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Paul Ryan Video Interview: America Cannot Survive Another Four Years of Obama

He gets right to the point.
Named the “Conservative of the Year” by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS, Paul Ryan tells us that the country’s only hope of remaining free and prosperous is to defeat Obama in 2012.
“Under the Obama second term, we will enter into to a European austerity phase where we will essentially be managing our decline,” he told us. “We will have a weaker national defense. We will have stagnant economic growth or not much economic growth at all, and we will have more of a cradle-to-grave society because ObamaCare will get turned down.”
Ryan refers to the fact that even if the Republicans regain control of the Senate, Obama will veto any piece of legislation sent to him that rescinds the signature health-care overhaul of his first term. And it is unlikely that the GOP would have enough votes to override the veto pen of Barack.

If ObamaCare ends up being fully implemented, Ryan says that America will reach two tipping points: “A moral tipping point of more people dependent on the federal government and a fiscal tipping point of the debt getting the best of us and losing control of the situation.”
The debt crisis can’t be stressed enough. To put in perspective just how much of an anvil this Administration’s polices are to the economy, Obama has tacked on more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents combined (George Washington to George Bush), and he’s done so in a mere 32 months.
“The next two years will make it or break it: whether we go back to our limited government [and] economic freedom” or a “European social democracy.”
Paul Ryan was named “Conservative of the Year” by HUMAN EVENTS because he did what no other Republican Party official would: Take Medicare head on. Medicare’s trajectory under current policies is “definitely unsustainable.” That’s coming from Obama’s own Congressional Budget Office Director, Douglas Elmendorf.
For years, Ryan has recognized the sustainability problem, yet he was only able to rally a handful of Republicans by his side to co-sponsor legislation that would address what is arithmetically inevitable: The collapse of Medicare. Fast forward to today: Ryan’s plans to restructure Medicare with means-testing and competition was not only adopted by the House of Representatives, but entitlement reform isn’t off limits amongst pols any longer. Heck, even Barack Obama talks (but it’s just that…talk) about the need to reform the biggest drivers of our debt, which are entitlements.
Added Ryan: “We have really moved the center of gravity on this issue [Medicare] to where it ought to be.” And that is, “patient-centered, individual-driven, market-based reforms.”

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  • Guest

    If they ever do pick one of these self righteous bible thumping religious fanatics and or  tea bagging lunatics(they call themselves conservatives) the GOP will lose worst than Goldwater(conservative takeover)in 1964. Lets hope they “never get it right” that would be a disaster(too much Limbaugh B.S. and spin). Check out Texas where the Republican party control both houses and look at the ridiculous B.S. they come up with in there. They have removed all the strife of the civil rights and labor from Texas history in all public school text books, require women to view a sonogram by a doctor before having an abortion(same bunch of hypocrites that don’t wan’t the government in their health care), Perry through executive order, all young girls had to have a vaccine against cancer. The conservatives were very pissed about this.They gerrymandered against the civil rights rules of the nation. These conservatives are insane, wanting to impose their self righteous religious norms, values, and mores on the general public.These bible thumpers, and or tea baggers have no concept of separation of church and state. When they won some elections in 2010, they have gone total bonkers, forgetting we don’t all belong to the same church. Lets all Independents and Dem’s go to the polls in 2012 and bury all these hypocritical bible thumpers and tea bagging fools.

  • Guest

    Wrong, If Romney is the Republican party candidate, he is the only one that has a chance of beating Obama, any other  candidate except Ron Paul is a loser. We Independents will support Romney on the Republican ticket, but if Ron Paul finally comes to the realization that he is going nowhere and runs third party he might have enough support to win in these times(Iowa does not count in the Republican game) the hierarchy of the Republican party will never let Ron Paul become the nominee. KINGOFBYTES listen to what I AM saying, some Dem’s who don’t like Obama, most Independents, Republicans that won’t to rattle the establishment, all Ron Paul Republicans, Libertarians (the only party that is on all all state ballots,he has run on this ticket), and far right Republicans that are savvy enough politically to know that their vote for a REPUBLICAN would be WASTED therefore they have to vote third party for their vote to count against Obama.  If this happens then we know a vote for a Republicans is wasted, they can vote for Obama or the third party. Due to the state of the economy and the GOP lets hope and pray America and its middle class decides to vote for real change(third party).  The latest news in is there may be another party, the American Elect that seems it is going to get on all state ballots by 2012. Who is behind this party, where is the money coming from, how was it able to move so fast without anyone knowing about it, Is this a hedge against Ron Paul winning nomination and running Jeb Bush?, An independent agency has been polling for Jeb Bush in NH. Standby, Ron Paul doesn’t have much time to get on the Libertarian ticket because Johnson is already talking about it. The timing is perfect and we Independents will help any third party that has a chance to win to end this corrupt two party system.

  • Guest

    I live in an a coastal community and those claiming to be part of the tea party are very affluent far right well known activists that are selfish, disgruntled Republicans. They are so out of touch with reality they think the Republican party has moved too far left. When they had a couple of meetings two years ago all you saw was Obama hate signs.They scream about taxes and the national debt, its pathetic.

  • lsle95

  • ken4285

    Shades of 1980. “America does not need four more years of Jimmy Carter.” That and “It’s time for him to go.” Directly applicable to what we have now.

  • lsle77

  • Citizen_Jerry

    Sadly, we might just get another four years of Obama if the GOP establishment is successful in their determination to force the squishy moderate Willard Romney on us as our candidate. Then I guess we’ll truly find out if we can survive.

  • gnafuasusual

    Because there are some obstacles in the way called: Soros, Bilderberg, Johnson and Pearl.

  • Melbo58

    If Ryan was so smart and hot $hit tuff, why didn’t he throw his hat in and run? Reason 1. He knew he would get his a$$ kicked up to his shoulders. 2.He knew the others in now will suffer the same fate. 3. He can’t debate Obama one on one, tried that, got his sacks handed to him on a platter. Summery: Paul Ryan knows his limitations in regards to the Pres. If you are really in love with him, look for him in ’16. Obama then will be back in Hawaii chillin’ after a job well done, and Ryan will be safe.

  • Melbo58

    Yes you are headed for another 4 yrs. And that’s directly do to the fact that the the t-bag GnOP has nothing to offer worth a damn. The charactors are bad enough, the ideas suck. The same ole’ same ole’. If you think the OWS crowd is gonna go for that, I’ll pick you up in my Battle Cruiser tonight for some star skippin’. Peace!

  • Melbo58

    Most Americans don’t give a rats — about tea party people. They are whiners and complainers and their behavior toward our government borders on treason. I don’t expect anything positive out of these people because there is nothing positive about them. They are  negative, toxic, angry people who can’t stand the fact that we have a black president with a “Muslim” sounding name. They wrap their racism in the flag and use words like socialist instead of the “N” word. Yet when asked if they will give up their social security, medicare or medicaid to balance the budget they say no no no, they want those socialist programs, they are such lying hypocrites. The kill (Bin-laden done in two years) where ole Georgie Boy could not do it in 8, will help give President Obama the election in 2012, but I was never worried he would not win before this, the republicans might as well run the cast from Gilligan’s Island because Mrs. Howell has a better chance at winning then any of the teabagging republican’s do.  To hell with the inbred party!

    *Lift the OWS rebels! Happy Kwanza!

  • Melbo58

    I’ll be glad to teabagger!