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This Is What a Mob Looks Like

I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.

No one knows what the Wall Street protesters want — as is typical of mobs. They say they want Obama re-elected, but claim to hate “Wall Street.” You know, the same Wall Street that gave its largest campaign donation in history to Obama, who, in turn, bailed out the banks and made Goldman Sachs the fourth branch of government.

This would be like opposing fattening, processed foods, but cheering Michael Moore — which the protesters also did this week.

But to me, the most striking difference between the tea partiers and the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd — besides the smell of patchouli — is how liberal protesters must claim their every gathering is historic and heroic.

They chant: “The world is watching!” “This is how democracy looks!” “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

At the risk of acknowledging that I am, in fact, “watching,” this is most definitely not how democracy looks.

Sally Kohn, a self-identified “community organizer,” praised the Wall Street loiterers on CNN’s website, comparing the protest to the Boston Tea Party, which she claimed, “helped spark the American Revolution,” adding, “and yes, that protest ultimately turned very violent.”

First of all, the Boston Tea Party was nothing like tattooed, body–pierced, sunken-chested 19-year-olds getting in fights with the police for fun. Paul Revere’s nighttime raid was intended exclusively to protest a new British tea tax. (The Wall Street protesters would be more likely to fight for a new tax than against one.)

Revere made sure to replace a broken lock on one of the ships and severely punished a participant who stole some of the tea for his private use. Samuel Adams defended the raid by saying that all other methods of recourse — say, voting — were unavailable.

Our revolution — the only revolution that led to greater freedom since at least 1688 — was not the act of a mob.

As specific and limited as it was, however, even the Boston Tea Party was too mob-like to spark anything other than retaliatory British measures. Indeed, it set back the cause of American independence by dispiriting both American and British supporters, such as Edmund Burke.

George Washington disapproved of the destruction of the tea. Benjamin Franklin demanded that the India Tea Co. be reimbursed for it. Considered an embarrassment by many of our founding fathers, the Boston Tea Party was not celebrated for another 50 years.

It would be three long years after the Boston Tea Party when our founding fathers engaged in their truly revolutionary act: The signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In that document, our Christian forebears set forth in blindingly clear terms their complaints with British rule, their earlier attempts at resolution, and an appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world for independence from the crown.

The rebel armies defending that declaration were not a disorganized mob, chanting slogans for the press and defacing public property.

Even the Minutemen, whose first scuffle with the British began the war, were a real army with ranks, subordination, coordination, drills and supplies. There is not a single mention in the historical record of Minutemen playing hacky-sack, burning candles assembled in “peace and love,” or sitting in drum circles.

A British lieutenant-general who fought the Minutemen observed, “Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob will find himself very much mistaken.”

By contrast, the directionless losers protesting “Wall Street” — Obama’s largest donor group — pose for the cameras while uttering random liberal cliches lacking any reason or coherence.

But since everything liberals do must be heroic, the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd insists on comparing themselves to this nation’s heroes.

One told Fox News’ Bill Schulz: “I was born to be here, right now, the founding fathers have been passing down the torch to this generation to make our country great again.”

The Canadian environmental group behind Occupy Wall Street, Adbusters, has compared the Wall Street “revolutionaries” to America’s founding fathers. (Incidentally, those who opposed the American Revolution fled after the war to … Canada.)

The — again — Canadians exulted, “You sense they’re drafting a new Declaration of Independence.”

I suppose you only “sense” it because they’re doing nothing of the sort. They say they want Mao as the president — as one told Schulz — and the abolition of “capitalism.”

The modern tea partiers never went around narcissistically comparing themselves to Gen. George Washington. And yet they are the ones who have engaged in the kind of political activity Washington fought for.

The Tea Party name is meant in fun, inspired by an amusing rant from CNBC’s Rick Santelli in February 2009, when he called for another Tea Party in response to Obama’s plan to bail-out irresponsible mortgagers.

The tea partiers didn’t arrogantly claim to be drafting a new Declaration of Independence. They’re perfectly happy with the original.

Tea partiers didn’t block traffic, sleep on sidewalks, wear ski masks, fight with the police or urinate in public. They read the Constitution, made serious policy arguments, and petitioned the government against Obama’s unconstitutional big government policies, especially the stimulus bill and Obamacare.

Then they picked up their own trash and quietly went home. Apparently, a lot of them had to be at work in the morning.

In the two years following the movement’s inception, the Tea Party played a major role in turning Teddy Kennedy’s seat over to a Republican, making the sainted Chris Christie governor of New Jersey, and winning a gargantuan, historic Republican landslide in the 2010 elections. They are probably going to succeed in throwing out a president in next year’s election.

That’s what democracy looks like.

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  • Art Thomas

    On Steve Job’s “Team” none of these OBAMA ZOMBIES could qualify to be a member of such a “team”.  Members of Steve’s team are qualified and want to work as well as being motivated to make a “positive” difference to the quality of human experience.  These “koolaid drinkers” want us to work and then bring our earnings to them to distribute according to how they see fit.  Socialism is good until you run out of working people’s money.  These “concerned citizens” drug habits, entitlements, etc…aren’t listed on my qualified donations list.  Suggest to them that Castro and Hugo have plenty of openings for immigrants in their counties…and there they won’t be a need or allowed to demonstrate as a “concerned citizen”, since Castro and Hugo decide what they need or deserve…don’cha know???? 

  • JenChris

    The most hysterically funny thing about the establishment Left’s desperate defense of these pampered dullards is that they think that Americans will identify and sympathize with the ‘Occupiers’. Most people see these kids as products of a failed education system, the death of the family, and the disturbing replacement of  responsibility, civic pride, morality and hard work, with sloth, envy, stupidity, and debauchery. The delusional lefty media and the Democrats think their praise of this vapid bowel movement of a ‘revolution’ is enough to conceal its self indulgent ineptitude and secure for it an exalted place in the history books. It’s beyond laughable that the elder establishment cheerleaders think that endorsing their list of kindergarten demands will help them politically. They must be wrenching their guts with embarrassment as they lie to themselves and the nation. I’m enjoying watching the death throes of leftism and the Democrat party. They thought they had their hands full covering for Obama – now this. The twisted value system they passed on to the latter generations is now the very thing that is destroying them.

  • JenChris

    Getting tired waiting for your 20 bucks an hour regardless of employment status, worldwide debt forgiveness and free everything paid for and delivered by actual working people on flying unicorns? Still waiting for wind and solar power to work? Tired of waiting for worldwide nuclear disarmament [ask Iran first]? Maybe you can ask a Corporation to invent a time machine to go back and stop the invention of atomic energy – you idiots sure couldn’t do it yourselves. You ‘rebels’ are as delusional and ignorant as you are lethargic and stinky. Brave, brave dreamy dreamer.

  • Charles1Martel

    The timing of the Pledge and the Fed are not really relevant  to the fact that we are supposed to be a Republic.

  • Rick Blaine

    Coulter is confused. What you are witnessing is the difference between a spontaneous demonstration of real American anger and Koch brothers sponsored, well planned, well funded and organized, made for TV political propaganda. Conservatives don’t understand what a real grassroots movement looks like.  Well, here it is vatos.

  • Rick Blaine

    He was also an atheist.

  • Rick Blaine


  • ChefM

    LMAO!!!! The only thing you got right was the anger part. The problem with your statement is that most haven’t a clue as to why they are even there. Yeah, real grass roots robots following the crowd like good little liberals.

    What an embarrassment to the country and the world.

  • kipmjf

    This is not debate. This is just a group of people having fun ranting. Debate is reserved for people with intelligence, an understanding of logical thought and some knowledge of history. From your posts, I gather that you are not yet ready for debate.

    Just one example: In another post you wrote, “You seem to forget that there is no more “dole” here in the USA. ..”

    Fact: In 2010, 69% of the Department of Agriculture’s outlay was spent on food stamps and school lunch programs. That is $97,945,000,000 that was spent on something other than agriculture. (Source: Estimated fiscal year outlays from the Budget of the U.S. Government, FY2011.)

    Add to that the AFDC payments, Section 8 housing, “green cards” *(free health care) and extended unemployment benefits, etc., etc., and, yes, you will find that there is a huge and growing “dole” in this country.

    As I said before, you are not yet ready for debate, so have fun ranting. You have been added to the list of people I no longer respond to.

  • ChefM

    What is this protest about?

    “We’re sick of it man, just sick of it!”

    What are you sick of?

    “Um……..Just everything man!”

    Like what?

    “Uh………………..the greedy people”

    You mean like Michael Moore?

    “Uh……, he’s not greedy, he’s one of us.”

    Did you know Michael Moore made his money through Capitalism, and sued his ex-partner for millions claiming he was ripped off?

    “So…………he earned it, he should get to keep it!”

    So……why are you here again?

  • Rick Blaine

    Unlike all those mavericky tea baggers, huh?

  • holtonfb

    I was being sarcastic …. as for hyperbole.. if it wasn’t for that Glenn Beck.. Annie Coulter .. Mikey Savage .. Old Ditto Head .. Billy O’Riley .. etc .. would be speechless ..

  • Victor Du Bois

    Organized Chaos. The OWS minions do not need a coherent message to pave the way for communism.

  • supernatural_witness

    The difference is these protesters are useful idiots being used for public opinion propaganda. The TEA partiers were aiming their activity at influencing Congress and successfully won at the polls both nationally and at local levels.

  • supernatural_witness

    I hope this Wall Street protesting turns investors and bankers against Democrats.

  • ChefM

    You would think this would have happened a long time ago. For so called smart people, they are basically useful Idiots.

    They give millions in campaign donations, and when things get tough, they get bailed out as repayment for those donations. But when the economy goes bust, the Liberals now have a scape goat.

  • preserveUSA


  • Dr. Shmuley

    Ann , I started liking you! Sally Kohn, Wall STreet, Goldman Sachs, are fighting semitic fraud and instigation ….Now you see so clear who was and is  behind Obama.
    Nowlease you mucst write something about that hasbarat gay Ed Koch. He changed tunes about Obama within 14 days.

  • Letusponder

    I’ve been following and promoting various Tea Party principles since its inception and lately I keep seeing mention of the Koch brothers.  Who are they and what did they supposedly do?

    For people to think that the Tea Party patriots are a part of some vast conspiratorial organization led by some Koch brothers truly have no idea of what they’re talking about.  Tea Patriots only want the following:

    - fiscal responsibility
    - constitutionally limited government
    - free markets
    - personal economic freedom

    It’s doesn’t take a big organization for an individual such as myself to want these four simple things.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    I’m not commenting on off-shoring jobs, or capitalism. I’m commenting on the fairy tales you spew here because you don’t like, or understand, conservatism.

    And you don’t want to either.

  • ^TDO^


    About what I thought I would get from you, Bill.

  • James

    Stan you are the man..that is so right.  No rules for the liberals for what they think and do is all so right and kind and full of compassion. 

    This is why no rules apply to them nor does the rule of law, for what they do is so true and right no rules or laws apply.  After all they are building voting blocks by giving billions of your dollars to socialist programs for everyone but the true working man who gets the bill. 

    Free stuff for Illegals and all minorities or anyone but a law abiding working citizen.  Criminals have more rights than law abiding folks.  This is the “fair ” view of things as they spread your money around and have some folks living  in $800.000. homes paying $800.00 a mo. with a Esclade sitting out front and wearing lots of bling.  We need to bail out Fanny and Freddie because owing a free home or one subsidized by Govment is a civil right.

    No rules but they have laws that impose on all other Americans and force feed the gay agenda in our schools, I could go on ….next our military and students will have to dress and act like gays so as not to offend one.  What is next we tear down the flag and hoist a banana?  Can’t do that it might offend an Ape.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Did you lose your way to the Buchanan Reich? Or did you forget your “Jew hater” pass card to get in?

  • ^TDO^

    Hey Vic, Back I see.

    Nah, Obama is a Nazi (see Hank Jr. for a reference) and much like your idol Hitler.

  • ChefM

    Yup. The only standard a Liberal has, is if a car has a stick shift or not.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    Sally Kohn is an instigator as Roza Luxemburg was in 1919 in Germany. She moved from Poland to Germany to instigate to a communist revolution to create chaos in Germany. Sally Kohn  is not the only example. Six of the Seven of  Chicago were all hasbarats.

  • James

    OH the humanity….thank you Dennis I will skip by and ask Ann if that is true.   Research “this” pencil neck. 

  • cueball961

    How did you know I was drinking coffee? You watchin’ me? Just kidding.At last! Just what I asked for. Someone who listed some goals and desires in an arguably coherent fashion, just as I asked. Now I hope you will do me the honor of allowing me to adress your several demands. You do not, of course, have to agree with them, just as I have the right to question the viability of the things you have advocated.

    1. This would actually have the effect of destroying the economy even further. What few know, or care to know, is that this very sort of market manipulation by the government was a contributing factor to the Great Depression. Such legislation as the Smoot-Hawley tarriff act forced consumers to pay higher prices for fewer products on the market. There was, and would still be, backlash. Declining exports would result in fewer overseas customers which would hurt U. S. businesses. The minimum wage is a patently ridiculous idea, especially at a rate of twenty dollars an hour. This would have the effect, as minimum wage laws inevitably do, of severely increasing unemployment.

    2. This demand, besides being blatantly unconstitutional, would have the effect of absolutely destroying the health care system. The problem with the system today is not that government needs to further intervene, rather, the government needs to get its long nose out of the business and let the free market work its course. Competition lowers prices and improves service, not government intervention.

    3. Here again, besides being baltantly unconstitutional, this demand would artificially disrupt the economy. Forcing an employer to pay more than a job is worth causes said employer to either hire fewer employees, or not to start a business at all.

    4. A free college education for everyone? Who is going to pay for this great largesse? If you want an education, good. It is an investment in your future. The national unemployment figure at this moment is conservatively estimated at 9.2%. For a college graduate, that number drops to a little over 4%. For those who do not have the aptitude or desire for a college degree, trade schools are an excellent alternative. What we disagree on is how one should pay for said education. I advocate the old fashion system. Pay for your own education, as you will be the beneficiary of it. If you do not wish to work a job as you learn, you always have the alternative of aquiring student loans. As a Libertarian, I do not favor the Federal government being involved with this, but the states or private loan agencies may have at it as they see fit. As an added benefit of the Feds getting out of education, costs for a four year degree would actually drop, as colleges would be forced to compete for students.

    5. This is a tricky one. It would, in a perfect world, be a great thing to enjoy a cheap, reliable, renewable fuel source. The problem is that there is no readily available candidate available at the present time. Currently coal, oil, and nuclear power provide over 80 percent of our fuel needs. To rid ourselves overnight of these sources would be disaster. “Green” sources simply could not provide the demand. Here again, as a Libertarian, I favor the government getting out of the energy business altogether. If there is a demand by the public, the private sector will break their collective necks to supply that demand. Let me provide you an example of the problem with government intervention in this capitalistic exercise. We currently have in this nation enough natural gas to equal all the crude oil Saudi Arabia ever produced. Our vehicles can be converted to run on that fuel. But to do so is expensive, and fueling stations are not readily available, mainly because there is no economic incentive to do so. And when the Federal government tries to subsidize that industry, the inevitable result is that natural gas prices go up. This then impacts those who use natural gas for heating their homes and cooking. Government intervention mucks up everything it touches. As I said, the moment the American people clamor for an alternative fuel source, it will appear. The private sector will be there to provide the supply to meet the demand.

    6. Our crumbling infrastructure is indeed a problem. The question is as always how to adress this need. I will give you the Libertarian answer. Let the private sector go to work. Private contractors will do the work cheaper and more efficiently than the feds could ever dream. It is all fine and well for you and your brethren to demand a trillion in spending by the Federal government to adress a problem that should, under the Constitution, be handled by the several states in the first place. We have, you and I, failed to adress the 800 pound gorilla in the room. We are fourteen and a half TRILLION dollars in debt at this point. The old methods are no longer going to work. We must try something new, and the tax and spend and borrow from the Chinese thing is no longer viable.

    7. Unless I have been dreaming for the last few decades, these things are already being done with my tax dollars, with the exception of the nuclear plants. Of course government, with its usual heavy hand, is enforcing these things not only on public lands (which by the way are growing at an alarming rate)but on private property as well. The stories are legion of property owners about to do some improvement on their land and Federal agents swarming in and halting the process due to some rain puddle being declared a protected “wetland.” And I am to be expected to be okay with yet more of these Draconian actions by the Feds? Also, again, where is that trillion dollars going to magically appear from? As to the cessation of the nuclear power plants, let’s assume that we would all desire that goal and are on the same page with it. As I discussed with you above, how is the substantial loss of energy going to be replaced? Electricity damn sure won’t do it, so that leaves coal fired plants or oil burning ones. The greenies will like that alternative no better, I assure you.

    8. The simplest demand to meet of them all, and the one that you and I both can embrace and shake hands over. You see, this one is already covered under the U. S. Constitution. Voting rights, employment rights, gender rights all fall under the “equal protection under the law” wording of that venerable document. If someone is denied a Constitutional right due to their race, gender, age, religion, etc. then I will be the first in line to advocate for a redress of that violation. You see, as a young candidate for the Marine Corps, I took an oath to defend that document against all enemies foreign and domestic, an oath to which I still consider myself bound. That being said, let me add to my distaste for discrimination in any form. I am firmly and vocally against so called “Affirmative Action.” This is nothing more than reverse discrimination given political sanction. One is either for discrimination or against it. There is no grey area. The best candidate for the job or opportunity should get said job or opportunity regardless of skin color or sex.

    9. This may surprise you, but I am all for easing immigration laws, as are most Libertarians. The current system is beyond broke as is. The one caveat I must insist on, as any rational American would, is that these immigrants must be vetted at the border for national security purposes. This is one of my biggest problems with the status quo.We have no idea who is coming through our Southern border each night. This negligent attitude is likely to end in disaster.

    10. Here again, no problem. Elections should be aboveboard. However, security must be in place to prevent any tomfoolery. One person, who is eligible, and one vote. No multiple votes, no dead folks miraculously voting, no ballot box stuffing. The simplest standard is the requirement here in my own state and district. Registration beforehand with proof of adress and residency, a valid picture I. D., and a check of the above info by a registered poll worker against the written records.

    11. You completely so totally gotta be kidding me! This would completely destroy every bank and financial institution in this nation, and the domino effect would hit the rest of the world. The economy would be destroyed overnight and the result would be chaos. It would also run afoul of the aforementioned Constitution.

    12. See reply to eleven, especially the Constitutional objection.

    13. I am not an opponent of labor unions, per se. In fact, my father was a union man. My step-father was also a union man, a Teamster to be exact. My dear mother was a member of the ILGWU as a seamstress and a textile worker, as was my father as a textile man. In many instances in the past, especially here in the Southwestern part of my state of Virginia, labor unions were a definite necessity for the miners who dug coal. I do not have a problem with this demand with the following exceptions. First, ample time must be given a company to campaign with the workers to adress their grievances and let them represent themselves. Labor unions have a financial stake in the unionization of a business as well, and it is only fair to give that business time to protect their financial investment. Second, no worker must ever be forced to join a union against his or her will to get or keep a job. Third, property damage or intimidation or physical violence by union organizers or members is a violation of the law and should be punished as such.

    You confidently state that your demands will create a plethora of jobs. I would respectfully ask you for proof of this assertion. Indeed, a great amount of evidence can be brought to bear that the economy of this nation would be devestated if these things were to be passed into law. The things you seek are nothing new. They have all been tried before in one place or another. Many Keynesian economists, left wing politicians, and opressive bureaucrats have tried to micromange their societies. Resounding failure and supression of personal liberties is almost always the inevitable result. Government is not the answer to the problem. Government IS the problem. As one wise man noted, “Government never furthered any enterprise but by the alcrity by which it got out of its way.” But the problem with government was best described by our first President, George Washington. “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” History has paraded many examples before us of this truth. The Soviet Union, the Red Chinese, the Kmher Rouge, the list goes on and on. Government is inefficient, it is wasteful, and it limits productivity rather than enhances it. We Libertarians recognize that government is a necessary evil, but that it must be kept chained down as the Constitution was set up to do. The problem is that we have allowed it to slip its chains. We as a people have also changed. There was a time in this nation when people were independent, hard working, and when they sought to rise above their circumstances and failed, they gathered themselves up and tried again. People banded together and helped one another out. The churches, synagogues, and private charities took up the slack. People who managed to rise above their difficulties were admired, and the shiftless and lazy were looked down upon. Now there is an entitlement mentality. People are “owed” something by the world. If someone suceeds they are evil. Seize their stuff and give it to the one who did not suceed, even if it is that persons lack of preparation and work that caused him to fail. Let me ask you one simple question. What gives you or anyone else the right to take my substance that I have sweated and worked for and give it to someone who has not? As Ayn Rand so aptly stated, “Any man who produces while another disposes of the product of his labor is chattel and a slave.”

    Now then, we disagreed on most of your points, but we actually found common ground on a couple. I, unlike many, welcome rational debate. It can actually serve to educate both parties, assuming that each comes to the table with an open mind. And with that, I bid you good day.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    You are more than 100% wrong. I AM NOT VIC! Also comment on what I have written don”t bullshit!

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    I don’t think he’ll ever learn anything. He never lived during those times, though it wouldn’t surprise me if he claims he did.

    All he knows is what he’s been told, but actually living that history, and knowing/talking to the people of the time period; the experience………….paints quite a different picture.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Yeah, seems he still has one account open.


  • Thomas Lancaster


  • Bill


    Do you see what’s happening in Alabama? The State legislature scared off the illegal Mexican labor, and now the crops are rotting in the fields. Seems the farmers can’t get regular American workers to show up to pick melons for $10.25/hour.  I’d say the American worker has gone soft.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    TDO you may fool some but you’ll not fool me:

    An overwhelming majority of American Jews – 73 percent – describe themselves as liberal; 23 percent label themselves as conservative. Only 19 percent voted for Bush in the 2000 elections, but there are indications that Jewish support for the Republican Party is on the rise.

    When Ann considers liberals as a mob she mainly refers to the jews, they are the most powerful and influential liberals in the world! In my opinion is very hard to count on them…look at Arlen Specter who betrayed the conservatives on many occasions. 

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Ann never “mainly” refers to the Jews, but YOU do. Why is it that you Nazis can never keep your Nazi BS confined to the narrow borders of your own little Antisemitic world at Buchanan?

  • Thomas Lancaster


  • Thomas Lancaster


  • Thomas Lancaster


  • 1LonesomeDove1

    I’d pick melons for that wage, so why wouldn’t anyone else?

    Who knows why they can’t find workers? Perhaps it’s because YOUR liberalism has created an entitlement society?

  • Bill


    If you didn’t think what I have to say has some validitiy, you’d ignore me.  You don’t strike me as the type to waste time on mindless banter. The fact that you respond shows that you agree with at least some of what I say, but you don’t want to admit it.

  • ^TDO^


    Typical nazi antisemitic bs that we would like to see removed from H.E completely but seems like they won’t.  What they need to do is keep it confined to Buchananwald if they are going to allow it at all.

    Commented back. Your turn now.

  • ^TDO^

    What you say has nothing in it to be valid about bill.

    Just nattering.

    You made a post.  I asked you to explain yourself.  You didn’t.

    I think you can’t.

  • Bill

    I undesrtand Conservatism, and really wish we could all be Conservatives, in the sense that we all wished to keep things the way they are. But some people are left out of the equation, and therefore they want change. They would like to be Conservatives, but you can’t have winners withouth losers. It’s a mathematical fact.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Stupid logic from a mind that never learned to think, bill. I answer you….not because of any “supposed” validity, but because there are readers who come here trying to make a decision on issues.

    Your false analogies and BS needs to be addressed.

    Of course, you didn’t, or won’t….understand a word I just said.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    TDO inform your lunnies about the stats below:

    The bottom line from the 2008 exit poll: Obama 78%, McCain 21%, Other 1%

    W. Dubya managed to get some votes from them because he acted as a liberal and because be acted as Ariel Sharon’s servant, he acted like an idiot goim or just a goim. TDO don’t bullshit me, you are not a conservative as your buddies here who don’t know exactly on which planet they waste their time.

  • ^TDO^

    NO one is left out.  They do it out of choice, Bill.  Free will and all that.

    Why should I be taxed to support someone that thinks they don’t need an education, for example.  Bad choices = bad outcome.


  • Bill

    Are you ready for some Football?!!

    See how ole Hank did the dance his masters asked him to do. Wouldn’t wnat to jeopardize his paycheck, for his principals now would he?

  • Ramona Graham

    Steve Jobs was definitely a Democrat.  Obviously.  The most innovative people almost always are.  I wonder why?

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Where do you get this nonsense? These people don’t now, nor ever have wanted to be conservatives, and no one has been left out of any equation.

    Explain how it is that anyone’s left out? All anyone has to do is have a desire to work, better themselves by their own rugged individualism, and stop being jealous of those who have more than they do.

  • ^TDO^

    Bye shmuley,  I don’t need to educate myself nor are you in a position to do so if I did.  Think those numbers will be that saee this time, LOL

  • James

    Hello victor,

    You must have goose stepped right off the Buttcannon blog and somehow ended up here.  We know that you must say the Joooooooos did it a few hundred times a day or you cannot eat your twinkys in peace. 

    You cannot be happy unless you are the drama queen spreading hate and discontent …..we understand goober.  Go crap in your hat you deranged cry baby.

  • ^TDO^

    Nope, no different than anyone in hollywood, Bill.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    She implies jewish mob goofy. Are you denying that the jews are liberals and that they vote democrat ? You elevated your cojones  between your ears.

  • preserveUSA

    I don’t think I would put much weight on a poll conducted by ChickenNoodleNews. I think we can all agree that it is preferred/controlled by the Democrat/Liberal people. (And if it were conducted by a news agency preferred by TEA party/Conservatives it would have a different out come.) 
    …but kudos on the research and making an attempt to look intelligent…

  • James

    Dr. Scumyflea

    Thanks for the “let’s hate dem Jooooos post”  you are just another Buttcannon Jew hater and Muslim collaborator.

  • Bill

    You should see my ‘dump’. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And I earn every dollar I spend (granted some of them come from off-shoring jobs, but hey, why can’t I get in on the party, too?)

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    She never did any such thing. You did that yourself with your Antisemitic blindness.

    And why don’t you elevate them for me, Nazi?

  • Bill

    It used to be there were alot of winners and a few losers. Now there are a lot of losers, and fewer winners.

    This is the equation of dissatisfaction.

  • James

    Dr. Scumly

    It seems that goober Nazis and Muslim collaborators are growing in number and they vote for Obammy because Omammy is not a Jew lover like those nasty Christians.   Da Joooooos did it and you Dr. diptwit has discovered that.  Goose step away fruit cake.

  • Dr. Shmuley

    Of course, you hate to debate the reality when it comes to Maddoffs, Reich, Dershowicz, Specter, Lieberman, Jerry Springer, Dr Ruth, Blitzer the wolf, Mark Rich, Pollard, the Rosenbergs, Al Franken, Sally Kohn, the Chicago Six, Abbi Hoffman, the spy Sandy Berger, Milken, Levine, Boesky, etc.!Is tough, isnt it?

  • gmrocks

    Yes….But these days, aren’t the terms “Democrats”, and “union-thugs”, and “property destroyers” synonomous anyhow…..regardless of their race?

  • James

    Hitler dressed like Mae West and sang “good ship lollipop” better than Shirley Temple.

  • Bill

    Exactly. Same reason Tom Cruise has a wife. Because we want him to be married and like women. It’s good for business.

  • gmrocks

    I guarantee you he’s not an atheist any longer !

  • James

    Dr. Scumflea and his partner Woody his side HICK are “Goobers international members.”  Members of a secret society and they have a hand shake and decoder rings and wrist watch  phones. 

    Bad to de bone Nazi spys and Ayran cotton candy salesmen.  Part time training is over at Omar’s tent and rug shop.  Dr. Scumflea and his side Hick Woody goober make tents and rugs and pet Camels at the Camel petting zoo out back.

    This could explain the Camel fleas all over Dr. Dumbass. Dr. Loadinpant’s  membership in Goobers international caused him to be a muslim brotherhood collaborator…..

  • Dr. Shmuley

    The Chicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight, also Conspiracy Eight/Conspiracy Seven) were seven defendants—Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner—charged with conspiracy, inciting to riot, and other charges related to protests that took place in Chicago, Illinois on the occasion of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Bobby Seale, the eighth man charged, had his trial severed during the proceedings, lowering the number from eight to seven.


    ONLY ONE OF THEM WASN’T A HASBARAT! (Tom Hayden) TDO don’t give me crap I will not accept it.

  • ^TDO^

    Not at all.

    But I don’t argue about them because they are Jews.

  • ChefM

    And why would he continue to fight a losing battle with the liberal media?

    A third grader would be able to tell this was a comparison between two opposites to compare two opposites. What better comparison that Hilter and Netanyahu…..Complete opposites!!!!!Oh wait, yeah, that third grade education pretty much explains the mindset of liberals these days.

    Apologize for nothing and hopefully let it rest, or continue to get scrutinized for something he didn’t do.

    Personally I would never apologize for nothing, but  I’m not a celebrity in the spotlight either living in a liberal world of entertainers.

  • ^TDO^

    Again, why do you think that is.

    Could it have something to do with a graduation rate of less than 50% in most of the major cities?

  • preserveUSA

    Yes TheBigGeezer, that is the media and those in the “entertainment” industry’s ploy. Say it a couple of times, and all those (liberal’s) that can’t think rationally for themselves have a new “quote of the day”. A prime example of this is when the Saturday Night Live sketch had Tina Fey’s bit on Palin. You know the one where they parodied her saying, “Well, I can step out and see Russia from my front porch…” Many of the ignorant (liberal) people actually started attributing that “quote” to Palin… They’d much rather watch the idiot box than educate themselves on all the issues that influence their lives… it is truly sad.

  • Bill

    Bad education system? Why don’t those city folks put their kids in Private schools?

  • Mike_M_Davis

    You do realize, that I’ve been ignoring your post (6 times now) because it’s unintelligible?

  • USSLimperty

    Sometimes after a circle jerk, they ARE all stuck together.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Why does he think we’re supposed to care about Steve Jobs?

  • Mike_M_Davis

    Gosh, maybe I better then. I feel bested by the dynamics here tonight.

    Especially from “Victor is a homo.”

  • USSLimperty

    Careful what cha ask for there Duckey Lou.

    According to the official record you are about 50 answers behind.

  • ^TDO^

    Well he stole the Iphone from blackberry.  No technology break thru there,  Just had 4 years to improve on the design.

    Same with the Macintosh.  Clone of the Alto.

    Ipod.  I don’t know but knowing the Apple brand  I am sure someone had one first.  MP3 players come to mind.  Of course, mp3′s aren’t proprietary.

    IPad. Same thing.  I am sure there must have been a tablet around.  HP comes to mind with their notepads.

    Are you sure Steve wasn’t asian?

  • westoast

    Because Liberals don’t care about anything called jobs. Nothing called a job or jobs has ever created a victim.

  • ^TDO^

    I liked steve jobs.

    He did good by his customers.

    But he wasn’t a God.  He took other peoples ideas, improved them and offered a reasonable product.

  • ChefM

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!

    Come on Mikey boy, this accusing others of what you do is so played out. Got anything new to deflect your inability to answer others questions?

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     I realize that it’s unintelligible to anyone with your low IQ.  

    I’m sorry that my posts are above your pay grade, but Disqus doesn’t have a crayon function.

  • Mike_M_Davis

    That’s funny. According to my tally, I’m batting 1,000, and you pricks dodge everything I post.

    Like right now.

  • ^TDO^

    I mean since you know so much, I thought for sure you must have known about Apple v. Microsoft, the people that joined in the suit and the outcome.

  • ChefM

    Good idea. I’m sure Mike is a homo is a bit close to home(o) there Mikey.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     That’s because you bat a thousand lies, but what else does a bat brain do.

  • Mike_M_Davis

    TDO -

    A link please, to the Xerox predecessors to Apple’s






    and most important of all (and right up your yingyang),

    Apple’s SUCCESSFUL business plan.

    You said Steve Jobs stole it from Xerox.

    I say you’re a liar.

    Prove me wrong.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Here makepoop….and please tell us again that you’re not answering me 10 times now, because you don’t understand it

    This is information that mikie makepoop demanded, and now that he has received it several times, he either runs, or changes the subject.
    At any rate, he can’t refute it, but just continues to lie……….and be defended by his Nazi Jew hating friends from Buchanan.

    Obviously, my first attempt at this was far too complicated for mikie to grasp. I’ll try to remedy that problem with some further clarification, although I expect him to be as lost as he was the first time.

    Recently, mikie makepoop demanded evidence that his O’Savior failed on his promise to bring the troops home from Iraq.
    Here’s the exchange:

    ————-Mikie: “Hmmm. I know facts are sort of optional with conservatives, but here are some for you to ponder.
    ————-Just over 1,000 Americans have been killed in Afgh since Obama was sworn in, around half the number under ————-Bush.
    ————-That should come as no surprise, as he almost tripled the presence in order to eradicate al Qaeda–which, even ————-Fox News has confirmed, seems to be working. More men in theater means more casualties.
    ————-You know… like the 4,425 who were killed in Iraq under Bush, in a war based on lies over WMD.
    ————-Chew on them facts, sous chef.”

    ————-Fap: “You mean Mickey, the same Afghanistan he claimed he would have pulled out of immediately “if” he were ————-President?”

    ————-mikie: “FCrap…..Post a link where Obama said that. I want to see the word “immediately” too. If you can’t, then ————-you’re just another liar, like TDO.”

    ————-Fcap: “I am still researching this, as of now I may have erred and confused his stand on Iraq with

    The point here is……………that mikie’s O’Savior failed on both counts.

    First, here’s some evidence on Iraq which mikie has once again run away from. And, since both Afghanistan and Iraq were mentioned, I have also included below this…..additional evidence on Afghanistan.

    ————It’s true that in an 11-minute interview with hometown Chicago radio broadcaster and journalist, Roland Martin, ————Barack Obama revealed that his first act, if elected president, would be to pull our troops out of Iraq as quickly as ————possible.

    Obama promises to bring troops home:

    Here is where the Democratic Underground reported it on Sat Jan-05-08 02:51 PM

    The vid on the link they provided was mysteriously “disabled”. I wonder why? And obviously, he failed to keep this promise and we are still in Iraq.

    Additional evidence for the failed promise on Afghanistan.:

    ————Promises to bring troops home in July 2011:

    ————Instead? He sends troops there:

    ————Promises to bring troops home in July 2011:

    Then, he sends more in January 2011:

    More search:
    ————The 3rd BCT is expected to relieve the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, in January 2011.—–Army Times

    We’re headed for 2013: 
    ————”Those combined withdrawals will effectively mean the return home of all the “surge” troops Obama sent to ————Afghanistan in 2009. Another 70,000 US troops would remain in the country heading into 2013.”


    What was mikie’s non-answer to this?

    “That’s IRAQ you dumb shit, not Afghanistan!!!! ”

    You lose, makepoop. You always lose, and you always will.
    Now go lick your wounds, astro boy.


  • ChefM

    Having a perfect record of avoiding questions isn’t anything to brag about.

  • ^TDO^

    Have never dodged anything Mikey.

    Been here all the time.  I don’t declare victory and run away.

    That would be – YOU.

  • R. Gregory Hertz

    Steve Jobs was a genius at one thing, separating people from their money.  Regardless of his political affiliations, he was a Free Enterprise Capitalist to the core.  He worked the Free Enterprise system to the hilt selling top of the line products at a premium rate and made billions doing it.  His customers seem happy with his product, all is good.

  • Tony_Seco

    Why the specific and ridiculous request to the ithis and the ithat? What are ya, goofy?

  • Victor Magilke

    Bob and Shuga.  I have to go,  but let me leave you with this.  You know, Sweet LeAnn,  the hasbarasts favorite punching hag.  I have a mental picture of her!

    Picture this,  Something fat and greasy on a big platter with an apple in its mouth! Oink, oink, oink!

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Well, we all know he’s a lying coward who’s shameless enough to run away and accuse us of doing it while at the same time saying we never leave here.

    He’s here now carrying water for his Nazi fascist friends who just left him to it. No wonder the Nazis lost the war.


  • Tony_Seco

    You always prefer to fantasize instead of using actual data. Child.

  • westoast

    THAT’S why Libs don’t want kids keeping score in sports.
    They will learn that Libtards never win.

  • ChefM

    You sure are demanding for someone who never answers questions himself.

  • ^TDO^


    They stole the Imac from xerox.

    Iphone from Blackberry.

    Ipod from mp3 players from around hte world.

    I tunes from any number of sites but most don’t charge for them

    Ipad is the only one I haven’t researched but I am pretty sure there were some tablet type pc’s around, HP comes to mind.

    Are you saying you don’t know about PARC the division of Xerox that invented GUI interfaces, the mouse, the laser jet printer, The Alto, the first GUI computer.

    Are you saying you need a link to find out that Apple lost their lawsuit against Microsoft.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Yeah, they hate those sports games. The other team is greedy and wants all those points for themselves, and we all know for every point they score, there’s one less point for the liberal team.

    Greedy jerks.


  • USSLimperty

    We know you boys don’t like icky girls anyway,so your disrespect out of jealously over hand bags and lip gloss comes as no shock.

  • USSLimperty

    he’s a psycho?

    just a guess

  • USSLimperty

    he’s  iGoofy

  • ^TDO^

    Thanks for that Vic.

    By myself I might have a hard time talking about you with H.e.

    Now I have LeAnn.

    See you tomorrow.

  • USSLimperty

    utopian football score?


    all players can feel good about themselves because the offenses  scored a TD, the defenses didn’t give up too many points and the poor little kickers got a field goal.

  • ChefM

    Yup, but Mikey is too stupid to realize that the Nazi’s never have a problem throwing people under the bus and deserting their own ilk to save face. LMAO!!!!  He thinks they like him because they’re nut jobs like he is, just in different ways.

    One loves the Muslims over our allies and America, the other loves Muslims over America and our allies……………..Wait…………..What???

  • USSLimperty

    you got to go? poo need packing?

  • Mike_M_Davis

    You are such a pathetic pussy.

    Nice dodge.

    As usual.

  • ChefM

    Good guess!

  • ^TDO^


    What dodge.

    Steve Jobs company started by stealing someone else’s ideas.

  • USSLimperty


  • 1LonesomeDove1

     As opposed to your deep and thoughtful intellectual answer here?

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • USSLimperty

    I love his products,but you are correct.

  • USSLimperty

    Mike gave an answer?

  • HOO

    Look up the word “Parody.” You are thinking too concretely. I would vote for you over Obama and I don’t even know you. My post was to ridicule the Obama Admin’s attempt to pass their latest idiocy by promoting fears of bridge collapses if it did not pass.

  • HOO

    Look up the word “Parody.” You are thinking too concretely. I would vote for you over Obama and I don’t even know you. My post was to ridicule the Obama Admin’s attempt to pass their latest idiocy by promoting fears of bridge collapses if it did not pass.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     From the liberal dictionary

    Dodge:  Any and all truth that cannot be countered with facts.

  • Mike_M_Davis

    Oh, of course… The great GUI interface debate… with MICROSOFT.

    But originally, you said Jobs stole from XEROX.

    Deflect much?

  • loydarebel

    good, the yankee’s are losing,

  • ^TDO^

    I like steve jobs.

    I don’t like Apple computers.  Too much money for what they do.

    They’d be out of business if they hadn’t done a deal with Microsoft.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     Yeah…didn’t you see his fingers in both ears….and one in his anus?


    (I always wanted to know how liberals do that)

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     My point is, that I’m not related to him, and I didn’t inherit anything.

    Sorry he’s dead, but……………

  • Mike_M_Davis

    “I am sure” is hardly air-tight.

    “I am sure” a year on Pluto takes 248 terrestrial years, but not everyone agrees. Right Astro-Boy?

  • USSLimperty


    The real trick is when they switch fingers!

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     What we need to do is make mikie coward here stick to the debate he ran away from last, instead of letting him change the subject with more irrelevancies.

  • USSLimperty


  • ^TDO^


    Like i said

    You’re much too stupid to debate.

    In the middle of the Apple v Microsoft law suit, Xerox joined Microsoft’s side and countersued Apple for stealing THEIR designs.

    I am sorry you don’t know these things. Before I make an ass out of myself on the blogs. I learn to at least LOOK at what the other guy is saying.

    Seems that everything about hte Imac was almost identical to the Alto.

    Now isn’t that something.

    The result of the lawsuit is why there is so much goofiness in the world especially in computers.

    The court ruled that the basic ideas were so fundamental that there could only be copyright and patent infringements unless the circuit boards, code, whatever were IDENTICAL.

    So Microsoft got windows, Xerox got nothing, Apple had to pay court costs.

    Anything else you want to get egg on your face about.

    That court decision did allow Jobs to go out and replicate almost any idea he saw, however.

  • westoast

    I think after this spanking you will run away………Let’s watch!

  • westoast

    Is Victor moving? Or did you mean just his normal daily packing?

  • USSLimperty

    You might want to try ro score some points or else I will be forced to stop the match. YOU are being outclassed.

  • ^TDO^

    And just for you I left some typos in there so that you could respond about SOMETHING