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Global Warming Link to Drowned Polar Bears Melts Under Searing Fed Probe

Polar bears drowning in an Alaskan sea because the ice packs are melting-it’s the iconic image of the global warming debate.

But the validity of the science behind the image-presented as an ignoble testament to our environment in peril by Al Gore in his film An Inconvenient Truth-is now part of a federal investigation that has the environmental community on edge.

Special agents from the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office are questioning the two government scientists about the paper they wrote on drowned polar bears, suggesting mistakes were made in the math and as to how the bears actually died, and the department is eyeing another study currently underway on bear populations.

Biologist Charles Monnett, the lead scientist on the paper, was placed on administrative leave July 18.   Fellow biologist Jeffrey Gleason, who also contributed to the study, is being questioned, but has not been suspended.

The disputed paper was published by the journal Polar Biology in 2006, and suggests that the “drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open-water periods continues.”

It galvanized the environmental movement that led to the bear’s controversial listing in 2008 as threatened, and it is now protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Although the four dead bears cited in the paper were observed from 1,500 feet during flights over the Beaufort Sea, and the carcasses were never recovered or examined, Gleason told investigators it is likely the creatures drowned in a sudden windstorm that produced 30-knot winds, not for lack of an ice pack.

“We never mentioned global warming in the paper,” Gleason told the investigators, according to the transcript.

“But it’s inferred,” responded investigator Eric May.   “That’s why the world took it up as a global warming tangent.”

Gleason told investigators that reaction to his and Monnett’s paper was overblown and spun out of context.

“I think these sorts of things tend to mushroom, and the interpretation gets popularized,” Gleason said.   “Something very small turns into this big snowball coming down the mountain, and that’s, I think, what happened with this paper.”

Gleason concedes that the study had a major impact on the controversial listing of the bear as an endangered species because of global warming.

“As a side note, talking about my former supervisor, he actually sent me an e-mail at one point saying, ‘You’re the reason polar bears got listed,’” Gleason said.

Monnett now manages $50 million in studies as part of his duties as a wildlife biologist with the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.

Investigators are also examining Monnet’s procurement of one of those research studies on polar bears conducted by Canada’s University of Alberta, as well as the “disclosure of personal relationships and preparation of the scope of work,” according to a July 29 memo from the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office.

In particular, investigators are asking questions about the peer review work on Monnett’s drowned polar bear paper, which was done by his wife, Lisa Rotterman, as well as Andrew Derocher, the lead researcher on the Canadian study under review by the inspector general’s office.

Monnett is being legally defended by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), which posted the interviews the inspector general’s office conducted with both scientists on its website.

PEER calls Monnett’s work “groundbreaking research,” and says the investigation is a political attempt to “impugn his observations on polar bears’ vulnerability to retreating sea ice.”

“With each interview, it becomes more outrageous that government funds are being spent on this crackpot probe while paying Dr. Monnett’s salary to sit at home,” said Jeff Ruch, executive director of PEER.

“This seven-page paper, which had undergone internal peer review, management review and outside peer review coordinated by journal editors, galvanized scientific and public appreciation for the profound effects that climate change may already be having in the Arctic,” PEER said in another statement in support of Monnett.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has already declined to pursue any criminal prosecution in the probe, but the scientists still face possible administrative action for any wrongdoing, the inspector general said in the memo.

With investigators suggesting his research is collapsing, Monnett was defensive in the interview, and asked for the inspectors’ credentials to question his work or second-guess his calculations.

For example, there was some confusion as to whether it was three or four dead bears used in the calculation to determine the ratio of survival, and whether Monnett assumed that four swimming bears seen the week earlier were the same polar bears recorded as dead in the next survey.   The statistic in question was the percentage of bears likely to survive when swimming in a storm-Monnett estimated it to be around 25%, whereas investigators put the number at more than 57%.

“Is there a potential we made a mistake, and the peer reviewers didn’t catch it?   Possibly,” Gleason said.

If the scientists had reported the 57% figure, investigator May said, “how people were taking this and exaggerating the results, probably may not have happened in terms of the world taking your study as attributing [the drownings to] global warming.”

After nearly two hours of Monnett defending his work to investigators, Ruch from PEER asked the officials to explain what allegations are being made against Monnett.

May said they are examining the “wrong numbers,” “miscalculations” and “scientific misconduct.”

“Well, that’s not scientific misconduct anyway,” Monnett said.   “If anything, it’s sloppy.”

“I mean, that’s not-I mean, I mean, the level of criticism that they seem to have leveled here, scientific misconduct suggests that we did something deliberately to deceive or to change it,” Monnett said.

“I sure don’t see any indication of that in what you’re asking me about,” Monnett said.

The actual survey Monnett was conducting when he observed the dead bears in 2004 was the migration of bowhead whales.   Investigators questioned how he later obtained data for a table listing live and dead polar bear sightings from 1987 to 2004.

“So how could you make the statement that no dead polar bears were observed” during that time period? May asked.

“Because we talked to the people that had flown the flights, and they would remember whether they had seen any dead polar bears,” Monnett said.

Asked whether he had any documentation to back that up, Monnett said that he did not.

“Science is about making the best case you can to test your hypothesis,” Monnett said.   “You assemble your arguments and your data, you put it out there, and you see who’s going to knock it down.”

“And surprisingly, nobody, you know, knocked this down in any way.   Everybody was just kind of like, ‘Oh, yeah, four dead polar bears.   Okay, that’s kind of cool,’ ” Monnett said.

Dr. Rob Roy Ramey, a biologist who specializes in endangered species scientific issues for Wildlife Science International, Inc., reviewed Monnett’s paper as well as the inspector general’s interviews for HUMAN EVENTS and said that the authors made unwarranted assumptions and large extrapolations based on a single event.

“They did not know if the polar bears actually drowned, they assumed that they had drowned.   There were no statistical tests, just extrapolations made with no accounting for measurement error,” Ramey said.

“The paper gives the appearance that rigorous surveying was done for polar bears, when it was not,” Ramey said.

“They were flying at 1,500 feet with the purpose of looking for bowhead whales, which are much larger and easier to spot.”

Ramey also says he sees a conflict of interest for Monnett’s wife to be part of the internal peer review, and questioned the awarding of a contract to Derocher, who also participated in the peer review.

“That’s not impartial,” Ramey said.   “It’s really important that peer review be truly independent.   If they can’t be, then everyone has to state their conflict right up front.”

“I think it’s very illustrative of the problems with government research on endangered species, and raises the question as to whether government should be in the business of science,” Ramey said.

Numerous studies contributed to the bear’s listing as a protected species, including the paper on polar bear drowning, which was cited in the Federal Register’s proposed rule.

In making the announcement May 14, 2008, to protect the bear under the Endangered Species Act, the Interior Department said the listing “is based on the best available science, which shows the loss of sea ice threatens and will likely continue to threaten polar bear habitat.”

The Interior Department said it would modify regulatory language “to prevent abuse of this listing to erect a backdoor climate policy outside our normal system of political accountability.”

As part of the Endangered Species Act listing, the department said work would continue with scientists to monitor polar bear populations and trends, as well as the effects of oil and gas operations in the Beaufort Sea region.

“Power, money, authority and recognition come with listings on the endangered species list,” Ramey said.

Investigators conducted a second interview with Monnett on Tuesday.   PEER said in a statement afterward that his “2006 peer-reviewed journal article on drowned polar bears remains the focus of the inquiry.”

Myron Ebell, director of energy and global warming policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said that the government is expected to “spend trillions of dollars to save the world from global warming on the basis of what a few scientists say.”

“There needs to be due diligence, and we need to challenge and investigate every single claim.   The public expects that,” Ebell said.   “But we find over and over that shoddy science has been put forward, and in some cases, dishonest and manipulated science, and they say, ‘Trust us,’ ” Ebell said.

“It’s extremely irresponsible.”

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  • hmstrtch

    Algore’s next self promotion scheme may be a wildlife series starring none other than the rolly polly eco-warrior himself titled something like “Gore Of The Artic”, which may mean one of my fondest fantasies could actually come true – to see him approach a polar bear with a peace offering of a dead mackeral only to be mauled to death, all in living color (“Gore on the ice”). Option #2 would be to take Michael Moore along and drop him off on an ice floe in the roll of Wally the Walrus, then sit back (at a safe distance) and enjoy the show. I use to think Algore would be the perfect contestant in that old Monthy Python skit, “Upper Class Twit Of The Year”, but this would be much more fun.

  • Thomas

    I have long suspected that it was never about saving the environment but rather we will soon be able to uncover more and more bribes, kickbacks, possibly from other oil producers, or maybe they do it to continue to milk the public for grants.

    Maybe some of them just are lefties. Who knows; but I would say there must be money in it.

  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    I can tell you the entire story here, all it takes is a Steven Wright skit-

    I got into an elevator at work and this man followed in after
    me… I pushed “1″ and he just stood there… I said, “Hi,
    where you going?” He said, “Phoenix.” So I pushed Phoenix. A
    few seconds later the doors opened, two tumbleweeds blew in…
    We were in downtown Phoenix. I looked at him and said, “You
    know, you’re the kind of guy I want to hang around with.” We
    got into his car and drove out to his shack in the desert. I
    asked him why he lives all alone out in the desert. He said,
    “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m doing secret research for the
    government.” I asked what kind of research. He said, “I’m
    trying to determine who REALLY built the pyramids. Now, I’m
    not positive, but I think it was a guy named ‘Phil’.” Then the
    phone rang. He said, “You get it.” I picked it up and said,
    “Hello?”… The other side said, “Is this Steven Wright?”… I
    said, “Yes…” The guy said, “Hi, I’m Mr. Jones, the student
    loan director from your bank. It seems you have missed your
    last 17 payments, and the university you attended said that they
    received none of the $17,000 we loaned you. We would just like
    to know what happened to the money?” I said, “Mr. Jones, I’ll
    give it to you straight. I gave all of the money to my friend
    Jiggs Casey, and with it he built a nuclear weapon… And I
    would appreciate it if you never called me again.”

  • turfmann

    Pity the poor polar bear, stranded upon a melting floe of Arctic Ice, the direct result of Anthropological Global Warming Cooling Climate Change Al Gore’s need to pay his mortgage.

    Did it ever occur to these over-educated nitwits that Polar Bears can swim?  Most animals that live in close proximity to the ocean and get most of their food from the ocean can swim you know.

    And just like mankind, who lives near the ocean, gets a lot of food from the ocean, sometimes we just plain drown.  Tragic, but not in any way, shape or form indicative of our endangerment as a species.  Although a case can be made that mankind is endangered because of his abject stupidity in buying into progressive nonsense like the stuff that Al Gore is selling.

    For some reason, I picked up Gore’s book Earth in the Balance back when I was young and a lot more moderate than I am now.  I recall reading and nodding my head in approval until I got to the chapter on pesticides.  That, my friends, was truly an epiphany.  As you might infer from my nom de cyber, I know a little bit about the subject.  When cut, I bleed 2,4-D.  You know that commercial for Tabasco sauce where the mosquito bites the guy eating Buffalo Wings and explodes?  Yeah, that’s me.  Except its from insecticide, not hot sauce.

    Gore’s knowledge on the subject of pesticides was a mile wide and an inch deep.  He repeated all of the liberal/progressive environmentalist tropes – a series of lies, distortions, fabrications all in a “gore-dian” knot of deceit.

    If this is the breadth of knowledge that Gore brings to pesticides, I pondered, what about the other subjects that he is writing about?

    And as I learned more about what he was advocating, with a skeptical eye, the more that I realized that he and his buddies were just flat out lying.  And they were making a ton of money doing it, all the while doing incredible damage to commerce and to liberty for no reason whatsoever.

    The EPA has, for the past forty odd years, been on a crusade to eliminate the use of pesticides for agricultural and horticultural purposes based upon a preconceived notion that all pesticides use is detrimental to the planet and to mankind.

    They have concocted the most convoluted mathematical models to support their conclusions and to justify their regulatory actions.  Go look up the model that uses the concept of a “risk cup”.  If what they are saying is true, then I should be dead.

    My daily exposure to pesticides is greater than the average American’s lifetime exposure. 

    Kind of like that scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when the Richard Dreyfus character is sitting in the government helicopter with the others that have been drawn inexplicably to Devil’s Tower and, in a moment of clarity, takes off his gas mask…  

    And draws a breath of perfectly fresh air.

    Take off your gas mask.  They are lying to you.  They are stealing your liberty.  It’s not the dandelion that you can’t kill that’s important (although sometimes I wonder dealing with some of my customers) its the jackboot of government upon your throat that’s important.

  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    I asked Steven if he had any more information on the research about the pyramids, he said that they gave the researcher $20 million to find out who built the pyramids, stating after extensive research the guy’s name was Phil, the government was flabbergasted and AMAZED. They asked him if they gave him $100 million if he could determine his last name, the response’ “I might be able to.” The government ponied up the money.

  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Just a reminder to everyone, who do you think came up with the scam on carbon credits? That would be ENRON! Who had affiliations with ENRON? Al Gore.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Great post! I personally think that every treehugging moonbat should be given the opportunity to go hug a wild polar bear!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if manmade global warming is real,then tidal waves are caused by whale farts!

  • Guest

    See environmentalism IS a HOAX! They make it up, so they can try to regulate every aspect of our lives  under the nanny state……. Algore should be jailed for public fraud and extortion!  

  • Saali

    This exonerates the widely disputed claims of the native people of the Arctic, the eskimos, that polar bears are not in danger, but are in fact increasing dramatically in population. We live there, it’s in our interest to know our animals.

    The listing of the polar bear on the Endangered Species Act has been a terrible travesty on many eskimo families. I hope Congress moves quickly to delist the bears.

    The same thing happened with the bowhead whale when its hunt was made illegal in Canada and regulated in Alaska. The numbers that were cited over the years turned out to be number crunching crap.

    I hope this teaches a lesson, that native people should be trusted when it comes the state of any species of animals in the environment.

  • Hominid

    As a scientist, I find it appalling that this sort of gov-sponsored, make-work, welfare is treated as legit science.

  • Conrad Dunkerson

    Wow, this article repeats the same incredibly stupid arguments that ‘investigator’ Eric May has been making;

    ‘the polar bears drowned because of the storm, not the retreat of pack ice’ – People who are NOT morons might be able to figure out that polar bears do not drown when they AREN’T IN THE WATER! Less ice = more polar bear hours spent swimming = more polar bears swimming when storms happen to come up = more drowned polar bears. Not exactly rocket science.

    ‘they saw four live bears before the storm and three dead bears after the storm, therefor 4 out of 7 (57%) bears lived’ – Again, people capable of basic reasoning might be able to work out that we DON’T KNOW whether the four bears seen alive before the storm survived. What we do know is that if the 4 bears seen alive before the storm were representative of the population swimming in the area and the 3 seen dead after the storm were representative of the effects of the storm then only 1 out of 4 (25%) bears would have survived the storm.

    Accusations like the above show just how ridiculous and biased this ‘investigation’ (and certain media coverage of it) has been.

  • sigp238

    Assuming we’re warmer now than we were. So what?Anyone ever consider that Earth was colder than ideal before?

    …Warm is better.Now what is our next problem?

  • Rod Anders

    Polar bears swim thousands of miles with no problems.

  • Rod Anders

    … and at exorbitant prices!

  • Dan Elmendorf

    I was paying for a Chinese take out last week, and mentioned the rainy weather we were having at the time.   The young lady at the counter quickly mentioned in her broken English, “global warming.”  I just as quickly said – “no, it’s not global warming – that’s a myth… just the normal pendulum of weather.”    Every time you can, when in a public setting, take a stand for truth and let others hear your opinions!   Others were sitting there, and hopefully it made them think a little.

  • Anthony998

    Did you read this part of the article? It seems you skipped over the part about them not knowing if the polar bears actually drowned or not (which is a pretty important fact that needed to be verified, but wasn’t) in that it is the main theme of Al Gore’s propaganda piece.

    “They did not know if the polar bears actually drowned, they assumed
    that they had drowned.  There were no statistical tests, just
    extrapolations made with no accounting for measurement error,” Ramey
    “The paper gives the appearance that rigorous surveying was done for polar bears, when it was not,” Ramey said.
    “They were flying at 1,500 feet with the purpose of looking for bowhead whales, which are much larger and easier to spot.”

    They were not even looking for polar bears, they were doing a survey on whales.


    I like it.  Along those same lines, let’s reintroduce wolves to Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C.  Not only would it promote preservation of an endangered species, it would decimate the rats, help control the feral cat population, and discourage vagrants.

  • rick_ds

    It’s all about power and money isn’t it!

  • lecco

    my mistake – this was not intended to post as reply to Conrad not sure what happened 

  • Mel

    The real question is “If Al Gore drowned …would anybody care?”

  • Dustoff

    And he bought a home on the Cal coast. Next to the water.

    So much for the warming and rising seas.  Right Al. 

  • rebelyell4

    Seems I went through a number of thoughts about polar bears when I first heard the story. Maybe I even read something, who knows. The first thing that came through my mind was, well, they know how to swim. Secondly I thought; how many polar bears? I had heard or see a report that ALL the polar bears were drifting off on ice flows and not finding food because global warming had changed the migration pattern of the fish somehow.

    I also heard that since the bears were scooting around on floating ice, that the ice had melted too fast for them to stay on it. Again, I kept thinking, they swim don’t they? Couldn’t they find a bigger piece of ice? I got all worried about the poor bears, but never believed that they had been so brainwashed into chasing food that was swimming that it would lead to their extinction. I figured that even if the fish werent there and the ice melted, that they would make it back and find some food.

    All this led me to search for something solid. I researched the number of poar bears counted in surveys. To be honest the exact results I got were so silly that I completely got off the subject and don’t even remember them.

    Know what the results were? It turned out that YES a slightly higher temperature cycle had been affecting the bears. Mostly their offspring. The survival rate of polar bear offspring had increased so much that the population of polar bears has expanded a great deal. It turns out that a slightly warmer climate was not bad, but great for the expansion of the species.

    Since I could not make a lot of sense out of them swimming and floating so far away from land they could not get back, I decided that the actual counts of polar bears hanging around ON land were probabably more accurate that those of polar bears that swam so far out they could not be found. I decided to be happy for the new bear cubs now surviving better cause they had more time to grow before swimming too far and since the number of polar bears keeps on increasing, we just have to hope it doesnt get too cold for them again.

    Only in the last few weeks have I discoverred that this whole stupid thing started over 4 bears that might have been lost in a storm, maybe. Here I worried about this for weeks, researched it, made up my own mind and it was all a waste of time.

    Al; you’re invited to my house for coffee. I need to speak with you.

  • rick_ds

    Yup! And he lives in a MASSIVE house with the biggest possible carbon footprint!

  • Guest

    And the absolute worst part of this, aside from all the lost jobs, the hysteria, the wasted taxpayer dollars and the brainwashed, but soon to be disillusioned generation of children…is that ACTUAL pollution, LOCALIZED POLLUTION which can have something done about it, has been completely ignored in a race to “save the planet” from what amounts to a giant political and confidence racket…REAL science has been dealt a blow by all of this that will take quite a while to recover from, once this mess has finally been put into its grave, where it belongs.

  • Fed Up

    So, on the basis of four dead bears observed from 1,500 feet in the air, Polar bears are now listed as an endangered species with far reaching ramifications to our economy and liberty.

    Well, at least our so-called environmental “scientists” are consistent.  After all, they are the ones who have schooled us for 50 years that the earth is some 5 billion years old and started out as a molten rock. Then, after hundreds of millions of years of cooling, warming, cataclysmic changes, tectonic shifts, ice ages, warm ages and all sorts of gargantuan variations in climate we have arrived at our present state of things.  So far, so good. 

    But now, after only approximately 100 years of modern, scientific observation, measurement and analysis, a mere blink of the eye, they have concluded that comparatively miniscule changes prove there is something seriously amiss and that we are the cause! 

    Trouble is, just like our bear scientist they have to pre-determine the parameters of what the data means (computer models) and then interpret it like clergy of yore arguing over how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. Not whether there are angels or if any can stand on a pin but rather how many. That’s “consensus”. But even then, our modern mystics must cook and obfuscate the results to achieve the desired effect on the minds of mankind.

    No? Monnett and Gleason protest they never mentioned global warming in their paper but readily acknowledge it was received enthusiastically by that cult and used as a pretext for more gov’t control.  Tell me, where is their follow up paper disavowing the connection?

    Also, science tells us that as recently 100,000 years ago or so the earth was in the last ice age. The ice sheet was supposedly as far south as Nebraska and as much as a mile thick.  A mile!  Well, wouldn’t the subsequent time rightly be called “global warming”?  And wouldn’t it have to change pretty significantly to reverse an ice age?  And yet, the world and man are fine.

    Beware the new priesthood, they are not about “science”.  They are about control.

  • Guest

    So, I guess you’re either someone who bought all this business hook-line-and-sinker and your ego cannot take the blow that you were WRONG…or you yourself somehow have a vested monetary interest in this stuff, and stand to lose out…or maybe you are simply a “useful idiot” such as your hero, V.I. Lenin described you…

  • jwebsmall

    Polar bears are fabulous swimmers.  It is not uncommon
    to find them swimming 100 miles from shore or nearest
    ice out for a trek for whatever reason.  They have even
    been found swimming 150 miles from shore of their own
    volition.  In other words polar bears don’t drown. Even if
    the ice island they might be on melted they could easily
    swim to the next.  Polar bears go for these swims like
    we go for our daily jogs.

    Al Gore is like a NAZI in a suit preaching for preserving living
    (i.e. carbon) space for society’s elite. Al Gore is like a holy
    roller preacher saying man’s sins are going to bring fiery judgment
    or like Malthus that over population (i.e. carbon polution of the
    developing world) is going to doom the human race.  Al Gore is
    too busy preaching and making money to look at his gross over
    indulgence. Other than heads of state nobody on planet earth
    has a bigger carbon foot print than Al Gore.  Al Gore is preaching
    chastity while he’s screwing everybody in the congregation he can.

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    Not mentioned ? The Top Polar Bear expert in the world can be googled .
    We have far more Polar Bears today in Alaska than we did 20 years ago .
    We are in our 6 th.year when every few months a major lie is outed over Global Warming . 
    What is silly and worse pathetic is the idea that man within One mile of the Atmospheric Earth …which is smaller  
    than a pin dot can actually change the temps One degree on Earth is a Far leftist Hoax to Control the all  .
    Man Kind for over 121 years in 41 countries  spending over 5 Trillion dollars has tried to  create Rain .(America mid west 12 yr Dusk Bowl ) Since 1/3 of the Earth Land is Desert and can’t produce Food for 7 Billion people on Earth  . As and Example 74 % of the entire Middle East is Desert  .
     All but 51 Countries on Earth have Deserts .China , Japan , Russia ,America , Australia, Africa  all have major Deserts .
    Look at no real rain in Texas for several months now .
    Not only can man not make it rain he can not stop it as well . 
    from Snowing  , Storms , Hurricanes or Tornado’s . 

  • barthomew

    It is stated that the global climate change connection is “inferred.” “Inferred” means that the audience or readers drew the conclusion, possibly on the basis of the subjective action of the audience or reader.  What the speaker actually seems to have meant but hid by choice of word is that the global climate change connection was “implied.” “Implied” means that those who wrote the study were actually objectively suggesting that a global climate change connection was responsible.  Use of the word “implied” would mean that the writers of the study would be given responsibilty for the conclusion the writers seemed to want to draw and that was not currectly until the study has recently been challenged.

  • Concerned4America

    Not all!

  • Dustoff

    Or, let the Bears eat the Eskimos.  Just being fair ya know.  (-: 

  • Linton_Citizen

    Governor Palin said a long time ago that Polar bear populations were actually growing when she confronted this propaganda a couple years ago.  She is not the dim wit the left has made her out to be.

  • Dustoff

    LOL… I live in WA state. Were now into fourth year of mild summers.  )-: 

  • Guest

    How can they even calculate how much of this or that comes out of a volcano?  I watched Mt. Etna, in Sicily, blow its top TWICE and the column of ash and gases that came out was incredible!  And it just kept on going for days, though in a diminished capacity…and that was only ONE VOLCANO…after seeing that, and thinking about it, I was convinced that they were full of…….manure.

  • suegonzalez

    “Eric Holder’s Justice
    Department has already declined to pursue any criminal prosecution in the
    probe, but the scientists still face possible administrative action for any
    wrongdoing, the inspector general said in the memo.”  Is it just me, or is Eric Holder ever going
    to prosecute anyone besides the state of AZ? 


    “Science is about making the
    best case you can to test your hypothesis,” Monnett said.  “You assemble
    your arguments and your data, you put it out there, and you see who’s going to
    knock it down.”  Unfortunately, it
    appears that science is really about making the best case to get grant

  • Guest

    When I was a kid, I LOVED science…now, it seems that the scientific method that I was taught is thrown out the window…and its all about “peer review”…well, lets see if our leftist buddies like what we wrote down…what a joke!  My apologies to you if you still respect SCIENCE as a PROCESS that will bear itself out to be right or wrong…

  • Paul Border

    I have to interject here… I too am a Government scientist. BUT, most of my brethern are ethical, honest and quite good. Please do not lump me in with people who mistake political agendas for mathmatical fact.
    On the ethics charge alone I hope they fry.

  • mememine

    Continued support of the CO2 mistake is hurting legitimate
    environmental efforts and social program advancements.

    Meanwhile, the UN, the media, academia and progressivism and
    the entire SCIENCE world had allowed carbon trading stock markets run by
    corporations and politicians to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation
    rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of climate CONTROL
    instead of the obviously needed POPULATION control

  • LarryPTL

    We shouldn’t be surprised about bogus science supporting the progressive position anymore. Emory Professor Michael Bellesiles fabricated evidence when he wrote his anti-2nd amendment book “Arming America”. He had to resign his prestigious position when his fraud came to light.

    Progressives believe so strongly that they know how to better take care of us than we do that in their minds it is perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, steal, even murder to achieve their aims. We must never forget that.

  • Community Organizer

    When’s the last time you’ve seen satellite photographs of the Arctic region? The global warming experts… including NASA, have turned their attention away from that region since the polar ice has returned and made their doomsday scenario laughable.

  • Guest

    It is NOT simply about money…it is about POWER…and for the left, money is a means to POWER…”classic” rich people are about what the money can buy them:  a nice house, cars, land, trips to exotic places, jewelry, a place in life for their kids…but the LEFT is about using money as a tool to push their ideological goals…and the ones who run that “business” are egomaniacs…like Gore or Soros…

  • Concerned4America

    They might even have starved to death because there are too many bears for the available food supply.

  • Guest

    GIGO…the art of the leftist “scientist”—GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!

  • Guest

    Might have to have a small party…but since I don’t have a lot of cash right now, I’d have to save up for when Soros is gone, too!

  • HAckston

    @Hominid. Well said. I’m not a scientist but I believe in the scientific method of inquiry. I believe in critical thinking rather than superstition or explaining natural phenomenon with anecdotes. Algore and the anthropogenic global climate change crowd violate all of these principles.

  • Dustoff

    They were flying at 1,500 feet with the purpose of looking for bowhead whales, which are much larger and easier to spot.”

    1500FT.  That’s pretty high up. Now it’s fine when looking for whales, but a bear?  500ft would be easier. 

  • Concerned4America

    Reference the post by Saali I would trust the people who have lived with the bears for generations and depend on them for part of their sustainance to know more about the bears than anyone from the south 48.

  • TxConfederate

    algore is a charlaton!

  • JohnBond

    Turfman, very well said. 

    My take…  Can man affect the climate through the production of greenhouse gases?  Yes.  But, such an impact in the vacuum of that hypothetical is meaningless to the real world in which the earth is constantly changing, breaking, healing, etc.  Man’s impact cannot be denied any more than a cow farting can be denied, but at what percentage of the whole?  I believe that I remember that it is a fraction of a percent of the total pollution/greenhouse factor.

    An aside, since you did bring up pesticides…  Is there any true independent analysis (not industry-supported science) that refutes Alar?  All I seem to find is the same source and the lead scientist/spokesperson is connected to a “Dow Chem”-type and is then ridiculed — which is a fair thing to do (just being fair and balanced!).

    I think the risk factor for Alar is perfectly reasonable.  To ban the whole product while taxing tobacco use which is hundreds of times worse when it comes to risk-of-death-per-million is a bit disingenuous.  Just my opinion.

  • rlhailssrpe

    I can state, without fear of contradiction, that polar bears die.  My drinking buddy agrees, so this is a peer reviewed fact.  I know the scientist in question is paid by, not works for, the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, (BOEMRE).  This is the new name for the disgraced now-defunct Minerals Management Service (MMS) who preferred prostitutes and booze when over viewing the BP well blow out which devastated the Gulf of Mexico.

    What I can not comprehend is why a few dead bears, floating in the sea, is a reason for destroying the industry which supplies over half of America’s electricity.  (Dirty coal combustion causes climate change, which melts polar ice, forcing bears to swim further.  A few die, so we may not use heat from coal.) There is no question that the chance observation of the dead bears made from a plane, flying for a wholly different mission, is the scientific basis for this destruction.  The references are crystal clear.  What I can not accept is that madmen, who call themselves educated people, would destroy my nation’s economy, on such absurdities.  There are legions of unemployed, talented Americans, coping with the government’s pogrom against coal.  This twisted mindset is as dangerous to our survival as any enemy.

  • Steven Felton

    I’ve read a lot of these and NO ONE is outraged at the money spent on these ridicuolus studies?

  • Disaster_Master

    I would like to nominate the Nobel Prize winning eco warrior Al Gore to lead the next Norwegian Outdoor Adventure trip North of the Arctic Circle.  He can study first hand the plight of the polar bears.  We will hang a porkchop around his neck for luck! By the way if they perhaps were caught in a storm, what generally happens in a storm?  Hmmmmm, Lightening maybe?  They could have been electrocuted, could have had a brain hemorrhage, may simply become disoriented in the storm and in fact drowned.  The loss of four does not an extinction make.  It is like the crisis of the caribou in Alaska as they built the pipeline.  Turns out the warmth of the pipeline allows grass to grow and provides shelter from the cold and they are making more baby caribou than ever!  That’s what I like to do when it is warm.  Well, kiddies, the lesson for today is that nature is nature, man isn’t killing the planet and Norwegians are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!

  • Disaster_Master

    Awwww comon, that was funny.

  • JohnBond

    Dan, I agree.  You either correct them or you mock them.  When we had cool weather one summer I would love to remind people of Global Warming — especially on days when Gore was supposed to hold a seminar but had to be cancelled/rescheduled because of a snow storm or other cooler, inclement weather.

    Al Gore is a contemporary Goebbels — repeat a lie often enough, no matter how outrageous, and the smaller minds will believe it to be true.


  • Forrest Samuels

    Natural climate cycles don’t disprove anthropogenic climate change. Science obviously needs and does take it into account in the analysis though.

  • Rich Zebro

    Is the “global warming tangent” implying that polar bears are losing there ability to swim due to global warming?

  • libsmakemelaugh

    I hope a polar bear eats al gore.

  • JohnBond

    Greg, environmentalism is not a hoax.  It is stewardship.  However, when it is adulterated it becomes a religion to some.  It becomes perverted by those who are not satisfied with a moderate (pronounced “reasoned”) approach to life.

    You are correct, “…so they can try to regulate every aspect of our lives under the nanny state…”  It is not the goal of clean air or clean water demi-gods to solve the problem, but to leverage the issue for more power/authority over us.

  • craigs

    It would appear to me as if this these people in charge of tax dollars or “studies” are being legally represented by the global warming lobby.

    While it may be legal it would appear to be no different than someone in government found to be promoting racism against blacks being legally defended by the KKK.

    Doesn’t gel with me; this is all criminal there were no ‘mistakes’. If it were a ‘mistake’ the people always could of explained themselves better but they knew exactly what they were doing.

  • Saali

    My apologies to you personally. But then every group has its detractors as well as its scumbags… the point here is my dim view of government scientists and consultants in general is, I believe, well founded.

  • craigs

    NASA is too busy now with muslim outreach; the new NASA under team arab obama.

  • JohnBond

    Dustoff,  Don’tchaknow that Al stands on the water’s edge each morning with his arms outstretched and “wills back” the tides? 

  • Phocus Please

    Ask Russia about population control…they are begging for babies.

  • OdinsAcolyte

    Once more bad science (lies) will out. What is done in the dark shall come to the light. The liars who concocted the global warming scam shall be prosecuted and executed if there is any justice under the sun (there is not).  Humans with any real cross disciplinary education have know from the start this mess was an outright lie. I suppose we get why we deserve. Humanity is ignorant and proud of it. Let’s devote more money to the arts and humanities. They emote rather than study.  An educated public would have been immune to these lies. There is none.

  • Guest

    Of course folks are outraged…however, how do you get the money back?  You can’t, its wasted…all you can do is try and do your tiny little part to let folks know the truth and get this bullmanure shut down so they don’t waste any more…

  • JohnBond

    Vance,  Well said!  However, I think that the Magna Carta took power away from the “ruling class” (e.g., nobels) and afforded the peasants with certain rights. 

  • Jim Mann

    What? We dont even know if those were the same bears. We dont know how they died. They werent even studying bears, but made a decision to come up with some assumptions and publish a paper. The ice isnt melting so much that there are miles of water where there recently was ice. Why is the left so dumb?

  • Phocus Please

    Yes, Eric Holder will prosecute you if you’re white and don’t shut up!

  • Guest

    You completely misunderstand.  They needed a way to convince the AMERICAN PEOPLE to hose themselves over, or allow themselves to be hosed over…and saving the planet sounded like a great plan.  The leftists want to shut down our society as we have known it, and make some sort of socialist utopia where all will be planned out and perfect…everyone will have everything “just the same” (except for those that are more equal than others of course) and no one will complain…it will be a perfect world (thus utopia)…too bad for them that the world doesn’t work like that.  IF they succeed in bringing down our society (civilization), the more likely outcome is a new Dark Ages…and I’m pretty sure they weren’t all that big on “equalness” or the environment during the Dark Ages.

  • Christopher Baker

    ‘Oh, yeah, four dead polar bears.  Okay, that’s kind of cool,’

    This is the reason we have suffered the global warming farce, and trillions have been spent around the world already making everything verdant.  The word means green with vegetation. It also means;inexperienced; unsophisticated   example: verdant college freshmen.
    (PBS uses the word as part of their sign off in between shows) These ‘pseudo-scientists’
    were collecting data on a specific subject (whales) and based their global warming hypothesis generating statements about the dead bears on mental notes that weren’t ever accurate. They didn’t even know if there were three or four dead bears. They had no clue as to why they were dead. Science is not done with hypothesis. its just getting started when you hypothesis then you pursue the facts where they lead. These parasitic worms have spread their larvae deep into the scientific world and made so many people around the planet dumber for it.

  • JohnBond

    From Wiki (…

    How far can a Polar Bear swim?


    Polar bears are efficient swimmers, for such large animals.
    While in the water they paddle with their front feet, and use the hind
    feet as rudders. They can swim at a speeds of 4-6 mph and paddle
    non-stop for 100 miles. Have been seen swimming several hundred miles
    from the nearest ice or land. While swimming, they keep their eyes open,
    their nostrils shut and their ears flattened to their heads. Polar
    bears can stay under up to 2 minutes. They are also capable of leaping
    out of the water 7′-8′ feet from a swimming start. They have been seen
    catching seals that way.

    Read more:

    Seems to me, if I could swim at speeds of 4-6 mph for up to 100 miles I would have a pretty good chance of surviving in the water. 

  • 2Fast4U

    Either way, the authors of this paper never publicly refuted the inference or the implication that influenced the public response.

  • dsmith548

    Really, so how do you explain the ‘hide the decline’ memos and Hockey Stick graph? I guess those two examples of scientists cherry picking their data is “taking it into account”? Or how about the memos stating that they need to ignore the Medieval Warming period? It’s a shame that people are so filled with self importance and wed to this sham, that facts get ignored for money, power and a feeling of “Look at me, I care!”

  • 2Fast4U

    It was all about money.  AlGore and his buddies stood to make billions trading carbon credits if Cap and Trade went through.

  • Jonathon Fulkerson

    When you have other planets in our solar system warming up, it’s not anthropogenic. Open your mind a little Forrest. Our planet is hugely impacted by solar cycles. Do you not agree that the earth has cooled and warmed on it’s own since the beginning? We aren’t even at the peak of a warming cycle. Do nothing. Human interference in climate will only have disastrous effects on our quality of life and the earth in general.

  • Guest

    Its not just about the money…if it was, they would have taken the money at the peak of the scam and ran with it, so to speak…its about the money being used to fuel POWER and IDEOLOGY, LEFTIST IDEOLOGY…they want total control and they need power to do it…in their quest for utopia with them as the enlightened masters guiding the equalized masses of humanity…they are sick, twisted people.

  • DJH

    Typical of alarmists like this, first they say who are you to question me (same old same old from the global warming nazi’s like this clown) then they admit they may have been sloppy and WRONG – oh, but the problem is you and I for questioning him to begin with.

    If idiots like gore and these clowns would allow a legit discussion on global warming, etc. we’d probably already have a genuine consensus, not one born out of a group of like minded scientists and researchers who attacked every legitimate scientist who disagreed. The epitome of cowardice and professional misconduct!

  • Richard_Iowa

    Including a table in a manuscript based on anecdotal evidence is totally unacceptable.  The table should have stated how the data was collected and analyzed, along with probabilities.  Although I have not seen the table I am surprised that the reviewers did not see this table as a big red flag.  Plus, flying over 4 dead, floating polar bears at 1,500 ft. and inferring that they had drowned is also totally unacceptable.  Was there water in their lungs, did they eat a contaminated seal and die of food poisioning, were they shot; and the list goes on?  It is OK to suggest and infer on the basis of data, but inferences and suggestions should be based on sound data that has been properly analyzed.  Either these guys had an agenda, or they were poorly trained in graduate school.

  • Emerson

    Good intentions know no boundaries of Truth and Honesty. The bigger the lie the better in the name of Science (grants)!

  • Jonathan777

    Eric Holder and Obama refuse to prosecute or look into fraud with this guy who is now in charge of $50 million of our tax dollars thanks to his fraudulent paper??? Oh, nevermind, the polar bears are white and Holder said the DOJ will only prosecute cases involving minority victims.

  • JohnBond

    And when they get tired of swimming, they have the ability to float.

    I’ve also seen them drinking a Coke — maybe Michelle Obama can put out a warning to them about the high fructose/sugar content and the possibility of obesity.  But, then again, they need the extra calories to support their blubber content.  Oh, well…


  • GarandFan

    But…but…but they’re “scientists”!  The Goracle said so.  The only “scientists” that you’re supposed to question are the one’s questioning AGW. 

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Have you ever noticed that these Morons claim everything is Beautiful and Natural, less two things…. Petroleum and People.  Much like the Homosexuals who refuse to fight AIDS by practicing abstinence, these “Experts” put the Earth at risk just by their existence.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    How lovely is it that some of these scientists are finally being held to account for fraud in their government funded studies? : )

    That will clear out the old pipes, if we go after them like that.

  • chuckles88

    Polar bears have been know to swim over 100 miles. They float! They can rest as often as necessary.  They can eat while swimming. A bullet, storm, or disease is about it for killing one. Can I get a few million dollars for using Google? I need a government grant.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Government funds scientific studies. If those studies are falsified that is fraud and should be prosecuted vigorously.

  • iamgumby

    Banning DDT because of Rachel Carson and no acceptance of legitimate research showing that its use does not cause the problems cited by a minority of wackos.  That was such a mistake.  DDT, the only effective means of controlling the malarial mosquito ,has cost millions of lives by being banned.  Those people responsible should be put on trial, convicted, and left in prison for life.

  • Leaguer

    Whatever it was, it wasn’t science.

  • markkozikowski

    “Gleason told investigators that reaction to his and Monnett’s paper was overblown and spun out of context.”
    Then they should have said something, and continued to say something, and perhaps bring charges against A. Gore for saying the wrong thing.

    No, I rather believe that they are complicit in their complacency.

  • EllenO

     Great post.  I agree. The tourists up in Churchill have to be kept from the bears.  Some  even want to pat the bears!

  • scott31

    Larry, Great Point!  I was in law school when Bellisiles wrote “Arming America.”  I was also President for the Students For Second Amendment Society at the time.  Bellesiles thesis was that America did not become a “gun culture” until the mid-1800′s.  He based his findings on colonial probate records which showed that firearms were rarely part of the estate.  From there, Bellisiles postulated since this was the case then firearms, during our colonial era, were not a major part of our culture.  What he did not realize (or maybe he did but just kept out of his book) was that firearms were handed down from father to son without having to go to probate. 

    The point here concerning the lefts scientific endevours is this: Historians from many colleges and universities conducted a peer review of his book and found it so lacking in facts and scientific foundation he wsa quickly called to carpet and released from his employ at Emory.  In this case, who did the peer review?  His wife?  What kind of facts did this guy have to substantiate his thesis? He happened to see four dead polar bears floating in the water from 1,500 feet in the air? 

    It is just the same-old same-old from these folks.  Sometimes I really think they believe we are that stupid and would follow them over a cliff if they just shouted loudly enough.  It makes me want to tak the whole lot of them and form another “Botany Bay” except on the moon instead of Australia.

  • StevenM

    Unfortunately one bad government scientist can stain the reputation and credibility of hundreds of others.  These guys will not “fry”; nothing at all will happen to them.  Eric Holder has already said that no criminal charges will be filed.  The current administration is still hoping to use the Global Warming Hoax to increase revenues and grab more power.  If these guys were aiding the skeptics they would already have been fired and now be carefully guarding their soft butts in prison.

  • Paul Border

    Personally, I’d be more amused if he froze… ;-D

  • rlhailssrpe

    You are correct, I completely misunderstand this way of thinking. It is not science, not the full, open disclosure of new facts. It does not serve my nation. It destroys us, via half truths, and twisted logic, clothed in techno babble.

    Government science has a stench about it. This, God forbid, may be our problem.

  • sigp238

    Sigh,You don’t have to be a scientific expert to recognize BS.

  • Saali

    I know a few eskimo women who’d love to pet Hulk Hogan coz of his cuddly looks… *shudders in horror*

  • Laine Brunetto

    You’ll love this:

    It’s a link to an article in Nov 2009 about Al Gore’s billions as a result of his global warming schpeel…

  • steve5150

    Any time someone tells you an issue is “settled science” that person is not a scientist. Science is the search for knowledge.  Those who claim to have the only correct answer are proposing a false religion.  

  • Lori Ward

    Does this mean we get to repeal AB32 in Calif, along with all the climate legislation, skyrocketing electric bills for climate/greenhouse regulation (as if we are god).. blaaaa..??? I’m sending this to our governor and all our legislators..enough already!! 

  • Brian Kelsey

    Polar bears can swim. If they drown it isn’t because of melting ice.

  • kendrick1

    I can see it now rick_ds!!  Millions of years from now, when the earth is going through those warming periods, the people will say, “This what grandfather Al Gore, (6.023 x 10 the the 23rd power, removed) predicted would happen and they wouldn’t listen!!”

  • Willie Wonka

    This is criminal, here is why:
    He knowingly misled, lied, and promoted the lies to further a political agenda.
    The misinformation he created was paid for by taxpayers, that is theft.
    All the activity his lies created were also payed for by taxpayers.
    Low estimate of his theft through deception, a least a few million.

    He, and all his co-conspirators should be jailed, fined for every penny they stole and banned from ever receiving another single cent of tax payers money in any way, including working for any organization that receives any tax payer money directly, indirectly or in the form of any tax breaks.  That will include: All non-profits, all educational institutions, and any government contractors. Also, because he stole from the tax payers, he should ineligible for any goverment assistance program, unemployment, welfare, food stamps, housing, medicare, Obamacare, social security, etc.

  • steve5150

    Thank you Hominid.
    I as a car salesman who studies science as a hobby am pleased to learn that at least one scientists has not sold his soul and his ideals for a government handout.

    On another note your avitar is better than mine!

  • Dustoff

     You know that in many nations. Most of all Mexico. You can still get R-12.  (-:

  • Dustoff

     Hey now, you trying to get the poor Bear sick? 

  • Dustoff

    Muslims have been to space?   Who knew. 

  • sigp238

    Well, of course the ultimate idiocy is that for this whole issue to make any sense at all, one has to believe the earth’s climate is a static system.If that were the case, dinosaurs would still be roaming around, and we wouldn’t even exist.
    A mere 10,000 years ago, my property here in So Mich was under about 1/2 mile of ice. Wooly mammoths and saber-toothed cats were part of the local fauna.
    These fanatics are completely brain-dead.

  • StevenM

    Very well said indeed. One has to go no further for examples of the deceit of the environmental movement than their very first big target… DDT.  All participants with
    first hand scientific knowledge of the science and history of the origins and use of DDT knew that the entire campaign was fraudulent yet the pseudo-scientists prevailed because their propaganda managed to convince popular entertainers, the public and politicians.  They did such a good job that even today people still shudder when DDT is mentioned. 

    I am a hazmat fire lieutenant; I recently completed a hazardous materials chemistry course.  During the course one of the substances used as an example was DDT.  The teacher and the other students all seemed horrified just by the sight of DDT’s chemical formula.  Rachel Carlson’s fictional book, ‘Silent Spring’ is even today causing trepidation among people who are suppose to be professionals.  Amazing!

  • rjb69

    Why are these reports on the same topic totally different?

  • biggoofer

    Plants, another source of food, grows more in the warmer climate!

  • JD

    Algore says bullshit

  • rebelyell4

    Seems I just read an article about a part of Texas? that is proving to have been a part of what is now the south pole. Then I got to thinking about some silly teacher that seemed to be telling me that the south pole is all ice and not a real continent. Of course if texas and the South pole were connected at one time, then “man” must have flooded this mess before. Could be he got mad at some scientist?

    But I will continue to search for the truth and drink my coffee. Perhaps I need to retun to that ole #7 and get better visions? It must be very hard to continue to believe that science has better information than God. Poor Al. Hey Al; life is hard and then we die.

  • Best Unmentioned

    lol.  one of the government’s scientists admits to having performed polar bear necropsies visually, from 1500 feet up in the air, never laying hands on the animals, yet proclaiming that they died from shrinking polar ice caps.

    love it.

  • rob

    finally the leftist morons who believe that global warming is caused by man will be silenced by their own lies!!!

  • rebelyell4

    Real men do prefer prostitutes and booze, I am certain that it is a scientific fact.

    On the more serious side: yes, they wish for all human life to return to a more “natural” uncivilized way and depopulate the planet. Of course this is only as long as the powers that be keep all the goodies.

  • Red

    What’s the difference between an Altoid and an Altard?  One’s a curiously strong mint, the other is an unbelievably ignorant waste of flesh.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    VERY well said, Mr. ‘Sig!

  • globalcrap

    He probably thinks he can be Moses, when the seas rise. Idiot.

  • rebelyell4

    I’m going with irradiated by a Russian submarine.

  • Rick Vid

    You must be one of those pseudo-scientists paid off to say this sort of thing. Hey, tell me, how can I get in on the action? I aked algoracle about getting in on being paid to tout manmadeglowballwarmeningthatwilldestroytheearthandkillusall, but he did not answer back.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    F.S., the MARTIAN polar ice caps are melting and there isn’t a single SUV on the entire planet, let alone a coal-fired power plant!

  • mentaloaf

    The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Phillippines in 1991 put more CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere in a month than humankind has since the beginning of recorded history…You think you’re making a difference driving that Prius around?  Think again…

  • LEL

    MEAN WHILE, The EPA continues to regulate the country’s economy to death !

  • rebelyell4

    And if the population of polar bears has doubled in the 20 or 30 years of this climate cycle that warmed us up, then twice as many polar bears will die.

    It’s therefore true that a warmer climate will kill more polar bears. I had very good professors teach me that kind of thnking. Trouble is, Al believes it. I just passed the tests.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Aaaaww, pooow widdwe moonbat, out of Kool-Aid today?

  • mentaloaf

    Also, it’s been found that even without a major volcanic event, more CO2 is released into the atmosphere by the Earth by far than human produced CO2…Also, the aformentioned eruption actually caused a short-term global COOLING pattern possibly as a result of the greenhouse gases emitted….I had a question too…whatever happened to the whole ozone layer hole catastrophe? Or is that tied into the global warming bs?

  • rick_ds

    good comeback Saali! HA!

  • Rick Vid

    No, he is from Tennesee, not North Carolina. Oh, wait, charlatan! Okay, now I see.

  • biorep1

    more articles like this may push Algore over the edge…Cant wait for that show. Of course beyond the clown circus he currently has going

  • rebelyell4

    I have actually worked very hard from time to time to make sure the data circuits of these weather reporting stations were functioning and very well indeed. It did stike me funny that they were in the oddest locations. Many of them had been built around since original installations. At times more heat was created because of electric distribution or air conditioning units around them. Even reflected heat was a problem. Others were now in behind planted bushes and barely accesable.

    I was riding to the doc the other day and noticed a bank temperature, it read 85 degrees. I told my wife that they were nuts cause I felt like it was 90. But I hedged my bet and looked at the bank, it was almost completely in the shade of some very large oak trees. The next bank was 89 out in the sunlight. I felt very much better about my logical thinking.

    God will continue to cycle the planets through life and life through the planets, we are also natural. Therefore, what we do to survive as humans is built into the cycle.

  • Hominid

    Sorry, Forrest, but the models do a very poor job of taking long term climate trends into account largely because there are insufficient data to enable predictable extrapolation into variables of less than thousands of years.  The models also do a very poor job of accurately incorporating many empirical variables into their models – e.g., the effects of ozone and the size of the ozone hole, rain cloud distributions and precipitation, the efficiency of transfer of heat into space.  Finally, the raw data range from nonexistent (that’s right – I mean fabricated) to unreliable (due largely to inconsistencies in its collection).  The best data on atmospheric and oceanic data come from orbiting satellites that have only been recording sufficiently for about the past 12 to 15 years – interestingly these data indicate global atmospheric cooling over the past several years.  You’re right that climate cycles don’t invalidate man-made change, but that misses the point because the hypothesis IS man-made change – and that hypothesis requires validation – that validation has not been forthcoming.

  • LeRoyDaniels

    “Monnett now manages $50 million in studies as part of his duties as a wildlife biologist with the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.”

    There’s $50 million we can immediately cut from the federal budget.  And I’m sure there’s billions more like it.  Like programs that watch shrimp run on a treadmill, etc.

    And by the way.  Algore was a c-student in college in one of the easiest subjects there is, journalism.  Why does anyone in the science community give him any credence at all?  Only because algore creates hysteria that results in big study grants for them.   

  • Rick_Kalifornication

    Your comments remind me of the reading Charlton Heston did from Michael Crichton’s writings on the Global Warming crap that was being preached.

    I think we’re being a bit arrogant in thinking that we can actually control the weather of the entire planet. The planet has an incredible ability to heal and regulate itself. We’re just like ants upon its surface.

  • ed357

    Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)………..

    is just another way that Al Goron and the Global Warming Mafia can separate MOONBATS from their money.

  • Il

    Junk science.  I could see a coroner observing a floating human body from 1500 feet and giving the cause of death.  He/she would be fired.

    Also, an inconvenient truth; polar bears lived and thrived when there was no,zip,nada permanent Arctic ice cap. 

  • Hominid

    Poorly trained, had an agenda, and the ‘peers’ who review them are in the same funding pool.

  • truth

    Isn’t it interesting to note that we are all going to die at our own hand, unless of course we give money to Al and his friends…..then everything will be alright.

  • Guest

    She might have been applying a bit of irony. Recently, when a friend had a tire go flat, I simply told him it was Geo. Bush’s fault for not properly regulating tire and stem valve manufacturers….. mentioning that it (the flat) might have been due to Big Oil’s improperly refining the petroleum used in making the failed tire. He laughed and we changed the tire.

  • Billtexas

    Back in my younger days when I was sparking (dating) the spousal unit, we were on the beach in Hawaii an wanted some privacy; we decided to head into the water and proceeded to tread water and just talk for well over and 1 1/2 hours.  Now if I could tread water and hold on to a young lady for that long a time, doesn’t it stand to reason that a polar bear can swim or stay afloat for a much longer period of time?

    No, I imagine something else got a hold of them there bears.  Since there was 4 bears in a group (or so I’m told), it stands to reason they were poisoned, shot, or met another unnatural death.  At the very least, they seemed to have died together, otherwise I think the other bears would have wandered off.  I’m not an expert at currents but, if they had died in separate locations, would the currents have brought them back together?  Now, I’m writing this without ever having looked at the picture in question and am just assuming from discussions that the picture from 1500 feet had all the bear carcasses in the same locale.  If I’m wrong, please let me know.  But, I still stand by my assertion that polar bears can swim for vast distances.

  • Hominid

    You’ll have no problem uncovering major ‘scientific’ frauds – Margaret Mead, Rachel Carson, Kinsey, Stephen Gould, Carl Sagan, and on and on.  The common denominator is that they were all great talkers and piss poor scientists.  Oh, and they all had a Liberal political agenda to promote.

  • Guest

     “The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere” with business.” ~ Clarence Darrow —

  • TomGenin

    I saw a dead squirell after a day with 5 mph winds after traveling 1 mile.

    Therefore, using the quality of scientific analysis used by the aforementioned “scientists,” If I driver cross country and the average wind speed is 15 mph, I should expect to see 9,000 dead squirrels.

    Of course we don’t know if the wind killed the squriell, if there were more squirrels that I didn’t see, if I traveled another 100 miles and didn’t see any squirrels, etc.

    What does the D in Phd stand for? Doofus?

  • Billtexas

    I’ve often wondered why the weather reports come from the airports.  I’ve traveled into and out of DFW airport on more than a few occassions, there is miles and miles of black tarmac that is absorbing heat.  That has to be skewing the thermometers at the airports.  Just wondering!

  • hps2

    The “D” stands for “deeper”, as in Piled Higher and Deeper.

  • Billtexas

    Not so fast there my friend!  Didn’t we land a man made vehicle up there on Mars several years back?  That Mars Rover must be causing the the Martian Ice Caps to melt; proof positive of Man Made Global Warming!  OMG AlGore is right!


    Your question is answered by your own link to NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO.  The reason why is NPR has been exposed as a liberal/left wink kook tank. Their president resigned in disgrace, another was caught on a video stick sucking up for a large contribution and they fired Juan Williams (who is quite biased on his own by the way). NPR does some good work, but reliable news is not part of that. rjb69 … ya gotta read between the lines and listen to both sides and seek the third side … the truth.

  • rjb69

    Something doesn’t add up with this article.  Is anyone here actually reading other reports on this topic?  Or, are you just going with what you want to hear?

  • BobA

    Fraud is fraud.   They should spend 10  years in prison for fraud sold as science. 

  • HankHilltopper

    In response to Forrest Samuels and Hominid:  Mr Samuels, I was actually pleased to see you acknowledge climate change as ‘natural’ since climate change is a natural phenomenon.  And I would agree to an extent that climate change consists of anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic events/activities.  However, it would appear that up until now that the biggest hurdle for GWTs is the accurate quanitification of each and how much of each contributes to climate change.  To date, models used are not accurate (as Hominid points out) because of a number of factors including the exclusion or inappropriate use of forcing(s), vectors, and the net effect of anthropogenic activities especially influenced by ‘sinks,’ particularly rainforests — temperate and tropical (primarily tropical rainforests).  I also agree with your comment recommending that science needs to take ‘it’ into account in the analysis.  [I'm presuming that we could substitute 'natural climate cycles' or 'anthropogenic climate change' for 'it.']  Up until now some scientists have appropriately and properly taken these things into account; however, far too many scientists, esp a number of scientists in the ACS, NIS, etc have discounted the truly quantifiable effects of non-anthropogenic climate change events/activities.  Hominid — loved your response.

  • BlakeSDavis


    Everything the Democrat Party left is based on LIES and CORRUPTION – EVERYTHING!

    1. The left and “environmentalists” have no compunction about lying in support of their ’cause.” Never have – truth is a stranger to what they do.

    2. The welfare state is a lie. It has killed the African American family, and criminalized their community. So the Democrat left adopts ‘political correctness’ so the truth can be hidden.

    3. The “hockey stick’ graph – a LIE

    4. Climategate – More big fat LIES

    5. The “decline” another LIE

    6. Illegal immigration – the benefits supported by LIES

    7. What is scary is that this nonsense is taught in schools.

    8. Public unions funnel taxpayer funds to Democrats through campaign donations in return for insane benefits – the result is crippling taxes – Democrat CORRUPTION

    9.Obama does NOTHING – signs bills others write, in the meantime LIES about the economy and everything else.

    10. The Democrat media spreads LIES about Palin and other conservative leaders and the Tea Party

    EVERYTHING the left does is based on the bad side of human nature – it is a systematic way to destroy everything that is good and replace it with lies and corruption. Look at everything that is wrong with America today and at its heart you will find some Democrat cause supported by the Democrat media

  • rjb69

    Please, spare me the ad hominem fallacy.  There are facts in the report.  You cannot discredit verifiable facts because you think NPR is a “liberal/left wink kook tank”.  The issue remains, the “”liberal/left wink kook tank” and the “radical right-wing mouthpiece, Human Events” present vastly different perspectives about the same story.

    Is this how to rationalize an issue?  To only accept claims that state what you want it to say?

  • Billtexas

    The question to be answered is: If Al Gore drowned, could we blame the resultant rise in sea levels on his bloated body?

  • Billtexas

    Do sharks like to eat polar bears?  What about killer whales?  They may be able to swim 100 miles, but is it a good idea?  Then again, I don’t know if sharks care for cold water.  I’m just curious about this point.

  • Billtexas

    I thought they switched to Pepsi when they swimmed south.  Haven’t you seen the new pictures?

  • DaveVB

    You stole my thunder….This was gonna be my post: I’m certain that this study funding is on top of the list of the SUPER DOOPER CONGRESS’s Committee agenda for cutting. Noooooooo they must only focus on entitlements and the other MOST CONTROVERSIAL items in order to create the most mayhem in our political system as it goes into the election year. 

  • victorbarney

    You’re all right on the global warming lies, but this Marxist(Anti-Christ) “New World Order” government is coming soon on the scene like it or not! If 12% of our population, who make up most of our criminal population can become President then the Marxist New World Order is a certainity! I never heard any body complaining about the UN functioning under a marxist manifesto charter! It does, as did the former League of Nations! No? Then, we’re the real idiots. Watch!

  • Gil_the_thrill

    PEER calls Monnett’s work “groundbreaking research,”

    It would have been more appropriate if they had called it “icebreaking research”!

  • Gil_the_thrill

    Do you know how to catch a polar bear? You go out on the ice and cut a hole in it. Then get a can of peas and put it around the hole. When the bear comes to take a pea you kick him in the ice hole!

  • Billtexas

    Then again, if photographed from 1500 ft, maybe they were simply napping while floating. 

    Do the bears care?  They’re not likely to wave at the stupid puny humans; then again, they could have gotten together and said, “hey let’s float around and pretend we’re dead and this idiot AlGore will cause a big stink so the Eskimo’s won’t be able to hunt us anymore.” 

  • Kurt

    Not winning…. Science is NaCl, H2O, F=MA, and so on, scientists agree 100% on real scientific fact and proven hypotheses, global climate change or warming being influenced ‘greatly’ by man, by CO2 emissions is not inarguable science, thousands of scientists don’t agree and they’re not all working for BP.  CO2 is a tiny component of our atmosphere and a pure causal relationship as depicted with Gore’s infamous hockey stick graph is bad science, not proven, it just hasn’t been proven.  First it was global warming, then when it got cold they called it global climate change, that’s not science.  And not sure if you’re old enough, but in the 70′s the cover of TIME was warning of a coming ice age, so please. 

  • John

    It’s Bush’s fault. He drowned the polar bears. U know i’m kidding or course. But really, what is happening to the scientific community. When i was in High School they told us of the Coming ice Age, and by the year 2000 we wouldn’t have enough food to feed everybody. We were shown films called future shock and such…. Well guess what , they were wrong and now with Maurice Strong and Al gore leading the charge for Climate change we are “f”ed unless we fight back. Global warming didn’t stick so its climate change. When does the climate not change? Kill the economy with stupid green projects and watch our economy tumble. IF Al and friends really loved our country, he would fight for a strong economy. If we kill it with Carbon reduction and astronomically expensive green projects, watch how poor people with no money or hope will strip the environment for a meager existence. Just look at the poor countries, they strip everything just to live. I hope we are not headed there. 

  • Billtexas

    It is also true, that anyone who has ever eaten a carrot throughout history has died or is going to die!  Therefore, Michelle Obama should get BHO to ban carrots so that humanity can be saved!

  • Robert Courtney

    These man made climate change folks had better pack it in now while the Political will to make formal criminal charges is lacking.
    When we get a Republican President in 2013, that will change with a new DOJ Chief. Count on it.
    The Global Warming meme is falling apart, faster and faster, and the TRILLIONS of $ spent based on these so called “scientific reports” will eventually have to be accounted for.
    The WORLD is broke! And money ponzi schemed by these EnviroNuts will have to be justified, or there WILL be prison time for the perpetrators.
    Bernie Madoff never thought HE would go to prison, either. And this scam is a 1000X worse than Madoff’s scam.

  • Billtexas

    Can a bear run and take a pea at the same time?  If not, your plan might work?

  • Gil_the_thrill

    I think not. Peas are very small, so the bear would have to stop running and bend over in order to take the pea.  That is when you would have the opportunity to kick him in the ice hole!

  • bill

    Got to love Avogadro’s number. I think that’s also the size of algore’s carbon footprint what with all the jets, suvs, houses etc… what a hypocrite!

  • Billtexas

    You know what is interesting?  Back when Galileo and other believing Christian scientists discovered something that went against the dogma of the established scientific community and church of their day, they were threatened with being a heretic and death. 

    Now we have so called science (or anti-Christian) orthodoxy that has a ridigidly established system.  Now when a scientist dares to question the established orthodoxy, they are threatened with being called heretics, lunatics, (dare I say) Christians, who are anti-science.  It seems once their religion is challenged, they don’t want to hear it.

    Religions change, science doesn’t.  Where is Donovan?

  • michael


  • pipman

    “I love it when libs fail.”
    The problem with the myriad failures of the Liberalcentric/Conserveophobic is that their “solution” is to reward/promote the guilty individuals and throw more money at doing more of the same things that created the problem.

  • Billtexas

    Because it’s cold down there?

  • Guest

    Man made global warming is nothing more than a scam hatched by the left to tax carbon, an essential element of life on the planet. Europe and Australia got duped and the US almost got duped as well. Thank God for Climate Gate and all these new revelations. The carbon tax scheme is DOA!!!

  • bill

    You couldn’t be more correct. People need to remember that at one time it was “scientific”consensus that the earth was flat. Science is about discovery, reproducing results, and peer review (not by the same people who are giving the grants like some of the global warming “research”). science is not consensus, consensus is for politics.

  • Ken Kirkham

    And in Eastern Washington we have had the first year in 10 that is not considered a drought.  Several local lakes that have been receding for years are higher this year.  Our crops are growing wonderfully (thanks to the increased CO2).

    I don’t see a problem…

  • Asmurff

    Science is obviously on sale to the highest bidder or liberal scientist don’t care about the truth only proving their agenda. The amount of US tax dollars spent on faulty, tainted, twisted, skewed and out and out false research is ridiculous! Is the suspended one still drawing his paycheck if he is stop it now.

  • Billtexas

    One Sunday morning in Texas on the way to Church in a one mile strech I counted around 7 dead raccoons on the side of the road spaced a various intervals.  I thought it a little odd as I never seem them do that before.  My daughter who was used to seeing ‘Texas Speedbumps’ (Armadillos) do things like that asked me what caused them raccoons to do that?  I told her I guess we were having a shortage of Armadillos.  Now I know I should have told her it was Global Warming.

  • scr1bbler

    Environmentalism (Gaia gobbledygook) is one part science and nine parts politics. If nobody was dipping into the government goody bag, it’d be relegated to the booger bin, where it belongs. Along with AlGore and his Chicken Little climate change promotion.

  • Ken Kirkham

    About that greenhouse gas concept…it is nothing but a theory and ALL physical measurements have indicated the models used to determine the theory have exaggerated the effects by as much as 1,000 times (not 1,000% but 1,000 times).

    Remember the hole in the ozone layer?  What happened to it?  Oh, it never actually existed!  WOW!  Why was it so important a few years ago…because the patent was running out on Freon and DuPont needed to have a boogie man to help congress support their new chemical.

  • Ken Kirkham

    Environmentalism is a HOAX.  Conservation is not.  There are worlds of differences in the two terms.  I am a conservationist.  I leave as small a footprint on the world as I can.  Environmentalists want to get rid of that virus that has infected the earth…humans.

  • dufas_duck

    Oh come on now. Al Gore and friends have implied that earth’s temperature has been an average of 72 balmy degrees since time began and when humans began thinking and inventing, the temperature began rising and the end of the earth became inevitable…

    The next thing on AL Gore’s agenda is to get congress and the UN on board to stop continental drift.

  • idafarmer

    Not only that, the Rover was put there by George W Bush!  I suspect he was told to do it by the Tea Party.  The Tea Party didn’t exist at that time?  Just proves how devious they are.

  • BlackVoices

    Climate change is clearly a hoax perpetrated by liberals. They have fooled the American people on that one, just as they did by making people believe that Obama is not a Kenyan-born Muslim socialist, and by making people think they rich people should be punished to try to fix the economy. 
    The truth shall set us free.
    Bachmann ’12

  • Billtexas

    Male bear or female bear?  I don’t suppose it makes a difference since there aren’t too many trees, so the bear wouldn’t have to hike his leg for the pea.  So, I think your plan will work.  Although a bear taking a pea on three legs would be even more vulnerable don’t you think?

  • Ken Kirkham

    I’m not sure why we have “government” scientists in the first place.  Since when is the government supposed to be controlling any scientific study?  Come to think about it, isn’t government scientist an oxymoron? 

  • MxQuist

    “gore-dian” knot..? !!!  That’s a hoot!  If enough people catch on to it, it could challenge “Algore” as this imbecile’s nick-name.  and turf, thanks for the educated information, if it were not for “Silent Spring”, malaria, yellow fever and other insect spread diseases would still be considered plagues of the past.

  • MxQuist

    exactly sig. You hear the alarmists crying, “oh my, the glaciers are melting..!”
    Yeah? And, so..? 
    Way back when I was still in elementary school, back in the sixties, we were told in science class (remember that?) that glaciers are formed, and then they will receed–that means they melt. 
    I can only imagine the hell today’s environmental advocates would have put people through as they noticed the glaciers receeding in what is now Yosimite Valley.
    “Ugh, Tonga, put that fire out!  Don’t you know that by cooking that boar meat, you are causing environmental devastatuion that could wreak havoc with that glacier over there!?!”
    And if there was any more reasons to hate California, we are in August now, and the weather all summer has been very cool.  Literally.

  • Louisville2

    It was an electric “SUV”, so maybe it’s the electric cars causing the melting.
    This makes as much sense as the AGW argument.

  • Louisville2

    I wouldn’t even even discredit real science by calling them “pseudo-scientists”.  They are simply scammers that have more in common with religious fanatics preaching unprovable dogma than with real scientists.

  • robertg222

    So this would be bogus global warming research paper number 39482

  • Jack Daniels

    “Shoddy Science” and making unfounded conclusions seems to be very common with the global warming crowd.  Maybe this scientist wasn’t part of that cabal but climate alarmists sure grabbed his data and made their own conclusions..  And the climate alarmists get so upset when you question them about these irregularities that come up over and over.  First climate gate where they hid emails and wouldn’t let other scientists test their theories or findings  (Huge Red Flag), now this with the polar bears,  there was the improper temp readings that were being taken close to air conditioners showing warming, it never ends.. 

  • Big Brother

    “Monnett now manages $50 million in studies as part of his duties as a
    wildlife biologist with the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy
    Management, Regulation and Enforcement.”

    Hey, if I had a guaranteed “scientific welfare” job from the government, I’d say the sky is falling too.

  • Glenn Koons

    Repubs. not just Talk Radio, should communicate this fraud to the American voter. No wonder Obama and the Left has no domestic American energy resources in use. They believe this tripe and are killing our gas, oil, coal, nuclear, and shale industries. This has to stop and end the liberal-progressive Dem policies.

  • Dustoff

    Well one big problem. (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS)


    Rather than getting all hot and bothered about poor research, conduct your own and then publish your facts.  Scientific studies can be carried out by Canada, the United States and the USSR.  Make the study over a five to ten year interval and then see what your research shows.  Scientists always have to remember that the results of yesterday may not agree with the results of tomorrow.  Afterall, this is a changing World.  The problem with human-kind is that he/she never lives long enough to see the big picture that is slowly unfolding over time.

  • Dustoff

    If either of you think I’m trying that one. Your both nuts!   LOL

  • Billtexas

    Seriously, I thought they landed something up there when Billy Jeff was President.

  • Glenn Koons

    True, but Pubs are notoriously poor communicators of their own policies, agendas, and issues that Dems and their MSM allies lie about so we have a huge amount of lemmings voting for issues with no real facts behind the policy issued by the usual suspects.

  • Tim Elwell

    Well said Steve; SCIENCE IS NEVER SETTLED!  Just ask Newton, Einstein, et al.

  • Jeff

    Why is it every scientist who whines to us about global warming gets caught lying?  Could it be because the whole global warming thing is a sham?  It’s politics and money, not science.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    By adding untold millions of taxpayer dollars to the mix, green scientists, bound by their dedication to their political agenda, will eagerly deal from the bottom of the deck in an effort to glean a higher standing among their peers not to mention a heavier bank account.  “Thar’s gold in them thar glaciers”

  • Forrest Samuels

    Kurt, science is a system to explain and predict natural phenomenon. Science follows the evidence and is always open to being proven wrong. It isn’t always correct but when it isn’t correct the goal is to find out why and make it correct. Don’t deny the reality of climate change because you aren’t comfortable with our increasing and changing understanding of it. The coming ice age reported in the 70s was a now disproven hypothesis. We know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and we know we are pumping it out faster than natural cycles and reclaim from the atmosphere. And sure there are individual scientists that don’t agree with global warming but there are no national or international scientific bodies that disagree. In the end the evidence will win. The hope is none of us will need the resulting affects of climate change to convince us because by then it will be too late.

  • Forrest Samuels

    No one is calling climate change science “settled” but there is a consensus on the current evidence available. Climate change is a complex and relatively new field with more questions than answers. We shouldn’t deny the answers we do have because we don’t like them though.

  • Gray

    The man’s name is Al Gore.  Algore is a medical term meaning “the chill of death”, just as rigore means “the stiffinging of death”

    Then again…

  • Gil_the_thrill

    Thanks Dusty. You are one of my favorite posters and I finally got you to respond to one of my posts. I guess if I was a mindless libtard then you would have responded to one of my posts sooner. On second thought I am glad you havn’t responded sooner!

  • Forrest Samuels

    Of course Earth has cooled and warmed over the last 4.5 billion years. Solar cycles alone don’t explain the increase in our current warming trend however. I agree that human interference in climate will have disastrous effects, hence the need to reduce the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases we are releasing into the atmosphere.

  • Guest

    A falsified report?How shocking!

  • The Nonn

    Over and over and over!  Good ol’ Al, he’s got such a lovely vocabulary!

  • Groundskeeper Willy

    Moonbeam is too busy burning incense to care. He is shutting the doors in CA on mining, and a bunch of other industries that could have kept the Peoples Republik afloat. Kalifornia is getting what it deserves. I hope and pray the rest of the country does not do any bailing. Kalifornia needs to be divided into three states, LA and SanFran and the rest of CA.

  • Patriotsunite

    You left out the word power. The real scandal is that Hank Paulsen (yes, Goldman Sachs/the TARP “crisis”) and Al Gore, along with Obama through the Tides Foundation (Soros) built the Chicago Carbon Credits Exchange (now defunct). Paulsen and Gore each made $100 million with this sham.  Any idiot knows man has no effect on the history of this planet and it has NOTHING to do with ‘the last ten years’. When they can prove the facts over the last 100 million years it might be of interest. The climate is ALWAYS ebbing and flowing! But the green commie movement has given power to these fools and the useful idiots who believe them. They should be in prison as far worse criminals than Enron for committing self-serving crimes through the stock market. Why hasn’t the SEC investigated them?  Because they are leftist insiders enriching themselves and their buddies at the expense of the U.S. economy including the energy industry. Back to the topic, the population of polar bears has tripled. If Al is so worried about flooding why did he buy an ocean front mansion in Montecito, CA before his divorce?

  • Patriotsunite

    A useful excuse. Only the illiterate/liberal fanatics believe this tripe.

  • MatthewM

    “Does this mean we get to repeal AB32 in Calif” -

    No!  I live in Texas, we still want more CA jobs transferred down here!

  • Patriotsunite

    God works in mysterious ways with snow in Copenhagen where it never snows during the Global Warming conference where they ran out of limos for the libs, incredible snows  in unusual places, etc. God is trying to teach the liberals a lesson. That is why they have to keep changing the name of their ‘crisis’ so suck more taxpayer money for themselves.

  • jfhdsiu

    As more time passes I predict we will see more evidence of the global warming fanatic’s lies exposed. Global warming IS a religion with these deluded fools.

  • Forrest Samuels

    What a cute anecdote. Do you consider that an argument against AGW? It isn’t.

  • Patriotsunite

    Hope you are correct about DOJ 2013.  Specifically, Gore, Paulsen, Soros, Obama should be investigated by the SEC and put in prison for this scam. Enough fascism. New multi-billion expense of EPA expected to tank the energy industry, and all of us users.
    Down right evil to the core.

  • Forrest Samuels

    I believe the best historic data comes from ice core samples and tree rings. AGW is where the evidence is pointing.

  • Forrest Samuels

    That is true. The natural carbon cycle deals with a lot more than we are putting into the atmosphere. The cycle is also able to reclaim about 40% of what we are pumping out but the rest it still floating in our atmosphere and trapping heat.

  • oxco

    Global warming has been only a money scheme to prey on peoples good will to help. Al Gore at the top with his lies. There was a petition signed by over 20 scientist in Europe to overturn his little ‘peace’ prize since it was nothing but junk science. The media sure ignored that…. I enjoyed watching him lose it the other day with him screaming obscenities.. He is loosing his golden calf. 
    The shame is the real pollution that has occurred around the world, will hurt the overall cause by exploitation of those out to use it for their own monetary gains. IE stupid light bulb regulation for starters.

  • Beerman

    you guys are all blinded by political ideology.  

  • Patriotsunite

    Read “Liberal Fascism” for real insight into their 100 year old agenda! Excellent. It will teach you stuff you never learned in college that is happening as we ponder what seems stupid to us. From Obama’s viewpoint he has been wildly successful destroying this nation and the wealth of America he despises so much. NWO is another way of saying the communist view-workers of the world unite. 

  • shelf3d

    Global warming exists in the summer.
    Soon winter will come and the bears will have many an iceberg to rest on.

  • Ken Kirkham

    Actually the left is the one calling “global warming” a settled issue without any “proof”. Every physical measurement of the parameters identified by the warming advocates produces the opposite result…that is, the actually temperatures where the supposed greenhouse gasses are trapping heat show that there is zero correlation.  The only consensus is among the 2,000 or so “scientists” who are being paid to produce a specific result.  These scientists actually self censor their work by burying results that disprove their hypothesis.

  • Forrest Samuels

    The difference is we can’t stop a volcano from erupting (yet?) but we can change our behavior to reduce our own carbon emissions. Over the medium to long term it will make a difference.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    But we should regulate the hell out of energy consumption, the bedrock of an industrial economy, in an economic depression no less, based on something you believe is “more questions than answers.” The main answer I see is this one: “Global warming supporters are repeatedly committing fraud and hiding or changing data because the real data doesn’t support their hypothesis.”

    Restated. We aren’t likely threatened by human CO2 production. But we are threatened, severely, by human ignorance about economics.

  • Rich Cavanaugh

    It’s just as good as the “Arguments” your side uses to “refute” Real Climatologists who say Gore-Bull warming is a hoax.

  • Patriotsunite

    Don’t worry. Obama signed an executive order “Law of the Seas Treaty” in Dec 2010 certain to never pass the Senate. It turned control of U.S. waterways over to the UN with 9 regional directors reporting only to him.  Meanwhile, the Congress in Jan, 2011 turned the food supply over to the FDA and Homeland Security.  Obama/UN can use our water and food to save the world.

  • Patriotsunite

    He is suing Alabama for their immigration policy while dodging the facts of “Fast and Furious” nailing him and Obama for their participation.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Don’t eat beans. Yes, they are inexpensive. Yes they are low fat. Yes, they are tasty. Yes they are organic. But the methane from the farts will end up destroying the planet earth!

  • GingerMLandry

    Forrest Samuels about himself: “I spend most of my time working & playing with computers, bikes,
    cameras, flying discs and my dog Phoebe. I’m a telecommuter. Living in
    the mountains is heaven.”  Classic stereotype

  • Patriotsunite

    You are correct.  We’ve been bamboozled-fascists are merely to the right of communists by not much. They are all socialists bent on feathering their own bed and get their grins controlling what others do. Al needs to take a look in the mirror. He is grossly over indulgent and it shows on his face. He couldn’t get a job as a used car salesman (sorry to insult those making a living doing this!).

  • Patriotsunite

    Are polar bears Democrats?  Pepsi’s new can leaves out “under God” in the Pledge.

  • Patriotsunite

    EPA is doing the work for them instead.

  • flounderaz

    I have done my own scientific research.  I turned off my pool-leveler.  I put one 10-lb bag of ice into the pool each morning for a week.  It was August in Scottsdale.  When comparing the volume of water in my pool, 10,000 gallons, to the volume in the inter-connected oceans,  it was like all the icebergs in Greenland melting in one week.  The level in my pool had gone down.  I was shocked.  I don’t think Al Gore and his fellow “scientists” have ever heard of evaporation and precipitation.  When Al Gore gets a blank look someone should tell him that precipitation is rain and snow. Barbara Streisands Malibu estate is safe from global warming. I received no public or private funding for all my research. I would be willing to accept a Nobel prize……..

  • 123realitycheck

    This is the most nutty example of government gone wrong and environmental madness in full bloom. You turn an event in which you spot 4 dead polar bears, one time, and it leads to a peer reviewed paper of how that equates to anything other than a one time accidental view of four dead polar bears is beyond me. There are NO facts in the paper, and they can’t determine if it was three or four? Total trash, crash and burn, waste of time, money, and these clowns need to be fired or prosecuted.

  • 123realitycheck

    You do realize you have more factual data in that post than these clowns had in their entire peer reviewed paper right? That is how nutty this is lol.

  • Patriotsunite

    You are correct. It is the source of private property rights for us peasants along with other rights like a trial.  The green commie movement is intended to reverse the Magna Carta in case you haven’t noticed the dictator in the White House.

  • 123realitycheck

    Go go Shell, drill baby drill! Now that is a topic worth praise!

  • rwwright

    No offence, but solar cycles alone do account for most of the weather patterns we see  and we are not currently warming (-since 2006) and the ozone holes at the poles are the same as they have been, increading in the winter and going away in the summer – completely unaffected by CFCs. Nasa’s made IR measurements from satalite for about 25 years, observing no warming.  That data and the O3 measurment data was partially removed from their web site about the time NASA was converted from a space exploration to an outreach program to muslims world wide.  About the dead bears and science.  Observing a 10 to 20 foot object at 1500 feet while traveling at 100 miles per hour is not a method I would use to determine the death or the cause of death of anything.  Puting that in a paper claiming that they drowned was just stupidity. Since the guy is probably not that stupid,  it then has to be fraud and that means there is a real problem here.  And top this all off, claiming that fraud is science could well explain why belief and desire have turned into fact.

  • Billtexas

    Armadillos have this curious habit of chasing your car until they get hit.  That’s what happened to the raccoons.  If I recall it was a full moon the previous Saturday night and for some reason they all decided to cross the road in droves that night.  I don’t think the same person hit them all, that probably would have made the news.  But it was a curious event.

  • Forest Wilson

    Now just wait a minute here…polar bears are excellent swimmers!  Should’nt Charlie and Jeffey know that?  Boy, what an inconvenient truth.  THROW THE BUMS OUT!  Forest Wilson. 

  • Patriotsunite

    Exactly. Read Atlas Shrugged, a novel, which is coming true by every page.

  • Chaylon

    JohnBond, what you are calling environmentalism already has a name; Conservation.  It’s been around for years and all conservatives love it.

    Greg137 is correct.  Environmentalism is further than good ol-fashioned conservation.  It is a bridge too far.  It is extremism. 

  • flounderaz

    Polar bears can swim about 100 miles……

  • Billtexas

    I’m just glad we can have some fun with the topic.  I told my boss about the gag my new friend Gil_the_thrill were having with the play on words and I thought he was going to have a pea in his pants he was laughing so hard.

  • Forest Wilson

    Polar bears have wide front paws with slightly webbed toes that help them swim.  They paddle with their front feet and steer with their hind feet.  Paw pads with rough surfaces help prevent polar bears from slipping up on the ice.
    Polar bears have been known to swim 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch.

  • Patriotsunite

    Actually there is a book out on that. Bernanke, GE Dude who collapsed the market value of his company and Paulsen got together to protect their friends (and destroy their enemies).  They handed Odumbo pages of notes when he entered the White House so he could seem smart on the topic.  It was to save Wall Street interests and Paulsen sabotaged Bush. Another reason for Paulsen to go to prison.

  • 123realitycheck

    That reminds me of this show about this team searching for bigfoot. In the show they do some things that seem interesting, and they also point out things that make no sense at all. However, what they really are doing is clueing every viewer in as to exactly what to say or how to represent their story about a sighting accurately.

    “That’s not what bigfoot look like, there nose is always black like a dogs, while the rest of the facial area might be lighter.”

    Guess we all know the scoop now, so when we get a hankering for our next bigfoot sighting we realize the mature males are over 10″, females 8″, black nose always like a dogs, how far the stride is etc.

    I have only seen a few episodes, and feel like a bigfoot expert. Kind of like this scientist became a polar bear and climate expert with a single sighting. I’m just wondering if his paper included the polar bears have a black nose like a dogs and when standing on their hind legs are over 10″ tall like a mature male bigfoot… Hey wait a minute… Those weren’t polar bears! Brb I need to go and call the bigfoot guys, I think I have the best episode yet, it has even been peer reviewed!

  • Patriotsunite

    We’ll take the jobs in Texas but not the unemployed libs from CA !

  • 123realitycheck

    Not with 30 knot winds and heavy surf that was known to be present in that area. Besides, they were bigfoot, it’s official, I called it!

  • Billtexas

    The dead raccoons also provided food for a bunch of buzzards!

  • Jose j. Rosado

    Yes they can, they have been observed about 100 miles out at sea.
    However, being a good swimmer does not mean you can survive a storm at sea if your species is not designed to take that kind of punishment. For example, seals, manatees and sea lions have a membrane in their nostrils that snaps shut automatically when hit in the face by water (Check out face pictures of them underwater, the membranes are readily visible), this keeps water from being forced down their throats in a storm. Polar bears (and humans) lack that adaptation.
    As for why the dead bears died in a group, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (Pun and sarcasm intended) to figure that out- all it takes is a basic knowledge of their life and habits. They hunt seals where the ice is thin- sea pack ice and ice floes. These break off and float out to sea over time, where they eventually melt (this has been going on for millions of years before humans or the “invention” by Al Gore of “anthropogenic global warming”). Sometimes bears overstay their welcome on a floe and they have to swim back to Terra Firma when it melts.
    Those four bears overstayed their welcome on a floe. They had to go for a swim when it melted, and they had the misfortune of running into a storm on their way back to land. This is called nature ( humans call it “Sh!t happens”). No deep mystery here. Now, can I get some of that free government money?
    Just like I knew this, Gleason and Monnet knew this. They DID infer AGW because they knew the greenies (who are all heart and no brain) would glom onto this bs, and that would enable them to line their pockets with our tax dollars (what they call “research money”). This was all about money- OUR MONEY. Then the politicians got into it for the same reason- to use it as an excuse to take more of OUR MONEY. Then the private companies got into it to have us give them OUR MONEY for junk that is more dangerous than what it replaces (such as the mercury in fluorescent bulbs, or all the heavy metals and acids in electric car batteries). This was all about money. And power. Not science. And they took the whole planet for a multi-billion dollar ride.
    Meanwhile, real science got bound, gagged, locked inside a trunk and pushed into a closet.
    However, it has now pulled a Houdini. Payback will be sweet.

  • Patriotsunite

    Turns out they checked the rings of ONE TREE. And you believe this proves what!?
    And who cares anyway. An excuse for money and power for Algore and faux scientists like this taxpayer funded quack. We are here less than 100 years each. You should have learned something just from the comments here if not this article.  

  • Patriotsunite

    Prove it. You won’t be here to do it. Typical lib thinking you are God and can control nature.

  • Patriotsunite

    It is only settled with you and those who profit.  The growing ‘consensus’ of hundreds of scientists debunking this myth say Al Gore lies. You choose to agree with this shameful bureaucrat soaking taxpayer dollars. We see the truth. 

  • flounderaz

    This is a rsponse to “So you think a “report” from Human Events is objective”.  Do you rjb69 think a report from Dan Rather and his cohorts is objective?

  • Patriotsunite

    Who do you suppose cried about global warming before humans were here? When any of these fools sticks around long enough to do 1000 years research then we can consider their solution – eugenics-to reduce human population. But, are they not the same ones determined to save all the starving people in third world countries. Libs!

  • The3x

    Hansons should be cuffed and brought to Congress, put under oath, and asked why he lied.

  • Patriotsunite

    They don’t have a choice.

  • Ernest Gregoire

    Hey Global Warming Wackos. Its August, summer in the northern hemisphere! Ice melts in summer! 

  • rjb69

    What report from Dan Rather?  On this specific article?  This topic? What are you talking about?

    Is it too much to deal with the actual issues in a discussion or do we always have to digress to logical fallacies?

  • Patriotsunite

    The Federal Government libs believe the government should own patents previously received by private citizens doing the serious job of saving people from Cancer. This is a fact. I’d like to know how they get away with doing it.  For too long we’ve had a welfare environment for intellectuals in the government and universities who are on the dole. Another opportunity to reduce the debt.

  • SteveLarson

    Sorry forrest, but they have called climate change settled, beyond debate and that only “deniers” (equivalent to holocost deniers) are in disagreement. You can backtrack all you want, but that has been the message of Al Gore and liberal politicians.

  • Ken Kirkham

    Only the US stopped using that particular version of hydrocarbon, not the world.  The world use has increased substantially.  The only thing our phasing out did was increase the stock in DuPont, increase the price of little things that used monochlorodifluoromethane as a propellant such as medical inhalers that went from about $10 to over $175.  If you can prove there was ever a hole in the ozone layer you are a great magician.  God help the poor people because environmentalists would rather humans all die than admit there own god (Al Gore) is full of crap.

  • Ken Kirkham

    Common sense says that if Duncan Jones stopped talking the reduction is hot air would save the planet.  Hey Duncan, try holding your breath for about an hour and see if we can measure the temperature difference.

  • turfmann

    I could put DDT on my french fries and the french fries would still be more harmful to my health.

    But no one thinks twice about shipping something like Nemacur (a skull and crossbones poison for the control of soil inhabiting nematodes in turfgrass) via UPS.  I can’t vouch that they still do, but I recall with horror receiving a shipment out the back of the Brown Truck.  The driver, utterly ignorant of how dangerous the product he was handling was, just tossed the bags out of the back of his truck onto the ground like sacks of potatoes.
    Virtually all of the concentrated products I use are labeled with the signal word “Caution”.  When it goes down on your lawn it is diluted by orders of magnitude, thus becoming virtually non-toxic; the dose makes the poison.

    Now go look at the stuff underneath your sink at home and check the signal words you find there.

    “Caution” will be in short supply.  “Danger” and “Poison” will be much more prevalent.

  • servant1951

    Your recommended article does little beyond critizing the funders for having the nerve to check the appropriateness of the research they pay for.  It is time for accountability in the scientific community.  It has squandered enough money over the last few decades to cover our current deficit issue.  Spend time researching where resources are, and how we can access them, and revitalize our economy.

  • turfmann

    I recall the Alar scare – a 60 Minutes expose – which was so completely blown out of proportion as to be ridiculous.

    All decisions (pesticide or otherwise) boil down to a benefit/cost equation.  Is the benefit of doing something is excess of the cost not doing it.

    When it comes to the use of agricultural pesticides, the benefits are increased yields of superior quality.  No one is interested in buying an apple that is covered in Apple Scab or has been home to worms.  Yuck.

    But it has to be considered that when fruits and vegetables are not available to a population in abundance, there is a societal cost in terms of sickness – rickets comes immediately to mind.  The consumption of ample fruits and vegetables will also significantly reduce one’s chances of developing certain kinds of cancer.

    And that benefit is greatly out front of the infinitesimally small chance that a residue of a product like Alar may cause cancer.

    Unfortunately, our media is content with giving us a fatal case of paranoia.

  • NoDoubles

    A consensus amongst whom? The answers are clear and this AWG is nothing more than a hoax and a money grab. You can’t see the forest thru the trees I guess.

  • turfmann

    One more Al Gore story:

    I was at an industry conference about ten years ago in one of those horribly boring lectures that will lull you to sleep in the first ten minutes.

    When the Q&A session came around, somehow the topic of Al Gore’s new home in Tennessee came up in conversation.  Someone made a reference to how “green” the home was.

    At that point, a lanky man stood up and in a deep southern drawl said, “I’m Al Gore’s landscaper and lemme tell you what.  Ain’t no weeds allowed on Mrs. Gore’s lawn.  No way, no how.  I don’t care what he’s tellin’ y’all.”

    You can take that for the anecdote that it is, but it sure rings true with his other hypocrisies.

  • W S

    Did you know that the number one “greenhouse gas” is actually Water vapor?  hmmmm how can we regulate water vapor?  no dice there…but Hey, the number two “greenhouse gas” is CO2…and humans exhale Co2!  We can make people feel bad for exhaling it and make them pay us for it! ….geez, do you think Al Gore pays a carbon tax to himself? lol  By the way, the planet DOES have a way to regulate Co2….they’re called “plants”.  We exhale Co2….they inhale Co2.  They exhale O2.we inhale O2…mm do I see a pattern here?  Amazing….and the funny thing is…when we introduce more CO2 into the atmosphere, plants grow faster and bigger, thereby producing more O2…pretty neat, huh?
    Oh, and by the way, if we can’t predict the weather accurately for next thursday, how can we possibly predict the weather for 100 years or 1000 years into the future? Can’t do it.

  • Nicholas Roberts

    It’s unfortunate that you seem too Stupid to question the Motives that drive this Investigation. The Interior Department has a largd scope of influence. Many companied depend on there say so to mine and de-forrest this nation and if you think for a minute that this is an unbiased investigation no matter what side it’s on your a JOKE! Grow up America your being left the table scraps off the kings table. You all love to speak of trickle down economics. How bout you Take another ladel full of whats been trickeling down. The republicans are Pissin on this country and your at the bowl lapping it up for all your worth. Such a shame. Can’t recognise that this is an endgame strategy. I don’t mean Jesus either. I mean a return to Feudal fiefdoms. When your sons and grandsons are in bondage for what you’ve done to us all. They will look back with pride. But only because the Book their allowed to read says You guys Got ir right.

  • cliff2008

    If a tree was to fall on Forrest and there was no one around to hear…wouldn’t that be great?

  • Kevin Pearson

    Actually oxygen is poisonous.  It took millions of years for organisms to evolve that could tolerate oxygen. (Ever seen the movie “Evolution”?)  And that means only tolerate. Pure oxygen is not used in scuba tanks. Otherwise the diver would be poisoned.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    *OOP!* :-O

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    It’s sunspot cycles, the SUN is the biggest influence on our climate.  Mnamade Global Warming, like the manmade Ice Age theory, are both debunked hypotheses, lay off the Kool-Aid and get used to it! I remember being “taught” in my early college years about hoe the Earth was going to be unablr to sustain life in anither 10-15 years due to climate change turning cropland into desert, the ozone layer would be gone, acid rain,…….

    That was over 20 years ago. We don’t hear a peep about the ozone layer now, do we? *OOP*, that’s right, no more hole! Acid rain? The lakes and streama once affected by aren’t any longer, they have plenty of fish and critters, and if the glowbull wormening theory is true, then how come its “experts” were recently saying that we weren’t warming up due to China’s increased consumption of coal, and that’s supposed to be the big, mean, big, badassed chief cause of this hoax!!
    I still say if Global Warming is real, then tsunamis are caused by whale farts!

  • pistolpete101

    Evolution is heresy.  Communists invented it to bring us farther away from God.  The Periodic Table was actually concocted by Muslim alchemists.  Don’t believe the hype.

  • Whiskey Jim

    I quit reading when he mentioned they studied only 4 polar bears. Are you kidding me?

  • missy janie47

    You left out Lyndon Boob Johnson

  • dufas_duck

    Doesn’t help to stop the continents drifting around….. ;->

  • dufas_duck

    And removing the little ice age and the medieval warm period doesn’t matter ???

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    Illiterate fool. Any attempt to persuade or influence anyone faltered in the first sentence, stumbled in the second, and failed utterly in the third.

    The rest of this drivel is nothing more than predigested pap ‘ladeled’ to you by cloistered communist con men posing as educators.

    If you want to find out who the real tools are, you can start by looking in the mirror at your own acne-ravaged visage.

  • Jason Johnson

    Global (GLOW-BULL) warming is a crisis manufactured by Big Government, Big Business, and the prostititute press with the stated purpose of controlling our lives. It is nothing more than a con job; hypocrites like Al Gore know it.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    The issue isn’t the ‘topic’; it’s the veracity of the medium…and you’re the one who brought it up.

    You won’t admit it, but ‘flounderaz’ has hit a nerve. I’m certain you DID accept Rather’s fraudulent hit piece on George W Bush without question.

    And there exists a large and growing body of evidence, from many different sources, that ‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’ alarmism is based on junk science, fraud, gross manipulation and fabrication of data and corruption of the peer review process by excluding and marginalizing dissenters.

    This latest revelation is congruent with all we’ve learned to date.

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    Al Gore got a Nobel price to support his intellectual, unsupportable FRAUD. Lawyers are constantly looking for easy, steady source of taxpayers money and this global warming scam was 100 % not reproducible scam. They could never prove global warming, but they knew that it  was human caused, and the lawyers had the solution,  GLOBAL TAXATION, CO2 trade. Now they  are switching to climate change so they could be right all the time if it rains, or the sun shines or the wind blows, tax tax tax. I think we need to wait for the next election to clean up this massive liberal corruption.

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    My liberal friends hate  me when I forwarded this E mail  to them. Just like showing a muslim a bible.

  • WinstonGalt

    “Science is about making the best case you can to test your hypothesis,” Monnett said. “You assemble your arguments and your data, you put it out there, and you see who’s going to knock it down.” “And surprisingly, nobody, you know, knocked this down in any way. Everybody was just kind of like, ‘Oh, yeah, four dead polar bears. Okay, that’s kind of cool,’ ” Monnett said.
    So much for the “science” of anthropological global warming. 

    Nobody “knocked it down”.  Must be true. 

    Oh… except for those thousands of folks that the climate hysterics deem “deniers”. 

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    They are making millions  and all the dummy university students are being brainwashed and paying high tuition fee for these morons. Liberalism is a mental disorder, they are trying to change Christianity to religion of global warming, tree hugging.
    Do not forget, the tsunami was caused by whale farts.

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    These phony  “scientist”  were nothing more than paid prostitutes so Al Gore can cover his ass.

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    Well said. It was  a great article by Audrey Hudson. We need to recover all that wasted  tax payer money. Observing 4 white polar white bears on white ice or snow  from a  plane this is “monkey science”, it is shocking that it took so many years  for this info to get out and no regular liberal media  ever questioned any details. No close up picture, no vet certification of death if any, no proof that they  were the same polar bears what they saw a week earlier. Do you want to take any flu shuts recommended by similar ” government paid scientist” ??

  • Zoltan Egeresi

    Yes  this is 100% right. More CO2 in the air the bigger the tree rings will be providing there is enough sun and rain.

  • turfmann

    The Skeptical Environmentalist has got to be one of my favorite books.

  • Leroy_Whitby


  • Leroy_Whitby

    Great point. I forget that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize (3 wars, one of them illegal) and Gore won a Nobel for a fraud. We live a farce or a tragedy . . . depending on whether you happen to face a horror that day or that week or not. You know, violence, loss of a business, loss of a job, divorce, hunger, homelessness, drug addiction in your family . . . those horrors that are common in this culture.

  • Good_Grief_Not_Again

    I’m sure the continental drift is also caused by man.  I just know it is.  

  • Good_Grief_Not_Again

    Once upon a time, there was consensus that the world was flat.  Just because there is consensus (if indeed there is) doesn’t mean it’s true.  I find it hard to believe that weather scientists with extensive and accurate weather data can’t get next week’s weather right (a much simpler task) but climatologists with many years of less accurate data can predict melting of the polar ice caps and temperatures 100 years into the future.  This stuff is cyclical, people.  Good Grief!

  • Escapee1

    Wowwww….so they justify their report by saying it “was sloppy” and not FRAUD as most of us would define it.   This is the PROBLEM with scientists getting grant money from the Fed or our “friends” at the U.N.   Why tell the group funding you anything less than what they want to hear?   To tell the truth would kill the golden goose and the grant money would go away and they’re not going to do that!   Who’s to say that the polar bears didn’t die from natural causes or disease.   After all, according to the report, they WERE NOT even examined!    STOP the handouts for LIARS and STOP the madness…

  • Good_Grief_Not_Again

    Shut down all the industrial facilities, park your cars, ground your planes, plug your cows’ butts, and recycle your cell phones!!!!!   The globe is warming, the globe is warming!!!

    -  Al “Chicken Little” Gore and his band of fearmongers.  

    Show me a lib that doesn’t use fossil fuels, doesn’t have or use any products of the petrochemical industry (vinyl, plastics, PVC pipe, etc.) and I’ll show you someone who is committed to stopping global warming.  Every other whining greenie is just a sheep being led by an evil shepherd driven by self-interest and greed for money, power, and fame.

    “Scientists” all have a vested incentive in being right, because being right means more research money, which is directly related to their survival.  They ALL go where the money is.  The money is where the people’s interests are, where the people’s interests are is based on their emotions, and their emotions are based on media hype of whatever sensationalist garbage someone wants to spew.  CO2 isn’t the problem… mind pollution is.

    Good grief… 

  • Good_Grief_Not_Again

    P.S.  Believe in global warming?  Want to stop all CO2 generation to save the world?  If so, I hope you’re ready to live like the Amish!  Not a bad lifestyle, but how many people do you really think will give up the modern “essentials” of life in an effort to control the environment of the world????

  • James Price

    You’ve got to love that picture.  “See!  The iceberg just melted right under the bear’s feet!” It climbed up there itself, you morons.

  • George Pomar

    What everyone loves to pick on is CO2 levels.  The level of CO2 in our atmosphere is 0.039%.  Is is up about 0.003% in the last 100 years – due to solar cycles.  It’ll drop again, just as it has in the past, but CO2 isn’t hardly a factor when it comes to the makeup of our atmosphere.

    Suck on some facts libtards.

  • George Pomar

    Since CO2 makes up 0.039% of our atmosphere, how much of that 0.039% would you like us to control on a global level? Considering our atmosphere has a mass of about 5×1018 kg (yea, I know there’s no way for you to comprehend the overwhelming vastness of the atmosphere), CO2 isn’t even a drop in the bucket as far as composition of the air we breathe.  

    So, again, what little tiny part of the minuscule amount of CO2 in our atmosphere would like to attempt to control, and what would you be willing to spend to do so? 

  • AZsmitty

    ALGore needs to emmulate a Blue Whale, dive deep and stay off the radar for a long, long time.  Tipper figured it out and got out while the getting was good.  Eventually all the facts will emerge from academia putting ALGore in the path of the “Litigation train”

  • Chahley

    You could start with repealing your governor.

  • Chahley

    That’s OK. b.o. got a Nobel Peace Prize, and he just got into office and has done NOTHING. Aside from destroying our country, I mean.

  • sunbury98

    A geologist friend of mine, who works in the private sector, puts forth an interesting observation.  He is of the opinion that grant money in large amounts are encouraging otherwise honest geologist to actually doctor research so as to come down on the side that will generate more grant money. He actually encountered classmates at reunions who have encouraged him to come on board and share in some of the spoils of lying about climate change results.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Could you really eat DDT and it wouldn’t be dangerous?

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    And they’ll probably want to give him another Nobel for that!  The Nobel comittee has truly exposed themselves as a bunch of liberal hacks!!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    YES, they’re being pulled by underground SUVs controlled by the BushHitlerChimpyHalliburton conspiracy!!
    Now watch the moonbats go nuts over that!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Not just CO2, but more particulates and sulfates than all of the emissions from all of the Industrial Age put together!

  • Duncan Jones

    Go pollute your own planet and stay off of mine.

  • Duncan Jones

    Oh really?  And I suppose you’re the “expert” on economics which is, after all, a social science that concerns human behavior.  STFU, dipsh*t.

  • Duncan Jones

    Fine.  So build a big tent in Alaska, invite all of your climate-change denier friends, and stay in it with all of the CO2 belching factories, methane producing cows and hot-air producing Tea Party members.  Leave the planet to us and Europe, Asia, South America, etc.  I don’t want to have to smell your sh*t.  And if you want to physically fight about it, we’ll win.  

  • reddarin

    Liberals get pretty wobbly when the truth slaps them in the face.

  • reddarin

    ““Because we talked to the people that had flown the flights, and they would remember whether they had seen any dead polar bears,” Monnett said.”

    That my friends is why they call it ‘hard science’.

    Monnett: ‘I axed him if he’d scene ini ded burrs and he thought hard about it for two or even three minutes before he sez, no, I shur dident. Rite then I new I had a case of Globall Warming on my hands.’

  • Human Person Junior, Jr.

    And by “pollute,” I assume you mean discharge CO2 all over the place?

    See, there’s where your mistake is:  You overreach.  You say carbon pollution, when you know very well you mean CO2 pollution.  Further, you know very well that CO2 isn’t a pollutant, at all?

    But you also know very well that ordinary citizens know what carbon is, and they know that black carbon is a pretty nasty thing, particularly on the underside of the valves in their cars’ engines.

    Unfortunately for you warming enthusiasts, every time you say “carbon pollution,” one of us climate realists corrects what you just said.  People are copping wise to your tricks.  Not a good position to be in.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    LOL. I guess so. Better than Obama and Gore that’s for sure. Read “The Fatal Conceit” and “Economics in One Lesson.” Or get a degree in econ. And then you’ll be a little of the way towards where I am in terms of expertise.

  • Thomas

    True dat,
    In the old days it was good enough to be rich and not have to do hard labor in the elements, eat well, be learned and cultured.

    Problem is in America the standard of living is so high that the rich don’t live too very high above us in the ways that matter the most. This situation has to be artificially re-created in order to really be elite, so the would-be elite has to make it worse for us.

  • dmacleo

    everytime you do a brakestand or a burnout on your gas guzzler you affect the rotational inertia.
    or sumptin’ like dat.. :)

  • dmacleo

    didn’t he also ignore some established reporting stations in colder areas or was that someone else?

  • Richard

    The primary reason for the heating and cooling is the sun, this is a pure and simple fact. Does man contribute to CO2m, sure that is a no brainer, but the impact is negligible. The really funny thing is, conservatives are probably more concerned about the environment then liberals. Conservatives want to peruse alternative energy sources even more then liberals. The difference is the liberals will lie and fake scientific evidence in an attempt to get their way. In doing so the liberals have probably done more harm to the environment then any group in history.  The truth will never bite you in the butt and the truth will never harm your position but lies and hysteria will blow up in your face every time. When will liberals learn.  

  • Joseph

    or give it to you and your ilk for not bothering to read the original paper or the interview between the so-called ‘investigators’ and the scientist.  Had you done either, you would note that the scientist never blamed global warming for the deaths of the polar bears nor was he given millions of dollars to study the polar bears.   In fact, the ‘investigators’ made the math errors so widely reported by right wing bloggers (not the scientist!).  If politicians and hacks would just let the scientists do their jobs it would be better for all. Instead we get fools on the far right and left misrepresenting science for political gain.

  • Kevin McKinney

    Richard, satellites measure solar output.  There is no increase remotely capable of explaining the observed warming, and in fact there may be a slight decrease (the two leading reconstructions, PMOD and ACRIM, differ on this question, unfortunately.)  Moreover, during the modern warming era, the stratosphere has exhibited a *cooling trend,* which is expected from greenhouse warming, but not from the solar variety.

  • Kevin McKinney

    Except that they were very clear that COD was not formally determined.  Abstract:

    “During aerial surveys in September 1987–2003, a total of 315 live polar bears were observed with 12 (3.8%) animals in open water, defined for purposes of this analysis as marine waters >2 km north of the Alaska Beaufort Sea coastline or associated barrier islands. No polar bear carcasses were observed. During aerial surveys in early September, 2004, 55 polar bears (Ursus maritimus) were seen, 51 were alive and of those 10 (19.9%) were in open water. In addition, four polar bear carcasses were seen floating in open water and had, presumably, drowned. Average distance from land and pack ice edge for live polar bears swimming in open water in 2004 (n=10) were 8.3±3.0 and 177.4±5.1 km, respectively. We speculate that mortalities due to offshore swimming during late-ice (or mild ice) years may be an important and unaccounted source of natural mortality given energetic demands placed on individual bears engaged in long-distance swimming. We further suggest that drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open water periods continues.”

    Note “presumably,” “speculate” and “suggest.”

  • Guest

    It is not stewardship… Everyone by default wants clean air and water which is why “environmentalism” is a hoax as it assumes that because you don’t agree with the Washinton D.C. “establishment” that you want dirty air and water! Environmentalism might have started out as good but it didn’t stay that way; it has been high-jacked like so many other movements in the world.. Even Islam the most hateful of “cesspits” Once started out as a peace movement inpired by the Christian Faith.. Satan high-jacks All sorts of movements that start out as good, but in the end get perverted for evil purposes.. Evil does exist in this world, and Jews and Christians have long been out-siders in this world… So it will probably remain as such until the Lord returns to Earth.. Currently, The evironmental movement has become a hoax when they started to throw out science and truth, and replaced them with propaganda..

  • Joe

    Your an idiot. You write as if Al Gore invented the message, practiced the science, did the research and wrote the reports.  Gore is a figurehead, nothing more.  Scientists all over the world, now number in the tens of thousands (far, far more qualified then you) have agree that human-caused warming is now a scientific FACT.

    You are doing what all idiots on this topic do – pose a straw argument and ad hominen attacks. Which just makes you look like the fool you obviously are (which is not an ad hominen attack, but also a fact).  Unfortunately, many other fools just as stupid as you will read your claptrap instead of real science and stupidly agree with you.  Meanwhile, morons like yourself are interfering with real science and daily making your contribution to global warming.  Multiplied by millions and millions of other idiots, you are all making this worse — daily. 

    And you think this is harmless, which now makes you stupidly dangerous.  You do realize you and your stupid, unqualified opinions are contributing to the decline of all future generations of humans that may come to exist? Their quality of life (and ours) is virtually at stake here.  Millions of climate refugees would agree — having lost homes, businesses, jobs, livelihoods and have had to face the stark, harsh reality that you deny and stupidly attribute to “Al Gore”.

    I absolutely loathe people like you, you are dangerous, you are stupid and you are helping make things worse.  Pull your head out from under your underwear and wake the hell up.  Get an education on what is really happening and stop contributing to the problem.

  • MTU64

    Polar bears are known to swim over 50 miles, FIFTY MILES.
    The population of those fuzzy friends has actually quintupled since 1950, Peyser writes.
    Couple that with NASA’s revelation that the earth is letting more heat escape the planet than alarmists previously thought, blowing a hole in warming hysteria. Toss it all together, and you’ve got one nutty Gore.

  • MTU64

    They were growing grapes on Greenland 1000 years ago. 
    That (lots more room for inteligence and truth film) by Gore
    - The film suggests that the Antarctic ice covering is melting,      the evidence was that it is in fact increasing.
       —     RE: Al Gore’s Inconvenient Lies:           “you have no valid data,           so stay away from my wallet!”   —     Today’s global warming stack includes a story which asks a great question.     If Al Gore and the global warming alarmists think the world is too hot,     why don’t they ever propose ways to cool it?     All they’re interested in is restricting liberty,     increasing taxes and growing government.   —

  • ziggypop

    Miss Rand died on public assistance.

  • ziggypop

    I believe nothing that comes out of the Bush administration Interior Dept. As we all know now, they were bought and paid for by their corporate masters. Just like today’s Salazar at Interior, bought and paid for my his corporate masters.

  • Kevin McKinney

    Unlike this story, the Monnett-Gleason paper was correct.

    –Derocher and Rotterman, along with others, provided informal preliminary ‘review by peers,’ NOT the formal peer review done by the journal.  Those reviewers were anonymous, though the journal editor did confirm that Dr. Derocher was not one of them.

    –The IG investigators, not Dr. Monnett, were erroneous regarding estimated bear survival rates–that’s a matter of elementary algebra, and I’d encourage anyone who is interested to read the official transcript of the first interview to confirm that.  The IG confusion about 3 versus 4 dead bears was amply cleared up by Dr. Monnett in that context–a total of four dead bears were seen, but one was seen while “off transect”, and to have included that bear would have invalidated the observed area.  In short, and contrary to the implication made in this story there ARE no “wrong numbers” or “miscalculations”–and as Dr. Monnett pointed out, if there had been, that would not constitute “scientific misconduct.”

    –Contrary to what Dr. Ramey said, the extrapolation of bear mortality was merely a point raised in the ‘discussion’ section to give an approximate indication of the possible significance of the observation–and that fact was made explicit in the paper itself, which states that the small number of bears (live or dead) observed “on transect” limited the ability to estimate mortality, and labeled the method used as a “simple extrapolation.”  Moreover, while Dr. Ramey claims that “The paper gives the appearance that rigorous surveying was done for polar bears,”  Introduction clearly states that “the primary purpose [of the BWASP surveys] is to monitor the fall migration of bowhead whales. . .”
    Finally, to clarify a point which has been much misinterpreted by commenters, managing $50 million in studies has nothing to do with what Dr. Monnett is paid; he gets only his civil service salary to manage them.  In considering a private company, do we confuse a middle manager’s salary–which is what Dr. Monnett is in this regard–with the operating budget of the unit he oversees?  This is the same thing.  It may look good on a resume to say you oversaw $50 million worth of work, but there’s only an indirect link to your salary.

    The paper is available here:

    The latest PEER press release is here, and linked at the bottom is the transcript from the first interview, which I would encourage critics to read before commenting further.

  • Kevin McKinney

    Oh, one other (minor) error:  PEER’s “groundbreaking research” comment was not about “Monnett’s work.”  That comment, made in the PEER rebuttal to the OIG, was made about Desrocher’s study–that is, the one which Monnett helped BOEMRE administer.  But Monnett had no input into the Desrocher study itself, so it would be misleading to call it “his work” in any way.

    In the context of the story, “Monnett’s work” would probably be taken to refer to the 2006 polar bear study, which was not PEER’s intent.  (Nor, based upon Dr. Monnett’s remarks at various points, would he relish such a description:  he evidently sees the 2006 paper as a very simple piece, basically just a record of an observation that, up to that point, had not been reported in the professional literature.)

  • Gabriel

    Thankfully nobody cares/agrees with what conservatives think except for other conservatives.

  • Brittany Lynn Miller

    i  think thst  they  need a home and we need to  save it for them  because if we dont then they will die and i dont want then  to  die i really like like them and i dont want them to die and no why  i  would not kill them bec look at what plp  are doing to them i  think it is rong and i think they need someone to see them and i wish that  plp can leave them alown please and dont shot them and i really like plor bears so leave them alwon

  • Biff Watterson


    Time for you to toddle back to your Mommy’s basement and watch Sponge Bob.  Idiot time is over.

  • Biff Watterson

    LOL – Aren’t you late for potty training ?  You’re obiously in the minority here.  Learn some grammar and spelling while you’re at it – moron. 

  • Jason Jay Murphy

    Oh that definitely proves her ideas wrong….:-)

  • Jason Edward Prather

    DOn;t make Al Gore swear again! He’ll do it if he has to then you’ll really be in trouble! Global Warmign Does exist! It is caused by only AMERICA’s POllution! No other country’s pollution causes global warming! The solution, destory American life as it is currently known worse than Barack Obama already has! Only together can we save the planet by ending Global Warming and detroying American progress! Maybe after stupid incmpnentent American envrioMENTALists realize they had it better before they got what they claim to want, maybe they’ll see the light was coming from the sun, and not From Global Warming! China has enviorMENTALism, it’s called communism and know better than to try to pass it of as saving the enviornment! No chinese person is that Stupid!