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Ditch the Coke Nail: Advice for the ’99 Percent’ Movement

My mother is drowning in debt so I can earn a degree that offers NO FINANCIAL SECURITY. I am the 99%

Dear Shameless in Seattle (or somewhere similar, most likely),

So, your story is that your selfish desire to study underwater basket weaving, Klingon, and queer musicology is drowning your mother in debt? Ever hear of a little something called shame? Or do they not teach that in your overpriced, masturbatory degree program?

Hey, jackass, how about giving a rat’s arse about your own mother? She should drown in debt so that you can continue with your unmarketable studies in navel gazing? What’s more, you’ve clearly mastered the art of being totally self-absorbed and no further studies in that concentration are necessary. Kudos, Doctor of Entitlement!

We’d bet cash money that you are totally against water boarding terrorists, but drowning your own mother so that you can mentally polish your bishop is hunky-dory, huh? You are a terrible son and a terrible human being. Man up, stop sucking at mommy’s increasingly shriveled teat, and get the hell off her lawn. If you want to study something with no financial security—say, tree-climbing or Oprah studies—do it on your own dime, leech.

And cut your hair; it looks absurd.

I bought my house on a “fixed rate” mortgage.  My payments go up every 6 months because of adjustments in interest and escrow payments.  I’m afraid that I won’t be able to afford my house soon.  I am the 99%

Dear Math is Hard,

We’ll break this down rather simply for you. Because, evidently not only is math hard, but reading is not fundamental to some:

a) That’s not fixed rate, idjit. If there are adjustments, then that means it is, you know, an ADJUSTABLE rate.

b) The people who did read their loan documents and pay their mortgages, as willingly entered into, should also pay for you because you were too lazy to read and comprehend your loan docs? But the house was so purty! Oh, look! A shiny!

Guess what, Ms. Math is Hard? Plenty of people could not qualify for a fixed rate standard mortgage and somehow managed to understand that their income would not magically increase via unicorn farts and fairy dust every six months to cover increases due to an adjustable rate.


I’m ASHAMED to be an american,

& I won’t forgive the men who LIED,
and took that right from me


We are the 99%.

Dear “american” woman,

Our advice is simple: ditch the coke nail.

Seriously, just hack that nasty thing off your pinky and don’t look back. And bear with us, this might seem unconventional, but consider giving up the coke habit too.

If you don’t have your heart set on a decent job while you’re waiting for The Revolution to outlaw money and usher in a resource-based economy, we suppose you can keep your coke nail. But honestly, if that’s your choice, don’t count on your skills as a lyricist to get you by.

Times are tough since the bottom dropped out of the single-verse, anti-American song parody market. Your use of a lowercase “a” in “american” was a nice touch, but you’ll never impress your friends in the 99 Percent Movement if you continue to brazenly flaunt your filthy cultural hegemony. Try swapping “american” for the Occupy Wall Street-approved demonym “USian” and watch your career soar!

I’m a college senior with $40K of debt. There are no jobs in my feild. My toughest decision now is whether to sell drugs or my body. I am the 99 percent.

Dear Crime Conundrum:

Evidently, your ‘feild’ (sic) is not English. We won’t even bother trying to explain to you the idiocy of knowingly and willfully spending $40,000 that one cannot afford on a degree that is worthless. That idiot ship has sailed. For now, your pressing problem is which criminal enterprise to enter into. If bound and determined to go the, you know, illegal route to solve your self-inflicted problems, it is clear that you’ll need to go with the former; selling your body does not appear to be a viably profitable option.

I am 20 years old and upwards of $275,000 in medical bills from this last year due to a condition I was born with. I can’t get insurance because of a “pre-existing condition.” I will die before America wakes up. I am the 99%.

Dear Walking Dead,

We can see by your peeling, flaking manicure that you’ve been pinching pennies to get those overwhelming medical bills paid. And cutting your own bangs too! That’s a great start, but you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year by limiting yourself to just one coat of red latex paint on your lips each day. Ka-ching!

Also, that choker you’re wearing may be a tad too tight. Surely if you had adequate blood flow to your brain, you’d remember a little something called ObamaCare. You remember, the Affordable Care Act that your tear-stained, self-mutilating emo hipster buddies think doesn’t go far enough toward destroying American health care and increasing medical costs for millions? Well, it now provides subsidized coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions in all 50 states.

Sure, having insurance won’t make you a rock star of the 99 Percent Movement. But on the off chance you’re willing to drop the beleaguered victim shtick, Papa Government is here to help. Bonus: it’s funded to a great extent by the tax dollars of all those eeeevil Wall Street types.

We’d tell you to turn that frown upside down, but, uh, it would look pretty much the same.



Dear Walking Stereotype,

Dude, your mom’s basement? That cannot be true. When we first read your plea for advice, we were certain that it must be fake. It’s like you took two stereotypes of total loser slackers personified and smooshed them together. Mom’s basement. And cats. For whom you want food stamps. Do you dress them in little outfits, too? All fancy boy and dandified and such?

What’s worse, back into your mom’s basement. Did she have your Star Wars sheets at the ready to put back on what we are certain is your twin bed? Clearly, nothing larger is necessary; you aren’t going to score with the ladies in Mommy’s basement. With your cats. Who are the only pussies you’ll be seeing any time soon.

While it seems to be to your credit that you did not squander away money and get yourself into debt for an attempted ‘career’ in, say, jazz flute, it is a bit confusing as to how one possibly has $87,000 in student loans for printer repair school. Ever hear of Devry or ITT Tech?

On the plus side, well done on that whole printing out your 99% screed instead of scrawling it out in nearly indecipherable writing like the rest of your fellow travelers. You’ve managed to keep your own printer in excellent repair!

I am over $250,000 in debt for house, car & student loans.

$160,000+ $5,000 + ≈$100,000 (My PhD Mr + AS Me)

We spend over $18,000 paying down debt each month and less than $100 a month on food

This needs to change!

We Are The 99%

Dear Starving in Scarsdale,

How will you ever endure the hungry days and sleepless nights until your $250,000 debt is paid in full? It’s gotta be, what, 14 whole months of $18,000 payments until you’re debt free? That’s 14 months of wiping with toilet paper instead of hundred dollar bills. Oh, the humanity! Tiny violins would be the soundtrack of your life (if only the tiny violinists didn’t collapse in giggle fits when they read your story).

Of course, very few people will actually see your story now that it’s been deleted from the We Are The 99 Percent Tumblr. But who can blame them? The 99 Percent Movement is a very exclusive club comprised of just 99 percent of the population. It’s not like just anyone can show up at Zuccotti Park and join The Revolution. Clearly your six-figure salary (or substantial savings) and $18,000 a month debt payments don’t make the cut. Optics are a bitch, huh?

Still, we’re happy to give you some advice. It’s what we do.

Reward yourself and spend another 500 bucks a month on food. You’re part of the 53 percent — you earned it. Maybe even send a few vegan pizzas to Zuccotti Park to get back in the good graces of the Occupy Wall Street slackers? You’ll still have that debt paid off in around 15 months, and maybe if you feed them, the oh-so-edgy revolutionaries will tolerate your harrowing tales of unbearable suffering.

Just don’t feed them after midnight. Or get them wet. It doesn’t end well.

OUR LOVE IS ETERNAL BUT we need a secure home I need adequate mental healthcare. He needs adequate physical. We are the 99% ….We are both artists who largely survive on SSD/pending SSI. These allotments get us by, as we live frugally, but put us in the poverty level. He was born with a physical disability due to a birth trauma, & I’ve been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. We live in an abandoned coffin factory that has been converted to a livable and affordable housing space for artists….

Dear Unfortunate Looking Twilighters,

By “live in an abandoned coffin factory,” we can only assume that you of course mean “live in an abandoned coffin, period.” Your love is eternal only because you are clearly UNDEAD. We are perplexed as to what you are demanding; you are already living (or unliving, being amongst the undead) on the public dole. Perhaps you are demanding “free” health care for your schizo-affective disorder? (Schizo-affective? You’re joshing! Who’d have thunk it?!)

In which case, let me point you to one of the heroines of the anti-capitalism Left: Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps one can’t get newspapers nor cable access in a coffin, so we’ll fill you in. There’s this thing called ObamaCare and Nancy Pelosi said that it is specifically for “artists” like yourselves. In fact, she said that a main goal in providing health care on everyone else’s dime and to the detriment of the economy as a whole was to make sure that y’all “artists” didn’t have to do anything pesky like actually work. See?

“We see it as an entrepreneurial bill,” Pelosi said, “a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.”

Sadly, there must be some loophole that excludes vampires. I suggest a march. Perhaps add a Vampire Equality amendment to your list of demands and the banning of all holy water and garlic.

I am a 38 year old divorced woman working part-time with no medical insurance.  I dropped my $10K deductible government policy last year because it didn’t seem to make sense to continue paying premiums for something I couldn’t afford to use.  I have a 20-year history of minor & major depressions & recently diagnosed myself with diabetes while treating my cat for it.  I last saw a doctor & my dentist in 2008.

My younger brother committed suicide at age 28, due in part to the lack of appropriate medical care & insurance.

We are both part of the 99% & we are not alone.

Dear Diabetes Dilettante,

We’re truly surprised your marriage didn’t work out. Any woman with no medical training who can use a cat’s illness to diagnose her own diabetes is quite the catch. A real keeper. Even the great Wilford Brimley needs to buy diabeetus testing supplies.

You’re a veritable medical magician! (And seriously, how are you single? It boggles the mind.)

We’re sure dozens of human diseases could be diagnosed by the average Joe if only he knew how to read the cryptic signs in every purr and meow. You owe it to the 99 Percent to share your talents with the world. If you don’t, why, you’re no better than the greedy Wall Street fat cats.

And really, there’s nothing insane about this skill of yours at all, so don’t let anyone tell you you’re nuts. They’re just jealous.

When I was 17, I chose to attend an affordable state school in a village close to home even though I had been accepted to 2 “Ivy’s” and many of my friend were attending prestigious Universities around the country. My parents, who worked blue collar jobs, could not provide much support for my education so I chose state school knowing that I would have to pay the debt in full. I worked two jobs through college to make ends meet and networked constantly my junior and senior year to try to find work after school. The Monday after graduating with my “useless” communications degree, I started as an intern in IT at a local college, making minimum wage  doing work that was not related to major, but work nonetheless. After a year of showing up on time and doing my job, they hired me full time and I was awarded affordable health benefits and a retirement fund. Two years and no raises later, they offered to pay for my MBA through their program at the business school. In 2010, I bought my first car, a new toyota corolla with money that I’d saved for almost 5 years. In 2011, I bought my first house on my own after living on my own since college in a shared apartment — a $72K, 1 bedroom condo with mortgage payments that were affordable, even with my low income. Shortly after, I finished my MBA and I was promoted into a higher paying job that allowed me to make larger payments against my debt while continuing to live a modest life. I do not live with a great deal of luxury, but my life is the result of constant forethought and planning to secure comfortable means to live by. I do not not now, nor have I ever relied on anyone else to pay my way through life.

Dear Subversive Infiltrator,

How in the hell did you sneak in? This does not suit. You with your subversiveness and your infiltrating–how can the slacker whiners continue their mewing when you demonstrate the horrifying traits of personal responsibility and a good work ethic?

Not buying things that you can’t afford? Not leeching off your parents and driving them into debt? What kind of dark magic is this? You must be one of those evil Wall Street Fat Cats in disguise. People shouldn’t have to, you know, act responsibly and pay their own way. People shouldn’t have to succeed on their own merits nor plan ahead for their own futures. How can the 99 percenters tweet stuff about The Man ™ keeping them down from their oh-so-hip iPhones and such if you are speaking all truth to power in their FACE?


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  • Bubbub

    You know what, to some extent every one of us who takes time out of our day to post on a site like this is a little lazy.  However, it can be entertaining occasionally.  I read plenty of sources but don’t feel compelled to do a research project to check every author’s facts all the time.  I’ve been throughout the world and seen enough that I can read an argument and fairly apply the main points to the reality that I have experienced.  I will admit that I am too “lazy” to bother seeking out one of these protests to engage with the directionless brats participating in it.  They are driven by boredom, envy, and a desire for acceptance that is the result of growing up in an entitlement society that doesn’t place enough emphasis on personal responsibility.  They have NO IDEA what they are protesting or what they would have in place of “it.”  I am lazy because I do not want to spend the energy listening to people who can’t complete a coherent sentence but feel entitled to having someone else provide all of their “needs” (clothes, iphones, health insurance, basket weaving degree, car, apartment, etc.).  I HAVE tried but not anymore.  I’ll make an effort to educate younger or more value oriented people, and to converse with and learn from others with a more similar philosophy to mine.  The sponges out there and their organizers are to be defeated, not reasoned with.  So I am lazy…but not at all illogical. 

  • RenegadeScholar

    I just KNOW that somewhere in there you have something important and significant to say.

    You’re giving it your best effort, but you’re still not saying anything at all.

    Keep trying to make sense! I’m rootin’ for ya, man!

  • RenegadeScholar

    Clearly the poster has no clue what an S-Corp is.


  • RenegadeScholar

    Tea-partiers wearing tea hats cleaning up after themselves and going back to work need to be respected.OWSers using laptops crapping on other people’s land in the middle of a city means they are a bunch of yokels.

    Fixed that for ya!

    You’re welcome!

  • Jada L. Phillips

    Leave it to two catty women to write crap like this.

  • Chris Martel


       I am appalled, appalled I say at your lack of fore sight!! Don’t forget to get REYNOLDS wrap for your new tin foil hat!!!

  • Joanie Pikl

    The Tea Partyers also cleaned up after themselves, love their country, and when done “protesting” went back to their jobs so they could pay for their own lifestyle plus those of many losers who won’t do the same.

  • Cait McKnelly

    The IMF released an advisory that the global economy could collapse within the next two to three weeks. Have fun eating your money, beyotttches!

  • PR_Ohio

    Wow, you are a self-important windbag aren’t you.

  • killercat20

    This comment is absolutely histerical…LOL two thumbs up

  • killercat20

    I find it interesting that these 99% ers are so JACKED UP.  I live an great life, married  three children, one married and has a great productive life.  I think the difference between me and them….I get up every single day and go to work, as does my husband.  We work hard and live well within our means.  They should give that a try before crying how humanity has failed THEM.

  • kbTexan

    Wall Street is not the problem, so protesting Wall Street is not the solution.

    ‘Corporate greed’ is a paper tiger.  No corporation has ever forced me to give them my money without my consent.  If a corporation gets my money, it is always with my consent and in exchange for a good or service that I value more highly than I do my dollars, EXCEPT…

    Except for when the federal government gets involved.  Every dollar that Congress takes from me it takes by coercion and force.  It is Congress, not Wall Street, that takes my money without my consent and gives it to corporations.  Corporations aren’t the bad guys here.  Washington is.

    But the overwhelming theme of these so-called 99%-ers is that corporations are evil and government is good.  They don’t ‘see’ anything.  They’ve got it backward. 

    The solution is not more government control.  The solution is not to punish the corporations (which provide each and every one of us with almost every good or service we consume throughout the day, and they deserve to earn a profit for their efforts.) 

    The solution is to elect honest and charactered men and women to public office.  People like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, Bush, McCain, Waters, Hoyer, Rangel, Frank, et. al., who believe they have the right to redistribute wealth as they see fit have got to be replaced by elected representatives who believe in private property rights, limited government, and the free market.

  • kbTexan

    Do you own a car?  Live in a house?  Eat food?  Burn electricity?  Watch TV?  Own a computer?

    Every good or service you use is provided by corporations who exists to produce these goods and services, and, to make a profit.  Those corporations who do the best job of providing what their customers want (Apple, Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart, to name just a few) succeed and become wealthy.  They don’t take your money by force or coercion.  You have the right not to buy Apple products, or Microsoft products.  You have the right to walk, sit in the dark, shiver in the winter’s cold, or grow your own food in your back yard.

    People who are wealthy became that way making my life–and your life–better.  I am better off because of the products that Microsoft produces.  Our life would not be better without Exxon-Mobil.  It was Apple and Steve Jobs, not any government agency or program, that gave us the wonders of the iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc.

    If you want part of the wealth of the richest 1%, do something worthy of earning it.  Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, demanding that the government go steal it from them and give it to you for nothing.

  • kbTexan

    It happens.  I own a Texas LLC (limited liability corporation).  If I don’t files my papers and pay my taxes every year, that corporation ceases to exist.

    Every corporation is made up of individuals who have come together and formed an organization to enable them to do more than any one of them could accomplish on their own.

  • Jose

    I was homeless for 10 years, when I needed money I got jobs.  I should have kept one, but I was a dumbass liberal so my “freedom” was important.  Now I work at a shit job that pays the bills so I am grateful.  I’ll show up with a good attitude until I can find something else.  The problem with these 99% is their actually angry that they didn’t get to be yuppies like there douchebag parents.  In California you can’t smoke NEAR restaurants, farm equipment is illegal if it doesn’t smog under the new standards, you can’t rebuild a refinery because environmentalists think its smells funny.  I live near a ghetto and the best the city council can think of  is banning plastic bags and Styrofoam containers.  There wont be any jobs because they can’t be WISHED into existence.   What a bunch of dumbasses

  • Jose

    Ducker was a self fulfilling prophecy because the conventional wisdom decided that we could have a robust economy while neatly segregation noisy smelly business into zones or industrial areas.    Meanwhile they decided that taxes and fines would be used to modify “undesirable’ behavior such as smoking, polluting, looking funny.  Now religious idealouges have locked up housing development into special interest group servicing, use taxing powers to create patronage providing “agencies” and convincing us that converting tax funds into debt inducing T-bills is “saving”.  We are through the looking glass people.

  • kittyface13

    Who said anything about feeling sorry for myself??  There is nothing wrong with corporations, in and of themselves.   But you haven’t been paying attention…power and money can be corrupting forces, agreed?  Regulations are put in place to protect the general public from those corrupting forces.   There are regulations that seem unnecessary, cause delays, are expensive and drive costs up, yes…but, then rewrite or abolish those regulations that are not useful to the GENERAL WELFARE.  The government is not here to protect the moneyed self-interests at the expense of our citizens.  Abolishing ALL government regulation is just STUPID.  Why?  Because honestly, if your only reason to exist is to make money, you are going to pursue that at the expense of ANYTHING else…corporations in and of themselves, also do not have a conscience. 

    In the past, companies were tied directly to their communities…those were the people who would be buying their products, AND working in their buildings.  So they had a self-interest in paying them well enough to AFFORD to buy their products.  As the economy became more global, this changed.  Companies are no longer tied to their communities, or their country for that matter.  They don’t outsource because the taxes here are “too high”, or the regulations too difficult.  They do it simply because they can. 

    After the Great Depression, when FDR put several stop-gaps in place to stem the corruption and greed that crashed the economy, we had 50 YEARS of prosperity…and the highest tax rate was what?  90%?  Our country flourished…we built roads, bridges, developed our infrastructure…the same infrustructure that the wealthy and corporations use I might add, paid for by…wait for it…TAXES.

    Our government has been corrupted due to money in politics…simple as that.  Our representatives no longer represent the voting public, they represent their corporate sponsors…they no longer really worry about what is good for our country, only what is good for their masters and themselves in terms of re-election.  But where do you think the money in politics CAME FROM?

  • kbTexan

    So, according to your own analysis, the problem is in Washington, not on Wall Street.

    An analogy I like to use, because I officiated high school and college baseball, basketball and volleyball for many years, is that of a sports team.

    You have many teams competing, and the government is supposed to be the referee.  They are supposed to write rules that make the playing field level and give everyone the same opportunity for success, and then they are supposed to keep an eye on the game to make sure everyone plays by the rules.

    What we have in Washington now is a group of lawmakers who pick the winners and losers.  It’s like the NFL rules committee writing rules that favor teams with strong running games and punish teams with strong passing games because the teams with good running backs but no receivers paid them to do so.

    To make it worse, not only have the game officials become corrupt, they are now trying to get into direct competition against the other players.  The referees now own the majority of GM.  The referees tried to compete against other energy providers with Solyndra.

    The corruption is in Washington, not Wall Street.

    Too many of these people in the videos are looking to Washington to fix the problem, but Washington caused the problem.  The solution is not to steal from the wealthy and redistribute it to these people.  The solution is for these people to take control of their own lives and make something of themselves.  What we need from Washington is for them to back off and let people be successful.

    I have a close friend who, eight years ago, was living in his car, barely getting by.  Instead of going to the government for help, blaming others for his misfortune, or protesting against those who were successful, he pulled himself together and made a success of his life.  He now owns his own home and runs a growing business.  He is now to the point where if he grows any more, the government will start punishing him for his success.  Nonsense regulations and stuff like Obamacare are holding him back.  And he did it all without government assistance or government funding.

    Instead of demanding that the government grow a new nipple for them to suck on, the 99% should focus on becoming self-sufficient, get off the government teat, and elect honest representatives with integrity to office who understand the concepts of liberty, limited government, and private property rights.

  • Formally_Worried_Independent

    After the Great Depression, when FDR put several stop-gaps in place to
    stem the corruption and greed that crashed the economy, we had 50 YEARS
    of prosperity…and the highest tax rate was what?  90%?  Our country
    flourished…we built roads, bridges, developed our infrastructure…the
    same infrustructure that the wealthy and corporations use I might add,
    paid for by…wait for it…TAXES.

    You are correct that taxes were high but you failed to mention 2 other offsetting items that allowed taxes to be high and the American standard of living to also be high.

    1. We owned the world after WW2, America had absolutely no competition for goods and services. Now American businesses face global competition by lower paid workers, so they have to outsource to remain competitive. Yes I know what a multinational corporation is, I own stock. Don’t bother responding with corporations don’t have to outsource, they must turn a profit, and I won’t ever agree to spread the wealth socialism.

    2. Energy costs were negligable, so our products could be manufactured inexpensivly. Now we import the majority of our energy needs at a crushing price and it has raised our cost of living to the breaking point.

    So what is the only thing our politicians think they can do to keep America alive, lower our taxes across the board. Our standard of living and cost of living is a delicate balance of taxation, energy costs and labour costs.

  • supernatural_witness

    The fact that these people are foolish enough useful idiots to protest the wrong group tells us all we need to make a reasoned critical judgement. The fact that the pictures of them on TV reveal them to be riff raffish in appearance only confirms the stereo type.

  • Thomas

    The guy with the “fixed rate” is a total liar because interest rates have actually gone down in the last couple months so his should be going down not up, something he would know if he had a mortgage.

    Also if he bought back at the 5 -7% apr days he could probably get it switched to a fixed rate right now and finance the fees and not raise his payment. If he wasn’t so busy waving a sign he could have gone down to BOA and probably gotten a loan already.

  • fliteking

    This whole article centers on one of the oldest and most productive Progressive game plans: VICTIM MAKING.

  • fliteking

    Hey (8pillars) girl, 
    I know what you were thinking, I bet it went a lot like this, though
    perhaps not so complex
    “. . .If I disrespect and berate
    someone else I am automatically better than them and I get elevated
    to ‘authority status’. “

  • supernatural_witness

    It is doubtful that a Conservative anywhere has practiced tea bagging; it is a liberal idea and only liberals do it. If libs are so gay friendly why do they make fun of gay practices as if gay activities are derogatory?

  • supernatural_witness

    I totally agree with you but I don’t agree that 8Pillars was saying that. The protesters are still protesting the wrong group. They should be holding accountable the govt officials who were a party to both the regulations that allow unlimited short selling and the officials who were involved in the bail outs. Republicans already were tossed out over it and now it is time to toss out Obama and the Democrat Senate.

  • Bruce Lewis

    if I were you …

    If you were me, you would be off getting laid or doing something else cool instead of scanning the Internet for messages about yourself. Also, you would have pulled yourself up from nothing with the help of God and would have achieved all your boyhood dreams, as I have.

    if I… had nothing of substance to say

    You have nothing of substance to say.

    To the 99%ers: CRY MOAR EMO KIDS

  • beastdogs

    Hay dumb ass when did the Tea Party people occupy Wall Street for several weeks, when did the Tea Party people just throw their trash anywhere they pleased, when was a Tea Party person  photographed taking a dump on a police care, when did the Tea Party not have a clear message what their concerns are?  Most of the occupiers of Wall Street do not have a clue why they are there or what their message is.  What the hell do you mean with the statement “at lest they have the side of righteousness thing going for them”. These occupiers of Wall Street are lazy, clueless, useless idiot tools of their liberal slave masters, and you “play til the whistle” on one of them”.  What I can tell you “Mr Play with your self” is we are adults on this forum with families and children, many us work two or more jobs to make ends meet, and we do not have time for children like you who are clueless about the real world, now go away because Mr Play you have demonstrated here that you are a complete moron and have no understanding what it takes to survive the trials of daily life.  Now run along child I hear your mother calling.

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    Absolutely 100 or 99% correct.
    These clowns have NO idea what life is about.

    But I do have one suggestion for all of them that want a job….ENLIST IN THE US MILITARY. 

  • 1389

    LOL…when I was that age I had a job at a restaurant where they gave me leftover fish that could no longer be sold to give to my cats. I didn’t steal anything. Very often, if you just ask at places, you can salvage various things that other people don’t need or want, and put them to good use.

    Oh, and by the way, I rented my own living quarters and did not live in anybody else’s basement.


    This site is absolutely disgusting! The sole purpose of that page was to not-so-comically
    break down what is wrong with each person in the picture, rather than their
    argument. In logic, this is a common fallacy called “Ad Hominum” and
    is considered COMPLETELY UNETHICAL in any debate, academic institution, or
    setting where logic and truth are honored. People resort to fallacies when
    their own logic is flawed and cannot win over the audience with proof, fact, or
    truth. Basically, you are admitting defeat and taking sucker punches to shame
    these individuals because you have no other way to prove them wrong. You are
    backed into a corner. You didn’t expect us to actually stand up and speak out,
    and now you have no way to defend against the rising support of the movement.
     Find a better way to make your argument, like, I don’t know, posting some
    fact that would support your case? Maybe some good solutions for these people
    instead of insults? Maybe some foundation, some backing, some authority
    warrants? What is your claim even? Why are you wasting your time insulting
    instead of solving these issues? I think you do not want them resolved. You are
    the 1%. You are the privileged. You want the suffering to continue.
    We want it to end. We want answers, and we will get them.

    To those in the pictures: I seriously support what you have done with your picture, I want
    you to know that. I would be down there protesting personally if I had the
    choice. Anything people can do to help or support you or the movement? Keep
    your head up. Haters are going to hate, but that’s just because they can’t
    stand to the fact that they are wrong.

  • chotiius

    I have a fixed-rate mortgage. Thanks to property taxes increasing, my escrow has increased and yes, my mortgage payment has gone up.  However, my interest rates have not. Fixed rates don’t. Taxes very well may.

  • Jackie B

    So, from what I gathered by reading all these comments, 

    State funded college education is bad because ya know education is a luxury apparently. 

    Um, what else? Oh yeah,  shelter and medical care is evidently a luxury too. 

    Well, shit, I guess if that’s the case, I should just stop accepting other human beings as equal creatures and start marching with the tea party. 

    Because ya know, other people’s rights don’t matter. Just the white male dominate culture.

  • Jack Reno

    “Maybe some good solutions for these people instead of insults?”

    Okay. Quit whining. Suck it up. Get a job. Don’t be a parasite.

  • Jack Reno

    Because they are choking on their own gay teabags?

  • Jack Reno

    kittyface, you are aptly self-named. REmember to scrawl it on your cardboard sign at the intersection so I can give you at least a dollar.

  • Matunos

    Wow, haters gonna hate! Yeah some of these entries are worthy of derision. If only there was a website circa 2008-9 where all the bankers and traders dependent on government bailouts to keep their firms from emploding and taking the economy with them had to offer similar pleas. I imagine it would go anlittle like this:

    ‘I’m a CEO of one of the three largest banks in the world, and I had no idea what the risk profile was of my multibillion-dollar institution. I let the structured finance arm of my firm get out of control and find itself on the wrong side of CDS bets whose liabilities dwarf the entire national economy. How was I to know that hiring traders with barely a highschool education would lead to calamity? Now those bets have come due, and if I have to write them off on my balance sheet, my company will go bankrupt, the western world’s economy will collapse as credit markets seize up, and most importantly, I might lose my hundred-million dollar bonus (shareholders might even sue to make me pay back previous bonuses!). I need a lot of tax payer money and I need the Fed to buy my crap assets before I have to mark them to market. Now I hear that the government might offer some minimum assistance to homeowners struggling to pay the fraudulent loans I helped finance, and believe you me I’m torqued up! Are you with me, Rick Santelli, (whose career as CBOE cheerleader depends on the functioning of a financial market currently on life support by the government)? This incursion into the market is outrageous!’

  • tommytoo

    their minds stinks and that is worse.

  • supernatural_witness

    What would really help is govt regulation of college degrees. Colleges
    should not be allowed to offer degrees that do not qualify the graduate
    for an actual career. In other words, colleges should be required to
    maintain 80% employment rates, and the jobs must be in the field they
    are teaching. If the individual school’s program does not lead to
    employment for the graduates the school is effectively ruining the
    lives of students by misdirecting them in the critical time for
    education acquisition. The whole accreditation system should be
    reworked around this principle.

  • Patrick Vick

    We all make choices. The choices we make define us. How we dress defines us. What we look like defines us. Most of the people on 99% that I reviewed made bad choices, dress horribly, and look more like they are auditioning for a rock performance than going for a job interview.

    All job skills do not merit the same rate of pay. There are college degrees that are useful and degrees that the person just wasted 4 years and $100,000 to get.

    However, to answer your questions, yes there are crooks in corporations, but they are mere amatures compared to the crooks in government. They don’t force me to buy their product or support their causes. However, the government on the whim of some legislator makes me give them my hard earned money so they can buy votes and at other times, makes me a criminal for passing a law that until today was perfectly legal. i.e. letting my 17 year old teen use a tanning bed. These same political crooks bail out the corporations which needed to fail to get inside trading knowledge and campaign funds.

    Corporations have provided me with products that make life enjoyable.

  • fritzidler

    Why is it, that all the liberals insults and jokes on this one, just do not make any sense? Not only can I not detect coherency, I can not even detect a point anywhere. Liberals, you have yet to grasp, that an insult is not an argument. But if you insist on using them, please have a valid point. There are some to be made, you know.

  • BeukendaalMason

    8Pillars you are the most repetitve and dishonest person I have ever seen…

    “the people you describe are NOT the real heart of this protest”  Yes, yes they are (along with many unsavory groups like Communists, LaRouchites, ect).  Check out Zombietime and Urban Infidel, they do a GREAT job of just perusing through the crowds to see what there is to see.  And what do you see?  People who blame others for their bad decisions, people who blame others for problems life deliver them, people who blame ALL rich people for EVERYTHING and state that ANYONE who has money (or more than them) is a “criminal”.  People who wish to destroy Capitalism, and people who want everything for nothing.  The people in the “Occupy movement” also bait cops (ie attack them), video tape the confrontation and then edit them to try to create a false premise.  And if it is “just a few”, then why do the rest sit around and let them do it?  If they are “honest and hard working American Citizens” then why are they not stopping the destructive behavior and dishonesty?

    Who in the above pictures “had their hard work stolen or squandered by dishonest crooks”?  The one who chose to rack up his mothers debt on a bad degree?  The one who chose to accept a bad mortgage (or chose a house in a bad tax district)?  It is not the actions of some “dishonest abusers” (next you will say that “dishonest abusers” are Jews, or Masons, or Interdimensional Reptiloids).  It was because of the greed of many (the “99%”) who whined that they didnt have more than they could afford, which caused the government to force banks to make bad loans, which caused people whose job is to make money, to off load those loans to prevent their company from going belly up (which NUMEROUS banks still did).

    It is greed by many who could not support their desire to have more than they could afford which caused the economic crisis.  Kind of like the Great Depression.  A wise man during those times said “We’ll (America) hold the distinction of being the only nation in the history of the world that ever went to the poor house in n automobile” – Will Rogers, 1931.  What do we see those “poor” Occupiers have?  Iphones, Macs, Ipads, a “information center” at their protest, ect…  Luxuries that they do not NEED to have or can replace with much cheaper options…  But instead THEY make bad choices and put themselves in bad situations.

    “The related important issue is What consequences have these dishonest crooks and abusers faced as a result of their behavior?”  Which crooks?  The ones who over borrowed?  The ones who bundled bad investments and got rid of them?  Many banks have gone under, many people they employed were the first to be unemployed, the banks that did the bad bundling and gave out bad mortgages ae curently under “penalties”.  Many who over borrowed have lost much of what they owened.  Who should be punished?  Everyone has been hurt.  There doesnt need to be any finger pointing (besides maybe against the government) it is time to get back to working and providing for yourself.  We cannot correct peoples bad life choices by forcing others who make smart choicces to pay for them.

  • 8Pillars

    just hilarious – you write pages (seems like) DEFENDING the abusers and crooks who helped cause the Recession and you call me dishonest?  Spare me.  (and why is it you feel the need to use Superlatives and over-exaggeration? ie. ‘the most…I have ever’  -  it’s called Hyperbole, look it up cuz your type speaks almost exclusively in exaggerations and hyperbole, so whenever you have anything to say no one listens because EVERYTHING is ‘the most’ and ‘I have ever seen!’ etc.  But I guess it’s to be expected from someone who thinks so simplistically and one-dimensional that they prejudge everyone based on whether they (gasp!) have an iphone.  

    Nice to see that you didn’t get hurt from the Recession and the ABUSE of Capitalism (which I say is a great system – made me rich), but a lot of people did get hurt and worse than that this great Nation and its Economy got hurt; and those dishonest crooks you defend did NOT face appropriate consequences.  I was raised to believe that dishonest crooks who abuse the system, break the rules honest people live by and steal like those crooks did go to JAIL, at the least.  Say hello to them for me – since you defend them, I wish you would help us honest Americans understand why they ought not be punished commiserate with their crimes?

  • hi2dolly

    As a retired teacher from CA I know too well the ‘union thug’ mentality……..I was the only staff member who refused to join the local union and each year requested the return of my PAC funds.  This was usually substantial 300.00-400.00+ each year.  Can you imagine the funding slipping into the Dems hands????  Multiply by the # of teachers in ea state!!!  And frankly, we conservatives still give the libs a run for their money.  Amazing!  Stay tuned for 2012!!!  Active Tea Party Member.

  • melissatx

    Really? You want to go down that road do you? These morons and idiots used their liberty to make bad desicions and now expect YOU and ME (that is where the Feds get money, right?) they expect US to bail them out. I can criticize and denigrate them however I wish, liberty allows that, but liberty does not give them the right to milk me or you either, like a Jersey because they behaved badly and irresponsibly. Period. That is it. I demand the flea ridden hypocrites in their Birkenstocks sipping a $6 latte pay their own way and not expect that I pick up the slack for their misbehavior. THAT is liberty. That is morality. THAT is America. Wag your finger at someone who doesn’t have a clue, you troll. I do.

  • Life_is_Good_11

    This is absolutely hilarious, well kinda sad that people are this idiotic but this made me laugh so hard.  Hey 99% lazy, pathetic, complainers, I better never see you in an interview and you better never come work for me. I’ll fire you.  I’m sick of people who feel they are entitled to everything.  I, along with the other 1% of the real world, worked hard to get and education that pays me top dollar. Yes, you win, you had more fun getting your degree making baskets and signing kum ba yah at your green peace rallies.  All that time you were enjoying the free life on your mommy’s dime, I was working a job while going to school.  Now, I probably work just as many hours earning a good living as you do complaining about me and asking me for handouts. 

    Anyone can be lazy, party at college, and get a degree in some fluff degree.  If you want to earn the money I make, you have to work for it.  There is a price for everything in life, you all just don’t want to pay it.  You want the 1% to pay it.  You 99% losers just chose to not pay for it when you were at school.  You’d rather get a jerk-off degree so you can have more time to hug trees, work on your Gothic look, or maybe you were just born dumb.  Either way, the 1% of us, who decided to work hard and study hard, well, guess what, it’s our turn to party.  I have a nice, beautiful, huge home.  Of which I saved money to make a substantial down payment on.  I don’t feel guilty at all, I can afford it, I worked for it, and I don’t ask for other tax payers to pay for it for me. 

    If you 99% worked half as much as you complained, then that one ashamed american could have something to be proud of.   Can you believe it, America is still the land of opportunity, you have any idea how many foreigners fight to get into our beautiful country so they can have a shot at the opportunities we have?  All America requires is a little effort.  The only effort you all have shown is your ability to complain, and you’re not even good at it.  Unfortunately, complaining is not the most lucrative career field.  But, feel to check the paper, in DC there are always job adds for professional protestors.  “Yes, you actually can get paid to complain”. 

    I feel bad for your parents.  You wasted their hard earned money on some crappy degree.  Now they can’t retire.  That’s something you should really be ashamed of.  Next time you see your parents, ask them, “how much of that college money, you lent me, did you earn from complaining about Wall Street, and how much came from good old fashioned hard work?”

    You 99% may think that this is a free country and that you are entitled to everything, but remember, nothing is free in this world.  There is a price for everything. 

  • defenderofjustice

    Of course, the 99% comes in different shapes and colors, it reflects our nation’s diversity.  This movement is attracting folks of all ages, races, and backgrounds.  Maybe if you weren’t so out of touch with reality you would know that.  You are also part of the 99% that is helping the corporations get richer while we struggle more and more each day just to make ends meat, no matter how well-educated (even those of us who are doctors and lawyers an engineers).  You are so ignorant you don’t value higher education and feel that it’s only worth is attached to earnings potential and so mean-spirited that you mock the sick and the less intelligent and less fortunate.  I am certain that you are a very miserable person.  Sadly, you are in denial about your status in life and worth as a human being.  Good luck!  

  • Andrew Tucker

    Isnt communism merely the ultimate corporation? All wealth flows into one central head while everyone works their ass off for it receiving nothing and there is no government oversight because the corporation is the government. These mindless occupy idiots are seeking to bring about precisely what they claim they want to destroy.

  • defenderofjustice

    Go to school and learn proper grammar and how to express yourself.  You’re inarticulate and unintelligible.  99% includes people who are way smarter than you, honey.  Education is key –  seriously, go back to school.  

  • defenderofjustice

    Your ignorance is too evident and very sad.  I grew up very poor and am now an attorney, but I dedicate my life to help the less fortunate because I know how hard it is for most people – from experience.  I was at an Occupy event today and met doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, architects, students (not spoiled, they work while going to school).  They get it.  Sadly, you don’t.  I assure you I am a much happier person that you, who judges, and hates, without knowing or comprehending anything.  I hope you find love in your heart and learn a thing or two.  Good luck!

  • defenderofjustice

    It’s “your,” not you’re.  I respect all opinions and a democratic system.  I just can’t stand mean-spirited, ignorant, intolerant people.  That is a bad combination.  You are just cruel and cannot support your views and must therefore simply resort to ad hominem attacks.

  • Rider79

    The guy with the story about being an out of work laser printer repairman is a plant.  I think its hilarious that everyone from this writer to Glenn Beck fell for that one.  The laser printer repairman, $87,000 in student debt, and living in mom’s basement parts are inside references to and Larry Vickers, a famous spokesperson for a firearms company who insulted the members of the site.  As for “cleaning the bathrooms at Ryan’s Steakhouse” just google “Ryan’s Steakhouse Incident”.  Suckers.

  • BattleCreekRic

    All evils cure themselves through their own excesses. Sweat shops gave rise to unions, unions gave rise to globalization and outsourcing, Globalization and outsourcing has given rise to the 99%er’s.
    Who knows where it will lead?

    Extremists have given rise to the Tea Party, the Tea Party tail now wags the dog, 99%’ers are rebelling against the bias toward the wealthy and Corporations in government as political contribution is allowed to legalize bribery of the government officials, Who knows where it will lead?

    I think to focus on the losers is to fail to see the forrest for the trees. 

  • Shawn Grandstaff

    I concur with you 8Pillars. Here are my thoughts on this. It’s not the wrong group or place to protest because Wall Street is right in the middle and this way you
    can get two birds with one stone. They’re the ones buying the
    politicians who are than selling us ALL out. There are people in the
    protest coming from both sides with many different views and just because they all (views) don’t line up with yours doesn’t make it wrong. Seriously, just because
    you have a few people out of the whole group doesn’t discredit the whole message. Yea, maybe some of their issues are crazy and sound like “gimme handouts”
    but there are many other issues that WE THE PEOPLE would agree on if we only
    knew. The problem here is you are only focusing on the issues you don’t like and are easy to criticize also, you don’t have all the information as to why they are protesting. And regardless of all that, we should be
    thankful there are people standing up against a government that has lied
    to us for so long when we have just been sitting back doing nothing. At least there are people in this who do care and want serious change for our future and our children’s children. And to point out those who you deem to be losers by making fun of them makes you the LOSER cause apparently you have nothing better to do with your time than to bully. It also proves you really don’t care nor what to help those (according to you)  who are going down the wrong path because this is not the way to lead people out of their “loser” mentality. So you must be doing this just to get off at other peoples expense. Hay, It is a free country so have it your way, let the puppets control your peon close-minded self with all the red herrings they can us in order to distract while those who want real change, which we need, continue exposing the darkness with light. Who knows, one day if your humble enough you may just thank them.

  • Teddy

    boo hoo


    God I love how sheep like you faggots are. The GOP should be proud of how well programmed you robots really are.

  • Rezeya Montecore

    No, they just went straight to betraying their beliefs with an unholy marriage of narcissistic Objectivism and hypocritical, mammon-centered mutant Christianity.

    You know, all in all I’d rather be seen as laughable by my political opponents than outright chilling. (The Aegean wave of spite and jackassery on this blog sure doesn’t help.)

  • Rezeya Montecore

    The irony of this after the 47% tirade is just hilarious. This is exactly the kind of stone-hearted political arrogance that lost you charming folks the election. This is why, when I see people stoop to this level of incivility and hatred against the left (or anyone really — I was a moderate until I started meeting people like you), I just smile… because now I know the rest of America is sick of your bullshit too.

  • Rezeya Montecore

    Let me restate that in the TL;DR version:

    I switched my allegiance from conservative to liberal precisely the conservative world was full of assholes like you, and I wanted to get away from them as possible.

    Really, I don’t expect you to take that as anything but a point of pride. And that’s fine, you are what you are.

  • josh

    Quite literally an article making fun off poor people. Classy as fuck.

    You motherfuckers need to be put up against a wall.