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Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming

Global warming alarmists are getting a chilly reception these days as the public is starting to catch on to something that we have been yelling about for years:  The whole thing is a scam.  And here are the reasons why:  The Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming.

1.  Climategate, Part 2:  A second, massive batch of damaging e-mails has been released that casts into question the scientific integrity of climate researchers.  In the e-mails, a key group of climate scientists made clear they had a predetermined goal to prove man-made global warming will have dire consequences.  References are made to hiding evidence and destroying e-mails, to computer models that aren’t accurate, and some even criticized scientists who are “not helping the cause.”  These scientists can’t be trusted, nor do their theories live up to the oft-described label of “settled science.”

2.  Evidence of natural causes:  Evidence is growing that the small amount of warming seen in the 1980s and 1990s was caused by natural events and was not “man-made.”  Prominent scientists have advanced theories that solar eruptions, tidal activity and other natural factors have warming tendencies.  Considering the Earth has always had periods of warming and cooling (remember the Ice Age?), why would an increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius over a hundred years be of such concern?

3.  Skeptical scientists:  Despite the smug claims that man-made global warming is “settled science,” there are plenty of prominent scientists who take exception.  Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever resigned from his post at the American Physical Society, saying the global temperature has been “amazingly stable,” while condemning the group’s stand that evidence for global warming was “incontrovertible.”  And over a thousand international scientists have added their names to a list of those disagreeing with global-warming tenets.

4.  Flat temperatures:  If you want a laugh, go to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center near Laurel, Md., run by the U.S. Geological Survey, and look at its global warming exhibit.  Installed in the 1990s, it contains a graphic of future temperature gains, with predictions soaring over the next decades.  Fifteen years of reality show their dire forecasts were wrong as temperatures instead plateaued.

5.  False predictions:  Global warming alarmists consistently make predictions that turn out false.  After several years of mild winters during the early 2000s in the Northeast, the true-believers bemoaned that snow was gone forever—until the region was socked several years later with a string of severe winters with deep snowfall.  Katrina was said to be a harbinger of massive hurricanes, glaciers were supposedly going to disappear by 2035, rainforests were endangered, polar bears dying.  All of these are outright falsehoods refuted by evidence.

6.  Ground station scandal:  Scientists seeking to prove global warming (see No. 1) have been frustrated by the failure of temperatures (see No. 4) to match their vaunted computer models.  Their solution hasn’t been to adjust their theories, but to fudge the data.  Witness how temperature-monitoring stations around the globe have been eliminated, mostly from colder areas, while remaining stations are more likely placed near urban areas, skewing the data.

7.  Economic impact:  In order to pacify the climate alarmists, the United States would have to accept the prospect of a long-term moribund economy.  Their plan to “save” the planet includes the fantasy of green jobs which, even when heavily subsided, can’t compete in the marketplace.  Their cap-and-trade plan would have raised energy costs.  Now, Hollywood stars are giving voice to blocking a pipeline that would provide thousands of jobs.

8.  Benefits of warmth:  A little warming isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  What’s wrong about a longer growing season in Northern Europe, a thawed Northwest Passage in Canada, or easier energy extraction in Siberia?  Not to mention the economic impact of lower heating bills in New England.

9.  Public support drops:  For awhile, aided by a compliant media, global warming advocates were successful in swinging public opinion to their cause.  No more. Acceptance of global warming as a top concern has steadily been falling, far behind jobs, the economy and immigration, and not even landing in the Top 10 issues for Americans in a recent Rasmussen poll.

10.  Hypocrisy:  UN delegates jet into Durban, South Africa, to wine and dine like royalty at the latest global warming confab.  Al Gore cashes in, making millions by profiteering on the alarm caused by his highly inaccurate An Inconvenient Truth.  Hollywood stars denounce the masses while creating enormous carbon footprints.  The hypocrisy is so thick that even a dose of global warming couldn’t cut through the fog.

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  • Hominid

    In a few years, the many people who were duped will deny they were ever taken in and they’ll be trumpeting the next Leftist mass hysteria – my money’s on the mounting threat of alien invasion.

  • Frank

    This is the same  kind of “science” that evolutionists use.  Global warming is promoted just like evolution…with hysterics…and rage when folks with a brain point out to them the contradictory thought process that supports their “theory”.

  • John G

    “mounting threat of alien invasion” has been the Right’s main scare tactic for years…

  • SandyLopp

    hey, did you see the “ET” that showed up in pictures of Mercury?  It’s been all over the internet.

  • Doug Roper

    Right right.  It just makes more sense that a invisible “god” created everything.  The evidence for evolution is overwhelming.  Let me ask you a question.  Does a bulldog look anything like a wolf?  How about a bloodhound?  The bulldog would never exist in nature (95% of them can not give birth on their own without human help) and as such is a example of man taking the wold through selective breeding using traits he wished to keep and leave others he did not.
    Nature does this through the process of natural selection in where the fittest survive and weak die.  This process does not happen overnight but takes thousands and sometimes millions of years.  The evidence is there to support evolution such as transitional fossils (the fossil of a fish with legs called Tiktaalik roseae is one of thousands of examples).
    We homo sapiens are evolved from to put it bluntly apes.  Now if that is too much for you to handle I am sorry as I am not all that happy about it either…but it is the truth.  That is not to say that within a couple hundred years we went from ape to human.  There are many transitional fossils such as Homo erectus pekinensis, Homo ergaster, Denisova hominins and many others. 

    I would urge you to more reading on the topic because there is more to support evolution that I can write on this page.

  • Hominid

    See, John, therein lies the difference between right and left: the right recognizes a real, existing threat of illegal immigration, of which you lefties make light;  the left recognizes an imaginary peril like global warming.  Thanx for illustrating that difference so starkly.

  • Hominid

    You discredit the validity of the antiGW argument when you spout nonsense like this.  Evolution is one of the most substantiated observations in science – on a par with gravity. Go away, fool.

  • Hominid

    Do you imagine for a moment that you can explain evolution to an idiot like Frank in a paragraph?  Do you think he has the cognitive capacity to grasp the Modern Synthesis of molecular genetics with natural selection?  Do you think a guy committed to magical thinking is even willing to be educated in reality?  BTW, man IS an ape.


    I remember back in the 70′s as I’m sure many others do that they told us we would be froze to death by now (actually before now).  Simple fact is if you stand outside in the middle of winter with no clothes on you will eventually turn black from freezing and if you stand outside with no clothes on in the middle of summer you will eventually turn black from burning. Solution, where the proper clothing for the weather your in. Another solution is common sense but I don’t know where they are hiding that now a days.

  • Stratosaurus

    Of course the omniscient Algore (not to be confused with Eeyore, though both have an annoying bray) has the best interests of humanity at heart!  Didn’t he and our illustrious emir start preparing for the startup (in 2005) of the Chicago Carbon Exchange (CCX) in order to make it easy for companies to buy/sell/trade the carbon credits which would have been required had the wonderful Cap and Trade bill passed?  Didn’t Algore (not to be confused with Eeyore) have the foresight to start his own software company, using a grant from a Soreass-funded foundation on whose board barry shitstain obozo sat, to design the proprietary software to be used at CCX, thereby actually creating jobs? 

    How could ANYONE accuse Algore (not to be confused with Eeyore) of inflating and manipulating data in order to make a personal profit of billions of dollars?  Why is it so many people accuse the demoncraps of being anti-profit?  Haven’t comrades piglosky, reidovic, waxworks, wateronthebrain, dickless dustbin, doddfromtheneckup, and everyone’s favorite, bawney fwank, boston’s reigning bu ttboy, among others, repugnicans and demoncraps both, all at least quadrupled their own personal wealth during their tenure at the congress-trough?

    Of COURSE they care about you, especially if you’re on welfare and food stamps.  You’re IMPORTANT to them!  You don’t have the analytical skills to investigate what’s really going on in Looneytunes, DC, and you really don’t care, as long as you can get the iPad 2 and smartphone you need.  Your incomplete public-school education didn’t give you the ability to understand pending legislation, or the attention-span to read through the weaselwords the lawyers use.

  • Dustoff

     Can you say Paris.  Sure can. Areas where even the police won’t go.

  • Stratosaurus

    Common sense is one of the casualties in the war on education and truth perpetrated by the Department of Education.  “Inconvenient Truth” could be the title of a documentary about how the transformation of the United States into the Untied Snakes was accomplished by those who think individual responsibility and personal accountability are bad things.

  • Stratosaurus

    We are experiencing an alien invasion already — those of us in the southern border states have been witnessing that phenomenon for decades.  The sad part is that the governor of Texas doesn’t really seem to want it to stop.  That kind of mindset is the same as that of our blitherer-in-chief.  Same goes for Mittens and most of the other so-called conservative wannabes.

  • globalcrap

    Goofy Gore believes in the holly-weird SCI-SFY movies that are Made by his multi-rich holly-weird friends. Liberals are so gullible.

  • AgTrotter

    Oh look, we have a new useless idiot. Where do you live, Sunshine? I’m guessing that you don’t live in a border state. If you did, you’d readily acknowledge that we do have an ILLEGAL alien problem.

  • AgTrotter

    Global cooling becomes global warming becomes climate change becomes climate disruption.

    This should be perfect proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • turfmann

    Obligatory Reason 11: Polar bears can swim.

  • Hominid

    There’s no shortage of proof for that, Ag.

  • Dustoff

    Well. Truth be told. We still have no idea how (we) got here. 

  • Hominid

    We don’t know how life began on Earth, but we know with certainty how humans got here – through a process of evolution.

  • bill1967

    heres the thing that has always eluded me about global warming or what ever they are calling it today.
    what they say is the earths mean temp has increased by .08 over the last hundred years with a margin of error of + or – 3 deggrees, if the margin of error is + or – 3 degrees today what was the margin of error 100 years ago.  how can they say with a straight face that with out any doubt the easrths mean temp. has increased by .08  when they cant tell me with in a 6 degree window what the earths mean temp is.
    the answer is, the liberal elite will lie, cheat, steal, brainwash, indoctrinate, change history to move thier agenda along. anyone who has fallen for any of thier crap is a fool.

  • Martin Hale

    I guess one other item for your “Top 10″ list would be the reliance on computer models.  No one should ever lose sight of the fact that all the predictions being made about doom and gloom are “what-if” scenarios produced by the scientists’ computer models.

    Computer models can be very helpful for scientists in developing a better understanding of something which they are studying, but in the end, they are just models and should never be presented as a substitute for real-world observation.  And frankly, the models were proved almost immediately wrong when in 2000, temperatures stopped rising and leveled off. 

    The thing is that complex models are based on loads of assumptions which are codified as relationships between variables.  If the assumptions about the interactions of variables and sets of variables are inaccurate, the model is just a waste of time.  If the model doesn’t include all the variables, it’s just a waste of time. 

    Models can be used to produce pretty graphs, charts and graphic representations, but unless they’re a completely accurate description of the real world, they don’t mean anything.  Do you remember the stunning graphic Mr. Gore used in An Inconvenient Truth in which you see a map-like projection of the whole world with temperatures displayed as areas of colour.  Over time the blobs of colour slowly go from comforting blues and greens to yellows, oranges and reds.  If you’ve seen the movie, I think you’ll remember that scene.

    The thing is that the model upon which that dramatic display was based didn’t include water vapour as a variable.  This is a major problem since a) water vapour is the most potent of the so-called greenhouse gases, and b) water vapour is the most plentiful of the so-called greenhouse gases – at present it’s about 100 times more plentiful than CO₂ is.  So by leaving it out of that model, the best you can say is that the model produced some nice dramatic images, but they didn’t mean a thing because the model was incomplete.

  • Mr. EMT

    Big inconvenient truth
    2 of the current candidates have supported Global Warming
    Of the two, Newt has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar making profits from pushing Al Gore Agendas.

  • no_pc

    I am not saying an invisible god created us out of thin air, and there is evidence that certain species develop necessary traits to survive, and those that do not die out. However, I do question the theory of evolution as it pertains to higher primates . If it is true that modern humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Why haven’t apes continued to evolve into humans, and what caused them to stop evolving? Intelligent design is a valid argument, but leftists dismiss the issue by arguing about “an invisible God.” Go try and build a pyramid with the tools we know were available at the time of their construction, and then think about all the infinite possibilities.There is so much we do not know and to dismiss without evidence is foolish.  I am just asking the question.

  • Mr. EMT

    It makes me sick to think I share the same profession as you (firefighter-EMT).

    Then by all means, change your profession and go flip burgers for a living.
    After all the years and the wide and varied fields I have worked and gained experience, the only people I have been ashamed to work with were the ones who’s actions brought disgrace on our profession or the place we worked by either negligent and harmful care of a patient, or criminal activity while on duty.

    But because I have a different viewpoint than you is enough to make you sick?
    Go lock yourself in a basement and stay there and isolate yourself where you wont ever find people who have differing opinions from you.
    ESPECIALLY in the emergency field where we say grace over our meals and say thanks for the day we made through safely.

    You work in this field and don’t believe in God? Thats not going to last long before something breaks.

    And regarding Homeostasis. The reason I use that as an example is by an educational discussion I had at a table with doctors.

    First define human homeostasis.
    Then determine whether our environment has homeostasis.
    I.e., regional climate change
    Then determine whether our planet has homeostasis
    I.e., a few years ago we had the great earthquake in Indonesia which was found to have tilted our planet a few degrees on the axis and affect our days and nights.
    Within a few months the planet corrected itself and realigned again
    Now does our solar system have homeostasis?
    I.e., our orbit with the sun being perfect so as not to over heat or over cool our planet.
    Now does our galaxy have homeostasis?

    Once you answer yes or no to those questions, explain then how it is with out that perfect balance of systems working together to keep everything in harmony that we as a species have not deconstructed into a pile of goo that flew off the surface of the planet into an atmosphere exploding as the world fell into the sun being sucked into a black hole?

  • Mr. EMT

    That isnt arrogance to me, just senselessness.
    Im the one that thinks people are special and have a purpose and therefor are justified for feeling arrogant.
    Of your life has no purpose and meaning, what do you have to be arrogant over?

  • PR_Ohio

    Hey Willy boy, Think maybe ya been nipping that socialist koolaid a bit too much lately?

  • michaellyster

    So, move there.

  • Jason Johnson

    Al Gore and the other GLOW-BULL warming propagandists are on record as saying it’s justifiable to overstate the case and even lie about it if it advances the agenda of “leveling the playing field” and advancing “social justice.” Also, we know fully well that those hypocrites ill never give up THEIR creature comforts while demanding that we give up ours.

  • justsayno

    The lastest information from NASA states that the ozone hole is manmade.

  • StackoLee

    Huh?  Where do you get your information – are you really trying to say that a few hundred explosions a year cause MORE pollution than constant, 24/7 emissions of factories, etc. around the entire planet?  It is statistically inconsequential (as is, we all suspect, your own I.Q.).  Dustoff’s Foot?  Meet Dustoff’s Mouth…

  • StackoLee

    WHY is this a Political Issue?  Since when do Scientific Beliefs depend on Political Beliefs?  

    Both sides spout propaganda; there is no reliable source of UNBIASED information.  Period.

  • StackoLee

    WHY is this a Political Issue?  Since when do Scientific Beliefs depend on Political Beliefs?  

    Both sides spout propaganda; there is no reliable source of UNBIASED information.  Period.

  • StackoLee

    WHY is this a Political Issue?  Since when do Scientific Beliefs depend on Political Beliefs?  

    Both sides spout propaganda; there is no reliable source of UNBIASED information.  Period.

  • StackoLee

    no one reads such long comments…

  • StackoLee

    WHY is this a Political Issue?  Since when do Scientific Beliefs depend on Political Beliefs?  

    Both sides spout propaganda; there is no reliable source of UNBIASED information.  Period.

    PS – You don’t sound like a lawyer or a Constitutional Scholar…

  • 2shinyshoes

    Well now, the big Kahuna doesn’t give a rip even citizens freeze to death:” But last February, President Barack Obama proposed cutting the program nearly in half, calling for about $2.5 billion. The House is considering $3.4 billion for fuel assistance, while the Senate reviews a $3.6 billion proposal.”  Of course he will blame it on the Republicans. Link:  While he “frolics” over in Hawaii with taxpayer dollars with the little family, the citizens of the United States don’t even have time to think Hawaiian vacation, they are too busy moving out of their foreclosed on homes, trying to find work and wondering where the next meal will come from. What a disgusting man this obama is. Millions of people won’t even have a Christmas this year, thanks to his politics and Socialist ideas.

  • michaellyster

    Look up Le Chatelier’s Principle. If you remove the products of a reaction, the reaction naturally drives itself in that direction. It’s an energy-neutral process. If selection ‘removes’ flawed variants, those that are more successful will accumulate. It’s an energy-neutral process, and hence entropy does not play a role. As always however, nay-sayers will use the entropy discussion as if it somehow obliterates localized increasing complexity. Stars were once purely hydrogen and helium. Now, after several cycles of novas, we have heavier elements. A ‘violation’ of entropy? Nope.

    You’ll never accept a reasoned explanation. I agree with the ‘prime mover’ concept: but you insist upon exactly YOUR conception of how God must operate. Mighty self-absorbed and confident, aren’t we? At least the rest of us accept that we have NO idea of God’s methods nor means. You might want to move your omniscience down a notch; being right on everything must be an awful burden for you to carry.

  • Ksmith_Tx

    You said:

    “If you remove the products of a reaction, the reaction naturally drives itself in that direction.”
    And if you push a boulder over a cliff it falls in accordance with the law of gravity.  How does pointing out an example of disturbing a balanced system prove your argument?  It doesn’t.  On the contrary it proves mine.  What initial force caused the primordial soup of gases to compress and form planets and stars in the first place?  In your example and mine the cause for the disturbance in balance was cause by an external force ~ external to the balanced system.  We both claim that the force is applied with purpose and intent, we just differ in our definitions of that external force.  You call it EVOLUTION and I claim it to be a living being called GOD and my religion is just as valid as your religion.

  • Dustoff

    I’m a firefighter dummy. Hollywood uses a mixture of fuel and oil for their explosions.

    PS.. I didn’t say it causes more than. I just said they do pollute, yet claim to be so clean when they are not. 

      Thanks for proving your IQ level. You can move on to you next foolish comment now.


  • LeoInTheWoods

    This is a political issue because, unfortunately, climatologists have made it a political issue and are marshalling their forces of “True Believers” that don’t acknowledge ANY evidence that counters their faith to rape us, politically.

    Here’s something to look at:

    The climate models ‘predict’ that the Gulf Stream is slowing down. That news article will refer you to the published, peer-reviewed conclusions of reputable scientists who took actual measurements with instrumentation. The conlusion is, simply, that the Gulf Stream isn’t slowing down.

    About two weeks ago, Cornell announced that it would be posting a report about the expected impact of global warming and the Gulf Stream slowing down on NY’s weather and agriculture, even in the face of solid, measurement-based science that says that the Gulf Stream isn’t slowing down.

    I don’t really question the scientists on what they’ve observed and what it means, but anyone who puts their faith in these mathematical models and chicken-little predictions are FOOLS. They are so grossly wrong close up that they may have no relationship at all to reality over the life of the model.

  • no_pc

    Sorry it took so long to get back on this. Thank you for your explanation. When I have more time I will read it again, but it is a complicated subject, and difficult to explain/understand in just a few paragraphs.

  • Hominid

    And that’s precisely why I usually don’t try to explain it in a format such as this, but that didn’t stop you from blasting me for it!

  • Ksmith_Tx

    You said:

    “I point out science, and you spend paragraphs dissecting grammar.”

    I think the word you wanted to use was SEMANTICS and not grammar and not once did I criticize your grammar.

    And since when is GRAVITY not a part of science.

    But, I do thank GOD that you have stated that you are done because it gets frustrating when someone claims to have knowledge and then refuses to answer simple questions about their claimed knowledge.

  • Awkwardly_Scripted

    8.  Benefits of warmth:  A little warming isn’t
    necessarily a bad thing.  What’s wrong about a longer growing season in
    Northern Europe, a thawed Northwest Passage in Canada, or easier energy
    extraction in Siberia?  Not to mention the economic impact of lower
    heating bills in New England.

    Thank you article writer for pointing out that you have absolutely no understanding of how ecosystems work.

    2.  Evidence of natural causes:  Evidence is growing
    that the small amount of warming seen in the 1980s and 1990s was caused
    by natural events and was not “man-made.”  Prominent scientists have
    advanced theories that solar eruptions, tidal activity and other natural
    factors have warming tendencies.  Considering the Earth has always had
    periods of warming and cooling (remember the Ice Age?), why would an
    increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius over a hundred years be of such concern?

    .8 degrees Celsius over 100 years = Polar melt. Not a concern if we didn’t tend to migrate our economies and populations towards coastal cities. Since we do, it’s a good idea to monitor our water levels.

    The “settled science” argument isn’t simple, but most prominent researches will agree, global warming/cooling is a NATURAL process that occurs throughout our planet’s evolution, however we do not want to contribute to the acceleration/exacerbation of such cycles.

    The basic science is not mutually exclusive. Solar irradiancies do cause temperature fluctuations, as tracked from about 1610 to present day. However, from 1970 forward, solar variability is responsible for less than 1/3 of .36 C fluctuations, with the other 2/3 being attributed to green house traps exacerbating the effect of natural climate shifts. 

    The issue is certainly not black and white. Whereas some people want all or nothing answers (where climate change is either our fault or it’s not), the world doesn’t work in neat little pockets of information. Climate change is natural, though it’s acceleration over the past 100 years is unnatural. We are at once not at fault and to blame.

    People that try to pin it on the human race or nature exclusively have little understanding of the argument, and are often just recycling headlines or platforming by some 3rd party. The information is freely available in scholarly journals and studies; with research supporting causation on both accounts.

  • Jason Johnson

    Global (GLOW-BULL) warming has ALWAYS been a political issue; it’s a manufactured crisis pushed by hypocritical statists who are using the environment to steal our personal freedoms.

  • Guest

    Sorry to p*** you off! BTW, I still think you are arrogant, egotistical, know-it-all. READ A BOOK! Seriously? Who wrote the book, some egghead with a vested interest in continuing the gov’t grant gravy train?
    Give us all a break, perfesser. It’s is still not settled science. The fossil record is far from complete. When the fossil is uncovered that unquestionably proves the theory of evolution regarding humans, then I will believe. Until then, kiss my shiny metal a**!

  • lindsay1988

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  • Terrier Hockey

    “it never provides additional genetic material to allow a species to increase to a higher order of organism.”

    Duplications of bases are in fact additional genetic material. Transposable elements can cause a copy+paste effect that creates additional genetic material. You are wrong dredger

  • dredger

    Duplications? What arre you talking about?? Duplication is…duplication…..not an incrrease in NEW information.. What is duplicated never contains anything progressively more complicated than the original .

    Copy and paste imeans COPY.. Copying never cause increased complexity. Sabe?

    Mutations can alter the copuing process for sure…but it is never by increasing the genetic potenail, but rather only by inactivating particular enzyme sequneces. (antibiotiics can affect germs this way) The organism is actually LESS viable , not more viable,as a result.