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Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity

With Americans burdened with high taxes, one would hope that the government they pay for would at least be used efficiently and wisely.  These Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity from around the country would suggest otherwise:

1.  Sensitivity training:  The Omaha, Neb., public school district spent $130,000 in federal stimulus money to buy manuals to instruct teachers and school administrators on how to be culturally sensitive.  The book, The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change, says that teachers need to work for social justice in order to overcome a white-privileged society.  The book says racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism are forces of oppression in schools, and that institutions in America “channel wealth and power to white people.”

2.  Green car bust:  The city of Salinas, Calif., invested more than $500,000 in Green Vehicles, an electric car venture that failed to produce a single car.  In addition to the city money, the State of California chipped in another $187,000, but the owner of the company said it folded due to a lack of investors.  The city ponied up the money after the company promised it would create 70 new jobs and generate some $700,000 in tax revenue annually for city coffers.  City officials were reportedly irked when they learned of the company’s collapse by e-mail.

3.  Don’t help the homeless:  The city of Houston shut down a Christian couple’s effort to aid the homeless earlier this year because they did not have a permit to distribute free food.  Anyone serving food to the public for any reason must prepare meals in a certified kitchen that has a certified food manager, according to the city’s Department of Health and Human Services.  But because the couple gave out food donated and prepared by various stores and volunteers throughout the city, they ran afoul of a city ordinance, leaving the 100 or so recipients of their daily charity out of luck.

4.  Right to View Porn in Jail:  The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that a man awaiting trial for making child pornography videos while raping boys will be allowed to watch the videos of the acts while in jail.  Weldon Marc Gilbert is acting as his own attorney and therefore has the right to review the evidence against him, which includes 28 hours of porn on some 100 videos, the court ruled.

5.  Sex-offender custody:  After Trista Crews Coleman died in a car wreck some four years ago, her one-month-old daughter, Miranda, was raised by her grandmother.  But a Baker County, Fla., judge has given custody of the little girl to Crews Coleman’s ex-husband, a registered sex offender who has a history of domestic violence.  The ex-husband, Donald Coleman, divorced Crews Coleman, saying Miranda was fathered by another man, but he still has paternity rights because he was married to her mother when she was born.

6.  Ex-cons protected:  City officials in San Francisco are seeking to make ex-convicts a “protected class,” joining blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, the disabled and transgendered, and pregnant women.  Ex-cons already have the special status when applying for city government jobs, but a council of top city officials wants to extend the protection to make it illegal for landlords and private employers to ask about a person’s criminal record.

7.  Bee watering fine:  New York City fined Tip Sempliner $2,000 for failing to water his beehive.  There was a beehive waterer two feet from the hive and nearby ponds on his property on Little Neck Bay.  Only after public outcry did the city replace the fine with a “warning.”  As Queens Councilman Daniel Halloran told CBS News, “There are criminals who get cases in city criminal court who don’t have a $500 fine, let alone a $2,000 … this is absolutely absurd.”

8.  Homeless custody:  A Family Court judge in New York City awarded custody of a teenage boy to his homeless father and chided the boy’s mother for criticizing the court and the legal system.  The father, John Jacobs, has lived in storefronts and borrowed rooms for years, yet Judge Bernard Graham ordered the son to live in a shelter with his dad despite his mother’s attempt to retain custody.  The mother, who makes $90,000 working as a court clerk for the Manhattan Supreme Court, and father have spent a decade locked in the custody battle.

9.  Massachusetts’ Big Brother:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is setting up a massive database that tracks drivers via scanners on police cars and stores the information indefinitely.  Thousands of license plate numbers, and the car’s location, can be gathered per hour, and data will be made available to local, state and federal law enforcement officials.  The Executive Office of Public Safety is spending some $500,000 for the scanners and will distribute them to local police throughout the state.

10.  Go Gore, not Palin:  The state of Nevada last year denied a request for a vanity license plate that said “GOPALIN” because, in the view of the Department of Motor Vehicles, such a plate was “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation.”  That policy didn’t stop the agency from issuing personalized plates that said “AL GORE,” “GO OBAMA,” “GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” and “KERRY.”  While an administrative law judge rescinded the rejection, the state now faces a lawsuit challenging the policy.

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  • Guest

    Only ten???

    ….and some of these are misguided, at best.

    Additions to the list might include:

    Allowing a woman to kill her unborne baby and in the most horrific fashion, yet charge anyone else –outside the abortion industry– with murder if they kill the baby while in the womb.

    Advocating for S odomite marriage, S odomite adoptions, and in-your-face filthy public displays of this hideous immorality, all while disallowing any discourse whatsoever, which would refute this ugly lifestyle and its cancerous affect on society.  We never hear, for instance, about the vast majority of mass murderers who are S odomites.

    Publicly advocating for the homeless, but in reality using a fist instead of a helping hand.  One of many such examples of Democrat “compassion”: Las Vegas–the home territory of Harry Reid–rounded up hundreds of its homeless, inviting them to leave their cardboard box homes to attend a Thanksgiving feast just for them, then immediately having the police round up all those attending and forcing them to hop the rails out of town.  (Can’t have gamblers see examples of the consequences of losing their money.)


    Any reference which denigrates a father, vis-à-vis paying child support, when he is homeless no less.  Any reference which denigrates a father and his place in society and the backhanded advocacy of the destruction of the family, denying him access to his children is NOT conservative, but a liberal marxist rant.

    Ex-con protection.  They paid their debt already.  Some for the very crimes we conservatives find deplorable in that they are against the law in the first place: Such as accidentally breaking a toilet seat in a government facility (a felony offense);  destroying a dangerous rock in a stream which the government itself was going to destroy but destroying it without their permission; so-called rape, when it is consentual, the amorists are only two years apart and are intending to marry.

    ….this list of absurd “crimes” could go on ad naseum.  Point being, a blanket policy for murderers and a man accidentally taking a pencil from a library are hardly the same thing.

  • endpork

    TOP 4 EXAMPLES of voter stupidity

    1. Not placing restraints on politicians… BBA, TERM LIMITS… etc
    2. VOTING FOR INCUMBENTS ( thinking change will come)
    3. BELEIVING LIES or RETERIC months or days before an election
    4. NOT BEING ACTIVE… Just complaining on a website

    I CAN GO MORE… But what will you do when your Republican lies to you???
    Because lying is part of or in the Liberals mindset or DNA.

    You get the government you vote for. If the rinos win in 2012 what will you all do when you figure out that they lied to you by the midterms in 2014 and the Democrats are gaining strength again???

  • Concerned4America

    With respect the the balanced budget amendment even if the Congress approves it it will not become law until the voters in the states agree to it. All it takes is a quick vote to approve placing it one the ballot and get this off the table. Obviously they know that most of the people see that it is the right thing to do so they want to kill it in the crib because the idea of having limits is anathema to them. Just like ObamaCare where it was obvious that most of the people didn’t want it so they just rammed it through.

  • obadiah_edomite

    these are good questions.  they are not the questions that are being asked.  questions being asked are, e.g.:  “why do republicans spend all their effort insulting obama when they have no solutions either?”

  • Concerned4America

    Things like this and CPB, Planned Parenthood, “high speed” rail, etc are what need to be cut but Obonehead and the DemoRats persist in talking about Social Security, federal pay, bond payments etc.

    The really sad thing is that few people are calling them on this demography. Even worse the MSM keeps repeating this without pointing out that these people are beneath contempt.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Here’s an 11th example: PBS over-the-air broadcasting IN EUROPE.

    Everytime I drive to Berlin GERMANY, at something like 104.1 FM, I can pick up the PBS feed from Washington on my car radio.

    If Berlin has it, I have to assume other major European capitals like London, Paris, and Rome have it too.

    Your tax dollars, hard at work — IN EUROPE.

  • Don Lain

    Awwwwwwww…..the picture of Obama pulls at my heart strings. Couldn’t we do something for him that wouldn’t make his job so hard………..HEY!….Iv’e got it! We can make him Dictator! Yeah! That’s it!

  • Concerned4America

    When He was here on Earth He managed to squeeze everything into two: love God, love your fellow man as you love yourself.

  • Concerned4America

    Think about it. Spending $1.70 for every $1.00 of income.

    18 comments and this (obadiah) is the first LWL (Left Wing Loonie) to show up.

  • globalcrap

    No problem my fellow patriot

  • RenegadeScholar

    Conservatives always have the solutions. It’s easy: spend less than you take in.

    Do you realize that spending EXACTLY THE SAME as last year counts as a Trillion dollar CUT in demo-speak?

    Did old people starve, children get orphaned, puppies drown, etc., last year? The year before? Or before that?

    To the Left, anything that means the government is not vacuuming up all available dollars somehow means that there will be a disaster.

  • sunkgleska

    You forgot Barry Sotero the Ivy League Graduate.
    And Shelia from Texas.

  • Jugears Soetero McGhetto Jr

    Madness. They left out the study of penis sizes of homosexuals that cost taxpayers a million bucks reported days ago…  “Thousands (900,000) of tax dollars funded a study on penis size in the gay community”

  • joesolargenius

    Thanks for mentioning the kind of crap the homeless go through in Nevada, I built a church there back in 1977 next to Rancho High near Bonanza on owens st in Las Vegas and there was almost no homeless people because of plenty of jobs and cheap food and rent. And yet now after mass illegal immigration if you go just six blocks from downtown there is always between 500 and a thousand people hanging out near the Salvation Army which is still the best group for them to get help from.
    There will always be people with drug and alchohol problems but before mass illegal immigration we didn’t have a mass homeless problem because they were working drunks instead of welfare drunks.

  • Jugears Soetero McGhetto Jr

    Just tell the leftists that say ‘there’s no solutions from the right’ like obadiah_edomite , that the House of representatives just passed two “count them two” bills related to the debt ceiling that dems abjectly rejected and have yet to put one on paper and didn’t pass a budget in 800 days. 

    Sounds like it’s the dems who don’t have any answer except “spend spend spend and tax tax tax some more.

    There’s a video out that explains exactly how large this debt is and how not only unsustainable are the interest payments, it’s un payable as were the government from here on out never spend a dime more than the last years’ budget if they bothered passing them it will take 389 years to pay it off as we are now, with ‘minimum payments’ or simply ‘debt service’.

    The likelihood of it being payed off is zero and now they wanna add 5 trillion more just to get to the 2012 election!!!!! Why is no one screaming about THAT ALONE!?  What is 5 trillion dollars needed for? Bribes for the dem voters to re vote for this abject failure, that’s what for.

  • Niniane

    There is a mantra in government budgeting — spend more than your budget and go back to Congress crying for more money the next year — and Congress always comes through. It doesn’t really matter what stupidity the extra dollars are for but just that they are urgently needed to keep the country functioning successfully.

  • stratosaurustx

    Using standards in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, inflation is at ~16%, unemployment closer to 19.2% than 9.2.  If the metrics by which competence is measured show that you are not competent, simply change the metrics so that you look like you know what you’re doing.

  • Chris H

    Regarding #1: I might not have taken all of the “sensitivity” training  since I was born in 1970 and the loony lib way had not set in before I graduated H.S. ( it was close though), and while I may be guilty of dropping the “n word” from time to time. The children born in the 80s and afterwards do stuff with nooses and they’ve had all the sensitivity training in the world. What good has it done?

  • julianpolecat

    Its a reflection of Mr. Rogers leadership we’ve had the past thirty years.  President Carter campaigned for a job that he was ill suited for and when he became the leader he was out of his element with nothing but time on his hands so he tried to make nice to Panama and gave away the Canal which we later had to send troops in to square away all because of that idiots “be nice” policy which set the tone for the past 30 years.  Military action is needed establish a 40 mile buffer from the Rio Grande inland for nothing but military resettle border town residents inland this would eliminate staging areas and drug problems and tunneling.  Take over part of Baja to resettle illegals and that would go a long way to correct the mess created by Mr. Nice Guy.  As in TR days he wanted a “lovely little war” to create the Monroe Doctrine because of generic government leadership we’ve let this encroachment to continue for thirty years like an abcessed tooth.   I still can’t comprehend the stupidty of our leaders it just boggles the mind how gutless they are regarding this issue.  We need a real man with definitiion like TR to clean up this mess.  Perry or Trump come to mind.. 

  • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

    Barack Jihadi Hussein Socialista Oreobama AlaAkbar,
    America’s Number One Candidate for POST-TERM ABORTION.
    Calling it that would make it legal. NO???

    And Planned Un-parenthood would even pay for it.

  • Julie

    Obadiah…Paul Ryan and the republicans put forth a detailed plan. The Democrats have put forth NOTHING.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Yes, double standards and hypocrisy, two cornerstones of being liberal.