled in. Others… Sorry you missed the nuance.

    As I read about Iran continuing the enrichment of uranium, it makes me wonder “what would Paul do?” He apparently would be content having them go nuclear, a rogue terrorist state. The same terrorist state that supplied IEDs which killed too many of our brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it too far of a leap to say that they would supply materials for a dirty bomb (or worse) to be detonated in the US? Ron Paul would apparently be okay with that too, eh?

  • ask2learnwhy

    Good.  And please stay there.

  • jedijones77

    You obviously didn’t watch the post-debate coverage on ABC on Saturday. The one woman said the Democrats wanted to run against Romney because they think they can beat him and all the lib reporters on the panel practically jumped out of their seats yelling at her that she couldn’t possibly believe that in a very unconvincing display of mock outrage. It was a classic case of them being mad she let the truth out of the bag.

    Lawrence O’Donnell is simply doing the same thing as the reporters, trying to make Republicans think the libs are afraid of Romney when they’re not. The DNC is attacking Romney from the left to try and get Republicans to defend him and sympathize with him. Notice they’re not saying he’s unelectable, just a “typical Republican” and stuff like that. Matthews is one of the more honest commentators on MSNBC. Notice he bashed Obama hard a couple months ago for not connecting with voters and failing to inspire Americans. He’s pretty straightforward and tells you what he believes, not just talking point spin.

  • Steve

    Hey Valle, you want to call those of us that believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob dimwits and intolerant, heh?. Let’s see if I got this right, If you’re a Republican and you see a movie you don’t like the content of, you change the station. If you’re a Democrat you try to have it outlawed. If your a Republican and you don’t like the area you’re living in you move, if you’re a Democrat you sue everyone involved in the area. If you’re a Republican and your children are being taught things in school against your beliefs you move to another school district, if you’re a Democrat you call the ACLU and have them sue for you, even though you may be the only one in the district that see’s it your way. If  you’re a Republican and you ask your elected representatives to fashion bills to be voted on in congress, If you’re a Democrat you demonstrate and destroy others’ property until they capitulate to your demands. NOW AGAIN—IDIOT—WHO REALLY IS INTOLERANT?. 

  • Glenn

    “Bum organizer” is a delicious double entendre’. He organized the lazy and indolent before the WH, and has organized the WH full of bums now–or did you mean “bums” as A-holes”? I could agree with that also. lol.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    Ron Paul voters are single issue voters — legalize drug use — wrapping the issue in faux superior intellect, the Constitution, and the US flag.  Ron Paul worshipers don’t give a cra p about anything else that might happen to America as long as they can be smoking pot when the end comes.

  • Guest

    I knew by your post that you were not only a liar but a malicious one.

    She didn’t even go shopping, this mess of clothes was brought to her by the Republican Party because they thought her own clothes were not good enough.  Now how about you get some information that’s nearer to now than 2008?

  • Guest

    obama is nuthin but a politicallly LYIN foney pony just like axlerodmoooooocher

  • ask2learnwhy

    It’s only good stuff in English

  • ask2learnwhy

    you are

  • Hazmat77

    Analyzing the supposed meaning of one word in the bible is worthy of a three hour Sermon in most Churches.

    What if the initial translation into English was made by an individual who simply decided to capitalize the entire word to express his own belief?

  • jedijones77

    He can’t put on a happy face and smile about Romney’s lying, defamatory ads. He’s acting in an honest, normal, human way.

  • Joe

    Ron Paul is a joke.

  • Tony Moreno

    I implore you, provide us with incontrovertible evidence that Our God does not exist…without resorting to the words of man writing passages of nihilistic “philosophies.”

  • Chad Larsen

    Careful, they are going to get hung up on the word “implore”….. who knows what will happen when they hit “incontrovertible”  : )

  • Carol Strebel

    Too bad that a very respected and liked very conservative and smart doesn’t throw in the gaunlet like Reagan did.  He more than likely would have survived most gossip and scrutiny being in the public eye .  I have Tom Selleck in mind.  He is smart and honest and loves this country.

  • CWinBaltimore

    This is nothing new. It’s EXACTLY what happened in 2008. The press acted like the GOP was toast, but the only one who had a CHANCE was “someone who had a proven ability to reach across the aisle”. Oh YEAH! That was McCain! and he actually picked a running mate that gave the GOP base some hope and the MSM then proceeded to savage her and point out what any thinking conservative knew about McCain before he was even nominated.

  • legalize_it

    Do not forget, Palin endorsed Rand Paul in the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky when he was running against the Republican machine’s hand-picked candidate.

    Rand and Ron’s politics and philosophies are almost identical, up to and including their non-interventionist foreign policies. The primary difference between father and son is that Rand is younger and speaks more smoothly.

  • Guest

    anybody but ron paul can beat obama the foney trojan pony

  • Ctaj

    Actually, the concept of the Separation of Church and State comes from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Church.  As for our “Christian” founding, a strong case can be made that the first six Presidents of the United States were philosophical Deists who believed in a God of Nature, but NOT in the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  (Half of Christianity didn’t even believe that until the concept was ‘voted’ into church law at the Council of Nicea a few centuries after the crucifixion).  Many of the founders belonged to the Masons because it provided them a secret refuge in which they could discuss their religious doubts without fear of public persecution, blasphemy being a crime in colonial America.  Note that prior to the American Revolution, all 13 Colonies were theocracies.  Two generations later, none of them were.  The Revolution was as much against religion-controlled government as is was against the King.

  • Guest

    Wonder how far through his Senatorial term Obama was when he decided to be president?  Just wondering.

  • Mark America

    It’s true. It’s part of the show. Romney’s no conservative.

  • Thrasybulos

    Nic, go do a little homework.  You’ll find — perhaps shockingly — that totalitarian regimes are Godless regimes.  By the way, it appears it’s you who needs to revisit the Constitution of these United States.  But several others have pointed that out with clarity. 

  • Joe

    Ha ha … is this the joke of the day?

  • Chad Larsen

    Demons ?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  …. you know, there are other people who think like you that may need help battling demons…. you can find them deep in the Amazon, or somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa.  They’ll be the people with the dinner plates and bones stuck through their lips.

  • Truth Has No Agenda

    We can prove you exist – yet you post stupid crap here.

  • hongryhawg

    The msm has been shoving Romney down our throats since he announced.  They are doing all they can to push him to the front as the nominee.  Despite the pretend president’s minions putting out the word that they are most afraid of Romney, Romney is the one they had rather face because he is predictable and can be defeated.  It’s the wild cards they are afraid of.  Look how they beat up Palin.  When Santorum floats to the top, they will rip him apart like they did Palin because they are afraid of him.  I don’t Gingrich holds much threat for them and that’s a shame.  Also, they are pushing Romney because if, in the end, he does win, he will be the one that they (democrats) can work with because he is not much different from them.  Romney is a conservative in name only and if he is elected, those conservatives that voted for him will be sorry.

  • Joe

    Damn right he’s not McCain, he can WIN

  • ask2learnwhy

    “religious” in the context Adams was using meant “disciplined” or “conscientious.”
        The word “religious” was much more often used in that sense of meaning in those days.  Word usage & meaning changes over 220 yrs.  In fact it changes over 20 yrs.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    Bums as in takers, those relying on others for life support.

  • Joe

    What BS. Talk to me when he’s won just ONE primary. ONE, that’s all I ask. I’m willing to bet he won’t win a single one.

  • barry

    When are we going to learn to NOT let the lame stream media pick our candidates.  They did it with McShame and are doing it again, and people in these early voting states are just sheeples.  They just go along with the status quo and our WHOLE country suffers because we will have Obama again for 4 years to finish off our country.  What do we do?

  • Allen

    As Reagan Conservative and Evangelical ………..and big Romney supporter  I’m SICK N TIRED of the right-wing attacking my Conservative candidate.

    Murdoch and other Conservative Media………….STAND DOWN !!!!!!

  • salharmonic

    Hey Sarah, you don’t have any standing to comment because you don’t have the guts to get out there and run yourself. Shut up and go do another reality show.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    I’m for Mitt Romney if he can stop Ron Paul and his plan to pull the plug on national defense and stop the Ron Paul foreign policy plan to turn unopposed control of the world over to the radical communists and Islamists.

  • free_independent

    In Iowa, he got same number of delegates as Romney and Santorum. No one won a primary yet. It’s still a tie.

  • Hazmat77

    The Founders are the signers of the Declaration of Independence (1776).

    The signers of the Constitution are correctly referred to as the Framers of the Constitution…

    Not all Framers were Founders.
    Only Eight of the 55 framers (Clymer, Franklin, Gerry, Robert Morris, Read, Roger Sherman, Wilson, and Wythe) had signed the Declaration of Independence.

  • Chad Larsen

    Correct ! Cain was not destroyed by the media’s lies, he was destroyed by his own lies and secrets. “Blame yo’ self” !

  • dahermit

    Sue, you have said what so many lack in understanding. They might read our Constitution instead of the New York Times or other left oriented garbage. Our founders realized what might happen and their faith and courage in the first and other amendments of their time denote their  devotion to a Constitution that would defy time if given a chance. Thank you Ms. Williams

  • Xerox Hiring 300


  • Founders1791

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

    Blind without a cane would best describe the GOP Establishment beliefs that Mitt ‘The Flipper’ Romney, and candidates like him, are ‘needed’ to attract the mythical Independents and Moderates.

    Republican HAVE NOT LEARNED that here are NO DEMOCRAT MODERATES. They proved that throughout their acceptance of ALL of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama’ socialist big deficit spending agenda.

    Did John McCain garner ‘any votes’ from the Left of Center crowd that IS what the GOP Establishment claims are necessary to win? NO.

    Republicans and Conservatives MUST CHOOSE ‘THEIR OWN’ – REAL CONSERVATIVES that are honest, experienced, and posses AMERICAN VALUES.

    Sarah Palin is a walking beacon of American Values that are no longer taught in schools, and that the GOP has repeatedly, for decades, eroded with their acquiescence to big government command and control over the Citizens.

    Want more freedom and liberties? Elect people like Sarah Palin – SHE IS NOT FOR SALE.

  • Mike Cowan

    The phrase “separation of church and state” actually finds its origins in Marx’s,  “Communist Manifesto.”

  • ask2learnwhy

    The Constitution bans any religious test. 
      See Ken Starr article in Washington Post 2 days ago: “In fact, a number of great presidents have come to the White House without
    membership in any faith community. Thomas Jefferson was a Deist and was vigorously attacked for his
    religious views (or lack thereof). Abraham Lincoln, as a matter of conscience,
    refused to join any church.”

  • Allen

    The history books will show that Mitt Romney won the Gold in Iowa in 2012….period

  • patti Ofurniture

    I knew it was over for the main stream media back in 1989 when the freedom loving students occupied Tiananmen Square in China….. and the government…in order to control the flow of information… kicked out all foriegn reporters and media…. the students were bypassing the media by faxing out information to the outside world…. Fax was to our generation what the internet is to this generation.  Now, of course, the despotic dictators and rulers in the United Nations wanting to control the internet…. as do the progressivists of this country….if this generation allows it….. God help them.

  • jedijones77

    We have to nominate someone who we can trust to enact our agenda though. That’s why we’re not nominating Hilary Clinton. Romney is at best a “finger in the wind” politician like Bill Clinton. Remember when he went to Ohio and refused to support John Kasich on the unions when that vote became unpopular? Romney won’t fight for conservative values like Newt and Santorum did on welfare reform. He will just go along with what the polls say and in this spoiled, entitlement culture that means more spending and bigger government.

  • legalize_it

    Polls over the past year have consistently ranked Paul as the most likely to match or beat Obama in the general election.

  • Joe

    No comparison. Reagan was dynamic, had charisma, people liked him. Newt is a self-absorbed arrogant jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else. On top of that he’s a big baby. Criticize him and he falls apart. Who’s that remind you of. Hmmmmmm?

  • Allen

    EVERYONE knows that only Romney can beat Obama……….EVERYONE

  • Mike Cowan

    Should have put this here.

    The phrase “Separation of Church and State” actually comes from Karl Marx’s, “Communist Manifesto.”  Enjoy actual history.

  • jedijones77

    Newt fought hard to stop regulation of the internet in the ’90s when both Democrats and Republicans wanted to do it, often in the name of “protecting children.” He bucked his own party and made sure that legislation got killed because he believes in the power of freedom and is a science geek who loves and understands technology.

  • Robert Johnson

    Palin is absolutely right. The Media is controlled and acts in concert for certain agendas. It’s not just “bias”.  The “media” is bought and paid for and is used to wage Psychological Warfare against the American people. Probably 3/4′s of Americans can be danced like puppets depending on what the media and entertainment industry tells them. Love this, hate that, believe this, don’t believe that, take this idea seriously, ignore that idea. 

  • Honest_Tea

    The funny thing…. Everyone who watches enough news, knows what Sarah is saying is correct.

  • Chad Larsen

    Good Laawwd, I hate the LEFT !!! I CANNOT believe that those idiots had the nerve to fight and die so that I could have a WEEKEND !!! HOW DARE THEY fight for me to have some time to spend with my family !!  40 hour work week ?? 8 hour day !!! THEY ARE INSANE ! What about a bunch of communists, eh ??!!! This is ridiculous, I’m sick and tired of living under the tyranny of having time off to enjoy life and spend time with my family !! In fact, when I’m done with this, I’m going to go punch the president of my company in the face and tell him “F**K YOU!!!! You can take your weekends and SHOVE IT!!! I want LESS PAY, MORE hours, AND dangerous work conditions !!!! ”

    USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! 

  • cheeflo

    She did not endorse Ron Paul. She admonished the Republicans not to marginalize his supporters. That’s not the same thing as an endorsement.

  • Hazmat77

    Romney is well prepared to handle the Obama campaign’s lies and deceptions …. and he has much less extremist baggage than Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

    Chosing Romney in this field is a no brainer … and us independents are chomping at the bit to cast our votes in Election 2012…. to rid our nation of the Obamanation.

  • ask2learnwhy

    Why did Jefferson & Adams & Franklin & Washington & Thomas Paine & Ethan Allen ALL deny the Trinity?

  • UsernameInUse

    Why, WHY, are we listening to Sarah Palin?  Can anyone please tell me what this woman has to offer to anyone anymore?  I don’t hate her, I just don’t respect her and I couldn’t care LESS what she has to say about this election.

  • jedijones77

    We all have to get on and start making phone calls out of his online phone bank.

  • robert88871

    the only single issue is with bozos like you who think destroying o bama is the way to make america great again… aren’t you tired of electing liberal republicans big government republicans just like obama??? ron paul is the only true conservative in the race

  • ask2learnwhy

    See Ken Starr article in Washington Post Jan 6:
    “the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia made
    it absolutely clear that no religious test should ever be imposed to hold
    office. The Founders also made clear that religious dissenters (such as the
    Quakers) should not be compelled to take an oath if doing so would be a
    violation of conscience.””Building on those twin pillars of tolerance, the Supreme Court at its
    finest moments has likewise vigorously defended the right of all persons to
    participate in the democratic process, including holding office, without the
    burden of religious tests or qualifications.”

  • Alma

    What have you been smoking? Not one poll has even suggested Paul is within striking distance of Obama. You Ronulans have data from an alternate universe that doesn’t coincide with this reality.

  • Moderate54

    Of course she is…Romney or Obama…either way the left wins…

  • UsernameInUse

    seriously, what are you talking about (since this is all you seem to say)

  • captainbobcat

    “provide us with incontrovertible evidence that your God exists”
    If evidence did abound, or was manufactured, religion would no longer require faith. Since you can no more prove God’s non-existence than I can his existence, your willful atheism requires just as much faith as my theism. The difference is, my faith implores me to treat those with whom I disagree as I would be treated. Your faith compels you to stay on the attack, lest a pause would have you think further.

  • HarryObrian

    I’m a conserve but no fan of Romney BUT this line of BS with respect to Romney not being able to understand the middle class average Joe is BS. 0bammy, a spoon fed and nurtured community organizing socialist hypocrite wouldn’t know the common man if he tripped over him. Paying off unions and children to vote for him as 0bammy does is not ‘knowing’ the common man.
    This is nothing more than these socialists pulling that lame race card again and everyone knows it.

  • Al Salmi


  • etexfisherman48

    Disqus generic email templateyou may be right but I am not so sure that much has been destroyed. Most of their denigration of her and her character has been proven false. Of course that is the part the public rarely hears isn’t it?

  • A_friendly_reader

    “Regurgitating crap,” Hazmat? Really? You don’t see that you answer your own question?

    I’ll chalk up your queries to not seeing the forest for the trees. I’ll try to help you over that hump and then flesh out briefly why Flipper is such a lousy choice as Republican standard-bearer.

    The mainstream news, opinion and entertainment media — the arena where elections are waged — obviously don’t provide a level playing field. The media clear away obstacles to public knowledge of a lefty’s shortcomings. The media also place mines in the path of their foes.

    An Obama type gets away with virtually every type of disqualifying behavior and commentary. His non-lefty opponent gets slammed on every shortcoming.

    That’s why it’s especially important for the non-lefty to be as clean and attractive as possible.  Every unanswered question; every fault; every stumble will be magnified and beaten to death.

    Mitt’s background is blanketed with broken glass. Counting his addiction to flip flopping, he’s all but unsalvageable in the general election, barring unforeseen developments like footage of Obama molesting a little boy or unwilling farm animal.

    Mitt isn’t the only candidate with historical dead weight; he’s just the worst in my memory. Obama’s lifetime of obsessive anti-Americanism and personal conceits doesn’t change that.

    I will close with some of the paragraphs I posted on another thread minutes ago in response to a defamatory personal attack:
    Mitt Romney is a long-time, self described “progressive” — a word meaning activist liberal. He registered as a Republican for the first time in his 40s in order to run for the Senate, because had he run as a Democrat, he obviously would have been crushed in a hopeless attempt to dislodge Ted Kennedy or John Kerry from their entrenched positions., a sister Human Events blog to Coulter’s, and which can be linked to at the top of this page, has researched Mitt’s background and offers a window into Mittflips and Mittflops at this address:…  As governor Mitt repeatedly hired illegal aliens to maintain his and his son’s estates, even after being exposed by reporters and vowing to never, ever let it happen again. At best he was mum on his church’s exclusionary policy toward black membership, but his snitty refusal to address the issue for decades after the policy was repealed suggests he preferred the exclusion.
     These are the type of character and behavioral defects that will almost undoubtably sink Mitt.
    <Now for
    REAGAN LEGACY: Romney Distanced Himself From President Reagan In 1994, Saying He Was An Independent During Reagan Years, But Now Claims Reagan As His Hero
     Romney Panned  Contract  With  America,  Refused  To  Link  Himself  To Reagan Administration. “In his 1994 debate with Kennedy, Romney … balked when Kennedy tried to link him to the Reagan administration.” (Dan Balz and Shailagh Murray, “Mass. Governor’s Rightward Shift Raises Questions,” The Washington Post, 12/21/06)
     •  Romney: “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to ReaganBush.” (Joe Battenfeld, “Conservative Group Yanks Its Support For Mitt,” Boston Herald, 10/27/94)
     Romney Now Claims Reagan As His Political Hero. “‘Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes,’ Romney said as he praised Reagan’s strategy for winning the Cold War: ‘We win; they lose.’” (Michael Levenson, “Romney Links Gay Marriage, US Prestige,” The Boston Globe, 2/26/05) 
     REPUBLICAN AFFILIATION: Romney Was Not Republican Until 1993, Has Donated To Democrats, Voted For Paul Tsongas, Refused To Even Read Contract With America Romney Voted For Paul Tsongas In ‘92 Presidential Primary. “An Independent until last December, [Romney] publicizes his brief stint as a Democrat to support ex-senator Paul Tsongas in the 1992 presidential primary. ‘I’m not a partisan politician,’ he said.” (David Broder, “Kennedy Tries To Polish Faded Image,” The Washington Post, 10/7/94)  
     Romney  Has Made Campaign Contributions  To  Democrats. “Belmont businessman W. Mitt Romney … defended donations to Democratic congressional candidates in 1992.  ‘I don’t think they’re mortal sins for Republicans to make contributions to good people and to their friends, irrespective of their  party,’  Romney,  46, told reporters…” (Wayne Woodlief, ‘Romney: Religion No Issue In Senate Race,’ Boston Herald, 2/3/94)
        Romney  “Warmly  Praised”  Bill  Clinton  During  ‘94 Senate Race. “[Romney] warmly praised President Clinton. ‘I think the president does a lot of things that make a lot of sense,’ he said. ‘I support him in many ways.’”(Scot Lehigh and Frank Phillips, “Round 2 – Sound Without The Fury,” The Boston Globe, 10/28/94)  
     Romney Campaigned Against The Contract With America And The ‘94 Republican Agenda. “Mr. Romney, a venture capitalist who has never held elective office, criticized the Republican campaign agenda, the ‘Contract With America,’ as too partisan. He said he would have gone against the GOP leadership and supported the crime bill, and  would  oppose  a  capital  gains  tax  cut.” (Rod Dreher, “Kennedy Avoids Haymaker In Final Debate With Romney,” The Washington Times, 10/28/94)

  • SpyPalinExposedClickHere

    Hey coward go to H E double hockey stick and harass someone else online with your lies

  • Hazmat77

    Obama doesn’t have to make an issue of Santorum’s religious beliefs … the Independent voters simply will NOT support his antiGay, antiAbortion platform.

    Very much like sporting events – it is usually the match up of the teams that controls the outcome … I don’t know why Santorum beat Democrats in Pennsylvania and it is irrelevant … His limited national reputation speaks volumes.  Personally I like his politics, but not those that seek to deny anyone their human rights.

    By the way, you know as well as I that the left media will not discuss Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan or Bill Ayers in relation to Obama. “It’s old news” they’ll say!

    I was a Newt fan before he screwed up his Speakership. His immorality proved him to be a hypocrite hiding his conduct behind the veneer of Family Values and the moral majority crap. His baggage will keep Independents from voting for him.

    Comparing Scott Brown’s election with Romney’s loss is disingenuous when you consider their respective opponents. Surely you knew this…

    I don’t excuse Romney for his past political positions – I am just being a realist and after evaluating the candidates it is clear to me that he is the only one running in the Republican primaries who can defeat Obama. But as you say, you are entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to have me agree with you.

  • Dons621

    Arrogance is the watch word of our Politicians. We can not wait till November to tell them no we must start with the Senate and RECALL as many as we can by pointing to their Voting Records.  It do’s not mater if we can not get them recalled but we must get the word out to as many voters as possible.  When the Crooks read the hand writing on the wall they will run for cover. As stated in many comments our younger generation has been dumb ed down. Get the word out now to any one that will listen. O wants to GIVE the poorest of the poor Internet so he can control their NEWS.

  • Warthog0

    Blueindy1 Yours are in quotes  “WARTHOGO:  
    I look at a true Leftist as someone who is willing to go to the wall- so to speak- for what is right.”
    I think you meant someone whom is willing to send someone whom does not agree with you to the wall; not necessarily you, but certainly one truer than you, maybe?
    “Take the Public Option -Universal Healthcare – in the Obama plan. A TRUE Leftist would never,
    and I mean NEVER, take that out of ANY public plan”
    Of course not, why would he, he would be losing his constituency.
    “Obama is a cave-in artist, too “nice” for his own good, and as I’ve said, a Wishy-Washy Liberal at best, a Right of Center trojan Horse at worse.”

    The nature of our government has all to do with his “cave in? it’s called hore (I’m not a good speller) trading, without it the crony infested government would not function, he needed to face the reality of the cesspool he is swimming in.
    “Sure, you might lose the Public Option in a vote, but you still take the defeat, rather than turn tail and run.”
    Since when, if not just before elections, did public opinion count to a politician and his cohorts?
    “You DO NOT – as Obama did -EVER put the Big Three on the table without MASSIVE concessions from the other party.”
    That is all he could get, Big Pharma, The hospital business, the old geezer(like myself) farms, Doctors and Universities that invest in hospital equipment, Universities that are buying up hospitals to get in on the money mill of upcoming “emerging market” of the baby boomers(again geezers like myself), and on ad nausea, bought and paid for the program.  Why else would insurance companies try to get a guarantee of millions to be placed forcibly on some sort of insurance.  Well they were betting on the premiums and on their brethren to pass on the bills and fees for the endless and needles tests and procedures.  Oh, but the government makes us do it, MERDE!, You wrote the rules for the government lackeys, so that
    you could overcharge and bankrupt the system and have plausible deniability for Ali Baba and the band of thieves.  If you didn’t learn this, you learnt nothing!
    “I worked in the insurance industry for years, both in Indiana and Tennessee ( Knoxville, Johnson City area.). I know insurance companies are in business to make money. “
    Greed is not Capitalism, in spite of Romney’s
    protestations;they are as different as a vulture and a Gouldian finch. Greed is the essence of socialism.  How is it that a greater majority of the world’s most well-known socialists and liberals are billionaires, if not, at least multi-millionaires BloombergBuffetBushCarterClintonGingrichGoreKerryObamaPelossiRomneyTurnerRockefellerSoros…to
    name a few, I could go on but it would fill the rest of the page.  They got there by eating someone else’s porridge.
    There are companies that produce useful products and those that produce schemes, where they are the likely and only winners, as you pointed out, that is the Insurance business, along with banks, Wall Street (ok they do but only as a byproduct and
    only incidentally).  Lawyers and Government
    officials are included but they only work for themselves.
    “I was in Farmers Insurance Group, with a line
    of UniCare Healthcare products. I had to tell too many people they – or their loved one- was going to die, or go bankrupt, because of a pre-existing condition.”…”I asked how on Earth we could seperate the damage. His only answer was, “To our
    Now, in your heart of hearts, and in the most sacred crevice of your soul (or PC brain) tell me that that is not a leftist and socialistic attitude.  It is called socialism of the wealthy, socialism of the patrician elite, socialism of the powerbrokers.  For the rest of us, well, let them all struggle under the stricter competitive framework of true Capitalism.  Not to be confused with the vulture capitalism of the patricians that are the NWO advocates, BushesClintonsRomneyGingrichRockefellers,
    we wont say a word about the republican shills the MSM pawns off on us so that the other side looks squeaky clean. Have the taxpayer absorb the losses and we the corporations will absorb the profits, works for me!!!   Look at the records of these people and the paybacks to the socialistic captains of
    industry for bribes and kickbacks to stay in power.
    Stalin used the game plan to get rid of the Kulak and the rebellious non Russians in the 30’s and starved more people to death then his neighboring
    pathological megalomaniac put through the ovens. He confiscated all foods from mostly non-Russian ethnics and turned it over to special merchants for sale on
    the open market, way to go!  At least Antoinette had the decency to tell them to eat burnt crust, they told the Ukrainians to go and eat their dead and their babies. The rest of the world kept in the dark by the media enamored and all gaga about the great soviet, who came in and buried the aging mother Russia. Poor babushka killed of by her adopted children.
    And why wouldn’t they, they too had a as many chickens as they had pots, when the pots weren’t under the bed.  The banker’s greatest commodity and product is debt and through it control, that is unadulterated greed and a megalomaniac’s quest for power.
    Objective Capitalism frees man to pursue his dreams, personal need, goal and to engage in any work or endeavor that renders him/her the ability to provide for one’s family and ones need to the best of one’s ability.  The end result providing tranquility to a
    people that the provenance of their work and the fruits of their labors were the heredity of their children.
    This capitalism died in childbirth and has never seen the light of day and only whispered about on moonless nights.  Socialism is the darker shade and the evil twin of the human spirit; it relies on guilt and pity.  A sense of guilt of your own fortune, if fortunes names are sweat and labor, pride and honor, then it played a part in it.  Socialism promises a picture menu as to what they promise you, yes, yes, yes, the chicken in every pot, then either renege
    or more likely pass the bill to the poor working schmuck that has swallowed the sham, swathed in pity and greased by human kindness.  The kindness of strangers who take your children’s inheritance and dispense it to the needy who have long ago lost their pride to refuse alms.
    CCCP has for 70 some odd years trained their proletariat to steal from their neighborhood coop, to create a black market economy, to loose trust in their
    neighbor, to lose faith in themselves and in the dignity of their forefathers, all that distinguishes him as a man. Yeah, great system, the ideology envisioned by the gods, Plato’s wet self serving dream!
    “After a while my conscience started bothering
    me, and I got out of the business…this, despite the fact the DM in Knoxville
    was offering me tens of thousands of dollars in “Orphan” accounts to go to work for HIM.”
    Of course, your conscience should start to bother you if you are at least a Neanderthal in the best sense of their gene pool.
    “A true Leftist does not compromise on BASIC principles and chief among those principles is
    everyone, rich or poor, deserves the best healthcare that can be had…UNLESS you really want to say the wealthy deserve to live more than YOU, your WIFE,
    Don’t forget to add, Or government and government union member employees.  Deserves? And how so, maybe I will bite at the best healthcare they can afford; ok i will yield to my mother’s teachings, but never below certain standard in healthcare.
    The problem boychik, is that, the rules of these ideological republican, democrat creations, that they are for the populaccio, the unwashed masses like myself, who fight among ourselves like dogs fighting for discarded offal gone bad in back alley of a butcher shop.
    “And, toughest of
    all for any to swallow, a TRUE leftist is familiar with the works of MARX. They understand what he got RIGHT, and what he gotWRONG.” “And they also understand THIS quote by Marx:  “The only way a Global Economy can succeed, is the Capitalist
    MUST DESTROY HIS OWN MIDDLE CLASS.” End quote. (Das Kapitalists)”
    Now you have come to the meat of the argument that is on display in the counter fridge, at the front of the butcher store. The quote infers that someone outside the capitalist circle, who controls and wants a global economy (NWO is a good current example as any) wants to be successful in consolidating world wealth and power, must make it difficult for the non socialistic capitalist enterprise to survive.  An enterprise that solely depends on the welfare of the state and the willingness for the financial juggernaut to supply them with the instruments of debt, they got them and government by the horns, if not a lot lower.
    Precisely the way the current government (I refrain from using “our government” because it clearly stopped being so 100 years ago) and the financial institutions are doing it as we speak.  And yes, he (the entrepreneur and the capitalist) is destroying the middle class because he can no longer afford to
    keep them working as he is being driven out of business by the sociopaths that are on the governments dole, making competition even harder.  The very same ones that you have been led to
    believe is the capitalistic infection of human existence.  Yes, that much is true.  And it is not the “wealthy, but the insatiably corrupt individuals and the marauders who think nothing of raping the assets of a corporation.  They think nothing of trashing the stockholders and bondholders equity, they think nothing of bribing the highest offices of our government, and then ask the taxpayer come up with
    the reconstruction and bailout money, or suffer the consequences of losing more than they have already lost.  These are not capitalistic ideals between a factory owner and a worker; it is not the understood bargain of a commensurate trade of labor for wages.  It is the opportunistic deportment of a slug
    in a tomato field.  These maggots need government
    insiders to capacitate (a word as archaic as the concept) and enablers that support them in their perfidy and treachery towards the citizenry at large. These Huns and their corrupt corporations, these raiders of the wealth of our nation found their enablers.  They found them in the person of the current occupier of the White House and the irresponsible and morally corrupt members of congress, and ones before them are not on the Pope’s short list for sainthood.  Are they all
    corrupt, obviously not, but the majority surely either are or are aware of what is happening and do nothing, making all of them accomplices.
    The 17th amendment is one prime reason, The Fed, is another; the mal-interpretation and partisan allegiance by the SCOTUS to a party rather than to the Constitution is another. Time to take these and cart them out to the dump and burry them where no one can unearth them, not even the dog that lost the fight back at the butcher shop alley.
    “Sorry, but that’s all I have time for, now.” 
    Yes sorry, it is all the time this once great country may have as well, if we do not wake from this self-imposed 100-year-old Rip Van Winkle sleep , nightmare and apathy, this nation will indeed perish.  The people that are responsible care nothing about left, right, Rep, Dem, Lib, Con their only acronym of interest is Dol., Yen, EUR, Real, Peso, etc. the acronyms that you and I bicker about, is chump
    change. Yes, it is that time; it is time to defend Thermopylae again, I defended her in my youth but at my age, my sword is a keyboard, my shield is my faith in the intelligence and the reason of men. And so, from my youth maybe some reasons to believe, Yes, “Gates of Delirium” and some of Jon Anderson’s
    “…Stand the marchers soaring talons,
    Peaceful lives will not deliver freedom,
    Fighting we know, Destroy oppression
    The point to reaction
    As leaders look to you

    “…The fist will run, grasp metal to gun.
    The spirit sings in crashing tones,
    We gain the battle drum.
    Our cries will shrill, the air will moan and crash
    into the dawn.
    The pen won’t stay the demon’s wings,
    The hour approaches pounding out the Devil’s

    ..”Soon, oh soon the time,
    All we move to gain will reach and calm;
    Our heart is open,
    Our reason to be here.

    Long ago, set into rhyme.

    Soon, oh soon the light,
    Ours to shape for all time,
    Ours the right;
    The sun will lead us,
    Our reason to be here.”