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College Threatens to Nix 9/11 Tribute As Too American

If you thought that something as innocuous as putting up 3,000 American flags on school grounds to pay tribute to those murdered on September 11 couldn’t be controversial, you haven’t been to Marietta College. 
Administrators at this liberal arts college in southeast Ohio are threatening to cancel a 9/11 memorial planned by their students if flags from other countries are not observed in the activities as well
“I was taken aback by this decision,” said Sarah Snow, an Alabama native and junior at Marietta.  “Our school should help students put on events, not set up obstacles, especially when we’re trying to honor those fallen.”
It all started when Snow, the president of the Marietta College Republicans, approached her Student Life department to get approval to participate in the 9/11 Never Forget Project.  In addition to organizing a candlelight vigil, Snow sought to plant 3,000 American flags around campus starting this Sunday morning.  She received approval from the Office of Student Life on June 23, more than two months ago.  But when she returned to campus for the fall semester, days before the memorial was to begin, the vice president of Student Life, Robert Pastoor, vowed to terminate the tribute unless foreign flags were mixed together with American ones. 
“He [Robert Pastoor] insisted we add the international flags for the reason that it was a ‘global perspective’ school,” Snow told HUMAN EVENTS in explaining Pastoor’s basis for interfering with the College Republicans’ memorial.  He continued, she noted, by saying, “Other nationalities were killed in the twin towers as well” and that Marietta must “consider how the Muslim and Chinese students will feel about the [American flag] display.”
Pastoor did not return a call and an e-mail requesting comment.
While Marietta is arguing that the inclusion of other nations is consistent with the school’s “global” emphasis, critics see this as yet another example of college bureaucrats genuflecting to leftist orthodoxy.
“Instead of embracing the remembrance of the thousands of innocents who were murdered on 9/11, many college administrators—insensitive to the families and friends of those who died on 9/11—are more interested in creating political correctness tests than coming together to honor the victims of the jihadist attacks,” said Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation, the organization that’s planning the 9/11 Never Forget Project at high schools and colleges across the country.  “Colleges trip over themselves in excitement when they plan Earth Day, yet every year, these same institutions put up roadblock after roadblock for students seeking to do something as meaningful as remembering 9/11,” he added.
Snow told HUMAN EVENTS that there weren’t any foreign students at Marietta who complained to her about the placing of nearly 3,000 small American flags around campus, and that the school’s intervention was entirely driven by its own administration.  “Those in Student Life were the only ones opposing the selection of American flags.  My Saudi Arabian peers were even sympathetic, telling me, ‘It’s 9/11.  We understand why you want to do it [use only American flags].’”

Tom Perry, the executive director of college relations at Marietta, told HUMAN EVENTS that the Office of Student life made a “request” to the College Republicans asking them to incorporate other flags as a way to foster diversity amongst the student body. Adherence was not mandatory. The American flags were never in jeopardy of being removed, he argued.

However, in emails obtained by HUMAN EVENTS, it’s clear that Marietta College officials were demanding that international flags be a part of the display. On August 30th, the Director of Student Activities wrote the following to Snow: “… are you planning to include other countries flags? There were more than just Americans that lost their lives on 9/11. I will send you a list of the other countries so that you can add these flags to the presentation.” And in a follow-up email, that same director gave a “list of the countries that will need to have flags as part of the 9/11 remembrance,” which included Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, El Salvador, Germany, Grenada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

It was either showcase international flags or no 9/11 exhibit, said Snow. She decided to go with the former. 

Meanwhile, Marietta officials are hosting 9/11 events on their own, but those activities pertain to how American Muslims are treated in a post-9/11 world.  On Sept. 13, for instance, the school is organizing a “Pizza & Politics” forum to discuss “how Muslims in the U.S. see/experience freedom of speech.”  The following day, there will be a faculty-led talk “on the misconception of the Arab-Muslim culture in the Western world, and the stereotypes Muslims experience in the U.S.”

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  • TetVet

    This is what happens when the First Amendment collides with the brainwashed dhimmis who are “educating” our kids.

    Maybe a “flash mob” of “Crusaders” should show up for that “Pizza & Politics” partry, with gobs of pork sausage and plenty of beer.

    I wonder what the dhimmi “educators” will do when the mohammedans decide to extirpate the Israeli flags from the 9/11 memorial. Will they declare yet another symposium about “islamophobia?”

  • DaneChile

    “consider how the Muslim and Chinese students will feel

    Pastoor is  loon.  A college administrator must have at least a B.A. at that school;  does he not understand the word “muslim” is used to describe an adherent of Islam?  Does he think there is really a recognized nation called “Muslim”?

    His argument is that all foreigners who were present in the Towers on 9/11 should be recognized by displaying their respective flags.  I wonder, then, if Marietta recognizes _every day_ the presence of foreign students by displaying their respective flags on campus?  Should we also sing their respective anthems at all sporting events? 


  • DaneChile

    I bet we would find some interesting donors on Marietta´s Endowment Fund.

  • tpduden

    Marietta college only needs one flag. White for surrender.

  • jacket06

    What a “twit” – did 911 occur in any other country than the USA? Did it occur in the middle east? It occured in the soil of the USA. Thus, the use of American flags! Look, there is no doubt that anything that a person does in their lives on this earth will offend somebody on the planet. If we hold to the tenet that we should not do anything to offend someone else, we might as well just sit and stare until we die, hoping that even this lack of action will not offend someone!

  • wodiej

    No wonder the young people graduating have no sense.

  • James Smith

    It is a private college.  Alas, they have the right.  Let it go.

  • DaneChile

    How about 2,999 U.S. flags and one showing a U.S. visa and/or green card?  Or one white with the inscription “(Fill in the blank)”?

  • joesolargenius

    This college may very well be dependent upon money from foreign students to survive ,I wonder how many of these students put pressure on the college to include their flag as well.
    Money or dependence upon it seems to be the motivational factor in controversial situations like this .

  • HollywoodHick

    Agree. Who gives a flying flip about how the Muslim and Chinese students “feel” about this? In fact, I hope it makes the Muslim students reflect on this tragic event and the barbarity of the extreme faction of their own religion.

  • Midlandr

    I don’t care how Chinese or Muslim “students” feel, if they don’t like it, they can go home.  Pastooooooooor needs to be fired. “Global Perspective” my fanny.

  • Stratosaurus

    Someone please notify Knopf or Random House, or whoever edits and compiles the main version of Roget’s Thesaurus.  There’s a new synonym for stupidity — “liberal arts”.  Instead of generating a furor over some overly-concerned-with-appearances twit’s failure to grasp the obvious, perhaps the young lady who organized the display could consider adding flags denoting the country-of-origin for non-native-born victims of the WTC attack.  I would NOT suggest that she add flags from ANY islimic countries.  That would be TOO stupid, even at a haven for the more obnoxious version of the clockwise-circling libloon (a result of an over-developed left wing), but I’d almost bet that her dean of students, well-controlled by regulation from the Department of Redundancy Department, enforced by the Natural Guard, would ask the question why Saudi flags weren’t included.  After all, didn’t nineteen Saudis die in that series of attacks?  Granted, they had hijacked the aircraft, but they DID die in the crashes……

    Libturd lunacy at its very best…..

  • komzguy

    F*&^ how ANY of the muslims might feel about a tribute to the fallen Americans and F*&^ Marietta college as well.

  • komzguy

    Absolutely not James.  Just because they do not receive gov. money – as far as we know – does not mean they get a free pass to behave like jack asses.  We may have no legal course to shut them down or anything of that nature but we have an obligation to call out those dolts in charge and shine a bright light on their inexcusable behavior. 

  • Melvin L

    Maybe Marietta College Administrators would feel more comfortable if Jersey Shore’s Snooki came and gave a drunken version of a memorial.
    The students should just do it, without the blessing of the administrators. This is the United States of America, not the United Provinces of China at least not yet, nor is it Muslim lands. It is our land, American land, and that it will remain. 

  • komzguy

    Department of Redundancy Department, love it.  Long live Monty Pyton…

  • RowdyVirginian

    After witnessing this insane thinking on the part of a college vice- president, is it any wonder why the youth of this country tends to be so leftist? Pastoor is a total moron and fool—-so typical of many of the academics who infest our schools. I wonder if he would interfere with any demonstration opposing the  Tea Party. Yeah.

  • RonCarnine

    9/11 was an attack on the US, the fact that people from other countries were killed isn’t the point. They died because they were guests of this country. They weren’t attacked because they were from China or Japan or Korea or…. They died because the enemy saw them as being in the Great Satan, the USA. Putting up an American flag for guests to this nation is not disrespectful, it is the highest form of respect to honor them with a US flag to remember their loss.

  • Stratosaurus

    Actually, that was Firesign Theater.  Monty Python was the Ministry of Silly Walks.  I would have to consider B. Shitstain Odildo as the prime US representative for the 2013 Upper-Class Twit of the Year competition, ably supported by j. edgar holdup, nappycome’a’slappy, and comrades reidovic and piglosky.

  • supernatural_witness

    Is the college in America? The foreign students are foreign. They know they are in America and should expect to see American nationalism celebrated. If the college is against American nationalism they should lose their charter and be put out of business.

  • Keith1941

    Think about this:  Not only are the native students being taught “blame America first” concepts, but so are the foreign students.  Years ago, I thought bringing foreign students to America would make them “love” America–to go back home and make their countries become like America. 

    Not only does Obama have to go, but if we don’t change what is happening to our whole educational system, the future is not good..

  • David

    There is one simple question that needs to be asked of this  Robert Pastoor.  What other countries were attacked on 911?  There was only one and it was the United States of America.  True enough, there were foreign nationals of all different religions that were killed that fateful day.  But, there was only one attack on a country and it was on American soil.  Those American flags need to fly and the students need to tell this Robert Pastoor if doesn’t like it, he can shove it.

  • Dr_Zoidberg_Sr

    It’s amazing how the left defends radical islam. If the muzzies were to take over the deviants on the left would be the first ones they would kill. All our schools seem to produce is weak minded adults. 

  • dginga

    If I was a grad of this place, I would definitely never give them another dime.  I stopped donating to my alma mater when I discovered they had added majors in “Womyn’s Studies,”  “Queer Theory,” “African-American Studies,” and “Diversity Studies.”  I told them that, since they obviously had enough money to support absolutely WORTHLESS curricula, they didn’t need any more money from me.  I was told they had to add crap like that in order to appease the federal government and to up their U.S. News and World Report ranking.  Nonsense!

  • dginga

    Yes, it always amuses me how many people seem think Muslim is a nationality or a race.  So if I am suspicious of Muslims because I know there are some of them out there who are trying to KILL us, I am called a r-a-a-c-i-s-t!!!  Never underestimate the stupidity of liberals…

  • dginga

    Trust me, just because they are a private college does not mean they don’t receive government money.  Hillsdale College in Michigan is one of the only colleges in the U.S. that does not receive ANY federal money.  They refuse to take government money because they don’t want the government to dictate their curriculum.  If I had college-aged kids today I would send them to Hillsdale.

    As for this controversy, I just want to say that a national park in our area allowed a local group to do a similar display of 3,000 American flags standing in a meadow in honor of 9/11 and it was one of the most moving displays I have ever seen.  They did it for several years, then were told they couldn’t do it anymore.  I hope they will do it for the 10th anniversary.

  • play_til_the_whistle

    Just as, I am sure, Christians reflect on the barbarity of the extreme faction of their religion…

  • Adam Moreira

    Grove City College also doesn’t receive federal money either.

  • play_til_the_whistle

    How about “xenophobic”?

  • ldmiller

    These people do this because nobody challenges them.  We need to challenge them.  Email or phone Mr. Pastoor. You don’t have to be a student!   It is very easy to find his email and phone number on the Marietta site.  I am sick of political correctness and  hate the word “diversity.”   It’s forced down our throats in our school districts, colleges, and workplace.
     I wish that every one of the lib loons would be forced to live in any of the foreign countries that despises America. I think that they would have a better picture of what it means to be an American and they would be glad to get their feet back onto our soil. Sad to say that we even have a president who apologizes for our great country whenever he goes elsewhere. I’m sure that the leaders are from the other countries are saying “Idiot, we’ll take your apology and we’ll watch as you fall!”

    **wanted to let you know, I did email the guy, no response yet. If all you out there RESPECTFULLY tell him what you think, maybe he will open his eyes and his brain! Go to: search under Bob Pastoor. Hey, I’m tired of getting mad and not saying anything and letting the left use their voices and getting their way!! Speak up America!!

  • Citizen_Jerry

    Just another example of why most Americans now think the cost of a college education isn’t worth it. Maybe things would change of colleges (and the lower grades as well) got back into the business of education, rather than indoctrination.

  • Robert Noah

    Political correctness brought us 9/11 and political correctness will bring us the next 9/11.

  • Islandguy19652011

    And just what “faction” of Christianity would that be?

  • Guest

    … and also reflect on the eventual, inevitable, strong reaction if they police their own ranks.

    If Muslims living in the US are peaceful, they have an interest in weeding out and deporting the radical terrorists and closing down the madrasas that are used for recruitment and brainwashing and training of terrs.

  • RenegadeScholar

    It’s amazing how the left defends radical islam. If the muzzies were to
    take over the deviants on the left would be the first ones they would

    the left depends on the loyalty of factions that don’t like each other, but respond easily to the Leftists’ focus on hatred of America.

  • confedgal

    What barbarity would that be? The barbarity of allowing women to dress as they please and have their own opinions? The barbarity of telling people about the love of Jesus and God and allowing people to make their own decisions regarding our faith? Or maybe it’s the fact that when people despoil the symbols of Christianity we state how we feel about it without rioting and cutting people’s heads off. Or is it possibly that when a person chooses to leave the Christian faith we pray for them, not kill them? While I do realize that there are some people out there who do evil in the name of Christ, they are not Christians and they are denounced by those of us who are. So … when the majority of muslims are denouncing suicide bombings, the treatment of women and non-muslims, rioting over stupid stuff, killing their children because they don’t like what they do, etc then get back to us.

  • RenegadeScholar

    Note how in the absence of a belief in a higher power, the Left reflexively invents one: in this case “A Global Perspective.”

    There’s also the UN, “World Opinion,” “International Law,” and my own favorite from Paul Krugman: “Space Aliens…”

  • RenegadeScholar

    Seeing as there is no barbarous faction of Christianity, it might be a good idea to reflect on the barbarity of the MODERATE faction of socialism:

    Stalin/Pol Pot/Mao/Castro/Hitler (National SOCIALISM).

    Yes. 100 Million dead in just ONE century.

  • dmacleo

    thought there was another but could not remember name.
    thanks for mentioning.
    iirc they have taken lot of flak over it due to it makes federal scholarships/grants unavailable too.

  • Guest

    When the Catholic Church ceased the Inquisition, that was over. The Inquisition was a brief aberration, and was not Christian, although the RC Church claimed it was. No Christian denomination behaves like that now. No Christian alive today ever had any part in that. The vast preponderance of Christian influence has been to civilize people, to the extent that Muslims can attack us, but many Christians feel it is wrong to defend ourselves, or even to say anything offensive to the poor little Muslim darlings who only want to be left in peace to practice their peaceful religion, much less deport the deadly, deceitful, perverted practitioners of this barbaric religion that openly proclaims it their duty to their god to conquer the entire planet and kill all those who don’t accept their god. Yeah yeah yeah. Sure. I feel so guilty about being a Christian. We’re guilty of such horrible things as sending aid and supplies to disaster areas, rebuilding Europe after two world wars (including the countries of our former enemies), teaching our children to respect women and children, sending our soldiers to fight and be maimed and killed for other people’s freedom… we’re such barbarians, oh, I’m so ashamed.

    We should have tried really hard to be like Saudi Arabia, or Iraq, or Iran, or maybe Communist China… so polite and good those societies are. Why can’t we take a lesson from the truly nice guys of the world?

    (That was sarcasm, whistle.)

    Our real problem is that we have tried to be nice guys to the whole world, and that is usually mistaken for weakness, resulting in contempt. It seems that we now need to spend about twenty years not handing out any foreign aid to anyone, letting the rest of the world take care of ALL its own problems, and flat-out annihilating any terrorist punks who mess with us. Let’s see if that changes the attitude toward America changes a little bit.

  • Guest

    When I was in the lower grades in school, teachers were still proud to be Americans and proud of America. Teachers of today are giving aid and comfort to the enemy… hmmm …where’d that phrase come from?

  • winston_wolfe

    HA!  And you demonstrate this love for country by advocating the flying of foreign flags at a memorial event commemorating an attack on…AMERICA!?!?!?  That’s quite a piece of logical acrobatics you’ve undertaken with that pathetic argument.

    Please expound upon this absurd notion that flying foreign flags at an event commemorating the worst attack on America in her history is so demonstrative of your love of country.  I understand your need to be a contrarian and take ridiculous stances on matters simply for the sake of argument; as this is the consistent theme and undercurrent of all of your posts…but now you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

  • dotbox

    The administration would have a valid point—if the attack had been on the U.N.. The intention was clearly directed toward the United States of America, not China, not France, the UK, Spain or any other nation. They need to stop being so concerned about pleasing everyone. Nobody thinks that can ever happen. That idiotic thought keeps oozing from grey matter that at the same time exorts the importance of diversity. Are we expected to “celebrate diversity” while at the same time enacting every rule to homogenize the “melting pot”? The whole idea of that melting pot includes the marbling of colors and a mix of textures, lumps and all, otherwise are we to expect that it will all be blended into a bland, uniform mush? Humanity’s nature resists it time and again.

  • Adam Moreira

    @winston_wolfe:disqus drools moronically:

    HA!  And you demonstrate this love for country by advocating the flying of foreign flags at a memorial event commemorating an attack on…AMERICA!?!?!?  That’s quite a piece of logical acrobatics you’ve undertaken with that pathetic argument.

    Please expound upon this absurd notion that flying foreign flags at an event commemorating the worst attack on America in her history is so demonstrative of your love of country.  I understand your need to be a contrarian and take
    ridiculous stances on matters simply for the sake of argument; as this is the consistent theme and undercurrent of all of your posts…but now you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

    Here’s how. You are commemorating the individual victims of the attacks. A giant American flag at the front bigger than the rest would signify that it’s an attack on America.

    The only way you cannot demonstrate love of country is to have no American flags there.

    So easy, a caveman can understand it.

  • Adam Moreira

    In terms of recognizing each individual victim, yes. You recognize that it is an attack on the USA with a giant American flag at the front raised higher (and that is bigger) than the rest.

    Victims get mini-flags.

  • Nancy G Bowlin

    Wow, an American School “Afraid” to fly American Flags and not wanting to “Offend” anyone?  You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!  If I was an alumni of that school they would not get another dime of my money!  How Unamerican Can You Be!  America Was ATTACKED!   Not another Country!  Stand Up for America and Fly Our Flags!  Everyone should call for a Boycott of that College!

  • Adam Moreira

    Okay—I’ll be on the sidelines.

  • Concerned4America

    The choice of the number of 3000 which implies (approximately) one flag per victim argues against that.

  • winston_wolfe

    Ah, but…”Yes I Can”:

    Who are the biggest proponents of shutting down GITMO?
    Who are the most frequent defenders of the rights of the people actively perpetrating attacks on our country?
    Who undermines every effort we undertake in the interests of our own security?
    Who fought for the repeal of the Patriot Act?
    Who has actively fought every endeavor to secure our border against the foreign invasion from Mexico and defended those who have undermined sovereignty?
    Who has pushed for the prosecution of our military personnel who have fought on our behalf overseas for perceived “injustices” that are sheer balderdash by any objective measure?
    Who has created our fiscal predicament which has made us beholden to foreign debtors, thereby undermining our security?

    Shall I proceed?  I have plenty more where that came from.

    You’ll find the answers to all these questions to be the same…The Left.  The ACLU,, Media Matters, the Democrat Party…and all the rest of the radical, leftist usurpers who contaminate this country like a plague are absolutely treasonous and work incessantly to the detriment of this nation.  I wouldn’t expect someone like you who probably gets his news from the NY Times to be cognizant of this rather glaring fact; but it remains a fact nonetheless.

  • Adam Moreira

    @winston_wolfe:disqus asks:

    Who are the biggest proponents of shutting down GITMO?
    Who are the most frequent defenders of the rights of the people actively perpetrating attacks on our country?
    Who undermines every effort we undertake in the interests of our own security?
    Who fought for the repeal of the Patriot Act?
    has actively fought every endeavor to secure our border against the
    foreign invasion from Mexico and defended those who have undermined
    Who has pushed for the prosecution of our military
    personnel who have fought on our behalf overseas for perceived
    “injustices” that are sheer balderdash by any objective measure?
    Who has created our fiscal predicament which has made us beholden to foreign debtors, thereby undermining our security?

    None of them are giving aid and comfort to the enemy as I see it…none! In fact, except for the fifth one and the seventh/last one, I have no problems with any of them.

    Sometimes, you doth protest too much. Remember, illegals should have no rights even in civilian court if you follow the Constitution strictly—which then makes Gitmo unneccessary.

    The USA PATRIOT Act should be repealed, except for a few parts of it. As for efforts taken to protect America, they must comply with the COTUS, or you go about the A5 procedure to change the COTUS.

    As for punishing military, I believe in strict standards and zero tolerance.

  • dotbox

    Does anyone remember this word? For too long, it’s been accepted as “Federal Regulation.”
    Coercion: the practice of compelling a person or manipulating them to behave in an involuntary way (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats, intimidation, trickery, or some other form of pressure or force. These are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in the desired way.

  • winston_wolfe

    I drool moronically?  That’s comical coming from you. You couldn’t put together a cogent point with an instruction manual.

    Understand this rather rudimentary point: 9/11 was an attack on America…as a whole.  The proper way to memorialize that event is to fly the *American* flag.  The attack was on America, Marrietta College is in America, the vast majority of the victims were American…and yet you see fit to fly foreign flags.  And if that were not bad enough, you think this position is somehow illustrative of your patriotism!!

    Get a clue.  A caveman probably COULD understand this…although I’m not all that optimistic about your hopes in that regard.

  • winston_wolfe

    All the more reason to support Nancy’s admonition.

  • Adam Moreira

    I have a clue. I recognize that it is an attack on America by having a giant flag representing the USA. Behind the flag (or front row of flags) are mini-flags representing each victim’s country of citizenship; American citizens would also be repped with state flags next to the American flag.

  • Adam Moreira

    Or how she doth protest too much.

  • B_Hein01

    How sad.  So much for being free.  9/11 destroyed more than we can ever imagined.  

  • komzguy

    Sorry I blew up.

  • winston_wolfe

    No, because if that were the purpose they would be hundreds of flags short.  There is no mention or indication that their intent is to have one flag per victim.

  • KayK2

    As a friend recently told me, the righteous and indignant types like Pastoor will never change their minds just because their arguments don’t hold up.  These type of people don’t argue facts, they argue feelings. 

  • Stratosaurus

    Not a problem — the current regime in Looneytunes, DC, is as surreal as anything I ever heard from Firesign or saw on Monty Python.  Could be the basis for a new four-season comedy series.  I don’t think you could find anyone dumb enough to WANT to be odildo in a repeating comedy series, though….

  • AgTrotter

    Actually, the parrot was merely sleeping.

  • winston_wolfe

    “Remember, illegals should have no rights even in civilian court if you
    follow the Constitution strictly—which then makes Gitmo unneccessary. ”

    OK…but they are trying to BOTH A) give illegals rights in civilian court AND B) shut-down GITMO.  That perfectly illustrates the point I’m making.  If you are an illegal, an enemy combatant, or anyone hostile to this nation or her interests…you will find no better friend than the American left.  It is consistent throughout all facets of our society and foreign affairs.

    What you need to understand is that the left is hostile to the very idea that there should be a United States of America.  They view separate, sovereign nations as an out-dated relic of a bygone era.  They view everyone as part of one world community.  No nations, no borders, no separate currencies or economies, everyone under the same flag and sharing the same interests.  This is the destructive fantasy to which the left clings desperately like infants to an ideological tit.

    This is why they are so hostile to the American flag.  They don’t want ANY flags, especially the American flag.  Remember…one people, one world community.  This is why they are hopelessly in-love with the concept of the EU.  This is why they’d love nothing more than a “North American Union.” This is why they endlessly seek to acquiesce to the will of foreign bodies such as the UN.  This is why they proactively undermine the integrity of our borders and seek to reward those who violate our sovereignty…because they despise the very notion that we even HAVE sovereignty or national borders.  Again…no nations, one world, one people, one mutual interest.

    This is consistent in leftist literature going back to Marx, on to Gramsci, and straight through to the present day.  In the modern era, they have unfortunately made headway in this regard and their insipid ideas have begun taking form in recent legislation and governmental action.  When they protest against the American flag, they may do so under the guise of “tolerance” or “diverstity” or “cultural understanding” or whatever nonsensical term that springs to life in their diseased minds…but the real reason is an underlying hostility toward America and America’s dominance as a sovereign world power.

    And you think I protest too much?  In my view, we cannot protest enough.  And I will continue to protest their noxious worldview and destructive barrage on my country with every ounce of strength I can muster until my dying breath.  If you have such love of country as you claim, I’d implore you to do the same.

  • Fred, Wa State

    I hate it when I get sucked in by you, but once again your stupidity has amazed me.  You truly are dumber than a box of rocks.  But I mean that in a touchy-feely PC sort of way. 

  • Fred, Wa State

    How appropriate that Adam’s profile picture shows him without a head.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    I wonder how much American tax payer money goes to this college. I do not think Taxpayer money needs to be spent there any more I think Government funded financial aid needs to be pulled form this school. Let the foreign countries that represent this schools true allegiance pay to support the education of their students.

  • BobPastoor
  • BobPastoor
  • Ken Kirkham

    Your distortions indicate you are a liberal and not interested in the truth.  

  • carydc

    And they show just how idiotic and idiological they really are.  Completely inflexible and have no place in our Colleges or Universities.

  • JohnInFlorida

    Just do it!

    Peaceful civil disobedience has a long history in our country.

    3,000 AMERICAN flags appear and if the school administration doesn’t like it … TOO BAD, SO SAD!

    IF there are arrests or other sanctions, can you imagine the outcry and support for those arrested/sanctioned? I don’t think the admin would have the stones to do ANYTHING about it.

    Sometimes, peaceful disobedience is both warranted AND called for.

  • carydc

    Mr Robert Pastoor has protected his Twitter Account from posts.  So We are having an effect on him.  He knows that it is a VERY unpopular decission and the public opinion is on.  We must continue with our expressions of angst with the individual and open the other avenues.  Facebook, Linkedin, and all the other locations need to be investigated and our concerns posted to his account there.  Also finding his extension at the Campus and his home and his mobile phone.  Continue to express our First Ammedment Rights with this individual.  Like this Country or Leave this Country but Respect the Countries Wishes….  This is America Not China or the Middle East.

  • M Talam

    It’s offical, they’ve taken a date of reverence and made it politically INcorrect!  Idiots!

  • William

    I think it goes much deeper than your questions.  Since when is there even any question of the right of a group of students to honor their own heritage, so long as they do not intrude on any one else’s rights or property?  What if the Ohioans on the campus–and this struck home to me, because Marietta was our first real settlement in Ohio, shortly before the later settlements around what is now Cincinnati, well down the river;–what if the Ohioans wanted to have a flag waving pageant honoring Ohio, our history & citizens?  Would this Vice President of “Student Life,” stick his nose into the action?

    Frankly, what is the purpose of an overseer entity, calling itself “Student Life?” 

    As a native Ohioan, I would apologize the Miss Snow, who is after all our guest, for this officious meddling into something to which she has apparently already put a considerable effort in time & enthusiasm.  I might expect something like this at my own Alma Mater, Oberlin; but Oberlin was founded by people we kicked out of Southern Ohio.  (I went there to study Leftwing radicalism, first hand; and, thus, learned first hand that they have no rational arguments.  They really don’t!)

    William Flax

  • DaneChile

    I was almost thrown out of my university on the first day of classes because of this mentality.  First day of a Physics 101 course:  the professor is speaking generally of the course, grading, etc… – the usual intro stuff.  he got off on a ten-minute rampage concerning the political and humanitarian horror of nuclear weapons.  After listening to his personal political opinions long enough, I asked him to focus on the topic of the course.  Afterall, I was the client and was paying to learn physics  – not his political beliefs.  Whoo!!  did the fit  hit the shan!  I felt it best to change to another class.

  • Rick

    It could be something along the lines of, “Yeah, but America isn’t perfect either” or “America must understand WHY Muslims hate us” or any other version of “Blame America First.”

  • DaneChile

    I must have missed those.  Please provide a list of all acts of terrorism committed by Christian extremists and a body count.

  • Rick

    These types of “Studies” programs may indeed please the Feds and even improve the school’s rankings, but the article indicates that the Libs in charge would not require too much coercion to adopt the programs, regardless.

  • DaneChile

    We would if they had ceased hundreds of years go.  But they ares still doing it.  That´s the whole point, you loon.

  • Rick

    I agree, Adam, that no one should be talking about deporting Muslim US citizens. A full vetting of visiting (work or student visas, etc.) Muslims is a different story.

  • mattogilvie55

    Pastoor is just like every liberal living in America.   He hates America.  He absolutely cannot stand America’s position and influence in the world, and he thinks this is his way of knocking American down a few pegs.  Actually, he really wants to see America destroyed, but since he cannot orchestrate that, he will settle for this.

  • Rick

    “… nice guys to the whole world.  Just ask Vietnam, the Philippines, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran …”

    Would you be an administrator at Marietta College by any chance, play?

  • Rick

    “Hows that for starters?”
    Pretty weak, actually.

    “Lets see – the Crusades are a good start.”
    So the European Christians were wrong to attempt to take back the Holy Lands that the Muslims had taken from them?

    “Hitler was a Catholic.”
    Nope. Check the history. He was anti-Christian unto his death.

    “Tim McVeigh was a Christian.”
    Nope. Check the history. He was anti-Christian until being sentenced to death.

  • DaneChile

    Better yet, send it to the president.  I cannot find an e-dress for him, though but it must be on the site-

  • Rick

    Adam, I recall the North Vietnamese officials after the end of the war stating that the reporting by the US media provided to them aid and comfort, even without any checks being written.

  • johnny_ringo

    Please allow me to offer a few facts about Marietta College that might shed some light on this issue.  Marietta College has 2 particularly outstanding programs:  baseball (defending Division III World Series champs) and Petroleum Engineering.  Many of the students enrolled in the Petroleum Engineering program are form the Middle East.  They pay full tuition to the college for the privilege of attending the school.  I suspect Mr. Pastoor is VERY concerned about offending these students.  If the pack up and head home, or to another educational institution, Marietta College will lose quite a bit of $$. 

    I suspect his decision was made with an eye firmly fixed on the college’s cash flow situation.  That certainly doesn’t make it right:  he is willing to trample the rights of the College Republicans to avoid the mere possibility of offending some wealthy students who practice the Muslim faith.  Actually, “gutless” is probably an apt description.  But I believe this is at least as much a financial decision as an ideological one. 

    And I am confident that the community would support the right of the College Republicans to put up the display just as they intended it to be.

  • Rick

    Isn’t that the French flag?

  • Rick

    Not to mention Evolution and Global Climate change…

  • Rick

    Much as a “civil” Democratic politician or Union official would mean it…

  • Rick

    You won’t be missed, Adam.

    Am I correct in assuming that you were also “on the sidelines” while many of us were signing up to join the US Armed Forces?

  • Rick

    Or how Adam doth post too much.

  • Guest

    And Marietta College is not American enough.

  • Lewis M

    Hillsdale is a great school; I attended there.  Great music program, and instructors who let you think outside the “box.”  Grade you on good thinking, not whether you are in or out of the box.  Good teachers, too, not merely instructors!

    Too bad everybody cannot go at least one term!

  • winston_wolfe

    I can definitely relate.  I was a junior in college when 9/11 happened.  I almost had to leave school; being surrounded by such disgraceful traitors.  They blamed the entire incident on America and completely exonerated our enemies of any culpability.  At a time when I needed to be surrounded by like-minded, patriotic people; I was instead beset on all sides by the lowest forms of leftist degeneracy imaginable.

    It was actually a very illuminating experience for me, because I came to realize that these liberals are not simply misguided, or stupid, or confused.  These people flat-out hate America.  They detest everything this country stands for and want our nation to be cut-down to size.  It was  a revealing expose of where their hearts lie; and a valuable lesson I take with me to this day.

  • ldmiller

    good idea!

  • TanongSak

    Oh how I’d love to! And since when does any liberal give a rat’s ass about private property?

  • TanongSak

    Of course, the rules regarding “separation of church and state” don’t apply to Islam, just as they don’t apply to the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, or the “Reverend” Jesse Jerkson. They only apply if you dare to mention the name of God in a public school, or a public place.

  • TanongSak

    I’ll be satisfied when you don’t know anything, except what hell looks like.

  • ldmiller

    The point is, this group wanted to put 3,000 American flags out. Period.  The guy wanted to be all “PC” and wouldn’t allow it.  The move toward Political Correctness and Diversity Awareness has overtaken our school districts and colleges.  Patriotism is seen as a bad thing.  Americans should be able to remember 911- something that happened to America, on American soil, without having to be worry about being  PC.  It’s funny, we are supposed to worry about all those “feelings” of all the other foreign people/countries and they couldn’t care less about us…

  • ldmiller

    I did, but got no response to my email. Someone also suggested to contact Tom Perry, Director of College Relations    Pastoor can just hit delete!

  • NotfooledbyRhetoric

    Meanwhile, Marietta officials are hosting 9/11 events on their own, but those activities pertain to how American Muslims are treated in a post-9/11 world.  On Sept. 13, for instance, the school is organizing a “Pizza & Politics” forum to discuss “how Muslims in the U.S. see/experience freedom of speech.”  The following day, there will be a faculty-led talk “on the misconception of the Arab-Muslim culture in the Western world, and the stereotypes Muslims experience in the U.S.”

    Is this outrageous or what?  How about discussing all the Muslims who still want to kill Americans!!

  • ldmiller

    It is crazy!  There are a lot of brain dead people working on our college campuses and in our government.  What I can’t understand is how they just cannot see it.  Can they not look to what is happening here and what has happened already in Europe?  They (Muslims) are taking over, not by war but by population growth, then they start getting into the legal system, pretty soon, you’re looking a Sharia Law.  If any of you are interested there is a great (but scary) YouTube video by Geert Wilders called Warning to America.  It talks about what has been happening in Europe.  These libs who would kowtow to the Muslims, would not be so PC, if they really understand what Islam calls for-Muslim rule and destruction of the Infidel.

  • TanongSak

    No, they’re not. But while not all socialist states are totalitarian, there’s not a single totalitarian state in the world today that’s not socialist. The real distinction is not between socialism and totalitarianism, but between totalitarianism and authoritarianism. A totalitarian state has a certain off-the-wall, irrational character that’s lacking in merely authoritarian states. Among the irrational characteristics is the leader principle. One person is elevated to the status of a god, and viewed as incapable of making any mistakes. Those who dissent from his views are marginalized, denigrated, or, when possible, silenced.  To any detached observer, America under Obama is coming dangerously close to being a totalitarian society. All that’s needed is more heavy-handed government, and the transition will be complete.  We already have our holocaust, in the liberal-supported abortion mills.

  • GuruHubbaBubbaBobbie

    DAN,DAN,DAN… you are a complete moron maskerating as someone supposted to be  “WISE”. Unfortunately,most colleges teach political correctness, not knowledge, and certainly not “WISDOM”!!! You will be forever doomed within your own stupidity,and blindness to the “REALITIES” of the world and the true nature of man.Your naivety and “feelings” endanger  wisdom finding it’s way into your blissfully ignorant way of thinking. UTOPIA does not and cannot be attained, no matter how much “we” would all like to believe that it might be possible someday… if we just try harder.Just look at the history of murderous Mother Russia under Lennin & Stalin, or China under Chairman MAO and his little red book, and ofcourse we cannot over look the quest for a perfect world under “Islamic Sharia Law”.People like you scare the hell out of me…

  • billwhit1357

    “Liberal Arts”, isn’t that some stupid idiocy for those Leftists that don’t know what they want to be when they grow up?  At my University, Liberal Arts were what the Losers and Leftists took.  Political Correctness is the Worst, Most Destructive two words in the English Language and is used by Losers like Marietta College!

  • Nicole Holstein

    I go to Marietta College. This story does not reflect the reality of the situation.  Also, there are already tons of American flags up all over campus that another student group already erected-with no issues.  Our school focuses on globalization because it is the realization of the world and the markets.  Most of us will work with foreign business partners or IN foreign countries, and we all have non-American friends.  9/11 to me is not about feeling sorry for ourselves; it’s about recognizing what happens when we start thinking of people as “others.”

  • Sue Charpentier

    In my humble opinion, no matter where someone was from or their reason for being here, innocent people killed in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks were Americans that day.

    All these people/students who worry about Chinese response:  China is the country that has no problem running down their students with tanks in Tiananmen Square. 

    The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks should not be an opportunity for Marietta to push a multicultural agenda…it’s already pushed in every textbook in any college in this country.  Multicultural political correctness erases those of us who are proud to call ourselves Americans….it tries to shame us for respecting our American flag and all the wonderful things this country stands for.  I don’t want to be told that I “need” to understand how difficult it has been for muslims in post-9/11 America.  I can’t begin to imagine & nothing a liberal arts college says or does can help me understand the heartbreak of Americans who happen to be muslim must have gone through over these past 10 years.  What the agenda of political correctness does not take into consideration is my feelings…I’m not a hyphenated American, so my feelings are irrelevant.

    Hyphens don’t just separate two words, they also separate people and drive wedges amongst the diverse racial, ethnic and religious groups in our communities. 

  • George B from Maine

    OK, so Americans think of.. whoever as “others”, that is why you are blaming America for 9/11. Great! Now we know exactly what they teach in this college. YOU, stupid liberal “useful idiots” are fifth column in this country (look it up, I am sure they in your college are too busy teaching you the PC nonsense than who “useful idiots” and fifth column are). 

    Your “Arab spring” friends at this moment are storming Israeli Embassy in Egypt, all condoned by the police. I am sure you’ll figure how to blame America for this as well…

  • DonRil

    My thoughts are expressed in the following email I sent to Dr. Pastoor:
    Attn. VP of Student Life; Dr. Robert Pastoor;
    Dear Sir:
    I email to you to express my Disgust of the Marietta College position toward
    the Young Republicans intended vigil to remember our America’s 9-11 terrorist
    attacks. The College’s position (I assume your personal one) to allow this 9-11
    tribute ONLY if flags of other countries were represented were to be included in
    the ceremony is one of insanity.
    Sir, this intended ceremony is a tribute to America’s fallen by foreign
    terrorists and not a salute to foreign governments. I damn you and The Marietta
    College for politicizing this 9-11 event into a political demonstration of
    multiculturalism. I condemn you as a terrorist sympathizer.
    Lastly, I wish you a God Bless America, and pray you regain your patriotism.
    Don Riley
    Marietta, Ohio

    Prev | Next

  • hicusdicus

    As long as the red necks and the hillbillies have their guns this country will remain free. They are not schooled in political correctness or what other countries think or do. Perhaps to much liberal education may not be such a good idea. The rest of the world in general does not like us and will continue to dislike us until we collapse as a world power and prosperous nation.

  • tiredofbums

    A liberal arts college should be held responsible for the communists that teach there and for what they teach. This touchy-felly , don’t hurt their feelings attitude got us attacked on 9-11. You F–king wimps at this college just don’t get it. I’d put my American Flags up and just say “screw you!” There is no such thing as Political Correctness! There are just people who are wimps and pussies that won’t stand up for themselves. I call em as I see em.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Perhaps Robert Pastoor would also like to remove the scorched and torn American flag that survived the attacks from 9 / 11 from the Smithsonian Museum in DC?  Afterall, it represents the heart of the American ethic and so many peace loving muslims vehemently hate all that it represents.

  • Keith

    If all you patriotic and fact loving folks would kindly click the link that is imbedded in the article, on Marietta College’s 9/11 Events, you’ll see at the bottom the press release is dated September 2nd- so this argument has been resolved for more than a week. None of the emails cited in this article mention possible cancelation. I wonder, though, how consistent you are willing to be in your  reasoning… since the American who died in Normandy died in a war in France, and are often buried in graveyards in France near the battle sites, trying to liberate France, shouldn’t French flags be flown over their graves instead of America? Ridiculous- but there you are. There are lots of ways to memorialize the victims of 9/11 that do not, like this one, honor each of the 2,977 victims individually. But as this one does, why is it unreasonable for it to reflect the actual identities of each victim, instead of making them mere symbols? To put it another way, consider if the names of each of the victims was affixed to each flag- suddenly having an American flag standing for a German or a Canadian becomes an actual lie instead of a mere symbolic one. 

  • Guest

    Too funny!!!!  And your parents are paying good money to send you to SCHOOL and this is what you have “learned”, ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!!!!  Dude, you are in for a rude awakening when you get into the “real world”.

  • Guest

    Hmmm, are you learning reading comprehension at this school…..The article clearly states that HE, tried to contact the Dr. Pastoor and he refused to respond.

  • Keith

    Hey Randy, read closer- they DID NOT ban the 9/11 Project. Click on the link in the article- the event is going on. 

  • Keith

    There is a link, in the article, to all the various events going on at Marietta to commemorate 9/11- this flag tribute being one of them. The “Pizza & Politics” being another. So when the article implies that the college is only hosting “activities pertain to how American Muslims are treated in a post-9/11 world”, that’s incorrect.

  • Keith

    That sounds very nice and all, except, no, they weren’t.

  • Guest

    What about Code Pink Adam?   Are they just voicing opposition?  Do yourself a favor and look up the “Fallujah Four”  See what Code Pink, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Raul Grajvala and Dennis Kucinich did.  

  • Guest

    Wow, and to think parents pay thousands and thousands of dollars for their kids to learn to bite the hand that feeds them!  No wonder why we have declined as a country.

  • Concerned4America

    Jesus said “follow me” not follow my followers.

  • David

     Mr. Hartman while I can understand and appreciate your defense of a personal friend, I think you must also accept your response is biased for the very reason you stated at the outset.  If it were my personal friend that was under attack, I would probably defend him also.  But, Mr. Pastoor’s position is indefensible in my opinion.  In a time of the 10th anniversary 911 remembrance is it really important to worry about  flags of other countries being represented?  What is the real important issue here?  It is the flag of the USA that is at issue here.  Mr. Pastoor is more concerned with being politically correct than he is in showing honor and respect for the 3000+ innocent victims of 911.  It was Mr. Pastoor that created this news media nightmare.  He should understand the sensitivity of the American people on this issue instead of worrying about representation of other countries on this day.  It is your friend, Mr. Pastoor, who is being insensitive on this.  How many other schools are taking the same position as your friend? 

    Mr. Pastoor’s concern about other countries not being represented is completely illogical.  It is so illogical I scarcely know where to begin.   I will say that if we follow Mr. Patoor’s reasoning to its logical conclusion, then he must also be concerned about other countries not being represented every December 7th since that is the date the world was introduced to nuclear annihilation.  Yet, I have never seen Mr. Pastoor’s name mentioned on Pearl Harbor Day.  Correct me if I’m wrong on that.  My point, in this overly long dissertation, is that it was the USA that was attacked and lost something intangible that day.  We lost our sense of infallibility.  We proved to be mortal that day.  But, that day also proved something else, we proved that regardless of race, religion,sex,  or national origin, we are capble of coming together as ONE.  As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of Japanese Imperial Navy discovered on the aforementioned December 7th, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”  I would say Osama bin Laden would also attest to the accuracy of this statement.

  • winston_wolfe

    Ugh.  All behold the pathetically dismal quality of student churned-out by this poor excuse for an institution of higher learning.  The sad part is that this dunce is probably the valedictorian.  I thought Karl Marx said that you idiots were supposed to be useful.  What possible utility could you have?

    Let me explain something to you which you probably didn’t learn in whichever sociology workshop seminar you crawled-out of to come spew your naive liberal ramblings on this thread:

    There are “others” in this world.  We are Americans.  We are different than Canadians….and they are different than Australians…and they are different than Iranians…and so on, and so forth.  We are not all part of some homogenous, kindred world community.  We are Americans; and we are wholly distinct from all other peoples and all other nations.  We are an exceptional nation.  We are the single greatest force for good in the world.  We are the single greatest hope for freedom in the world.

    We are not feeling sorry for ourseleves by celebrating America on 9/11.  What the hell is wrong with you?  We are displaying our patriotism in defiance of the Islamofascist evil that viciously attacked us 10 years ago.  We are celebrating America as a way of showing the world that we were not defeated, that we emerged stronger, that the distinctly American fortitude and resolve that built the greatest nation the world has ever known is stronger than the vile evil and abject cowardice of the enemy with which we are confronted.  It is about recognizing that we are better than that.  We are “other,” and we are damn proud of it.

    You college twits like to pretend that you’re so damn enlightened.  You like to entertain the ridiculous notion that you got together in one of your pitiful, leftist groupthink sessions in some cockamamie poli-sci class and figured-out all the world’s problems.  You love to delude yourself into believing that there is no such thing as good and evil in the world….that it’s all relative…that America is no better than any other nation…that there is no universally-applicable morality…that it’s all up for interpretation.

    Well, here are the facts, moron: Your left-wing professor who imbued you with this garbage is an imbecile of the lowest order who hides in a classroom brainwashing gullible children like you because he can’t hack it in the real world.  The education you’re getting is worthless in the real world…and you’ve wasted 4 years and thousands of dollars getting inculcated into radical leftist, anti-American ideology.  That diploma you’ll get isn’t worth the paper it’s printed-on; and the “knowledge” you’re attaining won’t mean a damn thing in the real world, where the rubber hits the road.  The liberal idealism in which you’ve been marinating during your wasted tenure at this college has only served to grossly distort your worldview and sacrifice your God-given common sense on the foul altar of political correctness.  You think you have it all figured-out, but you don’t have a damn clue.  You’re a drone, a zombie, a hopeless specimen whose final shred of sense dissipated in the ashes of your last bong hit.

    And that’s a free lesson, Nicole…you won’t even need to take-out a student loan to afford it.  If you somehow managed to absorb it and awaken from your left-wing trance, then you just got a better education than you will at 4 years of Marrietta College.

    But, whatever.  You just keep right-on chugging along, Nicole.  Keep stumbling around from frat party to beer pong tournament to diversity seminar in your Che Guevara tee-shirt at your piteous little college.  You have a bright future as a minimum wage, not-for-profit clerk by day and a waitress by night.  You be sure to send a nice thank you card to your liberal college professor for equipping you to embark on such a successful life journey.  The rest of us with actual functioning brains will stop-in from time-to-time so you can read us the list of specials.

    So…What’s the “Soup of the Day,” Comrade?

  • Barry Hawkins

    Dan. Have you any understanding of the definition of slander? Or free speech for that matter?

  • 76193575

    Leftist garbage, confuse the issue, you know the drill, divide and conquer, surprising the use of FAIR was not included. One elderly Patrioit.

  • confedgal

    And Paul wrote a long letter stating the same thing. That regardless of who leads you to Jesus, He is our Savior and the One we are to follow.

  • WinstonGalt

    So it’s pretty apparent that administrators at Marietta college are both disfunctional and liars.  

  • winston_wolfe

    and traitorous filth whose very presence on this planet is an abject disgrace to humanity

  • Keith

    This is funny- the same people who are saying “Everyone who died on 9/11 is an American” as a defense for ignoring the nationalities of many of the people those flags represent, then turn around and say, ‘if them foreigners don’t like it, ship ‘em out.” This is not even to begin to address the many threats and hints of violence to be found on this board. This is why a liberal education is important, to cure when possible the ignorance, cowardice and hatred of people like most of the posters on this board, to fight it when it is not.

  • workingstiffdad

    December 7th….  Pearl Harbor Day  ….  unless you are stretching all the way to August of 1945   for Hiroshima…  OK

  • workingstiffdad

    Sorry, Keith… no sale.   You are putting words in other people’s entries that are yours alone, and you are seeing threats of “vilolence”   where none exist.      Go take it up with Jimmy Hoffa if you want to soften any rhetoric.

  • workingstiffdad

    They will only “get it” when parents stop sending their children to these nutjob profs’ “care and feeding” for 4 years at a time.

    Get involved!   Speak up.   Withdraw and go elsewhere in protest if necessary!

  • workingstiffdad

    U.S. News and World Report?       We should not care.    We need a new “ranking” body of judges, and freedom from the Federal money and puppet strings it buys….  and the ugly irony is that the MONEY IS OURS !!!!!!!!   Your taxes at “work” ….  are ya steamed yet?

  • Dan Hartman

    Hi everyone.

    The President of Marietta College has released a statement if you are wondering about the current status of this issue. Please read it and understand exactly what happened and where the communication error was!

    Dan Hartman
    Marietta College Student

  • Stratosaurus

    The BEST way to express your disapproval for outrageous libloon behavior!  Don’t give them money — it’s what they’re all about.  They’re pandering to the mooselicks because they figure that once the islimic horde takes over the US, they’ll be put right on top of the “good-guys” list.  What the libturds don’t seem to realize is that their particular sort of moral ambivalence is the WORST sort of behavior as far as mooseturds are concerned.  When the mooselickers ki ll off the Christian infidels, they’ll start on those who don’t believe in ANY religion, which is MOST libloonies.  The only sort of mercy they’ll show is to make sure the end comes quickly.  We, as Americans, need to stop all the libturd lunacy RIGHTTHEHELLNOW! 

  • Common Sense

    Face it, liberals are the scourge of America, if not the world.  It’s way past time for mainstream Americans to wake up and stop catering to the whims of liberals.  From their annual War on Christmas (no one buys “holiday” gifts) to their wars on patriotism such as this, mainstream Americans need to say “ENOUGH!”

    Liberals have only themselves to blame for the rise of the Tea Party.

  • Stratosaurus

    It’s Saturday!  He’s probably not in his office, and I doubt VERY seriously that Mr. Pastoor would check his office email from home.  He’s probably not home, anyway — more’n’likely, he’s at a CPUSA meeting, or buying more copies of the koran for students to browse in their spare time. 

    What you must realize is that he is in a tenured position, I’ll wager, which means that by contract, he can pretty much do ANYTHING he wants which does not involve a violation of school policy or local, state or federal criminal codes.  If he wanted to stand up in front of his classes and say that Stalin was a pillar of “social justice”, and his starvation of the kulaks in the early 30s, purges of the military staff-grade officers in the 30s, and slaughter of his own armed forces during WWII, were, in fact, false propaganda from British, American, and German sources, he could do that, and down-grade any class work from his students which disagreed with him.

    THAT’S what “quality education” in the United States has become.

  • Stratosaurus

    How should mooselicks be treated in a “post-9/11 world”?  The same way Christians and Jews are treated in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and now Turkey.  They should be ignored, have their rights trampled upon, and be refused the right to worship as they see fit.  NO ACCOMODATION for mooseturds!  They do NOT deserve special treatment, nor should they.

  • 45gunner

    What utter B.S.!…..PC type crap like this IS destroying the Republic from within!
    2102- “IS” the time America!
    We Must SAVE the Republic!
    send the dangerous, weak, Pompus FOOL, lying, MARXIST-would-be-tyrant, community-agitater-in-chief, “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama and mooochelle “antionette” packing for chicago, kenya or B.F.E.!
    NEVER FORGET 9-11!

  • George Hoss

    The best thing is to boycott this intolerant, politically correct radicals at this institution.
    Be proud of being an American and fly our great flag.

  • oogityboogity

    I know this is going to be stupid, trying to argue against all you guys on this site, but now I’m interested in what your arguments are going to be. If this girl’s point was to put one flag up to honor each innocent life lost on 9/11, why shouldn’t the flag for each individual represent the country they were from? If they were American, like the majority, put up an American flag. If they were British, put up a British flag. If they were Spanish, put up a Spanish flag. Etc. If her real intent was to honor each individual, it seems like you would want to honor them for who they were, not where they were. If you were killed by a terrorist bomb in France, would you want a French flag draping your coffin? No, you’re American, so you would want the American flag on you and you would want people to remember you as American, not French.  

  • johnfromjersey

    Barry, Barry, Dan has no understanding other than what his masters at college tell him to understand, that much is obvious.

  • Nanci Dukes Bowen

    As a parent of two, who both attended and graduated from Marietta, I am appalled!  There have been some very good points made here.  This is America.  America is our homeland and we have EVERY right to show our patriotism and hearts by remembering that day and those who gave their lives, and the families and friends that still suffer ten years later.  I have friends from New York City to West Virginia who are still fragile from the acts that were perpetrated on The United States of America that day.  My husband told me a long time ago, “If you want to get someone’s attention, get them in the pocketbook”.  That is the way to stop this nonsense of interferrence on the students right to demonstrate their patriotism for lost lives and the attack of their homeland.  No more contributions to Marietta College until this liberal college quits taking actions that reek of Stalinism.