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SunPower: Twice As Bad As Solyndra, Twice As Bad For Obama

A photovoltaic solar panel ranch similar to the California Solar Valley Ranch under construction by SunPower in the state’s San Luis Obispo County. The $1.2 billion loan guarantee to support the project was finalized in hours before the loan program expired Sept. 30. The company announced Aug. 5 that it will build the panels for the ranch at a new factory it will open in Mexico.

DOE photo

How did a failing California solar company, buffeted by short sellers and shareholder lawsuits, receive a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee for a photovoltaic electricity ranch project-three weeks after it announced it was building new manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico, to build the panels for the project.

The company, SunPower (SPWR-NASDAQ), now carries $820 million in debt, an amount $20 million greater than its market capitalization.   If SunPower was a bank, the feds would shut it down.   Instead, it received a lifeline twice the size of the money sent down the Solyndra drain.

Two men with insight into the process are SunPower rooter Rep. George R. Miller III, (D.-Calif.), the senior Democrat on the House Education and Workforce Committee and the co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and his SunPower lobbyist son, George Miller IV.

Miller the Elder is a strong advocate for SunPower, which converted an old Richmond, Calif., Ford plant in his district to a panel-manufacturing facility.

The congressman hosted an Oct. 14, 2010, tour of the plant with company CEO Thomas H. Werner and Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar to promote the company’s fortunes.

“The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility,” said Salazar during the tour.

“The work that comes from these facilities transforms renewable energy ideas into a reality.   When renewable energy companies continue to invest in places like California, the realization of a new energy future is within our reach,” he said.

Miller the Elder said he was grateful for Salazar’s interest.

“We’ve worked hard to make renewable energy a priority because it represents America’s future economic growth.   Today, businesses like SunPower are moving forward, hiring 200 people for good clean energy jobs in the East Bay,” he said.

“By fostering a business climate that encourages companies like SunPower, even more good jobs will be created locally, we’ll reduce demand for dirty energy sources, and we’ll cut customers’ utility bills.   That’s the right direction,” he said.

SunPower’s political action committee (PAC) was not shy about participating in the political process either.

According to the SunPower PAC filings for its activities in the 2010 midterm election campaign cycle, it donated more than $36,000.   Of the $15,650 donated to House and Senate candidates, $14,650 went to Democrats, with these top recipients: $4,000 to Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), $3,000 to Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D.-Ariz.) and $2,900 Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.).

The congressman was not forgotten either.   The SunPower PAC remembered him with $500 for his 2010 campaign.   While SunPower was a financial partner in the congressman’s reelection campaign, it straight-out hired his son.

Miller the Younger is not registered to lobby in Washington, but he is a member of its bar.   He is not a member of the California bar, home of his lobbying firm, Lang, Hansen, O’Malley and Miller (LHOM), of which he is a founding partner.

According the firm’s website LHOM specializes in providing advice to clients on larger macro political issues trends.   “Utilizing our broad experience in California and Washington, D.C., we can furnish ‘big picture’ analysis of developing political and policy trends which may affect client interests and goals.”

What does Miller the Younger bring?   Read here:   “George Miller brings a lifetime of friendships, relationships, and contacts together with over 15 years of front-line advocacy experience.   He’s an attorney with expertise that ranges from insurance and banking to transportation, taxation and gaming law,” according to the website.   “Unlike most advocates, George is at ease working both the corridors of Sacramento power or the halls of Congress.”

What is the stated purpose of the SunPower’s DOE 1705 program loan guarantee?

SunPower has different lines of business.   In addition to manufacturing solar panel and roof tiles, it builds solar panel ranches, which it then sells off, but retains the services contract.

The loan guarantee is earmarked for the job numbers for the California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) in San Luis Obispo County, which it has already sold to NRG Solar, but will continue to maintain.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE) website, the CVSR project will create 350 construction jobs during the two-year build and 15 permanent jobs-presumably those are the squeegee men for keeping the panels clean.

Capitol Hill powerbroker Rep. George Miller (D.-Calif.), center, hosted Interior Sec. Kenneth L. Salazar, left, on an Oct. 14, 2010 tour of SunPower’s Richmond, Calif., plant. During the tour, Salazar said plants like SunPower’s transform renewable energy ideas into reality. One year previous, the company announced it had restated its 2008 and 2009 financial filings to correct for unsubstantiated accounting entries.

[DOI photo by Tami Heilemann]

If $80 million per permanent job seems a little high, even for the current Obama administration, you are correct.   In addition to the 350 construction jobs and the 15 squeegee men, there will an as-yet-undetermined number of jobs created building the panels for the CVSR-in Mexicali, Mexico.

The company is looking for a facility of up to 320,000 square feet, where it will build three different solar panel models and its solar roof tiles, according the company’s Aug. 5 statement.

Marty T. Neese, the company’s chief operating officer, said, “Establishing our own manufacturing facility in Mexicali means we will be positioned to quickly deliver our high-efficiency, high-reliability solar products to a growing North American solar market.”

Mexicali Mayor Francisco Perez Tejada Padilla said he was thrilled.   “Mexicali is rapidly becoming an industrial hub for high-tech companies, offering an educated workforce and a growing manufacturing area,” he said.   “We welcome SunPower to our city and are pleased that they have chosen Mexicali to establish its solar panel manufacturing facility.”

The good news for Mexican jobs seekers did not affect the DOE’s loan guarantee to SunPower.   Hours before the DOE 1705 loan program expired at the end of Fiscal Year 2011 on Sept. 30, the $1.2 billion in loan guarantees was approved for the company.

Insiders get liquid through for $1.4 billion friendly buyout from France.

If that timing seems odd to you, consider the time line of company events around when the loan was announced April 12: just two weeks before France’s Total Oil (TOT-NYSE) launched its friendly takeover.

The deal, made public April 28, was in effect a 60% buyout at $23.25, then a 60% premium over the stock’s   trading price, which allowed insiders to get liquid.

SunPower CEO Werner is typical of the insiders.   On May 24 he exercised his right to purchase 428,343 shares at $3.30 per share, a $18 discount from the day’s trading range.   He sold 478,084 shares June 15, the day the Total Oil takeover closed, at $23.25 for proceeds of $11,115,453.

Remember, Total Oil was offering at $23.25 per share in what was in effect a private sale.   The SPWR, Class A or B, shares have not traded above $23 since June 10, 2010.

SunPower is a company in trouble.

In his Sept. 26 column for, Stoyan Elitzen lists SunPower as the ninth-most-shorted solar stock in either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ markets.   Short sellers are betting that a stock price will go down, as opposed to those who buy long, who expect a stock price to up.

According the Elitzen, the size of SunPower’s short position is equal to 15 days of its average daily volume of 725,000 shares per day.   By any measure, such pessimism is a banshee screaming in the night for a company’s stock price that has already lost 94% of value from its 2007 apex.

Although its stock has recovered from its all-time low Oct. 4 of $6.60 per share to trade between $8 and $9 per share, it has been a steep slide from its all-time high Dec. 3, 2007 of $133.   Then, the company was worth $13 billion.

Today, its market capitalization is $800 million, just short of its debt of $820 million, according to the company’s July filings for the second quarter.

The Oct. 4 sell-off, which gave shareholders a 12% haircut, was triggered by the company’s Oct. 3 aftermarket statement announcing the company was paying down its $50 million credit line with a consortium of European banks and opening a new $200 million credit line with Deutsche Bank.

According to the statement, Dennis V. Arriola, the company’s chief financial officer said the new credit line will improve the company’s ability to operate.

“However, the challenging market conditions continue to impact our global residential and commercial business.   As a result, we will revise our 2011 revenue and earnings outlook on our third-quarter earnings conference call to be held on Nov. 3,” he said.

As much as Arriola’s negative guidance shook up the markets, it also reflects a lesson learned.

In addition to all its other challenges, the company and its officers are defendants in a federal shareholder lawsuit, whose plaintiffs include, the Austin (Texas) Police Retirement System, the Arkansas Teachers Retirement System and a number of institutional investors for an alleged scheme to deceive the investing public by making false statements contrary to nonpublic information known to the insiders.

The allegations cover the period between April 17, 2008, to Nov. 16, 2009, the day the company announced that it had discovered unsubstantiated accounting entries to its operations in the Philippines, which led to the significant restating of the company’s financials.

There are a number of lawsuits filed in California courts relating to the same period alleging gross mismanagement, breach of fiduciary responsibility, unjust enrichment and abuse of control.

The first of the lawsuits was filed Nov. 18, 2009, and they have yet to be resolved.

It is a fair question to ask how a company with such serious charges lodged against its management team could receive a $1.2 billion loan guarantee from the taxpayers, so it could built a new manufacturing plant in Mexico to build the solar panels it will install at a photovoltaic ranch that will create a total of 15 permanent jobs.

Certainly, the time is right for Miller and Miller to clarify their roles in this mess.

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  • Altosackbuteer

    Is it asking TOO much that, if public funds HAVE to be used to prop up unviable solar energy companies — that, AT THE VERY LEAST, THE FACTORIES WHICH MAKE THE PANELS BE BUILT INSIDE THE UNITED STATES?

  • Mike_Stephens

    Follow the money. This one has deep family ties in the government. there is no way a prudent investor would make this loan unless the interest rate was very high. Even then it is doubtful. Follow the money, just like Solyndra.

    Government connected businesses are stealing from the American people.

    I have an idea. When you pay your taxes, you get to choose what they are spent on! If you support a program, some of your money goes to it, if you don’t, it doesn’t.

    Give the power of government spending to each person and no one can complain and useless services disappear.

  • wodiej

    Another scandal but will anyone have the guts to do anything about it? Gov. Sarah Palin likely will be once again the only person in the room to call it out.  

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    This story encapsulates the entire nature of the obama administration

  • jimjamer

    Good heavens, don’t these dolts in government know that the place to spend 1.2 billion dollars is in research first, to get a product that is workable? Then you can argue about money for construction and business development.

  • JohnWIS


    The government collects taxes, and gives $1.2 billion to a company in order to prop it up, because it cannot sustain itself on its own. 

    The taxpayer doesn’t have any say in the process…….but is told that we must pay our taxes, otherwise they will sick the I.R.S. after us, and threaten us with loss of property, finances, etc., and make our loves a living hell…including possible prison time.

    If the taxpayer complains…..they are deemed “unpatriotic”.

    If the taxpayer refuses…….they are deemed a threat.

    If the taxpayer complies without complaint or refusal…….those who impose the tax upon us simply smile and say “sheep!”

    The debt is placed upon us a burden…..against our will….and those in power, sleep at night without losing a wink.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    More of the same insane corruption, this is just what we need, another Solyndra.

  • jimlay

    Sadly, they are not dolts – they are CROOKS.

  • Out_sourced

    What’s really scary is the things we haven’t been found out about yet, what we know already about this corrupt administration is scary enough but just imagine what we don’t know that goes on. Scary times in this country and it only looks to get worse and as long as dipstick is in office.

  • RUexperienced

    Get over her.  She is gone.

    If she had guts she would have gotten in the race and debated the others.

  • RUexperienced

    15 squeegie men…

    I wonder how many jobs Obama counted in his “saved or created” total.

  • globalcrap

    When will justice be served ?How much more of these socialist crooks can America endore ?Where are the honest demacrats, and republicans .Why aren’t they outraged about all the tax payers money being wasted by these crooks.? When will be justice be served ?

  • no_pc

    Seems like you can buy Harry Reid et al. pretty cheap. 

  • lonestarlady

    Obama owes the Eco-Freaks who donated to his campaign, he doesn’t care about us taxpayers or how much of our money he squanders.  Obama must go in 2012 even if we have to march on DC and throw him out personally!

  • Keith1941

    Maybe we need more Tea Parties, but that won’t work.  The Tea Partiers are too busy working to support the orgy participants across the nation. 

    When the dust settles, the Bolsheviks will take over these “gatherings” in our cities. History does repeat itself….just like October, 1917, Russia.

  • Steve Trask

    But 3 trillion dollars spent on failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is ok, as is 700 BILLION for bailing out the banks and the wealthy.

  • ZigZ

    You do realize the $700 Billion TARP was paid back with interest, right?

  • Dustoff

    Don’t forget…. the failed banks have a lot to do with gov reg’s that helped to create the problem.
    Can you say Barney Frank/ Dood.

  • CPA60462

    Whale oil is the renewable fuel of the future.  All I need is a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee so that I can buy some whales (and cover my modest employment costs) .  To keep costs down I plan on feeding them the 1/2 portion of fries that will no longer be served with McDonald’s Happy Meals, which should have the added benefit of causing the whales pack on the pounds at a rapid pace.   Now if I can just keep PETA from finding out.

  • Ralphie85

    Very funny stuff!!!  I will be your lobbist, I could use a few “easy” bucks these days!!!


    Another 5 letter word for Fraud… OBAMA

  • borntobePolitical

    Corporatist Fascism.

  • joedoakes202

    October 3, 2011

    Making you unemployed . . .

    Dear El Presidente Obama,

    So, just so we are clear, we can’t whack a guy that murders his fellow service members in cold blood and is a muslim, nor can we whack the son of a Pakistani military officer for attempting to bomb Times Square, nor can we apparently whack Gadaffi for, well, being an all around bad guy – but we can whack a guy who gets up on his soap box and advocates for the muslimification and consequently the destruction of The United States of America.  Don’t get me wrong Mr. Obama, I’m all for it, I’m just wondering why we are being so inconsistent in all of this?  Is it possible you and the political class have decided which muslims to fight for without telling the American people?  Again I’m all for it, one way or the other, but what if by some insane circumstance that Ron Paul does become President and gives that order to retreat – that’s an awful lot of blood that is going to be running in the Arab Street.

    Enough with the happy talk:)  Can you explain to me how you get your core supporters to protest banks while you line your pockets with their money?  That’s a skill I lack.  Not one I ever want to learn.  You do realize that most Americans know by now that all of that TARP/TALF and “stimulus” money all of you pushed for ended up in some strippers g-string?  At least those strippers earned it.  All you have to do is blow air past you larynx all the while being fully clothed.  I’d say you’ve got the easier deal buddy.  Maybe you can invest in another solar company and launder a few more bucks that way?  Or you could run more guns into Mexico?  You’ve already released the documents that demonstrate that communication was ongoing between The White House and the departments involved in the operation known as “fast and furious.”  What idiot came up with that name?  If you get impeached over this, when they make the movie, will they be using your Canadian built bus, because I’m not sure that has enough torque to get the job done.

    Finally, the nonexistent “jobs bill,” that is only concerned with saving one persons job.  Yours.  This bill is being shredded by Democrats for one simple purpose – to save their jobs.  Which I’ve noticed that they are losing at an increasingly alarming rate.  Socializing, if not Communizing, a once free nation isn’t just expensive economically, it is also expensive politically.  What did all of you think would happen when you enslaved doctors and destroyed the patient doctor relationship on the alter of Big Government?  We would all just sit quietly and take it?  No dice.  One more election to go.  Then your going to join the rest of us on the unemployment line, it’s about time you feel like what it is like to lose your job.  There is justice and fairness in that, many of those who once voted for you are becoming more and more aware of that with each passing day; I long for the day when the “black vote” votes for freedom and opportunity and no longer submits itself to being enslaved by ignorance of their liberal slave owners.

    On November 6, 2012 I hope they join us to break those chains once again.


    Joe Doakes

  • Diego Roswell

    Apparently, this president and his corrupt administration, after bankrupting the nation, starting wars in Libya and now Pakistan, accepting donations from the worst of the worst Wall Street offenders, deliberately selling US weapons to Mexican drug dealers that get US Border agents killed, blames others for his actions, giving taxpayer money to select companies,  none of this is noticed by the morons that continue to support the man. Ideology is more stubborn in these people than a tick on a mule deer.

  • RufusVonDufus

    What we know so far about the criminality of this administration is but a scratch on the surface!    It is going to get much worse.   Obama is going to do everything and anything he has to do in order to get reelected and that includes buying and lying.

  • drivingfast001

    Remove the stench of corrupt BO in 2012. Vote every Demoncrap out of office!!

  • Donna Andrews

    Nope, it’s not alright.  so the only remaining question is….why doesn’t Obama end the two failed wars?

  • rank

    Well I will be darned.  The son of a Congressman with a D after his name.  Who would have thought?/Huge sarcasm!

  • desertdiva53

    Hey Paul, the Chinese are going to build a Solar Plant near Laughlin,Nv (Harry “the hoar” Reid’s district.)  As much as we need the work down here, I am hard pressed to think we will find the same kind of Bull *&$% going on here.  I’m so tired of all of it I could just SPIT!    What can we do about it???

  • Gary Letchford

    Apparently spoken by someone who has not even a sniff of a clue.  This inexperienced preteen wishes he could vote for “Chief Talkalot”,  but alas being preteen,  it is not to be.

    To clarify….  Sarah Palin did a big favor when she did not enter the GOP fray.  If she had,  she would have had so many negative comments such as RUExperienced attempts to spout.  That is not to say that she wouldn’t have been a great addition,  but the hate mongers in the USA are just too many to make it worthwhile.

  • astralweeks

    Can we please start locking these guys up? Heck I’d even be okay with taking all their assets and passing them out among the morons on Wall St. who should be protesting these guys.

  • matthew s

    Sarah Palin lacking guts? 

    maybe she was told by everyone she asked that she had absolutely no chance to be elected president with the relentless beating the mainstream media has given her since 2008.

  • Obotsarelonelyfools

    I live and work in DC and have ALWAYS found it so disgusting how many congressional and administration wives, siblings and children “lobby”…

    its nothing but outright influence peddling and it is a disgrace and all these congress members that play this gane should be jailed (and since its not illegal – how about just defeated in elections)  They are scum.

    Btw, I m a democrat.

  • poetikus

    No, 3 trillion on the wars is not good either but two wrongs don’t make a right and when it comes to this administration there is NOTHING they do right.  And as for tarp, it’s basically been paid back, many banks didn’t even want it but were forced to take it, and none of it would have been necessary if Frank/Dodd/Waters would have stayed out of meddling with the mortgage markets.

  • J

    As a Californian forced to observe George Miller screw the citizens of the state for decades now I can only hope this means both he and his family will finally disappear from the political landscape. It’s unlikely. God is punishing us for something apparently.

  • David

    folks your administration has run completely amuck!!!!!  They are stealing from the taxpayer and doing so, without even hiding their actions.  Its time for the folks to put a stop to this insanity fast, before the administration spends all of your and your children’s children’s children’s money.  Obama does not care about you the voter, and this attitude is now permeated through all of Washington.  It is indeed the saddest sight in the current world.  I weep for a great Nation, one who was once the greatest.

  • Obotsarelonelyfools

    thats a bs myth smart guy…

  • RufusVonDufus

    You are going to have to kick a fourth of it back to Obama’s campaign in some illegal  way.

  • poetikus

    Before long even the mainstream media will be forced to cover the corruption of this Administration.  How do I know?  Because it will either be report on the corruption or broadcast dead air and print blank pages.

  • jnsesq

    Sadly, the only capitalism this Marxist administration believes in is crony capitalism. How is Comrade Immelt doing, Barry?

  • photonsoflight

    When enough leeches catch onto a fish it will die. So will the US federal government go. Prepare for it.

  • sunnyvaleken

    Washington is called the District of Corruption for a reason.  With Chicago politicians in charge, well, they’re having a field day spending our money.

    Fire Obama and the rest of the Democrats in 2012.  Then closely watch the replacements.

  • Sadge1129

    Corruption through and through the Democratic party, and we wonder why America is broke???

    When is Congress going to cut them off at the knees and stop the madness of bailouts and give aways while the elderly worry about social security and Medicare? There is plenty of money in the system if we can keep it out of the hands of these dirty thieves……

  • SurfinUSA

    Headline: Venture Capital fundraising at 8 year low.  One report found 52 U.S. funds raised $1.72 billion in the three-month period, down 52% from the same period a year earlier.  

    Analysis:  Big money is sitting on the sidelines.

    Government is clueless about venture capital and lending.  These pencil heads have no idea on how markets work, how companies make products or most importantly, KNOW HOW TO MAKE A BUCK!

    Get government off our backs and put these corrupt clowns in jail. 

  • Dergo

    The technology is not economically feasible.  Nobody an run the numbers?  40 year straight-line payback.  It is pure feel good green power not even worth considering until the solar cells are ten times for efficient at the same price – a long way to go.

  • Pf Wag

    Sunpower makes the most efficient production solar cells on the market.  Their high end ones are 15-16.5% efficient, depending on model .  Sanyo is next at around 15%.  Most of the competition is down at 10-14%.   Back in June Sunpower announced that they had produced a 24% efficient solar cell.  If Sunpower can’t make it on their own, probably nobody can at this time.

    Maybe 10 years ago or so, I read a report that said solar power won’t be cost effectively competitive until the efficiency hit 25%.

  • majric

    It’s in his district and his job is to represent the people and businesses in his district. The crime is if he got paid under the table for promoting the company. It’s always the other 534 members of  congress that are wasting tax payers money. My guy works for ‘neccessary spending’.

  • ProudToBeAnAmerican1776

    This is just part of their money laundering scheme. The libs give the money to their buddies, who give it back to the Dem party as contributions, who get more of these thieves elected. How typically liberal of them.

  • MadCharles

    This is Bell, California on steroids.

  • James Choie

    Obama is so deep in it. How much was his cut.

  • ProudToBeAnAmerican1776

    No we do not need another Solyndra, we need to get every elected or appointed official who is associated with these schemes away from our money.

    (Yes I know you were being sarcastic)

  • borninmombasa

    they are scum?….er hello, they are democrats. We are a nation of gullible fools . But hey Hope and Change is just around the cornor. How’s that DC voucher program working out? DC schools 50% graduation rate if you’re a black kid. Obama gets elected, “they’re thinking of sending their girls to “public school” ,funny of course they end up a Sidwell Friends private school. Also some poor kids get to attend Sidwell’s via the DC school voucher program, and escape the hell that is DC public schools. What does Obama do , kill the voucher program via pressure from the teacher’s union.  Those unlucky DC kids, back to DC public hell , but the Limo Liberals kids are still safe at Sidwells. Bohener  gets elected speaker of the house and the first thing he does is REINSTATE the DC voucher program.

    And that my friend is why you are a Democrat.

  • Phillip Waller

      justice will only be served, when you vote with your eyes open, rather than with eyes closed…praying for “Hopey/Changey.”  Yes, we need a leader. Yes, we need a new direction. No. It will not come from on high. We must take back our government at the local level. We must demand control to be as local as possible.  Turn off MSNBC and roll up your sleeves in your own neighborhoods. Gather like-minded neighbors and make your community what you wish. 

  • SurfinUSA

    “The Tea Partiers are too busy working to support the orgy participants across the nation.”

    What kind of twisted comment is that about?  You maggot infested hacky sack players can dream of Lenin all you want, but we’ll squash you like bugs on a windshield before you infest us any further.

    It’s time for parasites like you to be lit up with lighter fluid.

  • Connie Reed

    Oh, really? And where did it go? Because it sure didn’t apply towards the DEBT.

  • ramoncramon

    take fed land and build solar farms.  use people on welfare and unemployment to work the ranches.  

  • JayC777

    Really?  Where’d it go?

    Oh, please, mindless one, who’ll believe anything a democrat says, no matter how stupid, cite the information for me.

  • Guest

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

  • RUexperienced

    Yes. Palin has no guts.

    What kind of person with presidential qualities would snipe at the Republican candidates from behind the protection that is given to her by Fox News?

    Palin has has nasty snarky thinks to say about nearly every candidate in the race (except Romney).

    …. but regardless…. she is gone now. And we are not sorry.

  • ProsecuteBushCrimes

    Write your Democrat and Republican Representatives and insist NO MORE MONEY be given to Obama the tax dollar thief.

  • SurfinUSA

    Smell your own breath… your topper failed… you’re the one full of b.s.

  • JungleCogs

    And Obama wants to raise taxes.  I think we’ve given too much for his wealth redistrubution projects.

  • dudley

    Miller wants to take your 401K/IRA’s over.  Just do a search.

  • Joe D

    When will the man take his boot off the neck of our Niggar in Chief.

  • Bruce Allan

    Where’s “Occupy” leftists on this??? So, we chase the after “corporate greed” when the crooks are right in the oval office,huh?

  • SurfinUSA

    We can call it a failure when we leave and Pakistan and India bomb each other with nuclear bombs.  We can call it a failure when Iran attacks Israel that starts an even bigger war.  We can call it a failure when the next scuzzball flies a plane into an American skyscraper. 

    Until then, the verdict is out, little one.

  • George Renfro

    The libs have been eyeing private retirement money for some time. Hillary talked about taxing it, but shut up after seeing the reaction to that. Sooner or later they will try again to come for the money they see out there. Their plan is to give us treasury bonds or some iou and tell us that most people are too unsophisticated to put their own money at risk, so the government will “guarantee” it and everyone will feel so so secure.

  • mrcyberdoc

    So why would you give loan guarantees to a company that does NOT have the capability of producing their product BEFORE the loan guarantee? And then why would you let them move the jobs to MEXICO? So when they default and go bankrupt, guess who gets the building? It will probably be bought by the drug cartels for $1… a large building where they can store their dope before smuggling it across the border.

  • Bruce Allan

    Stuff it, leftist – your orgies at the “Occupy” aren’t doing ANYTHING against the real theft – right there in the oval office. Why not assail the real problem – government protectionism and “governmentalism” which allows these trickster lobbyists to walk away with hundreds of billions in our tax dollars, and then tell us we have to “eat our peas” FO, moron

  • Mactec

    Michele has already beat you to the Happy Meal Fries.

  • williampenn

    Come November, 2012, Obama and his Red Menace Administration will be CRUSHED in the biggest landslide in US history.

  • Tom Seim

    You forgot about the part where the company makes campaign donations to the government in order to get favored attention, and hires congressional relatives (nepotism) to get even more favored attention.

  • patsys48

    If a California Democrat will lobby for anything, then it has to be set for failure and most likely a get rich scheme  for Miller and his cronies  and a scam on the rest of us that we will end up paying for.
    When are folks going to realize the liberal loving Democrats and their environmental get rich quick crap have totally destroyed California..
    San Diego, CA

  • M R

    I happen to know a few “down on their luck” whales.  For a modest finders fee I would be glad to send them your way.  After all it is all “free” money right?

  • Whitesheperd

    Has one of these “Fairy dust energy” programs actually turned a profit? Has any of them actually met it’s expenses? These are money laundering pay offs to the Obamunists!

  • George Renfro

    And defend it with the guns Holder let them have.

  • SurfinUSA

    Or, there will be more coverage on the Kardashian skanks and puff pieces on their favorite politician of the week.  

    Or, we can watch Chris Matthews get another tingle up his leg or watch Larry O’Donnell on MSNBC go through another paranoid, delusional fit worthy of a psychotic late night movie.

    The media has become a playground for mental contortionists of all types.  It’s all a game show “The Biggest Lie”… starring… Barack Insane Obama

  • candidviews

    Solar power should be sold by late night TV pitchmen. Total license for people to get Govt to thorw money at them and down the drain. We are being fleeced in the name of green. How ironic.

  • LG_Knight

    Nice political hack job.   Twice as bad as Solyndra, eh?

    What you fail to highlight is the loan is to install a solar electricity plant that has clearly positive payback to investors and lenders.    It is not to finance, like Solyndra, an expensive manufacturing plant in an expensive labor country (U.S.). 

    I will wager my entire current year’s salary against yours (mine is the larger of the two) that this loan will be promptly and fully paid back.

    If this is twice as bad as Solyndra, you are getting 2:1 odds.   Wanna Bet Mr. Hack Job?

  • M R

    In  world where we can sell worthless cars to the government, have our companies bailed out for failing, and get paid to NOT work (for years on end); the only idiots are those who pay taxes and are not on the dole.

  • mrcyberdoc

    P.S.   Where do I sign up as a squeegee man? I wouldn’t even ask for a raise if I could have that $80 million dollar salary. I’d even give 80% of it to the government as income tax so they could squander it over and over again and put more squeegee men back to work. (I’d even provide my own squeegees)

  • Bruce Allan

    no my friend – governmentalism. Green sector “jobs” (which are diminishing by the minute) are based in the socialist utopia – they are the 21st century snake-oil salesmen, and these filthy lobbyists are more than happy to oblige. Make sure you know who to blame on this – Oblabbo thought it was profitable, remember?

  • R.M.R

    I love the fact that this company is opening a factory in Mexico with our tax dollars.  None of their workers pay back any taxes to our government for building this factory.  Mexico is the third richest country in the western hemisphere and the richest man in the world lives here.  Why should we fund anything in Mexico?  Let the Mexican government fund this factory and let the money from the U.S. build some new factories in the U.S.

  • Elwood678

    Joe D: Display some class and i served my country overseas (six generations). You and i might not agree with the president on issues, but i think you might not know the difference between a NIC and a NCO.dln

  • BobinNC

    I see jail time in many peoples future.  Perhaps Holder and Obama should watch “Papillon”.

  • Liberty First

    Eco-scam. The libs will argue “it’s for the planet”, as though that whitewashes all the corruption away. Alinski taught that the Progressives must couch all their arguments in feel-good language. That’s why you always hear the Democrats saying “it’s for the children”, or “it’s for grandma’s health”, or “it’s for public safety”, or the infamous “we must save the planet”, as they lift the wallet from your pocket and rob you blind. They are a criminal enterprise.

  • MadCharles

    The road repair in Congessman Issa district was criticized ruthlessly for using the same congressional process. The people that drive the road have wanted it repaired and widened for fifteen years. Darrell got it done. Were your people screaming for this congressman to give his son millions of tax payer money  for fifteen years ? I think not. I’ll bet the people didn’t know squat. Isn’t it in Issa’s district and his job is to represent the people and businesses in his district  as it is in your guy’s district ?

  • Dustoff

    LOL……………..yeah sure it is.

    Hope you like living in a cardboard box after losing this bet. 

  • datameister

    You are on a roll today. Light ‘em up.



  • lancebrown


  • Fred, Wa State

    No, no, and yes you’re right.


    We got evil president who paces up and down the white house lawn and thinks want else he can do to punish us all and how to further damage our nation.

  • necod

    Obama isn’t fire proof any more. This actually can end up with prison time for George III and George IV. Let’s see whom big Zero will throw under the bus first?

  • joedoakes202

    Keep Calm and Carry On . . .

    August 29, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    In the interest of history let’s do a little sum up thus far.  You “wrote” a book.  Confessed your transgressions.  Promised your fellow citizens that nebulous concepts such as “hope” and “change” would enable them to find fulfillment in their life via the federal government.  You left out that the finances of the federal government are built on various cons and scams that would not even pass the most rudimentary of financial reviews.  You started a war on Libya.  Admittedly, I’m for this, though not in the manner upon which you are doing it.  You sacrificed Egypt to tomorrows enemy.  You signed the most unpopular piece of legislation since Prohibition in the form of “Obamacare.”  Without one Republican vote.  You blew various moments of core principles, like siding with Nancy Pelosi as she attacked the CIA, and calling a cop a racist albeit in a veiled manner.  Let’s not leave out the massive spending on some of the most insane things I can conceive of while not providing money for those things that the federal government has a vital role in doing, because if you did, you would lose more of your liberal support.  Soon you are going to be advancing a “jobs plan,” do I need to mention what happens to businesses that you appear at?

    As I drove through “Irene” the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” came to my mind.  It is high time that the citizens of this nation realize that there own safety and security in no small way rests on the personal choices that they decide to make, and no longer allow themselves to be conned and scammed by people like Al Gore telling them that the world is coming to an end if they do not plug their rectums with a mercury filled light bulb.  Or that one thing or another is going to kill them.  Something is going to kill all of us.  I don’t much see the point in making society a basket case trying to stop it while not enjoying our lives and pursuing our American dreams, of course within some semblance of reason, but in the end, no matter which one of us buys the farm.  The show must go on.  Real Americans know this.  There has to come a moment when the tones of liberal politicians singing the tune of victimization, fear, and race baiting fall on deaf ears.  Considering what liberals tend to do to those people while promising to do something far different is criminal.  How could you steal a mans dignity and then ask him to vote for you?

    In the midst of this I have at times shouted into the wind in an effort to persuade other free citizens to stick together, and not permit you and those of your ilk, to divide us in your usual manner via race and economic class.  You see Mr. Obama your way is the easy way.  Your way requires little thought and only marginal effort.  I, “We The People,” have a much tougher job.  We must persuade our fellow citizens that being free is our most important goal, and that your philosophy is it’s greatest threat.  That is why I keep calm and carry on in a relentless fashion as I steer my life through a nation that is being so poorly led, I know of no other way to preserve this nation from tyranny.

    On November 6, 2012 we will make one great stride in attaining that goal.


    Joe Doakes

  • jimmydidit

    and you want us to pay MORE TAXES… FUK YOU

  • jimmydidit









  • justonevoter

    I have long said this whole solar thing was a sluch fund for dems… take any dem and go to degrees of separation with family members and BAM you have the who’s who of energy loans.   Start with Carnahan’s in MO and go from there.  Even the press should be able to see the pattern.

    Democrats are the biggest capitalists there are… they just do it by stealing tax-payer funds rather than building businesses. Yeah… keep the idiot self-righteous Occupy Wall Street folks riled up and they won’t notice that they are protesting exactly what their heroes are best at : CORRUPTION.

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    This is a shining example of Barack Hussein Obama’s leadershit skills and foursightedness.

  • GarandFan

    Follow the money – it ends up in the pockets of Democratic donors – Barry’s got to fund his re-election campaign somehow.

  • Elizabeth

    You f@kn Paul Liberterians and Rhinos. So you wanted to teach the Republicans a lesson in 2008. You either stayed home or voted  for Scumbama.Shut the fk up. You deserve this scum . I held my nose and took anti vomit pills and pulled the lever for Macpig the RINO. Because he was the lesser of two evils. You have to realize that Regan was a once in a lifetime deal. I agree with Paul as to spending and the FED other then that he should have got on the UFO with L Ron Hubbard. Watch this fool will be responsible for Scumbama re election. He will not winn the nomination and run as a third party candidate. You think I am full of crap, wait and see. The only one that doesn’t owe any one anything in DC is Cain. Cain in 2012

  • Griz

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!  How much more of this forced socialist agenda can we take before we go under?  Shovel ready = 6 feet down for American life and values.  Get rid of this regime now!!

  • Volt007

    Don’t insult Democrats with the name ” Obama “.  He is something America has never had before, a Manchurian President. A complete foreigner and a fraud on a level no country has ever experienced. For the sake of America, we need to remove this man, before it’s too late. Four more years will be forty, or more..

  • Griz

    Bull freakin’ cr*p!! 

  • codependent

    We are buy jobs in Mexico?

  • keithbo61

    It’s debt is 20 million more than its market capitalization. If this is a good bet to you, then perhpas betting is not your strong suit.

  • Marcus Jackson

    I’d love to take your sure bet…..  By the way, stock was trading at $130 a share when Bush was in office, with Obama’s financial support it is trading at $8.40.  This company is doomed.

  • snapperman

    Why are so many of the democrat congresspeople crooks these days?

  • JoeNJ8

    These days??

  • KM

    The worst president ever, along with the most corrupted administration.  Bad combination.  The November 2012 landslide may change the political landscape for years!  And just think, the GOP will have the power created by the socialist-democrats.  We’ll see if the socialist-democrats thinks that the government can administer their healthcare without political biases.  Maybe they’ll let me sit on one of the panels that determines ‘who’ gets ‘what’ medical care.  LOL

  • malapai

    What do you mean ‘these days’?

  • malapai


  • R.D. H

    Well President Obama did say “We are going to reward our friends and punish our enemies.”. This is just some of his friends.

  • Dustoff

    It’s O-Dumber.    (-:

  • Norman

    How GReen is my pasture? I don’t know, it has photovoltaic arrays all over it.. (/rimshot)

    I, for one, would still like to know how much aRnold SchwarzenKennedy benefitted from his blind trust that was under the control of an advisor who was active in both his administration as well as traveling with him on foreign junkets.. not to mention other Kennedy family members that also were and remian  involved in other large scale solar and green projects.

    Politics has become a perpetual feeding trough for the rich  and elite, The mIllers involvement shouldn’t surprise anyone.. The Reid family has also benefited greatly  in a similar fashion.

    But I doubt those who vote for Dems religiously will ever catch on  how they have been hoodwinked to believe the Republicans are the eviler ones. Too bad, their kids will be paying for this largesse and corruption their entire lives.

  • stopthemadnessIII

    Why do we insist on blaming the president – it is congressmen who do not have term limits – it is congress who passed this bill and it is Congress who benefited from it.  Stop your “hero” obsession.  Obama sucks, yeah we get it.  Pay attention.  Its Congress that is screwing up the country, not some idiot that is office for 8 years at most.  George Miller III has been in Congress since 1975!!!!  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!  Stop obsessing over the fender-bender to your car – your House (pun intended) is getting robbed.

  • mrs. L

    when will you realize we are being robbed and have been for decades, but the big push leading up to ww3 is coming, they will kill the economy every way they can so they can get as many young people in the military to fight for the london bank district known as the london crown district.  the queen parasite on humanity and her demon helpers the rothschilds.   they wreck civilizations for a little profit.   they own the cfr which owns the democratic and republican parties.   They first bought the dems, then the repubs, now they’ve been rotating presidents playing a 3rd grade game with us.   Wake up.  America is gone….it has a chance if we can get her to doctor Paul.   That or keep getting robbed by the same thieves that have been doing it to the world for over a 1000 years.   But this current kabal was put together in the mid to late 1700′s.   listen to two speeches if you ever get to hear any two in the world these are the ones,  MYRON FAGAN, CFR IN AMERICA.  BENJAMIN FREEDMAN at the Willard Hotel.  Don’t bother thanking me.   Just listen to the speeches, about 2hrs ea.  You WILL understand everything after this.

  • Dustoff

    Fred, did you hear about the solar panels they put up in Snohomish  country bld?

    (Snohomish county officials are even putting solar panels on the Snohomish County Administration Building West, to power electric cars,)


    HOW COULD YOU FORGET —————Al Gore?

  • renojmc

    Agreed.  Can imagine what Owebama will do once he becomes a lame duck president?  In the case of an election defeat in 2012, he’ll have two and a half months to wreak havoc on our country.  He’ll be furious over his loss and will have no reason to not issue executive orders left and right in an attempt to implement his delusional agenda.

    Perhaps even more scary is the 4 years he’d have if he did win in 2012.

    God help us.

  • biglipzulu

    How many green energy scams does it take for the American taxpayer to figure they’ve been taken?

  • landof10000


  • confedgal

    What do you mean before he has spent all of our money? Too late. There are some of us who warned people, but no, they wouldn’t listen. Now we’re left hoping to find some change in the couch cushions. What’s really interesting is that the people who are hurt the most by the fraud of a president and his minions are the ones who will vote for him again.

  • confedgal

    What they don’t realize is that a large majority of people that have retirement accounts will take their money and pay the penalty before they allow the government to get their greedy little mitts on it.

  • Sigint.

    Cain seems appealing, but he is afterall a Globalist who will continue to sell us down the international river.  Just what is it about him being a Director of the KC FED don’t you underdtand?

  • RenegadeScholar

    All of that WASTED money that could have gone towards feeding the hungry or housing the homeless–and white journalists call Cain “heartless.”

  • Sigint.

    And ‘forked-toungedness’.

  • confedgal

    The only way the media would see a connection is if the principles had an R after their name. Then they would be all over it. Since they don’t …

  • None None

     Count me in!

  • None None

    When we throw them out, we will have to fumigate the White House and count all the silver.

  • Tom Grubb

    The American people are rising up to be heard.  The current government is broken, it’s rigged, as long as the congressmen/women are puppeted by big business/lobbiest, nothing will change.  We have started the uprising against the government to say enough is enough.    Here’s a start on how you fix our government (and you know what’s really sad, the current goverment just doesn’t get it….)  1. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
    5.. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people

    Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12.
    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

  • None None

     This administration has given a whole new meaning to the word CORRUPTION!

  • Sigint.

    Needs more money to give to his son’s clients

  • confedgal

    Or Obumbler, or Obuckethead, or Zero, or the idiot-in-chief, or Nobama.

  • aniptofar

    Unbelievable…. except it’s even worse than that.  The way these deals are set up, the electric co. (likely PG&E) has agreed to buy the electricity generated for 300-400% of fossil fuel generation costs.  Since this can only supply power 2-3 hours a day, they still have to maintain excess capacity at additional extra cost.  So even if the loan is paid back, it will be off the taxpayers back paying more for something than it’s worth. The only people who benefit are the mexicans.  It’s like flushing money into the sewer.

  • None None

    He only lies when his mouth is open. Come to think of it, I have never seen it closed.

  • JOe Dutra

    The Dems believed themselves to be unaccountable.  Congressman Issa believes differently.

  • Chuck Bister

    And the elite want to create more Solyndras… … too bad because it would be great if these companies could really deliver.

  • None None

    The thought of four more years with O’Blamer (and possibly Hillary on the ticket) just made me throw up on my keyboard.

  • confedgal

    We really try to forget him every day. Then someone brings his name up.

  • Dustoff

    AND…. what kind of job did he do there?    Bad. good, great.
    Tell the whole story

  • None None

    And you still admit to being a dimocRat? I would be hanging my head in shame.

  • confedgal

    Is that anything like how many dems does it take to change a light bulb?

  • None None

    The District of Corruption and  Crook County – How appropriate.

  • None None

     The slogan should have been – Hope I have some change left.

  • None None

    Honest and democrat should not be used in the same sentence!

  • bobofromtexas

    This is the Hope&Change! AKA The Chicago Way that you voted for.

  • Dustoff


    Don’t pull this Un-American BS here.  It doesn’t work. Solyndra failed because it was a bad idea from day one, just like windmills.

  • Dustoff

    Tom if were all making 100 bucks per hr making panels, who is going to buy them?

  • Audrey Irwin

    You obviously don’t know what Solyndra was producing, and lack the initiative to actually research what you write.  What a waste…  What don’t you understand, the fact that we lose manufacturing jobs because we have bad trade policies that do not protect the American worker?  Or do you think it is better if we all make what they pay in Chinese factories?  The stupidity of some of these posts amaze me, perhaps if you actually knew the facts on what you were trying to comment on, your comments would have some worth, but because you don’t, they don’t.

  • JP

    Nice try.

  • rank

    Can’t you people see why the Tea Party is so dangerous?  They protest peacefully, clean up after themselves, are typically firm but polite, have a clearly stated mission, and are made up of all races and classes of hard working people. How do you expect politicians to survive, and get rich, with Tea Party people now carefully watching what politicians from any party does?  Why some of those politicians might even wind up in jail! Yep, those in the Tea Party are one dangerous group…. and they attract more and more members every day! /S   Hee, hee, hee!

  • Eddie Sweet


  • BigBoa


    God you people really ARE braindead,,,,,,when people see that they will wind up with less money than they put in, while O’Bozo promises them a “bonus” to leave it in, they’ll succumb. Just like they do for everything else.

  • biglipzulu

    Evil and corrupt. Americans really do need to consider taking back their government by any means available. Trying to vote in a new paradigm has failed, is designed to fail and maintain the status quo. Time to start thinking outside the safe box.

  • eddiethegeek

    Its debt of $820 million is greater than its market capitalization.  If this were a bank, the feds would shut it down.

    That comment shows a frightening ignorance of finance and accounting – the market value takes into account the company’s outstanding debt, or are you unaware of that?

    I’m as opposed to government subsidies for such industries and shady deals as the next guy, but I couldn’t read any further given the complete loss of credibility such a statement yields.

  • poetikus

    Nice to see somebody has a job.  How’s that cubicle in the White House rapid response office working out for ya?

  • poetikus

    Light bulb?  Isn’t that what the greenies just outlawed?

  • Dustoff

    The NIGHTMARE keeps growing for taxpayers.

    Turns out that the in the latest flurry of e-mails released by the White House show that the Energy Department​
    restructured Solyndra’s loans to protect private investors, not
    taxpayers.  “When Department of Energy restructured the loan in
    February, they inexplicably not only doubled-down on a bad bet, they put
    Solyndra’s investors, Argonaut and Madrone to the front of the line for
    the first $75 million that could be recouped in bankruptcy,

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    *SMACK*, Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    American manufacturers are also heavily taxed and over-regulated, that’s one way the dems have been exporting jobs!

  • Bender11

    Cronyism and corruption run rampant in our government this is yet another example. 

    Consider also what just happened in a Texas federal court. A Dallas business owner was involved in two civil suits. After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers in one suit, the business owner objected to additional fees. The lawyers, being on friendly terms with the judge in the other (federal) suit, had the federal judge seize all of the business owner’s property, without any notice or hearing, and essentially ordered him to be an involuntary servant to the lawyers. The business owner has been under this “servant” order, virtually in house arrest, for 10 months and is prohibited from owning any possessions, prohibited from working, etc…

    Some quotes from the judge in this case:

    THE COURT: “I’m telling you don’t screw with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to screw with a federal judge, and if you don’t understand that, I can make you understand it. I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me.

    ”THE COURT: “You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death” has details (some editorial) about this case.

  • james coyle

     to stopthmadness we conservative have the congress nothing else, for now that is semi enough zer0 has to go holder has to go (preferrably to prison)the totus promised to work with the minority party and then san fran nan and worthless harry reid literally locked the doors to their private meetings while shoving healthcare DEform up our butts. paid a political price in 2010 and now seeing a bigger defeat looming in 2012 are schemeing to “postpone” aka cancel elections. (dick) holder flagrantly lies to congress and gets a pass but they’re looking to bring roger clemens back to persecute, here’s a question for all why was he even there in the first place? on a scale of 1-10 in importance to our nation, it scores about a minus 100. yeah alot of repubs suck but there are some good ones the number of dims that don’t suck is 0. oBlamer went from winning 58% of the independent voters to 41% now he’ll lose to anyone we nominate by a lot. He’d lose to elmer fudd or goofy, both of whom would be an improvement. if zer0 and his minions try to cancel elections next year there will be a revolt that they can’t imagine. tarring and feathering seems appropriate or just life sentenses

  • Dustoff

    What don’t you understand, the fact that we lose manufacturing jobs because we have bad trade policies

    Will I do…. You fail to understand these panels are a joke, 10/15 years from  now maybe not.  Pushing the green thing when it doesn’t work well is a dem idea and you won’t find it in the open market.
    Just like windmills.

  • Dustoff

    It’s a shame, some fail to understand that.

  • Count Yob

    Sunpower is planning to build the solar panels for this project at a factory in Mexico, not in the USA.  They announced that weeks before they were given this $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee.

  • dareisay

    I am fed up with Obama, his comrads and his business friends, telling us how many jobs they will offer here, then turn around and send them to foreign countries! No longer should we purchase foreign made goods. No longer should anyone listen to the crooked Obama!

    We are being robbed while Obama gives our money away willy-nilly.

    Impeachment should come soon, if not, a military coup!

  • Obama_The_Horrible

    That electricity and dry combustible grass looks like the makings of an insurance claim.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Yep, San Fran or L.A. – Take your pick.  Neither city seems to have any morals  

  • Jack_Kennedy


    led by the


  • cassisanass

    The most transparent administration in history, you can see right through them.

  • dennis1960

    Bravo and well said.

  • Tommy Moran

    You are correct that some congressional people had hands in what has happened.  However, just voting them out is only part of the solution.  We must have TERM LIMITS!!!  Our forefarthers did not intend for those jobs to be careers as many have made them.  Move both the house and senate to 4 year terms with a limit of 2 terms.  Then they can do what they are elected to do and stop running for office.

  • Pat_in_Colorado

    They want to build a new factory in Mexico, when there’s a brand new unused solar panel factory right there in Fremont, CA.

  • Gardentoolnumber5

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Sell not liberty to purchase power.”
        Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you FDR. Favorite FDR quote, “There is nothing wrong with communists, some of my best friends are communists.”

  • Dan Smith

    this is the kind of cronyism the youth are marching about. It’s time to march on the politicains’ houses, over this one.

  • returnoffreedom

    That would be Solyndra times three!  And Rahm Emanuel casually says that it’s pure venture capital, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!  Apparently he missed teh distinction that in this case it’s risking taxpayer money and NOT private investment money.

  • Candice Blackburn

    You may want to edit this sentence in your piece – “Today, its market capitalization is $800 million, just short of its debt
    of $820 billion, according to the company’s July filings for the second

    I believe their debt is $820million, not “billion”.

  • Kctandmore

    Who’s going to jail and how soon?  Probably never.  This is the DOJ that found nothing actionable against a mob of Black Panthers using weapons to keep Philadelphians from voting stations in 2010.

  • Guest

    Don’t like your party but your logic here is sound. I couldn’t agree more and if this practice were made illegal or (as you stated) these cretins of both parties were just defeated and tossed out we would be better for it. This kind of initiative is “bipartisanship” I could stand behind! 

  • redhawk1

    Another DIMI C RAT masquerading as a Statesman.. On the Take, a FRaud, an Obama Lap dog and with a SON as a Lobbyist….ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • redhawk1

    Well… The Black Panther ” excuse” about breaking the Law is another Charge that MUST be put to Holder as his Cell is being updated with acoat of Black Paint!!!!

  • redhawk1

    and Anarchism…

  • GW Welch

    The big joke is, if the plant could operate at full capacity(250 megawatts) with an average 10 hours of sunshine every day, 7 days a week for a year the gross revenue (at 10 cents per kw/h) would be $9.125 million per year. If the gross revenue was the same as the net revenue and all revenue was applied to the loan, it would take 131 years to pay back $1.2 billion. This is why Obummer says “energy cost will necessarily skyrocket”

  • DeepWheat


    S∅ far, he sucks!

    GTF∅ — JAN 21, 2013

    “Cogito, ergo TEA Party!”  ~ DeepWheat

  • Yoadrian Balboa

    Who here is still for giving Ovomit taxing authority? The liberal democrats have been running the house for decades until recently, they also have dominated the dept of education, do you see a pattern here? I for the life of me can’t understand why people would continue to reelect these obvious criminals over and over again? WE are ultimately responsible for these hacks but what really gets to me is how people chase around these politicians seeking autographs like they are celebrities instead of criminals! Politicians are paid for by big business bankers and have been screwing the public for decades and who can stop them? Who can stop a president who has completely lost it? How do we legally remove these people immediately? Our system of government is so corrupt it will never be fixed without a complete revolution by the citizens.

  • Robert R Compton

    Like the cornered felon who rushes the police line brandishing a cellphone – it almost seems that King Obama is trying to commit “Suicide by VOTER”!

  • lorenzo01

    the congress was held by the dems for osamas first two years and they only past the pet projects  of their old friends?buisness partners ?family? the washington royalty needs changing we need to reinstate term limits. and use  the conpiring with the enemys act whenever we catch them.selling secrets like ge did or even sending american jobs oversees or a politition making one single dollar off their legisslation like mr. and mrs pololsi/boxer//obama /busch/ chenygore/shoot busches granddaddy prescot sold steel to HITTLER from his steelmills he ran while he worked for rockefeller  EVERYTHING traces back to the for profit priavately owned non-federal reserve banks and futher the non-fed bankers and the same ran IMF must be shut down before they economically nuke us to force us to submit to our savior banks they have been saving us since the first savings and loan scam in the 70s .the presidents are only puppets now go to your reginal non fed bank today , get out of their dollars

  • Robert R Compton

    Maybe FOUR TIMES as bad! “Twice” for the double amount of the “loan” and another for the fact that a sizable part is funding FOREIGN jobs and another for the fact that the BILLION-PLUS “investment” will only net a score of long term jobs for Americans.

  • Mark

    “George Miller brings a lifetime of friendships, relationships, and contacts together with over 15 years of front-line advocacy experience.” It should have been written “George Miller brings  a lifetime of crony relationships together with over 15 years of first hand experience as a looter and a parasite.”

  • comprof

    You sound like a racist. You better expand your reading sources. The blacks have been much more critical of Cain than have the whites. I am for Cain because of his apparent truthfulness, values, and experience. These have nothing to do with race you idiot.

  • comprof


  • Leftist Stooge

    This is just a witch-hunt by the racist tea-party in an attempt to distract us from the fact that the economy is in a free-fall thanks to the Bush administration giving tax breaks to the rich, who made their wealth off the backs of the poor.

    The real investigation should be on Bush, who stole the 2000 election and was behind the 9/11 attacks so he could start an unfunded illegal a war for oil and let Cheney give no-bid contracts to Haliburton. Then Bush sanctioned torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. He also forced Congress to enact the Patriot Act and created a Federal Police Force that detained millions of American citizens without formal charges.

    All you are seeing is an attempt by the tea-party to oust our president simply because he is black!

  • Beedogs

    Drain the swamp.  Fire EVERY incumbant dimOcrap.  Dems – party of corruption and filth.

  • c t

    we see nothing other than criminals masquerading as people’s representatives while backdoor thieving the people’s treasury as though it were monopoly money. we trust no liberal democrat after what we’ve witnessed under the obama regime.

  • comprof

    This entire global warming charade and all of its spin offs are nothing but fraud directing money into someone’s pockets at taxpayer and/or consumer expense.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    It’s really simple logic and fact. Those, along with common sense are a total anathema to liberals!!

  • Casey Roach

    Have you tried to get the networks to discuss this story? You have the power of the press and you need to push before the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue even gets nominated. It seems everything associated with the current person is bad, but kept under wraps. We need to awaken the silent majority!!! 

  • H2ODog

    Obama has neither real life experience nor relevant education to enable him to successfully lead his administration, many of whom are just as ignorant and experience deficient as he is.  Hence, the greatest nation in the world is fundamentally leaderless, and all the useless idiots surrounding “the one” are doing the only thing they know to do, namely stuffing their own pockets and the pockets of their cronies with as many tax dollars as they can divert.  Impeachment, anyone?

  • John Nelson

    I think you got all the recent democratic talking points covered…..even your own nick name!

  • socon

    You wish!  Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere. 

  • freeinaz

    That would make too much sense.

  • Ja_Mais

    Two different terms eddie the geek.

    Market Value: The highest estimated price that a buyer would pay and a seller would accept for an item in an open and competitive market.Market Cap: On-going market valuation of a public firm (whose shares are publicly traded) computed by multiplying the number of outstanding shares (held by the shareholders) with the current per share market price. It is, however, not necessarily the price a buyer would pay for the entire firm. And is not a realistic estimate of the firm’s actual size, because a share’s market price is based on trading in only a fraction of the firm’s total outstanding shares.

  • freeinaz

    She owns a house in AZ and I would welcome her to move here and take over the senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl.

  • Ja_Mais

    Exactly Stooge!  I like the way you think.  Your clarity and insight are unmatched.

  • John Nelson

    Solyndra had a 40%+ rejection rate on their own panels, poor quality in both parts and assembly.  Even if they got 0% rejection rate, they would lose $3 per panel on their cost.   Any bozo could have figured that out before loaning money to them.  It was clearly a SCAM from the beginning using investor money.  this new solar panel company is a scam also as evidenced by the croneyism inovled.  The best solar panels are made in Japan and also have the highest efficiency rates of 35%+, still nothing to indicate solar is a good idea and as of this day, requires replacement of nearly all components every 10-12 years, thus defeating the entire logic of going solar.

  • Brian Mikeal

    Wow! Giving all of that money to a company that is going to have Mexicans building solar panels! Well, maybe it’s a plot to get all of the illegals back to Mexico… Where they can find a job! LOL Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from getting so angry!

  • Ja_Mais

    GW, not fair!  You can’t bring facts into our sunny environment with green shoots sprouting up all around.  It’s green jobs man–power to the people.  You’re just a cold shower man and probably a Big Coal burning tea party SUV driver.  What’s 131 years compared to saving the planet man?  I’m forwarding your post to Dr. Chu at DOE; he will put you down–he’s got a Nobel Prize! And so do Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Barack.  May as well come out with your hands up now, you’re surrounded by Big Brains!

  • John Nelson

    Thanks mostly to unions, we are not competitive at anything.  We cannot compete with lower labor and material costs with most Asian companies, let alone China who plays games and now owns most of our debt, so we have no leverage on them to require them to adjust currency values or to increase duties to match the duties they charge on US Products.  Now we are married to them with big companies like GE (BHO’s buddy Imelt) that pay no taxes on $7 billion profit now making 70% of their products in China including the new wind generators that Imelt promised would stay here and create 4000 jobs…… more BS lies by BHO and his buddies.

  • GozieBoy


  • 0321ReConUSMC

    As Bad a complete Crony Capitalist Scam  Solyndra is  and it is terrible . This makes it look like a Walk in the Park . Heads will have to Roll here when all the names are put in place  .While the Products will be made in Mexico not America that really needs Jobs but what is worse  .The cost per Job ? 80 MILLION setting records in Big Govt, obama wasted money .Congressman George Miller is one of the furriest  to the left Politicians in all of Congress .He and his Son are two Villain’s among at least 20 others .Talk about total Arrogance and Steel Gonads .After Solyndra and Ever Green failed horribly two weeks apart  .They still put this Billion dollar plus scam though the Energy Dept. having to know it would be outed by The Congressional Oversight committee .

  • EdinNola

    You are somewhat right, however at no time in the history of this country has so much actual financial and Constitutional damage been accomplished.  Forget about the FACT that it has been accomplished in less that three years. 

    Perhaps this is Obama’s answer to the Constitutional requirement that he protect our borders.  The Illegal Mexicans might go home to work in this new factory to make all the solar panels.  This guy is disgusting.

  • Sweetie

    Check out Richard Blum, husband of Senator Diane Feinstein. See how much money he made off the Solyndra debacle.

  • savagenation

    Funny how Rad Red Lefties like Miller get all friendly with corporations when they will benefit them.

    Great to see he’s a “Capitalist Pig” like his constituents often chant…

  • HOO

    My description of Obama: an African Paranoid Delusional Communist/Criminal Megalomaniac. He is certainly more African than American in his afrocentric worldview: his total preoccupation with race, imperialism and revenge. He is certainly paranoid in his continuous expectation of trickery or harm from White races. He also has contempt for blacks. He is delusional in his overarching belief that the mythology of white imperialism in Africa provides the most salient perspective on the world of today. Unfortunately whites have been reluctant to label this bizarre conclusion as psychotic (out of contact with reality). Obama is certainly Communist insofar as his belief in a totalitarian state which controls the means of production and distributes wealth according to the Communist Manifesto. Communism is simply a criminal enterprise which attempts to steal wealth from one group and give it to another (not the downtrodden but the Governing) by the use of clever verbal manipulations and the rule of perverted law. Communism has nothing to do with fairness or altruism-it is 100% goal directed Thievery. Obama is proud of his ability as a sneak thief – presenting himself as a a moralist while stealing you blind. This is his self proclaimed “calibration of speech.” Obama is clearly devoid of conscience and actually revels in theft and intimidation. Most of all he is a megalomaniac in his conviction that he has been chosen to be the avenger for the underlings and is therefore entitled to control everything and everybody, even the unborn. History is strewn with megalomaniacs like Obama including Hitler and Stalin. At the moment, as POTUS, he is the most dangerous and destructive man on earth. However, given enough rope I think he will eventually hang himself.

    With Solyndra the Pimp Wannabe President bought himself a $535 M Pinkie Ring with the labor of your children. This was in the great tradition of his Father of finding a way to drink and bullshit his way through life while killing people and maiming himself with his car. His father lived off  the gullibility of women impregnating three of them with eight children and supporting none. He was way too busy moralizing about white imperialism, a pick-up line which was amazing effective. Obama’s Father gave Obama a lot of genes to build a brain. Solyndra is naturally of no concern to Obama now. Such is the Great Respect the Pimp President has for you and your children. 

  • The Chief

    Good Lord…..STOP calling it “lobbying”………its pure unadulterated bribery…the bedrock of political life.  Can’t pay the political crook directly?, pay a family member or close friend.   There is a reason female politicians such as crooked Pelosi don’t have the same last name as their husbands…..its much harder to trace all of the payoffs and graft,  Mind you, it’s not a purely Demcrook disease….Repubs also practice, but in this day and age, the primary and predominant crooks are Democrooks, especially in California.
    SO…don’t call it “lobbying”,,,,its just like rationalizing ILLEGALS as “undocumented”…..what a crock!

  • seaarrow

    Miller is a typical do as I say democrat . When it comes to  sharing the wealth he is all for giving your money away.  As a matter of fact he is happy to use your money to enrich himself and his family as plainly can be seen.                              OMG

  • AL349

    I think the federal cofiuires should be reimbursed by those of the “wonderful” state of California. No wonder they have a tourist problem.

  • The Chief

    That was the “promise” in California, especially after the last election where idiot voters were sold the theory that not only would we have these factories and jobs….but we would be saving the environment from evil oil companies.   The stupid voters bought it, hook-line-and sinker.  Democrats got there pay offs and made friends and family rich……and the idiot voters can cry me a river…..too stupid to vote, then outraged about it.

  • tom Oconomowoc

    wow great write up

  • Parmenion

    Just add the names to the big list and on the great gettin up mornin after the economic collapse (8-18 months)  roll out the tumbrels and load the names from the list down to old lady Defarges place and get busy. After all, it’s an American Spring. How sad the refus of the upper middle class cluttering  the streets of Manhatten, all soon forgotten, never learned their lessons before they took to the streets: “The wine was red wine, and had stained the ground of the narrow street in the suburb of Saint Antoine, in Paris, where it was spilled. It had stained many hands, too, and many faces, and many naked feet, and many wooden shoes……..

    Bet you the silly little imbeciles don’t know the origin of “a whiff of grape”.

  • RA0725

    Your sarcastic wit entertains me.

  • Guest

    The corruption of this administration and the Democratic congress boggle the mind.  How many Republicans have been drummed out of office by the liberal media for much less than this?  This administration makes Nixon look like Mr. Clean.  Every day there’s a new scandal of unprecedented scope.  Today there are at least two.  Pelosi and this.  Tolerance of corruption is typical of socialist regimes.  America today, the USSR tomorrow.  Say goodby to your liberty Americans, unless there are enough of us who care in 2012.

  • Dan Heinzel

    You know, there is at least one man in congress that isn’t a crook. He’s also running for president. But because he’s not a crook and bought out like other politicians, the media labels him as unelectable and a crazy old man. He’s a threat to the current way politics work. Instead of believing what you hear on the television (as it is disgustingly twisted with tiny out of context sound bites, rephrases, etc.), I suggest reading up here ( with an open mind. Try thinking of yourself in the other person’s shoes, and see what you would want to do in a similar situation. Then would this actually work? Yes, some of the ideas are radical compared to society today. I don’t agree with all of them, but I agree with enough – especially the big ticket items. But realize he also is looking for a gradual transition that will make it as painless to we the people that have become so dependent on the horrible way things are. He understands that the system has screwed us over, and for 30 years he was the lone voice trying to stop it. There are MANY flat out LIES being floated around, and you need to decipher the truth from the lies – some are on purpose to knock him down, and some are from the passionate ignorant and/or deceived. I don’t mind criticisms – I have some myself. But lies?

    There is a reason all his supporters are very ardent and will vote for him whether he is on the ballot or not. It all comes down to your stated frustrations and knowledge. Knowledge is power, and we have the internet to spread that knowledge where nobody can stop us (yet). The difficult part is getting the typical person to truly open their eyes and think for themselves instead of believing everything they hear or read. Every decision ultimately comes down to the individual making their own choices. I’m just sick of seeing so many people be so easily manipulated (as I try and manipulate everyone who reads this, but at least its to read up and make your OWN decision as I believe it will overlap with mine…) to maintain the status quo of us voting in things for necessary quick gains that really screw us over soon afterwards for years to come. Democrats tout welfare will financially save us, the ever-expanding poor, when it robs us, and republicans say lets kill the bad guys before they can kill us, but die in the process. Then for every bad guy we kill, 10 people get angry we killed that person and attack us the most effective way they can, suicide bombing. +1 us, + 25 them, and we are fighting to protect the good people that we turn into bad people. How long until the suicide bombings start happening on our soil instead of theirs? How long do you think it will be until we (un)officially invade Iran? or Syria? I feel like the articles I read show us bounding closer every day. They’re just looking for an excuse. Both political sides will destroy we the people, and the elite will grow richer and us poorer.

    And as a complete side note more towards the article than the comment, being a PhD student researching photovoltaics, this makes me absolutely sick. Their stealing from our meager amount of $ to prop up my future industry is only going to encourage the industry crashing by the time I get in the real world when all these unsound businesses crash.  Not to mention I also got a call asking for donations to drill new oil wells today and it would be a tax write-off. They’ve been giving big oil bats to bust our knee caps and then give us crutches to limp along until we fall over. They should just stop ALL the subsidies and level the playing field for everyone.

  • typicalwhiteguy

    Not only should we get these crooks away from our money; we should put every damned one of them in prison for at least one life term and seize all of their personal and commercial assets, from Obama on down, like we did with Bernie Madoff.

  • DAVE B

    And people wonder why venture capital spending for start up companies is at an all time LOW!!  This is just like Stalinst Russia. If you are a Member of THE PARTY, you get money. If you are not, You pay!!! 

  • wetheri915


  • wood

    “Vote them out”??  That’s a solution?

    We need to get a better handle on wrong doing and corruption than merely “Voting them out”.  These people have ruined probably more lives that any USA resident could even say “Hello” to during the remaining 15 months of the remaining Obama administration, even if he started immediately.  Face up to these criminals and get some idea of what this welfare/warfare state is turning into because these transgressions are only steps toward a disastrous future for all except the politically rich.

  • wood

    The corruption is not a demo/repub thing.  It is a political system that is rotten to the core.

    Voting is not a solution.  If it was, the USA would be a prefect country.  Seems that the size is the primary problem because the size allows the corruption to be lost in the noise.  Seems that the “Dump D.C.”  people have it right!

  • JohnWIS

    Your right.

    They sure do enjoy themselves on our dime…..don’t they?

  • trylobyteme

    And nobody in this administration had the foresight to have Solyndra provide solar panels to SunPower solar farms as part of these government loan deals???  No. Better to send manufacturing jobs to Mexico while the US gets 15 squeegee jobs!  It’s insane!!

  • wood

    Hear, hear, Dan; you’ve got the correct analyses of the situation.

    Yes, I think that this so called “crazy old man” is one of the few potential solutions to this over developed nation.  Of course, I figure that he’s still a young guy as he’s about 10 years younger than I am.  But he’s a lot more mature than the childlike people in the administration as well as the voters who are still are searching for the collective “free ride”.

  • Charles Darling

    So can we divide this “bad debt” by the # of taxpayers and each deduct our share next year ?  :-) 

  • gsreagan

    It just keeps getting better and better.  BHO and his thugs need to be hanged from their narlies.  Nov. 2012 can’t happen soon enough.

  • fantasin

    The DOE authorized this billion dollar  loan after the Solyndra scandal broke? The total and absolute corruption of the Obama Administration is only eclipsed  by their incompetence. Stimulus spending for Mexico and a few jobs working squeegees to clean panels, whilst the crony capitalists short sell their stock for millions of dollars?
    Cain is right, the Wall Street occupiers should be camped out in Lafayette park across from the White House.  I’m thinking about packing up my tent for an occupation.

  • Rattlerjake

    Might be well said, but it is more useless talk.  Do you really think that the 2012 election will do anything?  NOT!  It won’t matter whether a liberal or conservative secures the office, our country is already too far gone.  I will not believe that we as Americans are reversing this catastrophe until I see Obuthead prosecuted and in jail for fraud and theft as a minimum, and if it fails to happen we have no further hope as a country.  Additionally, we as Americans need to force the enforcement of our immigration law, as well as strengthening it to equal Alabama’s new law, or there is no hope .  And lastly, the IRS needs to be abolished and the FAIRTAX system put in place or we will never have the prosperous country that so many before us have fought and died for.  Cain’s 9-9-9 is not the answer, as it still doesn’t tax everyone equally; there are too many in this country that receive an income “under the table” that would not be paying their fair share.  It’s time to organize for the war is soon at hand.

  • arizuela

    Agreed. his ideas are steadfast and at least he could curb some of the BS.

  • Rattlerjake

    To Hell with life sentences!  These people who seek to destroy our country from within need to be executed.  Americans have become sympathetic, soft-asses, so worried about accidentally executing the wrong person.  And all of these politicians that have aided and abetted the criminal-in-chief should be hung right along side of him, and ALL of their assets confiscated and returned to the treasury, f**k their families!  And starting with 2012 we need to stop voting lawyers into political offices, they are the number one problem in this country’s government.

  • Rattlerjake

    To Hell with life sentences!  These people who seek to destroy our country from within need to be executed.  Americans have become sympathetic, soft-asses, so worried about accidentally executing the wrong person.  And all of these politicians that have aided and abetted the criminal-in-chief should be hung right along side of him, and ALL of their assets confiscated and returned to the treasury, f**k their families!  And starting with 2012 we need to stop voting lawyers into political offices, they are the number one problem in this country’s government.

  • Rattlerjake

    Look, it is not the government’s business to be investing tax dollars in research or creating jobs, or anything other than providing the basic infrastructure, security, and services needed to maintain this country.  Grants, welfare, loans, subsidies, etc. are nothing more than government mishandling tax dollars intended for the RUNNING of this country!  Charities, religious entities, foundations, investors, entrepeneurs, corporations, and businesses, should be doing the “all other” spending, as they will do so without it being a burden or wasting their funds.  Politicians are nothing but crooks with access to the piggybank!

  • Jerrmy

    The Clinton Legacy. Is there no one left who isn’t corrupt?

  • Rattlerjake

    Sorry Joe, but your last comment about black votes is wishful thinking.  Blacks are no more awake today than they have ever been .  Obuthead is their mentor, he can do no wrong, they will vote for him regardless, and to believe otherwise is fruitless.  Remember, even though he has caused a higher job loss than ever in this country’s history, he rewards them with increased unemployment benefits, welfare, free healthcare, and other entitlements that the average low income white doesn’t qualify for; it’s a fact.

  • obadiah_edomite

    We must put an end to this democrat corruption.  We must return to the traditional republican corruption.

  • Rattlerjake

    You’re absolutely right!  Most of these whales already are funded by the government and feed exclusively at Micky D’s.  But the money could be used to set up liposuction clinics in every city to harvest the crude fatty fuel.  Then we can build Obama motors and produce the Doctor Emmett Brown DeLorean (first edition that burns garbage and waste), and we’ll no longer be dependent on foreign oil. 

  • bangalor

    Is it obvious to everyone that we the people have an “out of control” cluster of loons with our checkbook and the keys to the store?   This lunacy must be stopped and the loons responsible for the chaos must be punished and made to repay the monies that have been wasted….this group of loons includes the Administration folks and the Prez if it can be determined that these “loan guarantees” were quid pro quo for 2008 campaign contributions…this fish stinks from the head to the tale.

  • bangalor

    Hey Chief…you tell it like it is…keep it comin’!!!

  • Rattlerjake

    Hey, they wouldn’t have to hustle for food, they could feed in Mutt-celles garden!

  • typicalwhiteguy

    These flea-bitten cretins will never go after the Kenyan.  Its him and his union thug operatives that are behind this crap and are diligently working to ratchet it up; with the goal being to incite the majority of freedom-loving, hard-working Americans to take matters into their own hands.  If they time it right and the fit hits the shan about this time next year, the Kenyan will be able to impose martial law, postpone the election indefinitely and start rounding up those the regime views as “trouble makers”.  This scenario is straight out of Saul Alinsky and it would usher in a period where Obama could seize power outside of the Constitution; much like Hugo Chavez.  Don’t give this Marxist POS an excuse; check your hot tempers and hold your fire (unless fired upon, of course).  As soon as the cold weather starts hitting, these spoiled little tools will disperse back to mommy and daddy’s warm basement.  Meanwhile, they have successfully been used to distract the idiot media from the dirty deeds of  of the regime that seem to surface daily now as well as the nose-diving economy.

  • ncpg

    The Chicago Way = Pay to Play

  • jimjamer

    Yes, you are certainly right. I was just looking at it from the project management standpoint with an idea that had newly popped into my head. A project manager will look first to see whether the technology is feasible before pouring any more money into it.

    But with a corrupt political system that takes tax dollars for illegitimate use, as you point out, who are we to expect that the corruption would not affect the thinking on proper project management!

  • Mike

    In all fairness it was a democratic Congress that pushed the POTUS agenda. He IS a large part of the problem, if you don’t see this then you are truly blind. And yes Congress does control spending so people need to vote out the corrupt spenders. But it seems half the country does not understand this.

  • larenzo007

    Joe; your my hero buddy!  I find great wisdom in your comments though thought your discussion on ObamaCare deserved a little more reflection on the political consternations and gynmastics to unlawfully pass a bill that the American People clearly did not want, and that did not address the underlying fundemental costs savings and efficiencies that our government claimed were the reason for passage.  When Pelosi touted the passed program as the next best thing to the 70 year old, unsustainable Social Security program, I knew our prospects for the future were certainly dimming. 

    We need to do better in our next election.  McCain was a tired old warrior and the last election turned from anti-war to economics in an instant, and McCain wasn’t the guy to work that discussion.  Huckabee screwed us by staying in too long, and I blame him for where we are today.  

    Four years later we are still at war in the middle east, and expanded that fight to support the interests of others.  A far cry from Mr. O’s pledge to bring our troops home.  Unemployment and economics; we got what we deserved in electing a  community organizer with no credentials.  Every choice has been the wrong one. 

    I have to admit that Washington is disfuntional and just not working properly for its citizenry.  A system that rewards politians for bringing the bacon home, and shifting tax revenues with local pork barrel projects just isn’t in line with the ethics of our roots, nor a system that can be easily fixed.  While with it’s problems and stigma, the tea party has brought a different conversation to the forefront regarding the true role and expense for government in our lives. 

    I’m not sure I know the answers, but the key one is certainly an administration that does not include Mr. O and is more business friendly.  Community organizers and government don’t create jobs.  Businesses do.  Let’s not chastise them and business onwers.  Let’s give them incentives and get real jobs moving again. 

    The stage at the GOP debates have a full cast of characters and themes.  I hope the themes drive our discussions on job creation, taxation and the real role of government.   I’m not sure about some of the players in the GOP, but know for sure that anyone is a step up from where we are today. 

    I do so much want to leave my kids in a better spot than this.  I get it.  Our citizenry and Unions have evaded the obvious that a global economy has picked our pocket and will take from our standard of living today and into the future.  We were first to the show in the industrial revolution and have dominated the scene into the new milenium.  It’s been a nice run, but the cracks in the foundation are getting too obvious.  We’ve made promises on pensions, on social security on medical costs that can’t be kept.  The more we avoid that, the more we defer the pain from our population to our kids.  The conversation about class warefare, about the 99% v. the 1% is an easy, relatable conversations.   It does sidestep issues of the creators of jobs, and the 47% of americans that do not pay taxes nor have skin in the game.  The real battle however, is brewing between those who have or are close to vesting in benefits and past promises and those who will pay the freight for miscalculations and political mal-practice.

    It is the perfect storm.  Politians that have no reason to be the bearer of bad news or the engineers of change.  An active elderly voter that rightfully want their priece of prosperity,  and hopes to avoid changing circumstances, demographics, economics, whatever…the business guy, whose over-regulated, perhaps over-taxed, and trying to make a couple bucks while keeping his key employee group in-tact, the middle class, shrinking as it has, trying to pay their mortages and send their kids to college. and the cook, bottle-washer, Nanny, trash-collector, teacher. dollarstore cashier….I could go on……

    I’m embarrassed that folks won’t see realities.  We’ve tapped out the credit card and we’re behind on the mortgage.   A new reality is apon us, no matter where age or station of life.  My heart was warmed with how the USA came together after 9/11, and remain sickened by the politics of the day in the aftermath. 

    There’s some tough and difficukt decisions ahead.  I am hoping real leadership exists to help us address the descionce of the day.  

  • Thomas Blumer

    “The company, SunPower (SPWR-NASDAQ), now carries $820 million in debt, an amount $20 million greater than its market capitalization.  If SunPower was a bank, the feds would shut it down.”
    There’s no shortage of potential and corporate corruption here, and no way the loan guarantee should have been issued, but the just-quoted statement does not accurately convey what we know of the company’s finances. It had a bad second quarter, but has been generally profitable. Its fortunes seem to be heading downhill, but the “feds would shut it down” contention is simply not correct based on its second-quarter financials. The shorts are probably on to something, but not to the tune of predicting the company’s crackup.

    Tom Blumer

  • MW33

    My God, if this were Bush… As this is not the only deal like this, at last count it was close to a hundred if not more going back to TARP. This is the lefts little slush fund, follow the money! It rolls into these outfits and right out the back door to the usual suspects at 1600 Pennsylvania AVE.

    This is beyond impeachable… And then throw in Fast and Furious along with the Iranians working with the very same drug cartels to blow up embassies and kill foreign nations reps here in the USA!

    We don’t need an impeachment, we need a firing squad!

  • mirted

    you want their hairstyles to be reimbursed? Or, the federal coffers? LOL

  • tmanosaurus

    Prosecute green scammers to jail! Watch out, green scammers will create devastation to create diversion from their criminal acts. ScammersRus is our new political class in power in the US. Weed them out with credentials and facts and prosecute them for lying to receive benefit of US tax dollars.
         Prosecute, Prosecute Prosecute Green fraud! It is theft and scams. It is Theft!

  • akw

    “…the company and its officers are defendants in a federal shareholder
    lawsuit, whose plaintiffs include, the Austin (Texas) Police Retirement
    System, the Arkansas Teachers Retirement System and a number of
    institutional investors for an alleged scheme to deceive the investing
    public by making false statements contrary to nonpublic information
    known to the insiders.”

    Holy f’n  cow.  People in this administration need to go to JAIL over some of these loans! 

    How do we stop this one? 

  • SurfinUSA

    I get stuffed full of Godfather’s Pizzas and something overwhelms me and puts me in front of the monitor.

  • akw

    I agree that their current financials aren’t atrocious, but the fact that they have multiple federal trading lawsuits filed against them added to the fact the majority of the permanent jobs created will be in Mexico makes this one STINK to high heaven.

  • Dave

    Can’t understand why I’m not seeing this story on NPR, CNN, WaPo, HuffPo, NYT or MSNBC.  Must be something wrong with my Internet connection.  :)

  • BCee

    Yes, we can see right through this criminal administration. Everyone except The NYT, WaPo, LAT, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR. Sadly, these media organizations have traditionally been the so called watchdogs … seeking, proving or disproving transparency. Baloney! Either they are FOR America or AGAINST America. Occupy the media!

  • makeminefreedom

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

  • Get A Grip

    The Chinese government has made credit
    guarantees of more than 21 billion euros ($29 billion) to its solar
    companies so far in 2011 alone. China’s aid to its solar industry created a supply glut that drove
    down panel prices 40 percent in 2009 and pushed American competitors out
    of the market. In the past China
    has granted lavish credit lines to companies such as Suntech, Yingli and
    JA Solar via the China Development Bank.

    The modern world economy does not pay attention to your silly conservative ideals. The USA needs more investment in clean energy and other industries. Around the world, governments and corporations are working together to gain advantage over other countries. This is not some silly high school debate. This is modern economic warfare, and you people would have us fight “properly” like the British, when we need to be more like the Colonists we sprang from.

    And by the way, every time you buy something from China (for example at WalMart), you support a repressive communist regime that arrests people for googling “democracy” or “freedom”, then eventually executes them and sells their organs to support the regime.

    Next time you need to buy something, check here first:

  • confedgal

    Some will, I’m sure. The brain dead people will. Those that for some unknown reason have faith in the government to keep its promises … wait a minute, I already said the brain dead.

  • confedgal

    True, that will be a hit but near as bad a hit as we will take if we leave it in. So you have to ask the question, “Do I want half or none?”

  • Bama59

    The first clue that this is wrong, the company is based in California, where most companies are fleeing as fast as possible due to the over regulation and high taxation by the libtard government there. Next is the fact that more jobs will be created in Mexico, that supposedly will be permanent. Our government’s ability to continue the “investment” into these “green” companies is a red flag for all to see. Why on earth would we want the government to decide what companies should prosper in our country so that they can gain the advantage over honestly built ones that could survive on their own? The crooks in DC want to make the determination for us who we buy from and what the price will be, is that the way we want our country to operate? I vote no!

  • Bama59

    So, we as the United Stated should operate on the same principles as China? The real solution to our problems is to return to living within our means. Hardly anyone wants to admit that and even fewer want to hear it but that is the only solution. We have become a society of “I want, I want, and gimme, gimme”.
    Go back to a society of fulfilling needs first and then IF there is enough left fulfill those wants. It’s a vicious cycle that we’re in, make more money, buy more and due to the lopsided trade agreements and the ever rising cost of labor (unions and minimum wage problems), we manufacture less and less. There is no going back, we must and will hit a rock bottom and struggle to regain some of our self reliance and “silly conservative ideals”, but until we do, the progressives of our country will continue to force us toward that very bottom.

  • Get A Grip

    Dude, where do you get your information? From some right wing echo chamber? My neighbor just reconfigured his 30-year old Arco Solar panels, and they were still producing 95 percent of their rated power. Theoretical limiting efficiency is only 29 percent, so where do you get 35? Most panels are warranted for  25 years. Wire does not wear out. MicroInverters are warranted for 25 years. Yes, string inverters tend to require replacement every 10-15 years, so get microinverters instead. Depending on your location, solar payback is 4 – 9 years. Even without subsidies, payback is 12 to 17 years, then your electricity is free. Financial returns are tax free.The only risk of going solar is that the cost of utility power might come down!

  • Emerson

    But the unicorns won’t let me ride them until solar power replaces the dinosaur fuel. Price is no object.

  • calhoun211

    Not just the 2008 campaign, its on going contributions to Maobummer. The corruption in this Admin is the worst I’ve seen in my 65 years. Every department head needs to be put in prison. Lets not forget obozocare is just around the corner.

  • Dennis_F

    Very interesting story. Just a small correction. The first paragraph is basically a question, so I think it should probably end in a question mark. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  • BobN

    Looters and Criminals. This is what Fascism looks like.

  • lslp16
    Cheapest Vans Shoes,Tiffany Jewelry Company,Wholesale Hollister

  • BobN

    Obama and his gang are Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky Communists.

  • greggebhardt

    What a deal only give less that 10k to the Dems and get 1.2 BILLION DOLLAR government load guarantee!?!?!

  • Mda Adams

    Man, I can wait to short the next Obummer bailout..  He’s the Anti-Midas – everything he touches fails…

  • Mda Adams

    “Give-A-Rip” you must be smoking left-wing “hoax and chains”!  The only way you can get solar power UNDER 30 years as a break even is to:
    1) increase the cost of fuel by stopping all drilling (Obozo did and we now pay twice as much),
    2) fund the failed program with MY money!!!  (bailout money),
    3) place EPA restrictions on everything fossil (evil to the left) to prevent ay chance of prices coming down.
    4) ignore the real cost of making panels!

    But this article is about how the chump-in-chief seeks to enrich himself over your ignorance.  Seems to have worked…  Meanwhile (since Obummer has stopped all Gulf drilling) China and Brazil (who we gave $2 billion to) are drilling in the Gulf to reduce their own fuel costs…  I’m sure you don’t see a conflict here or care that these solar CEOs are in bed with this administration and are RICH on your money and illegally..

  • joedoakes202

    Hang in there, we are Americans!!!

    To The Editor:

    Response to Mr. XXXXXX Column:

    The Great Depression did not end as a result of government largess; the Great Depression ended because the US went to war, and in so doing annihilated the enemies ability to produce goods, and thus wage war. By the wars end the only country with any manufacturing capacity was the good old USA. Admittedly, FDR’s policies might well have saved this nation from further erosion, but the birth of entitlement programs of that era, and those that followed, will in the next three decades combined with the interest on our debt, completely drain the productive resources of our nation. That is, our entire federal budget will be equal to those financial promises, and if the next forty-seven months of this administration are anything like the first one – those promises will buy me a cup of coffee, and a doughnut when I begin to rely on them.

    As far as your apparent animus toward Republicans for trying to be, at long last, responsible with the funny money that is the American dollar; the toughest part of any fight is not deciding to do the right thing – it is doing it. Under Minority Whip Cantor the Republican party demonstrated that it is prepared to, at long last, stand for fiscal responsibility. Seven Democrats stood with Republicans on the last “stimulus” vote. While I do not have the responsibility of being director of any part of the Republican party; I am a registered Republican. My party provided the leadership, Abraham Lincoln, that preserved the Union and ended slavery. My party provided the leadership, Ronald W. Reagan, that pulled the United States, and the rest of the world out of the malaise of the 70’s. I’m proud of the Republican party and the spine it is showing against this self-destructive economic philosophy.

    In so far as your assertion that the stimulus bill will create millions of jobs and provide for various forms of alternative energy. Sometimes when it snows I hire my teenage neighbor to shovel; my neighbor is a smart hardworking fellow, he once revealed he is saving it for college. Why? He wants to grow economically, maybe he will decide to sacrifice present wants for a matter of years and realize the goal of coming back to XXXXXXX and raise a family – as I have. That is real job creation; make work projects do not create communities, they destroy them. As for alternative energy, there is only one, nuclear power. At present not one reactor is under construction in the entire United States. All other forms of alternative energy even if we max them out – wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass – do not have the horsepower to do the job. Even if they did we cannot transport enough power from those areas that create it to those that will consume it.

    The only way out of our current situation is to determine what is absolutely necessary and to use the organs of the federal government to fix the damage it caused, and take the rest, and throw it away. In doing that we will end the constant cycle that creates one crises after another. In doing this we will be able to rebuild our banks, our military, our communities, and fund restructured entitlement programs via a vibrant and growing economy. Building modern nuclear power plants, using that clean power to convert domestically produced coal to domestically produced liquid fuel; and continue to support applied science to research solar panel technology to shrink the cost of production, and increase its capacity to generate power and batteries to store it on cloudy days.

    I did not live through the great depression, and I am sorry you had to – I did however, with the help of my older sister, survive a violent alcoholic mother who thought the world owed her something – she was right, but it wasn’t a roof, or a drink – and it certainly wasn’t something a five year old or an eight year old could deliver. There are “eight million stories in the naked city” mine is no worse nor any better than anyones – it is just different. I survived that abuse, I and you, will survive this abuse. Betting against America or an American(especially me) is always a bad bet; especially when our collective back is against a wall. We did it before and we will do it again, I have not a single doubt in my mind as to our ability to overcome this manufactured fiscal disaster or any other for that matter, real or imagined. We know that when we harness everyday wisdom, and apply it to seemingly complex situations we solve them. Since this Nation’s founding we have overcome every single challenge that has been placed in our way – we innovate, we compete, we overcome. And at times go to war to restore the peace or our liberty, and families all across America bear the raw cost of those battles – including mine.

    In fact, I think this nightmare will be fertile ground for any politician, Democrat or Republican, to advocate for fiscal soundness, insurmountable national defense, restructured entitlement programs, and individual State control of the rest. Sir, politics ought not to be about who wins and who looses, or what party prevails, it ought to be about who can best articulate, and promote our shared values, and principles and in doing that lift all citizens up, not a few at the expense of the other. Remember, as President Reagan said, “If we lower our standards we lower the flag.” I say we put the shovels away and grab a bull dozer and a half track and get to work. I say we take our eyes off the politicians and put them back on the business leaders, the engineers, the scientists and the service members who preserve this great country, and all those men and women that make this country move everyday without so much as a thank you. This is where our attention should be, this is where our hope will turn to reality, this is where change will hone the granite that is the impenetrable American spirit.

  • magic_beans

    Did you not read the article? We didn’t get anything out of this deal. We got 15 jobs. They shipped the jobs to Mexico. Mexico!!!!! We are making green energy investments in Mexico you moron!!!!

  • stopthemadnessIII

    I am not suggesting that Obama should stay – or even that he is a good president. But Government 101 says that most of our governmental power comes from the legislative branch of the government. The legislative branch is corrupt. You talk about democrats and republicans as if there is a big difference for the middle class. The democrats want to screw the rich and the middle class to feed the poor – the republicans want to screw the poor and the middle class to feed the rich. I’m middle class. In both cases I get screwed. Pick your poison.

  • Pluntze2001

    Great article — and YET ANOTHER radiant example of the Obama Administration’s unceasing incompetence and cluelessness….

    –John Pluntze
    (Ketchum, Idaho)

  • gilleysuited

    The only questions is, would we have a country to save? He would allow Iran to become nuclear. 

  • joedoakes202

    Not the black people I know.


    For those of you who can remember, this is the upstaging of the great congressional tax paid check writing scam(late 70′s)where the members of the congress wrote themselves unlimited loans guartanteed by, yes the taxpayers and the terms were undetermined as to how these loans were to be paid back.  98% of those who used this scheme were on the left side of the aisle and there were some 300 of these weasels if memeory serves.

    This new scam is even better, cronyism, nepotism, collusion, complicity, fraud, illegal suborning of huge magnitude.  Friends, relations, donators and supporters up the wahzoo and you just know this has to be a planned agenda item that has been in the making just waiting for the opportunity to come and along came the Mysery Man to give the scam the go ahead….Just where is the hottest corner of hell?

  • Tori Phile

    nothing will change with republicans in office.  they too are puppets for bankers and the other ruling elite.

  • KIKO1960

    Tommy you are absolutely right we should have term limits…Look at all the peope that have made a career in office and DIED IN OFFICE ONE THAT COMES TO MIND IS KENNEDY.//////

  • ddkavanagh

    A great article. I did live thru the depression (am now age 85) and you are correct. The good that Roosevelt did was some important additions to our infastructure. No jobs were created until the war. My father was exec of the RFC so I watched what happened and what didn’t happen. Also want to commend your remark about using coal to make fuel. I ask many how Germany fought WW II without any oil. And that was 70 years ago. And now we find the US has more oil available than Saudi Arabia. As Pogo said: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  • joedoakes202

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    We are trying to change this. We will.

  • dwstick

    I wouldn’t say Obama is clueless.  I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.  Dishing out $$ from the Treasury to all his friends (Wall Street tycoons, unions, and now ‘green energy’ companies) that dished out $$ to his campaign, knowing full well that he’ll get some of that back in the form of union dues and future campaign contributions.  By then, the money and the US economy will be worthless.

  • ballpark1981

    wonder when the loan guarantee’s to GE will be published, probably never

  • ballpark1981

     but we tea partiers are better marksmen and have more ammo, you socialist liberal’s will fight with hot air, and be popped like over inflated ballons. USA,USA,USA

  • ballpark1981

     kind of reminds you of Dorthy and the wizard of oz, don’t look behind that curtain

  • ballpark1981

     think we’ll hear about this in the news, only if FOX reports on it

  • ballpark1981

     maybe he will choke on a marshmallow, then the liberal’s can go on a ban marshmallow’s rant

  • ballpark1981

     I had that reaction when he won in 2009, now i just verp

  • ballpark1981

     also remember , don’t believe what he says , watch what he does

  • ballpark1981

     I’m an honest democrat, I just can’t get anyone to listen to me, I guess I don’t promise anyone enough money how sad is that

  • ballpark1981

     he has some good idea’s, but some are crazy. he can’t get elected because no one sees him as helping them, in politics or business.he would probably be killed at his swearing on ceremony. so sad

  • Luxomni

    You didn’t actually read the article, did you?

  • Andy

    Remember Obama is a Chicago mob guy….this is pretty much a normal business operation for him, everyone gets a piece of the pie…..and Obama probably gets one, too….like a new book deal, a speech deal, or some form of indirect kickback

  • Loki Whitewood


  • Virginia Fuller

    I am not so sure if term limits is the answer. We have term limit in CA., snd look at the mess we are in. 
    To push for term limits is to excuse the citizenry from their civic duty,  i.e.  get involved, stay involved, keep their feet to the fire and exercise you VOTING rights.

  • Charles R. McIntyre

    2 rules:
    1. the Chief is always right
    2. In the event you think you are right; refer to rule No.1

  • Virginia Fuller

    They grow senile and old in their elected seats, because we allowed that.   There is where I would like to see the law changed. It ought to be against the law, to hold an elected seat on any level, when your mental faculties can be described as a mental and/or a physiological illness.
    In CA, we have a Assemblywoman (D) who has been a mental case for years, and of late, she gets rolled in a wheel chair and she play, solitaire or something. At time she has a disruptive outburst during the hearings.
    As for your generalization of Blacks, I like to remind you that I was one of 30 Black candidates who ran for higher office on the Republican ticket.

  • ornotme


  • socalsolar

    there was a story posted about SunPower by Human Below are a few
    bullets that provide clarification on some of the more distorted points
    discussed in the post and additional points in general on SunPower.


    ·       Lobbying Firm: SunPower utilizes
    the services of Lang, Hansen, O’Malley and Miller in California on a wide range
    of state-level issues. The company does not retain this firm for any activity
    at the federal level.


    ·       Office Tours: SunPower has hosted
    a wide range of guests including local, state and federal politicians of both
    parties at our Silicon Valley Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility, Richmond
    Office and San Jose Headquarters over the past several years.  George
    Miller IV has not attended any of those events.


    ·       CVSR Stats: Construction
    recently started on the 250MW California Valley Solar Ranch. It’s creating 350
    construction jobs, injecting $315 million into the local San Luis Obispo,
    Calif. economy, and protecting more than 9,000 acres of land.


    ·       DOE Loan Guarantee Stats: After more than a
    year and one half of due diligence, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded a
    loan guarantee of up to $1.237 billion for the California Valley Solar Ranch
    project, one of the largest photovoltaic solar power plants in the world which
    will power approximately 100,000 homes.


    ·       Made in America: Headquartered in
    the U.S, SunPower is a global company with customers around the world with
    manufacturing facilities located near relevant markets – this includes
    manufacturing at a Silicon Valley plant in Milpitas with partner Flextronics


    ·       SunPower US Leadership: Headquartered in the Silicon Valley
    for more than a quarter century, SunPower is the #1 manufacturer of U.S.
    installed residential systems; the #1 manufacturer of installed commercial
    systems and a global solar photovoltaic power plants pioneer.


    ·       Direct Jobs: SunPower has
    approximately 1,100 employees at major offices and manufacturing facilities in
    4 states. This includes manufacturing jobs at a Silicon Valley solar panel
    manufacturing plant with partner Flextronics in Milpitas.


    Dealer Jobs: Additionally SunPower has helped to create
    indirect jobs with more than 6,000 employed at 400+ independent dealer partners
    in 300+ cities across 41 states.


    US Supply Chain: SunPower’s manufacturing efforts mean jobs
    and economic benefits for 26 parts suppliers manufacturing and/or headquartered
    in 35 cities across 19 states; 22 of these suppliers are U.S. based.


    ·       Best Technology: SunPower’s technology sets it apart
    from competitors with world record 22.4% efficiency Maxeon solar cell giving
    customers – whether homeowners, business or government – high efficiency, high
    reliability with guaranteed performance.


    ·       Total Investment: In the spring, Total
    made a transformational investment in SunPower significantly strengthening the
    company, accelerating its success in a broader marketplace and enhancing
    research and development efforts, already known for world record breaking
    efficiency technology.



  • KoaMana

    The twists on facts in this article are foolish and the author should be ashamed.

  • ppcupp

    This article is wall-to-wall lies and is damaging one of the few successful American solar panel companies. SHAMEFUL.

  • Constitution Man

    Beware of those who are trying to form you all into circular firing squads.  No arguments; it’s time to work together to cast off the tyrant and his cronies.  Beware that the RNC doesn’t give us someone almost as bad (hint: Romney).

  • Dan Heinzel

    Just like Iraq had WOMDs?

    Media duped us once (at least me, anyway, but I was in jr. high…), so I guess they said let’s try it again! And if that doesn’t work on everyone, we’ll get some realistic looking assassination plot to prove they’re bad guys – do all the economic sanctions, get the world to back us, and eventually attack them. Now, I haven’t actually read much more than headlines, and it wouldn’t surprise me if their is some full or partial truth in the reporting. But being uninformed about the issue and knowing that we’re looking for any excuse to meddle in their affairs, it seems like an awfully conveniently timed event to occur with everything being the perfectly lined up evidence. I mean, Iraq and Afghanistan are finally supposedly winding down. Why should we continue buying missiles and bombs if there’s no “bad” people left to blow up? Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Maybe not. However, I’ve certainly learned to never trust the main stream media. I’ve watched CNN put headlines of quotes from people, but they exclude the first words such as “not” or “you can’t say,” etc. But I digress. I hate deception, and it riles me up because people keep falling for it and it makes me feel bad.But back to your point…
    What country in their right mind would ever launch a nuke at the US? Granted, I don’t think they’re in their right mind over there, but there must be some common sense in self preservation. The military here is ridiculous, in both might and sophistication. Our technology is insane – I’ve had small glimpses of glimpses from people who have offered (ordered) to give counsel, but they have to figure out what the questions are based on whether they say “no” or just keep silent during the interview  (which were some highly amusing stories, mind you).  The general take home message was if they’re talking to me now and I think its about this because they didn’t tell me to stop talking about this, then they’re well beyond what I thought was even possible. How the hell they’re using this, who knows. Of course, I have no specifics. None were actually given.  I wouldn’t be scared of what the military let’s you know about (such as nukes) – it’s about what they DON’T let you know about, which is both slightly comforting and disconcerting.

    That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a nuke launched against us would be rerouted to whomever launched it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was shot down before getting anywhere close to the US. Besides, attacking us is basically committing suicide. Iran would become a sheet of glass soon after launching such a weapon. We have thousands of nukes, and they’re a lot more sophisticated/powerful than the ones we dropped on Japan (about 2-3 orders of magnitude, so ~500x more deadly). We could wipe out the entire planet several times over. I think it is more likely that they blow themselves up trying than become an actual threat to us. They’d need to deliver it to US soil somehow as well, which a lot of people ignore.

    It’s kinda like in Indiana Jones (I think, it’s been awhile). We’re protesting that the one dude is able to acquire a sword or two and wave them around like a skilled lunatic. So Jones pulls out a gun and shoots him.No, there’s no reason to fear Iran. But they sure as hell want you to fear them so we can preemptively attack them and stay in an indefinite state of war. 



  • TruthSociety

    In the last 5years many Palm Beach County Commissioners have gone to jail for a whole lot less. 

  • ppcupp

    No they aren’t. WTF are you talking about?

  • Virginia Fuller

    All they will do, is play musical chairs, and rotate back
    onto the thees of the taxpayers. Jerry Brown was governor some 30 years ago,
    then mayor of Oakland, then State AG and again governor; and each time drawing
    a pension for life. He is only one of many with such colorful resume. So the
    answer is an informed, involved, and voting citizenry. That’s why is taking control of
    public education of utmost importance.  If
    they control what our children get educated/indoctrinated on, they control the
    ideology of tomorrow’s leaders.;-(

  • todrik

    I loved your very irate comments. I wish you had pointed the finger more at the members of Congress who reiceived geneous financial contributions so they would vote for this financial windfall to Solar Power. If we can’t change Congress as an entity, we can vote for a different challenger every time we vote.

  • todrik

    I loved your very irate comments. I wish you had pointed the finger at the members of Congress who received generous financial contributions so they would vote for this financial windfall to Solar Power. If we can’t change how Congress operates, we can vote for a different challenger every time we vote.

  • todrik

    I would like to see more discussion of self reliance and independence. As a child of the Great Depression, I know that being hungry is a great motivator, and there were no food stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, or welfare. There were food kitchens, but most people were ashamed to use them.
    Now there is no shame for millions of people who demand that they be supported by the taxpayer, and Congress and the states keep doling out our money. My parents worked crops until my Dad found decent work.All but one of us are college gradualtes, some with MAs. Poverty did not make us criminals or needy, helpless people.


  • bbold2

    Eileen the kool aid drinker.  Anyone on the Republican ticket will thrash Obama….and badly.

  • mikekoones

    Far more troubling than Solyndra, SunPower, 

    and  F

    and Furious, is the MSMs largelysuccessful effort to hide these Obamian scandals from the public.

  • richardwfaith

    People:  WATCH for this!  When obama “blows” a windfall of OUR MONEY into these INVESTMENTS IN MAGIC BEANS, WATCH FOR A PATTERN!  Do you really think he doesn’t already KNOW that these SO-CALLED “businesses” are about to go under?  Don’t be naiive!  There’s a NEW DYNAMIC at work here: the POLLUTE-TICIANS KNOW that the businesses will fail, and they KNOW that they’ll take some flack for it.  But, what they ALSO know is that no matter how thoroughly, carefully and meticulously we prosecute them, A LOT OF MONEY THAT HAS DISAPPEARED INTO THE CRACKS will be IRRECOVERABLE.  All that they CARE about is the “IRRECOVERABLE” PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS.  That’s their “DIVIDEND”, and you can BET YOUR LIFE that THEY know where EVERY RED CENT ENDS UP.

  • richardwfaith

    At its inception, the PURPOSE of the Federal Reserve was to provide for CONTINUOUS bailing out of wealthy bankers.  Read this in “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

  • richardwfaith

    obama doesn’t worry about being caught in these scandals of sinking OUR DOLLARS that he STOLE from us through taxation into INVESTMENTS IN MAGIC BEANS.  As everyone should know well by now, whenever a company goes under shortly after getting a windfall by FLEECING people, it is IMPOSSIBLE to recover much of the “lost” money.  But, by the physical law “conservation of matter”, we know that the money DID NOT VANISH.  obama knows where every penny has gone; he had it planned from the start.  The money is not “lost” at all!  It has ALL landed in the hands of his ACCOMPLICES.

  • richardwfaith

    Ron Paul supports the Constitutional principle that it is up to the Congress (and NOT the President) to declare war.  In the event that Iran were to become a viable nuclear threat to us, that threat should be responded to by Congress as per the Constitution.  Given a declaration of war IN THAT MANNER, I see NO REASON WHATSOEVER to doubt that Ron Paul would either LEAD as Commander in Chief, or he would AT LEAST GET OUT OF THE WAY.  Actually, Ron Paul shows GREAT WISDOM in his support of the Constitution IN PARTICULARLY THIS INSTANCE: if Congress DECLARES the war, then in DOING SO Congress OBLIGATES ITSELF to FUND the war.  It is PRECISELY THIS POINT that CLARIFIES WHY NEARLY ALL of our “UNDECLARED” wars HAVE BEEN DISASTERS! 

  • richardwfaith

    My comments keep on disappearing!  Here’s how you can tell for sure that you’re living under a dictatorship: you aren’t allowed to heckle the dictator.

  • alanhenderson

    I can see one problem the company shares with Solyndra: both are located in California. They couldn’t find a state with lower regulatory and taxation costs? What’s the deal?

  • Daniel Sayer

    The fact that Obama is not qualifiedto be president is all the more reason to replace him with somebody who has MORE experience and more reliability.

  • Daniel Sayer

    The fact that Obama is not qualified to be president is all the more reason to replace him with somebody who has MORE experience and more reliability.

  • Robert Fanney

    Hmm. Looks like conservatives brainwashed by oil companies to me… SunPower is profitable with margins that are kicking the tar out of even the Chinese (10.5%). Only Yingli and First Solar have comparable rates (10%, 19%) Nice try but — fail.

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  • William Carr

    Boy, this is puzzling. People don’t seem to understand what a “loan guarantee” is.

    The US Government gave NO money to SunPower.

    They just backed their loan.

    The company is still around, making solar panels, and from the testimonials, good ones.

    Let me guess. This is an “attack Obama for any reason” site ?