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Obama on Guns

Any American citizen who honors the Second Amendment cannot support the re-election of President Barack Obama 2012.

Any American citizen who honors the Second Amendment truly understands that we are entitled to sell, possess and operate firearms as a means of sport under the constraints of local ordinances or as a means of protection whether against criminal forces or government oppression. 

Today, we have an American President with a long and shocking history of suppressing gun rights, yet claims to be a Second Amendment hero.  He does this for one reason and one reason only: Obama wants to win re-election.

After all, suppressing gun rights is not a popular stance among the average American, particularly now when government largesse has tripled and people are becoming more and more dubious that excess controls is the solution to a bad economy. 

In fact, there is an undercurrent of Americans who are sick and tired of politicians turning their backs on the Constitution in their attempts to manage our lives and money, and are calling, no screaming, for a return of Constitutional principles of governing. 

Now if those same politicians who turn a blind eye to the constraints placed upon them in the Constitution are successful in taking our guns away, we will find an America vulnerable to tyrannical government; a situation that will mark the beginning of the end of our Republic.

Here are the black and white facts revealed in Obama’s public record on gun control (Source:

•    During a primary debate in 2008, Obama confirms his support for the D.C. law prohibiting ownership of handguns, and then contradicts himself by saying “I never favored an all-out ban of handguns,” even though a 1996 signed document says he does.

•    At a fundraiser in 2008, Obama explains why some people are not supportive of his candidacy, saying they “get bitter” and “they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  

•    At a 2008 Democrat debate, Obama erroneously asserts that placing restraints on gun owners will reduce the rate of shooting in Chicago public schools. 

•    In 2007, Obama voted for a bill that permits concealed carry for retired law enforcement officials, but is adamantly opposed to concealed carry permits for American citizens.

•    At a 2007 Presidential primary forum Obama blames gun manufacturers for “dumping guns in our communities.”

•    In The Audacity of Hope, Obama writes that keeping guns out of inner cities is a moral responsibility.

•     In 2005, Obama voted no on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

•    At a 2004 Senate debate, Obama says the failure of Bush to not authorize a renewal of the assault
weapons ban is scandalous and that “assault weapons have only one purpose, to kill people.”

•    In 2004, Obama acts against a bill that protects property owners from home invasions.

•    In 2000, Obama unsuccessfully sought to limit gun purchases to one per month.

Indeed the President has two strikes against him.  First, he misleads the public for political purposes by pretending to support the Second Amendment; and second, the public record shows a President that clearly does not honor the Second Amendment. 

Spread the word:  President Obama is anti-Second Amendment and undeserving of re-election. 

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  • Nancy Kendall

    Excellent Article!

  • Redrider07

    Very true, You have a fine understanding of the Presidents Moral’s, or lack of. Futher I think we should not allow him to run, unless he can show why he is allowing Holder to be the AG of this country.

  • gunsmithkat

    One mustn’t forget that Obama also served on the board of the Joyce Foundation . Donations to anti-gun groups by the foundation increased dramatically during Obama’s tenure.

  • Frank Clarke

    True, we cannot support Obama, but can we support Romney, whose opinions on the 2nd amendment are almost exactly those of Obama?  Could we support Gingrich, whose anti-gun opinions are near-indistinguishable from the bulk of so-called ‘liberals’?  If so, why so?

    I have promised myself never again to vote for “the lesser of two evils” because doing so requires me to affirmatively vote for evil.  I will vote my conscience and if the GOP herd chooses otherwise, damn them all.

  • franknowzad

    Obama massively increased gun trade to Mexico, he just can’t “remember” doing it… 

  • jhnjdy

    You voted for Obama to prove you wern’t a racist, now vote him out of office to prove your not stupid.
    4 more years of Obama and you will see martial law and your guns confiscated and if need be it will be over your dead body, Obama could care less.

  • Riggs2500

    If every gun owner would join one pro gun rights organization we would wield some real power to stop these corrupt politicians. Why do they continue to target honest citizens rather than the criminals who use guns to commit crimes? Criminals are the tools that they use to get public support to disarm the population. If crime prevention was their goal then criminals would have been targeted and executed to protect the general population. Our country is being overthrown from within. Open borders and multiculturalism are also tools to destroy our freedoms and way of life. We no longer have public servants; we have public mafia masters. They lie, cheat and steal and in no way serve the taxpayers that fund this government.

  • Right Fielder

    Thank you for the outstanding article.  Perfect for sharing with those who were duped into voting for the guy.  Many people that voted him into office don’t have firearms or any interest in the sport (or self defense) in general, but they do respect our unalienable right to keep and bear arms.  They want the opportunity to own, if they so desire.  It’s very important that they know Obama would make it illegal to privately own firearms if he was given the chance to make it so. A second term would bring him (them) that much closer to his goal.  Granted, it is very likely America would experience another Civil War were a real attempt to disarm this country to occur.

  • Marc Levy

    Obama just took your rights, and *if* this country is foolish enough to re-elect this obvious puppet of the same private multi-national banks and corporations that plundered this country’s economy, he’ll come for the guns next. And Romney won’t save us, it was HIS plan that Obama based his socialist draconian *unconstitutional* health care death-panel plan on. RON PAUL is the only one talking about getting our rights back, who supports *constitutional* gun laws, who’s going after the PRIVATE “federal” reserve which is the *key* to separating the private interests and banks from government influence, and finally Paul is the *only* candidate not calling for unnecessary all out war with Iran, and potentially Russia and China as a consequence. WAKE UP, RON PAUL IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR THIS COUNTY, smarted up my people.

  • Bear43

    A gun owner voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.

  • Doug_Story

    All of you folks that keep calling Obama “President” are gravely mistaken.
    Not only is he NOT President, he is NOT an American Citizen (I’ll explain; Barack Obama was indeed born to an American mother [which, for some reason, makes him an American], but when his mother married Nolo Soetoro [I guess there were no White men available in either marriage case] and he moved them to Indonesia, Barry had to renounce his American citizenship to attend Indonesian schools, which made him a foreigner “again”) but a foreign-born Constitutional Usurper and Communist.
    Then there’s the part that I love; back in 2004, when Obama was making a run for the US Senate, the Chicago Sentinel (a newspaper that has “conveniently” disappeared), ran a headline stating, and I quote, “Kenyan-born Barrack Obama makes a run for the US Senate”.
    That’s funny to me, in 2004, Obama was from Kenya, but then all of a sudden, when he’s making a run for the White House (and to be President, one HAS to be American-born), his handlers come up with the lie that he’s really from Hawai’i (despite his Kenyan Grandmother remembering his Kenyan birth and there being NO hospital records, NO attending physicians, NO nurses in Hawai’i that remember his birth).
    No, there are people in the DNC that know the truth, they just can’t let it be known that they know otherwise the Demoncratic Party is over, which would take us to having the Republicans (current GOP ideology is Demoncrat-light), and then there’s Ron Paul.
    So either we get someone like Ron Paul in the White House, where, (because he’d be outsumbered by Demoncrats and Republicans in the House and Senate), NOTHING would be accomplished, or (and my preference), WE HAVE ANOTHER REVOLUTION (treating ALL current Legislative Branch Members to what the French used in their Revolution – THE GUILLOTINE!!!).

  • Graywolf12

    The one that stands strong on the 2nd and 10th is Rick Perry. Not only is he for gun ownership, but carries a 380 he used to shoot a coyote that was about to attack his dog. He has done more on the border than the feds.We have the 12th largest economy in the world, and it is growing by the day.  As a fellow Texan I would trust him on a hand shake which is more than I can say of any of the others.

  • Nate Tanguay

    It will be over my dead body and those of my Warriors before we give up our guns.  We are the last line of defense for the Second Amendment.

  • MSpector

    I’m not a Gingney fan, but let me make one point: neither Romney nor Gingrich has an anti-gun agenda (as opposed to opinions), and neither is likely — if only for reasons of political expediency — to launch any sort of anti-gun initiative. Obama, on the other hand, is poised to do so, especially now that he has confirmed his “indefinite detention” powers under the new defense powers act. If we are left to choose between candidates who share degrees of statist philosophy, let’s get rid of the one whose views are the most malignant.

  • studi30

    Sorry Marc but Ron Paul acts like a senile old man who wants too throw our allies under the bus and us as well.  He embraces Islam by not looking at the Muslims as a threat to not only the US,but to the World.. He is carismatic I will say that,but so was Hitler,Stalin and Ovomit. Look what those pukes have done to the World and US. 

  • studi30

    Wolf I could not agree more.  Perry has made Texas one of the best States to live in(I live in NJ and compare Texas to NJ all the time.  We finally are on track with Christi and may survive if Christi gets reelected).  I would rather see Perry our nominee than Romney but will happily settle for Romney over anyone else if I have to

  • no1rebelson

    the sob in the white house right now , is the greatest threat to this country we have ever seen. he may not be the anti Christ, but, he is damn close.

  • big45kimber

    Personally, I vote for revolution!
    Our Political “Leaders” have trod on the Constitution, and for which it stands, for so long, there is little hope, regardless of who eventually assumes “power,” of getting this REPUBLIC back on track! The ONLY way we are going to be able to RESTORE the Constitution is to eliminate, silence, or co-opt those that have been hell-bent on DESTROYING the United States Of America, as it was established!
    In the meantime, I REFUSE to tell this bastardized Government what firearms I own, or how much ammunition I have, or the capacity of my reloading abilities.

  • big45kimber

    I LOVE IT when one of these FASCIST LEFTISTS want to call me a racist, for objecting to the WORST, MOST DANGEROUS President this Nation has ever had!
    My response to these Lib-TARDS is WHICH RACE do I object to?
    I seem to remember the LEFTISTS attacking Herman Cain, a REAL black man, and it wasn’t the Conservatives doing the attacks!
    They sure like to have their cake and eat it too, don’t they?

  • Halsey59

    The military will turn on this asshole if the shit hits the fan and tries to squelch any type of insurgency against this monarchy that runs this country.

  • Paul J Bucksbee

    I believe that Obama should be taken out of office and held before a court on treason charges.he is a bigger danger to our way of life than any terrorist group could ever be.He has set himself up as a dictator and he will use that excess power to its fullest when he wants to.We the people should organize and push the government to remove him from office before the election.

  • Gary Adkison

    Using the existing system of law to remove Obama simply is not an option. He must be voted out of office, investigated for fraudulently getting into office, all laws signed by him nullified, all czars removed, and imprisoned for murdering the Constitution. Or removed with extreme prejudice.

  • Mr. EMT

    ron paul did not oppose legislation protecting gun manufacturers from frivilous litigation.

    Rick Perry is the only pro gun advocate running. He has never signed any anti gun laws and he has promoted gun rights through multiple pieces of legislation including Castle Law.

    Rick Perry explains gun control in 5 seconds

    Rick Perry’s stress therapy before New Hampshire debate

  • Marc Levy

    Obama and Hillary are arming “Al Qaeda” *right now* and RP is “embracing muslims”? I think you’re under informed my dude. Cheers.

  • Marc Levy

    I don’t trust Perry, I’m pretty sure he’s in the military/industrial pocket too. He’s talking about going after Iran, and *not* talking about the fed, or our civil rights, or etc. They’re colonializing the middle east and africa. Brizinski, who is Obamas mentor wrote all about it in “between two ages” you can read it yourself, this has *nothing* to do with humanitarian intervention. I can’t believe people are falling for “wmd’s in there” again…? We don’t have the *right* to tell them, when we are *right now* torturing people, and invading countries for the sole purpose of seizing their resources. Do me a favor? Watch Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones? I *know* it’s “conspiracy” bla bla bla. But, if you can *disprove* the thesis, or any of the info, I’ll meet you back here and I’ll stand corrected. And, I’ll *gladly* spend equal time on media of *you* choosing if you agree. What do you say? Cheers.

  • Marc Levy

    I’ll offer you the same proposal as Greywolf, please read it. Cheers.

  • Frostiken

    Are you people completely off your rockers?

  • Pumphouse Road

    well lets see, declaring war without congressional approval. using our tax money to bail out banks,even though the people were going nuts saying not to.pushing for sections to be added to the 2012 ndaa that allow for using the military to detain american citizens on our soil, without trial, rights or even charges against them.there is more, but just pick any or all of the above. why don’t you read the real news and not what is approved for us to view on tv by our wonderful government?