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On This Independence Day, Another Revolution at Hand

Thomas Jefferson would be shocked and appalled if he could see what  America has done to this grand experiment since he drafted the Declaration of Independence.  On this 2011 Independence Day, Jefferson would not be celebrating our independence, but rather encouraging Americans to revolt once again.

America has compromised the Founding Fathers’ dreams of a limited federal government for a centralized federal government that is bloated, grossly ineffective, putridly expansive, irresponsible, tremendously expensive, and soullessly bureaucratisc.
Our federal government is more burdensome, costly and controlling than the British government of King George 275 years ago, the very beast that our Founding Fathers took up arms against and fired a freedom shot that was heard around the world.

The Founders recognized the costly quagmire of an all-powerful and centralized federal government.  Jefferson, who is arguably the smartest man to have ever taken up residence in the White House, wrote, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” 

The Founders wrote our Constitution to limit the powers of the federal government.  That hasn’t stopped our professional politicians from violating our Constitution and doing what they want, when they want and to whom they want from their gilded, mahogany thrones in D.C.  They have zero respect for the Constitution.  They play lip service to it when it serves their political need.

On our embarrassing, apathetic watch, we have allowed our republic to be financially raped, pillaged and plundered by our King George-like professional politicians, who buy our votes with our tax dollars by creating vast federal handout programs, departments and agencies that Uncle SugarDaddy was never intended or designed to create or manage.  The result:  America is tens and tens of trillions of dollars in debt.
Statesmen such as Jefferson, Madison , Washington and others would not have condoned this grotesque financial irresponsibility emanating out of the toxic swamp o f D.C.  Again, quoting Mr. Jefferson, “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.”

Those patriots, Tea Party members and other concerned Americans who speak about financial responsibility, champion limited government, and who promote the ideals of our founding statesmen are often maligned, lampooned and condemned as intellectual lightweights, radicals and even racists by various cowards. 

The Tea Party has it right.  They understand our republic can only be saved by advocating the very principles, vision and ideals of those men and women who risked their lives, sacred honor and fortunes to give birth to America.

Tea Party members, various other patriot organizations and other rank-and-file concerned Americans should take solace in the words of John Adams when he wrote about the American Revolution in 1818, “… This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.”

On this Independence Day, sit down with your children, loved ones, friends, neighbors and co-workers and read the Declaration of Independence and discuss it.  Get them to commit to a new revolution, in which our King George politicians are dethroned and run out of D.C.  Be a patriot and save America.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another …

Happy Independence Day.  God bless America.

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  • billwhit1357

    We need another “Shot heard around the World” and hopefully, Obama will be on the receiving end.  Some have said it would just make him a Martyr, but only to the Ghetto Welfare Bunnies, who contribute nothing to our society anyway.

    The Black told the Shop Foreman, “Your Firing me because I’m Black!”

    The Boss replied, “No, we hired you because your Black, we are firing you because your are worthless.”

    Sounds like what needs done to B. Hussein Obama in 2012!  I Pray to the Lord God that it does!

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    They think we’ll give up. They think that when they steal the 2012 election we’ll say ” Oh well, we lost that election so I guess we’ll just have to do what they say from now on.” Man oh man are they in for a suprise.       Ted, The kings are running in the Klutina NOW. Come on up and catch some.

  • turfmann

    No, Bill.  That is absolutely not what is needed.

    One of the hallmarks of the American Experiment is the peaceful transfer of power.

    That should be the goal here.

    This is not a third world sh!thole, much as some would like to make it that way.  An assassin’s bullet would ignite a conflagration in this nation we have not seen the likes of in our lifetimes – and there is no need for it.

    Carter sat peacefully behind Reagan and listened to Reagan indict the entire premise of his tenure in office as he outlined his vision for America.  He largely succeeded in his vision; we revere the man today almost as though he was one of the founders.

    Obama will sit peacefully behind the next president, a solidly conservative new president who will articulate once again the founding principles that made this nation the city on a hill, a beacon of hope for all the world.  And then the real work will begin.  But we will be rebuilding out of rhetorical ashes, not actual ones.

    It was not Mondale that sat behind Reagan, nor should it be Biden that sits behind the next president.  Let’s leave the violence to those on the other side.

  • Party of No

    We are being punished because we turned our back on God.  We must once again obey God just like our Founding Fathers did.  This is a Christian nation and it’s time for the Tea Party to take our country back.  We cannot afford to let this country be overrun by Islamists and Communists.

    Look at what happened in New York recently.  Now it is legal for two males to call each other husband and husband.  This is what happens when you take prayer out of schools, legalize abortion, and don’t allow Intelligent Design to be taught to our children.  This is a violation of God’s sacred laws and nothing good can come out of this.

    So unless we want to experience another major terrorist attack even greater than 9/11, we must bring this nation back to God.  Thankfully, Michele Bachmann is blessed with this task.  Now it is up to us to make sure she wins the primaries so she can defeat the COMMUNIST DEVIL in the White House.  If any of the RINOs like Mittens and Huntsman win the nomination, the GOP is doomed.

    We only have one last chance to turn this country around.  Otherwise, this will turn into a full blown Communist Dictatorship, ruled by an illegal Kenyan who hates America.

  • Mr. EMT

    I can’t take this post serious.

    For one thing no one with a brain on the right wants to make martyr out of obamao,he isnt worth it.
    For another we all cry for him to be brought to justice.
    Impeach and convict and let him pay the price for his crimes and serve as an example for those who follow his ways.

  • Mike_Stephens

    The Boston TEA party was in 1773. 3 years later the shot heard around the world was fired. The new TEA party was  started in 2009. 3 years later Obama was fired. I like the sound of that! Please patriots, teach your kids, neighbors and friends that the government is the problem, not the solution. We have to vote in larger numbers in 2012 than the unions, the welfare state and the government employees, to win. Many of them vote twice. Only united we stand and divided we fall. Obama has to go on 2012 and all people in congress that don’t uphold our constitution! Thank you Ted Nugent, you have not wavered in your patriotism!

  • wearyconservative1946

    Thank you, Ted, for another really great column, which as usual, hits the nail squarely on the head. All the letters, phone calls, emails, faxes etc. fall on deaf ears while half the country survives on government handouts (all part of the agenda), another fourth hasn’t a clue, and the other fourth just can’t turn things around by themselves. 

    Real change will not be accomplished at the voting booths at this point; not with the massive democrat fraud, a dumbed down society created by years of public education brainwashing which has produced a vast majority of ignorant and just plain stupid people, and nothing except more corrupt, socialist politicians waiting in the wings (both democrats and republicans).

    Mark my words, between dirty republicans, even dirtier democrats, and filthy media, they’ll see to it that romney is the next republican candidate, which even if elected (a dim possibility), will be only a very slight improvement over what we have now. Then let us not forget the number of muslim, communist, and otherwise anti American sewage obama has seeded throughout every government program and office. Does anyone believe romney would do anything to rid us of these cesspool rejects, or repeal any of the unconstitutional bilge signed into law by this half breed farce?  I doubt it!  

    Bottom line: I personally cringe at the idea of a revolution, but with government corruption and quagmire so rampantly out of control at this point, I do see it as probably the only way to take back what we’ve worked for all our lives. 

  • 1tomritter1

    The cause of
    America’s economic crisis and thus most of our problems is simply paper
    money.  Eventually, this will lead to
    national bankruptcy.


    This could
    have been averted with constitutional money. 
    Because there is only a fixed amount of sound money, a big government
    scheme (or a large private one) would have to take the money elsewhere.


    Thus the
    people screaming would have addressed any particular problem in infancy. 

  • RonCarnine

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right. The Declaration of Independence is an amazing document, but most American’s don’t know what it says. Our forefathers paid a tremendous price to give us a republic (use of their homes by the British and destruction of most of their property) but we hear many American’s claim we’re a “democratic” nation. We are not. On this day, we use fireworks to “remember” our freedom. Our forefathers used the fire works that comes from words and musket balls. They bleed and died for what we enjoy today. Ted Nugent is right. We do need to sit with our family and friends and read and discuss the Declaration. More than that, we need to teach this document in our schools and to make sure that every child knows its content before they are allowed to graduate. The same applies to the Constitution of the United States. It is important that we force our representatives to stay true to the original intent of Washington, Jefferson and the rest. May God raise up a new generation of Americans committed to the original meaning of the Declaration and Constitution. I’ll follow a Washington before I’ll follow an Obama.

  • josevasconcelos

    The sleeping army of the republic must be roused!  The political army of America is its citizens.  The last piece of the Constitution the Communists will take away from me is the Second Amendment.  Go ahead…make my day!!! If you want my country, we’ll have to chat about it in hell first, Comrade.

  • Mimi

    Thanks Ted for your article…and encouragement to the TEA  Party.   As the LEFT  loses ground,  The Soros money pores in and they start getting louder.    Then the die-hard Dems…now wavering,  get some gas and up and down the fight goes on
    We must be relentless in our goal to take back this country…This go around they are totally incompetent…stubbornly forcing us to endure the BAD  policies and refusing to change their course…in every way economical,Foriegn policy..hurting allies,  praising enemies…flotilla to Israel…robbing the treasure to support friends….the worse is they have taken our spirit to futility and despair!    Years from now …Obama and the Democrats will suffer the consequences…HISTORY  will not be KIND!!!

  • globalcrap

    Happy Fourth of July, to all Americans patriots. God Bless My America.

  • KayK2

    On our embarrassing watch is right.  I’m sorry you young people who voted for Obama, we didn’t do a good job of teaching you what this country is all about, we didn’t stress personal responsibility and independence and what a gift they are, we assumed you’d eventually figure it out.  Now when I try to tell people these things they say “Kay, it’s a different world now than it was in 1776.”  Actually it is more like 1776 than it has been for a long time, people yearing to be free are going to have to fight for their freedom again, and we will win.   

  • JohnWIS

    If there ever was a time, to confront those who believe that the government should take care of its citizens, in the way that all of these liberal, socialistic, communistic “Democrats” believe that it should…….it is now.

    It is time to tell them all…to their face…….”WE ARE NOT PAYING FOR IT ANYMORE!” 

  • treshall

    I would be willing to assert that the broken-hearted betrayal, seething resentment and righteous indignation that we feel toward our current government equals if not surpasses any similar emotions experienced by our forefathers and mothers in the 18th century, for we have Obama. Whatever else he may have been, at least King George III was essentially a moral man, more content to spend time with his family than enter into rancorous debates with the Whigs he so despised. And while he viewed our fledgling democracy with all of the outrage of a parent with willful, unreasonable, misbehaving children, at least the colonists knew that he didn’t hate them; he just wanted them to obey him and come back to the fold. My friends, today’s liberals make those first Americans look like royalists and Obama makes King George look like the kindly old grandfather who always had candy for you in his pockets. Obama loathes us and we know it, it’s painfully obvious. He and his disciples are morally bankrupt and see nothing wrong with any of their behaviours, the “whatever is expedient for us at the moment” approach to life. In addition to being loud, libelous, deceitful, violent, uncouth, mean, arrogant and anti-American, the modern “progressives” (and if this is “progress” I want no part of it),  their vision clouded by their class envy and racial preferences, have lost sight of the things that make America great and, rather than work to make things better, apparently prefer their “victim” status, lining up for handouts with their long list of grievances and entitlements. Envy, resentment and payback are not the American values for which our forefathers fought, but for us, they do serve a purpose. Today’s liberals give us a clear image of what we’re fighting for and against. We on the right are not the recalcitrant children in need of discipline; we are the responsible adults who are trying to parent by following the time-tested truths of morality, spirituality, thrift, charity and patriotism. We are the people of whom Jefferson and even King George would be proud. On this most special of American days, we need to remember that we are indeed unique and special people, Americans, with all of the rights and responsibilities that that entails. God bless America and may our philosophies, attitudes and behaviours always do her honor and make her proud. 

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Flagged for trolling, you lose.

  • tadcf

    Is attribution of the quotation to Jefferson another example of the ultra-right wings attempt to modify history?

    “This exact quotation has not been found in any of the writings of
    Thomas Jefferson. It bears some slight resemblance to a statement he
    made in a letter to John Norvell of 14 June 1807, “History, in general,
    only informs us what bad government is.”[4] However, the quotation as it appears above can definitely be attributed to John Sharp Williams in a speech about Jefferson,[5] which has most likely been mistaken at some point for a direct quotation of Jefferson.”

    Just another reason why Mr. Nugent should reference his citations.

  • 2wotvet

    Mr. Nugent, where were you the past 10 years while billions were spent by Republicans into two wars that put America into debt long before Obama was elected? Where was the Tea Party then? If all Americans should be for a limitted government, then why did you not oppose the Patriot Act, which involves a lot of government intervention into the daily lives of Americans?

  • 2wotvet

    You know, bill, that could be seen as a death threat.
    Do you really dislike those with leftist beliefs so badly that you would want to see one of them murdered?
    Its one thing to call him a marxist-communist-socialist (all seperate things that are incompatable with one another), but wanting him to get shot and killed….you need help.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

     “Jefferson, who is arguably the smartest man to have ever taken up residence in the White House, wrote, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”  [end quote]
     And as Ronald Reagan said “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”.  Today’s way overbloated Federal bureaucracies are living testament to the truth of that quote, as well as when he said, ” Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.”  Once again, look at the power that the Feds have over us right now.   “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  Once again, Ronald Reagan was right.  Now’s the time to fight even harder.  I graduated from a military academy high school in 1986, and we had WWII, Korea , and Vietnam Vets on the faculty and staff.  They didn’t lord over us with war stories, they taught us THEIR way, the Old School, which works.  It’s something I pass onto any of the younger generations that I can, and yes, there are ones that listen and learn.  The old saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. “.  That’s very true, and my addition to that IS: when the going gets even tougher, the ones that keep going are the ones who will break on through and WIN!!  One quote I remember from a Bataan Death March survivor who worked at my school and straightened me and many another wayward youth (Old School-style, of course, and it worked) is “The prisons and gutters are full of quitters” -  Msgt Dwight Woodall, USAF Ret. And those words are as true today as they were then, today’s left caters to the quitters and dropouts, and we need to push and fight harder now than we ever have.  I believe in being civil, but when I get fleabag moonbats in my face, I’m not at all bashful about using my fists.  I’ve got 15 years of Military Service and 3 overseas tours under my belt, and I’ve earned the right to speak my mind.  The freedoms we have are worth fighting for.  I’ve risked my life in doing so overseas, and I’ll keep fighting stateside if I have to.  I take these words from my Oath of Enlistment to heart: ” I, [state your name], do solemnly swear to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic….”.

    Happy 4th of July, all.  And one more quote from the Great Ronald Reagan, tell me what y’all think:
    “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.”

  • Assenal

    Here’s the problem…your fabulous Uncle Ted can’t think for himself. He has to steal words from others and claim it as his own.The spineless,brainwashed minions who follow his every sputter of utter nonsense take his every word as the gospel. Lets just hope and pray that someday we don’t see on the news that there were bodies found at the Nugent Compound all wearing long black robes and sneakers all pointed north with their little autographed photos of Ted standing in front of his zebra striped Bronco clutched in their hands and the koolaid dribbling from their sorry chapped from asskissing lips. Get a life you dried up dog turd!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    How about the recent expanded and excessive use of the TSA outside of airports, (Bus and rail depots, roads) something that happened after 0bama took office, as well as the over tenfold expanse of Federal Spending, and the huge expanse in the use of tax dollars for POTUS junkets and vacations, let alone Nanny Lugosi’s use of US Government jet aircraft for her own perks and pleasure?

  • 2wotvet

    Woo, lets think about some of what you wrote, Party of No.
    We cannot afford to let this country be overrun by Islamists and Communists. Are you somehow implying that a bunch of Islamists and Communists are conspiring to take over America? You do know that Islamists believe in god, but Communists don’t? So why would they team up together?
    So now gays in New York can get married, so what? I would think that god would want all Americans to be treated equally, and not have one group treated like Lepers. Yes, homosexuality is ‘unnatural’, but its no more ‘unnatural’ then being left handed. And I think that treating gays like they are actually human has nothing to do with respecting the rights of non-religious school children, women’s reproductive rights, and keeping a psuedo-science out of schools. 

  • 2wotvet

    I’m sure that TSA would have been expanded to a far greater degree by now had McCain and Palin won, and in the event a Republican beats Obama, it will be expanded even more. Remember, you Republicans understand ‘the muslim threat’ and the ‘illegal alien threat’.
    I doubt that any Republican would increase federal spending, but how can you be certain that a President Bachmann wouldn’t go on even more vacations then Obama has? How can you be certain that she and her political allies wouldn’t want the use of government jets for there own perks and pleasure? And there is still the question of spending the billions and billions that we don’t have to continue occupying Afghanistan? Obama has promised withdrawal from there, but I’m under the impression that Bachmann would continue to keep us there.  

  • stratosaurustx

    Happy independence Day, America!  EVERYONE needs to take a few minutes to reflect on the parallels between pre-1776 colonial America, and the 2011 slave-state.  High taxes?  Check.  Personal freedoms restricted?  Yup!  Government completely unaware and unwilling to accept responsibility?  Yessir!

    This needs to stop.  RIGHT NOW!  The incompetents who “represent” us have established themselves as an elite, demanding respect and honors they have not earned.  Inexperienced, over-”educated” people with more time on their hands to read Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and Vladimir Ulyanov, whose ideas of a “fair” society led to the glorious Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, Nazi Germany, Uganda, Rwanda, Cambodia, and many other “ideal” societies.  All of those arrempts at perfecting humanity failed, to the tune of well over 100 million dead people who preferred being able to breathe free air and to enjoy a life of their own choosing than fitting into a slot chosen for them by faceless bureaucrats. 

    It’s happening in the United States right this minute.  Why does FEMA require the establishment of hundreds of “storage areas” across the country?  I’m sure those “storage areas” will have less ominous names than Bergen-Belsen, Thieresienstadt, or Dachau, at least in the beginning.  Investigate two of the current blitherer-in-chief’s closest “advisers”, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn.  Both were involved in murderous felonies in the 60s and 70s, as part of the Weather Underground.  An FBI informant planted with the WU brought tapes of conversations in which Bill Ayers is quoted as saying that everyone not embracing the WU programs would require “re-education” (sound familiar?), but Ayers was aware that there is a hard core of approximately 10% of the population which would never disavow capitalism.  In his words, those people would be “eliminated”.  At current population levels, that’s about 32 million people, which would put Bill Ayers and whichever president whose buttons Ayers controls somewhere between Hit ler and Sta lin on the “elimination of enemies” hit parade.

    The only thing which prevents this from happening today is the lack of a “Reichstag moment”.  It’s been said many times — “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  The support system is in place, hundreds of closed military bases are being “upgraded” at a cost of billions of dollars.  Why?  What possible use could the government have for abandoned warehouses and fenced enclosures with access to the railroad system?  Look for a “crisis”.  Sometime before June 2012.

    Be aware, people.  Obamao is not NEARLY as incompetent as he appears, and his support staff is VERY competent, appearances notwithstanding.

  • Hominid

    Dream on, turf – do you not see the lesson of the American Revolution?  Freedom is not won at the polls, it’s won on the battle field.

  • Hominid

    Another dreamer – like impeachment’s gunna happen.  What planet are you guys from?

  • Hominid

    Marxism, communism, and socialism are but degrees of the same statist, totalitarian ideology – i.e., different shades of the same thing.  All antithetical to Americanism.  Spare us your lame sophistry.

  • Hominid

    Puh-leez.  Here we go with the mystical savior shit again.

  • Hominid

    Treating gays like they are human – albeit brain damaged – is one thing, the sham of ‘gay marriage’ quite another.  Where do ‘women’s reproductive rights’ end and babies’ rights to life begin?  You’re a Lib buffoon.

  • Hominid

    Well said, Kay.

  • Guest

    TEA Party =  Trashing the Environment of America (to make big developers & big oil rich) Party

  • Dustoff


  • treshall

    Ah, the typical liberal response, so cerebral, reasoned, balanced and coherent.  Who do you hope to convince with this name-calling and belittling?  It is truly unfortunate that those who exhort us all to treat others with “respect” and claim to be the most “tolerant” and “accepting of diversity” cannot stand a diversity of thought.

  • Hominid

    So what if the words have been spoken before – does that make them less true?  Only in your illogical mind.  You’re confusing Ted’s crowd with your own ilk of suicidal moonbats.

  • Hominid

    Right, in your perverted thinking, speculation about what ‘might’ happen trumps what IS happening right now.  Very rational.

  • treshall

    Allow me to correct your misunderstanding:  TEA stands for ‘Taxed Enough Already” and the TEA party is comprised of Americans who favor limited government, fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution.   

  • GomeznSA

    tre – you are probably wasting your time trying to educate ‘gayboi’
    And you are correct about TEA – it is an acronym – I hate it when it is called the Tea Party  – makes it seem somehow less than what it is.

  • Dustoff

    WOW, this jerk just can’t keep his mouth shut.
     ‘Whites Are Liars’ — Audacity
    of Racism: Obama’s 20-Year Mentor Rev. Wright Tells Church Youth All
    Whites Are Liars…Over and Over in a Long Sound Bite

  • GomeznSA

    So Dust – since barry is ‘half-white’ does that mean he is only telling lies half the time??

  • Mike Johnson

    Reminds me of when that bastion of deep intellectual thought, Halle Berry, said white people are evil.  Makes me wonder how she lives with herself since she is half white.

  • treshall

    yes, I know what you mean and that is their objective, to belittle us and try to make us feel that we are somehow inferior – but remember this when you’re confronted with their nonsense:  
    NO ONE can make you feel inferior without your consent    :-)

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Amen brother — gay boi’s ball-gag must not be on tight enough!!!

    Demand Obuckethead’s resignation, yesterday!!!

  • Guest

    Sounds like you are a liberal pretending to be a conservative. 

  • winston_wolfe

    Ugh.  I see the putrid, pathetic, lowly gutter creature otherwise known as gai_boi has once again emerged from the male brothel where he spends his weekends to spew his filth-ridden trash around this site.  What a sickening specimen.

    The vapidity and lack of depth brought forth in your inane postings does not warrant an actual substantive response from those of us who have functioning brains.  All of our lives have been cheapened for ever having beheld the otherworldly scope of your breathtaking stupidity.  To call you an idiot is to unfairly impugn the intelligence of all of the idiots, in all of the villages, in all of the world.

    If you’ve cared to notice, the Tea Party rallies have been attended by decent, honest, hard-working, patriotic, concerned citizens who are rightly alarmed at the direction of our country.  The rank-and-file Tea Party member is the salt of the Earth; and the best hope for the future of our nation.

    Contrast that with the people at the rallies you probably attend; and you will see where the problem lies in modern America.  But like I said, you’re a hopeless moron and utterly devoid of any intelligence or basic decency.  I’d like to say more…much more…but this is a family site.  With that in-mind, I think you’d be happier elsewhere; perhaps wallowing in the liberal sewer at the Daily Kos or HuffPo.  Either way, leave us normal people alone and go consort with your fellow cretinous twits elsewhere.

  • treshall

    Proud, let me thank you and say “God bless you” for your military service- you all are the best of the rest of us and we are eternally grateful.

    I too share the love of Reagan, the greatest president of our lifetimes, and his maxims. Here’s one of my favourites:
    The 9 scariest words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”     :-)

  • Guest

    “Crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare
    already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid
    defiance to the laws of our country.” Thomas Jefferson Happy fourth of July

  • will only tell truth

    Let’s put this into perspective, shall we… George Washington didn’t beat the redcoats with harsh language. He shot them. The second amendment is not in place for ‘hunting’. It is in place as the peoples last resort in case their government becomes despotic and it is their ‘duty’ under the Declaration of Independence to ‘throw off such government and lay new guards for their future security.’ It’s in writing, clear as day. When diplomacy fails, WE are responsible for setting things back to start.

  • treshall

    Here, here, Winston. Well said.

  • winston_wolfe

    Instead of taking cheap shots at the author and those who agree with him; why don’t you try offering an actual reasoned retort to the points brought forth in the article?

    In case you were wondering, that’s a rhetorical question.  We all know that the answer is that you are a typical liberal troll who is utterly incapable of forming a substantive, cogent argument.  You are capable only of slinging mud.

    Try refuting the claims in the article with facts, logic and reasoning.  Let’s see what you’ve got.  Otherwise, get back with your fellow infantile mud-slingers at a liberal site.  You will not be taken seriously in a forum with mature adults.

  • Hominid

    Exactly, will.  Based on some of the Founders’ letters I’ve read, I’m not so sure the Founders would have thought open revolt a LAST resort. 

  • wodiej

    Well based on the ignorance of gay boi, do you really think he KNOWS anyone who is hardworking, honest and decent?

  • winston_wolfe

    excellent point

  • wodiej

    mob mentality.  read Coulter’s new book Demonic.  If the shoe fits….

  • winston_wolfe

     something about this creep makes the invective just effortlessly flow

  • 2wotvet

    Calling gay marriage a ‘sham’ is still treating them like inferior beings.  

  • Hominid

    No it’s not.  That’s nonsense.  

    But, gays are inferior beings in that they are disgusting perverts.  

    Now, I’ll grant that their brain disorder is, in many cases, not their fault.  But, the same can be said of a serial killer or a pedophile.  What difference does it make?  

    I’m not endorsing the persecution of gays – I don’t care what vile things they do to themselves and one another.  I’m just saying, don’t force normal people to celebrate your deviance and don’t try to diminish the valued tradition of marriage that is so essential to our social order.

  • juryveto

    many of them are against the 1,000 plus page antipatriot act.                    
      As far as your question about where was the Tea Party then, many were around then under other names of various Patriot, Constitutionalist, Libertarian and Anti central power groups but most probably were not active.                        
      Sometimes it takes even worse poltical events to bring out the grass roots  silent majority and it did not start under Obama.                         
      It pretty much started under GW Bush and the Democrat majority congress with a limp wrist GOP minority in the Senate.                  
        It started with the bail out of the banks which the above group in the  ruling class wanted badly but the majority of the GOP in the House voted against each and every time.                    
      The GOP in the House voted against bailing out the banks against their parties presidents wishes and their weak minded leadership in the House like Bohner and Ryan which both to this day don’t have a clue or they just don’t give a damn about America.

  • 2wotvet

    That’s right, will only tell truth, but only if the government becomes despotic. As much as you seem to be under the impression that he might, Obama has not yet declared himself dictator-for-life and sent people to slave labor camps, nor has he given any indication that he will.  

  • Obamaphan

    What has president Obama accomplished so far?

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *

    Passed the Lily Ledbetter Act, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.

    Secured more mental health professionals in his first year for our returning veterans than Bush/Cheney did in eight years.

    Vastly improved conditions and treatment at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

    Cut debit card swipe fees by 50%.

    Engaged in treaties to protect Antarctic wildlife.

    Cut taxes on 95% of all American families.

    Expanded the Settlement Youth Program.

    Killed more terrorists in his first year than Bush/Cheney did in 8 years, and…

    KILLED Osama bin Laden!

    Strengthened the Endangered Species Act.

    Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    Saved 1.5 million American jobs and related jobs in the Detroit car industry.

    Secured superior body armor for our troops.

    Appointed two women, including the first Latino to the Supreme Court.

    Created more jobs in 2010 alone, than Bush/Cheney did in 8 years.

    Ended Bush’s policy of forbidding Medicare to negotiate better drug prices on behalf of the consumer.

    Backed a stimulus package that saved the US from total financial collapse.

    Enabled the FDA to regulate tobacco for the first time.

    Established a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Cut prescription drug costs for Medicare recipients by 55%.

    Tax credits for first-time homeowners.

    Improved Veteran’s benefits for all Military personnel.

    Reduced the price of gas by 20% (and still dropping).

    Passed Medical Healthcare Reform:

    Preventing denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions –

    Covering an additional 33 million Americans –

    Allowing family members to stay on family plan until age 26 –

    Freeing the taxpayer of the expense of Emergency Room costs by the uninsured –

    Stopped banks from foreclosing haphazardly on home mortgages.

    Ended “Stop-Loss” that overworked our soldiers.

    Restarted nuclear non-proliferation talks.

    Expanded hate crime laws to include sexual orientation.

    Made torture once again illegal.

    Negotiated access to Swiss banks to root out tax evaders and criminals.

    Removed archaic restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.

    Ended tax breaks for corporations that export jobs.

    Ordered SEALs to rescue American civilians from Somali pirates.

    Closed many offshore tax havens.

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *

    Happy Independence Day, “patriots!”

  • juryveto

    I did not know they were using TSA on roads, where?                  
      Obama is a low life scum bag Internalional Marxist.           
      He is also sponsering a forum between the People’s Republic Of China  and state Governors At the next governors conference in Utah.                     
       Check out China Gate II and what has been going on at the University of MICH.

  • juryveto

    Happy Independence Day to you too and other American patriots.

  • 2wotvet

    Are they? Socialism is antithetical to Americanism? Do you honestly think that America has gotten as far as it has without socialism?

  • 2wotvet

    Nobody is forcing you to celebrate anything, and nor does allowing gays to marry diminish marriage. It doesn’t do anything to marriage, or to the social order.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Lordy-be, where did-ya-get such a comprehensive list of Obama accomplishments,

    Demand Obonehead’s resignation, yesterday!!!

  • globalcrap

    Thank you, stay unlocked and loaded. A great day for our Nation.

  • michael

    Twotvet, you must be joking, stupid, or a socialist/communist/sucker-at-the-public-tit.

    Americans have achieved as much as they have IN SPITE OF you and your socialists.

  • Hominid

    So, in your twisted logic, he can behave like a dictator as long he doesn’t declare himself so.  You’re a phukkin genius, Gump! 

  • TanongSak

    There’s no such thing as “women’s reproductive rights.” Nowhere does it appear in the text of the Constitution. It’s an egregious liberal superstition, a figment of the overwrought liberal imagination, which has somehow, like a virulent pathogen, gotten into the bloodstream of constitutional jurisprudence by the mindless and frivolous decisions of an imperial, imperious judiciary. 

    And if it’s pseudo-science that bothers you, I would point out that the liberal worldview is cluttered with more pseudo-science (scientism in the guise of science) than any speculative metaphysics that has bedeviled the human intellect in all of human history.

    And, by the way, if by “god” you’re referring to the God revealed in the bible, then whether you believe in revelation or not, have the decency to use the uppercase letter. No one who claims to be a believer, whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim, believes in “god.”

  • Hominid

    To Winston – just to clarify, I have never begrudged anyone or any group their religious beliefs nor do I oppose religious expressions.  It doesn’t bother me at all if someone wishes to celebrate Christmas (I join in) or put a cross on their loved one’s grave and I have often defended their right to do so to atheists and anti-religionists.  I am not anti-religion.  I accept the Constitutional agreement on freedom of religion.  

    The only time you will see me react is when the religionists seek to impose their mysticism through government institutions (not unlike the gays do) or when they deprecate nonbelievers. 

  • TanongSak

    Is the set of all elephants itself an elephant? An individual who accepts the “gay” label is an individual, not an institution. “Gay marriage” is a putative institution. In fact, it’s an expression which tortures the English language. Never in history has anything like “gay marriage” been found in the lexicon of English. Redefinition of basic concepts on which everyone relies can only go so far, before it becomes an act of violence, both the language, and to the culture, as well as to humanity itself. 

    Not that liberals would understand that, since they long ago abdicated their status as human beings, to embrace a superstitious, dehumanizing, life-denying, nihilistic worldview which is every bit as much an affront to human dignity as the holocaust.

  • TanongSak

    How can you be sure that the world won’t blow up after the election? In politics, as in everyday life, we deal with and rely on probabilities, not certainties. To go beyond probabilities is to engage in futile speculation.

    And even if Bachmann were on vacation, she would achieve more of value than Obama ever has while at work. I for one wish that Obama would go on vacation, a permanent one, until he is safely removed from office. At least he couldn’t cause any more trouble.

  • TanongSak

    Well, even if he can’t think for himself, he’s light years ahead of the garden-variety liberal, who can’t think at all.

    And even if his followers regarded his words as gospel (which is preposterous on its face), he’s never been acclaimed by his disciples as the savior of mankind, as Obama’s followers seem to believe about their “one-true-god-for-the-time-being.” Nor, might I add, has the megalomaniac “president” ever done anything to discourage that belief.
    Face it, Obama is washed up; he’s history, as are you and everyone of your ilk. You’re going to lose, in fact, you’ve already lost, because you’re losers. That’s it, and that’s all of it. Any conflicts between you and those who oppose you will soon be resolved, either at the next election, or in the streets. I personally would prefer the latter venue. Since dead men have no opinions at all, there’s really nothing left to discuss.

  • winston_wolfe

    Regarding the religion issue…I know.  I never meant to lump you in with the atheists who simply attack and smear anyone who maintains a religious belief.  That was not what I meant to infer.  Your views on that front are very fair-minded and substantive.

    The reference in my comment was simply meant to qualify my remarks by clarifying that I do not think that opposition to gay marriage is required to be rooted in one’s religious views.  One can be a non-believer and still take a position against gay marriage on purely logical grounds.

  • Wil

    Ronald Reagan sold a democratic society on the idea that their own government
    was the enemy. And he repeated that charge while sitting as the head of that
    government. You quite literally had the President of the United States telling
    America that government of the people, for the people, and by the people was
    against the people. Reagan hated America!

  • TanongSak

    Of course, we don’t want to think about the genocide going on in our abortion mills, with his support and blessing, do we? What more do you need?

  • Wil

    What has Ted Nugent ever done for our country, other then create noisy
    so-called music? When it was time for Nugent to serve his country, he was not

  • Gidney

    Let me reply to a few of the Messiah’s decrees that seem to make you quiver, Obamaphan:  Cash for Clunkers- try buying a used car these days; the stimulus program that saved US from collapse-slush fund to keep public-sector union workers employed;Strengthen the Endangered Species Act- a real job creator that one;Reduced gas prices 20%-WTF??; and finally Obamacare- if you like that you should come to my house and Ill show you a new game called 3-card monte!  This poor excuse for a president either does nothing, or forms a commission and then does nothing, or does the absolute worst thing in any given area.  I am SO sick of him.

  • Wil

    Kay, Do you really want to ge back to the Bush era?

  • Wil

    Bill, I bet that joke was a winner at your recent Klan meeting/

  • 2wotvet

    A lot of things in the world today don’t appear in the Constitution, Tanong, but that is no reason not to include them. Nuclear weapons, the internet, heart transplants, the Superbowl and airplanes are no place in Constitution, but I doubt you would object to any of them. 

  • Wil

    The Bush-Republicans legacy is still with us and will remain so for a long time.
    Since I started following politics from 1956, I’ve never seen our nation,
    handed-over to another President in worse shape than when Bush handed it over to

  • TanongSak

    Exactly! The terms “America” or “United States” have become little more than geographic expressions. Contrary to candidate Obama’s fantasies, we’re not “one people,” but an ideologically deeply-divided people. 

    Your analysis is dead on target. Why would anyone care to defend a significant segment of the population who regards his own values with contempt, and for whose values he has utter disdain? I can’t think of a single liberal that I would be willing to bleed for, let alone sacrifice my life for. The problem is that liberals don’t distinguish between the “nation” (or community) and the “state.”  Unless the latter is legitimized by the former, it amounts to nothing more than rule by force, a de facto tyranny. And, as such, it has already lost its reason for being. The only centripetal forces that hold it together are force and fear. It never occurs to liberals that every time they decide to “redefine” a cultural norm or institution (such as proposing “gay marriage”), they further delegitimize the state. Or maybe it does occur to them; in which case they’re either abysmally stupid, or diabolical.

    There are many forms of violence, and institutional violence, although more subtle, is every bit as destructive as overt violence. In a polity which has institutionalized violence, politics is simply war by other means.


  • 2wotvet

    What does the black family have anything to do with this, Sammy?
    Two men of similar age are capable of making the choice to marry themselves, its not the same as a older man marrying a child, which violates child rights laws, and its not the same as a man marrying a different species. How can a dog consent to marry a human? A dog can’t even understand the concept of marriage.

  • steve52fla

    Progressives a clear and present danger to America time to push back hard.

  • TanongSak

    OK! So just what do you propose to do about it? As much as people like you would like to change things, this is still a country in which people can speak their minds. Stop them from doing that, and I can assure you, words like his will become much more than threats. Then it’s you who will need help, most likely immediate medical attention.

  • 2wotvet

    The same ‘ genocide abortion mills’ that were churning during Bush’s time in office? Those mills? But you weren’t talking about rebellion then, were you?

  • TanongSak

    Neither, apparently, do liberals, or do you.

  • Wil

    Using Constitutional quotes and arguments regarding abortion are ludicrous
    as that document did not include women, Indians or Blacks yet alone a

  • TanongSak

    I have no idea what you’re trying to say. What do you mean that these things “don’t appear in the Constitution?” The law, including constitutional law, can resolve disputes regarding these things without creating new “rights” out of whole cloth. Just what sorts of disputes to you envision regarding nuclear weapons, the Internet, heart transplants, the Superbowl, or airplanes, that would require the judges to do this?  If, the the course of litigation, the courts did try to create new rights, I surely would object to it, as should any thinking person.

    In the dubious decision Griswold v. Connecticut, the Court was dealing with the business of contraception, and in the process, instead of relying on established concepts of law, invented the novel idea of a “right to privacy.” Nowhere is the text of the Constitution does there appear such a thing. And, except for a judiciary run amok trying to act as a legislature, there would be no such thing in case law either. Clearly the justices in the majority were deciding the case before them according to preconceived ideological biases, and were simply using the text of the Constitution to justify those biases. It is just this sort of thing that moves rational persons to regard “the law” with contempt, and any claim to be governing by “the rule of law” a sham.

    The law makes a distinction between questions of law and questions of fact. I don’t think you understand that distinction; or if you do,  you have good reasons for trying to conceal it.

  • winston_wolfe

    Well, look who’s back.  I thought I adequately smacked you around on “The Decline Line” thread and sent you packing.  Back for more, Jackass?

    The above post has to be the most vile filth I’ve ever read on any of these threads.  For you to claim that a great American patriot like Ronald Reagan hated America, on July 4th, is about as deplorable as it gets.

    Get this through your head…when the government grows to the point where it inhibits the upward mobility of its people, infringes upon the right to self-determination, and confiscates the fruits of the peoples’ labor to redistribute it to those who have not earned it…then that government has overstepped its bounds and is running counter to the welfare of the people.  Reagan reined-in a governmental apparatus that grew uninhibited under Carter’s disastrous term and helped to restore a limited government that operated under Constitutional principles.  When a government ceases to be of the people, for the people and by the people…then that government has become a tyrannical entity imposing its will.  It has become the enemy of the people.

    Ronald Reagan was an American treasure.  He loved America, and sought to save it from the destructive onslaught of the left.  Just today, the people of England erected a statue of him to honor his memory.  He won the Cold War without firing a single shot.  He defeated the evil Soviet empire.  He restored American greatness.  He oversaw the most prolonged period of economic growth this country has ever known.  For you to defile his memory with such outlandish proclamations is a reflection of your own lack of character.  Absolutely despicable.

    If you want to see what an anti-American President looks like, take a good look at the abject disaster currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Rest assured that there will be no statue honoring obama…except maybe in the lobby of some dingy ACLU office building.

    You leftist twits are shameless.  You are simultaneously piteous and nauseating; and the malignant ideology you espouse is like a pustulate rash festering and swelling atop the ass of humanity.  Ronald Reagan was a better man, and a better leader, than any of the demagogic scoundrels that have ever emerged from the noxious swamp of liberalism.

  • Wil

    Hey Winney, Don’t you mean Saint Ronnie Reagan?

    You know, that president who raised
    taxes, raised the debt, cut and run from the Middle East and negotiated with
    terrorists?? And cheated on his first wife, getting a divorce and marrying Nancy
    after getting her pregnant. And told America they should not trust their
    government… that guy?

  • TanongSak

    And despite all these “achievements,” he’s going to lose. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?

  • Deborah Barclay

    American was founded on a Free Republic and American Experiment style of Government that did not fail but was Usurped by Democracy an old style of government that always progresses to Tyranny and Failure.   Democracy in Greek means:  Demos: people; kratis: rule, power..  Democracy Means Power over the People.    READ the Constititution in its ORIGINAL form as well as the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.   We clearly needed to tweak the Constitution to include EQUALITY for all Americans as under the British rule, slavery was brought to America and to be transitioned away from by consensus of the People in changing this economic practice of bondage for production.

  • Wil

    Oh, get over yourself. You’re no better then anyone else! What makes your
    kind so special.  

  • Wil

    Are you conservatives selfish?…

    They don’t need an excuse. They are
    PROUD to be selfish. That’s their basic philosophy. They live from a position of
    fear- and that makes them dangeous. They are afraid someone will take something
    away from them, they are afraid of women, so they fight women’s reproductive
    rights. They are afraid of gays because they are different than they are, they
    hate anything that isn’t chained to their own ignorant, tunnel view of the

  • Wil

    I’m wondering… shouldn’t the Secret Service have a talk with billwhit1357?

  • winston_wolfe

    Again, just like on the previous thread, you have your facts wrong and interpret everything completely out of context.  Are you that dense or is it intentional?

    Reagan reduced the federal deficit from 6% of GDP in his first year in office to 2.9% of GDP in his final year.  He reduced marginal rates drastically on top earners, which encouraged increased investment and re-allocation of wealth from tangible assets to financial assets.  He deployed supply-side principles to the best of his ability considering that he had an uncooperative Congress for much of his term.  He effectively controlled the money supply to reverse the inflationary trends of the Carter years.  He greatly reduced the onerous regulations that were stifling economic growth during the late 70′s, thereby providing incentive for investment and job growth.  A great deal of the spending he implemented was in the area of defense, which was absolutely necessary at the time…unless, of course, you’d be content with losing the Cold War.

    The proof is in the pudding.  What he did worked.  Under Reagan, we prospered.  Under Obama, we are in decline.  The record speaks for itself.

    And I’m not interested in hearing a member of the party of Weiner and Clinton drone-on about the morality of Ronald Reagan in his personal life.

    Ronald Reagan was a highly successful President.  He won the Cold War.  He lifted us out of the Carter years and propelled the economy upward with his supply-side approach.  Even most liberals concede that his Presidency was a resounding success.  That is, if they have a modicum of intellectual integrity…which rules you out immediately.

  • Wil

    Check this out:

    Women Who Lose Babies Face Criminal Charges In Mississippi,

    This is an example, what conservatives do!

  • winston_wolfe

    The fact that we’re vastly more intelligent than your kind.  Any other questions, Skippy?

  • Wil

    Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who tripled the National Debt?Would that be the same Ronald Reagan whose “Reaganomics” took America from being the world’s leading creditor nation to being the world’s leading debtor nation (a situation from which America has never managed to recover)?Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who presided over the deregulation, looting and tax-payer funded bailout of the nation’s Savings & Loan institutions? (Cost to the taxpayer: $150+ billion and a recession.)Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who granted amnesty to three million illegal aliens — encouraging millions of other illegals to flood into America in the expectation of similar treatment?Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who, in spite of his promises to the contrary, cut and ran from Lebanon after the Beirut Marine barracks bombing (convincing every terrorist in the world that America was a paper tiger)?Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who praised the Small Business Administration two years before he announced he wanted to close it?Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who, through his Tax Reform Act of 1986, dumped the uncontrolled nightmare of the Alternative Minimum Tax on the middle classes? (“This legislation expanded the AMT from a law for untaxed rich investors to one refocused on middle class Americans who had children, owned a home, or lived in high tax states. This parallel tax system hits middle class Americans the hardest by reducing their deductions and effectively raising their taxes. Meanwhile, the highest income earners (with incomes exceeding $1,000,000) are proportionately less affected thereby shifting the tax burden away from the richest 0.5%. In 2006, the IRS’s National Taxpayer Advocate’s report highlighted the AMT as the single most serious problem with the tax code.”)Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who laid a wreath at the Nazi and SS cemetery at Bitburg — in spite of pleas from Eli Weisel and the American Jewish community not to?Is that the same Ronald Reagan who defended laying the wreath at Bitburg as “morally right”?Tell us,  why would anyone want to emulate the presidency of the dead mental vegetable known as Ronald Reagan?

  • winston_wolfe

    Right, we’re selfish.  Selfish, meaning that we’d actually like to keep some of the money we earn instead of handing it over to leftist imbeciles like you to engage in some misguided, redistributive, social justice experiment.  And you make it sound as if it’s some irrational fear.  Understand this, dummy: Every 2 weeks, half of my paycheck IS ACTUALLY GONE.  It’s not a “fear” but a reality.  Something ACTUALLY IS being taken from us.  And we’re sick of liberal automatons like you dictating how much of our money we’re actually allowed to keep.

    And let me get this straight…we’re afraid of women, so we fight against women’s reproductive rights?  That’s dumb even for you.  What about Michelle Bachmann, is she afraid of herself?  Maybe we just take issue with the mass infanticide and deem it a moral imperative to stand-up for the rights of the innocent unborn.

    But no, maybe you’re right…we’re just “afraid of women.” Absolutely laughable.

    Please…keep posting.  With every absurd comment you post, you reveal your stupidity and the intellectual bankruptcy of your liberal positions even further.

  • Wil

    Winny, Only in your tiny ‘mind!’

  • TanongSak

    But it does include human beings, and women, indians, and blacks all belong to that category, as do the unborn. Of course, you exclude the unborn, because (1) they’re defenseless and can’t speak for themselves; and (2) because like any tyrant who has practiced genocide in the past, you arbitrarily decide to dehumanize your victims, and so pretend to legitimize your crimes. 

    Of course, none of this will make any difference to you or your kind, which is why at this point all discourse becomes useless. Many would prefer to smash your face. When you’re gone, you won’t have any opinions. And don’t labor under any delusions: in due course, it will be much harder for them to say it than to do it.

  • Mimi

    Man…WHAT A GREAT  POST,   Your GOOD !    I heard they were honoring Ronald REAGAN in the Eastern European nations….He is  a SAVIOR  to them.    He will be in BRONZE  all over the WORLD eventually.   We are yearning NOW  for a leader like him.    Sarah,   Michele  Bachmann, and possibly Perry( can’t wait to here from him) ,  I think are the closest  in courage to speak out…..and most like REAGAN.   Happy 4th to all.

  • Wil

    A keyboard bully speaks. I’m just wondering, what right do you have to tell a woman what she has to do with her body. Who gave you that right?

  • Mimi

    How dare you come to this site and berate?

  • winston_wolfe

    “Would that be the same Ronald Reagan who granted amnesty to three
    million illegal aliens — encouraging millions of other illegals to
    flood into America in the expectation of similar treatment?”

    So, what’s the problem?  Isn’t that what you liberals want?  Now, all of a sudden, you guys are such border hawks?  Reagan admitted that this was the biggest mistake of his Presidency.  It was a terrible blunder.  But you liberals do not get to criticize him for it…since that is what you’ve been promoting for years now!  If anyone gets to take issue with it, it is us conservatives who actually want to restore the integrity of our border and deport those who’ve violated our sovereignty.

    And now you are such a fiscal deficit hawk as well, right?  Obama has accumulated more debt in his 3 years than all other Presidents in history combined.  And that is adjusted for inflation.  You are one of those sad yet fascinating liberal dichotomies who will promote the merits of Keynesian economic theory in one post…and will then criticize a Republican President for overspending in the very next post.

    Here is the REAL record:

    American economy
    performed better during the Reagan years than during the pre- and
    post-Reagan years by nearly all objective measures.Real median family income grew by $4,000 during the Reagan period
    after experiencing no growth in the pre-Reagan years; it experienced a
    loss of almost $1,500 in the post-Reagan years.Interest rates, inflation, and unemployment fell faster under Reagan than they did immediately before or after his presidency.The only economic variable that was worse in the Reagan period than
    in both the pre- and post-Reagan years was the savings rate, which fell
    rapidly in the 1980s.The productivity rate was higher in the pre-Reagan years but much lower in the post-Reagan years.

  • winston_wolfe

    That’s comical coming from you.  You have the intellectual capacity of a house fly.

  • Wil

    Mimi, History shows Reagan ran like a little girl from Lebanon, when the going
    got tough. Osama Bin Laden says that’s the day he found out America would run
    from a fight.This is discussed in both The 9/11 Commission
    Report and Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies.

  • Wil

    We have to maintain a civilized society and that costs money. If you don’t feel
    like contributing to help maintain our society you’re welcomed to leave the
    country. No one is forcing you to be here. Go to Somalia, where there would be
    no one to harass you over paying your taxes.

  • Mr. EMT

    Like you are in a place to judge someone’s value to what they contribute to our society?
    You are a damn hypocrite.
    News flash, there are other ways to serve our country than serving in the military.

  • Mimi

    I assure you If Michele Bachmann gets in office the ECONOMY will be  going like blazes and The “O” depression will be HISTORY!  Who will care ?  The REAGAN PRINCIPLES will sing along…Back to thriving and PROSPERTY….She or any good Conservative  will be able to FLY  to the MOON  if they want to. 
    NOW..BLACK unemployment is to the MOON,  hard times worse than depression times is norm ….O  is the only one who can afford to have a good time on our  “NICKEL”  It’s criminal!!!

  • winston_wolfe

    Right, because society would just collapse-in upon itself if we didn’t give handouts to Planned Parenthood and maintain tax-subsidized slush funds for obama’s union cronies.

    I have no problem with the government spending money on things that are needed, like national defense.  I have a SERIOUS problem with money being wasted on things the government has no business being involved with in the first place.  Health care would be an apt example.

  • TanongSak

    “A keyboard bully speaks. I’m just wondering, what right do you have to tell a woman what she has to do with her body. Who gave you that right?”

    I’m not telling anyone anything; but the law does have the right to tell her, and it will tell her. And, just in case you haven’t heard, the unborn is not part of the woman’s body. It’s a genetically distinct entity. Of course you liberals who revel in pseudo-science and meaningless metaphysical distinctions wouldn’t know that.

    And while we’re on the subject of rights, who gave liberals the right to tell me how to dispose of my income, money that I’ve sacrificed hours, days, and years to create? What ever become of the “right to privacy?” They and you simply take the right, because you’re vicious criminals, liars, thieves, and murderers. And as such, you deserve but one fate–total destruction. I know you’re all running scared because when your “president” is retired, there will be no one left to protect you. But that’s good; be afraid, fear is a good thing; it keeps  you alive.

  • TanongSak

    That’s right; I’m selfish, and I’m going to continue being selfish. I’m not willing to part with so much as a single penny of my money for your sake. One dollar of my money, one hour of my life, is worth your life, and the lives of 100 more like you. Just try to dispute that, and I’ll have no compunction about proving it to you.

  • TanongSak

    NO, you’ll leave, and we’ll stay. If you call that form of dehumanizing, life-denying, nihilistic barbarism which is liberalism civilization, then perhaps you just need a course  in how to be a human being. I know you liberals are slow learners, but I’m a good teacher, and would love the opportunity to beat the knowledge into you.

  • TanongSak

    Nothing special; it’s just that when the smoke clears, we’ll still be here, and you’ll be extinct.

  • winston_wolfe

    We’re on the same page, my friend.  The psychotic musings of ‘Wil’ only underscore the point we’re making.

  • rdman_VietVet

    We are dealing with a different kind of Leftist than the Leftist of Reagan’s era. This generation of Leftists have surfaced to reveal a culture of ungodly and soulless tyrants, thugs and bullies.

    These Leftists have repeatedly “Spit in our Eyes” and “Go to Hell with your antiquated Constitution” with their messages to Conversatives, Tea Partiers and We the People Patriots.

    They are telling us that they are still in charge and you Rednecks are not going to stop us. They are NOT going to just give up their power and go away… I believe they will partner with and mobilize every radical organization they can find and create bloody chaos in the streets, then declare martial law to hold on to their power and control, and blame the Right for all the violence.

    This has the makings of civil war in the streets… they have already tested the system and won… Franken in MN with gross voter fraud and then again with Dayton who appears little more than a tool of Soros et al (overwhelm and crash the system).

    We haven’t seen anything yet!!

  • Mimi

    GO  READ  what else he did…..LIKE  DAVID  LIMBAUGH’S   ….”  Crimes Against  Liberty”

  • Mimi

    Soro’s worried…He’s  paying them for GOOGLE  ASSISTANTS!!!

  • Mr. EMT

    Spoken like an 18 year old who wasnt there, doesnt remember, and has his logic spoon fed from a handbook from the communist underground.

    Reagan is one of the greatest if not THE greatest presidents America ever had. His words toppled regimes and ended the cold war. He took over the office from the second worst president in history, second only to obamao.
    If we have another Regan to take over from obamao, no doubt someone like you will be around 20 years after the fact to harp on how much it cost to fix everything obamao has tried to destroy.
    When Reagan stimulated the nation with a policy, it enabled 17 million people to get work in the private sector.
    When Obamao “stimulized” us, he destroyed over a million jobs, has bankrupt small businesses and sent people in the middle class into poverty.
     So lets set the record straight for impressionable minds over the heaping pile of steaming BS you retardedly try to harp:

    Accomplishments 1981-1989

    By Editorial Staff
    Published December 1988
    1. President Reagan’s economic policies stimulated the economy,
    creating 17 million new jobs. One-fourth of the new jobs were created in
    68 consecutive months. Black unemployment was cut in half.
    2. We were given incentives to save our money, to work, and to invest because of Reagan’s tax reforms.
    3. The inflation rate decreased to less than 4.4%. Family income rose 12%.
    4. We are now experiencing the longest and strongest peacetime prosperity in the history of the nation.
    5. We are experiencing the best peacetime relationship with the
    Soviet Union in our history. We have also seen the withdrawal of Soviet
    troops from Afghanistan.
    6. We are now keeping the peace. We drew the line in Grenada, Libya,
    Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf, and no countries have fallen to
    communism during the Reagan era.
    7. The U.S. military was refurbished and strengthened.
    8. There is now a call for prayer in schools. The Republican
    adminstration has been lobbying to give this deserved religious freedom.
    9. We have seen a return to traditional values. Under Reagan, we
    have seen a cut in federal funding of abortions; emphasis on a strong
    family unit; and the development of family-oriented public policy.
    10. Educational leaders are now working to sustain moral values and
    reestablish a clear understanding of right and wrong. The need for
    values in the curriculum has been trumpeted by the Reagan
    11. People from other nations are flocking to America to follow our
    example. Our principles of civil and economic freedom are now being
    copied all over the world.

    America Just Prior to the Reagan Administration
    1. Seven million Americans were unemployed.
    2. We were told to live on less, to buckle our belts and to prepare for scarcity.
    3. Americans went through two of the worst years of inflation in 60
    years. There was a 13% inflation rate. Family income dropped and we had
    the highest tax bill in our history.
    4. We were on the verge of a major recession.
    5. With our cold wars during the ’70s, we inspired our enemies not
    to be afraid of us. The Soviets refused to come to the bargaining table.
    Cultural exchanges between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. came to a halt.
    6. Disarmament was considered a noble goal. We did not know where to
    draw the line in our negotiations with the Soviets. Three countries
    fell to communism under the Carter administration: Benin (1977),
    Nicaragua (1979), and Zimbabwe (1980).
    7. Guns and tanks that did not even work were being sent to battle.
    8. Young Americans were not allowed to pray in school … even though
    Congress, every state house, and the Supreme Court begins business with
    9. Progressive values became fashionable. Social policies emulated the values of a small, vocal minority.
    10. Education did not sustain moral values. Educational curricula
    began to promote “alternative lifesyles,” such as homosexuality.
    11. America wore a “kick me” sign on its back. We lost our edge in
    technology and in global markets due to excessive government regulation,
    and high taxes which devoured capital.

    Funny how it is that a lot of the accomplishments obamao is bragging about were policies from carter that hurt our nation.

  • darwin98

    You completely missed the point, which is not surprising. I think she would rather go back to the Constitional Era the founding fathers created and fought for, or at the very least, the Regan era.

  • Mr. EMT

    What the hell do you call the mentality of your social/commie brethren who preach, “From those who have, to those who have not?”
    What is the act of theft in itself if not an act of greed, envy, and selfishness?
    You sit there and covet the rich and believe that if you can take away their wealth, it will make your life better so you can afford to not work for a living and just collect a welfare check.
    Go back to your parents basement and wait for your allowance little guy.

  • Barbrimustdie

    I find it embarrassing that half of this country is certain that beliefs and principles are of the same epistemological validity as statistics and scientific facts.  The free market you love has failed because it has resulted in stagnant wages for 90% of Americans, forcing them to rely on more debt and government programs to maintain their standards of living.  The result is that both the majority of households and the government itself are now barely able to keep from drowning in debt.  Tell me, what general principal do you have that will rebut that fact?

  • darwin98

    Hey Wil, how can a 75 yr. old man who has lived through so many phases of American exceptionalism and decline sit here on Independence Day and speak so ignorantly on the causes of Liberals and Conservatives throughout the years.

    Periods of decline = Libera/democratic gov. Periods of Exceptionalism = Conservative government.

    My guess is that your parents were bailed out by the Government durning the depression and that their complete dependency on the CCC truck for bread and cheese led them to teach their children that “only the government can take care of you”. And your ambition to become something better than a pox on your neighbor has never evolved.

    It’s a new world sir, but don’t worry, us conservatives are gonna get rid of Obamacare so you won’t be left to die because you are deemed “too old” to spend money on. And all the while we are going to rebuild this great nation that you have no respect for.

    You don’t have to thank us, we are doing it because we love America, our children, and our troops.

  • winston_wolfe

    Oh for God’s sake.  They’re everywhere like locusts.

    Look, the free market has not failed anyone.  The reason the upward mobility of many in our society has been stagnant is because of the repressive, stifling taxation the government has imposed upon the productive class.  The unbridled growth of government has suffocated prosperity.  In the modern era, the government has encroached into more and more aspects of our economy and society in general.  This has yielded the same results as it always does…throughout history…without exception.  It has brought our economy into a state of decline.

    History is quite clear.  Socialism does not work.  It has never worked…anywhere.  Free-market capitalism, unencumbered by onerous government intrusion, has marked the upward surge of mankind.  It fosters an environment propitious toward the desirable ends of innovation, self-determination, and general prosperity.

    This should not need to be explained; it should be self-evident through even a modest examination of history and economics.

  • Barbrimustdie

    Nobody’s asking for socialism.  But at a certain point, wealth becomes concentrated to a point where the markets cease to work correctly; this is probably at the point where the middle class can no longer afford the products it creates.  Teddy Roosevelt wrote and spoke quite extensively on this subject.  And your argument about taxes is not well supported, when income taxes have been progressively lowered from 1980 onwards and are now at their lowest point since the 1950′s.  

    Arguing that taxes are the be-all-end-all determinant of economic growth is another point where conservatives just miss the mark completely.  Taxes are simply one of many factors that affect economic activity.

    Lastly, giving the wealthy more money will not produce jobs in the US because they can earn more by investing the money in assets and financial instruments, or perhaps overseas jobs, than they ever can by investing in American workers.

    There was a time when you could start a business with a good idea and some financing.  Now, most small businesses are non-competitive because they have to compete with the large corporations that contribute to political action committees and receive absurd government subsidies.

  • darwin98

    You’re pointing your finger at the wrong problem my friend. We no longer have a “free market”. Haven’t for quite some time.

    Your large government has strangled the market with taxes, regulations, and preferencial grants for markets that will pay them.

    The Free Market works if it is left alone. Get rid of the above stated problems, enterprise will thrive again. With 15% unemployment, I don’t give a damn about the snail darter.

    Government is corrupt, period. Get DC out of the way and America will blow up once again.

  • Barbrimustdie

    It won’t happen until private interests are excluded from campaign financing.  Accepting money in exchange for towing the line on a legislative issue is bribery.  The supreme court is further screwing up our system by ruling otherwise.

  • darwin98

    Who are the wealthiest people (statistically) in America who never produce anything?


    How does someone who makes 250K a year end up being a multimillionare after 10 years in office?

    Once again, you are pointing your finger at the wrong people.

    BTW, who is Barbri?

  • rdman_VietVet

    Why do homosexuals always have to announce who they are???… Ohhh, I’m GAYYYYY!!!

    Why do I need to know that?? That’s sticking their bedroom antics right in my face!!!

    When I’m walking down the street with my wife, why do homosexuals stare at me and say, “Well, Hiiiiiiiiiii there, good-looking… want to have something a little different tonight!”

    Not forcing me to “celebrate” their perversion??? It infuriates my wife and me to be approached in this disgusting manner by these perverts.

  • darwin98

    The good news is that only 20% of the population and 99% of the Media are the liberal enemy. We will turn this around in Nov. 2012, and hopefully without bloodshed. One way or the other, it will get turned around.

  • winston_wolfe

    You are asking for socialism, the only question is the degree.  From what I gather in your comments, you are in favor of soaking the rich and the productive class to subsidize those on the bottom rungs.  You want higher taxes, more regulation and a transition to redistributive, collectivist model.

    The level of taxation should be dictated by first defining the proper role of government.  Currently, the government is involved in areas in which they have no Constitutional jurisdiction.  The government should be rolled-back to address only those limited areas they are charged with managing, and our taxes should be at a level correlative to that role.  Right now, are taxes are too high because the federal government has assumed roles for which it has no legitimate jurisdiction.

    Then you argue:
    “giving the wealthy more money will not produce jobs in the US because
    they can earn more by investing the money in assets and financial
    instruments  or perhaps overseas jobs, than they ever can by investing
    in American workers.”

    You do not go deep enough into the issue.  The reason it is more profitable to invest overseas or in equities/financial instruments is because of onerous govt. regulation.  This is why the left employs a two-pronged approach…higher taxes are ALWAYS accompanied by higher regulation.  This is by design.  The stifling regulatory environment makes it too expensive and cumbersome to hire workers domestically, driving investment elsewhere, stifling employment, and thereby justifying an expanded governmental role.  And with that, the destructive cycle begins anew.  Government intrusion and over-regulation is the underlying reason for the problem you cite; not free markets.

  • Barbrimustdie

    Bar exam review, it’s an inside joke.  Do financiers produce anything really?  Do lawyers?  I would say no.  Biggest problem we’re facing is that the middle class can no longer afford the products it makes, which has been the lifeblood of the US economy since the creation of the assembly line.  We are becoming a banana republic.

  • messup

    Mr. Obamas supporters (and I would guess voters) have a basic trait…the ‘messenger’ must be taken to task and destroyed. Now, their ‘message’ prevails. Instead of engaging in dialog about the ‘message,’ destroy and mischaracterise all ‘messengers’ no matter what, or how. That’s well within ELITE Washington DC’s game plan. Divide and conquer!

    We The People vs. We The Elite People. OH! And We The Elite People will foist our Fabian Socialist, marxian philosophies off on We The People (in the middle of the night) through Congressional fiat. Trouble with this innocence (by Mr. Obama’s supporters) is We The Elite People are ‘using’ these  minnions as fodder…to be used and disposed of (possible repeat of the French Revolution??). These Washington DC Elites, after completing their dismantling of our US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence will rewrite some new Constitution (Per Time magazine’s article).

    Our USofA will have come full circle to where we began in 1770 with the First Shot that was Heard Around the World in the Boston Massacre. VOTE! Massive fraud is on its way this 2012 election. God Bless America. We need a George Mason, urgently!

  • Gene Lalor

    Beyond July 4th, 2011, Toward November 6th, 2012

       When all the Independence Day parades are over, after the hoopla and ballyhoo, the celebrations, the fireworks, the overeating and overimbibing are done with for another year, Americans have to face the reality that the United States is still in dire straits.  
    To paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s famous question, Are we better off today than we were 30 months ago?  Only the insane and the masochistic would answer Yes. 
    After 2 1/2 years of Obama, the economy is still mired in the doldrums, his stimulus has cost $278,000 per job created, official unemployment is stuck above 9%, our health care system is in being socialized, post-racialism is teetering on the edge of race warfare, illegal aliens continue to pour over our border, the nation is in decline as an international power, wars and rumors of wars abound, the Islamic threat is unabated, gasoline and heating oil prices have skyrocketed, the president has declared class warfare, and we’re on the verge of economic default.  
    Meanwhile, our leader parties and plays golf.   
       Obama critics such as Sean Hannity naïvely say it’s incomprehensible that a president of the United States could have planned or desired the current mess we’re in.  I beg to differ. 
    September 11th, 2001 was also incomprehensible.  
    It’s long past the time when the president can blame Bush, a calculated tactic the Obama team utilized with great success his first year or so and to which he still resorts whenever his mellifluous words or his trusty teleprompters fail him, a ploy he will no doubt regularly dredge up during his never-ending campaign for re-election. 
    Virtually everything Obama does, every move he makes, every comment he utters, is scripted.  It’s only when he departs the reservation by speaking off the cuff absent script and teleprompters or when he is caught straying that his actions and extemporaneous  remarks get him into trouble, minimal trouble. 
    To clarify, those actions and statements rarely if ever cause Obama any real problems since his accomplices, his minions in the mainstream media, have his back. 
    In a rare excursion into honesty, Michelle O. acknowledged a few weeks ago how very helpful his MSM has been to Barack O.  When they’re not writing fervent paeans to his greatness, his media boys and gals have skillfully and repeatedly covered for him when he extends his foot deep into his mouth. 
    They were unable to conceal such nationally-televised presidential bloopers as his massive insensitivity in ridiculing Special Olympics kids on Leno and his slip of the lip in saying he was a Muslim to George Stephanapoulis but compensated well by subsequently burying his riotous joke and slip.  They also performed yeoman’s service by hiding his claim of visiting 57 states, his repeated references to Navy “corpsemen,” his confessed inability to speak “Austrian,” and other inanities for as long as they were able.
    What reinforces the view that Barack Hussein Obama–more precisely, his handlers and puppeteers–are preparing for the dismantling of America as we know it is the fact the Obamaians haven’t changed an iota from their original schemes. 
      He and they preached an amorphous, undefined hope and change in 2008.  Any hope rapidly dissipated and they’re in process of achieving more and radical change than envisioned by most of the 66,882,330 suckers and nitwits who voted Obama.
    Exceptions include African-Americans and homosexuals who must be delighted.  This president has taken excellent care of those latter groups. 
    Gays were rewarded for their support with the repeal of the military’s DADT policy and the promised repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.   Black unemployment may be approaching record levels but an African-American runs our DoJ where AG Eric Holder metes out his own brand of racist, bigoted ‘justice,” reason enough to again support Obama.  
    The preponderance of other Americans, the mass of Americans, must wonder what the hell is going on in our country.  Should they join the ranks of Nixon’s old “Silent Majority” and fail to speak up, rise up, and vote, Barack Hussein Obama will be re-elected next November. 
    In that eventuality, may God have mercy on us all, again excepting African-Americans and homosexuals.  They won’t need God’s mercy.  They already have Obama’s. 
       Following Election Day 2008, a Democrat friend who is required by his union to vote Dem whether he wants to or not bitterly blamed Republicans for Obama’s win by nominating John McCain.  There’s a great deal of validity in that analysis and if Republicans commit a similar error next year Barack Obama will surely succeed in his ultimate aim, destroying the America we once knew.

  • Mr. EMT

    Passed the Lily Ledbetter Act, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work regardless of gender.
    Yes, thank you government for telling business that regardless of experience or education background one person gets paid the same as everyone else. There goes th reward based system that makes people strive to provide better skills on the work force. Along with giving yet another reason to sue an employer and rise his cost of doing business, you made sure that top tier employees may not get paid for the level of productivity they could give. Here is a news flash, I don’t care what someone else working along side of me makes. If I am not happy with my wages I take it up with my boss or I get another job.

    Secured more mental health professionals in his first year for our returning veterans than Bush/Cheney did in eight years.
    Thank you obamao for declaring that our soldiers returning from overseas are not treated as respected warriors who have a vast wealth of knowlege and skill set to contribute to our nation, but instead are declared as suffering from PTSD and therefor can not own a firearm or are treated with respect. Nice of you to give them mental help while telling them they are mentally crippled, no doubt they need it after what obamao is doing to them, which includes: Threatening to make them pay for their own medical treatment for their combat wounds, withdrawing military support and leaving them in hostile combat zones undermanned and under equipped.

    Vastly improved conditions and treatment at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

    Walter Reed and Wilford Hall are both being shut down.

    Cut debit card swipe fees by 50%.
    yeah, tell us how much the fed charges a business to swipe a debit card? Dare ya.

    Engaged in treaties to protect Antarctic wildlife.
    Destroyed jobs and added to the damage he is doing to the economy and imposed government restrictions on private land. Gee thanks.

    Cut taxes on 95% of all American families.
    Gee, that would be swell if it wasnt for the increased cost of living his programs cost us at the store and any time our money is exchanged.
    How much did those families get in tax cuts? Oh yeah it added up to maybe 8 dollers a pay check… which is a ridiculus claim due to the fact it does not take into consideration the fact that taxes are based on percentage of hours worked and if you are paid bi monthly verses weekly. It also does not take into consideration how many families do not pay taxes due to living on government aid or are dependant on others for their source of income, such as you skippy.
    In either event, that 8 bucks a pay check was also not a tax cut, it was a tax credit.
    Libtards think credit is such a great thing.

    Expanded the Settlement Youth Program.
    Never heard of it.

    Killed more terrorists in his first year than Bush/Cheney did in 8 years, and…

    KILLED Osama bin Laden!
    First place our soldiers killed the terrorists and osama, despite all attempts to hamper our efforts and aid the enemy.
    Obamao even waited three months after learning where osama was before moving to act, and then when they had to move now or loose him, waited yet another 16 hours to finally give the green light.
    And exactly what do you think would have happened had he NOT done what he was obligated by law, by oath, and by duty? Oh wait, he breaks the law, his oaths and his duty every day.

    Strengthened the Endangered Species Act.
    Yes, im sure the brown dune lizard can breathe a sigh of relief that it is alive (not that it would have been harmed anyway) and Texas an other states are impeeded from producing their own mineral resources.

    Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    Tell me something, if a law is repealed that means what was the standing law before is now in place does it not?
    And before DNDT, no gays and lesbians were allowed in the military.
    So tell me something brite eyes, are you saying gays and lesbians should not serve?

    Saved 1.5 million American jobs and related jobs in the Detroit car industry.
    Well that is good since he absolutely destroyed at least that many jobs everywhere else to “save” those jobs. Meantime he broke laws and usurped his authority in the process, (firing the CEO of GM etc) and absolutely wasted the money on them due to the fact that both companies are in worse shape now than before.

    Secured superior body armor for our troops.
    No, that would be technology advancing with business that he is trying to destroy.
    He may have signed off on the DoD budget, through enourmous pressure since he is trying to cut funding, but he absolutely had nothing to do with our troops having better technology now than they did then. If anything we can thank him for cutting off access to advanced technology, such as the raptor program that he axed right before shipping a bunch of raptors to Egypt, where no doubt today they are in the safe hands o the Egyptian government.

    Appointed two women, including the first Latino to the Supreme Court.
    Both absolutely unqualified with histories of corruption, and when Bush tried to appoint a qualified Chicano, how did that turn out?

    Created more jobs in 2010 alone, than Bush/Cheney did in 8 years.
    Yeah we got this little thing called unemployment that is higher now than pretty much EVER before.  Over 50% of those jobs that were created, were made in Texas alone under Rick Perry. And in other states who have stood against obamao.
    In short, obamao gets as much credit for the jobs created as he does for lightening striking the earth. Yeah he was alive when it happened, but he didnt do anything to make it happen. If anything he did everything to prevent it with stimulus and obamacare red tape and government oppression through the EPA.

    I can keep going on through every point you have rtardedly tried to hype.
    But you know something?
    One thing trumps all of your celebrated accomishments that obamao has done to this nation which has made us worse off than we ever were under Bush.

    He is not a natural born citizen, he is not even an American Citizen and does not even have a valid birth certificate.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Did you get that from The Village Voice, Huff Poo, or DU?  It doesn’t matter, your eyes and your mind are too clouded with anti-american hatred.

  • darwin98

    OK, I am starting to get a better idea of your mindset. I’m with you on that. The Only lawyer that deserves to live is “MINE”. That’s my inside joke.

    And yes, we are becoming a banana republic. But who are our ELITE REPS in DC? They are Lawyers first.

    Would you not agree that we need to put REAL business men and women in the house, senate, and white house in order to turn the American economy around? Would you not agree that we need to eliminate Fed control of the free market to get our economy booming again?

    Talk to me man, what do you think we need to get our America back on track?

  • Mr. EMT

    Ted is with out a doubt one of our greatest Americans alive today.
    Charlie Daniels and Chick Norris and Ted Nugent have become the greatest living symbols of the American Dream that we have today.

  • Niniane

    Great article, Ted. But to whomever put the photo together prefacing this article, I can attest that the Washington Monument is not round, but a square obelisk. Serious faux pas and on Independence Day yet.

  • darwin98

    Nice message, and mostly true. Happy 4th of July.

    The one thing I will say, and I say this to ALL POSTERS, don’t like your own comment. Everyone that posts regulary knows who is “liking” their own comments. I have never done it and refuse too.

    You said good things, and you will get likes. If we “like” our own, we loose credibility and I don’t want that to happen to you because it was a good statement.

    Have a great 4th, and go blow up some fireworks with your kids. Teach them the meaning of this day.   :)

  • planeboy

    WHAT….you did not know willieboy is retired military…lol

  • planeboy

    I don’t know about….”a Constitutional Convention” could make things worst….

  • darwin98

    Bravo, well said. Keep up the fight.

  • 1angryplumber

    I guess you missed the Carter / Reagan hand-over.  Look it up.

  • DirtClod

    Oh they were taught well- they were taught a rewritten history by the liberal teachers and professors who permeate our education system. Many parents were too busy chasing after the next big house, SUV and super vacation that they traded quality time with their kids (and teaching them) for material goods. The kids have all the latest techno gadgets and games, DVDs, CDs but their internal characters and souls have been left for others with ill intent to mold their impressionable minds into what we now see.

  • Assenal

     where do you se me taking a cheap shot at the “author”? He’s a phony and a fraud and the likes of you coming to his defense just shows your more than willing to gobble on his knob no matter what he says or does.Birds of a feather flock together! GULP GULP GULP goes the Goo Cheese!

  • Assenal

     Slurp on the meat gazoo Homonibble

  • Assenal

    ohhhhhh its the internet tough man competition! You wouldn’t have a tough frog hair on either of your balls to do what you claim on the internet. Like I said before….birds of a feather flock together. Ted is a bullshitter and you’ll follow right behind and nibble on his ball bag every chance you get. Wipe your chin for god’s sake! Have you no dignity?

  • Assenal

     LMAO!!!!!!! Holy Cow BatTurd!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I don’t doubt that at all, he’s way too narcisstic to stay away from the news cameras and being the center of everyone’s attention like a very spoiled child.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I see exactly what you do, and pray we’re wrong. The left relies heavviy on ignorant mobs, look at how they kiss up to the lowest commmon denominator of the US population!

  • AKgunguy

    Regardinf the intelligence of Thomas Jefferson: President J F Kennedy is quoted as saying once while in office, in the oval affice during a meeting with all his staff etc, ” this room has never been filled with more people of intelligence, since Thomes Jefferson was here alone.”
    Now that was a Democrat, my question is what the heck happened?

  • Guest

    Recent news:
    Bond was set on Monday for a Silverton man accused of raping a 6-month-old boy.
    Police say Lenny Love, 29, raped the infant in March. Police also say that Love did so while knowingly carrying HIV.

  • Guest

    Recent news:

    Bond was set on Monday for a Silverton man accused of raping a 6-month-old boy.
    Police say Lenny Love, 29, raped the infant in March. Police also say that Love did so while knowingly carrying HIV…..He was the baby’s father.

  • Mike Randolph

    AMEN Kay, it is so much like 1776 that it is frightening. We are at a crossroads in our nation and the world.  Now is the time to make things right, and it is now or never. Ted Nugent is a public figure that speaks his mind, and we often agree. I am with him.
    Godspeed America, WAKE UP!

  • Guest

    Nor was there any specific mention of your name, and type >>>>

    Bond was set on Monday for a Silverton man accused of raping a 6-month-old boy.
    Police say Lenny Love, 29, raped the infant in March. Police also say that Love did so while knowingly carrying HIV…..He is the baby’s father.

  • Guest

    What right does a woman have to kill her baby before the child is borne. 

    Anyone else, ANYONE!, else besides the “mother” who killed this baby while still in the womb would be tried for murder.

  • jwebsmall

    I think we should prepare for economic collapse and then step back and let the democrats financially self destruct bring down the house on their own heads and then go in a mop up.

  • IvoteforPalin2012

    Joseph Stalin said “it doesn’t matter who anyone votes for, it’s the ones that count the votes. They are rigging all the new electronic voter machines to vote for Obamao. What can we do then??

  • Concerned4America

    I think you are confused about who left who.

  • Concerned4America

    Conservatives are the ones who support charity. Liberals talk about helping but all they do is use the force of government to support goals the productive do not agree with.

  • Concerned4America

    Congress is the one who spends the money. The President only trys to lead. If Congress does not act, nothing happens at least until now when you have a president like Obama who has no respect for the Constitution and the law and a Congress who does not have the spine to throw a flag and bring charges of impeachment.

  • Concerned4America

    I don’t know about that. The progressive agenda has nothing but a history of failure but like cock roaches they just keep coming back thinking that it will work next time.

  • Concerned4America

    Many have said that the best thing that happened to JFK was Dallas. Why make the Obamanation a hero, better to let history record that he was the only president to go to jail or whose whole presidency was declared invalid and all his actions declared void. Not going to happen so the best we can hope for is a veto proof Congress or a conservative president after 2012.

  • Concerned4America

    I can see the Al Gore gene in him. He will not quietly ride off into the west like Truman, Reagan, or the Bushs.

  • Concerned4America

    Might be why he looks to the UN instead of Congress for direction.

  • deeme

    I don’t know how surprised our founders would be, they were constantly talking about how the constitution would not work for immoral people. They must of had their share as well. The truth is this country is still full of a silent majority, of God fearing people who have had it up to their foreheads, in a mainstream media and corrupt education system trying to normalize the abnormal and abolish the institutions that have worked for us all these years. The saddest thing is the silent majority can no longer live their lives in peace. Now, we must be a part of a revolution, to take back our country..

  • Wil

    Here’s another freedom every American should enjoy:

    “NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law”

    Hey Tano do you ride a motorcycle?

  • Wil

    The very day Reagan took office and ordered that the solar panels be removed
    from the White House. Both symbolically and directly through the gutting of
    alternative fuels projects, the defunding of the EPA, and the refusal to enforce
    environmental regulations, the Reagan administration committed America to a path
    that led inexorably to more dependence on fossil fuels of all types, and
    specifically on imported oil.

  • Wil

    Without taxes, our lifestyles would be totally different and much harder.
    America would be a third world country. The less we pay, the less we get in
    return. Americans pay less taxes today since 1958 and is ranked 32nd out of 34
    of the top tax paying countries. Chile and Mexico are 33rd and 34th. The
    Republicans are lying when they say that we pay the highest taxes in the world
    and are only attacking taxes to reward corporations and the wealthy and to
    weaken our infrastructure and way of life. So next time you object to paying
    taxes or fight to abolish taxes for corporations and the wealthy, keep this in

  • Darlene Johnson

    Ted, please keep it coming!  You are so-o-o inspiring!  Get the voters fired up!  Let’s get rid of the Fraud-in-Chief, and all of his Fraudsters!  I have never felt so threatened by my government.

  • Wil

    Really? Over the years it has been interesting to watch the Republican Party’s
    consistent efforts to keep Americans from being able to vote. In a democracy of
    and by the people, you’d think that all elected officials would be in favor of
    as many Americans voting in elections as possible. But that is not true of
    Republican elected officials. Every time Republicans occupy political seats of
    power, they seek to pass laws and rules restricting voting.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Not only Al Gore Jr., I see a big pile of Bill Clinton in him as well!

  • treshall

    To the fool who said, “Reagan hated America”, I would just like to say that you couldn’t be more wrong, though since you are a liberal, you will see everything through the haze of the mob mentality, easily chanted, meaningless slogans and the clouds of negativity that envelop and obscure your intellect.  I urge you to study some of the myriad works of Ronaldus Magnus, perhaps our greatest patriot, and discover how very mistaken you are about him (and many, many more things).  Ronald Reagan loved American, loved the American people and loved life.  He did not love oppressive government regulations and set about freeing the people from them, making the 1980′s a decade of unprecedented peace and prosperity.  For those of us who lived it, no amount of revisionist liberal history will ever be able to change that.

  • Jeff

    Stop trolling, Wil.

  • Guest

    Crooked men, as opposed to straight ones, are 16 times more likely to molest little boys.  Many alchoholics became self-abusive with alchohol because they were raped by a same sex parent. 

    Giving these humanoids access to marriage and all its rights is a gross disservice to society, not to mention the individual children who are adopted or raised by these disgusting per verts.

    In just the last two days alone……


    An 87-year-old Miami man was arrested and is accused of sexual battery on a 5-year-old [boy], authorities said.

    Felipe Rodriguez faces one count of sexual battery on a child and one count lewd and lascivious molestation.

    Rodriguez provided a sworn statement admitting to the incident.


    Bond was set on Monday for a Silverton man accused of raping a 6-month-old boy. Police say Lenny Love, 29, raped the infant in March. Police also say that Love did so while knowingly carrying HIV. ….He is the boy’s father.

  • Guest

    Too the sick individuals who advocate for sham so-called gay marriages and an unwritten constitutional right for this morally disgusting sickness:

    Crooked men, as opposed to straight ones, are 16 times more likely to molest little boys.  Many alchoholics became self-abusive with alchohol because they were raped by a same sex parent.  Giving these humanoids access to so-clled gay marriage with all the rights of normal marriage is a gross disservice to society, not to mention the individual children who are adopted or raised by these disgusting per verts.

  • Tommy Santelli


    As much as I hate to admit it your right… When I see a liberal who believes that socialism works I wonder is it ignorance or intentional? I honestly believe that the people in power who fuel trolls like wil are doing this intentionally…. In other words McCarthy was right… Wil is living proof

  • Mark

    Cite examples please. Every accusation I’ve ever seen has been shot down as opposed to the Black Panthers in Philly which Holder declined to prosecute.

    How about the MSM calling Florida for Gore before the polls closed on the panhandle ?

    You are nothing but a useful idiot.

  • Mark

    No more unnatural than being left handed you say ?

    You certainly are stumbling thru life with a very twisted world view. Never personally knew anyone who contracted HIV solely because he was left handed.

  • billwhit1357

    Send them on, Wil, bet you probably think Obambi will make you a hero too, huh?  And did I threaten to do anything?  No, so blow it our your butt!  No doubt who you voted for, your comments sound like you’ve OD’d on the Obama Sperm.  I took and oath, back in 1969, to fight to protect the Constitution, served under President Nixon thru Reagan, loved and respected each and every one, even Jimah, who was also worthless, but, at the time, I thought he just had a good heart.  But with B. Hussein Obama, never has America had such an AntiAmerican, AntiChristian UnQualified Worthless Leader(?).  He has no American Values, no Honor, no Integrity, and as a Democrat (in 2008) I could see right thru his lies.  Why would we need a domestic military forcer just as well funded as our military?  Why should someone who works their butt off be expected to share his money with someone too damn lazy to work, like the told Joe the Plumber?  Then, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid went against We, the People and started working behind closed doors.  No, I am no longer a Democrat, maybe again when it has some Honor and some real leaders who love the country, until then, they can kiss my backside.

  • billwhit1357

    Did I make a direct threat?  I don’t think so.  I am sure Obama has a number you can call to report me, no problem on my part.  Just make them look like the Fools they truly are.

  • Mark


  • Dan the TEA Man

    I agree with 99% of Ted’s article, but I take issue with his description of Americans as “apathetic”. We proved otherwise last November. The real problem is, once pols get elected, they completely turn their backs on us! Why is that the voters’ fault? When you have an electoral system that makes you choose between bad and worse, what value is choice anymore? I agree that a new revolution is necessary, though; we need to find true believers who can restore this country to what it USED TO be.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    homosexuals= abomination

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Great points Ted. Too many Americans are lazy and think that the government owes them a monthly check if it’s welfare, ethanol, grants,etc, name your favorite subsidy. Here in my state the goverment is shut down, oh and the wailing has begun. I saw a lot of people out enjoying the weekend and MN didn’t collaps either. The shut down is due because Dayton (crazy eyes and man) wants to raise taxes on people who work. The usual suspects will say it’s only on the wealthy, well according to democrats if you make over 150K and single or over 250K and are married, you are rich.

  • rdman_VietVet

    Yup… creeping multi-faceted incrementalism.

    Good paying jobs left the country, forcing Mom out of the house to make up the difference in income, leaving our kids to be indoctrinated in government schools/day care… purposeful breakdown of the family unit which was the cornerstone of American Individualism and Exceptionalism.  

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    Gays have the right to get married, it just happens to be the opposite sex. The laws are no same sex, no siblings,no bigomy, can’t marry animals,  and inadimate objects. They can bitch and compalin all they want, nobody is stopping them from getting married. They are pissed off that the bible clearly states it as an abomination, and that towns were destroyed (besides Sodom and Gomorrah) for practicing such lewdness, like the town of Benjamen for example.

  • Mr. EMT

    You are so pathetic there is no way to describe the depths of your mental retardation.

    First and foremost putting solar panels on the white house is about as appreciated as letting a 4 year old scribble with crayons on the Deceleration of Independence. Something no doubt every libtard such as you would do with out hesitation.

    Second, in those days, the amount of energy produced from solar panels was an absolute waste of money and space.
    Third, American dependance on fossil fules and foreign oil is entirely based on democratic policies, not republican.
    The families that have locked away technology that would truely take us off of fossile fule are all democratic families such as the rockefellers.
    And the people who pass the legislation to keep us relient on opec are always democrats.
    Go peddle your BS to democratic underground. Other drooltards such as yourself live off of defecated logic such as yours.

  • mattogilvie55

    We are conservatives.  That automatically puts us above you on the evolutionary ladder at least 10 rungs or so.

  • mattogilvie55

    He merely got your attention by temporarily lowering himself to your level and thinking like all of you lefties do.  And you DO all think like that.

  • Tamglesca

    Yes Jefferson was a slave owner too and the only slaves he ever freed he also fathered.

  • Tamglesca

    Ronald Reagan was a pussy who ran away from Hezbollah and then made a speech and took all the glory for what the people in the East achieved by rebelling against their own governments.

    Oh yes he also invaded Grenada and killed some Cuban airport workers. That was also on a pack of lies.

  • Tamglesca

    America was founded by traitors who owned slaves and covetted Indian land. All the rest is self-serving BS.

  • Tamglesca

    American capitalism works well doesn’t it? It has collapsed under its own weight of corruption and took half the world with it. Didn’t Bushy do a great job in giving you all those wars you couldn’t afford. BTW the bankers are still being rewarded with high bonuses.

  • Tamglesca

    You are just whistling in the wind. You got owned by China and just drive yourselves further into their debt.

  • Tamglesca

    What do you plan on doing then? Getting the French to fight your major battles for you?

  • Tamglesca

    Do you mean those ungodly souless thugs and bullies like the US military in Afghanistan. The ones who kill Afghans for fun? Or the ones that kill civilians with drones in Pakistan, Lebanon and Somalia.

  • Tamglesca

    The only thing exceptional about America is its arrogance. Piss poor and undisciplined military that can only talk a fight!

  • Tamglesca

    You mean like that ignorant mob called the tea party?

  • Tamglesca

    Yes bring all the war criminals to justice and that includes Obama, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney!

  • Tamglesca

    You also need moral fibre which you obviously lacked in Vietnam as you lost and no amout of BS and flag waving can paper over that truth. 12 years and you could not even beat half of a third world country.

  • rushyoungberg

    Has anyone here considered that Obama may not allow elections in 2012?  What is to stop him?  Rumor has that Nixon considered something similar but could not get the support of the Army.  With Petraeus in the bag and McChrystal defamed and cast aside, who would stop him?  Our military is spread all over the world.  The States would be powerless and the south would be overrun by mexicans.  In Libya has Obama laid a precedent for the Security Council to intervene in a U.S. civil war?

  • darwin98

    No fan of Busch, fiscally. Got duped by Dem Congress and the whole Stimulus thing.

    However, we’ll see you again in November 2012 and we’ll see who is crying foul come Jan. 2013?

    You know how to whistle don’t you? Just put your lips together and BLOW!!!

    Man, that was easy, you need to step up if you’re gonna blog here….   :)

  • daibutsu

    Thanks Ted, you’ve given me “Flip Cam Fever” I live in DaCity (DC) and my business shares a building with NIH, I thought maybe the National Institutes of Health and maybe even the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( also tenants ) were somehow above being “layabouts.”  Well, they’re are most certainly layabouts. Legions of Federal employees leaving for daily walks and jogs, hours and hours, then there’s lunch!!  Then all standing outside, a few smoking, The few contractors I know are never in this group and privately are so freaking pissed off and frustrated. Contractors do all the work for a, now, smaller carrot on a longer, now elusive, stick.

    THIS is it:  Americans are not working because the federal employees are not working, plain and simple… they suck up the resources, we pay the taxes to keep them on working welfare. Don’t believe me, just go further into DC, Dep’t of Transportation, HUD, it’s a cancer.

  • winston_wolfe

    Leftist Circus Freak Tammy says: “Ronald Reagan was a pussy.”

    Right, the great American patriot who won the Cold War without firing a single shot, stared-down the Soviet Empire, oversaw the most prolonged period of economic growth in our nation’s history,  restored American greatness after the disastrous Carter years, and is now revered the world over as a symbol of freedom, strength, perseverance, and character….is that the guy you’re talking about, Jackass?

    As far as pussies are concerned…I think there’s this guy that’s been whisking around the world on the taxpayer’s dime, apologizing for his country, bowing to foreign leaders, and undermining American interests.  I forget his name off-hand…but you may want to look it up if you feel like taking a time-out from trolling around this site and embarrassing yourself.

    Beyond that, understand that you serve only to humiliate yourself with your comments.  No one…and I mean no one…puts any credence whatsoever into what you have to say.  You have been thoroughly exposed as ignorant, buffoonish, and generally small in nearly every conceivable way. 

    You need to come to terms with your own limitations.  You are an idiot.  Everyone knows you’re an idiot.  Deep down, you know it, too.  It’s bad enough that you have to go through life being dumb…but you should at least be self-aware.

  • winston_wolfe

    Tammy the Communist Sock Puppet says:  “BTW the bankers are still being rewarded with high bonuses”

    It just kills you to know that there are people out there actually making money, doesn’t it?  That there are people who have jobs and lives and are actually achieving something?  It just tears at your insides knowing how truly small you are…that other people are able to accomplish things, build things, create wealth…while you wither away living in your parents’ basement.

    I know all about you, Tammy.  I’ve seen lowly specimens like you my whole life.  You lack the capacity to get ahead and improve your standing…so instead you just rage at the system.

    Capitalism is to blame!!!!  It’s those damn, greedy bankers’ fault!!!!  Bush did this to me!!!  IT’S NOT FAIR!!!  I want a handout and I want it NOW!!!  I’m entitled to it!!!!

    You’re entitled to nothing, you piteous bottom-feeder.  You’re entitled to shut the hell up and get a life.  You’re not enlightened.  You’re not some renaissance man.  You’re not “progressive.” You’re a brainwashed automaton who has been sold a bill of goods.

    The ideas you espouse are not some grand new innovation…they’ve been tried countless times throughout history…and failed every time.  Just like you have failed every time, and will continue to fail…because you are the embodiment of the ideology you espouse.

  • Tommy Santelli

    First of all I said nothing about Bush’s wars. That is a debate seperate from this issue. The real issue is how liberetards like yourself are fundementally transforming (destroying) this country at its very foundations. Our founders layed the framework for a country built upon hard work, individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Who cares if the bankers are getting their big bonuses? They worked for it, they earned it. That is the beauty of this great country, ANY person can succeed greatly in life without being born into royalty or wealth, you can build it for yourself!! Notice I said build and earn, not handed to you for nothing. Capatilism does work! But this current form of socialistic capatalism (AKA spending money that does not exist) that we are currently using in the government does not work, hence our enormous debt. Explain to me how when Bush left office our national budget shortfall was $458 Billion, and now 2.5 years into Obama’s term we are getting closer and closer to $2 Trillion, and say capatalism doesn’t work, when Obama isn’t following the rules of capatalism?

    If Americans can balance their budget week in and week out then the government should be able to as well. And that goes for EVERYONE in the gov, dem, repub, indy I don’t care who it is. The communists said themselves that they will not need to invade our borders with military, they would destroy us from within! And that is exactly what they are doing. Your beloved dictator Obamao is using the infamous Cloward and Piven technique of trying to bring the economy down… Flood the system til it implodes from within, well that is exactly what is going on. break the system so that you can “claim” it “doesn’t work.” Then you once you have duped the public into actually believing your load of horse pucky you have a blank check to go full blown commie on us. Well Lemme tell you something, I’m 22 and I’m a YOUNG conservative, and I will not let this piece of trash in the white house destroy MY future! I decide my own future, not comrade Obama. I will fight him and anyone like him in this country until it is fully restored to the great REPUBLIC it once was. Then I will stand guard to keep the wolves of communism away once it is restored. Because commies are like cockroaches, they always come back.

    If you don’t like capatalism then leave! Go to Russia and live there if your so fond of communism. Because be warned, I will not pay for your lazy sorry welfare ass to sit around and collect entitlements all your life from MY hard earned money that I sweat and bleed for!

  • Tommy Santelli

    PS, I noticed you said NOTHING about Obamaturd’s war in Libya. Hypocrite

  • Tommy Santelli

    At least he has a mind… not a box of jello like you. If you think you are sooo vastly superior to us intelectually then please start demonstrating it.

  • Tommy Santelli

    It is a possibility, however do not think that Petraues is “in the bag.” That man I believe loves his country to much. Also remember so long as we are an armed society the dictator could not pull off such a stunt. And he can’t just simply disarm us, been tried and can’t happen. I do believe however that we will see voter fraud on a scale not even imaginable though.

  • billwhit1357

    Send them on, Obamatron! I have no problem with it. Funny how you Libs come up with nonsense to make you feel better about your idiot Messiah, B. Hussein Obama. We will be rid of him in 2012 and he will be Fired by We, the People. Keep sucking the Obambi Sperm while you can, only got another 18 months or so!

  • Tyler Scuba

    Please… Do not blame this on young people voting for Obama… The generation before us was complacent… If you think McCain would have done any better look at how well his republican brother did  (AKA Bush). Clinton impeached for a blow job and George W. gets nothing for starting wars on false pretenses…  It is all of the evangelical voters (like my parents) who make blow jobs more important than unjustified wars.  War on drugs? That’s a laugh… you let that happen.  War on drugs= pharmecutical companies prescribing amphetamines legally to children and paying off washington: arresting pot smokers who harm noone: and expansion of and regulation by the government and government agencies that my taxes pay for… Your gen. had it easy.  We are left to take care of your mess.  All of the sudden you care about the defecit. Why didn’t you care twenty years ago.  We have a choice between two parties that do not represent our views. You call that democracy? Don’t you dare blaim this on the young people that die for your wars.. Anytime someone is “liberal” they are considered “unpatriotic”.  We need more liberals active in this country, you coservatives indifferently drove this country into the ground while smelling your own farts and living for jesus (telling everyone else how to live, and hating gay americans).  Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you know about personal responsibility.  Quit pointing your finger and shut the fuck up. 

  • Tyler Scuba

    You are also a hypocrit. Yea video games caused this… Please.. “It’s all the liberals fault”… People like you are the problem.  You point your finger but offer no solutions. 

  • Tyler Scuba

    Regan era?  You think the founding father’s would have approved on the expansion of regulation, especially of plants the grew in their farms… haha wow

  • Tyler Scuba

    At least democrats raise taxes to pay for their spending… Republicans just borrow from China, thinking that my kids will pay off the debt.

  • Assenal

     wipe your chin you dolt! You have man shrapnel dribbling down your face!

  • Assenal

    why did you dodge the draft like your yellow bellied  idol did? why don’t you just admit it there emt you’d swim through a pool of elephant jizz just to swirl Ted’s knob around in your gullet!

  • Assenal

     Pardon the pun emt but it would appear that both you and joesixpack have this fudge packing fantasy that you will be backstage with Nugent and his appendage will accidentally slip out of his trousers and right into your windhole! As you joyously slobber on his ever lasting gobstopper he’ll be plunging a  foot long hickory farms summer sausage right up to the bar code in both your stankholes and you love it cause your both a couple of root tugging meat gazers! Go suck a knob will ya!

  • Mr. EMT

    Well gee whiz.
    Here you are trying to whore yourself out for my attention again.
    No doubt due to the fact that for some reason I remind you of your father, whom obviously gave your retarded inbred ass too much TLC while you were growing up and you are hoping to make that homoerotic connection again in your fantasies with me.
    I went from being confused over whether Im supposed to feel flattered or insulted by your comments which show how the innerworkings of a co-dependant adolescent mental midget, to realising you are a creepy little bastard that probably spends your existance chained to your parents basement due to your inability to socialize with people.
    Now I have to ask myself what level of sympathy your pathetic miserable life deserves.

  • Assenal

    joesixpack and emt sittin in a tree
    s  u  c  k i  n  g
    first comes love
    then comes marriage
    then comes the hot patch in the turtle carriage
    what a couple of typical Nuge Homo Backstage groupies
    Hope you get your Dangerzone Fantasy Rumpalooza with your idol you two buttclowns! It really baffles me why you will both lick the proverbial turd berries around ted’s anus no matter what. Can’t you ahve at least a speck of dignity and get off your knees long enough to see the light other than cascading through Ted’s hair as he blows hot patches down your windholes?

  • Assenal

    Ok so…joesixpack has a big gob of meat gravy dribbling from his gaghole and he says to emt….hey can you swizzle that dribble off my lip while I play stranglehold on your meat ladle? Then suddenly there is a rumbling in his loins and SPLAHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOSH! It looks like an explosion in a glue factory! Man what a meat gazers wet dream! The end

  • Assenal

    Maybe when I get out of mom’s basement I can come over to your place and slide my meat missile down yer yaphole! And as you are chugging on my chunky spunk you can gaggle on it as if you were backstage at a Nuge Concert mashing your face in his lap like a human jackhammer! Just as he’s about to cap one down your airpipe you can pull it out and paint your face like a glazed donut! Then you can get up and walk over to emt and dribble a few gobs in his beak like a momma bird does for her babies.Wipe your face you homo!

  • joe6pack

    One trick pony.


  • jdsatterfield


  • Assenal

    Just in case anyone doesn’t remember, my name is Assenal and when I’m not on my knees nibbling on Uncle Ted’s yum yums I hang out on the nuge Board and swill all the other gobs of testosterone that I can pucker my lips around and get a good suction.I have been known to go all over the country to the NRA Conventions and tirelessly remain on my knees in search of the everlasting gob cougher. You can also find me in any gay pub on any given night just listen foe the slurping noises coming from some dark and dank corner of the bar and you’ll find me jack hammering my face into some big homo’s loins GULPITY GULP GULP!!!

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  • Assenal

    blah blah blah SLURP BOING GULP!!!!! NEXT!

  • Tony_Seco

    I can understand why you make these type of comments, you being an ass en all.

  • USSLimperty

    Oh my my!

    This assenial person is a scary little feminine goo guzzler. He is so busy trying to be cute he doesn’t realize that it only makes him and his momma look like failures. My my…maybe mr. fancy capri pants will get a job that doesn’t involve a knob….in his fat little face.

    I kind of doubt he could work the drive thru ay Burger King without a government program to show him how to dress himself and report to work on time.

    Maybe if they told him his new job involved all the goo he could eat,he would be on time and be wearing matching red high heels.

  • Assenal

     hey Tony.. go suck a cock! how ya like dem apples ?

  • Joe7000

    You fags are always fighting over who gets the last drop of goo, aren’t cha,Butchy?

  • James Tierney

     I used to work for Mr Nugent when he was with Damn Yankees. I know him personally.
    Out of all the concerts I participated in while either working for him or seeing his shows there was one constant that disgusted me without end. He would pick out of the crowd a groupie, someone he could see was out of their minds over him…then he would spit in their face. Not just spit out of the mouth, he would literally hock a nasty nasal lugie right in their face. Why? Good question.
     I made the mistake of asking him that question and he went to my boss (the owner of the production company I worked for) and complained that I challenged his persona.
     I had been a loyal employee and never did anything unethical or anything, and I am considered one of the best sound engineers in the world so my boss took me off that tour and put on the Ozzy tour. He did not get his wish that I be fired, but it made me think…if this man thinks he knows anything about how to deal with human nature or that he thinks he has a proper concept of  rational thinking then we are all in a world of trouble.
     I pray that he never has any power in our government. If he thinks it’s cool to spit in the faces of his adoring fans what would he do if he had any real power over them?

  • brad hart

    Your dead on. People dont understand the amount of freedom that comes with personal responsibility and independance. Everyday I remind my children of this. I am lucky to be in the conservative part of the states.

  • brad hart

    I can see your a real liberal loser. I am sure you have done wonderful things in your life (not). Well you need to take personal responsibilty and quit blaming everything on the conservatives. You probably didnt even vote! Most complainers like you dont even vote. I will keep the right to work hard and prosper, bear arms, hunt,fish,and go to the church of my choice and have multiple medals from my service in the militray and you liberals will never ever take that away from me. I bet you never even served in the military like you try and relate to. Your pathetic.

  • jmcon007

    Someone needs to inform little teddy that of he threatens to put a shotgun in President Obama’s
    mouth again, this combat Marine veteran is going to kill him. Dead. Nugent is a worthless piece of American crap. Be sure and call the cops. I’ll tell them the same thing

  • jmcon007

    Ted Nugent ia a worthless piece of crap.