There She Is, Miss America, and a Conservative!

Teresa Scanlan is a blonde bombshell. 
She’s also conservative.
And she just happens to be the reigning Miss America.  But there’s a lot more to the Nebraska native.
She’s also an articulate and passionate defender of the Constitution, telling HUMAN EVENTS in an exclusive interview (yes, life is tough for us HE editors) that the country has moved in a direction that belies our governing charter.
“In federal government, you don’t even hear people talking about whether we have the right to do that [policy proposal] based on the Constitution.”

Scanlan, who was crowned in January and is the youngest Miss America in 90 years (she just turned 18), says that she’ll decide who to vote for in November 2012 based on the candidate who best shows fidelity to the original intent of the Framers.  (Read: Whoever runs against Obama.)
“If we disobey and pay no attention to the very thing that founded this country, we have no consistency in our government, nothing to trust, and no reliable bases for those that govern our country,” she told HUMAN EVENTS.
Go ahead, pinch yourself.
Scanlan is a beauty pageant winner who is barely eligible to vote and is demonstrating more intellectual maturity than most politicians inhabiting (infesting?) Washington , D.C.

Scanlan, a Nebraska native, took aim at the President in particular, noting that he’s not paying attention the document he swore to uphold.  (“Definitely issues there.”)
The young conservative precociously added that academia shares blame in pumping out legions of graduates who are unlearned in American history.
“We’re not even taught constitutional law the way we should.  We’re not taught law and government based on the founding principles,” she added.
HUMAN EVENTS caught up with Scanlan at Young America’s Foundation’s recent National High School Conference in Chevy Chase, Md., right outside the nation’s capital.
During the interview she also said that beauty contestants should never let themselves be intimidated into giving politically correct answers on controversial subjects, including same-sex marriage and abortion, although she observed that the judges in the Miss America competition cannot penalize contestants based on how they express themselves on a highly charged issue.   
Stay tuned, fellas, for more of our exclusive with Miss America 2011.  Oh, you know you will.  Don’t front.

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  • dicksicario

    Hard for a Liberal woman to win a beauty contest isn’t it.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I couldn’t care less if the current Miss America is a “conservative.”

    If she were truly a conservative, she’d never have entered that, or any other beauty contest, in her life, because these things are tawdry and immodest.  They are nothing but a glorified T&A show. 

    They would be more honest at least if the contestants wore nothing at all.  For, SKIN is the REAL point of these things.

    One who genuinely has conservative values, will realize that bodily modesty is an integral part of living a moral, principled life.

    “Conservative Miss America” is an oxymoron comparable to “Army intelligence.”

  • wodiej

    right, and I bet you never ogled a busty, nice looking woman.  Give me a friggin’ break.  

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    OK … so don’t watch and be happy.

  • Adam Moreira

    It has happened…see the Miss USA that Carrie Prejean lost.

    That said, instead of blaming academia, Ms. Scanlan should be blaming the only root cause…the home. A basic knowledge of our history should be coming from the home; academia is only supposed to then need to fill in all of the details.

  • Adam Moreira

    But let it be natural T&A – in some beauty contests, there are 50 contestants and not two natural boobs among them (and in many cases, it is obvious).

    As for these pagents – put the final question before, so that there isn’t a fail at the end…right Miss Tennessee?

  • Hominid

    Agreed – fake boobies are grotesque, disgusting, and perverted. My suggestion – focus more on the A.  

    I pretty much feel the same about make-up & jewelry – a lot of these ‘beauties’ are just masks & Xmas trees.

    And, Alto – who cares if they can play chop stix or not?

  • Jason Johnson

    Beauty and brains–what a combination.

  • garymac66

    With all due respect, she just turned 18, what could she possibly know about conservatism?

  • Altosackbuteer

    Certainly I have.  I have even, as Jimmy Carter put it, “committed adultery in my heart” though, unlike Carter, I DON’T think that’s a sin.

    And that is PRECISELY the point.  I OUGHT not do it.

    And ESPECIALLY, I oought not do it if the female in question is One of Us.

    And, no thinking conservative female ought ever place herself in such a position that causes me to stare at her body, rather than accept her for the quality of her character.  She demeans her own conservative values when she does.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Count on it — I won’t.  I loath beauty pageants.  Mostly because they make me feel inadequate.

  • DisplacedTxn

    Well, good for her. I hope she represents America well. As to her conservative leanings, I hope she sticks with it. As I recall, Hilary Clinton once started out as a conservative supporting Barry Goldwater. Look what happened to her. Time is always the measure of one’s convictions. Good Luck Miss Scanlan.

  • Concerned4America

    Maybe she was raised right (home schooled?). Maybe her brains have not turned to mush. Maybe she has not been to college and indoctrinated. I won’t count her out any more than I will ignore you for being senile.

  • Concerned4America

    Still have tape and Tuff Grip.

  • Concerned4America

    One did win and then was thrown out because she let the conservative (pro marriage, anti-homosexual) slip out.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

     And who educated the two people who run that “home”, Adam?

    But I do agree that a basic knowledge of our history should be coming from the home……cause you sure aren’t gonna get it from public screwells. Trouble is, the two parents who were educated in the public screwell system are unaware that they never got that basic knowledge.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    If the attitudes here toward Teresa Scanlan’s conservatism are shown to be prevalent, then perhaps less of our nation’s youth will even try. And I thought that’s what we all wanted more of?

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Go for it Jason.

  • Leroy_Whitby


  • RenegadeScholar

    Gotta infiltrate the enemy camp somehow…

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Those damn licentious Puritans, letting courting couples spend the night together in the same bed, divided by a board, and supervised by the parents! I bet some of them stole a kiss!

  • Leroy_Whitby

    But now for the pleasantest part of my duty. It falls to my lot to propose on behalf of the guests the health of Principal Slubgob and the Tempters’ Training College. Fill your glasses. What is this I see? What is this delicious bouquet I inhale? Can it be? Mr. Principal, I unsay all my hard words about the dinner. I see, and smell, that even under wartime conditions the College cellar still has a few dozen of sound old vintage Well, well, well. This is like old times. Hold it beneath your noses for a moment, gentledevils. Hold it up to the light. Look at those fiery streaks that writhe and tangle in its dark heart, as if they were contending. And so they are. You know how this wine is blended? Different types of Pharisee have been harvested, trodden, and fermented together to produce its subtle flavour. Types that were most antagonistic to one another on Earth. Some were all rules and relics and rosaries; others were all drab clothes, long faces, and petty traditional abstinences from wine or cards or the theatre. Both had in common their self-righteousness and an almost infinite distance between their actual outlook and anything the Enemy really is or commands. The wickedness of other religions was the really live doctrine in the religion of each; slander was its gospel and denigration its litany. How they hated each other up where the sun shone! How much more they hate each other now that they are forever conjoined but not reconciled. Their astonishment, their resentment, at the combination, the festering of their eternally impenitent spite, passing into our spiritual digestion, will work like fire. Dark fire. All said and done, my friends, it will be an ill day for us if what most humans mean by “Religion” ever vanishes from the Earth. It can still send us the truly delicious sins. Nowhere do we tempt so successfully as on the very steps of the altar.

  • RUexperienced

    She is at least off to a good start, don’t you think?

  • Leroy_Whitby

    More than a 60 year old liberal apparently! Remember 18 year old brains are better than the oldsters, too. Just less life experience.

  • tadcf

    I would venture to say that most Miss Americas have been conservative.

  • deeme

    Thanks Jason , lord knows we would never find this out from the msm, they are too busy saying things like how can we help you O, how can we help the American people understand you are right!!! Remember when it was Bush, it was how can we help the American people, understand you are wrong. Now that it’s out she is a conservative you can bet people, I don’t know czars or someone are looking through everything they can, to find something to get her to lose her crown..WE are such a divided nation right now, it is scary and obvious..Bravo to someone’s parents, for raising a beautiful person.

  • Citizen_Jerry

    Absolutely right. Teresa was home schooled for most of her school years, along with her siblings. She’s from our hometown of Gering — and we’re pretty proud out here.

  • mackmack57

    Not until they start to speak…

  • mackmack57

    Someone once said ‘If you are not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative at 30 you have no brains’. The whole growing wiser thing going on there.

    This wise caucasion woman is an exception to the rule, and ahead of the curve.

  • rikirei

    How are you all

  • Rusty Turner

    General as one Marine to another I would like to ask you a question.

    Why is it that the current Military leaders have not upheld their sacred oath to defend Our Country and Her Constitution from ALL enemies both domestic and foreign?

    Sir, our enemies are among us and the are in the White House.

    John R. Turner
    L/Cpl USMC

  • rikirei

    When the interviewer asked the lady who she found among the current political figures to be most faithful to the Constitution, she said she didn’t find any one so far as she knows (sort of dodging the question in my opinion), yet at the same time she also said there were quite a few past presidents and politicans being in her opinion belonging to this category (of Consititutional defender). I wish the interviewer then should have seized the opportunity and asked her something like “Ok, then which past president do you like as being in your understanding a statesman devoted to the US Constitution in handling national affairs?”. How much I had expected him to asked such a question and had waited eagerly for the name “Ronald Reagan” to come out of her mouth smoothly like a flow. But of course he didn’t and she didn’t either. What a pity!

  • Brigade

    You know, I’ve always been curious about home schooling. How can you hope to educate someone sufficiently with 2 mentors? I know a ton about Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I have fair knowledge of Law and English, as I had good relationships with my parents who were both trial lawyers.

    however, even with that, I know almost nothing about European or Asian History, or even much of American History, simply not my field of interest. I don’t speak any foreign language. I don’t know enough about sociology or psychology to teach anyone. I’m terrible at Economics. I don’t know much about Electrical Engineering or Computer Architecture. There is just only so much a single person can teach someone, so how can you expect to adequately well round someone when you yourself are specialized? 

  • Altosackbuteer

    Yes.  I would rather see Perez Hilton’s endorsement.

    Because an endorsement coming from HIM makes it SELF-EVIDENT what a FARCE it all is.

    By the way, you speak for yourself.  Miss America does NOT represent ME.  And I take no pride in her “representing” my country.

  • Mr. EMT

    Last I saw you lived in Poland where you have your own beauty pageants.

  • Altosackbuteer

    You said, “Last I saw you lived in Poland where you have your own beauty pageants.”

    My answer: So what?

    I don’t even know what your point is.  Were you trying to be tongue-in-cheek?

    So let me take you at face value.  So Poland has beauty pageants.  Should I take joy in that?

    Poland in recent years has imported a number of disgusting, vulgar American bad habits.  Like cheerleaders (my objection to them is much the same as it is to beauty pageants).  Like Halloween.

    I had hoped to have left Halloween behind me when I moved here.  Ten years ago, that would have been true.  But no longer.

    I’m at the point where I have to rent a room in a pension somewhere on Halloween until it’s late enough to be sure I won’t run into the little bastards.

    You know the emblem for Sherwin-Williams paint, “It Covers the World”?  The icon which shows a bucket of paint being poured over the entire globe of the world, slowly covering it?

    That’s really America’s vulgar culture, gradually intruding itself everywhere.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Certainly not I.  And evidently not you either.  But Miss America goes through the motions PRETENDING that these “skills” have something to do with being “well-rounded.”

  • Hominid

    Right, riki – he should have grilled the 18 year old until he exposed the fact that she hasn’t had time to learn everything yet and crystalize her cultural assessments.  Just brilliant.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Did someone REALLY ask a contestant which politician she thinks is most faithful to the Constitution???

    1) Why would I give a rat’s bleep what an 18-year old thinks about someone being faithful to the Constitution?  I SO DON’T CARE!

    2) Questions like that — assuming you weren’t putting us on — is precisely how and why Miss America is such a pretentious SHAM.

  • Hominid

    So what?  Get a life, man!  Her boobies are ‘well-rounded.’

  • frank907

    “We’re not even taught constitutional law the way we should. We’re not taught law and government based on the founding principles,” she added.
    People, that is no accident. Our schools are staffed with liberal progressives who are programming, not educationg. Basic Marxist doctrine. We have to turn that around. We need conservatives in our government and in our schools. If we do not turn the clock back to honor and integrity, our children and grandchildren are doomed to live in slavery to the elite masters.

  • William

    Bork was indeed right.  And Miss Scanlon is indeed a worthwhile young ally in the cause of restoring the America that was won in the sacrifices of the Founders (1775-1781).  Hopefully, someone will manage to employ her beauty & intelligence in the coming months, when waking up all the Americans that we can, will be so terribly critical to the question of whether or not we even have a future.
    William Flax

  • Walter Hefty Jr

    As a liberty-loving conservative, all I can ask is, “Who the **** are you to tell us what we can and can not do? Does it affect you? No? Then Shut the **** Up! And when these things come up again in the future? SHUT THE **** UP IN ADVANCE!”

    You whine and bitch because she’s Miss America. Who gives a ****? She’s a smart (and beautiful) young woman, someone in a position to have more of an influence on people than your average young conservative woman.

  • William

    “But the military is merely an enforcement arm of our government subject
    to the direction of the executive branch, just like the attorney
    general, FBI, ICE, CIA, etc.”

    That statement is not quite correct.  The military is to defend the Union, the Constitution, the American people.  While it is subject to civilian authority, it is not comparable to Presidential political appointees, such as the Attorney General. Indeed, much of the top brass has been educated in service academies, for a dedicated career.  The cadre are not really equivalent to any thing or anyone else.

    But remember, also, that the military take the same oath to defend the Constitution, that civil appointees do.  That oath is not to the President or Congress, it is to the Constitution.  While the idea of defying the civil authority over an interpretation of the Constitution would certainly be troublesome, that is not to say that there could be no circumstances where American Men At Arms would not be called upon to act as General Pinochet felt compelled to act in Chile in 1973, when a Marxist President began to confiscate property & consolidate power against the Chilean people.

    Or would you, for instance, oppose the idea of the Military intervening, if a President & Congress were on the verge of surrendering American sovereignty to a World Government–a clear abandonment of the Constitutional Republic & an abdication of our rights recognized under  the Treaty of Paris (1783)?

    There may come a time, when such a question would determine the future.

    William Flax


  • MSSouth

    The “backlash” that they are concerned with will be nothing compared to the “backlash” that will happen if we are not able to turn things around at the voting booth!!!

  • johninohio

    “a room in a pension”? Care to translate?

    It’s not like we sent our army into Poland or any other country and put a gun to their heads and demand they have beauty contests. We didn’t export our culture, all those other countries imported it. And if you hate it so much, why did you emigrate to the mother of all vulgarity in the first place? I will pass on suggesting you go back.

  • MSSouth

    I like having a moral conservative win.  This opens up alot of doors that she can use to get her conservative message out there to the young people that are in need of hearing the alternative to ‘Liberal/Progressive’!!!

  • Ken Ayers

    @Jason: Great article…don’t forget Roger Maris!  Ken

  • Euskaldun

    At least this young lady is not a liberal air-head. She is head and shoulders above the average 18-year-old.

    Why, when I was 18 I was a flaming lib, but I grew out of it! I’s too bad that many more don’t!

    It really is no surprise to me, that Obama was elected, considering what our youth are being taught in our high schools and institutions of higher learning during the past 40 years or so…

  • AmFirst

    (You might score more points with babes like this if you’d find another hairdresser – unless you’re Mohawk Native American and that haircut is a tribal thing. Otherwise, you’re nice-looking.)
    I’m glad she’s prettily healthy and not one of those chicks whose shoulder blades protrude like bat wings and whose chests look like washboards (if anybody else is old enough to know what a washboard is). Unlike Miss USA, she’s not a cookie cutter look alike and has the courage not to be politically or sociologically correct. I wonder where they found some judges with common sense ?

    Most of the Miss America contestants are in it for the scholarship money. (Check on what former winners did with their prize money – used it for education or career advancement.) The contestants for Miss Universe and Miss World are, for the most part,  the relatives and “friends” of some high-ranking govt. officials.
    If any contest encourages young women to get in shape, hone their talents, and work on their communication skills (some neglect that objective – Catch Miss USA…talk about verbal tics ! She took the prize for “You know”, “I mean”, “like” and non sequiturs.), I say, “Go for it”. I frankly think anyone with artifical boobs should not be eligible. Some of them look as though a plastic surgeon glued on two lge. grapefruit halves. 

    She was absolutely right about BHO being ignorant. He doesn’t know the simplest thing (like how to pronounce {“corpsman”); yes, there are 57 allied Arab countries, but not US states. For someone who theoretically graduated from law school (How do we know ? Won’t release transcripts.) and who supposedly taught Constitutional law, he is either intentioanlly usurping the US Constitution or has a skewed interpretation of it – obviously hasn’t read or is ignoring the Founders’ intent. His Ego keeps getting in the way of any kind of rational thought.
    Feel free to attack. I delete once I’ve read the editorials and have commented.

  • johninohio

    You should take some solace in the obvious fact that our new Miss America has put on quite a little tire in the 6 months since her coronation. Maybe in another 6 months, she’ll be sufficiently plump as to save you from the fires of hell, or whatever sadomasochistic punishment you look forward to.

    By the way, though I’m sure you’d like to have the burka consession when the Muslims take over, I think they already have their own supplier waiting in the wings.

  • allen goldberg

    Tyr hard to keeop your libtard, negative, cynical mouth in check. Your opinions are worth very little if that is all you see…in fact, since it is all you see…perhaps you ought to ask yourself while gazing in a mirror..why am I the cynical libtard I am…../ try the truth fior a will be stunning.

  • bdaniel230

    So education is only to fill in the parts the parents leave out?  So if I teach my children that the tenth amendment should be the end of all needed?  No  I teach my children, taught my children, character, honesty, counting, colors, playing and sharing with others, willing well and losing with grace and courage.  I taught them to think for themselves and to obey those who make and enforce the rules as well as to respect their elders not their betters as there is no such thing in this country.
    The schools failed them so I had to teach them english, mathematics and civics.  History of America and their localities fell to me but you know what?  By the time that history and civics were necessary they had already taught themselves and now all are graduated from colleges and universities and one is even a teacher, of political science in her university. 
    It is not the parents job to educate unless the educational system fails.  It is the parents job to engrain their children with values such as honor and courage and belief that there are powers greater than man and a country that they need to care for and love.

  • allen goldberg

    again, your cynical, sarcastic mouth is worth little here. Perhaps you will be better appreciated on HuffPO..they will like your libtardness.

  • MSSouth

    Lonesome, I agree.  Why do conservatives seem destined to attack anyone who professes publicly to being conservative.  At age 18, I would say that she is on the right road and with guidance and encouragement she could be the next great whatever.  Again I ask, why are we soo.. critical?

  • MSSouth

    ‘Inadequate’?  Meaning you can’t compete?  Are you female?  Please explain!!! 

  • Zachary Taylor Adams

    L/Cpl Turner, SCPO Keene (1962-1982) here. Couldn’t agree more. I remember the paperwork I had to fill out to get my secret clearance. “Are you now or have you ever been a member of or associated in any way with the following organizations…………..” and what followed was a long list including KKK, John Birch Society, and any and all known/registered Socialist and Communist outfits. Based on the list and what I now know about most in this administration and Congress, 75-80 % would not be eligible to serve!

  • Larry Trepel

    Hey Jason, glad you got to get yourself all excited by interviewing this beautiful, brilliant, and articulate woman–or “babe”, as you call her.  Clearly you put some extra gel in your suave hairstyle before interviewing her so she’d notice what a hot, testosterone heavy guy you are.  Hope it all worked out and she gave you her autograph after the interview so you could take it home and do who knows what with it.  As for me, I’ll be listening to her brilliant interpretation of the Constitution over and over again so I can understand what the Founding Fathers truly desired for our country.

  • frank907

    I don’t
    know that there is an age criteria for being intelligent. Any person who thinks
    critically can’t avoid being a realist and therefore a conservative thinker. At
    the same time, one can be stupid at any age as well. Generally, ignorance can
    be improved by education. Stupid can’t be fixed. I don’t recall who said it,
    but a definition of insanity is doing the same failed task over and over
    thinking that it will work next time.

  • Robert Allen Schledwitz

    Rusty Turner:

    Check out as to why current military leaders no longer take oaths to protect us from domestic enemies.  They have been bought out.  Time for a good national house cleaning.

  • sovereignguy

    how would you go about this? When? Keep us informed please

  • sovereignguy

    that God she is beautiful! That’s what a good, white, GOP male loves, right? 

  • sovereignguy

    as I stated…..the Palinites are out. Not to be considered unless there is beauty. How shallow

  • sovereignguy

    she talks a good talk…but does she believe what she is saying? 

  • sovereignguy

    why is he senile for bringing up a good point? What is wrong with you?  hopefully she will keep up good, conservative values, but she IS only 18. 

  • sovereignguy

    I like your style……I couldn’t agree with you more. 

  • sovereignguy

    most of the women who win these things are conservative…..your point? 

  • sovereignguy

    there is nothing pc about a woman walking on stage with a bathing suit on showing her good looks. 

  • sovereignguy

    I liked what you said previously, but this is over the top. You are antisocial! 

  • sovereignguy

    this man is far from being a liberal. Take a look at his other posts. 

  • bearone7777

                Hey everybody we got a smart one here,  and I did not mean that in a bad way either.  May God Bless her time in her duties. She is going to be a great representative for the country.

  • joe_heathen

    Does she swallow?

  • Dave C. Jones

    Scanlan seems great on constitutional issues. My only concern is that she touts her work with the Dept. of Ed. and Dept. of Ag.–both unconstitutional agencies…

  • SideShowBob

    Wow…another scintillating example of the conservative woman….bright, attractive, articulate…….and sexy. Now….consider the liberal blond bombshell, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Man, put a bag over her skanky friggin’ head… about coyote ugly..!!!! Next….Maxine Waters, Lynn Woolsey, Jan Schakowsky. No wonder so many liberals are fags…..who, in their right mind, would roll one of those beasts in the hay. I’m gonna puke thinkin’ about it………..bwa bwa bwa….drivin’ the porcelain bus..!!

  • Jason Johnson

    Amen to that.

  • TanongSak

    The liberals hate her, that’s predictable. Of course, they’d love her if she were a mean-faced, clipped-haired cunt, a cross-dresser, a bald-headed dyke with green hair and tatoos, or a big fat slob, like their women.

  • TanongSak

    100% more than any liberal knows about anything of any value. Obama claims he’s a “constitutional-law professor”; yet he doesn’t know squat about the Constitution. But then, how could he, if he never read it?

  • TanongSak

    I don’t know why conservatives do it; but liberals do it out of envy; they know they can’t take her pants down. Just look at what THEY have to choose from! (Assuming that you can find a normal liberal.)  Were I in their position, I’d be all sour grapes too.

  • TanongSak

    What you say has some merit, at least in principle; but nowadays, one has to use whatever venue is available. No one is interested in listening to a conservative college professor. They don’t speak the people’s language. 

    We’re not living in the 18th century, and we’re not involved in a high-school debate; we’re at war with the most tawdry, dehumanizing, nihilistic ideology ever to bedevil the Western mind, liberalism. And in war, you fight to win, whatever it takes. Win the crowd, and you win the war.

  • TanongSak

    How can they teach what they don’t understand? Look at the “professor” Obama; he talks about the Constitution all the time, but doesn’t know squat about it. And it shows.

  • TanongSak

    I’d like to see them intervene now. The rulers ARE in the process of undoing what’s left of this Constitutional Republic. Why wait until they’ve completed the job, and there’s nothing left to salvage?

  • TanongSak

    Become a renaissance person, as many of the Founders were. No one is condemned to being a technician (I’m not suggesting that you are). Of course, when the liberals are in power, that’s exactly what they want: a bunch of tunnel-vision specialists, who never bother asking the big questions about what it means to be human, and in fact have an aversion to such questions. That’s how they can manipulate them with their propaganda. Nowadays, with the resources available online, you can learn about just anything you’re interested in.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I complain because she is an oxymoron — a “conservative” who competes in an inherently UNconservative beauty pageant world.  It makes as much sense as “prostitutes for chastity.”

    She’s 18 years old.  Like ANY 18-year old, she’s woefully uninformed and inexperienced.  Nothing against her; it simply goes with being 18 years old.  I’d no more consider her “wise” words than I would the opinions of a class of 1st graders about the pros and cons of nuclear disarmament.

    She can have only a BAD influence on other young persons, because they can sense the inherent conflict between conservatism and her beauty pageant world.

  • Altosackbuteer

    But that’s precisely the point.  The beauty pageant world is INHERENTLY IMMODEST.  And immodesty is a gateway to immorality.

    Staying OUT of beauty pageants is the ONLY REAL conservative approach.

    “Conservative beauty pageant candidate” is like saying “chaste prostitute.”

  • Altosackbuteer

    Very true, she is no liberal air-head.  She is a CONSERVATIVE air-head.

    Nothing against her.  ALL 18-year olds are air-heads.  It goes with being 18 years old.  Given enough time, they usually outgrow it.

  • Altosackbuteer

    You know, small-brained one, I thought I too spotted the extra weight she’s carrying in the ol’ caboose.  I’ll betcha she’d not even have won her state pageant with that extra blubber.

    Which is another way of saying, that is precisely the point.

    No beauty pageant has a thing to do with values, and especially conservative ones.

    IT’S ALL NOTHING BUT A GLORIFIED SKIN SHOW.  REAL conservatives understand to have NOTHING to do with it.

    Which is another reason I can’t take this Miss America seriously.  She’s really NOT a conservative.  Because if she were, her inner conservative would tell her to stay away from skin shows.

  • Altosackbuteer

    And what would that be, pea-brain?

  • Altosackbuteer

    Thank you.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Thank you again.

  • Altosackbuteer


    They make me feel inadequate in a MALE way.  Because the contestants therein would never give ME the time of day, for any number of reasons.  And even though I am superior to them in any number of ways, they would make me feel inferior.

    Which is why I loath Playboy Magazine.  But NOT Hustler, though it is much more gynecologically explicit.  Because Playboy presents an image of the complete package of what a archtypical playboy of the world should be.  There is nothing greater or grander, but I can’t ever remotely come close to measuring up.

    Beauty pageants are inherently WRONG, but make ME feel less than they if I take them seriously.

    And THAT is why they make me feel inadequate.

  • Will Pardon

    DO YOU ???

  • Todd Siex

    I hope this young lady was paying attention when the media shredded Sarah Palin, because now she will be a target.  Attractive and conservative sends the libs into a frenzy.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Well, I don’t believe “conservatives” are. I just believe that “some” are.

  • RUexperienced

    “Conservative Miss America” is like saying “moderate Islamic freedom
    fighters.”  It’s oxymoronic — and I DO mean “oxyMORONIC.”

    I am curios what you think of Sarah Palin, who competed in the Miss Alaska competition.  If she had won Miss Alaska, she would have competed in the Miss America.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Good question.

    I frankly think less of Palin for having done it.

    But youth do foolish things, and she evidently outgrew it.

  • RUexperienced

     How did Palin ‘outgrow it’?

  • Rattlerjake

    No he’s not!  He’s a libtard, trying to sound like a conservative to demean an otherwise fine young woman.  My biggest opposition to him is that in his previous posts he constantly criticizes America, Americans, and our values, yet he chooses to live here.  Our values have been infiltrated by libtards and the conservative side is trying to correct the problem.  If you (Altosuckbutteater – misspelled on purpose) are so unhappy and disgusted with this country, let me be the first to invite you to leave!  We have enough problems trying to fix the damage done by the left in this country, we don’t need people like you taking up space here either.

  • wrjw10021934

    Wonderful.  Too bad we don’t have another 200 million or so who understand our Constitution the way Ms. Scanlan does.  As one other writer noted, the Fabian Socialists, & the Engels-Marx crowd fully understand how to undermine the rule of law.  They took over “education” so as to eliminate our wonderful history so the “masses” will not know what they are losing.  Unless we wake up, & fast, our Constitutional liberties will be totally gone.  We must “DUMP” the one party system.  Guess George Orwell had his crystal ball when he wrote “Animal Farm”.  Note to comment re:  home schooling.  Better to be aware of American History than no history at all as is evidenced by our “public fool, er I mean, school, graduates” of today.  Besides, American History is intertwined with European history at least as far back as the 11th century from hence our common law originates.

    Semper Fidelis,
    USMC 1953-1961

    Bill Wayland, Vice Chairman
    Constitution Party of Florida

  • Rattlerjake

    It’s much like marriage vows, socialists agree to anything to get what they want.  Whether vows or oaths or the Constitution, libtards look at it as a stepping stone not a commitment.

  • Brigade

    We’re, tragically, unable to become the “renaissance people” that we once could. Scientific fields in all directions are constantly making so many new developments and progress that it’s impossible for a single person to stay up to date with all of them. It’s all one can do to specialize entirely in one field, let alone multiple fields!

    In one sense this is exciting, because it means our depth of knowledge, as a species, is so much more vast than it’s ever been, but on the other, it means that we have not refined our new knowledge to be accessible to everybody yet.

    I understand that that’s kind of top tier stuff, and doesn’t apply to homeschooling kids, I’m just saying that as I specialize myself in a single field (or a small number of fields), I become less qualified to educate my child on subjects that are wholly removed from what it is that I’m familiar with. Case and point: I study biology and physics, and have had almost no time (or academic interest) in learning about sociology or economics. How can I teach someone if I have really no grounds myself? =/

  • TanongSak

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You already know much more than you think you do. Regarding the sciences, what one should know is the rudiments of the scientific method, where science fits into Western culture, and how it relates to religion, politics, law, and just being human. The kids will have plenty of time to specialize and learn the details later on, if they pick a science as their field. For the time being, all they need to know is what you already know. If they don’t learn how to think critically about science, then no matter how much they learn about it or how specialized they become, they’ll end up not as scientists, but as ideologues of science. And that’s not science at all, but scientism. Of the type of person, we already have too many.

    The same applies to sociology, economics, or any other discipline. On the other hand, one has to be wary of certain “disciplines” which amount to pseudo-science. One of them is “evolutionary theory.” As a scientific hypothesis, there’s nothing wrong with evolution. It’s a hypothesis; if the evidence supports it, it’s a good one; if not, then it’s a bad one. But nowadays the pinheads in academe have taken this scientific hypothesis and tried to weave a worldview around it, talking about it as though it were a universal cosmic principle. This is not only absurd, but sheer New-Age fantasy and speculative metaphysics. It’s reprehensible when scientists themselves engage in this kind of discourse.

  • justinwachin

    It is good to see younger people showing more wisdom than what is displayed by the ruling class. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that today’s 18-21 year olds are going to get hard with the aftermath of President Obama’s reign of error. They are going to be looking for employment in a world where jobs are hard to find, where college loans are large and where inflation is rampant. 

    Mr. Obama ran on hope and change. His leadership is destroying hope and creating an overwhelming desire for change.

  • settrigger

    Good lord, get off Palin would you. We know, we know, we know, you don’t like her. Alright already.

  • Guest

    The beauty of mind and body come in a pair, and the value of a beautiful soul is beyond compare! This woman seems to have all three… So, yes she is off to a verry good start!! 

  • johninohio

    Well, I may or may not be small-brained, but I’m not afraid of being human and being male, as you are. Your revulsion is not with her or with those who love her for being conservative and beautiful, but with yourself. Spare me your sanctimony.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Simple.  The same way we all outgrow the dumb things we do when we’re young.

    She got older, experienced life, became mature.

    As George Bernard Shaw once said, “‘Tis a pity that youth is wasted on the young.”

  • Altosackbuteer

    Not at all, pea-brain.

    My “revulsion” is in someone trying to pretend that they can behave immodestly and participate in inherently immodest events, and still call themselves “conservative.”

    It wouldn’t bother me at all if she were just another liberal twit.  In that case, let her do anything she likes.

    I’ll have you know, I LOVE MYSELF.  I can’t imagine being anybody else, save perhaps for a younger, handsomer version of Yours Truly.  Like Joe Namath once said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow — ’cause I get better (looking) every day.”

  • chrisgray5530

    I read HE all the time, but I found this wording offensive…..The conservative babe precociously added that academia shares blame in
    pumping out legions of graduates who are unlearned in American history……………….The conservative BABE??? come on!! She is a beautiful conservative WOMAN…Also….Stay tuned, fellas, for more of our exclusive with Miss America 2011….I guess only fellas, are interested in what this beautiful conservative woman had to say??? I normally don’t comment but this rubbed me the wrong way…



  • Ed Williams

    Zachary, you are correct, sir. Side note: The John Birch Society’s “Blue Book”, published in the 1950s, is actually quite prescient- it outlines precisely, step by step, America’s descent from the world’s engine of progress to our current ailing shell of our former greatness. Aside from the charge on anything “John Birch” related, there is much to be learned from this book. If we ever have true historians again someday, this book may well be praised as being way ahead of the curve for its appreciation of domestic and world events and their impact on our Republic. Give it a read and see what you think.

  • Ed Williams

    Regarding education- according to the stats, home schooled kids are kicking it in standardized tests, and college entrance exams, and real world success. Many, if not most, of those who set America on her path to greatness have been schooled by parents and churches. Maybe this model is worth dusting off and re-implementing…

  • Ed Williams

    I consider her a geurilla warrior in the cause of freedom. The belly of the beast can be a most effective tactical position. As Miss America, she has exposure that would not otherwise be avaiable. (double meaning intended- I couldn’t resist…) I salute her and wish her Godspeed.

  • msgreat

    I do have faith in the American people.  First they chose a sincere, spirt filled young country singer as our American Idol, and now Miss Scanlan as Miss America…things are looking up indeed.

  • msgreat

    Sorry, Adam…..doesn’t fly.   I have a daughter and several nieces that knew the truth before entering college.  They get brain washed, and it isn’t until they are OUT for a few years that they return to their senses.  (roots!!)

  • deeme

    I totally agree with you, I loved when Scotty kissed his cross, before he had to be trained by Lady GaGa…He has his priorities straight , hope fame doesn’t change him..That’s the true test..The news slants everything in such a way, that all the positive stuff is  never shown, it’s all the freaks .

  • vesey

    “they make me feel inadequate in a male way” you said. There is no reason why a beauty contest should make you feel inadequate. The size of your penis is’nt that important. Just because your “small” does’nt mean anything, or least not much….well it should’nt, although……well, never mind, maybe you should feel inadequate !!!