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Make the Moral Case for Capitalism, Says Paul Ryan

By now every Republican should know the leftist playbook by heart: Any attempt to lower the burdens and breadth of government on every American is met by the fatuous accusation that the GOP is out to enslave the middle class to a life of serving millionaires and billionaires who are sailing around the world on yachts, clinking their platinum champagne glasses together, and scheming ways to build a national monument to Gordon Gekko in the heart of Times Square.
You know the drill by now, people. 
Of course, such rhetoric on the part of Obama and his party is meant simply to stoke the flames of class warfare in order to build a permanent dependency on Big Government. Or as Paul Ryan put it, “the President is preying on the emotions of fear, envy, and resentment and he’s speaking to people in America as they are fixed in some class.”
But as Ryan notes, that worldview is not America; our country was formed on the prospects of equal rights, not equal results. We strive for upward mobility, not horizontal egalitarianism.
“That’s the European model. That’s the model our ancestors left to come create an opportunity society,” Ryan told HUMAN EVENTS.
So how’s the GOP doing in making the moral case for capitalism? They need more work, he says.
“We should not shy away from class warfare; we should take this head on.”
Here’s Part 2 of our interview with the 2011 “Conservative of the Year”:

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  • Phil Gibbons

    The too big to fail banks have socialized all their debts and grabbed all the profits. It is the people who have to pay for the socialism enjoyed by crony capitalism.
    The black hole of debt caused by the shady dealings of the unregulated banks will keep the 99% indebt for the next 3 generations.
    Socialism for the 99% would be a lot cheaper than socialism for the greedy elite. There is no case for crony capitalism that can be made by any honest person. The old free enterprize system of Main Street is dead. There are fewer and fewer Mom and Pop stores and the greedy bean counters of corruption are taking over. The case for the old time free enterprize is a strong one but it is the crony capitalists that have politicians in their pockets and not Mom and Pop.