Michele Bachmann suspends her campaign

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann formally ended her bid for the White House in a press conference this morning, saying “Last night the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to step aside.”

Her brief press conference was filled with praise for Iowa, the state where she was born and raised, and which she has “come to love and trust.”  Even stronger was her celebration of the United States of America, the “greatest force for good that has ever been seen on the planet.”  She spoke of her unshakeable faith in “the Lord God Almighty, this country, this republic.”

Bachmann said that she found the inspiration for her campaign in a painting of the Founding Fathers that hangs in the Capitol, which she contemplated at length on the evening ObamaCare was passed.  She explained that repeal of ObamaCare, “the largest expansion of entitlement spending in our country’s history” and a threat to American liberty, remains “more than just a cliché’ to me – it’s an essential core conviction.”  She also singled out the Dodd-Frank legislation as an essential target of repeal.

A moment was taken to remind listeners of the importance of winning the Senate, as well as the White House: “I also ran to elect 13 more Republican US senators who would help me repeal ObamaCare.”

Bachmann said she was proud of the effort behind her presidential campaign, about which she has “no regrets, none whatsoever…  We never compromised our principles.  We can leave this race knowing that we ran it with the utmost integrity and made a serious contribution to the race.”  With a smile, she declared that “while a Congressman by title, a politician I never have been, or will be.”

As she departed the presidential campaign, Bachmann stressed that she believes “we must rally around the person that our country, our people, and our party select to be a standard bearer.”  However, she did not endorse any other candidate at her farewell conference.


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  • Rick Blaine

    It’s about time.

  • America Or Obama

    Bachmann’s economic policies and record were the most sound and consistently conservative of any candidate.  But FOX News never let it be about Bachmann’s policies, no, FOX News saw Bachmann as a legitimate threat to their status quo boy Romney and made Bachmann into a cartoon, “Quailing” her on every minor gaff, a virtuoso hit job by the masters of constitutional conservative demonizers: FOX News.  (e.g. see what O’Reilly has done to the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, perfect examples of FOX news keeping their friends close and their enemies closer.)

    Bachmann failed for one reason: Establishment protecting FOX News will never allow a constitutional conservative hell-bent-on-reform reformist from overthrowing their government masters and upsetting the multi-billion dollar status quo gravy train that feeds the ruling swine in government and media.A constitution embracing third party candidate is America’s only chance at survival as a sovereign nation.

    Mark me down as a Ron Paul loon, unless Bachmann, Palin, Trump, Rand Paul or Paul Ryan decide to run third party.

  • george


    she had a lot of “ch-utzpah”.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I didn’t know about the foster kids Bachman helped until this run. Tremendous respect for that. The libs mischaracterizations and attacks on that issue were repulsive.

    Tea Party!

  • JiminGA

    Bachmann had NO RECORD in Congress at all, just platitudes.  Other than raising kids and profiting from the tax code she condemns, there was nothing there except words.  I’m glad to see the field shrinking so we can finally settle on a non-Romney.

  • http://twitter.com/politiJim PolitiJim

    If she did nothing other than knock out Tim Pawlenty and keep the focus on Obamacare REPEAL she served a very worthwhile purpose.  But I’m glad she’s out.  She began distorting views and playing the “politics” game like saying she was the ONLY true conservative and trying to suggest Gingrich was for Partial Birth Abortion.  Perry has been doing the same is very disappointing.  The other thing she did well was to keep focus on electing a CONSERVATIVE majority.  Few talked about this.  Like Santorum she had no organization outside of Iowa and now we watch the process of the Santorum slowly dying by  South Carolina.   Agree with Dick Morris that Romney is a bit stronger but if Perry, Santorum and Gingrich can focus on knocking down Romney – one of those three (likely Newt) will be in great shape after SuperTuesday.

    Unless of course Palin jumps in, splits the non-Romney vote further and ensures Romney will win more states.

  • MSpector

    It is to her credit that she is not pointing fingers or creating room for blame. What is (or may be) said behind closed doors remains behind closed doors, as it should.

  • MSpector

    Rep Bachmann stood tall in the budget fights and brought the Tea Party Caucus together. She showed herself to be a person of conviction and resolve. But she was undone by the same forces that brought down Sarah and Herman, entrenched interests inside the GOP who want only to maintain their power and see conservatives only as cannon fodder and allowing the liberal media to control the process so that all we are left with is a bunch of good-looking middle-aged white guys in power suits.

    If anyone needs further proof that the GOP is in fact no home for conservatives I hardly know what to say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malcolm-Kinsinger/1405715714 Malcolm Kinsinger

    I hate to see her go.  I did not what a devout Christian she was.  Her speech was peppered with scripture.

  • george

    The  Straw poll is a waist of time. The person he serves the best food get the most votes.

  • george

    You are half correct. The conservatives brought her and Kain and Sarah down. You are wrong about the liberal media. WE WOULD LOVE FOR ANY OF THEM TO BE NOMINATED.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Michelle Bachamann is spot on about what Maobama’s intentions are for this country. Trolls like Blaine and George are proof as to what is wrong with this country. Character assassination is what these trolls are about because their guy has no substance. Maobama can’t come right out as say, that:
    “I want this country to be a socialist country, and I want to be a dictator and control people’s lives like the dictators around the world who’s butts I’ve kissed, bowed to and apologized to, and I hate America unless I can turn it into a Marxist loving country”.

  • george

    They are never going to repeal the Affordable Care ACT.Its already the law.  But you can keep dreaming.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Better pray you never get a terrible disease that you are denied treatment because you are deemed, “expendable”.

  • victorbarney

    At least Michelle has been listening to me! As I told her, there absolutely is NO WAY POSSIBLE to win the current AMERICAN VOTING BLOCK MAJORITY, mostly made up of WOMEN and BLACKS and they control elections! Maybe 1 black in 100 would vote for a Republican, but forget a women, especially for President! WATCH!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    Why did the people of Iowa reject her?

    “Last night the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to step aside.”

    You people in Iowa speak for the nation.

    That alone shows of she meaning, you people rejected me…so good-bye. Screw you guys, I’m going home.

  • george

    You mean like it is already if you
    have no health care?

  • America Or Obama

    Nothing besides sponsoring the most important legislation in the history of America: to repeal Obamacare. She led the vote against the GOP raising the debt ceiling and against Obama’s stimuli, exposed and demanded that the GOP congress repeal the $100 billion funding to implement Obamacare, which Boehner ignored.  Bachmann’s tenacity and fearlessness was the only non-Romney capable of generating a Reaganesque following to defeat Obama, the remainder are posers with zero chance of beating Obama.

  • Patriot41

    Right on MS, the good ole boys in the GOP establishment have treated conservatives like the democrat party treats the blacks, for the vote only.

  • Patriot41

    Wouldn’t you say the same if you got the finger like that?

  • Patriot41

    George, you best wait to see what the courts have to say about that.  

  • JiminGA

    You just proved my point.  Bachmann has no record of success while in Congress.  Sure she’s a scrapper, but nothing with her name on it has ever passed.  She talks a good talk but can’t get anything done.

    She is the female Republican version of Obama….a good talker with no record of accomplishment.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    That’s a bunch of crap and you know it. As an RN I  NEVER seen ANYONE ever rejected for treatment. That seems to be the liberal verbal diarrhea that drones like yourself love to regurgitate. Government rationing has already begun through the VA and medicaid. The HHS is already working with Dr’s determining how many units they will be allowed to treat. Units are people over 70, so your boy is fast tracking socialized medicine. His panel of “Dr’s” will be the deciding factor for people.
    Stalin would be proud of your guy.

  • george

    The GOP is clearly pushing the “job-killer” claim. House Speaker
    John Boehner used the phrase “job-killing” to describe the health
    care law seven times on Thursday in a
    press conference that lasted less than 14 minutes — that’s once every 2
    minutes. He also used the phrases “destroy jobs” and “destroying
    jobs” once each when talking about the law. Perhaps not surprisingly, the
    Republicans named their bill
    to repeal the health care law: “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care
    Law Act.”

    But is the health care law really “job-killing” as claimed? We
    find that to be another case of exaggerated and misleading labeling.

    To support its claim, the GOP report first cites the nonpartisan
    Congressional Budget Office — but the report badly misrepresents what CBO
    actually said.

    House GOP Leadership, Jan. 6: The health care law will
    cause significant job losses for the U.S. economy: the Congressional Budget
    Office has determined that the law will reduce the “amount of labor used in the
    economy by … roughly half a percent…,” an estimate that adds up to roughly
    650,000 jobs lost.

    In fact, CBO did not predict a 650,000 job loss. The Republican report cites
    a CBO report
    from August, which actually said that the economy will use less labor
    primarily because many people will choose to work less, or retire early, as a
    result of the new law. (See Box 2.1, pages 48 and 49.) What CBO projects is
    mostly a reduction in the supply of labor, which is not the same as a reduction
    in the supply of jobs.

    CBO, August 2010: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
    estimates that the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in
    the economy by a small amount—roughly half a percent—primarily by
    reducing the amount of labor that workers choose to supply



  • george

    . The law is they cannot be
    rejected for treatment, and who the hell pays the bill. YOU DO!!!!  Stop
    the right wing idiocy.  

  • Altosackbuteer

    As idiotic as the caucuses are, they look positively Churchillian in stature and dignity compared to those REALLY ridiculous straw polls!

  • Altosackbuteer

    Yah — and the person with the most money for the busses, and the most money to BRIBE the participants, who actually have to pay for the “privilege” of “voting.”

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn
  • Altosackbuteer

    Everything you say is true — save for a late Harward news story — see on the right side of the Home Page.

    Usually, when a candidate “re-assesses” his candidacy, it’s a euphemism for “quitting” — see one Cain, Herman.  But in this case, Cheerleader Perry may REALLY be doing just that.

    According to Hayward, he means to stay in the race and take the act to SC.

    If so, he benefits in 2 ways.  1) He probably gets the bulk of Bachmann’s support.  2) By bypassing NH, he gets a week’s head start on the others. 

  • Altosackbuteer

    It’s odd seeing you, and others, attacking FOX from the RIGHT, when so often FOX is also attacked from the LEFT for being “way too RIGHT wing.”

    I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another.  But, maybe FOX is just what O’Reilly says — “fair and balanced.”

  • Altosackbuteer

    I only hope that happens before it’s too late.

  • Altosackbuteer

    There is no doubt that on family matters and Right-to-Life, no politician has more credibility in these matters than Palin or Bachmann.

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    I had some issues with the lovely Mrs. Bachmann, including her embrace of the Austrian School, and her Zionism.  Overall, however, I liked her.  I’m sorry, albeit hardly surprised, that she’s bid her presidential aspirations farewell.

  • george

    Give me a break.  This ”brain surgeon” calls in to a right wing nut
    station, makes allegations. Levin ask is this published anywhere and the “Surgeon”
    says “not yet” and you idiots believe it.

    The problem with this is it’s a HOAX! The AANS issued a statement on its’ web site about this caller and the information he provided. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons has refuted everything this caller had to say. I tried to provide the link but it won’t let me. So, if you go to the aans.org & under the legislative activities you’ll see the statement. It’s entitled: AANS Statement on Mark Levin Radio Show

  • Altosackbuteer

    A Federal District Court has stated that the ENTIRE bill is flatly unconstitutional.  That is because the mandate to require purchase of health insurance permeates the entire bill.

    The matter WILL be reviewed and decided by the SC in this current session.

    The SC may repeal it in one fell swoop.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    The point made in response to this BS: “Her brief press conference was filled with praise for Iowa, the state where she was born and raised, and which she has “come to love and trust.”

    You confirmed she gave the people of Iowa the finger. Thank you.

    Why did the people of Iowa reject her?

  • Patriot41

    George, you can read and believe all of the fact check articles you want, but when you have over forty million unemployed and on food stamps, “Jobs” is a major issue.  It is also a theme of Newt’s campaign, do you want a paycheck or do you want to continue collecting food stamps?  Unfortunately, nearly have of the people in this country would rather sit on their butts and have the govt., fill their pantry.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Stalin would likewise be proud of Obamacare.  Full public health is a staple of Socialist regimes.

    Look, be REAL.

    NO health system, public or private, can POSSIBLY address ALL health problems for ALL patients.  There simply isn’t nearly enough money or qualified professionals in the world to do it.

    ALL health care systems wind up restricting and rationing health care in some fashion or another.

    I once wrote a book about one of the first heat transplant recipients in Boston.  In the course of investigating my book, I consulted my uncle, who was a noted pathologist in northern Minnesota and was in line to become the US Surgeon General if Mondale had beaten Reagan in 1984.

    My uncle told me how it works in England.  Basically, the parliament and the PM decide how much money will go into public health, and from this, they decide how many will receive public heart transplants.

    Let’s say they have enough money for 200 transplants — but there are 500 people who need it.

    What does Public Health do then?  They have an age cut-off, on the reasonable theory that the younger you are, the more good a new heart will do you.

    So what happens if you are older than the cut-off?  Simple: England basically tells you TO DROP DEAD, or buy it yourself with your own funds, which usually amounts to the same thing.  But England will NOT give YOU that new heart, because they just don’t have the money for it.

    There was a columnist for one of the Fleet Street tabs, and he told HIS story.  He grew up during the Depression and fought in WWII, and afterward, couldn’t wait to kick out Churchill and the Tories because Clement Atlee’s Labour Party was gonna institute public health, which they did.

    And for years, this fellow LOVED public health and LOVED the Labour Party.

    But then he got older and developed some kind of condition.  I can’t remember what it was, but it 1) was very painful, but 2) not life threatening.

    So he went down to his local clinic, and was told, sure, we can take care of that — BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT 18 MONTHS!!!

    His choices were to wait, or take his life’s savings and have it done immiediately and privately, which is what he did.

    In summary, if the public wants public health, they should have it — BUT they AT LEAST should be HONEST with themselves and understand what it can and canNOT do.

  • Patriot41

    Very simple Reno, they rejected her because her campaign was falling apart and her numbers nationally were bringing up the rear.  They wanted to go with a perceived winner nationally.  Check on John Gizzi’s interview to confirm what I have just said.

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    Fox is biased, no doubt to the right… what slays me is all the lefty whackos screaming about how unbalanced they are as they are glued to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS….  they won’t even admit that those all lean left… what a joke…

    Fox is smart, they cater to conservatives.  This is why their ratings are so high, all conservatives have no one else to turn to… pure genious on Fox News’ part…

    That said, I do believe that they are less right leaning and much more center than the oposition on the left……..

  • Altosackbuteer

    In the People’s Commonwealth of MA, which of course has Romneycare, the model for Obamacare, the Beacon Hill Research Institute estimates that MA has LOST about 18,000 health care jobs since it was implemented.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    Nope, that’s not it.

    She was on the ballot. Gizzi’s interview is not Scripture. It’s opinion.

    Santorum nationally is on the same boat as Bachmann, yet many people in Iowa went with him when they used to be for Bachmann.

    Remember now, she was the so-called Christian and Iowa’s sweetheart and perceived as a national figure not Santorum. 

    Try again.

  • JayC777

    Purchase health insurance, dumbass.

    That simple.

  • Mr. EMT

    People get sick of someone tooting their own brass horn obnoxiously every chance the open their mouth.

    the “Im the best im the only one im the savior im the watcher” blah blah blah that came from her mouth made her into a joke.

  • Patriot41

    Reno, take the time to look at the Gizzi videos with his interviews.  I was talking about the responses to his questions.  Once you do that, you will understand what I am talking about.  It is my impression, that the voters believed that Santorum had a better chance to beat Romney and Obama.  Watch and listen and perhaps you will understand why they voted like they did.

  • Voltair

    …….excellent post! Santorum will inherit her voters and will play well in the South and in the West…..”game on”…no more RINO’s…!

  • Mr. EMT

    Only in canada and the UK…
    Oh wait, you dont get denied, you just get bumped to the back of the line.

    America has too many laws in place preventing patient dumping.
    That brown shirt propaganda is too damned funny in the face of reality.
    Anyone walks to a hospital and gets denied care would win a lawsuit so fast it would make michael moore’s head swim.

  • Voltair

    …….one will be nominated and Sambo will be gone…..

  • Mr. EMT

    Yes 23 kids she raised……… in 7 years.
    That was not a ticking bomb waiting to blow up in all of our faces. /sarc

  • Mr. EMT

    it actually is worse than you know, do a web search for “bachmann clinic”

    Boy that would have been great to face obamao with while bragging about it making her an expert on private sector huh?

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Bachmann fostered them, you noxious imbecile.

  • Accuweatherman

    Staying on track, we are have the following conclusions. The next President will be a Republican male. I wish Michelle Bachmann was my Representative and so do most of you. Sometime next Tuesday night a few more conclusions will possibly be available.

  • Mr. EMT

    HER CLaim is she raised them.

    Every time she brought them up in EVERY DEBATE and news conference she was in was all about “I raised 23 foster kids”

    You are the damned imbecile.
    Enjoy the ride with newt or romney.
    Little tip? Romney will last longer than newt, thought you would wanna know that since it places you back on your rino “t-paw” camp with mccaint and Bush Senior and every other milk sop rino coming out of the closet to stand behind mediocrity and flip flop.

  • Leroy_Whitby
  • Mr. EMT

    santorum = big government “conservative”

    Not sure how those two terms are supposed to go together but you can always ask santorum if he ever comes around to answering Perry on why he voted for the bridge to nowhere, why he approved and accepted and DEFENDED billions in earmarks.

  • fritzidler

    She has no regrets? Well, I regret sending her money. And sending Herman Cain money, before the “I only gave her money” woman, came forward. Ms. Bachmann, you put a couple of feet in your mouth out there, and then forgot to take them out. My sister said, you need to bone up on things first, then become a Senator, or Governor, before you, or any, politician is ready for the big time. Especially a woman.     

  • Rick_Kalifornication

    #1 Rule of a leader — Praise in public, criticize in private.

    She did the right thing in not saying anything bad in public about Ed.

  • celador2

    I miss her already in the run for president!

    Michelle Bachmann was an early founder of the tea party message of limited government. She sponsored a bill to REPEAL Obamacare and knows it inside and out. She made a conscious effort to be a constituional conservative. It was Bachmann and a few others who would ask when a new bill came along and when questioning cabinet members,
    “Where in the constituion does that action or provision derive its authority”

    That question frames the Obamacare lawsuits now before the Supreme court.
    Bachmann founded the House tea party caucus before the big landslide in 2010.

    Bless her heart!

  • Mr. EMT

    http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20072121-503544.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody with video



    You are an idiot, every time her kids came up in the debates she stated “I raised 23 foster kids and had 5 biological kids.”

    as the links show its not the first time she embellished the story.
    Furthermore as we know from tardicil its not the first time she has place fast and loose with facts either.
    Her mouth was the worst enemy of the Right and im glad to be rid of her before she became a bigger liability for the Right with her brainless pandering hypocritical lies.

    What is sad is her behavior has made it a serious doubt she will hold her seat and will likely lose it to a democrat who shows what a liar and hypocrite she is.

    This is the same liar who claims Ron Paul paid off a staffer to leave her
    The same Liar who claims that Newt is buying off Tea Party members

    she is gone and good riddance.
    The Right needs people who can stand against big government like she claims to, but actually behave with some semblance of honor and respect and PROFESSIONALISM while they do it.

  • Mr. EMT

    omg… why did you send them money? Ouch on you.

  • celador2

    What are the chances a conservative can defeat the liberal Senators in MN? Not good? Pawlenty is not running 2012 to challenge Amy K.  But in 2014 Al Franken is up for reelection.
    Michele Bachamnn for Senate MN?

  • celador2

    I miss her already! Her self identifed ‘constituional conservative’  guide gave a road map for laws,
    “Where in the cosntitution does that—–derive its authority”
    I hope she stays in Congress and in the public eye.

  • celador2

    Michelle stands out as providing exceptional leadership in our hours of need. When she delivered the response to the state of union in January 2011 from tea party express web site there was chatter if she had outshined the official response by Rep Ryan.

    But, Rep Jack Kingston a friend told the press,

    “She knocked one out of the ball park.”

    Armed with debt charts about a year ago Michele went into Iowa.

  • serfee

    We need to pick the best person for the job…and that is not an easy selection process. I think a box of rocks could do better than Obama…but which box of rocks?

    My friend devereaux did some analysis today that indicates Romney made a fatal mistake…do you agree?

  • ghostshirt

    That was a U-turn a Formula One driver would envy. I can only surmise Perry has some passionate big money supporters.

  • ghostshirt

    There’s a time to be gracious.

  • ghostshirt

    Sorry, can’t go with you here. Herman Cain took himself out of the race.
    The reason Ms. Palin resigned as Governor is because Alaskan Dems can file an ethics charge for like $10 fee or something. Sarah’s reasons for not entering the 2012 contest are her own.

    Ms. Bachmann wasn’t knee capped by anybody in the GOP that I know of. It’s people like Jon Stewart who atacked her as crazy. 

    So I don’t get your ‘shadowy forces’ conspiring to see the GOP led by white guys in red ties. Unless you’re talking about Democrats. Because Democrats seem to despise Cain, Bachmann and Palin.

  • ghostshirt

    Ms. Bachmann didn’t heap glory on herself with the “Gardasil causes mental retardation” post-debate bit. That’s not measured & thoughtful.

    But as she is leaving the race, I see no reason to kick her on her way out.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Mrs. Bachmann is a stellar conservative.    However, I was disappointed that she, and other conservatives took each other apart rather than the moderate RINO, Mitt Romney.   Mitt Romney is a target rich environment, and no conservative has laid a glove on the Mitt.   His support of TARP, the Obama stimulus, the Obama timetables for withdrawal, manmade global warming, gun control, and Mitt’s still proud of a Massachussets healthcare plan thats bankrupting the State…. and US Taxpayers…..since somehow “we the people” are paying 50% of  the Massachusset’s bill.  Thanks Mitt.

    My theory is, that the Conservative that takes down Mitt Romney will earn conservative support across the board.   I wish conservative candidates would wise up, and step outside the circular firing squad.    I saw this in 2008, where viable conservatives like Fred Thompson went after Huckabee, but didn’t lay a glove on McCain.  If Mrs. Bachmann had focused her attacks on Romney, she would have climbed much higher in the polls.   Candidates can’t win over fellow conservatives if they attack their candidate.  Let mouthpieces here and on other forums do that.

  • Ksmith_Tx

    You truly, truly are an EVIL and DISGUSTING  human being and you and RINO Perry deserve one another.  If I did not know Perry’s political record and could only judge him based on your support, I would still be against him because I could only conclude that he is just like you. 

    And what really scares me is that you may have spawned others just like you.  

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Now if we can get the stumbling and bumbling Rick Perry to leave the race, to stop fracturing the Conservative vote.   All Perry can do at this point is get Mitt Romney nominated.

    Perry needs to get back to Texas to do his job.   He is a sitting Gov.  The people of Texas hired ol’ Pointy Boots to be the Governor, not running around the country trying to get a new job.   He needs to resign, or get back to work.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber


  • ghostshirt

    George launched a passionate defense of Obamacare, huh? I encourage George to visit HE often.

    Inspired by George, I’ve decided to run for President. If elected, I won’t pay attention to the economy. Instead, I will pass the “Affordable Vacation Act.”

    Yep, I’ve decided vacations are good for you, but not enough people take vacations. So I’m going to make you take vacations. Stuff like Disney World, Six flags over TX. 

    If you don’t take a vacation each year, you’ll be fined for not taking a vacation. If your family falls below a certain income level, you’ll get a gov’t voucher to take a vacation.

    Of course, the sudden rise in demand for vacation venues will lead to shortages, long lines, higher prices due to gov’t subsidy, and we must admit, bad service.

    Of course, the Constitution grants Federal gov’t NO power to make private citizens purchase goods/services from private companies. Actually, case could be made it’s a bit of ‘unreasonable search & seizure’ but we’re not going to worry about that junk!

    Vote for Ghostshirt, and the Affordable Vacation Act. Because vacations are good for you! In my second term? Affordable Piano Lesson Act, because everyone should know how to play a musical instrument. 

  • Mr. EMT

    Well here is the thing retard.
    For months you have been bald faced LYING your ass off about Perry.

    Most you can call me is evil for pointing out that bachmann is a proven liar?
    Too bad, i know you were secretly rooting for her.
    You were both perfect for each other.
    Your dilema now is are you going to try to jump on with santorum before he crashes in a few weeks, or newt or romney before you go back to the dailykos and support Obamao against Perry.

    By the way, im watching news of Boeing moving to San Antonio, Texas.
    Chalk yet another win up for Perry.

  • Ksmith_Tx

    Your spewing does nothing to refute the fact that you are a disgusting and evil creature and the world is worse off because you may be reproducing. 

  • Mr. EMT

    And there is a time to to learn from mistakes too.
    When people who called themselves conservatives mourned because of what happened to cain, they needed a good slapping then too.

    Some people have tunnel vision believing that simply getting rid of obamao is going to fix everything.
    It changes nothing if you elect someone who has no spine to stand up for conservatism. And standing up for conservatism with outragious and absurd lies and open faced hypocrisy is counterproductive.

    Last thing I want is to be associated with someone who makes claims such as “gardasil makes children retarded” and accuses everyone of being bought off in a desperate attempt to try to win sympathy votes with a dishonest campaign slinging mud at other candidates.

    And if people cant tell the difference between exposing the negatives on someones record and actions verses mudslinging they need to take a step back and take some time to do some serious thinking.

    we arent facing obamao yet. We are still trying to figure out if we want to face him with a conservative or a rino or a nutjob.

    Im supporting the conservative because I dont think being a fence straddling lying politician is going to do anything but turn off your base and unite your opposition.
    And if anyone thinks being a lying hypocrite works, just needs to look at the poll numbers bachmann has had ever since she claimed gardasil makes kids retarded. She went down and stayed down after that and NO ONE ever took her serious again.

  • Mr. EMT

    Coming from you I can take all of that as compliments.
    Thanks retard.

  • Mr. EMT

    Fracturing the conservative vote? Who are you calling a conservative?
    Arlen Spctors’ Big government “conservative” friend santorum who voted yes to bridge to nowhere and approved accepted and defended billions in earmarks, or “conservative” globalist big government anti constitutional newt?
    Neither of which has a chance in hell against obamao.

    Just curious who I get to beat you up over now before either of the two implode and run away with their tails between their legs.

  • Ksmith_Tx

    Perry’s little cheerleader said:

    “Coming from you I can take all of that as compliments.”
    Being the EVIL and God-less person you are no one would expect less.

  • Mr. EMT

    No, its more because you are a habitual liar with a schizo-effective disorder.

    Reality and your mind are on opposite and opposing spectrum’s.

    Trying to judge me and act like a Christian again while baring false witness? didnt you learn anything from the last time you tried that and got slapped down from your stick pony?

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Is this the same Rick Perry that was Walter Mondale’s and ALGOREs State Campaign Coordinator?  You were saying about Spector?

  • Mr. EMT

    Nope, thats been replied to and debunked twice at least now from you.

    Continue to lie all you want, pretty damned funny how there is nothing to support your liberal talking points except the liberal who started them. And he admits there is no proof.

    Oh and about specter

    “I think he will do a lot better for us than Pat Toomey, because Arlen did one thing that helped conservatives when he was going liberal socialist on everything else” ~Santorum

  • Rostis

    Why is it so, that all the really exceptional and decent (or at least so they look to me) characters, like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain and now Michelle Bachmann are forced to quit, while plain establishment figures, dull and absolutely non-exceptional in any way, are firmly in their saddles? Meanwhile, with the present-day economical, social and political situation (to tell nothing about your treasury being bankrupt), the USA badly needs SUPER-exceptional leader to get your great country out the lefties’ cesspool, where she is drowning now. I see Mrs. Bachmann’s worthy name crossed out as one more step to another victory of Madame Clinton-Levinski camp in 2012 – so sad, so tragic… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • Patriot41

    George, the only statistics you need to look at are those who continue to tell the pollers that the country is headed in the right direction.  Add to that, all those who support Obama’s current policies of obstructing job formation in the business world.  Those who blindly support Obama, are those sitting on their butts looking for handouts.  These are the same people who have not attempted to get a job in over two years and are screaming for another extension for unemployment benefits.  If you cannot see this, then either you are blind or not looking.

  • boats48

    I think you’ll find that the media promoted Ron Paul as head of the Tea Party, which we all know as untrue! A lot of Paul’s support is derived from this assumption.

  • george
  • Mr. EMT

    And who pays the cost of the
    lawsuit and the medical cost – YOU DO YOU MORON

    Oh so we wanna talk about tort and insurance reform now?
    PLEASE lets talk about that and we can talk about which candidate has a record of it.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Yah, and which of those does Bachman oppose? Mendacious troll.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Not with Mr. EMpTy.

  • America Or Obama

    Alto, there are more than two sides.

    O’Reilly is “fair and balanced”, generously, 90% of the time.  Doing so has given him the largest audience, highest ratings and fattest paycheck in cable news.   It has also given him license to perpetrate the biggest fraud in all of political media in America, perhaps in history.

    The other 10% of O’Reilly’s broadcast air time proves Bill O’Reilly to be the most dangerous, most disingenuous, most fraudulent liberal America has ever known.  His posing (at times) as the leader of the Tea Party (there are countless examples of him raging more strenuously than anyone ever videoed at a tea party rally, against abortion, against illegal immigration, against some serial child pedophile or some corrupt judge) has given him license to rape and pillage the conservative movement at will, nightly, whenever the issues are critical and whenever it matters most to his sacred left and whenever it does the most critical irrevocable damage to the constitutional conservative movement.

    There is good reason, Hannity, Rush, Levin, Cheney, Rumsfeld and countless other legitimate conservatives regard O’Reilly as a pariah, utterly repudiated and vile as the plague.

    O’Reilly, masquerading as the leader of the conservative movement in America, at times, with his gallant ranting for justice, is nothing but a vile ploy to hold court on conservatives when the issue is critical.  There are countless examples of O’Reilly’s perpetual Trojan Horse scam from subtly destroying Bachmann’s campaign with timely expert propaganda attacks and derision, to undermining the tea party by ridiculing their attempt to block the debt limit increase last August, to allowing a marxist to seize the White House on his watch.

    It is O’Reilly’s ineffectual interview with Obama in 2008 that gave Obama an effective pass to millions of otherwise outraged conservatives, moderates and America supporting democrats.  O’Reilly had the opportunity to sound the alarm on Obama and prevent America’s nightmare decent.  O’Reilly knew enough about Obama at the time of the interview to do everything in his power to prevent Obama from moving past that interview: Alinsky devotee’, Ayers protege’, O’Reilly knew the Obama’s sat in Wright’s black liberation America hating pew for 20 years and knew Michelle Obama bragged of having never been proud of America.  O’Reilly knew all this and still allowed Obama to get through the interview looking simply like a liberal Democrat.

    Given what was available to be known about Obama at the time of the O’Reilly interview and given that O’Reilly knew the importance of his interview, that his would be the only supposedly “Right” interview of Obama and given that more than one million of America’s best have made the ultimate sacrifice to create and protect the freedoms and God given rights recognized in the same Constitution that Obama was then and is daily determined to undermine; any half way respectable American tasked with interviewing a sworn marxist about to seize control of Western civilization would have made certain only one person left that interview room or at the very least only one person left that room with a career intact.

    Bill O’Reilly is the most effective and dangerous weapon marxists, the extreme Left, the Democrat Establishment and the Republican Establishment has against constitutional conservatism.

    Yeah, I do feel that strongly about it.

  • Altosackbuteer

    In that Øbama interview, I was DYING for O’Reilly to ask him, “Where were you born?”

  • Altosackbuteer

    I moved to Poland in 2007, and ever since, I’ve only caught a couple of O’Reilly interviews on the FOX website.

    However, before I moved here, I was regularly quite annoyed with O’Reilly for having Wendy Murphy on all the time, as an advicate for so-called battered women and abused children.

    I feel strongly about these issues, having been the victim of false accusation which destroyed my financial life for NOTHING.  This area of Law and life is RIFE with false accusation, and Murphy is one of the biggest proponents of more of the same kind of unAmerican zero tolerance which is making a further shambles of American family life.

    And Mr. Conservative Social Values saw nothing wrong with hosting her.

  • Mr. EMT

    Yah, and which of those does Bachman oppose? Mendacious troll.

    I never attacked her over what she represents, only how she represents.

    You are the damned troll.
    Further more you are illeterate.
    Every time I have criticized bachmann i made it clear she supports the right things the wrong way.
    No one can take you serious when you say you represent something when you are making wild and absurd claims to justify why you support that issue.

    Her stance against mandated vaccines is a prime example. IF you are such a person who stands against the beliefs of our founding fathers and does not support vaccines, I would think the last thing you would want is to hear someone representing you make a stupid assed claim that “your vaccine makes people retarded!”

    But considering who you are whitby, those tactics are right up your ally and no different from anything else you have absurdly claimed

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QGJB6XKBWEVILASOVXE5FP65SA Dave D

    She should demand a recount…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QGJB6XKBWEVILASOVXE5FP65SA Dave D

    Bachmann learned everything she ever needed to know in live in Iowa (before she moved away at age 12).

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Further more you are illeterate.

    : )

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    The article you site is an editorial, and the claim is countered in numerous places.

    Additionally, I didn’t hear any more from you on Walter Mondale?

    And, what about his support (endorsement) for social moderate Rudy Guilliani as late as 2008?  

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    I hope we can make her Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency.   As Speaker, she’d give both the RINO or Democrat President hell.

  • Mr. EMT

    Perry held no public office when Mondale ran.
    By all means prove where he supported Mondale and exactly how much weight that carried.

    Democrat John Sharp made the charge about Perry’s leadership role in the
    Gore campaign when Sharp faced Perry in that 1998 race. Sharp recently
    acknowledged Perry wasn’t chairman of Gore’s 1988 Texas campaign. When
    reminded that he said otherwise on the hustings, Sharp said: “Never
    could prove it.”


    Perry does not have a liberal or socialist bone in him and its evident by the stances he has taken on every conservative principle and the legislation he has passed.
    From 18 billion in tax cuts, castle law, sonograms for abortions and defunding planned parenthood and support of our military.
    Had you been in Texas any length of time you would know how retardedly absurd it is to hold multigenerational Texans to blame for being democrats who converted.
    But hey, you run around preaching that BS.
    But you ever run into a rancher or farmer here in Texas that is 50 and over and came from a line of Texans and start that crap you are liable to be slapped with a calloused paw that has worked harder in one day than you ever have in your entire life.

  • Mr. EMT

    Mrs. Bachmann is a stellar conservative.

    You cry and hold it against Perry he was a blue dog democrat and claim

    Mrs. Bachmann is a stellar conservative.

    Too funny. She is an admitted reformed liberal who worked under jimmy carter.
    Keep throwing those stones from your house of glass.

  • Mr. EMT

    I do and for precisely the reason you listed.

    Her attacks and behavior need to be totally distanced by the GOP.
    Such antics are not at all productive to the arguments against liberals who would use bachmann as a millstone around the neck of the Right and say, “Bachmann and people like her are your champions. They lie to us and act crazy and you worship them”

    No thanks.
    ITs easier to combat such attacks made by liberals when they are obvious lies with out someone like bachmann making their claims true.
    As it is her seat is likely going to be lost to the next liberal who runs against her and makes those attacks against her and everything she is associated with from the TEA party, to conservatives to Christians.

  • Mr. EMT

    Tennessee lawyer Tom Jurkovich, Gore’s Texas director, told us by email
    that “we may have named (Perry) to a ‘steering committee’ or as one of
    several campaign ‘co-chairs,’ typically honorific titles with no real
    role … (Perry) wasn’t highly involved in the campaign, however, and
    had zero operational responsibility.”

    Mike Kopp of Nashville, who did press outreach for Gore, was more
    emphatic, saying in an interview: “We didn’t have a chairman in Texas;
    we didn’t have co-chairs,” either. “We weren’t that organized; we didn’t
    have that strong a ground game.”

    Perry and the other legislators saw Gore as the best conservative
    Democrat in a field that included Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis,
    Missouri U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.


    OK, whack on Republican Gov. Rick Perry in his presidential campaign for having once been a Democrat.

    Whack on Rick Perry for endorsing Al Gore in his 1988 presidential run.

    But would everyone quit saying he was Gore’s state chairman, because it is simply not true.

    Gore in 1988 was viewed as the Southern conservative alternative to
    Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis. The leaders of the Gore campaign in
    Texas were House Speaker Gib Lewis, Democratic Chairman Bob Slagle and
    Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby.


  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    You’re right.   I attended several Tea Party events, and Ron Paul was never mentioned by featured speakers….not once.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Maybe we keep saying it because its true.

  • Mr. EMT

    No, you keep saying it because you are grasping at straws and you sure as hell dont want to compare records with Perry to anyone else who tried to run.

    And the last thing you want to do is compare him with your big government anti constitutional politician newt.

    This is all you have left:
    Meme’s from liberals who cant stand toe to toe with Perry and say his stance on guns, abortion, military, taxes, government is wrong and why it is wrong.

    You got yellow journalism and propaganda crying BS such as “Perry wants to hold 12 year olds down and give them shots to promote sexual promiscuity! Perry favors illegals! Perry was a democrat!”

    NONE of it holds water against the whole story and compared with people such as newt who cant stay off liberal couches to promote global warming and UN power over US Soverignty is NOTHING.

    But hey, you keep up your newt support, or romney, or santorum, eventually you will find yout way into obamao’s lap in your opposition to Perry.

    Personally you make me sick with your BS lies especialy when you have been shown the facts about newt and you stand with newt against Perry.
    You are no conservative. You are nothing but an ass hat that claims to be something you are not and you show it when you support someone who stands for big government corruption and policies antagonistic to our bill of rights.

  • 2richard1

    Michelle will be missed for focusing on important issues.  She should have a role to play in future Washington government because she is down to earth and good for America.