Media Go Hog Wild Over Bachmann’s John Wayne Birthplace Gaffe

Michele Bachmann said Duke was born in Waterloo instead of Winterset.  So what?

Barack Obama once said he would campaign in all 57 states, which, on a sliding scale of silly to serious gaffes, has to rank up there in the latter category.

(Even the illegal aliens living in Los Angeles know there are 50 states, particularly the states that allow them to pump out herds of children on the taxpayers’ dime.)

While the media are trying to paint Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.) as a blunder-prone candidate—or “flake,” as Chris Wallace unjustifiably called her on “Fox News Sunday”—Barack Obama and many of his Democrat colleagues have played “Can You Top This?” with their own misstatements and slipups, and yet they do not receive even a scintilla of the scrutiny that Bachmann does. 

Within the last three years, the media’s self-appointed smartest President in modern history has insulted the Special Olympics, mixed up the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, falsely claimed that his American Uncle liberated Auschwitz, signed the Westminster Abbey guest book with the date 24 May 2008 when the date was really 24 May 2011, mispronounced “corpsman” when speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, and perhaps most egregiously, God’s gift to the presidency couldn’t even distinguish between living and dead Medal of Honor recipients.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Gaffes hit us all.  But the frequency and folly of Obama’s are particularly troubling considering that he has an army of researchers, writers, handlers and teleprompters at his disposal.

That makes Obama’s gaffes a special kind of stupid.

Then there are the policy statements that are so far removed from reality.

When have you heard Michele Bachmann tout a “Recovery Summer” like Joe Biden did while the labor force shrinks and the economy limps along?  Or can you recall Bachmann blaming the persistent unemployment on modern technology, including those pesky ATM fees, as our genius President did?  When has Bachmann ever advocated codifying a new health-care law and then, and only then, finding out what was actually in that new health-care law, as Nancy Pelosi admitted to the press?

You haven’t.

Bachmann’s sin is that she has an “R” next to her name.  Mistakenly identifying the birthplace of John Wayne should serve as a reminder to all Republican contenders that every word they utter will be dissected under a microscope and debated, a hell of a lot more than their Democrat counterparts.  The media will let Democrats get away with driving a girl off a bridge and leaving her to die (Ted Kennedy), but Republicans, especially unapologetic conservative ones, won’t be given the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes to inconsequential errors. 

Rather than promise to grill Michele Bachmann’s foster kids or highlight the number of times she used the word “Iowa” in a speech in … Iowa, journalists could turn their sharp pens and cantankerous voices to the growing number of businesses suspiciously exempted from ObamaCare, the expanding number of surveys reporting that employers are dropping coverage because of the President’s health-care law, and the Democrats’ inability to offer any proposals to reform our Medicare system.

What does this all mean?

Trust the male pole dancer rocking in high heels and silver body paint on “America’s Got Talent” over the “mainstream” media when it comes to reporting on Michele Bachmann fairly.

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  • http://twitter.com/fsamuels Forrest Samuels

    Is this your first election cycle? Everyone criticizes everything politicians say. A good portion of the article we are commenting on is about President Obama’s gaffes as a counter to this one by Rep Bachman. Presidential candidates also get extra scrutiny – and rightly so. The best solution to this problem is for candidates to stop saying incorrect and nonsensical things.

  • http://twitter.com/fsamuels Forrest Samuels

    He was born in Hawaii! He has told you many, many times, and shown you 2 different copies of his birth certificate. Give it a rest. Get on with your life. Find some passion that is constructive.

  • Guest

    Add this line to your post: If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a RACIST. you’ll have to vote for “the other guy” in 2012 to prove that you’re not an IDIOT!

  • http://twitter.com/fsamuels Forrest Samuels

    I think President Bachman would be a threat to our national security and sound foreign policy, so yeah, it does matter.

  • msgreat

    Obama’s gaffe is excusable….comes from his upbringing.  Isn’t there 57 states in………just a slip of the brain.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    There I corrected it. I will try to type slow as you. That way no charlatan will use it against me as you and the liberal media love to do.

    Now you can relax and not be so anal. Your gaffe is that you do and have done exactly what liberal reporters do. Except for the fact that they are not anal.

    You cannot be hard on those in the liberal media anymore when they are quick to go after Bachmann and all her gaffes and stupid statements. You do the same.

    Instead of some input while taking the time to post, you attack me and any other poster not a drone as you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    By your thinking Obama is maintaining his dignity. Wise up there drone. 

  • Dons621

    Yes you have it RIGHT that is what the LEFT think of you as all of the derogatory names they can come up with. As usual they have failed in making 100% of the people dumber, so they must use demagoguery on them. People are finally waking up too Slowly  to stop O from his destructive goal. His goal now will to split the GOP candidates and run PHONY GOP stooges. Vote for NEW BLOOD preferably ex SERVICE men/woman, after all they put their lives on the line for YOU instead of the dollar like all of the ones that have been in office before 2010. Flush the Swamp!!. 

  • Peggy_Inserra

    Believing it is wisdom and maturity to leave my mother and yours out of my comments, just want to point out that you typed a totally different word, which is different from a typo where letters are switched.  BTW, I like being a follower sometimes.  It’s fun.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YSLUFQRQROCDGCDWEQSFK4MJSE William

    “I think President Bachman would be a threat to our national security and sound foreign policy, so yeah, it does matter.”

    “Sound foreign policy?”

    I would suggest that you look more closely at that foreign policy; perhaps starting with the mess in Libya: [Libya, America & The Law Of Nations.]

    Or how about the way the crack-pot Leftist ideologue is harassing those trying to defend our Southern border?  If that is not a threat, we have never had one.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    And she cannot accept his apology which tells a lot about her. He was not shamed. He did it on purpose.  

    Oh yeah, I don’t like her. I like her in congress where she like Gingrich during the Reagan years was a Conservative pistol. 

    Now she is more of a double-talking Republican rather than that Conservative pistol in congress.

    Nevertheless, she can beat Obama if she’s careful. So far, she has not been careful. Her rush to beat Palin in the ring messed her up and it appears the Lord is not with her. 

    If so, no gaffes. She will not be nominated accept it.

  • Roland_Deschain_Gunslinger

    Mark Sottilaro:

    Let’s see here, CONGRESSWOMAN  Michelle Bachmann, B.A., J.D., L.L.M. is in your opinion “stupid?”  I’ve never heard your name before so I suspect her toenail contains more intelligence than your entire cranium.

    You say she is “evil?”  What in your mind makes her evil?  The 4 children and 23 foster kids?  That she believes in God and lives her convictions?  That she is opposed to the murder of MILLIONS of helpless unborn babies?  I do believe that you have GOOD and EVIL mixed up.

  • Dons621

    As the old saying goes “A manwoman that does not make a mistake is not doing ANYTHING”. 
    Saying that any one who makes as many mistakes as THE BUMMER does should not be doing ANYTHING.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    She has no lead and she did not handle anything calmly and so forth. Now stop worshiping a woman, only a Lefty Lucy worships Bachmann and Obama like you do.

    Follow her example and not be angry because I call it as I see and not follow the group-think you liberals are into.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    She showed some spunk? Good for her. Let’s see how she handles ABC threat of her 23 Foster kids investigation.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    Right on.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGIFTB73YDE3SPLHRVMQZHLXZY Reno Rivera

    Right on again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Sutliff/1766541398 Paul Sutliff

    Sad thing is the birth certificate he posted was put together on Adobe Illustrator!  I didnt believe it myself until I downloaded the pdf. Looks like the person he hired to fake his birth certificate wanted the world to know the truth.

  • brit303

    The left likes Huntsman but hates Bachmann.  Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me.  I for one am tired of letting the media and the left select out candidates for us.  Perhaps they doth protest too much.


    The MSM carries water all the time for frauds they support and there probably isn’t one in ten of these geniuses that even know where JW went to college.  Those in the MSM would benefit hugely were they to take the 25K Palin pages they got from FOIA and read them for moral guidance but then comprehension is not their strong point……

  • http://twitter.com/fsamuels Forrest Samuels

    I didn’t say I’m perfectly content with our current foreign policy but the thought of Michelle Bachman shaping it concerns me more than where we are now.

  • America Or Obama

    Jason, why didn’t you point out the real story here?

    The Bachmann John Wayne interview was conducted by FOX’s Carl Cameron (The same FOX reporter that first began the Palin assault on O’Reilly’s show after the 2008 race when McCain’s minions turned on her with O’Reilly eviscerating Palin for weeks.) and first reported by FOX’s Special Report with Bret Baier.

    This was a one-on-one interview between Bachmann and Cameron.  If Obama made a similar gaff (of which they are legion) in an one-on-one with Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria, George Stephanopoulos or any one at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS or NYT does anyone believe it would ever see the light of day?

    Not a chance.

    (All of Obama’s known gaffs (from Joe the Plumber to 57 states) were in public in front of multiple cameras and un-squashable.)

    When Cameron, Baier and FOX decided to throw Bachmann under the bus the day of her announcement it was in retaliation for her reticence to accept Chris “are you a flake” Wallace’s weaselly apology and to Palinize another real conservative.  Has FOX ever pushed a gaff by Romney, Pawnlenty, Huckaphoney or ThatDogDon’tHunts-man.

    When FOX throws a conservative under the bus, as O’Reilly does with regularity, it is a green light for the left mob media to devour the red meat, and they did.

  • dcheek21


  • MSpector

    No, here was the logic: John Wayne was not born in Waterloo, he was born in Winterset. John Wayne Gacy was not born in Waterloo either, but he was first arrested there. Therefore, Ms Bachmann was expressing her admiration for John Wayne Gacy, not John Wayne. Although John Wayne (actually Marion Morrison [no known relation to Jim Morrison], if we are going to be technical about it all) did reside in Waterloo for a bit, so maybe he knew John Wayne Gacy. Or not. Or maybe all the MSM knows how to do with an articulate and passionate conservative woman is nitpick her to death, all the while giving every Obama flub a pass because he is, after all, Obama and we are not.

  • dcheek21

    the only rebutal thay have is to attack morals cairector that have no plan or retort .

  • dcheek21

    or that he has a conn ssn when he not lived in conn .

  • dcheek21

    thats wright comrad.