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E-Verify Is the Real Jobs Bill–for Americans

Jobs for Americans.  Right now.  That’s the promise of E-Verify.
Authored by Rep. Lamar Smith (R.-Tex.), the bill requiring employers to electronically verify the Social Security number and identity of job applicants passed out of the House Judiciary Committee (which Smith chairs) last week on a 22-to-13 vote.  House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) has yet to schedule a full House vote.  He should do so at the earliest time.  E-Verify is a jobs bill that will actually create millions of jobs for Americans.
While federal law currently requires employers to hire only citizens or legal residents, an estimated 8 million illegals hold jobs today in the U.S. because of a lack of an effective method to enforce the law.  E-Verify provides that method—an Internet-based link from the employer to the Social Security database that nearly instantly determines whether the SS number matches the identity of the job applicant.
As recently as 2008, the Social Security Administration found that names and SS numbers did not match on nearly 9 million W-2 forms submitted by employers to document employees’ wages for that year.  While mistakes in data entry account for a few of these “no-match” cases, nearly all of these workers presented fake or stolen SS numbers, and were illegally in the country and not eligible to work here.
While this new law would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers, the program is currently offered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration as a free, voluntary service for employers.  According to the DHS website, more than 238,000 employers are enrolled in voluntary E-Verify, and about 1,500 new employers join every week.
Open border advocates decry mandatory E-Verify as discrimination.  They are right.  Jobs in America should go to American citizens and those legally residing here.  E-Verify is more humane than the bipartisan enforcement methods of past eras.  Both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower physically rounded up and deported illegal aliens when recessions hit the economy, to preserve American jobs for Americans.
The Democrat Party opposes E-Verify because it would work.  Illegals are here for the jobs and pay they can’t find in their own countries.  Barred from those jobs, illegals would go home, just as illegals have left states, such as Arizona, which already have mandatory E-Verify.  The fact of these undocumented Democrat voters going home before the 2012 election could put Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, among other states, back in the Republican column.
Some employers (and large Republican donors) also oppose E-Verify because it would work.  Many businesses can only stay in business (remember, I live in California) because of the cheap labor costs of hardworking illegals.  Many illegal workers are paid in cash, particularly if they work for an employer who is also an illegal.
Mandatory E-Verify levels the playing field by making all employers follow the law and fill jobs with eligible Americans and legal residents.  The current advantage held by companies who do not participate in the voluntary program and continue to exploit illegal workers would evaporate when mandatory E-Verify went into effect.
Opponents of E-Verify also say that some illegals do work that legal workers will not do—although there is less of this reluctance as the recession grinds on.  Take, for example, the meatpacking plants that were raided and had their illegals deported.  The meatpacking companies maintained that no one else but illegals would do that work.  When the jobs opened up after the raids, Americans formed long lines to get the work.
I’ve also heard Republicans oppose E-Verify as another regulatory burden on employers.  The minute-and-a-half it takes to electronically verify the information on the employee’s I-9 form is about the time it takes to verify your credit card at a point of purchase.  Not much of a burden, with a big payoff in job creation.  And with President Obama and the Democrats opposed to E-Verify in deference to their illegal alien base, the political benefit to Republicans is obvious.
Agribusiness opposes E-Verify.  Since the death of the Bracero Program, which legally allowed seasonal workers from Mexico to harvest American crops, farmers have relied heavily on illegals.  Farmers are pushing for AgJobs—an exception to mandatory E-Verify.  Farmers, more than most employers, can make the case that Americans will not do the field and harvest work at the low pay that illegals will. 
What agribusiness doesn’t want the public to know is that there already is a legal way to get foreign workers.  The rub is that this program requires higher pay, sanitary facilities, housing, etc, for legal seasonal workers—and therefore costs more than simply hiring illegals, who work for less, live in the canyon next to the field in makeshift camps, cook over open fires during fire season, and make the habitat their toilet.
Rep. Smith deserves support.  E-Verify is the jobs bill that really produces jobs for Americans.  Speaker Boehner must call for the full House vote.  Stand up for American jobs for Americans.

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  • Goldbug36

    Read this:

    There is more to E-Verify than meets the eye .. if this government likes it, it is surely bad for us.

  • Dave Francis




    E-Verify! So what is E-Verify?
    E-Verify originated at some stage in President Bush administration in 1986.
    This computer verification system has been updated and revised over many years
    and now growing in popularity, amongst the 271, 460 honest business concerns,
    as of last June.  Then since the 1986
    Simpson/Mazzoli bill (The Immigration Reform and Control (IRCA) Act) intended
    to stop the flow after the mass amnesty but the surge of illegal persons has
    not stopped and now the population has risen above 20 million or more. E-Verify
    require employers to inspect documentation from each newly hired employee, to
    prove his or her identity and eligibility to be hired in the United States.
    This act led to the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification,
    requiring employees to confirm of their work eligibility, and employers to
    certify that the documents presented credibly appear to be legitimate and to
    relate to the individual. The only problem where the E-Verify is concerned
    today, it’s not mandated and only on a volunteer basis in most situations.



    This is not anything about anti-Hispanic, black, white,
    Asian or any other nationality. There is a huge space between the legal and
    illegal? Plus these illegal newcomer majorities have no interest in assimilation;
    learning the language but here for all the money entitlement programs. Research
    what foreign nationals can claim—IN YOUR STATE– that are denied to the
    gullible taxpayers. It’s specific in condemning 30 years of unfortunate
    administrations of nonchalant enforcement of illegal immigration. This is completely
    indifferent to the after effects of growing populations of people without no
    papers and no rights. We must hope that the next president has a policy of
    strengthening our boundaries and our immigration laws, which entails policing
    with E-Verify, Secure Communities and the 287G federal training policies for
    local authorities.



    Thanks to patriotic Americans as Kris Kobach, a constitutional lawyer
    and the Kansas Secretary of State, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa
    County, Tom Tancredo urgent message of this never ending invasion, has suddenly
    flowed to the surface and the people have finally realized the monetary, social
    consequences of this spreading poverty.


    Doesn’t it
    seem disgusting when our own government has turned on its own population? Our
    own Department of IN-Justice, attacks its own states that need federal protection.
     State officials are trying to survive
    the onslaught of violent criminals, amid the growing prevalence of drunken
    drivers who kill and the economic aliens pouring into every community
    throughout this country.  


    This year Rep. Lamar
    Smith’s has sponsored a mandated E-Verify bill (H.R. 2885), known as the
    “Legal Workforce Act” to substantiate as the most predominant problem
    solver for Americans in the jobless lines. Lamar Smith’s E-Verify
    bill is the only true method we have, to contain this contagion of people,
    who think they are justified in trespassing in this sovereign nation. For
    years the federal government has ignored the claims, that they have ignored the
    mass movement of illegal aliens entering America illegally. It was the
    prior Wednesday that the House Judiciary Committee passed Smith’s Legal
    Workforce Act afternoon 22-to-13. Only two amendments were approved by the
    committee, including one offered by Chairman Smith himself. The bill, H.R.2885,
    would require all employers to use E-Verify within 2 years for all
    non-agricultural new hires, while requiring federal, state and local agencies
    to check current employees as well within 6 months.



    In Alabama a
    federal judge Blackburn opened the door to further enforcement, which next to
    E-Verify is the most extreme law in the land, against the illegal alien
    invasion. Alabama, Indiana, Georgia and Arizona are the only states who have
    passed state laws, to protect its own legal citizens that are not in favor of
    financially supporting anybody who slips across our permeable fence or dodges
    other port entries. It’s understandable that every foreigner who is poor, the
    deprived want to come to America. But with our own citizens, green card holders
    and legal foreigners hurting financially, no illegal alien should ever be
    hired, now or ever.



    financials are astronomical either through legal means or through extensive
    fraud. Whether its most entitlement being absorbed by the foothold baby
    citizenship law, or the crushing effect of money in health care, education and imprisonment.
    Billions of dollars have gone to satisfy people who have come through
    sponsorship, using the CHAIN MIGRATION laws. These laws have been forced upon us
    by the courts, that laid down the law that taxpayers must financially support
    people from abroad, whether we like it or not.



    A permanent,
    E-Verify in future terms will become the most important tool, to divide legal
    workers from foreign nationals, returning the opportunity to all persons here
    legally. All the information on those who are out to defeat it and everything
    you want to know is available at NumbersUSA and Judicial Watch. Readers are
    offered the chance to read daily newspaper information, which generally is not
    seen in the Liberal press and startling disclosures at their website.



    You as a
    taxpayer and a voter can attribute your influence, to millions of TEA PARTY
    members, independents, lost liberals, Democrats and Republicans by adding to the
    people’s push for America’s new lease on life. Contact your own local Senator
    or Representative or federal politician at 202-224-3121. Do you yearn to stop
    to illegal immigration, a brand new tax code with no loopholes for the wealthy
    or corporation and other slippery entities? Do you desire smaller government
    and uncorrupted lawmakers? Do you crave fair Trade Treaties, not what we have
    at this present time? Only the TEA PARTY can give you the freedom from
    overreaching government; the reams of regulations are stopping people from
    creating new businesses.



    No Copyright ever. Americans must be
    exposed to the truth, not lies. Become a Whistle Blower if you notice illegal alien hired or
    working, to ICE at) division at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423). SEE SOMETHING? DO SOMETHING?




  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    Somebody from WND ran Barack Hussein Obama through E-VERIFY and he came out RED-FLAGGED as NOT A VERIFIABLE SS NUMBER. How’s that for interesting?