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Gibson Guitar CEO: We’re Under Attack By Obama Administration

Henry Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson Guitars, Inc. was on The Dana Loesch Show on Friday. Gibson is under attack by the the Obama Justice Department for accusations that the company broke American Indian laws.

Juszkiewiz said the government suggested that the company’s use of unfinished wood from India is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because of the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. The Holder Justice Department raided at least two Gibson manufacturing plants this week forcing hundreds of workers off their jobs. Juszkiewiz says the company lost a million dollars this week.

Finally, Henry Juszkiewicz told Dana, “The Obama Justice Department wants us to just shut our doors and go away.” He says he will continue to fight for the Gibson company and its workers.

Juszkiewicz held a press conference yesterday in front of the Gibson headquarters.

The Obama Justice Department confiscated over $500,000 in materials back in 2009. Gibson is going to court on Monday to discuss a previous request for the government to return the property.

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Still More… Tom W. added this:

Gibson is the only guitar company targeted by the Obama DOJ under the Lacey Act. Tennessee is a right-to-work state. Fender, Taylor, Rickenbacker, Danelectro, Carvin, MusicMan, and ESP are in California; Spector is in New York; Martin is in Pennsylvania; Guild, Ovation, and Hamer are in Connecticut; Alvarez is in Missouri; B.C. Rich is in Kentucky; Heritage is in Michigan; Washburn is in Illinois. All are forced-union states.

Peavey is another guitar and electronics company, located in the right-to-work state of Mississippi. Since 2009, Peavey has been the target of multiple lawsuits filed by a competitor, MUSIC Group, which alleges that Peavy products fail to meet federal safety and emissions standards.

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  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    This is just another Obama socialist attack against the middle class and part of his “fundamental transformation”.

    There will be a need for criminal investigations of this entire administration in 2013.

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    Hey, they NEVER went after Clinton for having ILLEGAL WOOD.

    And understand this, they chase down illegal wood but NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    But you’re a bleeding-heart pussy, that’s why.

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    My gut instinct tells me that Adam is an idiot troll. Rarely does he say ANYTHING positive about ANY post on HE. 
    Remember that this is the second time that the gov’t has done this to Gibson, and they NEVER returned charges OR the material in the FIRST case.

  • David Long

    Sounds like a paranoid CEO.  But did they actually break any laws?  Anyone bother to figure that out before blasting the DOJ?

  • earl44

    There is another guitar maker that used the wood but nothing happened because they supportedc big o

  • NiteGoat

    Umm.. Michigan is a Right to work state. Get your facts straight.