God-Given Rights, Small Government and A Strong National Defense

Editor’s note: We at HUMAN EVENTS are pleased to bring you this week a series of profiles from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute​.  These are profiles of influential and prominent conservative women who have made a tremendous impact for the better on this great country.

I am a huge fan of Minnesota, but apparently some of the voters there are spending too much time in the 10,000 lakes and not enough researching candidates. Gov. Jesse Ventura? Sen. Al Franken? And, if those two aren’t enough, Minnesota is the only state that voted for Walter Mondale instead of President Reagan in 1984.

Fortunately, voters there finally started to right the ship when they elected Michele Bachmann to the United States Congress.

Congresswoman Bachmann not only has an intricate knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution, she actually wants to adhere to it—a simple idea that is quickly becoming extinct.

Many people, of course, hate that Congresswoman Bachmann believes in the words of our Founders and is not afraid to say so. The elite political class, along with the mainstream media, have done everything in their power to smear her by attempting to portray her as crazy or unintelligent. President Clinton, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Caucus all put their efforts into ousting Bachmann from her seat in the House during the 2010 midterm elections. No dollar was spared in the onslaught against her.

I think our Founders would be proud of the way Michele represents their principles. She advocates for a small, limited government, tax cuts and a strong national defense. She understands that our rights are given to us by God and not by the government, that equality of opportunity is different than equality of outcomes and that honor and character matter more than polls and focus groups.

I greatly respect that Congresswoman Bachmann was one of the first leaders of the conservative movement to vocalize her support for the Tea Party. And she has never backed down, no matter how hard the media have attempted to portray these patriotic Americans as radical, violent racists.

She also created and is the Chairwoman of the Tea Party Caucus which has 60 members in the House and four members in the Senate. Their mission is to promote fiscal responsibility, hold fast to the Constitution and limit the size of government. With Michele leading the charge, they might just succeed.

I know where I stand in the debate in Washington: with the principles George Washington and Thomas Jefferson supported during the earliest years of our great nation. These are the same principles that Congresswoman Bachmann refers to when making decisions in the name of her constituents. She is unafraid to bring her conservative beliefs to the American people.

I could not be more pleased that the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is honoring Representative Bachmann as one of the most influential conservative women in America.

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  • wodiej

    Next up Gov. Sarah Palin.  Both of these women have lots of courage. 

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    Although more of a Palin man myself, I do indeed like Congresswoman Bachmann.

    By the way, I take enormous satisfaction in noting how attractive are conservative women.  Diana Dors?  Well, no.  Still, hotter than an August night in the Texas Panhandle after having consumed a large bowl of homemade five-alarm chili with the frosty beer and beaded ice-clinking pitchers of minted lemonade and white-river water in sight but just out of reach.  That kind of hot.  Or sump’n

  • Mr. EMT

    Uh…which founding father supported hypocritical lying pandering tactics to win votes?

    I think our Founders would be proud of the way Michele represents their principles.

    I can’t think of a single one who would be proud of a politician using their words to get votes… and turning around to lie and misrepresent facts the way she has done through her career.

    As I have said about bachmann, she may go the right direction, but she takes the wrong way to get there.
    Which is a sad waste, she had potential to be a great leader, now she is going to be replaced by the first person who challenges her and highlights her hypocrisies.

  • Bigdog007

    What did she lie about and what facts did she misrepresent?

  • Leroy_Whitby

    In 7 years a foster parent can easily have 23 children in their home. Children can get placed, a blood relative steps forward to take the child, and the placement is over and another comes into the home. 23 is only 3 a year in 7 years. Contempt for you, for your constant and unfair attacks on conservatives, and for your incredible stupidity.

  • Mark Tracy

    Pick one:

    1) Rick Perry –
    Alcohol-addled bumbler

    2) Herman Cain –
    Sexual predator

    3) Mitt Romney — Mormon
    cultist and flip-flopper

    4) Newt Gingrich –
    Adulterer and snake oil salesman

  • Guest

    “What is really funny is that I fully believe that *Wisconsins* record has NOT changed.”


  • Guest

    I’ve checked out all the objections Mr. EMT keeps repeating about Representative Bachmann. I agree, I see some things I don’t like there. But nothing as bad as what I see in the other candidates, and I wonder why  people seem to react so negatively to (IMO) lesser flaws. I now suspect that it is indeed because she is a woman. Maybe it reminds some men of their mother reminding them to clean up their rooms and take daily baths.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Do you have any facts at all to substantiate your gutter ad hominems?

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Thanks you for a voice of sensibility.

  • Mr. EMT

    I am being more than generous with her and her BS claims.

    Had she stuck to the truth she would come off a hell of a lot better than embellishing it out of the bounds of reason.
    Obviously you have never raised a child and you do not have any concern for how ridiculous the claim is for someone who has.
    Had you, then you would not try to argue that one child can be raised in seven years, much less 3 kids a year, on average. And no one but the state and the bachmann family know how much time was devoted to the care of each child.  It may have been, four months to a kid as you say. Or it could have been longer for some and shorter for others.
    However you cut it she is not being honest at all about what she did with and for those kids and I think the truth alone of what she did would have been more than enough to win the favor she hoped to get by lying out of her ass about it.

  • Mr. EMT

    Oh one more thing.
    America does owe her a thank you for destroying your hero, pawlenti, and sending him packing to the romney camp.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    You are a troll.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Left wing trolls are really stupid compared to conservative posters. It’s a law of nature, like gravity and momentum.

  • Mr. EMT

    You are a troll.

    Coming from you… thanks?

    Funny how it is you have never had any problem smearing and trashing Perry with your skewed liberal talking points.
    But whenever someone to the Left of Perry or as in bachmann’s case, someone who has performed dishonorably is pointed out to everyone and highlighted for their behavior you dont like them being “picked on”
    If you like her then you support her.
    As it is last I checked you are supporting candidates who have more liberal records than hers.
    Who is it you are supporting lately? newt or cain? Im kinda losing track from not paying attention to your BS as you continue to move left as whatever flavor of the week you are supporting shows the world what they are made of.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Troll go boom with trollstick?

  • Mr. EMT

    Left wing trolls are really stupid compared to conservative posters. It’s a law of nature, like gravity and momentum.

    You would know since you have continuously fallen further left than me.

  • Bigdog007

    Obama – liar, arrogant, lazy, no clue about economics, job killer, likes to criticize and lecture and on and on

  • rebelyell4

    Yeah, but I liked the spelling of wisconsin(s) so much better.Had twice the meaning in her case. And has Wisconsin really changed?

    That is exactly how she ran her debates. Completely irrelevant but sorta truthful. Reminded me of the president and his 57 states.

  • rebelyell4

    Has it occurred to you that Bachmann has no plans or ideas? She spouts off ideas in the form of generalizations and immediately turns them into campaign slogans. When she ran out of brain power, she was stuck with about 8 slogans and no more thoughts.

    Heck if she really had that much influence over all those kids lives, I feel sorry for them. I can see the banners in their rooms now. Vote for me, I hired you a nanny!!!

  • george

    Oh boy. Who dug this guy Beck up?

    Michele Bachmann
    lies. That’s no surprise. But in this case, her lie is so insidious and stupid
    that it just has to be debunked.

    When asked about
    the debt-ceiling, she said she wouldn’t have raised it because Congress had an
    opportunity to cut spending and ducked it. Of course, she doesn’t say that the
    debt-ceiling relates to debt already authorized by Congress, the funds have
    been appropriated, and whether she voted for those appropriations for that or
    not, it’s what they’ve done. A refusal to honor that debt and invite default
    (either on payments to the debt or promised spending) is the dishonorable claim
    of a deadbeat.

    But wait, there’s
    more. Bachmann refered to the $2 trillion-dollar “blank
    check.” Maybe it’s just me, but blank checks usually don’t have amounts on
    them, right?

    Now we get to the
    real lie. Here it is:

    I think we just heard from Standard & Poor’s. When they dropped our credit rating what they said is we
    don’t have an ability to repay our debt. That’s what the final word was from
    them. I was proved right in my position. We should not have raised
    the debt ceiling and instead, we should have cut government spending, which was
    not done and then we needed to get our spending priorities in order.

    That’s just one of many pants-on-fire moment for Bachmann.

  • rebelyell4

    My first impression of Bachmann was that she had little substance but had decided to be a Palin clone.

    She decided to get involved with the campaign so I invested some time on the web. Isn’t it amazing how many stand by her when she is almost completely ficticious? I can’t believe Beck has fallen for the doggy doo that she’s been spreading around.

    Even the children thing is just a political move the way she speaks about it. Just throwing a huge number out there sorta like a slogan. I can see the bedroom walls at her house now; vote for me, I hired a nanny!!!
    She just had to out-do Sarah Palin so rather than listing things out over a time period, she throws us this huge number of children; sorta like; hey my 19 is better tha your 5, or something.

    Bachmann gives away too many hints as to her true personality to get any more thoughts from me.

  • Mr. EMT

    Go learn what ad hominem means before you continuously and ignorantly use it.
    While you are at it look the word hypocrite up and stop making one of yourself.

  • Mr. EMT

    Bachmann gives away too many hints as to her true personality to get any more thoughts from me.

    Narcissistic fits pretty well.
    But placing her against newt, im not sure which is the biggest one.

    Just me but I think it would sound better for her to say, “Over the course of seven years I took care of 23 special needs children”

    That is impressive by itself for anyone to do.
    Blowing it up by claiming to have raised 23 kids just makes you sound like “that guy” who tries to one up everyone else in the room.
    And I know for a fact a lot of soccer moms who have to put up with the “queen bee” mom of the bunch who thinks they are the savior and champion of every cause and are the best thing to have since sliced bread and no projec can succeed with out their help… comes off flat.
    My wife wants to stab herself in the eye every time bachmann is speaking and going on about “I was the lone voice, I was the champion, I was the only one in the wilderness I did this I did that I I I I I ”

  • JayC777

    You’re an illiterate, abject moron and a liar.

    ” A refusal to honor that debt and invite default(either on payments to the debt or promised spending) is the dishonorable claimof a deadbeat.”

    Not increasing the debt was the HONORABLE thing to do and would have, as has been stated and mathematically proven, NOT to invite default.  But, then, you are an abject moron.

    “”The downgrade,” S&P said, “reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics.””

    Looks like she was right on the money.  Unless, of course, you’re an illiterate moron.

    Won’t hold his breath waiting for you to say something factual or of import.

  • george

    Such names.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting forme to say something factual or of import. You might die. Or even worse damage your brain. Opps. Too late.

    You forgot the rest. As usual. You cherry pick the report. Here’s the rest of the report.

    “More broadly, the downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges to a degree more than we envisioned when we assigned a negative outlook to the rating on April 18, 2011. Since then, we have changed our view of the difficulties in bridging the gulf between the political parties
    over fiscal policy, which makes us pessimistic about the capacity of Congress and the Administration to be able to leverage their agreement this week into a broader fiscal
    consolidation plan.”

    By now it’s apparent to even the most casual observer that what Bachman (and her) party’s goal had nothing to do with cutting the deficit. It was holding the government hostage and possibly cause the first default in history. It has nothing to do with reducing the size of government. Their one burning goal was power. Right now as then, their real game is to stall the economic recovery. Despite the misery they are causing the American people.
    Tussles over the U.S. debt ceiling, usually one of the most obscure issues in Washington, have a long history. The debt limit has been raised dozens of times since the mid-1950s,
    and every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has had to cajole a reluctant Congress.

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    yup the only one whos been in congress for decades that cultists treat as a newcomer.
    he’s establishment. get over it.

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    man, you’re really missing daddy rick today aren’t you?

  • WinstonGalt

    Just because you’re a conservative does not mean that you are fit to be president.  Bachmann should stick to her congressional duties and prove that she can actually get something done there before attempting to convince eveyone that she’s suddenly qualified to be the leader of the free world.

  • dropquick

    Britney Spears would make a better candidate for president than Michele Bachmann

  • Mr. EMT

    Sorry. She is a toxic weakness and blight in the conservative movement and TEA party and Christianity and anything else she claims to represent.
    If she does not resign her seat to a conservative who is more honest than her I have a very real and serious concern she will lose her seat to the first wall eyed crazy liberal that runs against her.
    The “Gardasil” moment you aluded to was not her finest moment, you are correct. But the issue and problem she creates is that it was not a one time moment of her being over ambitious.
    It is a pattern of behavior for her.

    I understand what you are saying, don’t take shots at the people on your side.
    Well I certainly do not take shots at anyone standing on my right. But when they move left… or turn around and attack me or mine? Bets are off.
    She absolutely misrepresented conservatism by twisting the gardasil issue into something it should not have been and as such she made “conservatives” she represents look like a bunch of paranoid uneducated freaks who dont care about the consequences of disease prevention.

  • TheNightHawk

    Off topic.

    Don’t care.

    Needs to be shown.

    Typical Democrat liars.


  • TheNightHawk

    Off topic.

    Don’t care.

    Needs to be shown.

    Typical Democrat liars.


  • another_engineer

     Ahhh, I have always suspected you are hispanic, probably the kid of illegals who should legally not have been granted citizenship  (read jabob howard, the 14 amendment and US V Ark).  However, we have put MINIMAL resources on the border between the US and Mexico, much less than we put between Iraq and Iran.  

    You’re diatribe is nothing more than bull sheet.

  • another_engineer

     Mr. EMT, to be perfectly honest, these days “christians” ( with a small  ‘c’) are a blight on conservatives. You obviously are one of them.  If you so desire, you may pay for your convictions.  why do you think the REAL Tea Partiers worked to keep the anti abortion league out of their ranks — it muddies the waters.  we want SMALL FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT.  You can then, after we have achieved what the founders wanted, interject your Mexiphile,  love of unbridled breeding into the mix.

    In the interim.  STFU.

  • Mr. EMT

    Nope, no hispanic blood. Nor Latino, nor Mexican. You are too ignorant to know the differences between the three nationalities.
    I am the product of a bunch of other stuff that helped settle Texas however.

    I stopped suspecting you are an ignorant and illiterate retard long time ago when you continuously proved it.
    Your latest racially prejudiced statement is further proof.

  • terry1956

    I’m not a Christian, I’m not with any organzised faith although I know there is a God and I also know and I also know Athesist who know and will say so that the mass murder of babies in the US must be be outlawed because it goes against the grain of a civilized society, its pure evil.          
     The murder of all babies in the US must be outlawed again.

  • terry1956

    Sarah is not going to run in 2012, its to late but I wish she had.

  • Mr. EMT

    Coming from you that is a joke.
    Your arian slanderous comments would endear you to the memory of hitler no doubt.
    But a TEA partier you are not.
    NO ONE who stands for the values that the TEA party tries to project has any business supporting a government boondoggle with a thirty to 120 billion dollar price tag and a projected time line of 15 to 30 years to complete.
    THAT is the cost of your fence, which has already had billions spent for the 650 miles built that has had as much impact against drug traffic as you trying to use your brains for something other than a show and tell experiment in grade school.
    Oh tell you one more thing about the topic of drug running wetbacks while we are at it.
    You really think a fence does any good against them? Most of illegal traffic flows through the border check points under the noses of the inspectors.
    And God knows how much more flies over or tunnels under the border.

    While you mention founders, you want to show me where in the constitution it says “build a fence to protect our borders?” Good luck with that.
    What side of the fence do you think Reagan’s beliefs fall on? Perry’s or yours?

    Pop quiz moron, how are you planning on putting a fence in the middle of the Rio Grande?

  • terry1956

    Tomas after Cain waffled on abortion she became the one I though finally I would vote for in the Tennessee GOP primary but if she doesn’t get back that fire I may end up voting for Perry.   
      Why didn’t see go alone with Paul Ryan and 3 other Republicans in the House and vote against the balance budget amenment without a cap?  
     Ryan had it right thar is just begging for big tax increases.                                                         
     Of course she has being  true in voting down funding for Mass Murder INC ( Planned Parenthood) but she will not beat Obama if she doesn’t get back that fire she had in 09 and last year.                                          
      Tomas, what has happen to her?

  • aballer1515

    Rick Perry not a true conservative – op-ed written by Republican

    Rick Perry, A Moderate’s Conservative

    Its easy to rip candidates. You want a true conservative Perry isn’t it. Its either Santorum (my choice) or Bachmann.

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    It hardly matters, Terry — Bachmann has virtually no chance of being nominated.

  • NDaniels

    With all due respect to Glenn Beck, since it is true that God Has endowed every human individual with their unalienable Rights from the moment we were created in His Image, equal in Dignity, while being complementary as male and female, then the purpose of our unalienable Rights is what God(with the capital G, not any of the other gods) intended.

    It is important to note that our unalienable Rights, including protection of our fundamental Right to Life upon which our Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness depends, are thus grounded in respect for the inherent Dignity of all persons.

    As the mother of a daughter who struggles with a homosexual inclination that was greatly influenced by a date rape when she was in College, and having watched my daughter grow and develop from childhood, I know my daughter suffers with a disordered sexual inclination. It is because I Love my daughter, as I Love
    all my children, that I do not want her engaging in demeaning sexual acts that do not respect her inherent Dignity. Sexual acts that do not respect our inherent Dignity as human persons, objectify the human person and are thus a form of slavery.

    The Love of a parent requires that we desire that all our children learn to develop healthy relationships and friendships that are grounded in authentic Love. No State or person should condone the engaging in or affirmation of any sexual act that demeans our inherent Dignity as human persons, which is why we can
    know from The Beginning, that to claim that all sexual orientations are equal, is a lie from the start.

  • rebelyell4

    I believe in a good drink now and then and have also been an aduterer. Since I can’t ever hope to become a sexual predator anymore and snake oil might be of some benefit, I seem to have at least two choices left. Anything other than that dude from PA I can never remember and that shrieking babbling woman that tells lies as blatantly as Obama or a mormon or two who always believe that they need to take care of each other all over the globe, will suffice

  • rebelyell4

    I second that

  • rebelyell4

    Bachman is not conservative. She stole her persona from Sarah Palin so she could have an impact somehow as a not so necesary congresswoman. She wanted a spotlight and created one.

    She started out being a democrat and at the same time keeps worrying about Perry being a democrat before. She voted for Carter and now claims she was disappointed. Apparently also a bad decision maker of who to vote for. She has a liberal Wisconsin attitude and is not a conservative by any means. It’s an act. It serves her well at the moment.

  • terry1956

    I think she would if she would get back that fire in her belly.

  • MichaelGuy

    Michelle is the best candidate available, followed by Herman Cain After that I would like Ron Paul.  I do like, honor and respect the others and would have no trouble voting for any GOP candidates other than Mitt and Huntsman.  But it is time to get away from machine sponsored and (controlled?) candidates.  The GOP likes the pontius pilates and Neville Chamberlains of politics, who erroneoulsly capitulate and comprommise with the hard core leftist, Bolshevik, liberal Democrats.  socialist are those enemies’ foreign and domestic” that we vow to defend the Constitution against. No more Bob Doles, John McCains or any other politicians naive enough to believe liberals and progressives are our fellow Americans.  They are the disciples of the one-world socialist International.
      It was Michelle who summoned the vast anti-Obamacare rallies while the pussilanimous other politicians pulled out Pontius Pilate’s bowl and left the decision to the Kagan-Sotomayor -Ginsberg Supreme court. Michelle stood heroically with the conservatives at the rallies in washington and addressed the crowds, and we loved and respected her for it.

  • surfcitysocal

    Yay! That’s why she’s got my full support!

  • Travis M

    Glenn: You were doing okay then the Zionists bought and paid for you.  Gave you all those trips to Israel like they do our congress.  Blew a ton of smoke up your ass.    Did they offer you a lot of money or did they get some video on you doing some nasty thing you should not have?  Either way you are now a Judas Goat for America, selling their Satanic Agenda of continuous war for America so our military can bleed for these land grabbing thieves.

    Iran is going to be a repeat of Iraq, where we had an idiot president who bowed to the will of the Zionists.  They will co opt the 2012 election and have the most loyal traitor elected to further their agenda of World Domination.  Newt is bought and paid for and has been for a long time from the time he told his first wife in the cancer ward he was leaving her for a young fluff.  The Zionist phony legend of being God’s Chosen People is a part of their Talmudic Judaic Supremacist views they believe gives them the divine right to rule over the gentiles, whom they call Goy, or cattle.

    I would suggest to the readers to not believe me or Glenn or any Hasbarat (Zionist Propagandist paid for by Israel to be on forums) but to research for yourselves.  Don’t be lazy and get sucked in to the Zionist lies that will eventually destroy you and your family and this country.  Get educated on line.  All the mainstream media is bought and paid for so beware them.

    If you want to wake up some day and realize you are a fool, believe what they tell you.  They will see ten thousand Goy die for one Israeli or Zionist.  You have been warned.

    Keep your research to yourself as you will be called a Nazi, an Anti-Semite, any word they can think of to defeat you and prevent you from learning or telling the truth.  Anti-Semite is the verbal grenade they throw into the room to halt discussion and research.  This writing will be attacked and you will see what I am talking about.  The intelligent will see through their tactics.  Others will fall prey to their manipulations and deceptions.

    Glenn is gone, tell him goodbye.

  • YellowSquash

    The most important issue in this election is going to be trust. If people don’t trust the nominee to fix the problems they will have a hard time rallying behind them and this helps Obama.

    Candidates who supported govt run healthcare, tuition for illegals, global warming, cap and trade, TARP, collective bargaining, single payer mandate, ethanol, etc are going to be problematic. And many of the candidates have supported one or more of these issues in the past. Michele doesn’t have any of this baggage. In fact she was against raising the debt ceiling which would have prevented our credit downgrade from occurring.

    Just getting rid of Obama isn’t going to solve our problems, we are going to have to have someone with courage and dedication to put America back together again. We need the strong conservative leadership that Michele brings to the table if we are going to survive as a nation.

  • Born Country

    Who are you going to vote for?  What is our major problem?  Is it unemployment?

    Which of these fools have mentioned bringing our jobs and factories back and putting America back to work?  None of them.

    There is not a dime’s worth of difference between a Republican or a Democrat.  The same people are backing both parties so they cannot lose.  They will give you a lot of issues to consider, then appoint whomever they want.

    Rise up and take your power back!

  • 2richard1

    Michelles a great person and would do well in Washington we need more people like her that act like bleach and cut through the crap with common sense.  Trump is my first choice but Michelle would always be great for America to tell it like it is.

  • dan18921951

    tell me, then, who is not establishment?  give me a name – i am waiting – did you read the eauclairejournal.com article?  is baldwin establishment?

  • Guest

    Unlike. (I hit the like button on your comment below in my haste to reply.)

    Your candidate may have different issues, but he has issues. Instate tuition for illegals is one. It’s a magnet for illegals. I’m sure there are others and it appears you are sure there are none.

    That’s the problem: you are taking the position that Perry is The One (where have we heard that before?), the only one, and has no problems or issues. You then proceed to viciously attack other candidates as if they had committed the unpardonable sin. This is what dog breeders call “kennel blindness” – “Only my breed / kennel / candidate is worth anything. All others are so inferior they are unworthy of consideration.”

    Your mind is closed. That’s a handicap for you and a disservice to your country and a pain to everyone around you.

  • Mr. EMT

    I know this comes as quite a shock to people living outside and north of Texas.
    But we had a problem with illegals for years before Perry signed the Texas Dream Act to benefit tax payers in Texas and get tax wasters off welfare.
    That whole BS canard of it being a magnet is silly as hell. You think Paco jumped a fence to walk to austin to get an education?
    What the hell ever.
    There is only 1% of the total enrollment who are participating in the Texas Dream Act.
    And the whole meme of why its wrong has shifted from “it provides a back door to amnesty” Which was a lie that bachmann tried claiming with an assist from romney before they found out… “Oh we dont know what we are talking about we better make this about something else” and changed it to “You are taking tax dollars from citizens” then found out again they didnt know what the hell they were talking about so they changed it to this bs of “its a magnet!”
    RIGHT! drug dealers and smugglers cross our border to go to college! OF course! Why didnt someone figure this out and put a stop to it by shutting down colleges!
    Lets get a dose of reality here.
    Im not blind to the weaknesses of my candidate. I actually researched them and got to the bottom of the issue.
    What representative do you expect any conservative to vote for that would try to oppose legislation that has 99% approval behind it? Think real hard about that because that is how much was behind the Texas Dream Act and bachmann claims with her perfectly perfect hindsight and know-it-all answers she would have vetoed the bill and forced illegals to stay on government welfare and collect MORE grant money for going to college than what they may already get due to the fact there is federal law PROHIBITING states from denying an education to illegals.
    Plyler Vs Doe. 1982 look it up.
    Via Ace of Spades.
    Those other issues people have tried throwing at him? He doesnt debate pretty, he called people who dont want kids to be educated “heartless,” and Gardasil and the Texas Trans Corridor. Be my guest to try to attack Perry over them.
    Not only can I defend them I know where the other candidates have worse on their records.

    You then proceed to viciously attack other candidates as if they had committed the unpardonable sin.

    four of the candidates have. Cain, newt, romney, and bachmann. With ron paul trying to catch up.
    And if you support any of them while attacking Perry, you better watch it because I am likely to take your lunch and eat it while you cry over me pointing out how many stones from a house of glass you have thrown at Perry.

  • lungshot

    She’s another jackbooted neocon, supporting non-defensive, undeclared war, militarist intervention, warrantless searches, no-knock searches, sneak and peek searches, groping at airports, the FED, prohibition…  I wont vote for another neocon, whether it means another 4 years of BHO or not. Better to see the GOP die on the vine as a former wing of the “Big Government” party and re-group as a party which truly observes the Constitution.