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TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency

They’ve been accused of rampant thievery, spending billions of dollars like drunken sailors, groping children and little old ladies, and making everyone take off their shoes.
But the real job of the tens of thousands of screeners at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to protect Americans from a terrorist attack.
Yet a decade after the TSA was created following the September 11 attacks, the author of the legislation that established the massive agency grades its performance at “D-.”
“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.
“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”
As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”
“Everything they have done has been reactive.  They take shoes off because of [shoe-bomber] Richard Reid, passengers are patted down because of the diaper bomber, and you can’t pack liquids because the British uncovered a plot using liquids,” Mica said.
“It’s an agency that is always one step out of step,” Mica said.
It cost $1 billion just to train workers, which now number more than 62,000, and “they actually trained more workers than they have on the job,” Mica said.
“The whole thing is a complete fiasco,” Mica said.
In a wide-ranging interview with HUMAN EVENTS just days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Mica said screeners should be privatized and the agency dismantled.
Instead, the agency should number no more than 5,000, and carry out his original intent, which was to monitor terrorist threats and collect intelligence.
The fledgling agency was quickly engulfed in its first scandal in 2002 as it rushed to hire 30,000 screeners, and the $104 million awarded to the company to contract workers quickly escalated to more than $740 million.
Federal investigators tracked those cost overruns to recruiting sessions held at swank hotels and resorts in St. Croix, the Virgin Islands, Florida and the Wyndham Peaks Resort and Golden Door Spa in Telluride, Colo.
Charges in the hundreds of thousands of dollars were made for cash withdrawals, valet parking and beverages, plus a $5.4 million salary for one executive for nine months of work.
Other over-the-top expenditures included nearly $2,000 for 20 gallons of Starbucks Coffee, $8,000 for elevator operators at a Manhattan hotel, and $1,500 to rent more than a dozen extension cords for the Colorado recruiting fair.
The agency inadvertently caused security gaps by failing for years to keep track of lost uniforms and passes that lead to restricted areas of airports.
Screeners have also been accused of committing crimes, from smuggling drugs to stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage.  In 2004, several screeners were arrested and charged with stealing jewelry, computers and cameras, cash, credit cards and other valuables.  One of their more notable victims was actress Shirley McClain, who was robbed of jewelry and crystals.
One of the screeners confessed that he was trying to steal enough to sell the items and buy a big-screen television.
In 2006, screeners at Los Angeles and Chicago O’Hare airports failed to find more than 60% of fake explosives during checkpoint security tests.
The sometimes rudder-less agency has gone through five administrators in the past decade, and it took longer than a year for President Obama to put his one man in place.  Mica’s bill also blocked collective bargaining rights for screeners, but the Obama administration managed to reverse that provision.
Asked whether the agency should be privatized, Mica answered with a qualified yes.
“They need to get out of the screening business and back into security.  Most of the screening they do should be abandoned,” Mica said.  “I just don’t have a lot of faith at this point,” Mica said.
Allowing airports to privatize screening was a key element of Mica’s legislation and a report released by the committee in June determined that privatizing those efforts would result in a 40% savings for taxpayers.
 “We have thousands of workers trying to do their job.  My concern is the bureaucracy we built,” Mica said.
“We are one of the only countries still using this model of security,” Mica said, “other than Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and I think, Libya.”

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  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever happen now that they’re unionized, but HELL YES, they need to be privatized, they’re the reason I refuse to fly anymore!  The USG needs to fire each and every one of those granny-groping toddler fondlers!  On 9/11/2001/ Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers, fit the profile of an islamic terrorist.  He had a one-way ticket paid for in cash, his attitude as well, and just how many of the hijackers weren’t muslim?  But alas, the screeners couldn’t profile because of weak-kneed political correctness, and today’s TSA (Thieves, S%^$heads and A$$holes) does the same. ” Mohammed oobla-boobla?  Proceed after your allah boo-boos, sir,  HEY, SPREAD ‘EM, GRANNY, UP AGAINST THE WALL!!!  MA’AM,  hand me the baby, diaper probe on lanes 3 and 6!!”

  • Hominid

    From the outset, it was clear that the TSA is a jobs program – just another form of welfare and waste and aggravation for the taxpayers.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I refer all to an article about TSA, published yesterday in the SPORTS section of the NY Post, by columnist Phil Mushnick.

    He said he was at Newark (NJ) Airport a few weeks with his family, trying to board a plane bound for British Columbia.  The line waiting to ge through the TSA check was over an hour long.

    There was a woman dressed in a TSA uniform, speaking with a broken accent, pushing a wheelchair, offering to assist anybody who needed it.  When no one accepted, she made it plain that she’d accept anybody, even able-bodied persons.  All they had to do was to hop in the wheelchair and she’d push them to the head of the line.

    Muchnick’s brother accepted, though he isn’t handicapped.  So while she was pushing him to the front of the line, she made it plain to him that she expected “to be taken care of.”  He got to the checkpoint, gave her $5 in plain sight of everybody, and went throughg the gate.

    On the other end, she made it plain that $5 wasn’t enough, so he very plainly then did give her another $5.

  • texan59

    The best laid plans of mice and men……….

  • Martin Hale

    Well, I’d like to think privatising TSA would help, but I know from experience that it isn’t the answer.  SFO had a private contractor managing the passenger and luggage/freight screening for a number of years and I can’t recall it being a fundamentally better or more pleasant experience going through screening there than it was at a TSA-run shop.  I suspect that even if the actual screening were privatised, we’d learn quickly that the real problem is the bureaucratic rules and standards which cause so much of the silliness.

    So maybe what TSA needs isn’t just privatisation, but a whole new re-think about how to approach airline security.  Maybe an approach that isn’t almost 100% reactive.  Maybe an approach which rests more heavily on behavioural observation and behavioural profiling.  Maybe an approach which presents multiple levels of challenge to would-be terrorists not just a single choke-point.

  • 1tomritter1

    Rep. Mica and all those who supported the TSA ought to apologize and resign.

  • Robert_Fl

    What did anyone with a brain think was going to happen when a brand new government bureaucracy was hastened into existence? Has there ever been a government agency created that does not end up existing to protect its own existence? Now we have another monster that thinks it is above any law.  The establishment of this agency was nothing more than an act of political cowardice by all involved to show that they were doing something. The proper thing to do after 9/11 was to fire some people who needed firing (I mean at the top levels), knock some heads together, and to tell our many redundant intelligence and law enforcement agencies to cooperate and to play nice. Instead they created another bloated, out of control bureaucracy. I say this as a retired military and airline pilot who knew exactly what would happen the day this organization was established. I wish I had been wrong…unfortunately, I was not.

  • globalcrap

    More jobs created by  O Bogus for  his illegal criminal alien friends. I would rather drive than fly.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Conservatives said from the beginning that the TSA was a boondoggle. Don’t know why Republicans have to have the ineffectiveness of government proven to them over and over. Damn RINOs.

  • Kingsson

    Gee, who would have predicted this???

  • Donna D’Aquila

    Have you flown lately?  The answer is clear.  These people have to be on hourly pay… they are as slow as turtles.  Alright, let’s be fair…turtles are faster.  My flip flops are not concealing a weapon.  I am not the usual looking suspect and yes, I am talking about profiling.  The 90 year old lady, whom I offered to tote her big bag is not a suspect either.  Making her bend over and take off her orthopedic shoes with tights as thick as sheet rock and expecting her to lift her bag onto the scanner is ….sinful. 

  • Donna D’Aquila

    That is disgusting!

  • RoseShoafstallYoung

    I think its a tragedy, what the TSA has become.  Quite frankly I DO NOT think we are any more secure than we were 10 years ago.  I know there are some good employees in the agency but they are few and far between.  Instead, we have a very large group of people put in charge of our screening, wielding power that the average citizen doesn’t have (and would be arrested immediately, should they protest!), and you cannot fire the worst of these people because they are almost impossible to get rid of!  Its a horrible joke.  The public needs to boycott flights, force the government to revamp this agency.

  • bondmen

    I’m voting with my dollars, what’s left of them, by traveling our surface highways, enjoying the sights, sounds and beautiful vistas along the way; avoiding altogether the personal, probing, physical assault afforded air travelers by TSA white-shirts.  When sanity reigns once again in American airports my family and  I’ll fly, though not until that happens.

  • Daniro45

    The airlines should get together and refuse to fly until the TSA (taxes-sucking androids) are all terminated. Did anyone really believe that such a group of unintelligent, and sparsely educated goons would protect America? Please!

  • Daniro45

    SMALLER GOVERNMENT, ANYONE? You get your chance one more time, possible for the last time, next year 2012.

  • Wil

    The TSA was created as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, sponsored by Don Young in the United States House of Representatives[2] and Ernest Hollings in theSenate,[3] passed by the 107th U.S. Congress, and signed into law by President George W. Bush on November 19, 2001. Originally part of the United States Department of Transportation, the TSA was moved to the Department of Homeland Security on March 25, 2003.-
    ’nuff said!

  • Guest

    And while we’re at it,scrap Homeland Security.

  • Adam Moreira

    To that end, I would advocate an approach that goes by using the local police department and other law enforcement agencies – which are trained in those kinds of things.

  • Dustoff

    Not quite, but we knew you would pass is by.  What group pushed for a UNION….. the dem’s.

    Yeah have to keep them coffers full of union cash for them dem’s  

  • markinalpine

    Just a little entertainment trivia, the Mack Sennet troupe were called the “Keystone Cops.”  Just find a copy of any of their silent comedies that has the opening title card intact for proof.
    And please don’t flame me by saying that people have been miscalling these entertainers the Keystone Kops for so long, it’s now correct.

  • Howard Beale

    We will admit that he does have some very valid points. The TSA has exploded into an out of control agency with a budget that now stands, according to him, close to 9 billion dollars. ( And, he should know, as his committee controls the TSA budget.)

    As for his statement that, “the TSA trains more workers than they have on the job”, he fails to see the cause of that. Let’s look at worker turnover! Of course, when you have a high turnover ratio you do train more workers than you have on the current payroll. He should be looking at how to reduce the turnover ratio and how to not spend close to 1 billion dollars on training.

    Mr. Mica claims that switching to private contractors would save an estimated 40% for taxpayers is ludicrous. How would that happen? By not giving shift differential? Or by not supplying shoes and adequate supplies to the workforce? Or, not providing family medical coverage to the workforce? The list goes on and on.

  • Michael T Lyster

    You DARE question Holy Mother Government?  Blasphemer!!
    I fly perhaps monthly, and have for some years. I cannot tell you how galling the experience is. Or, wait: here’s how galling: I now fly via private small aircraft whenever possible (yes, I know; not an answer for most people). I will not subject myself to this nonsense any more than strictly necessary.  

    I’ve had very pleasant TSA screeners; I’ve also had screeching little weasels announcing “Hey, people, it’s time for you to get SERIOUS about security!” to the entire crowd. They were, BTW told by the crowd, “Hey, lady, it’s time for YOU to switch to decaf…” I get better service at Burger King, overall. But then: people at Burger King can be fired for incompetence.

    It’s a travesty. It’s nothing more than another opportunity for the Feds to extend their reach into our lives and privacy. And for Big Jan (nice hairdo) to announce that it’s not a 4th Amendment issue, and that she might, just MIGHT let us keep our shoes on pretty soon:  well. The sooner she gets thrown into retirement along with Mr Holder and The One, the better.

  • Adam Moreira

    They didn’t unionize until May – a week after Michelle Malkin’s article claiming it had happened.

  • Adam Moreira

    Speaking of 4A – a debate needs to be had on this issue so that a consensus can be reached on what constitutes reasonable search and seizure. People all the time do claim that something is unreasonable search and seizure…but it needs to be determined what is actually unreasonable and what is reasonable.

    That Amendment is a blessing and a curse at the same time; some things are unreasonable at one time but may be reasonable later on – if terrorist syndicates start moving towards implanting bombs inside the human body.

    Now, as for hiring TSA guards: In some states, such as New York, a background check is required (and one must be eligible to get a drivers’ license to get a guard license), but it is looser in New Jersey. But does TSA go by state policies which can vary wildly from state to state? How does it hire? None of these answers are fully known.

  • Dustoff

     Now, as for hiring TSA guards: In some states, such as New York, a
    background check is required (and one must be eligible to get a drivers’
    license to get a guard license.
    So your saying illegals can work for TSA, because we know NY along with many other states give them driver lic.

  • Dustoff

    It still happened Adam.  This is what the dem party wanted.   Need that money honey

  • Altosackbuteer

    I have a friend in Boston who worked for TSA for a while.  He told me he personally didn’t care about the screening rules, and wasn’t about to start screening little old white ladies in place of husky young-looking Middle-eastern types.

    He now longer works for TSA, but it is more likely because he can’t hold any real job for any amount of time.

  • Adam Moreira

    That has changed—your state is one of the few doing it these days (New Mexico is another, and there is one other that skips my mind).

  • justperhaps45

    Has anyone seen evidence of TSA effectivenes except in the creation of interesting stories?

    Recently I was searched in Indianapolis after seeing the tallest 14 year old in existience pass through with out ID. I have shrunk to just tall but he was taller, well over 6 feet.

    My crime: Having an undetected mint in my left front pants pocket. But the search wasn’t all that bad, it only involved my bod from the navel down and to the left. I made my wife proud by not commenting and getting a really complete search like I did once before in FL. Proves that an old dog can learn. I’m glad that the agent didn’t see my red head shaking with silent laughter behind him. Might have lost her after 48 years.

    Someone please publish a “Stupid TSA Tricks” library. One book will too big.

    Fire TSA, teach flight attendants the lethal use of hands and fire them if they are unwilling.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Some of the Bill of Rights are absolute.  There is an absolute right to Freedom of the Press, worship, gun ownership, etc. 

    But search and seizure is NOT an absolute right.  It is RELATIVE.  The government does in fact, have a right to commit Search and Seizure under REASONABLE circumstances.

    And what is “reasonable” can be in the mind of the beholder…

  • Concerned4America

    I will give TSA credit to the extent that maybe the reason they have not found anything is that the threat causes people to be more clever or avoid carrying stuff on board.  BUT I realize that considering the number of incidents where someone did get on board like the panty bomber and the number of failed tests I will concede that it is probably just incompetence. I have had agents admit that their benefit is primarily psychological so I wonder if some posters asking passengers to report suspicious behavior might be just as effective.

    Clearly the law of unintended consequences has taken effect. There was a reason that the TSA was not supposed to be unionized because they like DHS was supposed to be a lean mean security machine where employees could be moved where they were needed at a moments notice and the non performers replaced without a lot of hassle. As other posters have pointed out it only takes a little while before the primary mission of any bureaucracy becomes self perpetuation (been there, done that).

  • Dustoff

    In my state getting a lic is so simple, then you  register to vote by mail.  )-:    

    You say NY doesn’t? Odd not from what I’ve read.

  • Scott Zajac

    As a Republican myself, this is what I HATE about Republicans — glaring ignorance shown when they think they can create something like this, and it will just sit pretty. As a conservative, I see the same shameful attitude portrayed by guys like Rick Santorum — he created Homeland Security, and still defends the awful monster.
    The only one who gets it is RP.

  • Guest

    America’s security is like a reality TV show, and Mica is the only one with the brains to realize it.

  • sigmabody

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

    The only shame is that the loss must be for the entire country, and not just for the imbeciles who enacted the legislation (if and when they actually have to experience the evil they have wrought).

  • Chili Boots

    “But the real job of the tens of thousands of screeners at the
    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to protect Americans
    from a terrorist attack”:

    No it is not; it is to humiliate, dehumanize and desensitize Americans to totalitarianism. It is un-Constitutional, and violates our Civil Rights. It needs to go directly into the garbage. 

  • Wool-Free-Vision

    If only we could get the politicians to agree to dismantle it. I would be amazed if Washington would be willing to give us back freedoms that it has taken from us. Please buy one of our TSA t-shirts, and wear it through a checkpoint! (we could really use the money too… srsly)

  • Matthew J. Weaver

    Getting rid of or remaking TSA is likely easier said than done.  They, politicians, vendors/lobbyists, and facilitating media have worked quite well at getting everyone to be afraid of their own shadow.  Unfortunately there is profit in TSA now so, barring court action against them for violating our Consitutional rights with unsafe/intrusive machines or groping agents, it will not change.

  • Linda Moore

    Cut off the funding to every useless federal agency and special interest entitlement program and stop the government insanity.  No money for nonsense fixes it quick.  We’re mindlessly funding paychecks and expenses.

    Start with changing Congress and the Administration.  Get back to sanity.

  • Yukiko

    Anyone who has watched as the EPA, OSHA and other departments which were formed to save us from ourselves had to know TSA was going to turn into another bureaucratic boondoggle.

  • David Knight

    Government has a “right to search and seizure under REASONABLE circumstances”? 

    Your logic, that the government has a right to search us unless we can prove that the government is acting unreasonably, turns the 4th Amendment upside down.  None of the Bill of Rights was written to empower government but to bind it down and keep it under control.  The Bill of Rights was written to establish the liberty of the people — not to allow the government to take liberties.  Put another way, it was not to empower the government but to restrict it. 

    In fact, the 4th Amendment explicitly prohibits the Federal government activities no matter what any bureaucrat or judge says.  It was written precisely because there was an epidemic of general searches and “general warrants” known as “writs of assistance” that allowed the government to search the homes of colonists and seize “prohibited and uncustomed” goods.   That sounds exactly like what is happening now except it’s being done in public rather than in our homes – so far.  That’s a distinction without a difference.

    The 4th Amend was written to say that unreasonable searches like writs of assistance and TSA’s mission statement would not be allowed and then defines what a reasonable search would be — probable cause, supported by affirmation – i.e., unless they have a good reason, specific to a person, place and thing and can prove it to a judge, it’s unreasonable.

    Thought exercise: what do you think any one of the founders of this country would have done if the British had set up checkpoints where they handled and stripped men, women and children?  Don’t tell me they would have be fine with it.  They fought a violent revolution for exactly the same kind of abuses that TSA is doing.  They were far more vigorous in protecting their rights than modern Americans.

    Unfortunately, our leaders in the party that is supposed to be for limited government were so stupid that they created this monster and it took 10 years of abuse for ONE of them to notice. (Actually Ron Paul noticed when the idea was started and has been working against it since.  Bachmann just voted for the Patriot Act.  Perry just scuttled action by the Texas legislature that would stop the TSA. Don’t know for sure, but I can’t imagine Santorum, Gringrich or Romney having a problem with it. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with them.)  And the public for the most part is happy to give up all their liberty and dignity for the vain promise of security provided by this theatrical exercise in submission.

    Finally, the TSA is the TRANSPORTATION Security Admin.  They’re not stopping at airports.  Like any bureaucracy it is constantly thinking about expanding it’s empire.  And it has already conducted trials at bus stations, train stations and highways under the VIPR system.  This will be worse than living under Nazi occupation in France unless we stop it.  “Your identity papers, please.”

  • AgentMeatball

    This is the perfect example of what happens to just about every government program and WHY we need a small, limited federal government. I know traditional liberals dislike the TSA as well as conservatives and libertarians alike. Can’t we use this as an example of what will happen to our healthcare system once the bureaucrats get more control over it? 

    The TSA will not likely be dismantled easily now that they’ve unionized. Besides, don’t you people ever get the sense that all these enhanced security measures are for keeping Americans in line instead of for protecting us against islamic terrorists?

    I’ve read articles about the TSA’s plans to set up checkpoints at bus and train stations, and apparently even interstate highways. Just imagine, with one executive order a president could restrict all Americans from travelling outside their local communities.

  • Stephen Sprencel

    Well said.  As a conservative myself, I can’t help but to feel a sting at the thought that all of this was done by my own Republican Party.

    Hey, Rep. Mica, you should have known better.  It’s the natural order for government to grow (Thomas Jefferson I think).  

    Oh and I fixed this for you: “The only one who gets it is  [PRESIDENT ELECT]  RP.”

  • SteveK620

    You’re on the money Chili! Personally, I think its also about making Americans ashamed to be Americans.

  • 1marg

    Good example of the “Unexpected consequences of do-gooders.”

  • Charles Martel

    Terrible idea, it should be one of the government’s primary obligations to it’s citizenry, to protect It’s citizens and our borders.  Our border not South Korea’s.  So far I think that the government is doing an average job of protecting air travelers(they need to start PROFILING) and a absolutely abysmal job of protecting our southern border.  The worst president in US history currently occupying the White House seems to be totally indifferent to this situation.  Or perhaps Hussein would like to see Mexico annex California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

  • dumpbin

    Well I just don’t know.  The private Wacken-nut Co. with mentally retarded screeners paid $7/hour we had up to and on the day of 9/11 didn’t seem to do too good a job either, did they?

  • truth

    It’s not that they are Republicans, but rather they are professional politicians who believe in big government. Even republican professional politicians have to go.

  • Greg B

    Ron Paul 2012 – Dope for America

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for violent foreign occupation.

  • Matt Chappel

    And to think… All our government has to do to make TSA even bigger and MORE of a threat to our liberty is engineer another disaster.

    My money says, the second we start dismantling TSA is the second stuff starts exploding/collapsing.

  • jeff m

    Me and my family definitely fly less because of the unreasonable searches that the TSA attempts to perform on us, particularly our minor children. Here’s what has worked for us. Be polite but firm and ask for a supervisor. Listen to their spiel and then explain plainly that you do not want your minor children touched by adults. Don’t yell, but speak loudly enough to be heard by the supervisor and other passengers. Stay on message. Sometimes the supervisor, who often has children of his or her own, will see the irrationality of the situation and can work something out where the children are not subject to being groped.

    Until the airline industry starts feeling it in the pocket book, this crap is not going to change. Many can not stop flying altogether because this country is very big and we don’t get 2 months of vacation, but if enough of us take less flights, the airlines will feel it.

  • Matt Chappel

    The Department of Homeland Security harasses and intimidates American citizens on American soil while our government arms Mexican drug cartels.

    It would seem that those who have sworn to protect us are the same folks we need to be protected FROM.

  • Pavman

    Reasonable search and seizure means a warrant from a judge with probable cause.  That’s what it means.  Anything else is unconstitutional. Anyone who doesn’t understand this, doesn’t understand their rights.

  • kimwal

    A government created job fair that is a waste of money giving  the dregs of society  employment, regardless of style or benefit, in an embarrassing display of America’s inefficient political correctness.  

  • ScottieDont

    We won’t be safe until we fire the liberals and bureaucrats (into the sun), and start profiling, Isreal-style.

    Oh, and dismantling and privatizing the TSA, of course.

  • cookboy

    I thought govt was supposed to protect our borders and our rights. I prefer to protect myself. I can count on myself and the price is right.

  • Telescoping You

    By “reasonable” you mean 10 million illegal aliens working hotels, restaurants, bakeries, farm fields, lawn care, general-labor crews working for local municipalities, collecting welfare and/or social security benefits while not doing a damn thing?  Is this what you mean by “reasonable?”

    You might consider to saving your courtroom parsing for a worthless liberal symposium on How to Con the Courts to Your Way of Thinking – In three Easy Lessons. 

    The entire population that uses air transportation is being herded like cattle to dance to the freedom encroachment beat performed by Odungster’s brown-shirts.  This is the issue.

  • tunablue

    “does TSA go by state policies which can vary wildly from state to state? How does it hire? None of these answers are fully known.”

    All TSA employees for TSO (Transportation Security Officer) positions require a Top Secret clearance conducted by a private firm that is contracted by the USOPM (US Office of Personnel Management. I know because I conduct those background investigations.  Those conducting the background investigations must have Top Secret clearances.

    In response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the government has become so large and unwieldy that no one is really sure how much money it actually costs to run it or how many people it employs.  And redundancies abound.

    There are more than 1,200 government organizations and close to 2,000 private companies who work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United State.

    The kicker?  There are 860,000 people with top secret clearances and growing.

    A standard definition of Top Secret: Top Secret shall be applied to information, the nauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.  Does that describe a TSO?

  • Guest

    I have not flown since I was assaulted by the TSA in January of 2010. I prefer to drive now — its very relaxing and the vistas make it a delight. However, I fear the TSA will soon be on the highways. They are already “attacking” trains, buses and even sporting events and school dances.

    Imagine running into a roadblock in the middle of nowhere with no one else around. They force you out of your car, make you remove your shoes and empty your pockets. While this is going on, they rummage through your car and take whatever they want.

    If you resist, what do you think they will do to you? Have a polite conversation and explain their authority? Or hassle, delay and possibly assault you — and say you “started it?”

  • DanLitwin

    This agency doesn’t need to be “revamped”. Just close it. Then leave it with each airline to provide whatever kind of  security it thinks its customers want. Some would have strip searches, but they’d be voluntary. Some would not. Some would arm their pilots. Some would not. Some would actually allow passengers to bring weapons on board (like they all did before 1970) in the thought that an armed citizenry is a safer citizenry. (I’d be on that airline.)

    The range of different plans would be great, giving everyone a choice. There might even be an airline where pilots were not armed and everyone is stripped of their self-defense mechanisms as we all are today. I’d nickname that airline “Sitting Ducks Airlines”.

  • Van

    Yeah… the TSA hates America and its job is to rape orphans…

    26 likes? I guess that just means 26 other people are just as ridiculously unreasonable as you. I don’t like the TSA either and I think airport security needs to be privitized, but your comment was just silly. 

  • hippo select

    HUH? Okay, you’ve convinced me with your reasoned and well thought-out arguments. Oh, boy, I wish I could have come up with something as coherent as that!

  • snowcloud

    The FBI and CIA should be able to handle it. Or at the very least, the DHS should have been created with a sunset mechanism after a couple of years. These clueless politicians keep saying “…we are not at war with islam….” Of course not. They’re at war with the American people now.

  • johnrhett

    The problem with cutting off the funding is that Obama will just use an executive order to go around Congress, or he will get one of his Dems in Congress to slip it into a bill about something completely different. It happens all the time.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The 4th Amendment states as follows: ” The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
    and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,
    and no Warrants shall
    issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and
    particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to
    be seized.”
    Question: What part of this don’t you understand?

    The 4th Amendment says, “The right of the People…AGAINST UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURES…”

    It follows there IS such a thing as a REASONABLE Search & Seizure.


    The Government, in fact MAY perform Search & Seizure WHEN IT IS REASONABLE.

    And what is “reasonable”?  I fear that “reasonable” is in the mind of the beholder.

    Whether you like it or not, the Government DOES HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to perform Search & Seizure.

    Is it “reasonable” to subject air travellers to the nuisance of airport screening, when the alternative is to risk the kind of havoc which prevailed on 9/11?


    I do not myself say this, but the argument is possible.

  • Robert_Fl

    The items used by the hijackers were perfectly legal at that time. Facts are stubborn things.

  • Miles to Code

    While I like the sentiment of hitting the airlines in the pocketbook, I think we both know that doing that will only lead the government to bail them out as they did GM. That’s something I want less than the garbage we put up with from the TSA.

    That said, I recently flew out of Portland, OR and have to say the TSA was nothing but professional as compared to the experiences I’ve had flying out of San Francisco where it looked like they recruited from the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland and provided as much robotic training as their displays on the ride.

    As far as the not flying because of the size of the country, that’s what things like video conferencing are for, aren’t they?

  • diegoAT

    The TSA & Homeland Security are the product of an over-reaction to a tragedy. The idea that we can spend a bunch of money to be safe is now and has always been a fantasy.

    The fact is that our Law Enforcement Agencies do not stop MORE crime in our country when they get MORE MONEY!!!

    Consider the following:  *15,000 people are murdered each year in the USA (5 times more than died on Sept. 11th.* We have 5% of the population and nearly 25% of the prisoners in the WORLD *We spend over $ 200 Billion Dollars per year for law enforcement * Our law enforcement budgets in the USA have gone up over 400% in the last 20 years.* Rape and Robbery have occurred at the same rates for the last 10 years and Burglary has gone up about 8% over the last 10 years!!!!

    Why create a massive bureaucracy like the TSA and expect it to actually work? 

    Big government types claim that security is too important to leave up to a for-profit company yet we put our trust in a for-profit company every time we fly on a Boeing Airplane.

    Would anyone out there want to fly on a plane that was manufactured by the TSA ?

  • hippo select

    The TSA is just the most horrendous and worst of a long list of unconstitutional Federal agencies that do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what their stated purpose and should be completely defunded and have every single one of their employees scattered to the four winds and sent back to the minimum wage jobs that they should be occupying. Let me offer up this instead of the present bureaucratic nightmare: Suppose you were to go to the airport tomorrow and find no TSA there. Do you imagine that the airlines, in their quest to lure you to their own airline instead of a competitor’s, might not make some effort to assure you that they have competent safety measures in place? Of course, each airline’s idea of safety measures might be different, but that only means that in order to defeat them you would have to learn each one rather than the one-size-fits-all that there is now, where if you learn to defeat the security in one place, you can also defeat it at any airline at any airport in the country.

    Try to imagine, if you will, 3 or 4 airlines in a terminal competing for your flying dollar and trying to convince you that their planes are safe to fly. Then imagine another one who decides to stick with TSA methods. Which one do you think would have the most customers? Can you imagine people standing in line to be groped, have their shampoo taken, have their shoes removed, and their fingernail files confiscated if there was an alternative? The ONLY reason people go through those humiliating experiences is because they are offered no other choice. I mean is there really ANYBODY in the country who doesn’t believe that statement?

  • wait for flash

    Do you really think it is just a coincidence that the TSA perverts demand the hands over head position, the universal sign of surrender, in their naked scanners? Step-by-step they are preparing Americans for Socialist government dominance.
    Once government gets you to admit surrender it will be easy to take away the rest of your rights and herd the sheeple wherever they want them.
    TSA Perverts Groping Children…

  • Altosackbuteer

    That is simply false.

    For example, a cop encounters an unruly drunk, and makes a WARRANTLESS arrest.  Totally within his police power to do.

    As part of the arrest, he has a RIGHT to search the pockets of the arrestee.  He may find contraband, such as weapons or drugs. 

    This search was both REASONABLE AND WITHOUT A WARRANT.

    It is YOU who doesn’t understand the limits to your own rights.

  • ldsmom02

    Well if they want to frisk me, they’d better have a warrant then.

  • Lie_Sniper

    If I were a cartoonist, I would draw a cartoon of Napolitano & Pistole standing on a railway platform expectantly looking down the track for the ‘next threat’ with the train fading away in the background having already left the station.   It’s not until after a threat has occurred and failed that they figure out they should defend against it.  Imagine the ineptness of an NFL football team that only defended against the previous play.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been pulled aside for additional screening while someone in full Muslim garb is waved right through.  It’s almost as if they don’t want to catch a real terrorist for fear of what might happen to them.

    BTW, has the TSA EVER actually prevented a terrorist event?  I recall that father of the underwear bomber pleaded to have someone intercept his son, but the young man got on airplane to Detroit anyway.  Had it not been passengers willing to defend themselves, who knows what would have happened . . .

  • Altosackbuteer

    I will answer each of your paragraphs by Copying-&-Pasting your response, then inserting my own response in between WITH CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THESE.

    By “reasonable” you mean 10 million illegal aliens working hotels,
    restaurants, bakeries, farm fields, lawn care, general-labor crews
    working for local municipalities, collecting welfare and/or social
    security benefits while not doing a damn thing?  Is this what you mean
    by “reasonable?”


    You might consider to saving your courtroom
    parsing for a worthless liberal symposium on How to Con the Courts to
    Your Way of Thinking – In three Easy Lessons. 


    The entire
    population that uses air transportation is being herded like cattle to
    dance to the freedom encroachment beat performed by Odungster’s
    brown-shirts.  This is the issue.






  • ldsmom02

    The difference is that the general flying population are not unruly drunks, there is no probable cause for search and seizure when you have done nothing wrong, and have no weapon on you.  My daughter was searched or shall I say manhandled simply because she wore a sweatshirt in January to the airport.  Now, someone could have told her to take it off, but no one did and when we said, let her take it off, they refused to let her do so.  That is unconstitutional behavior in my book.

  • finnegan

    It would be great if Mr. Mica were more vocal about his objections and actually took his case to the public, rather than sit there passively and just answer interview questions.

    America needs people like Mr. Mica to stand up and make a difference, and not just take the easy way out.  He is right, TSA needs to go.  Who better to lead that charge then the man that created them?

  • Gina Tigner

     North American Union…that is why he could care less.
    If you continue to
    believe that the illegal alien invasion is the biggest threat to
    America, you will never understand that there is something far more
    dangerous to the United States of America called the “Security and Prosperity Partnership
    of North America” (SPP). 
    TSA was a slight of hand trick, “Let’s create havoc here so they won’t see what we are really up to over there.” It is all linked together, to make you a “Global Citizen”. How many times do they have to repeat themselves for people to understand? They will have their One World Government if they have to humiliate, rape, enslave or kill you to get it.

  • ron lewis

    Searching passengers is stupid. Imagine a terrorist in line at a checkpoint, bomb in his carry-on, Uzi under his coat.  Suppose the screener spots the suspicious items.  Will the terrorist:

    A.  Say, “Oops, you caught me.  Off to jail for me.”
    B.  Run away.
    C.  Remotely detonate the bomb and pull out the Uzi and start killing everyone in line

    What difference does it make to a terrorist if he kills everyone in the line or in the plane?  He can’t penetrate the cockpit anymore, it’s been fortified, and passengers would not stand by while it was flown into a target anyway.  He can cause just as much damage to the airline industry by blowing up terminals and he can blowing up airplanes.

    TSA is just an excuse to desensitize us to the government searching us for no reason whenever it wants.

  • Lie_Sniper

    Our freedoms are not the Government’s to take.

  • hmobserver

    Dana Priest, on Fox News Sunday 9/11/11, said the new Homeland Security building will be BIGGER than the PENTAGON. Sorry, but that’s just a disturbing amount of bureaucratic oversight.

  • MichaelGreen831

    Mica is an idiot, as are all the constituents who voted for him. He’s been in office since 1993. He’d been in office for 8 years when 9/11 happened and when he authored a bill that gave us TSA. What kind of idiot is old enough to get elected in 1993, and in office in 2001, but isn’t smart enough to know that beaurocrats will run his bill and this country into the ground?

    He’s an idiot. If you’re running against him, use this article and you’ll have no problem beating him. Just point out that even with 8 year’s experience in the house, he still has no idea out the government works.

    THIS is why we should have gridlock. Nobody ever considers the unintended consequences of idiots meddling with our country.

  • Charles Martel

    cookboy, I travel a great deal, perhaps you do not.  Once you pass that security check point in any airport you are COMPLETELY disarmed and totally vulnerable and unable to protect your self.  Even if you are an expert in martial arts, that’s not going to do you much good against  some rag head muzzie who managed to get a bomb past security.  In this situation you cannot protect yourself and must depend on the Government.

  • ldsmom02

    Any agency that checks only random people and those people are little children and little old ladies should be shut down immediately.  Unless everybody is checked you can’t be securing the country.  It’s like only checking some of the cars that come over the border.  But then, illegal aliens have more rights than legal citizens in this country.

  • Tony Moreno

    Very well stated, Mr. Knight!  I count you among the few of my fellow citizens who actually stayed away during civics classes.  Let’s also not forget the Ninth Amendment, “the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”  This is further evidence of the inherent and inalienable rights and freedoms held by people who establish governments to serve them, NOT to serve the governments so established.

  • celador2

    Privatize security by turning it back to the airlines. Forget TSA.

  • LexTerrae

    The TSA has been turned into an Orwellian police force.  It should not be privatized.  It should be eliminated.

     For 40 years I was a business flyer and sometime pleasure flyer.  I flew often enough that the airlines knew my seating preferences, and my meal preferences.  I have no doubt that they also knew where I lived, when I moved, and how I paid for my tickets.  They also knew a lot about my flying companions.  I expect the airlines know more about me than most of my extended family does.

    So . . .   why not make the airlines responsible for airport security and passenger security.  They, at least, have a profit incentive which motivates good customer service in addition to the greatest safety incentive.  TSA has neither.  The airlines would have little difficulty separating out the 30-40% of passengers of whom they have enough knowledge and experience and moving them through the screening process far faster.  They have the technology to employ iris scans to assure the identities of ‘trusted’ flyers.  They would also have no problems using effective profiling to make screening more effective and less costly.  If they have to charge a bit more for airfare, so be it.

    Then, the Secret Service, FBI, ATF and other agencies – agencies who probably have frequent flyers on the road themselves – could be tasked with auditing the effectiveness of the airline screening processes.

    I refuse to fly for as long as the TSA is involved in screening passengers.  I will choose not to make a trip or I will drive or take a train.  I urge everyone to take the same approach.  When airline revenues are impacted enough, economic pressure will generate political pressure to cause Big Dyke to disappear.

  • Guest

    Mica is wrong about Romania and Poland. I’ve traveled to both of those countries and they failed to irradiate me or pat me down. Nevertheless, I felt safe because the odds of being killed by a terrorist are lower than being killed by lightning or a bee sting. Here’s the misleading quote by Mica: “We are one of the only countries still using this model of security other than Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and I think, Libya.” Sorry he thinks Romanian and Polish airport security treat everyone as though they’re guilty and must be proven innocent before boarding a plane. That’s just not the way they run their airport security based on what I personally witnessed.

  • Scott Zajac

    I understand what you’re trying to say–that because the 4th includes the word “unreasonable”, it is reasonable to assume that “reasonableness” is part of the equation, and must be considered.
    But YOUR argument is flawed, in that it leans too heavily towards questioning the meaning of “reasonable” with a starting point of a modern, moderate understanding.
    By that I mean, you must take the 4th in the context of the very creation of the Bill of Rights. If your moderate meaning of “reasonable” is what was understood when it was written, then what need to even declare it as a right? No, what the framers meant by “reasonable” is much much more towards the “absolute” end of the “reasonableness” spectrum. Our Federal Government is required to err on the side of “reasonable”. And with that in mind, by NO definition is what the TSA doing “reasonable”. 
    And by the way, when the government begins to consistently rob of us our God-given rights, the very Constitution itself dictates the required response by us… which I won’t mention for fear of them come a’knockin.

  • Lie_Sniper

    The difference between a TSA screener and a mall cop is that a mall cop can at least tell the difference between a shopper and a shoplifter.  If the TSA were in charge at the local shopping mall, they would be treating every store’s patrons as if they were shoplifters . . .

  • Guest

    What if you are NOT “unruly?” What if you are just a person flying to Grandma’s house for vacation? You don’t appear to be doing anything illegal. Are you saying that searching this person (and fondling their genitals) is reasonable WITHOUT an arrest?

    What if they let the next person in line (who also doesn’t appear to be doing anything illegal) through without a search? Are some people “under arrest” when standing in line and others are not?

    I believe courts have ruled that to make an arrest, the officer must have reasonable and PROBABLE cause. Only then can a search of the person ensue. Your “unruly drunk” is a perfect example of both reasonable and probable grounds for an arrest. A person standing in an airport line is not!

    If the TSA really thinks you are a credible threat, they should call a SWORN police officer to arrest you. They can then legally search you — BUT also potentially subject themselves to a charge of FALSE ARREST and IMPRISONMENT. If they want to act like cops, they need to follow the rules.

    You do not leave your rights at the airport door.

  • Dan E

    The arrogance of big brother is breath-taking. How about just putting it on the ballot, privatize TSA or keep it as the inefficient 2000 version of the post office.  We all know that privatization would win on the ballot overwhelmingly, only opposition would come from the unions (again).

  • Iam Wendy

    We are Freedom to Travel USA, an organization dedicated to regaining freedoms taken away from us by the TSA. We believe that suspicionless unwanted touching should not be a condition of travel. We believe that being subject to the equivalent of Peeping Toms without cause should not be a condition of travel. We believe that exposing ourselves to radiation, however small, should not be a condition of travel. We believe that merely the presence of a medical device, in and of itself, should not constitute “probable cause.” h t t p : / / fttusa. o r g

  • free_independent

    Hmm…I wonder what presidential candidate is willing to shut down TSA?

  • Rob Wilson

    Well, it’s about damn time, you lunkhead, Mica. YOU created this monster like all politicians do – “we had to do something”, to quote your staff. No, we did not. You clowns in DC only know one thing – meddle, meddle, and meddle some more. For Pete’s sake, let’s see you undo this monster you created. You friggin’ jerk, where is the bill to disband the whole mechanism? Why don’t you resign in disgrace? Why don’t you bring charges against the folks running this show, all the way down to the TSA thugs? Hmmmm? Or do you still think you know better than we voters, we citizens do? What a dumbass!!!

  • Ben Doverheeritcomes

    Everybody is so in to complaining about the TSA. Then when you go and vote, you vote for the guys that will keep funding it. Rick Perry had his chance to challenge it and passed. Romney won’t do it. Nobody but Ron Paul will rid of us tyranny. It’s time to take our country back. Grow some seeds and vote the way you should to get it done. I feel much more threatened by Mexican drug cartels and gangs than muslim extremists.

  • IVillageIdiot

    Ok, NOW…  if you’d of just listened to us when it first started…  “Hey,…  they just want to Unionize this and grow it larger so the Dems can scrape off a few million more….”    WE WOULD NOT BE IN THIS MESS!?!?!?!
    It’s so….. bloody annoying.  I swear, 10 years ago when this first popped, I thought, great…  here we go, more triangulation.  The GOP is going to pound on the “Security Drum”, the Dems are going to grow GVT some more then they will unionize  (the GOP will roll-over and play dead) and then they’ll collect dues so they  accumulate MORE power and it will all just grow thousands of bureaucrat tics we can’t get rid of without resorting to kegs of cartoon TNT!!!?!?!?!?
    And now what do we have, hmmm?   A GVT agency that can’t be stopped, can’t be controlled, is unionized, has enlisted the Dems to protect it, and growing by leaps and bounds!
    On the good side, we did re-shuffle a bunch of agencies into something  called… “The DHS” and then pitted them against “Pro-Lifers”, “Tax Activist”, Veterans, and…  “those suffering form Christian Identity”…   (wonderful, lol)

    ALL of this stems from one irrational mechanism.  The people we elect are generally lawyers.  Lawyers don’t DO ANYTHING… they don’t build, they don’t repair, they don’t know anything other than books written by other lawyers and golf (and… maybe some trysting on the side after you get your partnership going).  We elect THOSE knuckle-dragging knuckle-heads and then what happens?   They consult with the bureaucrats, what do the bureaucrats tell them? “Well Bob, we need to create a new bureaucracy, then reorganize all these agencies into that new department, then we need to create replacement agencies for those we moved….  Oh,.. AND we need a larger budget!!  It’ll work, I promise….”
    1)       Stop electing lawyers.
    2)       Stop listening to lawyers.
    3)       Stop growing bureaucracy.
    4)       Stop listening to bureaucrats.
    5)       THINK!

    Thank you……
    (PS…  can I get my money back…  yish….)

  • John Cowan

    “The whole thing is a complete fiasco,” Mica said. Uh, hullo Mr Mica, it’s run by the government! What did you expect. Show me anything else run by the government that is a shining success, other than the congressional pension plan (from the point of view of congress anyway).

  • Raising Real Men

    Hear! Hear! We travel pretty constantly six months out of the year. Even though we spoke on both coasts and in Canada, we drove every mile of it this year. It’s just not worth the time, hassle and humiliation any more. 

    No citizen should be subjected to this. Every time I drop someone off at the airport, I wonder if cavity searches will be next. I can’t believe a free and independent people stand for our current system.

  • Malia Kama

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say above. Let me also add this to it. I have a cousin who works for the TSA out of the San Jose, Ca airport. This man had done 1 year in jail before for domestic violence and drunk driving in Sam Mateo County in California about 10 years ago. We are so shocked to find out that he was hired by TSA. He is a chronic alcholic, had no previous work experience in the US or his country of origin. No one in our family would trust him with their children, and here he of the people who are allowed to fondle travellers and their children at airports. This agency is a BIG BIG joke. Get rid of it and we will be safer in the hands of private companies who know how to screen their employees for past criminal offenses.

  • FlushTheToilet

    Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.  So this is the ignorant ass we have to thank for this major step toward Orwellian society.

    Truth be told, this has not increased security, nor has it led to warm feelings of safety and security (except for the truly ignorant).  What it has done, beyond the enormous cost of the bogus Terror Theater Agency itself, is that it has cost the public untold billions of dollars,  millions of man-hours and lost productivity for air travelers themselves, subjected year-old babies to being barred from flight as terror suspects and enraged the citizenry against this obvious farce.  And what about all thos boxes and boxes and boxes of illegally-seized personal property that repeatedly appears of eBay for sale.  Why aren’t these so-called threats to security destroyed?  Someone at TSA is making tens of thousands on the back end.

    It just goes to show that neither end of the double backsided ass of a political system is above making us more miserable and imposing its power and control over every aspect of our lives.  Thanks John Mica.  Thanks a whole lot for nothing.

  • poorhardworker

    Easy to dismantle:  Stop funding the program!

  • phillysmart

    Thats why people are against the expansion of government…it becomes an incompetent monster and the tsa is just another example….the government should do the basics…army, navy, marines, national guard …everything else should be contracted out to private firms that compete for the business…we will save a lot of money and get a better product

  • Dencal26

    The waste is a disgrace but I can understand the extension cords. Anyone who has worked a trade show at a union exhibit hall knows.  They charge over $100.00 per power line run to your booth.

  • robsconst

    Do you actually believe what you wrote, or did you just randomly hit some keys?

    Violent foreign occupation?  By whom?  You’ve been watching “Red Dawn” too much. 

    Do you like busybodies who are always interfering in your affairs, or the affairs of your family?  The rest of the world doesn’t like that either.

    Nobody, including Ron Paul, is saying we should disarm, but their is a big difference between real national defense and going around the world invading and bombing people and saying the whole time that we are doing it in the name of national defense.

  • phillysmart

    Anybody but the Democrats

  • John

    Been there, done that! Try Javetts center NY. Total Union rip-off!

  • robsconst

    Another problem with this is that nobody can agree on what federal agencies and entitlement programs are useless.

    I know plenty of Tea Party folks who are opposed to Obamacare and welfare, but they’re all for Social Security and Medicare.

  • Steven

    This has got to be the most bloated agency in existence. And to top it off…. they are HORRIBLE at their job.
    If I had missed 60% of the things I was hired to find, I am quite sure I wouldn’t have a job. Airport security should be left to the Airlines, Airports and Security Specialists. Homeland Security should be doing all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ spy/intel work and nothing more. They are terribly inept at the security portion of their charter, and for that matter, they don’t appear to be all that good at the spy end of things either.
    It seems like DHS is just a PR shop… we have some VERY good spy agencies, why aren’t we using them effectively and to their full potential. 
    CIA/FBI/NSA just to name a few are quite good at their jobs, let them do their jobs and get out of the way.
    Oh…. and get rid of Janet what’s-his’name…… very poor leadership

  • Chris Ransdell

    You sir, sound like a terrorist to me…

  • Max_Power_Jax

    As my congressman let me say to you Rep. Mica thank you and IT’S ABOUT TIME you FINALLY started doing something about this. I remember your campaign promise and that was a long time ago. As the head of the Transportation Committee I am disappointed it took you this long. 

    Please dismantle this Nazi agency that gets its rocks off on molesting little kids under the guise of “security”. Until they are gone I will NOT fly.

  • Wild Palms

    Add TSA to a long list of Federal agencies that should be JETTISONED. 

  • phillysmart

    And gettin us use to succumbing to big brother ..most older americans find it ridiculous but younger people se nothing wrong …they are trying to program us

  • Molli Rasor

    No Steve, the real job of the TSA is to give more people nice safe high paying Federal jobs.   Any abuse of the citizens or accidental security is just an unintended consequence. 

    This is the problem with ALL government activities, they almost instantly become self-serving buffets for bureaucrats, no matter what was intended by their creation.

  • bigboy98349

    WTF, How does “private” make another police force more justifiable? With all the agencies afoot in this great land can’t one of them do this work without me giving up more of my constitutional protections? Uniform, badge can anybody say third world dictatorship?

  • nccombs

    Golly, the author of the bill thinks TSA should be privatized.  And no one could possibly have foreseen that a government agency would grow beyond its original intent.  Thanks ever so much, Congressman Frankenstein (R-TR)

  • Kttchgamikwe


  • Kttchgamikwe

    You wouldn’t BELIVE the INDOCTRINATION that’s going on in the schools today.  They are creating nice little comrades and robots who will remain ignorant and do as they are told.  They are also teaching them that their FIRST allegiance is to the STATE and if they have to turn their parents in for not going along with the program, so be it.  The kids will think they are doing the “right” thing.  God help us!  But more importantly, God help our kids!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Son Kevin

    I’m going to post this one comment. Can you name me a time when Privatized Security has ever worked in real life, media, or anything else?

    Changing to privatization of the TSA would not change the standards of the Airport Screeners. You’d get even worse paid employees who will steal even more without the Federal Government stepping in.

    People are absolutely retarded when it comes to this topic. Americans are a bunch of self-entitled jackasses who don’t realize that other countries do the same exact thing. Not to mention with the way that America acts the TSA has no choice but to be reactive.

  • Klaes Holgreen

    To join the TSA you have be a member of Man/Boy Love.

  • Sam Luks

    Actually, the only people required to have a Top Secret Clearance are the people in the Intelligence departments, the Federal Security Directors, the Air Marshals and any other job that requires it. To be a TSO, you are not require to hold a security clearance… but you are required to clear an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) directed background investigation.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Sounds to me like he “qualifies” for the job, cuz that’s the kind of people they look for.  NORMAL people would not, COULD NOT, do the fondling, harassment, stealing that they do, and/or talk to passengers as if they are scum.  The NORMAL people ARE the passengers.  I think the passengers need to be screening the TSA!  That would be much more appropriate.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    It’s job is to SUBDUE the PUBLIC into SUBMISSION, and from the cooperation they are getting from people who STILL FLY, it looks like they are being pretty successful.  If everyone stopped flying, they would have no one to harass.

  • shablon

    This reminds me of the story of Iranian-American businessman, who flew from Dalas to NY, was patted and screened in Dallas, When he got to his hotel room He found his licensed revolver still neatly ensconced next to his laptop. So much for TSA.

  • Patriot41

    I agree with Mr. Mica, totally disassemble TSA and turn security over to the airports where it belongs.

  • Casey M

    This should never have been created.  Go back to the old pre-9/11 system where the airlines hired security companies, with ONE change:  a $20/hour minimum wage.  The problem was never the system, it was the people you got for $5/hour.

  • Son Kevin

    I enjoy that all TSA positive comments are either deleted, hidden, or ignored when they have an actual just argument.

    Sorry, I’m not following all the “sheeple” that this blog attracts.

  • Adam Moreira

    That USED to be the case – it isn’t anymore.

  • Klaes Holgreen

    Salt in the Wound considering 9/11 was a False Flag Self-Inflicted Wound.

  • Adam Moreira

    Sheeple—REALLY? How about debating the topic? You may agree, or disagree, but state why you do.

  • Wild Palms

    For one: if you don’t like one airlines unreasonable, ineffective, and inappropriate security methods- you will take your money to another airline.  Then guess what will happen?  Competition.  Increased quality across the board.  

  • chris foltz

    WTF Privatize ? Save a ton of cash “PROFILING MUSLIMS” !If it look’s like a rug-head turn the bastard inside-out! Only than will the muslims here start to assimilate.Stop wasting our monies catering to these scum.

  • Son Kevin

    I did, look at my other post. Not to mention it’s not my word. I’ve seen it in these comments in about numerous occasions. So, yeah. It was a joke.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    OHHHHHHHHHHH,  You have to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL about “consensus.”  Liberals have town hall meetings where they are supposedly there to discuss “both sides of the issue.” However, they have a way of marginalizing any “dissenters” by either shutting them up completely, (like having the police haul them off), OR they make snide little remarks like, “WE ALL KNOW ………” in order to make the “dissenter” feel like he/she MUST be nuts for not seeing it like “WE ALL” do.  They are very slick and have PROFESSIONAL “meeting handlers” there to MAKE SURE that the so called “CONSENSUS” comes out in favor of their agenda.  Then they go back and tell the people that sent them there that the “consensus” was totally in agreement with the agenda that they had when they first arrived at the meeting.  This goes on ALL THE TIME, ESPECIALLY with things concerning Agenda 21 at the LOCAL levels of government.  It is all just soooooooooooooooo FIXED!  Nothing is genuine.  It’s all pre-planned to come out a certain way.  And if it doesn’t, they report that it does anyway.  This is how the new government works.  And it’s SOOOOOOOO   F  A  R  from a true Republican form of government that our founding fathers would literally turn over in their graves if they could see it in operation.  This type of corruption is why they wrote the Constitution in the first place, but people went to sleep and now we have THIS!

  • Son Kevin

    And another comment for you fine people who think you hold a majority vote of the TSA being devils.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    No wonder all those secrets get out.  What, only 860,000 top “secret” clearances?  I can’t imagine how things “leak” can you?  It’s hard to have a secret kept when 2 people know – much less 860,000!  Ah, so typical of our proficiently run government!

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Yes, according to the Constitution, (which apparently is no longer applicable), they must have absolute “reasonable cause” to do searches and seizures, but, like you say, in today’s “environment” what constitutes “reasonable cause?”  Normally, it’s little more than the WHIMS of the person doing the search and seizure.  After the great, almighty UN-Patriot Act, I understand that they can now write their own warrants and a judge need not even know about it.  Ah, long for the days when the Constitution still meant something.

  • BigBoa

    This is why you must be very careful in what legislation is passed. Bush had good reason for it and did not abuse it. But we need not look far to see what the marxists are doing with it….

    By the way, WHAT is wrong with HE? Are they really doing so poorly that they need to continue tolerating these marxist morons? In one thread alone, the mighty Boa had to deal with the typical genius that claimed 9-11 was pulled off by the moron of morons, George Bush….yes, so stupid he fools the world. Then in the same argument, another scholar thought he was contesting the mighty Boa’s awesome command of history by posting a quote he attributed to bin Laden, claiming he did it because we occupy muslim countries…..but wait…in THE SAME THREAD, yet another brainiac posts in an argument with someone else, a quote where bin Laden denies any involvement in 9-11……….

    AH HAHAHA! TEN YEARS and they STILL don’t have their conspiracies straight…….

  • Ryan Mouk

    I didnt know that groping little children and fondling grandmothers constituted as defending our nation. Must have missed that class.

  • Son Kevin

    When the TSA searches your bag, they have reasonable cause. You brought an item that’s not permitted through their checkpoints and they have the right to search your bag. Are you forgetting it goes through an X-Ray? Would you rather not have bags checked?

    When you walk through a metal detector and you alarm for an unknown reason, that’s a cause right there. It can not be determined why you are alarming and you need a pat-down to figure out why you are alarming. Maybe you shouldn’t wear metal items through the airport?

    When you go through a body scanner and you have items on your person, you need a pat-down to figure out what these items are. They do not see crystal clear images of your body and they do not see you naked. If you’re hiding something, they have cause to check it because it’s all stated inside the airports.

    Learn about the Constitution, brah. Next you’re going to tell me that it’s a citizen’s right to drive and not a privilege.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Possible yes, Stupid yes!  They have not kept us safe by molesting us.  Who was it that said, “If people are willing to give up LIBERTY for “security,” they deserve NEITHER.  I totally agree.  It’s NOT ABOUT “keeping us safe.”  It IS about turning us into chattle and robots who will obey the commands of our “masters.”  Until people realize how many LIES the government tells us about how what they do is for our “safety” and how they are just SO concerned about us, this nation will continue to go down, down, down.  Until people take RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES and STOP RELYING ON THEIR PSEUDO “PARENTS” to THINK for them, we will all be slaves.  Have you ever read the Parens Patriae doctrine?  The government ACTUALLY PRESUMES to BE our parents.  Perhaps this is why Mommy Michelle keeps telling us to eat our veggies.

  • shakeyerboobs

    @tunablue:  You are a liar.  TSA screeners are NOT required to have a Top Secret or any other clearance, therefore you do not do those investigations.  Liar.

  • FederalFarmer1781

    We need to get serious on airport security. And fire the TSA. They are a joke. They stop NOTHING. The equipment they purchased can be easily defeated. The older “puffer” machines were subject to cross contamination between passengers. The backscatter xrays are shown to require an order of magnitude higer dose than they publish in order to get the resolution they use. They need to stop the lies. The waste. They need to be eliminated. They are nothing but security theatre. They provide zero in terms of actual security. After the brave souls on Flight 93 no one is going to hijack a plane and be able to convince the passengers that they will divert and land. All passengers will assume they are going to be on a suicide mission and at all costs take out the hijacker. That is where the real security lies. Not a reactive agency that violates the rights of individual citizens. The radical terrorists now understand we will tank our economy to kill them, because when they are no longer a threat it will recover. They understand we are not a soft target and that Americans will sacrifice their lives (like the over 400 emergency services people on 9/11) to help rescue all people of all religions when we are attacked. It is not the Islamic people, we know that, it is a bunch of idiots that underestimated the American collective will, and idiots who violated the basic tenants of the religion they claim to support. The TSA does nothing towards that goal. In fact in may ways we are more vulnerable because of the TSA, but no hints to the idiots so I won’t be specific.

    Want to speed things up and help rid the TSA from existence? Make it free to get a passport card and use it for a “fast lane” pass at the airport. Don’t add yet another id card. That one would work fine. And you’ll save money overall, so make it free to get!!! Beyond that, allow anyone even without ID to fly. Normal ID, then no fast lane and through the metal detectors with you! No ID at all, well the Israelis have successfully used a combination of profiling methods to ensure a very safe passenger experience and with less hassle than that of the USA.

    Privatize it as originally intended. When more airport agencies wanted to drop the TSA, the TSA reacted by no longer certifying the privatization, thus ensuring the waste continues. They operate to continue their existence, and provide no benefit. They are an expense to eliminate in favor of measures that cost less and actually work. Enhance security and end the security theatre now.

  • Son Kevin

    They do have Security Clearances.

    Go away.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Understanding them is one thing ……. having the government act like THEY understand them is quite another.  Have YOU been to the airport lately?

  • Son Kevin

    Nothing here.

  • laughterjones

    Mica was an idiot. You know once the gubment taketh, the gubment never giveth back.

  • shablon

    You are so smart Colleen, I bet you did not spend a dime on buying those bids

  • BenDoverPls

    And you know this how?

  • susanmcnichol

    I am a former TSA employee.  I transferred to an airport in Florida after training new TSA screeners at a large airport up north.  I had been a screener prior to the new TSA program and was considered a Master Xray Technician.  When I arrived in Florida, it didn’t take long to see that the TSA at this airport was not following SOP in regards to many of the operating procedures.  I had to point out, many times, the procedures they were breaching.  This affected the way I was treated in return.  Then, one day I discovered a gun in a passenger’s carry on bag and I called for a supervisor and law enforcement.  (SOP)  When the supervisor came over to the xray machine to look at the item that I saw, he stated that he could not see anything on the screen.  I pointed out the gun, but he kept saying that it wasn’t a gun and that I was just being nosey.  He told me to let the passsenger go, but I refused to do so.   He walked away after telling law enforcement to leave but I went ahead and called for a “bag check”.  Of course, there WAS a gun, a loaded flare gun to be exact, in this man’s bag.  The passenger even told the bag checker  “don’t touch that, that’s the trigger and it’s loaded.”  Now this was after the passenger denied over and over that there was anything in the bag other than a stapler.
    So the supervisor came back and law enforcement returned.  The passenger was taken to the police department but he returned a few minutes later and did not even miss his flight.
    My life was turned upside down by this supervisor after this incident.  He felt so humiliated for being unable to see a gun on the xray screen.  And he hated me for being right.  The hostility became unbearable and I finally quit my job.  This young male supervisor couldn’t stand that a 55 year old woman had knocked him down a few notches. 
    The sad part is that this is the airport that the 9/11 hijackers flew out of back and forth to Florida.  So now here we were after 9/11 dealing with egotistical jerks who were calling themselves Transportation Security Officers.  This same guy was probably flipping hamburgers before he got hired by TSA.

  • shablon

    Sure I can name it: BLACKWATER. I have no idea if it does the job, but they have slaughtered just about as many Iraqis as US Marines did. And they are making 1,000 dollars a day, hell of a lot more m9oney than you and I make

  • Fester

    Most people hate the Feds. What part of that do you not seem to understand with your bad logic? I saw you post something about “sheeple”. You are the sheeple by  begging for a government to protect you and not being self-reliant. That is all.

  • SuperNiceGuy

    So obviously the solution is to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars into Rep. Mica’s campaign donors who run private security companies.

    Yay, fascism.

  • BalBurgh

    If everyone stopped flying the whole thing would be disbanded in two weeks.  Let’s get on it, people!  (-or off it…)

  • US395

    We told you so Mica. Too late now. 

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Really?  Why do we need a drivers license?  Is it to make us “safe” drivers?  IF this is the case, why are there SO MANY UN-safe drivers out there WITH licenses?  When the Constitution was written, people could do pretty much anything they wanted to do, as long as they did not harm another human being AND nobody had to have driver’s licenses, (Granted there were no cars then, but even after cars were invented, people still did not have to have a license to drive until one of the Progressives got into office).  They DO NOT have a right to search you for drunk driving – and they ESPECIALLY do not have a right to SEIZE YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY!  Actually, they don’t even have a right to stop you if you are drunk and driving, (although it may be a good idea).  But to also SEARCH you without probably cause, (and being drunk is NOT probable cause to SEARCH you), is NOT Constitutional.  If, when you are stopped, you have not harmed anyone or anyone’s property, they really don’t even have a right to stop you.  We have been brainwashed and come to *THINK* SO FAR away from REAL freedom that even so called Conservatives think, to some degree, just like they want you to think – that you really must ASK THEIR PERMISSION to do certain things AND that they have “rights” to do things to us that they DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE, (but they have convinced most people that they DO have these rights).  If we were still a TRUE Republic, as long as you do not harm another person, you are free to do anything you want – this includes putting anything in your body you want.  Now they tell you what kind of medical treatment you can and cannot have in YOUR OWN BODY!  The problem is – they also think that they OWN your body as well, along with all your other property, but I’m sure you will find that hard to believe.   If they did not think they own our bodies, how could Mommy Michelle be making all of these food rules for the “kids?”  The only TRUE “LIMITS” on your freedoms are if you HARM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, but my, my, how we have been conditioned – just like Pavlov’s dog.  If people are truly free, why should there be “limits” on their freedom as long as they do not harm anyone else or harm their property?  Can you think of a reason?  I can’t.  PS Driver’s Licenses are merely tracking devices.  Again they have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with “SAFETY”

  • Son Kevin

    It’s either the Feds or the corporations. In the end, which one is the better alternative?

  • mitchie124

    That’s the only thing — aside from taking vacations — that Obama’s good at: “…making Americans ashamed to be Americans.”

  • Straight_Facts

    This comment is from a person who works in Newark and I have to make a correction about that post. That columnist needs to make a retraction immediately and apologize to the readers for the lies. At Newark, TSA agents DO NOT push wheelchairs!!! That job belongs to a private company. The private company does have a number of employees who may not speak English well, so I do believe she may have spoken with a “broken accent”. The columnist must also be color blind, because the private company wears a completely different colored uniform than TSA.

    This is the kind of misinformation the public likes to eat up and comment on. What is truly disgusting is the brother accepting the wheelchair knowing he wasn’t handicapped, and the columnist blaming the incident on TSA. In the end, they turned out to be the fools for allowing someone from the private company to scam them and not report it. But why would they report it? If this type of activity is actually happening, why allow it to continue? Sorry buddy, but your little “experiment” just backfired on you. The only story you told was how much of a fool you are.

    On another note, Mr. Mushnick should be ashamed of himself. I’m sure the Post thought they were hiring a trustworthy reporter, instead they have a deceitful liar on payroll.

  • ghbratton


  • DocScience

    The TSA is in direct opposition to the 4th amendment.

    Searches for cause are the ONLY searches allowed for government police.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Thomas Jefferson: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” How prescient those men were.

  • BadWhisky


    I agree 100%, a bit of a correction though, Perry pushed the bill to stop the TSA in Texas once in the regular session and again in the special session of the Texas legislature.  the first time it made it out of the lower house and died in the upper house, Dewhuarst got blamed for that, the second time it was inserted into the upper house and appeared to have a good chance at passage and the FAA told them if they passed it that the FAA would make Texas a no fly zone.  Remember the FAA also recently grounded 60% of the fire bombing planes during the worst fire season in memory; therefore, I assume they would have carried out the threat with Texas as well.  “Stupid is as Stupid does” Forest Gump.

  • JohnCartmell

    Does anyone feel safer now than the day after 9-11-11? That’s a question everyone should ask and answer.

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Hear hear. 

    This is the simplest ‘problem’ to solve. 2 lines, Arab Muslims from overseas or new US arrivals over here, everyone else over here.

  • SuperDuperNiceGuy

    Since you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    fascism – a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism. (copied and pasted directly from Websters)

  • Cole Thornton

    Don’t use words you don’t understand. 

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Driving is absolutely a RIGHT.  It’s your inalienable right to travel.  That’s one of those “unenumerated rights” not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, but are left to the states and the people.  A license is defined as “permission to do something that is otherwise considered  illegal, immoral, or in some other way not permitted.?  Not permitted by who?  The government, of course.  WHy should driving be “illegal” or “immoral” and why should we need the government’s “permission” to drive?  Does having a license make you a “safe” driver?  If so, why are there so many UNSAFE, idiot  drivers out there WITH licenses.  Because they are irresponsible.  That’s why and that has absolutely nothing to do with having or not having a license.  A license is a tracking device and a way to have control over your “driving actions” because, if you have a license, you must also go along with all the mandates they make you conform to in order to keep this precious piece of junk paper.  You have an absolute right to travel in any manner you wish without a license.  If your RIGHT to travel is truly unalienable, how can it be taken from you by requiring that you have permission from the government in order to exercise this right?

    As to would I rather not have bags checked.  I don’t have a problem with the scanning of bags process.  I have a MAJOR problem with being sexually molested while they call it “keeping me safe!”  How on earth did they keep us safe BEFORE we had rape machines and sexual molestation at the airports?  They haven’t even found anybody who had anything on them except maybe the shoe bomber.  You say they “do not see us naked.”  Of course they do!  If you say this because the images are negatives – guess what – they can turn them into positives with the click of a mouse, and if you think they “delete” them – think again.  They have found oh so much evidence that they DO NOT delete these images.  And why is it that  all the cute young girls always seemed to be the ones who “needed a pat down” when all this nonsense first started?  Now it’s an equal opportunity sexual molestation – even babies – I mean ……… COME ON!
    Next you’ll tell me that there are bombs planted in baby’s diapers ………..  Maybe narcotics, but bombs?  And by the way, you also have a right to put anything in your body you want WITHOUT the government’s permission.  I know, I know, they are just “looking out for us” again.  Yeah,  right.

    There is one caveat to all of this however…… You only have rights of any kind, (other than human) if you DO NOT have a Social Security number.  If you have one of those, you have, through the Social Security Act given up all your Constitutional rights …….  Read the Act if you don’t believe me.  This is also where their right to tax you comes from as well.

  • Kraig Kircher

    If you remember, the TSA was privately run at the beginning.  The reason that it became a government agency was for incompetence.  Perhaps the problem isn’t government run or privately run, but the manner is which screening is done.  The entire agency needs to be reworked with a different set of priorities, but should be government run in any event.  I don’t want some private company making money off my security; it is more likely to find shortcuts to profit.

  • sodacrackers2

    I am ashamed to have someone so divisive and shameless as Obama as president of the USA, greatest country on earth!

  • BadWhisky

    If you are
    driving drunk and get pulled over; If you are pulled over and there is the
    strong scent of mary jane; if you are pulled over and have drugs/drug paraphernalia
    visible from the window at which the officer stand etc. you have committed a
    crime and you are caught, congratulations moron once mirandize and in the back
    of the patrol car he has sufficient probable cause to search you and your car
    as he sees fit.

  • sodacrackers2

    It is up to 292 now Van.  Perhaps you need to start reading something besides HuffPo.

  • Skitz00

    Oh my,  a federal government bureaucracy grows uncontrollably, becoming bloated, ineffective and wastes billions of dollars?

    Geez, that sounds familiar. Help me out, where have I heard that story before?

    For crying out loud, is there even one person in the country who thought this would NOT happen?

    Should the job be privatized? Does a bear…………………..well, yes, it should be.

  • sodacrackers2

    Oh darn, I hit like by mistake instead of reply.  Just where did you get that information? 

  • Michael T Lyster

    Nonsense.  It doesn’t sound like the guy has ANY business flipping burgers.  
    Far too technical.

    Now, member of the NLRB Governing Board, or maybe Treasury Secretary?  Sure; the bar is sufficiently low already. 

    Heck: a reasonably intelligent Labrador could do better, if only he had opposable thumbs with which to sign things.

  • Shatty

    I agree with you 100%.   Also, all the airport management should give their reasonable reasons for the ridiculous government system of handling the public.  It is obscene to say the least!  I refuse to fly anymore.  They make me sick & flying used to be so much fun!

  • Jj Seaman

    what did you expect from rent a cops…these agents wouldn’t even quailify for a prison guard job. give it back to the airports and let them handle the security.

  • Son Kevin

    Actually driving isn’t a right. That’s why they can take your license away if you have a bad record, have medical issues, or about anything else. You obviously know nothing about the state laws and the fact that while the Federal Government has it’s own regulations the states actually decide who drives and who doesn’t. There are reason why the DMV can take away your license and ban you from ever driving again. There’s point one on how you’re wrong.

    Actually a license is defined as a, “Formal or official permission to do something”. Not as what you have posted. The state governments need to make sure you’re a safe driver and they test you before they give you the privledge to drive. Then they make sure that you continue to drive safely so that you don’t become a hazard to other people’s saftey which is a right guarenteed by the Constitution. So unsafe drivers are removed. Basically all you’re saying is that you want to be the person who’s unsafe and that you want to harm someone else’s safety. That’s a horrible thought process. You know, you can always walk right? They didn’t deny you that right and you can pretty much walk anywhere. So go right ahead, bro.

    Obviously you don’t keep up with the news. You know the pat-downs they used today is in direct response to the “Underwear Bomber”? It’s not because they felt they needed to feel up people for no reason. There was a justification for the reason why the pat-downs were changed. So you probably should check your facts before you post some kind of insane theories that the government is doing something in response to nothing. You also have no been keeping up on the news with the images that are being used in the backscatter devices. They are making completely outlines that make you look like a “Gingerbread Man”.  By the way, the “deleted” images that were leaked were not the TSA. Not to mention that women get patted down by women of the same gender, not men in the larger airports. So it’s not really the man’s decision for her to get a pat-down. The elderly and children have been used in terror attacks in other countries. In fact Vietnam was also infamous for using children to attack American soliders.

    That’s stupid and you’re stupid for that statement. The right to put anything in your body? Not if it’s going to harm other people. You’re now taking rights away from others.

    I think you need to re-read the act. Not to mention you might want to realize that without taxes no Police, Fire, or EMT would show up to your house in an emergency.

  • Shatty

    Traveling on the airlines used to be so much fun – I loved it years ago.  Now it is obscene!  Most of the TSA are just plain rude & crude! 

  • Joanne Mortensen

    the best comment I’ve heard Was Quit flying! watch the airlines get rid of these perverts..

  • Richard

    Get real. These fine government employees are all voting democrats. And so are their dead relatives. What makes you think making a comment will change any of this? Blow up a few planes and the airline industry will get off their dead ass and protect their investment. Or raise rates to the point no one will get groped. Flying in the US sucks. No matter how safe they think they are making you feel.

  • Kevin

    For example, the current administration.

  • Telescoping You

    Those 10 million illegal aliens certainly have more protection under the 4th as well as every other Amendment to our constitution, than I as an American citizen, when they do not.  The illegals in this nation have no rights except procedural protections when processing them out of this country. 

    Yet worthless liberals and their enablers are constantly using our courts to negate “THE NUISANCE OF SECURITY CHECKS” at their disposal that would get rid of criminals who cross our border, harm our citizens and drain our treasury.

    The thrust of the 4th is “unreasonable searches and seizures” anchored behind, I repeat, behind the 1st, that this current administration has arbitrarily decided that you and I do not deserve, or can be suspended. 

    For eight years we did not have this infringement until liberals took control. And now, just as with every department in the government (education, commerce, food & drug, et al) they have unilaterally decided what their power will be and you and I be damned.  These edicts handed down are what we used to call, plebiscites coming from despots. 

    We can argue the definition of “unreasonable” until the court renders the next in-vogue meaning that fits worthless liberalisms agenda, or the appropriate interpretation parallel with our founders’ intentions and a conservative’s concurrence. 

    But, I have to say that considering your justification to compel people in this country to a direct preemption of our 1st Amendment rights by invoking the 4th because of “HOW MUCH HAVOC A SINGLE AIRPLANE CAN CAUSE”, then the same argument can be made for enhanced security measures, say, daily line-ups to check every person in the country because of ‘how much havoc a single dirty bomb can cause’.

    If our water supply was poisoned would you then argue that every citizen submits to a chemical analysis from the sink cupboard in their homes to ensure water safety?  Don’t want people going to the local reservoir with a bottle of Drano.  If electrical systems are compromised, as what happened in San Diego, CA last week, should everyone be screened to insure approved circuit breaker panels in their homes?  Where does it end?

    My point was simply that this current incompetent government has, in my humble opinion, maliciously molded laws, policies and procedures that fit a greater agenda that is degrading our liberties and freedoms.  Not one incident of potential terrorism has been foiled since the institution of these liberty killing actions. 

    So, I ask you, how far do you think we should go to appease the cowards in charge of our country, who neither understand our enemy, nor seem to care?

    Incidentally, your post was neither “TOTALLY DUMB AND IRRELEVANT,” just misplaced and capitulatory.

  • Joanne Mortensen

    I would give the nofly option about aweek and the airlines would be bonbarding the white house with demands to reform or get rid of these thugs who are supposed to protect??us ..

  • dave

    Exactly Cole, he should read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg…

  • david7134

    Lets get rid of the agency and focus our efforts on eliminating threats to the US. We did this in WWII with far more security problems and they did not go around taking away our liberty.

  • dave

    SuperDuperNiceGuy, you describe Obama, no? ROFL…………………….

  • JoeBifsplik

    Since 100% passenger screening began in January 1973, security procedures have slowly but surely intensified until we have hands on physical molesting of today surprisingly accepted by the flying public. The people who are responsible for federalizing  airport security, must have known by giving  government total control of airport security it would develop into the unconstitutional fiasco of today.  The man most responsible for the passenger molestation of today is Norman Mineta, who as Secretary of Transportation on 9/11/2001 should have been fired on 9/12/2001.

  • david7134

    So the guy you hasseled and turned over to the police came and got on the plane and continued his journey, after you berated him and mistreated the guy in every manner, and nothing happened to the plane. Don’t you see the logic, we don’t need the security.

  • Shatty

    Why doesn’t  the Airlines, the airport management, and the people that fly, have to put up with this obscene screening & do something about this?  TSA needs to be dismantled & organized with a professional system!
    The Department of Homeland Security harasses & intimidates American citizens! 

  • TBW7

    I, along with thousands of others fly for a living.  Stop flying and we stop feeding our families.  Better if ALL travellers stopped using the X-Ray scanners and stood in line for the metal detector and pat down. I will never go through the X-Ray scanner due to spiritual reasons primarily followed by health reasons.  It amazes me to see the lemmings line up and get stripped nude for some perv behind a screen…

  • david7134

    No, we start getting on the plane like we did in the 50′s and forget about all this crap. And we start making life hell for Muslims.

  • Chris

    Let’s be honest, have you seen these TSA people standing around. Intelligence is in short supply. They take smoking breaks with impunity. I have never seen such an apathetic and slovenly looking bunch. I believe the same quality folks work at Mcdonalds. Trained Species of Ape is my decryption of the acronym.

  • SuperNiceGuy

    All muslims?

  • susanmcnichol

    The only one who was berated and mistreated was me.  The passenger had the gun taken away.  He was treated as if he had done nothing wrong.  The supervisor and law enforcement didn’t want to bring any attention to the fact that they could not tell he had a gun ready to carry onto the plane.  Had I not seen the gun, it would have been taken on the plane, Then What.  Your comment is ignorant and you are clueless.
    Why would a passenger take a loaded flare gone onto a plane? It is a felony in this country to take a loaded firearm onto a plane.

  • TBW7

    “free and independent people”
    There is nothing quite so sad as a slave that thinks he is free…
    We have not been free since 1867 nor independent since 1933.  Public edumacation and T.V. are the two primary culprits.

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    Wow!  Your story, if true… and I’ve no reason to doubt you… is just too dammed scary!  I’m getting pretty anxious as the days pass, because my wife and I will soon be flying to the mainland from Hawaii for a long-anticipated visit with family.  We’ve not left the islands for “America” since 2006, so you can say we’ve been missing out on good ‘ol TSA hospitality.  From what I’ve been reading and hearing about the TSA on the mainland, the TSA is much more respectful and “courteous” out here, and wife and I have made several trips to Japan and Korea since 9-11… our experience with Customs has never been the least bit unpleasant…  I’m dreading our upcoming trip to Texas…

  • susanmcnichol

    Oh yes.  My story is true.  I went to the Merit System Protection Board to complain about the hostility in this work environment and I have documents to prove everything I witnessed.  This gun incident was only one example of the TSA failing to follow SOP.  Their response was, MSPB does not have jurisdiction over the TSA, because it is too new an organization to determine jurisdiction.

    Someone commented that we berated and mistreated this passenger.   Wonder if he would feel that way if he had been flying on the same plane with this guy?  And how should we treat someone who tried to take a loaded gun on a plane? 
    We took the gun away from him and law enforcement took him to the airport police authority, THEN LET HIM GO.  He should have been arrested. 

  • Michael T Lyster

    Slow down there, sport: some of those “ragheads” are US-born Sikhs for example, whose attachment to this country are the same as yours or mine.   There is a difference between informed screening, and selection by pigment or hat preference.  
    Screening is fine, and yes, I believe some groups should get a pass (anyone seen any pale-skinned octogenarians wearing explodey vests, lately? No). But let’s not make this comment string, nor a security process a one dimensional concept—and a poorly executed one, at that.  If I were a terrorist, I’d simply skip the turban and wear a nice Brooks Brothers suit over my explodey vest if I knew I’d get a pass. I’d rather fire a nailgun into my forehead than defend TSA:  but the preliminary concept—that one couldn’t dress or act in a fashion to escape any chance of screening—has merit. Just not as it’s been carried out by the collectivist dimwits in charge of it.

  • J. B. Rainsberger

    This is why I stopped traveling into and within the US for work.

  • J. B. Rainsberger

    I think the Stanford Prison Experiment quite clearly showed us that so-called normal people can do outrageous things in certain circumstances. “Us v. Them” does not advance the debate.

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    Not good!  … and not looking forward to our impending “airport experience”…  You sound like you tried to do good, but got caught-up in the usual antipathy and contempt of government bureaucracy…

  • Fisher1949

    I agree completely, TSA needs to be revamped entirely or abolished.

    The intention was to have them act as a regulatory agency, not as a jobs program. DHS and two Administrations have failed to impanel the Privacy Oversight Board. This lack of oversight and accountability and has resulted in TSA becoming increasingly arrogant and indifferent to the rights of passengers.

    TSA received 1,975 screening complaints in June 2011, compared to 814 in June 2010, or a 140% increase. Domestic airline travel is faltering, while global air travel has risen 40%. The US Travel Association attributes this decline directly to the changes in airport security.

    There have been countless stories of abuses inflicted on adults, children and the elderly and in every instance TSA has been dismissive and failed to make corrections. Their belligerent attitude undermines public confidence in both the agency and Government as a whole. There will ultimately be political consequences and a further damage to the airline industry unless there is some action taken to correct rein in TSA.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    OK. OK.  I tried.  You are a good little slave/robot so go right ahead and be one.  By the way, I just saw a video where a MALE police officer DID the sexual pat down on a FEMALE driver.  They call it “baby steps.”  A woman today, and a man tomorrow.  Not to mention, how do I know that the TSA women “pat-downers/molesters” aren’t GAY.  Most of them look like men if you have noticed..  Oh and I’m not a “bro.”  I’m a “sis.”  As I said, how does having a LICENSE make you a safe driver?  It’s a piece of paper and they make you take a “test” to make it look legitimate, (part of the brainwashing).  And, as for putting anything in your body that harms someone else ……  if you read my post, it said very clearly that you can do anything you want AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HARM ANYONE ELSE.  Read the Constitution, Bro, and study how things were WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN and what the true INTENTIONS of the framers were.  It wasn’t this INVOLUNTARY servitude and peonage that we are living under now.  The definition of  “license” that you gave was not the legal definition.  We are also living under peonage just for the record.  PEONAGE (the word peon comes from this), is involuntary servitude to PAY OFF A DEBT.     Does THIS ring any bells to you?    Ho Hum.  I tried.

  • Ted Wight

    How could anyone, especially a Congress person be at all surprised.  That Mica is scares me.  This is not about protection of anything except votes for Congressional elections.  What’s new?  Nothing. 

    Same old same old.  Republican, Democrat or socialist.  Bureaucracy divides like an amoeba, rabbets whatever.

    And there’s never a pretty young thing to molest me. 


  • renojmc

    Another HUGE problem with the TSA is that political correctness dictates everything they do.  Obviously they won’t profile passengers so kids and grandmas get TSA enemas while muslim men walk by unscathed.  It’s truly insane.

  • fliteking

    Chicks who have the same ideas as SuperNiceGirl  understand TSA and similar programs completely. The reason why they defend these programs and the agenda’s that go along with the same is two fold: 1. They want their children to be stuck paying for the messes the government creates because this puts a fat entitlement check in their pocket each week. 2. The truth, if it where to get out, would dissolve many of the entitlement programs so SuperNiceGirl would then have to get a job.

    The libs are in a hell of a position, they have TOO MANY balls in the air but their handlers continue to shout “Keep Juggling”!!!

    Since libs have been deeply conditioned NOT TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, it is an all or nothing game, meaning they do not have the ability to oppose what doesn’t work and selectively choose what does work – - -  their only solution is to continue finger-pointing and name calling while waiting for the bricks to fall on their children.

    Frankly I am surprised SuperNiceGirl didn’t find a way to call us / Republicans / Tea Partiers racists in her post. Although I was disappointed I realize she is probably to tired from  ‘juggling’ so much.

    Libs are selfish selfish people and they simply cannot make it on their own.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Sexual molestation/Pat down or nude pictures with radiation.  WOW! What a choice!  I don’t want either personally, but I would definitely feel bad if you lost your income, but I don’t think you would.  Maybe just for a couple of weeks and then, hopefully “they” would come to their senses, but on the other hand, the way they think, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  I would feel REALLY bad about your loss of income though.  I know you need to pay the rent and feed the kids.  

  • susanmcnichol

    If it eases your mind at all, the other airports that I worked at had very qualified screeners and supervisors.  It was only until I went to Florida to work that there were real problems.  The management at this airport did not realize how qualified I was in the way of xray skills.  They had no idea that when TSA was formed, I spent weeks training new screeners in the use of the xray machine.  I believe the managers and supervisors were intimidated by my knowledge of SOP and their lack of. 
    So don’t be afraid of flying.  Not all TSA screeners are like the ones I have mentioned.  It’s probably not very common for someone in supervisory position to not be able to identify something like a firearm.  

  • fliteking

    Come on SuperNiceGirl, you’d make all conservatives lives hell if you could, right? Be honest now. . . oh sorry, that is asking you to step out of your comfort zone. My bad.

    Hey your mom just hollered, she wants you to come out of the basement and empty the trash.

  • hargen

    We can’t eliminate the TSA yet, they haven’t gone union.  How will the union get their payoff ///////sorry, dues, unless we allow it to continue?

  • SuperNiceGuy

    Only a right-wing dolt thinks calling someone a girl is an insult.

  • SuperNiceGuy

    You guys are such lame-o hypocrites.

    When Republicans are in office, you worship government power.

  • OIFAlumni

    Well said…name one free country that legalizes the molestation of its children under the color of law.

  • Willard

    The TSA has been an on-going study in human behavior by the same people that pull obama’sstrings. They wanted to determine if the American people had been brainwashed to the point that they would accept curtailment of their civil rights without any fighting back. The results were that the American people would not only accept the loss of right to privacy, and accept physical attack as well but many of them would actually declare their full support for the dictorial measures stating that they would gladly undergo the embarrassment of groping if it kept them safe while flying. 

  • Michael T Lyster

    So instead, obviously the solution is to funnel taxpayer dollars into the TSA union’s coffers, who in turn support those who expand and protect the TSA and expanding government bureaucracy.

    Yay, stupidity.

  • Willard

    As was stated in the article, the TSA has done nothing but react to attempts at terror attack. First the shoes, then the liquids, and finally the diaper. The next test of our sheepish character will follow the arrest of a Muslim with a stick of dynamite in his anus.

  • OIFAlumni

    In Iraq, capturing hearts and minds was directed towards the children, the lost generations were college age and older…children are more easily manipulated, if TSSA can start them in diapers, then Gate Rape will be as natural illegal wiretaps, home invasions, police state surveillance and trial by military tribunal.

  • Dustoff

    It’s called blow back from the government

  • pete838

    Even under the current ‘plan’ that allows airports to privatize, the private security screeners are made to follow TSA’s SOP to the letter and are watched over by TSA bureaucrats. And Pistole has put the kibosh on the expansion of the non-union- er, non-TSA screener program.

  • pete838

    Sorry, Mr. Sikh. By wearing the turban you fit the profile of dozens of terrorists that have attacked the country. Maybe  Mr. Sikh should apply for the pre-screened “Trusted Traveler” program so he doesn’t experience delays. That would be preferable to treating 90 year old Caucasian grandmothers like criminals. Has a 90 year old grandmother (or a 9 month old child) EVER committed an act of airline terrorism?

  • Lewis Sanborn

    “You can’t professionalize unless you federalize”.  -Then-Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD).  DEMOCRAT.  Lover of government.  Remember that.

  • Son Kevin

    I just gave you answers to every single one of your points. You ignored me. Next you started to talk about the Police. The TSA aren’t Police Officers. They have no arrest powers, they do not carry guns. A male Police Officer is allowed to give a pat down to a Female because chances are she was arrested. WOOPS, THERE GOES THE 4th AMENDMENT! 

    Not to mention, they really don’t. So you have a problem with gay people to? Your ignorance is flaring brighter than the sun. You’re just amazing. You’re the kind of person who shows up in the media as how Americans are potrayed as retarded. Thanks.

    The framers did not know about cars or explosives that could take out 1,000 people. So maybe you should realize that the Constitution falls under the catagorey of “Living Docuement”. You probably didn’t know that, did you? The definition of what I gave you was that as found in the dictionary. OOPS. I guess you probably should read that. A debt to what? The country has been in debt since it’s inception. Please, you need to go back to Middle School history class.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    It’s not necessarily an “us vs them” thing, but “they” do not think like normal, rational human beings, else they would not be in the profession they are in, doing the HORRIBLE things they are doing to their fellow Americans, eh?  And I think I replied to the wrong comment.  I intended to reply to Malia Kama’s comment, not yours.  Whoops!  If you read Malia Kama’s comment, my comment might make more sense to you.  Sorry.

  • michael allison

    I could not have said it better. Thank you , you have my vote for Emperer of known universe.

  • Michael T Lyster

    Um, actually: Sikhs are an Indian religious sect. 
    Which kinda proves my point, because Sikhs are NOT any more a risk than—oh, I dunno, guys with Confederate flags on their car. For example. Or, shall we then pull guys out of line wearing Sean Michaels-type do-rags, and screen them?  Why not?
    And why, might I ask should Mr Sikh have to do so because his sect requires the turban? If Shoe Bomber was wearing Nikes, should that be a ‘special screening’ qualifier?

    Read the post.  We could narrow screening down to an efficient and effective process: but then, where’s the opportunity to grow an ENORMOUS bureaucracy, populated by often marginally employable individuals (with political allegiance to big government) in THAT?Your commentary makes it easier for liberals to attack any suggestion for targeted, INFORMED screening as thinly veiled racism.  Which helps nobody.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    “The Constitution is a Living Document” is pure Liberal rhetoric.  Not true.  The Constitution does not need to be a living document.  It is fine just the way it is.  RE: the gay thing, don’t be angry with me.  God said in the BIBLE, that it is “an abomination and a stench unto His nostrils.”  So be angry with God if you must.  A debt to what?  Obama has gotten us into more debt than all the other Presidents combined since the beginning of the US.  That’s what debt I am talking about and there’s no end in sight!  But, hey us arguing accomplishes nothing. You apparently are unmovable in your opinions as I am.  This is what TRUE FREEDOM is all about.  You have your opinion and I have mine, but I don’t hurt you and you don’t hurt me.  That’s OK.  Remember what I said, “You can do anything AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HARM ANYONE ELSE?”  So I have an answer for everything you say and you probably have one for everything I say – it’s a matter of ideology,  but what is really accomplished when neither of us is willing to change our views?  Nothing, right?  It just creates more friction, and Lord knows, there’s enough of that out there already.  Best wishes.  Really.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Ha ha ha ha ha.  That’s funny, but THANK YOU!

  • Joel

    What I remember is thinking that no one could be worse than Team Daschle/Gephardt.  I never should’ve said that.  How much more horrible this administration and it’s goons are.

  • LexTerrae

    Not only “Yes!”  but “HELL YES!”

    If they can’t or won’t attack the miscreants in their sect, let them suffer the association.

  • Joel

    Have you any actual facts to back your statement up?  Note: Facts do not include blurbs from

  • Joel

    The Hill?  Really?

  • SuperNiceGuy

    I’d like to see the TSA disbanded, the whole thing is a farce. Skip replacing with private companies – get rid of it altogether.

  • Joel

    Says the guy that baaaahs his way through the TSA head chutes.

  • Joel

    Enjoy your future, Smith, W.

  • Frank

    TSA has a bigger ego than many of our politicians. The government has given them this vast authority that was intended to protect citizens and they have evolved into this organization that has become bent on abusing their power for their own personal interests. They see a bunch of people under their authority and they have blown that authority completely out of control in acting like they’re above the law. 

  • pete838

    I understand that, but I think we can all agree that there are some obvious visual parallels that could be exploited by Muslim extremists, and that these similarities do not exist between many other racial and cultural subgroups. People that do not bear any similarity to terrorists should be exempted from aggressive screening.

  • Stephen Voltmer

    I hate to break it to you Son Kevin, but in case you haven’t noticed, those two entities are one and the same.

  • Duncan Jones

    Dismantling the TSA is another issue most Americans agree on.  Certainly the vast majority of those who fly regularly.  It’s a bureaucracy at its worst.

  • glendower

    “No Steve, the real job of the TSA is to give more people [44,000 screeners] nice safe high
    paying [unionized] Federal jobs.   Any abuse of the citizens or accidental security
    is just an unintended consequence.”

    Exactly right.  Dozens of people at the time asked the obvious question: Why isn’t airport security the FBI’s job?  Something tells me they would have done a good job of screening the new hires, too.  Also, no union.

  • Dean Paradise

     Duh…   Create a Federal Agency, what do you expect to get? Who here is surprised?

  • CleanFun

    People are just now catching on to what millions of others have been trying to warn them of, all these years.

    Somehow, “I told you so” just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • RSDeMernly

    Throw the filthy Muslims out of the country, don’t allow any to come in and we would not need this agency.  Their employees are borderline retarded castoffs that couldn’t get a job at McDonalds.

  • bill328

     Being a retired Customs Officer, please do not confuse TSA with the US Customs Service. Other than the fact that they both fall under DHS  that is the end of the comparison. I am not saying that Customs Officers are perfect, but I can assure you that they are all totally law enforcement minded and none of our supervisors came from any of the fast food joints, where they may have been lead flipper.

  • BLUE_SKY888

    Looks like RON PAUL was 100% right yet again. If only Americans supported him back in 1988….
    Well, folks you have one last chance. Obama is finished because of high unemployment. The establishment has already selected a backup plan (Perry & Romney) to continue with wars and bail outs to monopolies. Regardless of affiliation, Americans need to join GOP to nominate RON PAUL in primaries. Then if you like Obama, switch back to DEM later to vote in general elections.

  • bill328

     Pete your idea that “People that do not bear any similarity to
    terrorists should be exempted from aggressive screening”, correct?  Let
    me toss out a name here and see if it fits your idea of not bearing any similarity to terrorists… Timothy
    McVeigh.  Would we agree that he was a home grown, 100% American
    terrorist? Still think that people which look like him should just be exempted from aggressive screening? He could have just as easily walked on board a plane with a bomb in his hand bag.

  • slk

    Getting rid of any worthless wasteful government agency is a positive PLUS! Privatize maybe? Shut down better yet!

  • reecrox582

    It is not a constitutional right for you to be able to fly! While American citizens are protected against unreasonable search and seizure, nothing at all in the constitution says that every American has the right to fly without any form of security. If you are offended by the practices of the TSA, that’s fine. I do agree that the search procedures they use are probably unnecessary and ineffective. But it is not unconstitutional for them to do so! So please, before you argue that you are being unconstitutionally violated, read the constitution and think again. 

  • Sam in NC

    susan, that asshole’s a troll, paid to disrupt comment sites like this. Ignore him. You did the right thing !

  • bill328

     Oh yeah, also
    Terry Nichols
    Michael and Lori Fortier
    Dylan Klebold
    Eric Harris

    Just to name a few

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    I appreciate your wish to differentiate and defend the USCS from TSA, and trust me when I say I realize there is a difference.  I do a lot of business in Asia, and my wife is originally from Korea.  I have passed through the Customs Service many times over the years, and like I said, I’ve never once experienced an unpleasant encounter with these professionals… not once.  I’m just not looking forward to the distinct possibility of having either me, or my wife… or both… groped by someone at either LAX or DFW airport in the not too distant future.  However, TSA here in the islands seems very polite and non-intrusive.  Thank you for your service!

  • AntiEstablishment1983

    i for one do not see how passenger was berated. according to your claims he LIED about having nothing, and then when being checked actually went out of his way to advise the checker not to touch the trigger on the gun that must of have magically jumped into his bag. you did your job. he should have claimed it was in there, and isnt there special tags and handling for bags with weapons, as long as the weapon is contained or unfireable? i have heard many times people declaring having starter pistols so thier bag is “protected” and zip tied so they know its “safe”. not arrested. either way sounds like the passenger is in the wrong. and as for the commenter saying the jobs were high paying federal jobs, i can tell you TSA is always hiring in Portland,OR and its a $14/hr job. hardly glamorous. especially with passengers being increasingly aggressive and annoyed, it only leads to hostility towards tsa, and hostility back to passengers. its a lose-lose.

    they should just put huge warnings on the back of everyones plane ticket that says “fly at your own risk” and that no agency be is private or state or federal run, shall be responsible for any transgressions of any kind to either the bearer of the ticket or the bearer’s possesions, either on person or checked.

    problem solved. if you’re too scared to fly and feel like you need todays current “safety standards”, then just dont even fly, take your safety into your own hands and just drive. either way anyways it’s all about the gov putting thier rules on us to control us, vs protect us. the joke that is the TSA only reinforces it

  • AntiEstablishment1983

    why should mr sikh have to apply for anything and go out  of his way? why not just get rid of all screening all together? if i recall correctly, the 9/11 bombers were all dressed like american business men. none of them were in robes or wearing hats or turbans. also the shoe bomber was BLACK, not middle eastern. remember middle eastern and arabic are a culture, not a look, not a race, not a belief. If we were to single out white people, lets get a line up or 10 different white folks from 10 different european countries and see if you can guess where they are from by look alone, and see if you can get 50% right.

    being an american, it hurts to see ignorance, considring how much access we have to basic knowledge. YOUR BRAIN. USE IT.

  • Paul Carlisle

    I won’t fly anymore. Its not because of terrorism, its because of the TSA. They want you there two hours before check-in for screening on a 20 minute flight. Whats wrong with this picture.

  • fullmooner

    A few summers back I flew to Kauai. Last minute dressing, chose  purse I had not used in over a year. Put purse on X-ray belt – lo, an unusual image! TSA unzips a little compartment I did not even know was there, pulls  out my tiny embroidery scissors I had “lost”. TSA suggests I can go mail it to myself. No time for that. My plane  is at a gate that is halfway to Lihue, so I just surrender the scissors. Big, fat minority supervisor lady comes over, confiscates them – walks off smiling. Those exquisite little scissors, made in France,  never saw a confiscation bin. Hope she never realized the handles were 18K gold. Hope she lost them.  

  • pmcw

    “and $1,500 to rent more than a dozen extension cords for the Colorado recruiting fair.”

    Don’t blame the TSA for that – simple union wages.  To run an extension cord at an exhibit you need union labor.  Don’t you dare plug that in on your own…

  • shablon

    Read the book, it is called Blackwater

  • elda

    I believe we would be safer if there was no TSA.  The passangers do a better job of protecting than those clowns.  I had to be pat down just to walk my child to the plane and that is because I wore a dress.  I was told if I had tight pants on they would not have groped me.

  • Vince

    You’re absolutely correct!  I used to call them, “TSA retards”, but I’ve found it to be insulted to mentally challenged individuals and have apologized for it.
    This ARMY should be disbanded and privatized to be run by the airlines.  Afterall, who has the most to lose by a bomber or hijacker getting on their planes?  You think they wouldn’t take it seriously?
    It would also save $9 billion dollars annually.

  • Michael

    Mica is an idiot who needs to be locked up for being the dupe and fool that he truly is.  The TSA needs to be dismantled and send all its employees back to fast food jobs where they belong.

  • claude lawless

    I worked for those rats also at the
    beginning. The first crews had to have military experience including
    the women. There was no groping or any of that crap. The managers
    however  were bad and worse from the beginning.

    I had two supervisors and a manager
    whose last job was McDonald’s at the counter and Burger King. They
    were total idiots and they were messing with the wrong people. My
    crew had people who were army, marines, special forces. One of the
    women was Air force special forces for ten years. Iraq twice and

    We had truckloads of stuff we grabbed
    like guns knives, grenades. That also included a manufacturing manual
    for making and spraying virus’s written in Arabic . It was for
    building a fake fuel tank  for the wing of a business jet. It would
    spray an entire city. I found that biological warfare manual and we
    arranged for some real bad asses to talk with him. We found dope
    daily. Anything from pocket stashes to 20 kilos of cocaine. “grandma
    Hernandez had special gifts for the relatives, 50 pounds of pot.

    The managers became more insane by the
    day. When you give a punk from burger king power you have created a
    NAZI. You don’t mess with ex-combat troops like that if you value
    your skin.

    Within a year all of those people quit.
    Now you have every back alley turd bucket they can scrape up. That
    was done on purpose. You are the target not the terrorists.

  • Jim Jones

    Very simple, start profiling. If the muslim community does not like it then the will have to police themselves and root out the little fake jihad morons that give them all a bad name. Hard to believe when the teachings of islam promote “eye for an eye” mentality.

    We put the japs into camps during ww2 for national security, it sucked for them but they were the ones that bombed pearl harbor first. When did the united states ever fly jet planes into buildings in a muslim country? That’s right we didn’t so let the muslims fix their own problem themselves, a parent teaches a child that nobody can “touch” them unless it’s a parent or a doctor. Where does a $14 pedophile working for the govt fit in?

  • bigdaddydk

    While your premise is correct, it is also imperative that for such sensitive jobs there should be stringent hiring criteria. Jobs that require anyone to be in a front line national security position should require psychological testing to ascertain to what degree the candidates will hold true to their mission and not go rogue in the field.

    I would like for it to not be an “Us v. Them” proposition, and perhaps the front line TSA people are the wrong target, but how do we not view it that way when that agency is repeatedly violating the Constitution in the name of “security”?

  • Michael T Lyster

    Were I a terrorist, pete838, I’d make sure to dress like everyone’s concept of a computer geek, or a bank VP.  Probably the LEAST dangerous people on flights today are overtly Islamic travelers.

    The entire process would be not only more efficient, but less EXPENSIVE, if we simply had a marshall or two on every flight. TSA has—what, 50,000 employees? One on every flight, and far more simplistic screening at the airport level would eliminate the same level of risk, with less cost and inconvenience.
    But, again: that’s not really the central point of TSA, is it?  The purpose for TSA is to promote and protect TSA. And that is the real shame of it all.

  • bigdaddydk

    Nope. They’d have just stood back and admired.

  • bigdaddydk

    Each time you institute something more invasive than the previous policy, the old one doesn’t seem so bad. So we then talk about how it would be nice if we could just go back one step in the process. Once they institute cavity searches we’ll be longing for the pat downs. That’s how such things work. Few people look at the big picture and realize that they’re slowly cooking us like frogs.

  • claude lawless

    No Van
    We just know what kind of vermin have been hired in the last 5 years.

  • claude lawless

    It is already in the works. The number of people traveling on planes is dropping fast. When the economy tanks soon, there won’t be any airlines flying.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    Yeah, and if you had been wearing tight pants, they would have probably told you that if you had been wearing a DRESS, they would have not groped you.  With these people, they want you to stand up and sit down at the same time.  They do this purposely.  It reminds me of the Pavlov’s dog experiment.  At first, every time the dog did something they REWARDED  it.  THEN, after a while, every time the dog did the EXACT, SAME THING, they PUNISHED  it.  Then they rewarded it, then they punished it – all for doing the SAME THING..  They did this until the dog was so confused and frustrated  that he didn’t know what to do,  because NO MATTER WHAT THE DOG DID, IT WAS THE WRONG THING.  This is what they are trying to do to us, but ……… WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, so we are one step ahead of them.  If you know ahead of time that they are screwing with your mind, then you can take whatever actions you deem necessary to deal with them.  One more thing ….. If you take two dogs and put them behind a fence in a cage and then someone on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE WHERE THE DOGS CANNOT GET TO torments the dogs, eventually the two dogs will get SO FRUSTRATED, because they can’t get to the guy who is tormenting them, that they will TURN ON EACH OTHER.  This is what they are trying to get us to do.  They torment us, we can’t get to them, and then they hope that we will turn on each other.  WE MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS.  WE MUST NOT TURN ON EACH OTHER, BECAUSE EACH OTHER IS NOT THE PROBLEM.  The guy on the other side of the fence IS the problem.  Guess who that is ………….  It’s not hard to figure out.

  • Jeff Buske

    What does not get much attention is the heath risk?  This has turned into a huge radiation experiment on tens of millions unprecedented in medical history.

  • Jonathan Burrows

    “…instead they have a deceitful liar on payroll. ”

    You mean a journalist?

  • Kttchgamikwe

    I’m not really sure they want us to fly actually.  I think they want us to stay put so they know where we are at all times (almost).   It’s much easier to control people who don’t move around a lot.  This could be another purpose of the TSA – to get us SO MUCH NOT WANTING TO GO THROUGH THE HASSLE OF FLYING, that we will just not fly.  This would also be an excellent way to destroy more privately owned business, (the airlines), which seems to be part of their current mission statement.  Also, that way the “elite,” (as they presumptuously and arrogantly think of themselves),  can have the friendly skies all to themselves.  After all, only THEY deserve to fly.  We might be “allowed” to have roller skates one day if we work hard for them, don’t “consume too much,” and are good little slaves.  I can’t wait until Judgment Day when all things will be made TRULY JUST.  There is no real justice in America any more.  Attorneys are dishonest and courts are corrupt, but one day the REAL judge is coming back to administer REAL justice, and something tells me that they aren’t going to like it, because, it is written, “The oppressors shall become the oppressed.”

  • Wool-Free-Vision

    Yeah. Try and explain that to a liberal who feels infringed upon by your presence in some way. Or offended. Or maybe your hiring practices aren’t up to some union standard. Or more likely they EXCEED some union standard. CAN’T HAVE THAT. Or maybe they feel like you make too much money. Well, the government needs to step in and make sure there’s nothing you’ve EARNED that they can’t regulate – i.e. confiscate. Again, this ain’t me. This is how liberals think.

  • Ford289HiPo .

     susanmcnichol-Do you find it interesting that you have violated a person’s 4th Amendment rights? Probably not. You are a government paid lackey on a government payroll.

    It’s people like you that have turned this country into a nation of sheep, the same sheep that flew into the Twin Towers.

  • Ford289HiPo .

    Aaaaw- poor baby. Go suck up to Janet nappy-headed Napolitano. She’s on the same payroll as you.

  • Ford289HiPo .

    susanmcnichol- s k r e w you. You and yours haven’t done a thing to secure this nations borders. You and yours have turned this nation into a police state.

    How does it feel Judas? How many pieces of gold did you get for harassing Americans while letting the “protected classes” through?

  • Ford289HiPo .

    That’s easy- the United States of America. Oh, that’s right, we’r no longer a free country

  • CenTrak

     Thanks for sharing your experience.
    How awful little old ladies are felt up and detained, and miss their flight, and never want to fly again.
    It’s the little old lady not Gun Man we should be worried about !

    Yo, totalitarianism.

  • Ford289HiPo .

    TSA is nothing more than a jobs program for the chronically unemployed.

  • Dedicated_Dad


    Any warrantless search or seizure is unreasonable – and The Constitution says:

    “… no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized…”

    Tell me how the Testicle Squeezing A $$#0les fit into that?

  • Dedicated_Dad


    Yes – I would prefer nobody be screened. Walk all through an explosives-sniffer, then on the plane.

    I carry “deadly weapons” every time I fly (read: when I cannot posibly avoid flying) & they never get a second look. TSA monkeys miss most deliberate tests, missed a mag full of live ammo I accidentally took once despite the super-search I *ALWAYS*get due to too much metal where my bones used to be.

    These morons squeeze skin-graft scars! Mouth-breathing homo-simians, without fail!

  • MadeInNY

    Uh wasn’t the reason for the TSA in the first place because when we let the airlines run the screening process let through the terrorists who flew the planes into the towers and pentagon? So we unprivatised them because they failed miserably, why would it be any ether this time?

  • flatbroke1

    Its not unconstitutional to grab my junk and molest my children at the airport!! What constitution are you reading, Germanys?Is that you Hitler??

  • Dedicated_Dad

    G*d what a moron!

    The Constitution is only “living” in that it can be AMENDED.

    SO… Which amendment says “anybody who wants to fly must waive all other rights?”

  • Dedicated_Dad

    They only armed drug cartels to create an excuse to DISARM *US*¡

    Hey-at least they’re consistent!

  • Dedicated_Dad

    Iris scans?!

    We shouldn’t even have to show *ID*!!

  • Dedicated_Dad


    Fricking **HAY**!!!

  • LexTerrae

    My point was to show that the TSA technology and techniques are farcically bad.  The Keystone Kops come to mind – except what they do is not funny at all.

    The means of detecting and stopping threats should not be a 100% touchy-feely.  There are many passengers who never need to be screened at all – possibly most of them.  What good then does it do to screen them?  Profile the Hell out of passengers.  If absolute assurance of identity is needed, an iris scan takes no longer than blinking an eye.  Passengers could be wound down a concourse resembling the under-terminal baggage handling system with unknown eyes watching, unknown technology deployed, and people shuffled in one direction for boarding and another for closer examination.  If better technology were used (ie, iris scanners) and better background checking pre-flight, and better profiling (I’d screen every last minute ticket purchaser and I would let no one know how I determined ‘last minute’.

    The point is that the current crop of mindless political police could be replaced by a much more effective, more palatable, and more cost efficient system with the government taken out of it except as auditors of the effectiveness of the airlines’ efforts.  Let an airline have the responsibility and have it break down once and the airline would lose passenger load and go out of business.  That is a damned sight better incentive than hiring the marginally employable and putting them in a government union.

    I would guess that the system could be equally effective at a fraction of the cost with only a small percentage of passengers screened beyond walking through metal scanners and having carry-ons scanned.

    The current system can be beaten by anyone with a little time and attention to any particular airport due to the ineffectiveness of TSA.  What’s going to happen when there is an incident that they failed to catch?  Nothing!  The govt will throw more money and more marginally qualified people and risks will not have been reduced.


  • syntheny

    So can we now say: Those that can, do…Those that can’t, become TSA agents.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I suggest you take this matter up with Mr. Phil Mushnick himself.  He’s easy to find.  Just go to and go to the Sports section, and you’ll find him.  You can contact him either by blogging, or by sending him an email directly.

    Do you believe that the incident Mushnick described happened PRETTY much as he described it?  I sure do.  And in that case, I suggest you raise the issue with your own TSA people in Newark also.

    And you should be REASONABLE.  When and how was Mushnick going to report this matter?  He’s too busy trying to board a plane, and falling behind because of the long TSA lines. 

    Mushnick in fact HAS reported the matter by writing about it.  Given that he has a bully pulpit, I’m CERTAIN that TSA has gotten HIS message, loud and clear.

    I find nothing at all disgusting in the brother’s behavior.  The TSA(?) worker clearly invited someone, anyone, regardless of state of health, to hop on board.  All he did was take her up on the offer.  He had no clear idea how it was going to wind up.

    I boarded an airplane once and while standing on line, I received an invitation to move to the head of the line.  The person making the offer was a uniformed representative.  I had no clear idea what I was going to get, but it turned out to be a free upgrade to business class.

    Finally, you called Mushnick a “liar.”  But in what manner has he lied?  The ONLY evidence you offer is a POSSIBILITY that the uniformed worker with the wheelchair MIGHT not have been a TSA employee.

    I hardly call that evidence that Mushnick “lied.”  How is he supposed to know the difference between a “real” TSA agent and some other uniformed employee working for a private contract service?  And isn’t TSA supposed to monitor those private contractors anyway?

    Even if Mushnick’s wheelchair-pusher weren’t directly a TSA employee, TSA STILL has responsibility for her actions if TSA contracted her services.  So therefore, Mushnick is STILL on the money.

  • Brian Newton

    You certainly will go through the X-Ray (or millimeter wave) scanners.  Within a couple of years you will not be given the choice to opt out and receive a patdown.  

  • Brian Newton

    That’s a crap definition.  Fascism is not a governmental system, and in reality is difficult to define.  However, it is “better” defined as a corporate-government partnership, creating a conformity through consumerism and mass media, emphasizing an aggressive nationalism.  “Aggressive nationalism”…  hmmm.  Why does that make me think of football, nascar, “USA! USA!” chants, comment boards, right wing politics (left wing being “anti-american”, of course…where’s the middle ground?), etc…  ?  

  • Suzanne

    America has lost her dignity. When the constitution is regarded as the LAW …… instead of an old relic, perhaps there will be hope .

  • ReallyReally

    Wow!…you just know a story this big is going to be all over the news…


  • AnneCink

    But the real job of the tens of thousands of screeners at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to protect Americans from a terrorist attack THEIR OWN JOBS, NO MATTER WHAT!
    There, fixed it!

  • Altosackbuteer

    You said, “Your logic, that the government has a right to search us unless we can
    prove that the government is acting unreasonably, turns the 4th
    Amendment upside down.”

    Wrong wrong wrong.

    What you just stated is the essence of what the 4th Amendment is all about.  The 4th Amendment IN FACT STATES a right for the Government to search us, as long as it does so “reasonably.”

    I once successfully (pro-se) sued a cop for False Arrest.  Cops operate a doctrine of QUALIFIED Immunity.  That is to say, as long as they can show they are acting in a “REASONABLE” fashion, their arrests (naturally under the 4th Amendment) are LEGAL.

    I had to demonstrate why the cop’s actions did not meet the test of reasonability.

    I met that test.

  • Robert_Fl

    As I replied to a previous poster: The items used by the hijackers were perfectly legal at that time. Look for a different scapegoat.

  • D J M

    Yes they would. They’d soon infest train and bus stations, and there would be random highway checks. 

  • gustafus

    Will the buzz cuts stop looking for little girls to fondle?  NO –

    Will they stop forcing us through those cancer causing machines? NO -

    The only difference will be private – FOR PROFIT firms – beyond the reach of courts – as a part of their cozy contract with the corrupt governors who write the legislation!

    STOP killing Muslims…. get our troops out of 130 countries … and give Israel to her enemies.

    THAT will make Americans safer – from Muslims AND our protectors…

  • Right

    She Quit You Idiot. How is she part of the problem?

  • Right

    Why do I hear the Twilight Zone music as I read this guy’s posts?

  • crismahn

    Rep. John Mica or one of his family members probably sits on the board of the private company that is lobbying for TSA’s contract. Probably some subsidiary of BlackWater.

  • KruelHunter

    Why is it a felony to take advantage of our second amendment right to go armed Susan?  I’d rather board a plane furll of armed Americans than a plane full of bleating sheep, wouldn’t you?

  • KruelHunter

    I’d suggest that you find a ride with sone yachtsman on a private boat.  It’ll be a sort of adventure and when you arrive in Cali you can take a train to DFW or better yet rent a nice car and enjoy a ride through the scenic southwest.  When the TSA hands you lemons make lemonade.

  • KruelHunter

    In most cases one would expect to verify the weapons registration and the owners carry permit.  In the case of a loaded flare pistol in carryon – well, this guy was evidently expecting trouble and he should have gotten it.  You did well and I regret the shoddy treatment that you’ve received.

  • KruelHunter

    How courageous of you to attack an underling while the real villians of the piece pat themselves on the back at securing your re-election vote.  Jerk.

  • KruelHunter

    Not a perfect plan nor put politely but it does have merit.  Have you written you congressional representatives or do you confine your commentary to internet posting?

  • KruelHunter

    I like your idea but there is something to the fear that terrorist organizers will simply recruit non Arabs.  Have you seen the footage from the London demonstrations?  Lots of blue eyes and light hair, you know what I mean?

  • KruelHunter

    The same argument can be applied to the private plane and its connection to terrorism.  It’s never happened but the authorities invariably trot out the fear of attack by private plane every time there’s some chatter detected.  And I doubt that even more labyrinthian system of rules and exceptions is a viable answer.  That way lies even more incompatence.  Take a look at the income tax laws for a classic example of confusion through regulation.  Or how about the fact that energy companies are unable to determine the rules for their operations in the near future?

    Ever expanding regulation is NEVER a reasonable answer to simple problems.

  • seenbetterdaze

    I think the TSA as a whole demonstrates clearly the whole FED. Government’s ineptitude, and lack of supervision which leads to WASTE, FRAUD, and as in this case ABUSE of the very people they were hired to serve.  Typical misbehavior, lack of qualified people, and yes,  stupidity!  

  • KruelHunter

    “Would we agree that he was a home grown, 100% American terrorist?”  His skills were acquired in an al Q’ida ‘convention’ in south Asia according to some reports and his beef was thoroughly home grown.  He, and his accomplices, claimed that they were motivated by the Clinton administrations handling, perhaps mishandling is a better description, of the Ruby Ridge affair.

    McVeigh really taught them a lesson didn’t he?  I mean look at how much better they did in Texas where thay managed to kill far more Americans and even included some children.  At some point it’s hard to distinguish between law enforcement and terrorism.

  • KruelHunter

    And by some lights they would have accomplished their purpose.

  • justinwachin

    The American people want safety. It is always a good idea to re-evaluate government programs every few years to see if they are achieving their purpose and to determine what improvements can be made.

    The expenses listed demonstrate what is wrong with our government. Money is foolishly spent and criminals are put in positions of responsibility. Contracting out security might be a way to cut costs, improve actual security and send a message to bureaucrats that their jobs could be privatized.

  • KruelHunter

    The GOVERNMENT of the United States of America, which is no longer a free country thanks in large part to those who value “protection” over liberty and self reliance.

    Does anyone here remember flight 93 and its determined courageous passengers?

  • KruelHunter

    Obamas recession and 16% unemployment had nothing to do with it, right?

  • pete838

    The idea is not to simply exempt white people from security screening. Not only would that be foolish, it sends the wrong message. The idea is to focus the resources where we know they are needed, and I can say most assuredly that taking adult diapers off of 90 year old women and patting down infants is not only a waste of resources, it is absolutely abusive.
    Yes. McVeigh was a white male and he blew up a building 18 years ago with a truck-sized fertilizer and diesel fuel bomb. All modern terrorists that attempted or completed an attack via air travel were Middle-Eastern or African men, of Muslim faith, flying with foreign passports. 
    I’m in no way suggesting exempting an entire race or races from security screening; rather refocusing the resources where they obviously belong. Instead of real security we have ended up with a massive bureaucracy and a completely dystopian flying experience that is 100% counter to the ideals of liberty.

  • Tom Gray

    My God, a voice of reason midst a sea of PC silliness. 

    Any one can tell at least half of TSA’s workforce are rehab retreads at best.  Just take a trip over seas and compare the attitudes and treatments you get with other countries to the annoyed welcome home you get at LAX.

  • susanmcnichol

    I think Ford289 is the guy who tried to board the plane with the flare gun.  

  • KruelHunter

    I’m curious about how you arrived at the right wing part.  Do you truly believe it or are you simply hurt and striking out?

    Face it.  Flite has a point in that far too many people look to the federal government to solve problems that it does not even fully comprehend.  The Israelis don’t have this problem because they don’t do pat downs.  In fact their agents simply watch and wait for the most part and when they do act they are invariably right.  Hardly a good defense for our own muddled response to a threat far less immediate the that in the middle east.  Or for our governments flat refusal to apply the same principals as the Israelis.

  • KruelHunter

    The quote is accurate.  The humiliation of our fellow citizens is merely a bonus enjoyed by people in dead end jobs who are the butt of abuse by outraged citizens who see no good reason for their treatment..

  • Guest

    do you think michelle ma belle is ever groped by a tsa agent during one of her frequent tax-payer-funded vacations? I am being facetious, of course.  

  • Guest

    hey look! It’s the new male eunuch mark steyn and harvey mansfield have been writing about!!! I bet the feminazis love guys like you: weak, ineffectual, slavishly devoted to anti-male causes, and a complete, malleable, gutless pussy. 

    Don’t forget to pay for her drinks, pal.

  • KruelHunter

    What a nebulous idea.  Can you name three federal programs that have been re-evaluated and either modified or eliminated over the past say two decades?

    Neither can I and the general trend is to establish ever more regulation with accompanying bureaucracies rather than the other way round.  None of which is going to change without major changes to our federal government itself.

    So long as leftist politicians have the support of goonions and crony capitalists and the ABA we will continue into the european morass of high taxation and low expectation with economic collapse following the cultural collapse that is already fully inder way.

    Facism has arrived in America and it’s wearing Nikes and a smiley face tee shirt.

  • KruelHunter

    Aren’t you going to mention Cheney?  After all, I’ve heard that liberals have scientifically determined that he is personally reaponsible for everything that W didn’t screw up on his own.

  • FinbarOS

    How about we give YOU to the Muslims, a$$hole. Or do they already have you?

  • James Foy

    Time to think about the entire concept of governance.
    The TSA is engaged in a procedure called “grooming”, and they are accomplishing two things: They are training some to be servile to government forces, and they are agitating and inciting those that still have some idea of what it is to be free.
    Yes, more government workers means more people voting for more government. This is affecting both sides of the political aisle, and that’s what was intended by the financial crisis. People with scruples originally went to the TSA because they believed they would be helping–at least at the low levels. The management’s desire to condition the populace was not evident to the initial patriotic crew.
    Also attracted to these positions of power were the unscrupulous. Just as pedophiles are attracted to places of power over children, people lacking scruples go where they can most easily exercise their perverted desires. Any time you deal with a person in a position of power, keep in mind they might have ulterior motives for taking the position. At this point, the TSA is full of the unscrupulous and those who would sink to the levels of action they are engaged in.
    Government posts, in general, attract those who wish to exercise power over others. Most are not “public servants” but rather people who want the public to serve them. Government may be necessary, but it merely a necessary evil, so we should always be working to contain the evil to manageable levels.
    These days the government has taken to keeping the citizens to a manageable level. I keep seeing well-meaning voters on both sides cheerleading candidates about who should rule over us.
    I tell you, we should rule over ourselves, and take personal responsibility for the whole of our lives.

  • KruelHunter

    And another empty headed, I mean open minded, citizen is heard from.  Should we have simply taken our due licks when the towers came down, aka, chidkens came home to roost?  Should we be taking Islamic terrorists to criminal courts for simply punishing us for our imperialist sins?

  • david7134

    You don’t get it at all (and by the way, I am not a troll-whatever that is). I remember when we used to have real rights. You could go anywhere and do anything and the government did not interfere with your every move. What would have happen if the guy got on the plane with a gun? Absolutely nothing, in fact, the situation would likely have been safer. Everyone should be allowed a gun, except our enemies, who are easily identified as Muslims. As to a loaded flare gun, I seriously doubt that. If you have ever used one, you would know that it is somewhat difficult to even keep the charge in. That appropriate handling would have been to make sure the flare was away from the gun and let the man go one. In fact, the appropriate means would be to do what we did in the 50′s which was to know nothing would happen and let him alone completely. It is amazing how we got things done in the past without so much “help” from the government. So when you wonder what is wrong with the US, look in the mirror, especially the people that approve of your actions, you are killing this country.

  • JimboAtlanta

    Gustofus is farther out than the far left. An obvious Muslim devotee who promotes their of hating Jews. His comments have little to do with TSA and everything to do with hate. Far, far left hate.

  • david7134

    In the US, you used to have the ability to go somewhere without the government looking into every thing you owned and investigating your every move. We want that government back. We are sick of what we have now. If you don’t like it, move. The change is coming.

  • KruelHunter

    Ostensibly yes but the actual reasons for the TSA is that it creates a new group of government dependents, and therefore democrat voters, and to drew attention away from the fact that our intelligence services had been gelded by an overweening leftist majority in both houses of congress.

    Yes, I know that there were republicans voting for the TSA and HSA but that only shows that both parties were under the control of members of the progressive caucus.  You remember the progressives don’t you? 

    They used to call themselves liberals and before that socialists and before that communists.  Their position is that no one but they are capable of directing our lives and they bitterly resent the fact that so many of us refuse to agree with them.

  • KruelHunter

    I’m old enough to remember the talk in England of requiring serial numbers on broom handles when they were used in connection with a robbery.

    Our current airport security system is at least as silly.

  • Wyrdless

    So you like the TSA and think it should be in place as is?

  • david7134

    Wrong. It first dawn on me, 20 years ago, when I was re-entering the US from Europe, that I really did not live in a free country. As I went through customs in Europe and Turkey and Greece and other exotic places, I was able to do so without a wisper of a problem. Now coming to the US. Everyone has to fill out a form so our crap government can get a piece of any tax that is possible. Then you have to be throughly checked for drugs, why? Why does it bother our government so much that someone might have drugs. I don’t do drugs and don’t desire to. But I think, as a doctor, that we restrict this far too much. In fact, it restrictions on drugs should be eliminated completely. But as a customs guy, you are sitting there as the man. In Europe, they could care. So no, you are just as bad, if not worse than the TSA.

  • George Johnson

     Only a true moron would believe that.
    And what’s wrong with “FOR PROFIT” companies out there??  You sound like you have a problem with private companies making money.  You sound like an idiot that really believes in “big government”.  You sound like a moron that LOVES obama the lawless.  And lets not forget what that class warfare idiot peloski said about this “you don’t professionalize, until you federalize”

  • joedoakes202

    You did a good job.

    You should be proud of every action you took.  I don’t fly much  But if I knew you were in charge of security on my flight I’d fly it without one worry.

  • joedoakes202

    January 10, 2010

    To the editor;

    Recently the United States suffered yet another attempted act of war from a terrorist acting on the misguided notion of jihad.  This particular fellow evaded airport security, then while seated on the aircraft attempted to detonate a bomb in addition to the fuel tank positioned below him.  The jihadist’s failure was a result of a lack of preparation; neither his will nor our efforts to keep him off the plane did anything to ameliorate his plans.  This jihadist, like many who have attacked this nation in the past, are men educated in mind and not in morals, and as such are a menace to civil society, and must be stopped at any cost.  After 30 years of the free world trying to stop various forms of jihad we are no closer to stopping the next attack because the ideology that creates the next radical Islamic terrorist still exists; so long as it exists we will neither have peace nor security – nothing short of a regional war that redraws the boundaries of countries in the middle east will bring us the opportunity of lasting peace.  Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan did not alter their evil plans upon the sight of a TSA agent.  That said; a small suggestion.

    Credit card companies monitor spending behavior to detect fraud.  They do this by setting limits based on historic spending patterns, and computers monitor daily transactions to detect purchases that may be fraudulent.  For instance, if I make a few small purchases in one geographic area and then drive many miles away and make much larger purchases the credit card company will deny the charge, and request that the merchant verify my identity.  Why is it that a credit card company is motivated enough to monitor, successfully detect, and challenge potentially malfeasant behavior?  Further, why is it that the Transportation Safety Administration is unable to detect a known explosive attached to the genitalia of a known threat, and is unable to stop future malfeasant behavior?  In a word – profit.  The credit card company is trying to maintain profits by limiting its losses by devising ingenious ways of detecting fraud to protect that profit, the TSA does not operate for the purpose of profit.

    The Transportation Safety Administration has a completely different standard to meet and it must do so by engaging in willful blindness to threats in order to accomplish its mission without raising the ire of the ACLU.  Thus, precious security detection resources that could be directed to more plausible threats must be redirected to less likely threats in order to satisfy the politically correct among us.  For the same reason my local police department does not set up sobriety check points near our local churches or temples the TSA ought to spend more time looking for the telltale signs of jihad from likely sources.   This recent attempt was a no brainer, our security apparatus had everything but a red alert warning from the starship Enterprise before this fellow made it to the airport gate even sans passport; if we can’t stop this guy we can’t stop anyone.

    If an airline operated a system akin to my credit card companies in the atmosphere of airport security what would that look like?  Might a pre-flight approval system consist of various credentials already in a citizens possession; a system for non-citizens would perform the same function of verification with cross referenced forms of identification, the elimination of the option of using cash to purchase a ticket, and the elimination of purchasing a ticket without being pre-qualified to do so in the first place.  In addition, the airline would be responsible for all security; remember the $50 Billion per year TSA could not stop this jihadist, and frankly in a world where people willingly swallow prophylactics filled with narcotics to breech our drug laws, the TSA will not stop the next one; an airline that is one hundred percent responsible for the occupants and operation of the aircraft can and will.  They will have the ability to reject people who do not meet their flight criteria identity policy in a way that the TSA is forbidden from by organizations like the ACLU.  The profit driven airline can drive the innovation that will be required to detect individuals whose behavior is suspicious even before a ticket is purchased by combing all the data points that separate out frequent travelers from those that have never flown, or are traveling in a manner not consistent with past patterns, and thus require more scrutiny at security checkpoints prior to boarding the plane.  In fact much like credit cards issue a FICO score in some future world they may have a central organization for all airlines that compiles this information and issues an “Approved Travel Score.”

    In closing, it is almost treasonous that after so many kicks to our collective complacency we are still only fighting the last battle, and not the next one.  Securing an aircraft is best left up to the airline and the crew of the airplane, and not the federal government.  The private airline possesses the incentive to maintain the safety of the airplane that the TSA and the rest of the security apparatus lacks.  The federal government lacks the economic incentive to do a quality job, but the private airline is nimble and can evolve the policies and procedures the government is not permitted or politically unable to do.  The current setup seems to serve only one purpose – to avoid responsibility for anything at all, in that atmosphere you can bet we are going to lose much more then an airliner in the future.  The radical Islamic threat from 1979 to 2010 has grown stronger, and developed a greater reach into the west then our side has developed a defense or plan to defeat; we are fooling ourselves if we think a watch list, that no one even bothers to check, is anything more than a placebo for the cancerous philosophy of radical Islam.

  • IamJustanAmerican

    I am just thankful that the “shoe bomber” did not try to hide his makeshift bomb up his rear end.

  • SuperNiceGuy

    By that “logic”, we should do the same to Christians since they coddle anti-abortion extremists.

  • SuperNiceGuy

    Internet Tough Guy, so scary.

  • Vazir_Mukhtar

    Straw vote questions — #1 How many of you believe that terrorists would attempt to blow up airplanes if there were no TSA screening?

    #2 How many of you believe that men are more likely than women to be suicide bombers intent on blowing up airplanes?

    #3 How many of you believe that New York and Washington, DC, are more likely targets for blowing up airplanes than any other cities in the US?

    Of course, since those of you (if any) who choose to answer these questions are self-selected, this poll has no scientific validity. I ask out of curiosity.

    Thanks in advance to those who choose to answer.

  • ALumen

    Now Mica says it was wrong? What a joke, just like his bad rug. Mica another big government RINO jumping on the small government Tea Party bandwagon.

  • michaelnc

    Privatization? Du you recall that on 9/11 all the security checks at the 3 airports were in the hands of private Israeli owned companies? They did not prevent the 19 terrorists to board with box-cutters. What we need at the TSA is strict supervision.

  • Leslie

    TSA ( Thousands Standing Around)

  • titan55085

    Wow, you are such a bigot.

    Muslims in general are not our enemy. To classify them all as our enemy is ignorant and offensive. It is a small percentage of the Muslim world that is aggressive, and they are not aggressive just towards the U.S. There is so much more to understanding who the terrorists actual are than I care to explain to you as you probably won’t even care and continue on your racist ways. George W. Bush, Jr, the man that sent us into Afghansitan and Iraq said straight up: ‘Muslims are not our enemy’. He said this immediately after 9/11 and a lot of speeches following.

    On Topic:
    The TSA is one of the worst programs funded by the federal government. If I didn’t already know that if I stood up to them in the airport I’d end up in jail with lawsuits against me, I would. Heck, a lot of Senators/Reps know this but their voice isn’t strong enough. There are so many things the American public could fix if we jsut collectively found our back-bone and said “Enough is Enough” and kick the corrupt bastards out. The TSA has been one of the organizations that has stripped the feeling of power from the public. It’s going to take a lot or one very strong/influential voice to get it back.

  • Kttchgamikwe

    They already are, as well as stopping people on the highways and literally confiscating, (i.e.stealing) their cash, and then letting them go.   Since the PEOPLE have not committed any crime, but the police just wanted their money, rather than arresting the PERSON, they ARREST THE MONEY ITSELF.  It’s called “In rem,” meaning the “THING.”  There are traces of narcotics on about 95% of cash in the US, so, they can always accuse you of “selling drugs” if you have what they deem “too much cash” on you, because there are almost ALWAYS traces of narcotics on bills, unless the bills are brand new, and they just take your cash. It’s part of the new way to “pay off” the US debt.   This is also done with firearms, especially in California.  If you are in the forrest and get stopped for any reason at all, legitimate or not,  by a forest ranger, you will be EXTREMELY lucky if they don’t confiscate your firearm, (for no particular reason, other than “Nancy” doesn’t want you to have one).  Welcome to Obama’s fundamental change of America!  

  • Suzanne

    TSA….Tyranny Strikes Again… Ron Paul 2012…. for LIBERTY

  • Washington76

    EPIC FOIA – Feds and TSA save and transmitt Body Scan images 08.05.2010

  • GPJB

    This past month while in Spain I tried to send via FedEx or UPS a decorative sword I bought in Toledo,Spain–a copy of Russell Crowe’s Gladiator.  The Mailboxes store rep. told me these companies would not accept it as it is considered a weapon.  They would not accept any shampoos or colognes in the shipping box, either.  Unbelievable. Paranoid. 

  • bong

    unless you were or looked jap… then they locked you up.

  • nuckollsr

    The creation of TSA for air travel was a totally unnecessary action. For decades, we were all told that if somebody misbehaves on an airplane, just do what they ask and all will be right with the universe. What’s more, you’ll have a real-life adventure story to tell your grandchildren. 9-11 burst that bubble and the American flying public suddenly became the largest transportation defense force overnight. Anyone who misbehaves on an airplane today is dead meat. Adding secure cockpit doors was a practical and low cost prophylactic against a repeat of 9/11.

    That doesn’t mean air travel isn’t subject to some risks . . . but probably not from within the passenger cabin. I understand that thousands of shoulder fired ground to air weapons have disappeared from the Libyan arsenals. Liberated by who? Why the very folks who like to blow up airplanes to make a point. So while TSA is grouping little old ladies and children at the gate, some of the world’s most despicable humans could be sitting a few miles off the departure end of an active runway waiting for the next target of opportunity.

    TSA is not so much an example of stupid violation of liberties as it is a symptom of government run amok. This has to include DEA, EPA, DOE, IRS, and other alphabet soup organizations that add no value to the lives of the honorable, productive citizen yet they exact a terrible taxation of liberty and productivity.

  • mudhead

    I did a rough calculation a few years ago, based on the fact that the TSA had/and still has never caught a terrorist.  The terrorist plots that have only ever been stopped were by good old gumshoe detective work, as mentioned in early comments and the article. 

    At the time there were something like 800,000 names on the TSA suspect list  (or whatever it was called), and there were only technically something like 5000-6000 humans world-wide that were suspected terrorists of international transit concern.  Remember that?  You could go to the TSA unprotected, completely unsecured website and enter your name and all your personal information to see if you were on the list. Personal stuff including your SSN, etc that you wouldn’t give to your paperboy.

    Well, What I came up with was, since the TSA was failing at every step of the way and many a journalist were getting all kinds of  contraband through the gates (as they still occasionally do), we could scrape the whole program way back when and, for that budget (about half of what it is now), we could hire 400,000 gumshoes to chase down the terrorists trying to get into our borders, with what was already a proven record of success (100% vs TSA at 0%).

    On the side, when I brought to the TSA’s attention the fact their site was unsecured and anybody could get record of people inquiring, they said it was fixed a few days later.  I suspected somebody’s kid nephew got hired to create the site.  Two things happened.  1.) it ended up being basically that.  Some kid who worked as a crappy website creator for a govt contractor got hired by a relative to create the TSA site mentioned.  2.) when notified the site was fixed, I went to it and IT WAS STILL TOTALLY UNSECURED!!

    I gave up.  $4.7B and run by teenagers and clueless idiots.
    I tried to do my patriotic part, but got nowhere.

    And now you can get a free feel up and a nudie scan, all by the highly screened $14/hr professionals. Just for fun. Whenever you fly, cross a border, or even remain in our own borders just going to various civil events. We’ve come a long way… for east germany, maybe.

  • 2LiveFree

    Abuse is definitely part of their plan rather than an unintended consequence.  After the rape-you-scanners were bought and the criminal who engaged in this scam went to work for the company from which he had just ordered them, the policy was clearly laid out: intimidate, humiliate and rough up anyone who “opts out” of the radiation rape-you-scan naked photo machines.  YouTube has hundreds of videos which prove my point.  The intent, as others have stated, is clearly to cow us into accepting being gawked at  and photographed in our nakedness, which is humiliating and degrading as well as unhealthy because of the radiation.  Those who “opt out” are treated even worse, quite on purpose, to discourage others from choosing the same fate. 

  • 2LiveFree

    While we’re naming people, don’t forget Carol Ann Gotbaum, a 45-year-old American caucasian mother of two, who was murdered by TSA while in their custody with her hands handcuffed behind her back.  The reason she needed to be immediately murdered, prairie-justice-style? She yelled “I am not a terrorist!” when the airline refused to let her on the airplane because she was visibly upset (over fears of missing her flight).  We will ALL be MUCH safer if the TSA is simply disbanded entirely, or as Rep. Mica said, reduce TSA to maybe 5000 people and refocus them on actual security work rather than Fourth-Amendment-Destroying criminals.

  • 2LiveFree

     I stopped flying after the first molestation.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  No one in my family will fly or has flown since the “enhanced pat-downs” started after I told them what was included in the “enhancement”.  I am a member of four frequent-flyer programs, and some of my miles will soon expire I am being told because I haven’t flown.  Well, get a CLUE airlines, self-respecting people WILL NOT allow their persons and possessions to be violated at the whims of strangers in uniforms.  My family’s boycott of the airlines accounts for a small proportion of total air miles flown, but it is not insignificant.  I hope more people will live out the courage of their convictions as my family has done.  I REFUSE to explain to my children that it is OK for this stranger to touch mama in her most personal places, and that my children should also allow sexual groping because “it’s for our own good”.  NOT happening!

  • 2LiveFree

    I and many others have stopped flying. It’s YOUR career being ruined; what have YOU done to pressure your Congress-criminals to call off their TSA dogs?  If you’re not writing letters and making telephone calls weekly, you have only yourself to blame for the decline in passenger miles flown due to boycotts. Driving takes many more hours, and even days, to travel, but no one’s sticking their fingers up my peepee, twisting my breasts or molesting my children, and that’s what really matters.  We’ll forfeit our frequent flyer miles and take much longer trips (and therefore fewer) in order to avoid the psychological scarring being inflicted upon innocents by taxpayer-paid government goons.

  • Dedicated_Dad

    There were no rules against it – nor SHOULD there be!

    I flew out if Dulles on 9/10 with a nice-sized pocket-knife, as ALWAYS before, & had I been on board their box-cutters would have been toast!

    The problem with disarming “everyone” is that only the BAD GUYS will sneak stuff through, then they’re the only ones with weapons.

    If it were up to me I’d ONLY screen with an explosives-sniffer & let ALL else – INCLUDING handguns – go unchecked!

    Almost guaranteed there would be a good-guy-with-gun, which is the ONLY thing that’s EVER stopped “bad-guy-with-gun”…

    REMEMBER: TSA hasn’t stopped ONE SINGLE BAD-GUY. !EVER! The PASSENGERS have, every time! – in spite of being totally disarmed!

  • Dedicated_Dad

    If there was involvement, I MIGHT support iris-scans by airlines, assuming thoroughly privacy protections.

    I REALLY don’t like tracking peoples travel-habits, I’d rather take my chances with the terrorist!

  • Dedicated_Dad

    Nope – all the REALLY stacked gals get “randomly” selected for the nekkid-pitcher muh-sheen!

  • Donald Gooden

    Knowing your rights is always the first step in protecting them…


  • LexTerrae

    I couldn’t agree more about the government. I would not want them to track travel habits (although it is imminently possible by attaching to airlines computers) nor would I want the government to use iris scans except maybe for illegal immigrants and felons. 

    My post was predicated on the transfer of responsibility for security to the private sector – more specifically the airlines themselves.  Iris scans were mentioned not because I propose a nationwide database of all travelers but because they are quickly done and unobtrusive . . .  the point being that the current intrusions on the liberty and freedom of air travelers is untenable and FAR FAR exceeds any credible threat.  Even the  CDIC (chief dyke in charge) spoke yesterday about moving the TSA to threat-based screening.

    Perhaps . . . maybe . . . could be that the loud outcry from the public is having some effect – however minimal.

    I propose rolling boycotts of whole days when people refuse to fly at any price.  Let the airlines fly near empty planes or have them sit idle on the ground.  The industry could not withstand 3 such days.  They would then join the public outcry.  Maybe then the TSA could be curbed. 

    The only REAL answer though is to dismantle TSA entirely and make the airlines themselves take responsibility for security.  The true costs of travel would then be borne by those who avail themselves of the services and not every taxpayer in the country.  This is not a national security problem and does not require government level involvement.

  • LexTerrae

    It is wrong to say that the proposal to make security the responsibility of the airlines will save $9 billion.  The airlines would have to spend money to perform the function, but they would do so driven from the motive to make a profit which would lower the costs substantially.  But, even more meaningfully, transferring responsibility to airlines would place the costs of security on those who benefit from protective services instead of placing it on the backs of taxpayers.  It would make a great deal of sense, too, to take state and local governments out of the business of using tax dollars to support airports, too.  The airlines should have that responsibility.

  • LexTerrae

    You take the wrong lesson from the experiment, I think, J. B. Rainsberger.

    The situation of “us vs. them” was created by the government, not by those who oppose an oppressive government practice.  The TSA abuses – documented in their thousands – are examples of those in charge abusing their authority and the traveling public becoming either ovine or extremely distressed.  At the very best, the TSA practices are barely tolerable and have no place in a society that celebrates individual liberty and personal freedom as its cornerstones.

    Get your priorities and perspective in order, please.

  • LexTerrae

    You are gagging at a gnat and swallowing a camel because you are accepting that the TSA practices are legitimate.  They are not!  They are a politician’s over-reaction to a miniscule threat . . .  kinda like Chicken Little crying that the ‘sky is falling.’

    Yes!  There is a security issue with airline travel.  No!  The TSA is nowhere near the most reasonable solution, but it is a political convenience and an extension of bureaucratic power – the very worst kind as the Stanford Prison experiment cited elsewhere so clearly evidences.

    Dismantle the agency!  Make the airlines assume the mantle and take the bureaucrats out of it.

  • stk33

    “Instead, the agency should (…) carry out his original intent, which was to monitor terrorist threats and collect intelligence.”

    Excuse me, isn’t this the mission of CIA and FBI?


    it looks like it certainly is… so maybe with TSA, we no longer need CIA and FBI? or is it the other way around? once thing for certain, we definitely don’t need all 3.

    Especially with zero genuine terrorist acts in the decade.

  • Todd Kiergen

    Amen – shut them down, get them ouit of the airports, out of the bus stations… and if it isn’t too much to ask… Can we get homeland insecurity to quit blocking our roads here in Florida USA where we are supposed to have the right to travel freely and unmolested?

  • david mowers

    I don’t fly air lines, I never use their services and don’t care about passengers problems. I care about my tax money penalizing me because someone wants to get somewhere faster than they can by car or train. I should pay taxes so air lines can indemnify themselves from civil lawsuits filed by dead passengers family members?


  • david mowers

    Oh come on! Lets’ be fair about this OK? Those Israeli companies that provided security for the air lines could never have stopped Arab terrorists from boarding when they obviously
    presented their State-issued drivers’ licenses with phony names obtained
    with real social security numbers and passports issued by an “Al Qadea”
    Arabic for “DATABASE”  under control by the Department of Defense through a program started in the 80′s designed to train Muslim Afghanis Freedom Fighters at the Fort Benning Georgia, School of the Americas!

    You know the “school” where the U.S. Army trains foreign nationals in guerrilla warfare tactics?

    No way those Jews had any idea they were assisting U.S. intelligence
    operatives in performing their duties on that terrorist op! That dear
    people would be a total intelligence failure if they actually caught the
    guys and we all know there is no possible way to infiltrate the C.I.A.
    or D.O.D.

  • david mowers

    Please (if you read this) write your Representatives and let them know what happened to you.

  • Darren

    I’m a frequent flyer.  Your argument makes absolutely no sense at all.  You do realize that you aren’t spending a dime of tax money to finance TSA?  Every time I fly I pay a $10 TSA fee aka “September 11th Fee”.  Multiply that $10 times the 800 million who fly each year and you get $8 billion in income just from TSA fees. 

    And the $8 billion in fees is not the only way they get income.
    So while I agree with the sentiment to get rid of TSA, the fact is that it is not “subsizdized” by you or any other taxpayer.  The fact is, people like me who fly a lot are paying the bill, not you.

  • Darren

    Wow, all of a sudden TSA’s Obama’s fault.  I seem to remember it differently…

  • Darren

    Hell no, dipshit.  One asshole gets out hand and accidentally discharges his firearm and 200 people are dead from explosive decompression.  Get a fucking clue.  Handguns and pressurized airplanes do not mix.  You’re probably the guy I see at the gas station smoking while filling his giant SUV.

  • Darren

    Wow.  You’re a real piece of work.  You sound qualified to work for the TSA.

  • mitchie124

    Hey, Darren.  We’ve had “weak link” presidents since Bush 41.  Don’t assume I’m a political party robot.  It’s about the destruction of individual rights and the presidential globalization agenda that both parties are responsible for.

  • Simon Jester

    Sorry Darren, you’re the idiot. Explosive decompression is a myth. Doesn’t happen. You watch too many movies.

  • p1l0t

    Not to mention violating our 4th amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure!

  • michaelnc

    David Mowers:
    Thanks for your opinion.
    My message targets the obligation of our government to be in charge of our airlines related security. No outsourcing to Israelis, Chinese or whomsoever. All TSA needs is more discipline and supervision.

    Let us reverse the 9/11 picture. There would have been no way for 19 Arabs with 19 box-cutters in their bags to get through security at TLV Ben Gurion Airport and board EL AL flights. I know so as I traveled to the Middle East about 30 times.

    Prior to 9/11 the actual boarding area could be accessed by anybody as long as they passed the security concerned about metal detection only. You could board by showing your boarding pass only. The actual check-in paperwork was handled before at the airline counter.

    As to your last paragraph, I would just suggest that you do some more research.
    Have a pleasant day.


  • Nicolas Martin

    He’s a tiny bit late, but Ron Paul got it right at the time.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    David:  What language is this?  It looks like English, only stupider.

  • Anarch Duke

    Hmm, you do realize she didn’t violate his 4th amendment rights.  you really need to study what protections the 4th amendment actually provide before mouthing off.

    And isn’t people like her that turned this into a nation of sheep.  It is people like you and I and her and anyone else that voted.  A bunch of terrorists blew up the World Trade Center and when the Patriot Act was proposed an overwhelming majority of Americans supported it.  When the Department of Homeland Security was created, its creation was supported by an overwhelming number of Americans.

    Its not HER fault.  Its yours.  Its mine.  Its everybody’s, in fact.  If you didn’t actively oppose the creation of the TSA, then shut the fuck up.

  • Anarch Duke

    Screw worrying about the Muslims, you have to worry about white people.  Wasn’t Timothy McVeigh, the guy that blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, a white guy?  So really its the white people that need to be singled out alongside the Muslims.  Any other nonwhites should just be allowed to board.

  • Ande

     So if we know it is humiliating, why do millions of people subject themselves to this humiliation?  The truth is the government knows we, Americans, are a bunch of weaklings.  Sure, they make us swallow the bit about the proud and the home of the brave, and it makes us feel good to think of ourselves as such.  Well, if we are so brave why don’t we put a stop to this BS?  How  hard would it be for a brave man to say, the hell with flying and the hell with  my employer if he insists on me flying?  One or two days of this and the entire TSA would be toast.  But I will tell you why this doesn’t happen–the proud and the brave are a bunch of wimps who like to complain and do nothing.

  • Gary G

    I agree that the TSA needs to be dismantled & discarded but I absolutely DO NOT want it “privatized” by a corporate security company. Do you really think that turning that job over to a Blackwater-type company would improve anything? Good god, those Nazi thugs would be worse by a factor of 10.

    Let the individual airlines staff those positions.

  • terry1956

    It should be taking away from the federal government but weither or not to privitize should be up to the state, county, local government and the airport owner which is often the  county or local government anyway.       
      Now of course the federal government still has a duty on flights coming from foreign countries to protect each and every state from invasion, as well as custom action on imported goods such as inspection and charging the correct custom duty on imported goods, services, vistors and non citizen immigrants that congress is suppose to pay more attention to and pass.                                                                                    
     The federal government  as part of its custom inspection duties to inspect people and goods leaving the country if they have a good idea that vital secrets to our country or industry is leaving with the person or goods.   
      The Red Army and The Communist Party of Red China is likely to have hundreds of plants in US R&D projects around the country, some as students, some as employees, some as University professors.          
      Russia also has their plants.                                   
      So does Iran, Sadui Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Pakastin, Cuba, Venusula, North Korea, Vietnam, Mexcio, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and even likely Isreal,s Mossad has their plants being used to spy on the US.                   
      The EU nations and Japan probably has their plants, lobbyist and spys as well.              
      Some of the lobbyist and plants use to be members of congress, or they are now a spouse of a current member, a son, daughter or other close relative of a current member of congress or former member of congress or high level former aid, former high level bureucrat or former appointee or relative of current or former bureucrat or appontee.                                                                                       
     Plus  at least  three of our former presidents are likely to be foreign government lobbyist  the peanut farmer, NWO  Daddy Bush sr. and Slick Willy but I doubt if TSA grabs their private parts when they leave the country.

  • Gregory Peck

    Idiots! I get so tired of stating the case for TSA. Anyone who thinks that a “private company” is going to to better than a sworn in officer is an idiot. I just don’t want to go through this again. I have found that people who want to do away with TSA are people who have an agenda (running for office, writing a book, sponsoring a group, etc…) or people who are ill informed (conspiracy, big brother, freedom fighters, etc…). Truth is  how many planes have been hijacked? How many human missle machines? How many explosions on planes? – since TSA? Yes they are used as PART of a security presence. So are the police, should we do away with them as well? The police are sworn in too. I laugh at the people who think they make sense about getting rid of TSA. I am tired of stating a solid case and getting the same thing in return… Pay attention to the words you read people. Grope is an opinion! ha this whole article has Mica giving his opinion. Using words like “hijacked” to sell his side to the reader????  Read the article again and do away with descriptive words and it is a completely different article. How many stories do you hear about TSA denying a bag based on possible trace chemicals? Or people denied boarding or removed from a plane because they are on a “no-fly” list? How many times do do see on the news where TSA and local police secure a bag that NOONE claims and has suspicious materials inside? I can go on and on. You don’t hear these things and yet they happen on a daily basis. It is not newsworthy. Let’s face it WE LIKE DRAMA! TSA is one of the most under appreciated jobs out there. If they slip and a plane blows up, they are to blame. If they adjust their screening to new threats (like the underwear bomber), they are to blame. If they take away your precious shampoo (that you forgot to take out), they are to blame. I work for an airline and I see the many positives of TSA. the casual passenger will not see and most refuse to understand what they are actually there for. Mr Mica is right, they are reactive. If they were proactive, it would take you a lot longer to get through security. Eh what’s the point? I am not going to change your mind. Enjoy your drama.

  • Oscar_DeGrouch

    SHAME on Congressman Mica.  This is precisely the exact same excuse all Republicans use when they cave and capitulate on expanding government, then have to backtrack when the program and expansion exacerbates the problem it was created to solve.

    This site is an unapologetic shill for Newt Gingrich, and that’s fine, but when these things happen, we should look to the only Congressman who has been 100% consistent in his philosophy of liberty and conservatism – Dr. Ron Paul.

    If you don’t support Ron Paul for president, you deserve the America you will get.  You deserve the Gingriches, Micas, Pelosis, and all the other insiders.

    Thanks, Rep. Mica, for speaking out.  What guts.  You could have taken the high road to begin with, but now we’re stuck with your mess.

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  • Barry Stallings

    If by privatizing the TSA, Mica meant that the government would no longer fund airport security, that would be one thing. What Mica really wants to do is not even close to capitalism. Mica is espousing is not capitalism, but crony capitalism. It may even be Marxism.

  • Robert Beal

    Want to get rid of TSA? Stop flying watch how fast they disappear from our airports.
    American’s need to stand up and stop the nonsense; they have not caught one terrorist since they started. But have caused the deaths of distraught persons; like the woman they handcuffed to a bench in a utility closet in Arizona. All good at traumatizing young children. Again wake up America boycott the airlines and you’ll see faster changes than our government is going to provide.

  • bilejones

    We need to get rid of the barking mad politicians who create these totalitarian monstrosities.

  • flagirl336

    That would be Mr. John Mica himself.