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Obama’s the Target of Mexico Gunrunning Probe

Did the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), an agency of President Obama’s Justice Department, operate a program that deliberately allowed some 3,500 guns bought in the U.S. to be “walked” across the Mexican border and into the waiting hands of the murderous Mexican drug cartels?  At first, PresidentObama and Attorney General Eric Holder denied such a program existed.

Four ATF agents who worked in the program, called Operation Fast and Furious, however, answered yes this week in testimony before the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.).

Special Agent John Dodson testified that he was assigned to the Phoenix office of ATF and specifically to Group VII, the designation of the Fast and Furious team.  There Dodson found that ATF agents had been following 40 individuals who were known “straw purchasers” of guns for the cartels from federal government-licensed gun shops in the U.S.  Gun shop owners who called the ATF with concerns, to report suspicious buyers, were told to complete the sales.

In 2009, Obama, Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Dianne Feinstein had all charged that the increasing violence in Mexico was caused by guns purchased too easily in the U.S.  They called on Congress to act to tighten gun control laws.

Obama specifically claimed 90% of the weapons in the cartels’ hands were purchased in the U.S.—sheer nonsense.  Of the 100,000 or so guns recovered by the Mexicans at crime scenes at the time, 18,000 were found to be manufactured, sold or imported from the U.S.  Of those, 7,900 came from federally licensed gun shops.  Of those, up to 3,500 came from Operation Fast and Furious.

Was Operation Fast and Furious an Obama program to create a self-fulfilling prophecy and accomplish a gun control objective?  Again the agents’ testimony was clear.

Over 10 months in 2009 and 2010, Dodson testified that on an almost daily basis, he was ordered to take notes, record conversations, videotape gun purchases, make reports and track the movements of these straw buyers but nothing more. 

With everyone knowing the guns were headed for Mexico and the drug cartels, Dodson and his fellow agents were ordered to not stop or arrest the suspects or impede the flow of weapons.

When the straw buyers handed the guns off to third parties, ATF agents were told to follow the straw buyers, not the third parties who headed for the border with the guns.  When the agents objected, they were told to “get with the program” and that “higher-ups” including “senior ATF officials” had sanctioned the operation.

In a Jan. 25, 2011, Phoenix press conference, Special Agent in Charge William Newell was asked whether ATF agents were ever ordered to allow guns to “walk” into Mexico.  He answered, “Hell no!”

Leaked e-mail traffic from spring 2010 documents show that ATF management from Acting Director Kenneth Melson on down were personally briefed in Phoenix on Operation Fast and Furious by Newell. 

One of these e-mails describes Melson’s intense interest in the program, including getting the IP address for the hidden cameras located in a gun shop in Arizona so he could watch the straw buyer buy guns on a screen in his Washington, D.C., office.

Melson later said Fast and Furious was really a sting operation “gone wrong.”  The agents had been ordered not to stop the little fish (the straw buyers) so that the guns could be traced to the big fish (the cartel bosses). 

This lame explanation ignored the fact that ATF agents were ordered to not follow the guns and that ATF had no jurisdiction to take down anyone in Mexico.  In fact, no “sting” ever occurred, no arrests of cartel bosses ever happened.  ATF made no effort to trace the guns after they crossed the border.

ATF agents feared that one day one of these guns would show up at a crime scene.  That day came one night last December when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, armed with a bean bag gun, was killed by an AK-47 armed cartel bandito in the Arizona desert.  The serial numbers on two AK-47s found at the site of the shooting identified them as coming from one of the straw purchases that the ATF agents had been tracking but were ordered not to stop.

The Mexican government has linked 150 of its police or military casualties to Fast and Furious guns.  As Issa pointed out, referring to a State Department report, in the last year 111 Americans were killed in Mexico—victims of the drug war.

After bloggers started talking about what they called Project Gunwalker, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson began a series of reports that blew the story wide open.  On-air interviews with the ATF agents made Gunwalker a big story on both sides of the border.

At this point, Obama said neither he nor Holder had authorized the program, but admitted “mistakes had been made” and vowed to “hold the responsible parties accountable.”  Holder ordered an internal investigation.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R.-Iowa) repeatedly sent letters to Holder demanding information.  In a February 4, 2011, response letter to Grassley, Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Ron Weich described as “false” Grassley’s assertion that ATF had knowingly allowed guns to be purchased and walked into Mexico.

Weich, a former aide to Sen. Harry Reid, told Grassley that “ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally, and prevent their transportation to Mexico.”  Challenged on the truth of this statement, the Justice Department says that because the straw buyers themselves did not cross the border but handed the weapons off to third parties, the statement was true.  Huh?

In 2009-’10, the ATF agents were ordered to not arrest the “little fish.”  Following revelations of the Gunwalker program, the Justice Department indicted 20 of the straw buyers who were known to ATF before Fast and Furious began. Then Justice stonewalled answering any more letters seeking information on the program from Issa or from Grassley and refused to respond to Issa’s committee subpoenas on the grounds that there was an ongoing criminal prosecution!

Rahm Emanuel, when he was Obama’s chief of staff, famously said that no crisis should ever go to waste if it could advance the agenda.  Did Obama go Rahm one better, advancing the gun-control agenda by manufacturing a crisis caused by gunrunning into Mexico, where one of the gunrunners was the U.S. government?

Members of the Mexican Congress think the answer is yes and have opened their own investigation.  From the Mexican standpoint, Operation Fast and Furious was an act of war on Mexico.

For Americans of a certain age, the next question is, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?”

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  • turfmann

    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    I’m not quite sure where Roger is headed with this, but it is a long way from a rogue law enforcement operation to willful malfesence on the part of the president on this.

    After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, even for The One, and there is only so much maliciousness that one can bring to bear upon a country in such a short period of time.  A few guns allowed over the border that eventually wind up killing an ATF agent would be bush league for an administration that runs trillion dollar deficits, engages in illegal wars and such things.

    Members of the Mexican Congress think the answer is yes and have opened their own investigation.  From the Mexican standpoint, Operation Fast and Furious was an act of war on Mexico.

    Oh, that’s rich.  The government of Mexico, which has a POLICY of sending citizens across the United States border against the laws of the United States (but in complete concert with the aims and desires of the Democrat Party, ironically) that has wrought much destruction upon the cohesiveness of the American society, destruction of its economy and health care system (feel free to add your own malady) thinks that WE are waging war upon THEM?

    Si, se puede, indeed.

  • DaneChile

    Everything that Hussein and his admin do has a purpose and is part of a Master Plan.  I find it suspicious that a sting operation did not involve Mex authorities to take the hand-off of the surveillance and arrests.  We don´t trust them?  OK, then this op should never have been executed.  Arresting the straw buyers at weapon hand-off would have helped to put the brakes on this practice.
    No, as always, there´s something rotten here…

  • Mike_Stephens

    Alinsky taught Obama, Rahm and the entire Chicago mob, progressives. Crisis causes action and only the government can save you. America has been duped in the very education that they caused. Those that create crisis have no clue how to solve it. The Mayflower Compact is live again, WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    Do you EVER do anything other than these BORING threadjacking attepts? You’re worse than the moonbats!!!

  • wearyconservative1946

    I’ll admit that Mr. Gil uses more words than necessary to make his points, but America had better take notice of the things he’s saying….and which I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs (in less flowery rhetoric) for years now.

    Boiled down to the less convoluted text I’ve always used, we either use whatever means necessary to re-establish the industrial and technical job base here at home, or the United States will cease to exist as a free, capitalist, market based country; at which time, obama and lackeys, the lying, scheming refuse piles of stinking  human debris will have won in their all out effort to destroy us as a nation. 

  • H. Johnson

    “Did Obama go Rahm one better, advancing the gun-control agenda by manufacturing a crisis caused by gunrunning into Mexico, where one of the gunrunners was the U.S. government?”

  • HWGood

    “When words and actions disagree, believe the actions.”
    The only people watched by Bam-Bam’s Merry Men were the dealers and the original purchasers who were shown to be straw purchasers.
    With the hubris shown by this administration, they could well have believed themselves capable of shutting up the agents long enough to prosecute the dealers, at least in the media.
    The target was not the guns, or the final destination of the guns.

  • Wigglesworth

    This won’t change Mexicans love for democrats.  Open borders trumps the murder of a few hundred Mexicans as a result of the democrats Operation Fast and Furious.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I agree with what he says, but I think his delivery method STINKS and deters people away from his advertised blogsite, including me. 

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    I agree, it smells VERY rotten to me too.  I’m certain that he’ll either grandstand on this for more gun control legislation soon, or he’ll unleash his BATF goons on as many law-abiding US Citizens as he can and spin and grandstand on that as well.  Let’s keep in mind that the suspicious Gun Store owners DID call the BATF, and THEY dropped the ball.  To me, this is further proof that the Federal Government CANNOT be trusted.

  • DUggi

    So Obama and Holder have Blood on their Hands from this !
    Another reason to get rid of this Administration .

  • Duke_Digger

    The target of the “gunwalker” probe is the BATFE. While I would like to believe this was all part of a grand plan to “close the gunshow loophole” by proving their claim that “92% of crime guns in Mexico are from the US” I just don’t really believe this administration is that smart.
    If they were they would not have attempted to charge gun dealers in Houston and San Antonio with crimes when the BATFE told those dealers to proceed with multiple sales. The dealers themselves recorded those transactions for that very reason, knowing the BATFE would entrap them at some point.
    No not very smart at all, but it almost worked, this affair has been in the open since mid December 2010, and just now attracted some attention in the larger media, bumbling fools all!
    Trust the Government, they know what is best for you.

  • globalcrap

    There is not one liberal in government that speaks the truth. Clinton, Kerry, Rangel, Edwards, Wienerman,Walters,they  will look you in the eye, and lie. Keeping our legal weapons is the only defence we have against illegal alien criminals,and his criminals that roam free in the cities. Illegal alien criminals stream across our American border everyday, and they turn their socialist heads and laugh. Wake up America . 2012 will tell.

  • Telescoping You

    I would go a step further. 
    Instead of, or in addition to, “From the Mexican standpoint, Operation Fast and Furious was an act of war on Mexico” I would say this IS an act of war on the citizens of the United States.
    The only question that remains after 2½ years of pure treason is, when will these traitorous maggots in this administration be held accountable for anything? 
    I say bring back the guillotines, gallows and firing squads.  No lethal injections for these vermin.

  • Martin Hale

    If Mr. Issa and Mr. Grassley ever succeed in breaking down the stone wall over at Justice, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mr. Obama will toss Mr. Holder under the wheels of his murderous bus in a heartbeat.  There is no honour among thieves.

  • Martin Hale

    I’m with you Infidel.  I don’t object to Mr. Gil’s message, but his method of delivering said message often amounts to spam.  I find that especially so when he posts content which is unrelated to the original article under which it’s posted and is also unrelated to any of the comment conversations.

    There are other ways of increasing traffic at one’s site than spamming other sites.  The fact that there are tens of dozens of successful conservative sites in existence today speaks loudly to that fact.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    This is the 1st time I’ve heard an understandable explanation of what this operation was about, appears a sort of:  “Well gee wiz, let’s see what happens if we do this thingy and oh well, I’m bored, looky over there!!!”

    Ya know what, nothing will come of this, nothing sticks to Obonehead and “His people Holder”… 

    Ironically, it seems possibly, this was some sort of convoluted attack on the 2nd Amendment used by the left to somehow justify taking away American citizen’s right to posses a gun and sadly, what was the outcome, that folks had to die for these chumps attempting to manufacture a crisis!!!

  • no_pc

    In the spring, from the cherry trees the traitors should swing.

  • GomeznSA

    OK – if I read this article correctly – obama/holder(& how many other dept. secretaries?) first knew nothing about this whole federally (funded – where did the $$$ come from?)operated illegal gun smuggling operation which violated numerous federal and state laws, not to mention those of another sovereign nation – has devolved into ‘we didn’t authorize it’ and don’t know who did…………..

    Somebody (or a bunch of somebodies) is frantically (witness the stonewalling by DOJ regarding ignoring congressional subpoenas) trying to save their collective butts and will throw any and everyone they need to under the bus. If I were one of the people involved in this I would be getting the best attorney I could and cutting a deal for immunity as fast as possible. If anyone involved in this operation thinks they will get off using the ‘I just did what I was told’ defense they are either willfully obtuse or blatantly stupid. Or the other lame excuse – it seemed like a good idea at the time, there were just some mistakes made.

    If indeed obama/holder etal really didn’t know anything about this operation – what the hell kind of government are they running that would allow their subordinates to even come up with a blatantly illegal/unethical/immoral operation like ‘fast & furious’ in the first place, let alone implement it via multiple illegal acts. Somebody has a whole lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

  • confedgal

    I wonder though, will Holder let the bus wheels run over him without squeaking?

  • Martin Hale

    I suspect that Mr. Holder understands that he owes his position completely to Mr. Obama.  If it happens, he will undoubtedly whinge about it, but ultimately I don’t think he’s got enough of a power base to effectively fight back.  When you serve at the whim of a tyrant, you learn early on that if you’ve not got the power to overthrow said tyrant, you’re just one more dispensable cog in the machine.  And never ever take your eyes off the fact that the Obama administration is a political machine.

  • confedgal

    Then if he is smart (which I seriously doubt) he would start making deals now. Unfortunately I suspect that you are right and in the end, Obumbler will not pay. And they called Clinton the teflon president.

  • jgasden

    Unfortunately there are no impeachable offenses when a cowardly congress are involved…

  • 1crappie2

    There is nothing evil these folks won’t do -impeach, incarcerate, remove them and their ilk from power. They seek nothing good, and will do all things evil to attain our destruction.

  • 1crappie2

    No lethal injections? Why those are considered cruel and unusual punishment. I say find a good abortionist and apply his technique which they will tell you are very humane.

  • Mr. EMT

    They knew or they would not have had the intel from it to make the claims that mexico was receiving guns from the US.
    The only question is was this part of one of obamao’s pay to play schemes with his donors sending guns down to the source of the money.

    Whether they claim the trail leads to obamao or not, you can use the same argument people use against dog owners when their dog is loose and viciously attacks a child.
    Is the owner responsible for their dog?
    Then obamao is responsible for holder and holder is responsible for this operation.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    This scandal should be bigger than Watergate. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • GomeznSA

    Then perhaps it is (past) time that ‘we the people’ institute recall proceedings against any and all of the congress critters who are refusing to do the will of ‘we the people’. I am not sufficiently schooled in legal processes to know the proper procedure to do so but we gotta start somewhere.
    If we throw out the current crop of do nothing types and install those that will do their ‘job’ (as so many of them refer to it) then maybe all is not lost.


  • GomeznSA

    Agreed – and I suspect that we are only seeing the proverbial tip of the iceberg ;-(

  • robert fossett

    if anyone has any doubt whether or not obama tosses holder under the bus to save his own skin,just ask rev.wright,,,lol,,,

  • Niniane

    All I can say is thank God for whistleblowers. And anyone involved in ordering this stupidity should be tried for the murder of BP agent Terry. I include Napolitano and Morton in that bunch as they decided on beanbag guns instead of arming agents to fight the heavy-duty arms flowing back here. (And now, BP agents are supposed to turn the invaders back toward the border instead of taking them into custody to keep the statistics low, as Nappy has proclaimed that the borders are more secure than ever.)

    What we have is a government stucture or liars, tramps and thieves. Nothing is too much for them to do to undermine this country.

  • GomeznSA

    As I alluded to in another post – all it is going to take to break this open is ONE cookie smart enough to cut a deal for immunity and turn ‘states witness’ to totally blow this apart. The problem is that the guilty (either by commission or omission) parties (and THEY know who they are) are caught between a rock and a hard place: what promises and/or threats (implied or otherwise) have been made to them to just ‘soldier on’?

  • robert fossett

    i’ve spent 17 years in Europe,east and west and can honestly say that these socialist liberals have to lie to sell you their”political and economic vision”.all you have to do is look at Greece to see where this road will take us.if we don’t turn the boat around soon here in america,we’ll be in bankruptcy like Portugal,Ireland,Italy,Greece and Spain! (P.I.I.G.S.).the liberals”HOPE”for chaos to bring about the”CHANGE”they desire.the left uses the green movement to cut the water supply to most the growers in the central valley,killing the agriculture gore sells the man made global warming myth and rakes in 300mil. doing so.i don’t see big al living green,,,this has little to do with the noble ideals and stated goals of saving the world and everything to do with wrecking the western way of life,capitalism and make a buck doing so,,,these liberals,they are all so full of crap!!!

    you only have to look at Greece to see where road leads us.we’re headed for national bankruptcy!

  • AZVick

    As Chief Executive of the USA, Obama has blood on his hands with this case. Do we have a chance in hell that our lying, thieving, contemptuous POTUS will have to answer for his conduct while in the White House? I pray to God that agent Kelly’s family and others who must suffer the consequences of these government thugs will receive justice. 

  • Concerned4America

    If you have ever seen the pictures of some of the captured guns they were clearly military grade weapons (i.e. full automatic, grenades etc) that you don’t just walk into a store and buy.

  • scituatetgr

    We’ve all seen obama lie through his purple lips on a daily basis. Watch this video and see if you can tell if he’s telling the truth or not.

  • hooy

    obama and holder should be held responsible for the boarder patrolmans death. jail terms for each of them.  preferably gitmo

  • Lee Sullivan

    Corrupt isn’t bad enough to describe the Obama administration.  He, his thug Eric Holder and his whole gang are pure evil.  They MUST be removed from office.  If not we won’t recognize the US when they’re done with it.

  • Exclaim

    I agree that a president should be held responsible for any unethical acts, especially criminal lies, that happen under their watch. Obama is certainly no exception. But where were you when Reagan was crying, “I can’t remember” and Bush said, “They told me there were WMD’s”.

  • ajcjw

    Let’s hope it’s bigger than Watergate and spells the end for Obama and his corrupt and evil cronies .

  • Guest

    leaked e mails work both ways huh pinkos. glass houses are poor places to throw stones.
    Impeach the dictators lawless ass. get him out! its time to put the scare back in the reds.

  • Adam Moreira

    Someone is lying – let’s see the notes. Someone absolutely has to go to prison for perjury; the question is WHO? At this point, it’s CYA until the paper trail comes in.

  • Adam Moreira

    If he senses that he’s going to be overthrown, however, he will look to exact revenge.

    On your earlier statement – agreed, but it works both ways. Of course, if it happens, you can bet that a lot of paperwork is going to land in the House right after. It is every man for himself.

  • Adam Moreira

    Which is why I’m not sure who to believe here. Paperwork will have to be shown and phone records and emails analyzed; the say-so of people is not good enough. I want to believe the whistleblowers, but it appears as though everyone is playing CYA. I believe no one at this time until I see the paperwork.

    To that end, can a judge appoint a special prosecutor if Holder decides to invoke executive privilege? Of course, the real danger is that Obama may grant a blanket pardon to Holder as he’s leaving office.

  • Toa

    This is a WHOLE LOT bigger than Watergate, but…well, for one thing, that was a Republican in office then. Bill Clinton was discovered to possess several hundred lifted files (as opposed to Nixon having just one), but the “Liberals” were no longer interested (“Hey, everybody does it”) in the rule of law when their idol was the perp. And can we forget Sandy “Pants” Berger? And these 2 examples are just for starters.

    This Administration and their corrupt, complicent Media are dangerous criminals of the highest order.

  • TetVet

    I’m sure you’re right.

    But, sadly, this is not new. This is just the first time they’ve been caught.

    Exactly 20 years ago I had the good fortune to attend a “policy development seminar,” sponsored by the (federal) Office of Personnel Management. It was a sort of gift to high-performers from a variety of federal agencies, in grades GS13 through GS15.

    One of our classes drilled in on Madison’s Federalist #10 (the one that deals with the idea of how “factions” can have a malevolent influence on the people’s government).

    Our professor was a flaming liberal from Penn, and among the “students” was a GS-14 from ATF at DoJ HQ in DC.

    The “professor” seemed to be obsessed with the idea that the only “faction” that affected the development of public policy was the perfidious “NRA.” He couldn’t stop talking about the “gun lobby,” even though we in the class represented agencies ranging from all over the government, from the Park Service to the IRS, including the ATF.

    Amazingly (to me–I was naive), the ATF guy literally, I mean LITERALLY, foamed at the mouth everytime the PA “indoctrinator” mentioned NRA. I’m not kidding. Every time the “prof” said “Mr., XXXX, does the NRA ever attempt to influence the mid-level workings of your agency,” the doofus would rock back and forth in his chair, until I worried about his teeth falling out.

    That guy (the ATF guy) was among the people working at their headquarters in DC, helping to “develop” “public policy alternatives” for the agency’s leaders to “propose” for “public safety.”

    At considerable expense to the taxpayers, I learned that our law enforcement agencies don’t trust us.

    That’s why this sorry-ass story in my mind is no more than the liberals/ATF’s effort to “prove” that we need “assault rifle” bans, “for the children.”

    They’re all liars. Nothing has changed in the last 20 years.

  • TetVet

    Good comment.

    However, I have NO faith in ATF. See my reply to H. Johnson, above.

    I think you have a naive tendency to trust their motives too much, but you do make a good point here.

    All they want to do is manufacture “evidence” to “prove” that “assault rifles” should be “prohibited.”

    For “the children,” of course…

  • BostonMary

    Looks like Kenneth Melson will be the Fall Guy. 

    WSJ: Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to oust Kenneth Melson, the acting head of the BATFE during Operation Gun Runner.  President Obama has nominated Andrew Traver to become permanent ATF director. His nomination, however, has stalled in the Senate after the NRA said Mr. Traver has demonstrated “hostility” to the rights of gun owners.

    Obama covers for Holder yet again. No surprise if you remember Obama ignoring Holder’s racist protection of the New Black Panthers intimidating white voters at the Philadelphia polls.

  • Lorysky

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Obama and Holder will somehow come out of this unfazed.
    There are too many socialists in the Democrats who will cover for them with lies and deceit.

  • reddarin

    They would have before the 2010 elections for sure. If there were an investigation it would have been done by all liberal cronies and found no wrong doing [vis a vis ClimateGate]

  • BostonMary

    You think this is what Obama meant when he told James Brady’s wife, Sarah, that he is working on gun control, but under the radar? 

    “BPA Brian Terry, armed with a bean bag gun, was killed by an AK-47 armed drug cartel bandito”

    Wonder why the ACLU hasn’t filed a lawsuit against Napolitano, Holder, Obama, etc. yet.

  • GomeznSA

    Traver’s nomination came something like 6 months ago – othe pro-firearm groups have also gone against his confirmation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘timing’ was ‘coincedental’ with the early revelations about gunrunner/walker – perhaps an attempt to try to sneak him in while people were distracted?

  • GomeznSA

    “No honor among thieves” – as previously stated ONE key person who seeks to save his/her own skin is all that is needed to break this whole operation wide open. And you can bet that there are at least (quite) a few folks involved who have maintained enough detailed records of who knew what and when to be able to give themselves cover in exchange for immunity. But if they do manage to maintain ‘solidarity’ over this – we the people will be truly and royally screwed.
    It was revealed by the WSJ today that obama consulted with attorneys over the legality of involvement in Libya – they said no – he decided to do it anyway.  IF gunrunner/walker does indeed go to the top (as most of us believe) – it would be a reasonable presumption that the same was done in reference to it.

    Somebody (probably more than one) knows all (or at least enough of) the facts – the question is whether they will come forward: immunity from prosecution vs the rewards/threats they are operating under.

  • GomeznSA

    Tet – totally agree regarding the upper level bureacrats – once they get into those positions they become much like ‘professional politicians’ (which they are in essence) and are more concerned with protecting their positions (their little kingdoms) than doing what is right for their agency and in particular the people. If you want more proof – look at such entities as the IACP.
    Fortunately the majority (but not all) of rank and file people are still in touch with the ‘common folk’ and try to do the right thing.  

  • GomeznSA

    Have you noted that the 90% figure has recently been “modified” down to 70% lately? I guess they made the original figure so high that even a liberal had trouble swallowing it, now it is down to a more ‘believable’ figure – and probably one that is easier to ‘prove’ by manipulation of the data.
    As I mentioned in a reply to Adam M above – there is already substantial proof that there was at best ineptitude and at worst criminal conspiracy on several levels – all that remains is to determine just how high the corruption goes………….

  • globalcrap

    One word will solve it all.  “IMPEACHMENT”.

  • reddarin

    >But where were you when Reagan was crying, “I can’t remember”

    Everyone was busy watching a Democrat political witch hunt trying to take down the greatest President in modern history.

    >Bush said, “They told me there were WMD’s”.

    Watching the Democrats try to squirm out of the fact that intelligence services all over the world believed WMDs were in Iraq and tapes of various high level Democrats saying the same thing before Bush got to Office. We did find some and evidence of more by the way. We also gave Saddam months to move them to Syria.

  • reddarin

    Where were you when President Clinton asked for ‘is’ to be defined?

  • Dmacwired

    That Mexico is saying that tells me this. 

     Mexico is doing a little CYA for their president.

    I think they were in on it from the beginning – ever since Calderon visited Obama and wagged his finger in our faces about our guns showing up in his country. 

    His country is a cess pool of corruption, the cops the federalies you name it.  On the take, in for their piece of the action, making fortunes on the backs of the people and destroying their nation right out from under their feet.  They could care less if hundreds of their people end up in killing fields, just less mouths to feed in a country that is running out of rescources.  

    So, Mexico has to say this to keep El Presidente’s a$$ out of the fire.  If the people of Mexico figure out he allowed this to happen they will storm the palace and hang him from a light post and beat him like a pinata till he expires.

    Works for me, by the way.

  • Adam Moreira

    Fortunately – email records can’t be doctored (I think). Chances are, there has to be something in the records that can be had. Those records should be subpoenaed…specifically, that between FBI headquarters and field offices in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and El Paso).

  • Adam Moreira

    I can’t see solidarity being maintained long-term…eventually, emails will be subpoenaed and someone will realize that he’s up sh*t’s creek. Someone has already perjured himself; it’s a question now of who did.

    Martin Hale is correct…there is no honor amongst thieves. To that end, someone will spill the beans.

  • Bama59

    It is obvious that this administration, from the top down, manufactured this entire program so that they could then enact stricter gun control laws on us. They must find a way to take our guns before the final plan can come together. The dictatorship that they are striving to put into place can not com to fruition if the public remains armed, and they know it. Just let them try to take my guns!

  • lfindahl

    high crimes and misdemeanors…..    impeachable offense

  • oldgaffer

     I agree that Holder is smart enough to know he owes his position to Obama – the REAL question is: is Obama smart enough to know to whom he owes HIS position?

    I honestly would NOT be surprised to see the names “Soros” and Bloomberg” pop up at some point.

  • chicmatt

    Obama and Holder will prevail because Republicans do not have the balls to take them on. Tyrants always stay in power until they die or are overthrown by force.  Obama has studied well the techniques of staying in power.