‘Don’t Let Fox News Find Out!’

Flashback to November 2, 2008. Remember this guy?

If you don’t, that is King Samir Shabazz, a member of the New Black Panther Party. He, along with fellow NBPPer Jerry Jackson, were accused of old-fashioned voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008. After the election, the Justice Department brought a voter-intimidation case against the NBPP and that’s where J. Christian Adams comes in. Adams and his DoJ colleagues began building the case but, before they could collect enough evidence, the superiors in the Justice Department told he and his colleagues to drop the case.

As Adams said in a Washington Times op/ed, the ‘dismissal of the Black Panther case was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law.’ Adams resigned his position after the shenanigans from DoJ came to light. 

Now out with his new book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, Adams sat down with me to discuss what happened on Election Day and how the DoJ did their best to cover it up as soon as the story started to break…

Plus, as Andrew Breitbart is reporting over at Big Government, some pictures that were originally meant to be published in Injustice, obtained by Breitbart, show President Obama at a rally in Selma, Ala. in 2008 marching with NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz. This was also the same Malik Zulu Shabazz whose name was on the White House visitor log in July of 2009. In the words of Desi Arnaz, someone has “got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!”

Editor’s note: To read a review of Injustice, go here.

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  • BigMark

    Thanks for telling us how you really feel.
    We reserved a spot for you down at the coochecoo mental health facitity…along with some of those white coolies you seem to hate so much.
    You’re on the wrong website for racist rants like this.
    Most of us don’t like what happened in 08 and until the inner cities wake up and the illegals quit voting…well, we’re doing our best and you and your kind of BS doesn’t help to show that maturity addressing these problems and providing a reasonable direction for this mis-informed to go will only happed if you STFU. 

  • oldmcdonaldhadamine

    “Him, and his other Justice Department colleagues, began building the case but, before they could collect enough evidence, the superiors in the Justice Department told he and his colleagues to drop the case.
    Good Lord, Adam, your grammar is awful.

  • thinkmiddle

    A lot of explaining to do?

    He is the same guy who supposedly had no relationship with the remorseless terrorist bomber Bill Ayers and no notion of the anti-white devil rantings of his 20yr pastor, Rev Wright. This guy’s whole administration has been a complete and total deception!

    The American public was war weary and wanted a positive “change” for America. They had no idea what they were getting instead, Anti-business, Anti-capitalism, Anti-American exceptionalism in the world. Now he’ll hook his wagon to this “occupy” movement that has it’s roots in an Anti-Semite group from Canada just to try and keep some kind of grassroots look to everything.

    Corruption to the core, doesn’t anyone remember the “Green Jobs” Czar? More of the same – More of the same!

  • xlthim

    Being a white male from the South (and growing up in the 60′s South), I wasn’t on the receiving end of racism, but I saw it first hand. I can think back to the “damn yankees” who had a passion for doing what was right, and some paid with their lives! What are their parents think now? What did their children die for?
    Most of my generation, and younger, found some common sense along the way and have said NO to that ignorant way of thinking. I am proud of the fact that my kids could care less about skin color. If they publicly stated 50 years ago what they feel now, they would be called “n*gg*r lovers”! Sorry for the term, but that’s the truth!
    Why is it I feel like as us down here put away the ignorance everyone else digressed?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUGSU4N2QFIHA3JZ3C4K5DPZ2U Chris

    You know what is sad, the fact that not only are you an idiot for writing this crap, two other people were just stupid as you and actually LIKED this crap. Do us all a favor and add some chlorine to your gene pool, or better go to the spay and neuter clinic and have yourself fixed.

  • http://www.politicalplot.com PoliticalPlot.com

    Meantime, while we’re on the subject of racism what’s the point?  The Washington Post has provided all the information we need about who is racist and who isn’t just this past week in its two articles stoning Rick Perry.  Democrats are NOT racist.  Republicans ARE racist.  Especially anyone not supporting The Great FAIL’s re-election campaign.  Everybody got that?  Okay!  Now let’s move on.

    Obamageddon.  Coming November 6th, 2012 to a polling place near you.  Don’t miss it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottw2012 Scott Warneck

    Just like the entire Obama administration.  Why do you think they always make major announcements on Fridays?  When Monday comes around it’s already forgotten!  Nothing but pure scammers.

  • Nappy20

    I just hate grammatical errors like in this sentence:

        Him, and his other Justice Department colleagues, began building the
    case but, before they could collect  enough evidence, the superiors in
    the Justice Department told he and his colleagues to drop the case.

    Makes me wonder about the writer’s credentials as a journalist…

  • http://www.humanevents.com Adam J. Tragone

    I’ll certainly make sure he doesn’t do it again…

  • robster_1968

    He is the correct usage. If you leave out the phrase, “and his other Justice Department colleagues,” you would say he instead of him.

  • MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    Yes, lots of evidence points to Kenya as Obama/Soetoro’s birth place, not Hawaii. Obamagang is motivated by a lawless hostility toward the Constitution for the United States of America the Supreme Law of the Land, applies race biased invidious discriminatory animus toward middle class and poor Caucasians, and exempts his cohorts from the equal enforcement of the law to effect a power shift away from Constitutionally limited government in republican form by We The People to incrementally effect a race/sectarian biased Marxist socialist dictatorship under color of law, i.e., “fundamentally change America” as Obama promised he would do.   Obama should be immediately arrested for TREASON, War Crimes, Fraud, etc. etc. along with all his Czars and attorneys and justice obstructing federal judges and complicit members of Congress and Senate, and Bush I&II, and Clintons B&H, Pelosi, Reid, and State of Hawaii governors Linda Lingle, Neil Abercrombie, DNC, RNC, militant Black Panthers, Zionists, and Neo-Cons.   If not, USA is on the fast track to 3rd World Order. Koos is right: White voters let their self-hatred and white coolie guilt overrule good sense and good judgement when they voted for this slimeball illegal alien fraud Obama/Soetoro, and his cabal of far-left Israel-first and Muslim Black Nationalist enemies of the Constitution and the natural born American Citizens and legal immigrants. You deserve Obama government, unless you repent to God and take immediate action to correct this Constitutional crisis as is our DUTY as described in our 1776 Unanimous Declaration ! see Molokai Advertiser News  weekly, and free, by George Peabody, editor since 1984.

  • xlthim

    “Obamageddon.  Coming November 6th, 2012 to a polling place near you.  Don’t miss it.”
    I hope your prophesy isn’t accurate, but it made me smile.

  • robster_1968

    It’s all about Eric “Steadman” Holder protecting “his people”.

  • MSpector

    Obama came into office as the least critically examined candidate in history. Every question large and small was swept under the rug. Every embarrassing association was pooh-poohed. Every gap in his record was papered over. Now, bit by bit, the questions are reemerging. Put it simply: from the real place of his birth to his college transcripts to the reality of his relationships with ACORN, the former Weatherfolk and the NBBP we have an absolute right to know who the President really is. Obama can run, but he should no longer be allowed to hide.

  • harrydweeks

    The best way to defeat this racist administration  is VOTE  THEM OUT IN 2O12 !!!!! If your concerned about going to the polls, sign up for early write in voting.

  • nfbailey

    Impeach all of them first so they can’t suck at our teat for the next fifty years like Clinton is doing.  Please, make Obama’s and his gang of Chicago thieves pay dearly for their high crimes!! None of them deserve a pension or a lifetime of secret service!!

  • amishmime

    “it is perfectly natural and normal for a white person to wish that his/her child’s teammates or fellow student be white persons”
    Not a sports’ fan are you. And I question your explanation on the Lincoln assassination. 

  • ursine

    What do you think about Hernstein and Murray work, does it add anything here?

  • Steve Brown

    Vote for Herman Cain
    Elect a REAL black PRESIDENT!

  • madprof

    I got as far into Mr. Tragone’s commentary as …”told he and his colleagues…” and I had to quit. I will not read a reporter’s story if that reporter does not know the basis of the English language. There is little excuse for poor grammar on the part of professional writers and cannot to be tolerated by discerning readers.

  • sivles

    Yeah, well you can say that, but the world isn’t as perfect as you are.  Every “race” has it’s own vision of what they want…..and all depend on the white taxpayers of Amerika to “provide” that assistance to get what they want whether it be a slimy dictator in Venezuela, or a communist in the feral goobermnt in Washington DC.  He loves to give Amerikan “funding” to all the muslime in the entire world….isn’t he a hero…..but wait!  what race is he?  He hates Amerika, hates white people, hates Christian people regardless of their skin color, and his old lady just loves to “visit” all the expensive places on earth with her children and the entourage…..all 200 or so of them at the expense of Amerikan taxpayers.  Remember she is the one that had no use for Amerika.  So call in all the other people of the World and see what race they are running…..

  • http://genelalor.com Gene Lalor

    Radical Racists: Obama, Holder, and the NBPP

       Accusations of racism today are the equivalent of throwing a bomb into a large assembly and should always be avoided unless there is substantial proof of the charge’s truth.  Denial of the existence of official racism in the face of its reality is even more reprehensible, the equivalent of blowing up a society.
    It’s turning out that the president of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, and the New Black Panther Party have much more in common than race.  Call it recompense, call it reparations, that commonality is almost as ugly and damnable as any crimes committed by the Ku Klux Klan. 
    Barack Hussein Obama has undertaken prodigious efforts to appear the president of all the people regardless of race and an even greater effort to conceal his radical, racist past.  Eric Himpton Holder has been more forthcoming in his racism and active discrimination toward white Americans without conceding his bigotry.  The New Black Panther Party, founded on black racism and distinguished from the old Black Panthers only by the fact most have not yet been tried and convicted, is more brazenly ingenuous about its radical racism.  
    No matter Obama’s attempts to hide who and what he is, no matter Holder’s accidental admissions, if nothing else, Obama and Holder could learn a great deal about forthrightness from the NBPP.  Their learning curve aside, recent and past revelations have now linked all of them. 
    After his election, Obama told America he has been running for the presidency since kindergarten.  Toward that end, he campaigned in Selma, Alabama in March, 2007.  Nothing wrong with that; he campaigned in 57 of America’s 58 states so Alabama most likely was  one of them. 
    What is very wrong is that photos depicting him marching and speaking with NBPP National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz and other members of the New Black Panther Party  were quashed and hidden from the American public for four years by Obama’s mainstream media. 
    That oversight could readily be attributable to journalistic negligence–or to a covert attempt to portray their hero, their anointed one, as Everyman, a universal man who represented all of America, black, white, yellow and everyone in between, who didn’t have a racist bone in his body.
    See all the pictures recovered by BigGovernment.com and the story of their recovery here: http://bit.ly/o4WtfR      
    “Guilt by association,” the oft-used pejorative that we are known by the company we keep, has been held in disrepute ever since Senator Joe McCarthy showed the term frequently  has validity. 
    The question is, if guilt by association is un-American, what do we call concealment of photos for years by the MSM?  Guilt by virtue of lackey journalism?  Guilt predicated on a dearth of journalistic ethics?  Guilt attributable to worship of false gods?  
    Were four year old pictures the only evidence that this administration harbors deeply-felt black racist sentiments, they could be dismissed as mere happenstance, coincidences that the NBPP just happened to meet up with Obama in Selma. 
    However, unfortunately for the country and for the tens of millions of Americans who were duped into voting for him in 2008 thinking he would bring hope, change, and an end to racial divisiveness, irrefutable proof that Obama and his administration systematically discriminate against white people has already been substantiated. 
    Not unsurprisingly, like those damning 2007 photos, that evidence of “reverse racism” has been suppressed by Obama’s media. 
    Obama’s appointment of fellow African-American Eric Holder as attorney general should have provided the clue that neither Obama nor his new appointee were on the same page as the majority of Americans. 
    Eric Holder’s background of facilitating Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, defending the terrorist Ejército Popular Boricua, negotiating a settlement in the case of Chiquita Brands paying off terrorists, his firm’s representation of Guantanomo accused terrorists, etc., were a dead giveaway that Holder was closer to being a terrorist himself than qualified to be the attorney general of the United States. 
    Obama’s MSM deftly hid those pretty damned relevant details on Holder’s résumé.
       Eric Holder and his Justice Department–our Justice Department–are currently under investigation for lying to Congress about the DoJ-ATF farcical gun-running failure, “Operation Fast and Furious,” which provided Mexican drug cartels with weapons to kill our border agents. (http://bit.ly/n9v86z)   Hopefully, those inquiries will finally out Holder as the dissembling liar and dope that he is. 
    It’s doubtful “Fast and Furious” involved black racism but no further proof of racism was needed after J. Christian Adams, Chris Coates, and other veteran DoJ attorneys spilled that dirt in 2010.  In sworn congressional testimony concerning the mishandling of the NBPP voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, they revealed that race rather than the rule of law governed the actions of Holder’s department. 
       Didn’t hear about that either?  Understandable, since Obama’s MSM covered it up or passed off the matter as inconsequential.  Want to learn more?  See http://bit.ly/oHdTBS  and an excerpt from Adams’ just-released book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, here http://bit.ly/oUxDxl       
    Beginning prior to his confirmation when he ripped white people as cowards, AG Holder has proven time and again that he was and is a black racist subversive.  With the aid of the media, he has successfully hidden his contempt for whites, his history of discrimination against whites, and of exonerating black NBPP thugs on no other basis than the color of their skin. 
    Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished what has to be described as an amazing feat over the course of three years. 
    Obama has fooled the American public into believing he is a racial healer rather than a racist divider.  He has bamboozled his media into accepting him as an untainted savior, he has placed African-Americans such as Eric Holder in positions of authority responsible for defending the Constitution who proceeded to gut it in the name of racial equality. 
    He has made an unmitigated joke of Martin Luther King’s dream of making judgements of Americans predicated on “the content of their character.”
       The New Black Panther Party has little to worry about with one of their own as president and another one of their own defending his racist policies.  The only people who need worry are the rest of us. 
    An NBPP hoodlum in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 ominously warned a Fox News reporter, “This is what it’s like with a black man in charge.”  In 2011, we can better appreciate that declaration.

  • rebelyell4

    The black American, odd statement, now what’s a better one? Can’t seem to think of one; odd but if they would stop considering themselves as Black, I’d start calling them Americans? But it’s completely fine if they say it and I have to live in fear of being considerred a racist because they want me to use that expression. If they would cease to consider themselves a seperate group, what would we ever do about it?

    There are groups of folks that love Lincoln. He is president Obama’s favorite president. Yes, I bet he is. Lincoln was the first RINO. The liberals of the day immediately set out to re-enslave the now free community. Farms could no longer function, so fear was needed even more than before slavery. Groups were formed to create this fear while the exact same people acted as if they were fighting the groups producing the fear. Most amazing thing about Lincolns aftermath is that he has left us with this socalled union.

    The “union” was not meant to succeed if it had to be by force of arms. Our founders saw the United States as just that, a set of states that got along for the common good, you know; defense, trade, and so on.They NEVER saw it as the one- Nation-one government that developed after Lincoln. He did not keep the United Staes together, he destoyed them.

    The power to make a decision such as freeing the slaves was NEVER possible for the real Constitution. In essence the Feds created the power of “whats good for most of us”; that never existed before. Freedom was destroyed for all Americans. Including those of African heritage.

  • Chris Wilkinson

    Hmmm, political influences what the DOJ investigates?  No, that is almost unbelievable.  Someone’s radical racist agenda to reshape the United States is showing.  

    One wonders how many staffers are assigned to attack the writer of the book now.   

  • liberty4us


  • hicusdicus

    That certainly is a different view point on American history. My view point is, that was then and this is now and this country may be in big trouble.  Enough trouble to change all Americans way of life. A life style change that won’t be for the better.