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On Celebrating the Death of Evil People

Osama Bin Laden — a man whose purpose in life was to inflict death and suffering on as many innocent people as possible — was finally killed, and much of the Western world’s religious and secular elite have expressed moral objections to those who celebrated this death.
Pastor Brian McLaren, named one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America” in 2005, expressed this objection. Reacting to television images of young Americans chanting “USA! USA!” the night bin Laden’s death was announced, the pastor wrote, “I can only say that this image does not reflect well on my country. … Joyfully celebrating the killing of a killer who joyfully celebrated killing carries an irony that I hope will not be lost on us. Are we learning anything, or simply spinning harder in the cycle of violence?”
And CNN reported the objection of an Episcopal priest, Danielle Tumminio, whose Long Island neighborhood lost scores of people in the 9/11 attacks.
When she saw images of Americans celebrating, “My first reaction was, ‘I wish I was with them.’ … My second reaction was, ‘This is disgusting. We shouldn’t be celebrating the death of anybody.’ It felt gross.”
Likewise, many Jews, including rabbis, have cited traditional — though seemingly conflicting — Jewish attitudes regarding how to react to the death of evildoers.
One frequently cited source is a famous one from the Talmud: “When the Egyptians were drowning in the Sea of Reeds, the angels wanted to sing. But God said to them, ‘The work of my hands is drowning in the sea, and you want to sing?’”
Also cited is the biblical Book of Proverbs: “When your enemy falls, do not rejoice, and when he stumbles, let your heart not exult.”
On the other hand, the Talmud also states, “When the wicked perish from the world, good comes to the world.” And the Book of Proverbs also states, “When the wicked perish, there is joyful song.”
So what is one to make of this mixture of sentiments?
I do not see them as contradictory. God may chastise angels for singing at the drowning of the Egyptian army. But God does not chastise Moses and the Children of Israel for singing at the Egyptians’ drowning. People may do so; angels may not.
Secondly, it is one thing to celebrate the fall of one’s personal enemy; it is quite another to celebrate the fall of evil individuals. The two Proverbs citations are not contradictory. The vast majority of our personal “enemies” are not evil people. Therefore, we should not exult at their downfall. And the vast majority of the truly evil are not our personal enemies. Bin Laden was not my personal enemy. He was the enemy of all that is good on earth.
It seems to me that if one does not celebrate the death of a truly evil person, one is not celebrating the triumph of good over evil. I do not see how one can honestly say, “I am thrilled that bin Laden can no longer murder men, women, and children, but I do not celebrate his death.”
Yes, one can argue that bin Laden’s arrest and life imprisonment would have also prevented his murdering anyone else. But keeping him alive would have inspired others terrorists to murder on his behalf or to take hostage innocent Americans and others in the hope of forcing America to release bin Laden.
Celebrating the death of bin Laden is a moral imperative. The notion that Islamists who celebrated 9/11 are morally equivalent to Americans who celebrated bin Laden’s death is the essence of moral confusion. It equates the killing of 3,000 innocents with the killing of the person responsible for those 3,000 murders.
All those rabbis and others who think it immoral or un-Jewish to celebrate bin Laden’s death will one day have to confront a Jew named Arie Hassenberg, a prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau. As quoted by Holocaust historian Saul Friedlander, after one of the Auschwitz sub-camps (Monowitz) was bombed by the Allies, Hassenberg’s reaction was: “To see a killed German; that was why we enjoyed the bombing.”
Was Hassenberg’s reaction morally wrong or “un-Jewish” — or “un-Christian,” for that matter? I don’t think so. What distinguishes Hassenberg from those who lament celebrating the death of the truly evil is that Hassenberg encountered the truly evil.

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  • Roman Gil

    Obama Is Violating The U.S. Constitution And Undermining The Powers Of Congress.
    We have to act to defend our constitutional government. Congress is failing to exert its Constitutional powers to balance the Executive branch. A single person cannot be entrusted with totalitarian powers without fatal results for our nation. Let your Congressman know that you expect total support for the Constitution and that all laws must be enforced. We need to restore a proper balance of power in the government.
    Obama attacked Libya without obtaining Congressional approval. Obama went farther forging ahead boldly with his “handlers”, he ignored the Congressional “War Powers” law that requires Presidents to obtain Congressional approval for military actions 60 days after they started. The U.S. Constitution gives Presidents only the war power to react to a threat or an actual attack, not the power to personally authorize acts of war or starting wars. Another serious crime against the Constitution, Obama refuses to enforce Federal laws that he does not like including the immigration laws, and obstructs and threatens States like Arizona that wish to enforce the laws that Obama refuses to enforce.
    The Communist Chinese President does not have Obama’s powers. In the Chinese Communist dictatorship, the President of China must obtain the approval of the Communist Party Central Committee to do what Obama does and he must enforce all Chinese Communist laws on the penalty of his life.
    We have to defend the balance of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government and the system of checks and balances that the Constitution created. We are on the road to tyranny. One person cannot have the power to commit America to war or to do acts that may lead to war. This is the job of Congress and this power can never be trusted to one man.
    In my blog, I discuss the dangerous fact that over 50% of American Defense forces are war contractors that are not subject to military discipline. Over two thirds of these war contractor employees are foreigners. How can we expect that foreign mercenaries are going to fight to defend us? If a war gets hot, they will simply quit their jobs and abandon the American military forces that depend on them to supply them (logistics). A military force without supplies is forced to surrender or is annihilated. Many jobs that armies must do with soldiers are now done by war contractors. This wastes Trillions of dollars of taxpayer debt dollars paying contractors for jobs that military personnel should do for a fraction of the cost.
    The war contractors have formed a powerful special interest group that is transferring Trillions of taxpayer debt money to themselves and fatally weakening American defense. In 2011 the Department of Defense admitted that they cannot conduct any military operation without the war contractors.
    Roman Gil

  • Roman Gil

    What Economic Recovery? Let’s Get Doped Into Foreign Affairs to Forget the Failing Economy.
    In May, the American economy added the insignificant number of 38,000 jobs. America is overpopulated with over 311 million people (nobody knows how many illegal aliens) and cannot support its own population, but millions of new illegal and legal immigrants arrive each year. There is no industrial plan to bring back the millions of jobs and industries that global corporations exported and continue to export.
    My blog has solutions.
    According to the US government’s own statistics, 36% of men 16 to 64 years old are out of the work force. Most don’t count because they are not looking for work. It takes money to look for work, after a while people vanish from the unemployment statistics.
    In my blog, I loaded George Washington’s “Farewell Address” advising America. I highlighted the parts that we are violating. Communist China is following this advice and we are committing the folly of ignoring it. My blog contains solutions to our problems that the politicians have failed to implement.
    While we drop bombs in Muslim countries financed with debt money, the Communist Chinese announced that they are buying large amounts of European government debt and that they opened a direct railroad linking China with Antwerp, Belgium in Western Europe. Europe is now China’s largest market. Europe is now globalized like America with their global corporations exporting their industrial base to China. Last year China announced that they have a controlling interest in Iraqi oil and are receiving oil from their Iraqi oil fields. The Communists understand capitalism better than we do and that economic power controls governments.
    In the USA, only 9% of the economy is industrial. 76% of the jobs created during the “recovery” pay $9 or less per hour with little or no benefits. 47% of American households are too poor to pay income taxes. The Federal Government must beg and borrow $1.65 trillion dollars this year. Many States and local governments are bankrupt. Local Property taxes are crushing the middle class in many States invaded by illegal aliens. Their children consume Medicaid and school services. Bankrupt States like New York have dumped welfare Medicare costs on the counties.
    In Europe from Spain to Greece, people are protesting that they have no future because there are no jobs. Europe like America exported its industrial base to China and Third World cheap labor countries. European governments are as deep in debt as America and their economies are failing under globalization.
    Obama got us involved into a third Muslim war to get us deeper into the Israeli-Muslim conflict that caused us to inherit Israel’s enemies. The “war of Terror” has cost us in ten years $5 trillion dollars and now a powerful special interest group of war contractors will keep a permanent debt financed war going until we are in debt slavery.
    Roman Gil

  • Roman Gil

    Who is Going to Pay for The Global Interventions? The Status Quo Partisan Politics Must End.
    Instead of engaging in distracting partisan politics with the status quo politicians that have ruined America, we need to focus on the mortal economic and social dangers that we are now facing because of the ruinous policies of these politicians.
    We have to end the wars and occupations immediately and all foreign affairs, including foreign aid and military alliances. Europe and Korea among many other countries are rich enough to defend themselves. We now have 3 Muslim wars, plus NATO and the rest of the military waste, all follies are financed by debt that we will be forced to pay.
    We have a President that starts wars, imposes economic sanctions and other acts of war against countries that he does not like without even consulting Congress. Obama refuses to enforce Federal laws that he does not like, including immigration laws. The Congress is not balancing the power of the Executive or Judicial government branches. It abdicated its Constitutional duties and is just a debating society. Obama has more power than the President of Communist China. The Chinese President must obtain Communist Party approval for what an American President does in foreign affairs and must enforce all Communist laws. The power of the American Presidency must be limited to the American Constitution or we will lose even more than we have already lost. Our freedom.
    In my blog, I expose that over 50% of the total USA military forces are war contractors and that 2/3 of their employees are foreigners. We have wasted $5 Trillion dollars fighting Osama’s war strategy to bankrupt America as they did the Soviet Union by bringing it into permanent war in the Muslim world. The war contractors and the other special interest groups are making profits from trillions of debt dollars that we’ll be forced to pay.
    America cannot afford to spend debt money on global empire dreams. The 2011 national debt, national current account balance and other economic indicators show that America has a negative net worth of -$58 Trillion. This is the truth that globalists are concealing and is the inevitable result of the globalist export of America’s industry to Communist China and other cheap labor countries plus all the ruinous policies of the two globalist controlled parties that now require that the Federal government must beg and borrow $1.65 Trillion a year to add to the present national debt of close to $15 Trillion.
    TEN Generations of Americans cannot pay the 2011 national debt, but the politicians still borrow and spend. 47% of American households are too poor to pay income taxes. The American industrial base is only 9% of the economy. There are not enough taxpayers to support a globalist government that is fueled by debt. Get the truth from my blog. I have a 28 point program to rebuild the American industrial base and to create energy independence.
    Roman Gil

  • Roman Gil

    The Federal and State Judicial branches of government are violating the Constitution. Homosexual Rights Imposed by Judges Overrule Laws Passed By Millions of Voters.

    Liberal, gay, globalist judges now have the power to overturn laws passed by millions of voters according to their perverted personal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. This is legislating from the bench and usurping the Constitutional powers of the people to vote for laws in each state or on the Federal level. The U.S. Constitution is being expanded by judges to take away the rights of citizens to determine the laws under which they will live. This is judicial tyranny and is exactly what the American Constitution of 1789 was designed to prevent. We are now regressing to the level of America before Washington’s revolution against the arbitrary power of Kings and Lords and their tyranny to exploit the American people.

    In California Judge Walker a homosexual Judge who ruled against a law passed by millions of voters prohibiting same-sex marriages, later revealed that he is gay. U.S. District Court Judge James Ware upheld Walker’s ruling on California’s Proposition 8 that was passed into law by millions of voters. California has a Constitution that enables voters to collect signatures in “Propositions” and if they obtain majority voter support, the Propositions become laws even over the objections of the State Legislature. This is legal under the Federal Constitution and has been going on for over a century. Now this right of voters to bypass their corrupt State legislatures is being undermined by liberals, gays and special interest groups that are in many cases tiny minorities.

    In the State of New York, Governor Cuomo is in the process of passing a gay marriage law that is against the will of most voters even in the corrupt liberal State of New York. In several States including Arizona the same violation of State rights by Judges is happening and is now routine. Judges at all levels reject laws that they don’t like personally alleging that they are unconstitutional, simply because the laws that were voted by millions of citizens don’t conform to the liberal, gay, globalist ideology.

    The President of the USA now has the power to start wars, impose economic and political sanctions and other acts of war against countries that he (or his handlers) don’t like, without even bothering to consult the Federal Congress that the Constitution gave the exclusive war powers rights.

    We now have an unlimited, unconstitutional government that dares to ignore the Constitution and that expects continuing voter support. Using partisan tactics they rotate positions in the government, knowing that in the end, the voters have a tendency to vote for one of the two parties. This is exactly what Washington warned about.

    In my blog I loaded George Washington’s “Farewell Address” advice to the American people. I highlighted the parts that we are violating with ruinous results. Washington warns about the evils of political parties and their partisans and how their partisans can be manipulated to act against the public interest, including freedom. Every real American conservative must study this document and demand that our government abide by it. Washington covers all the critical points that we must follow to succeed as a nation, including foreign affairs, national debt and many others.

    If we don’t organize to defend our Constitution, we will lose our freedom. We must demand that all the branches of government must work strictly within their Constitutional roles and that powers that are not expressly given to the Federal government belong to the people or to the States.

    Roman Gil