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Top 10 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals

Hollywood stars invariably get involved in the political debate from the left side of the spectrum.  What better way to draw attention to themselves than to testify before Congress about the latest threat to humanity, even if their cause is laughable.  It was hard to narrow it down to only 10, but here are the Top 10 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals.

1.  Sean Penn:  The two-time Academy Award winner has traveled the world to denounce the country that made him rich and famous.  He has been used as a propaganda tool by the Iranian regime, met with Cuban President Raul Castro, and went to Iraq as an antiwar activist.  Penn is so close to Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez that the tyrant, in one of his televised speeches, read an open letter Penn wrote to Bush, condemning the Iraq War, calling for the President’s impeachment and saying that Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice were “villainously and criminally obscene people.”

2.  Michael Moore:  The portly director made hundreds of millions of dollars off of the highly fictional Fahrenheit 9/11, a “documentary” that alleged close links between the Bush clan and Osama bin Laden’s family.  Recently he said that private wealth is a “national resource” that belongs to all the people and called for jailing the rich.  Then he called bin Laden’s death an “execution.”  For a man who made a fortune exploiting 9/11, denouncing wealth, and the action against the al-Qaeda leader, is beyond disingenuous.

3.  Danny Glover:  Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover was a campus radical as a student at San Francisco State University and has been an advocate for left-wing causes ever since.  He chums around with the likes of Hugo Chavez, is a union rabble-rouser and said the Bush administration was composed of “liars and murderers.”  After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Glover was quick to blame the tragedy on global warming.

4.  Barbra Streisand:  From her appearance on President Nixon’s “enemies list” to her singing performance at a fund-raising gala for Barack Obama, Barbra Streisand has a long history of political involvement.  Most notable is her bankrolling of left-wing causes, with the Streisand Foundation steering millions to groups promoting every liberal fantasy.  Among her favorite causes are women’s issues, nuclear disarmament and the environment.  She even donated $1 million to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation to help solve global warming.

5.  Jane Fonda:  “Hanoi Jane” deserves a lifetime achievement award for left-wing activism.  Between her anti-American radio broadcasts from North Vietnam and appearing at anti-Iraq War rallies, Fonda demonstrated against Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank and supported feminist causes, speaking out against patriarchy.  This is someone who once said, “I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become Communists.”

6.  Alec Baldwin:  “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin is an animal-rights advocate, a strong supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and serves on the board of the left-wing People for the American Way.  During the Clinton impeachment, Baldwin publicly fantasized about murdering Rep. Henry Hyde and his family.  If he had only followed through on his threat to leave the country when Bush was reelected.

7.  Susan Sarandon:  From supporting the Nicaraguan Sandinistas in the 1980s to speaking at a pro-union rally in Wisconsin this year, film star Susan Sarandon is still plugging progressive positions, although no longer with her former longtime companion and political fellow traveler Tim Robbins.  She was an anti-Iraq War activist, protesting the Bush administration with the likes of Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan, and is a major donor to the feminist group EMILY’s List.

8.  Janeane Garofalo:  This B-list actress and Air America refugee has taken left-wing hate speech to a new level with her rhetorical blasts aimed at the Tea Party.  Here is a sample of her rants:  “It’s about hating a black man in the White House.  That is racism straight up.  This is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks,” and, “The functionally retarded adults, the racists—with their cries of, ‘I want my country back.’  What they’re really saying is, ‘I want my white guy back.’ ”

9.  Joy Behar:  While on “The View,” Joy Behar said there are ways to get information from terrorists other than tough interrogation methods such as waterboarding.  “There are other ways of getting information out of people … pay them off,” Behar said, while suggesting offering a terrorist a “$6 million book deal.”  This is the same brainiac who once said, “It is really not easy to make fun of the Obamas, because they’re kind of really perfect, aren’t they?”

10.  The Sheens:  This father/son duo deserves a mention.  Martin Sheen played the liberal’s dream President in “West Wing,” and has embraced every left-wing cause, from antiwar and farm-worker activism to protecting seals by attacking fur traders.  His son, Charlie Sheen, was an outspoken Truther, alleging that 9/11 was an inside job, before he became a traveling carnival act with his Tiger Blood and “Torpedo of Truth” tour.

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  • ghostshirt

    It’s the young who are most susceptible to influence from celebrities, and thankfully few of those listed have any relevance to young people.
    Some of those listed I don’t think are Leftists in truth. They lack the ability to fervently believe anything at all.

    Michael Moore, conspiracy theory huckster, quite successful Capitalist.
    Jane Fonda, empty headed blank page, also successful Capitalist.
    Barbra Streisand, time has passed her by as she sits in SoCal version of Versailles with fan base average age 64.

    Sean Penn though, quite a dedicated old school Marxist there… 

  • Guest

    youre just wrong. Im not liberal and I dont have to defend my conservative credentials against you. you cannot change the facts. faux news is not a real news organization. it is a corporation that has hijacked conservatism and republicanism and distorted it until it is now something that you couldnt define if you wanted to. I dont mind the personal attacks but lets have some substance.

     I understand that glenn beck is a liar, hes a mormon that tells people he is christian. and faux news hasnt had a real news story on since they dropped the veil of objectivity. When is the last time YOU watched faux news?

  • Confused


  • Poor Wilber

    I am putting my money where my mouth is concerning Hollywood.  I do not buy tickets or rent films in which any far left whacko stars or costars.    If we all did so, these idiots would not be “stars”, but hasbeens.

  • Dustoff

    Both of us buddy. 

  • Dustoff

    faux news is not a real news organization.
    Let me guess. I bet you watch CNN right. 

  • globalcrap

    Young people look at these holly-weird over-paid wanna be performers as super heroes . These holly-weird down grade America, but love those  American dollars. Without their money they  are wimps ,and wouldn’t know how to survive. Most are drunks, addicts, and get married a dozen times. They think using the “F” makes them actors . They should watch movies on T C M , and learn what acting all about. 

  • Dustoff

    hes a mormon that tells people he is christian 

    So now you hate “Mormons too.
    What a guy.

  • Dustoff

    For a guy who claims he doesn’t watch FAX news, you seem to know a LOT about them.

    By the way Omar. Were talking about movie stars or did you just missed that part.

  • KayK2

    Tom Hanks broke my heart when he went all liberal on us.  He used to look so intelligent on camera, not so much anymore. 

    There are a few good guys in the entertainment industry, I listened to Mike Rowe testify before congress this week.  He had a great message.

  • Dustoff

    I’m sorry to say, them days are LONG gone. 

  • Dustoff

    WERE talking Movie stars Omar.

    Leave it to you to head another direction.  You can read right? 

  • TampaMike50

    Omar, sounds like you get your opinions straight from the NPR playbook of gripes against Fox News.  haha  How old are you?  Did you graduate high school?  Do you possess the ability to think for yourself and analyze what you read at all?  Good luck with your rants here; sounds like you would be happier adding to the pile of flies who hover around the Huff and Puff Post blowhole.  

  • TampaMike50

    When have we considered Mormons as anything BUT Christians?  Did they secretly become Jews or Muslims?  Must have been part of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that formed during the Clinton Years that Hillary was fond of blaming for all of Bill’s troubles rather than his roving eye, open zipper and bad temper.

  • TampaMike50

    Nah, MSNBC for sure.  Probably tunes into NPR and Al-Jizz-era too.

  • TampaMike50

    I’m with you Wilber and Dustoff as well.  We don’t need to demonstrate, wave signs or get rowdy like a bus full of union thugs on their way to a Tea Party to protest these people.  Just simply stop listening, watching and reading them–no sales, no money, no influence.  Most of these hacks are LONG past their shelf-life anyway and are not popular anymore.  Only their ’60s dope smoking radical pals in the media still try to make them relevant.  Nobody under 40 really cares about them; and most of us older than 40 who can ACTUALLY remember them in their heyday are too smart to believe anything that flows form the open potholes that are connected to their face.  

  • TampaMike50

    Sheriff Taylor’s brains left him after Matlock was canceled.  Plus when Barney Fife died he lost his reason for living too.  heh heh  I won a bet recently that I had with a friend over who would die first–him or Liz Taylor.  Guess who my money was on?  Here’s another bet I have just entered into with the same friend:  my money is on Sheriff Taylor not living long enough to vote for his ‘boy’ in 2012!!

  • Brubaker5

     Probably not. :>)

  • TampaMike50

    Have you noticed that when these ‘folks’ let loose with their political ravings; suddenly their movies and records just don’t seem as good anymore?  I don’t think that is a coincidence at all.  They should do as we in the military are beholden to do–keep your politics to yourself and out of the business area.  Lest you think me a hypocrite for writing on this site; I retired from the service 6 years ago and can say what I please now.  

  • TampaMike50

    Their hypocrisy is there for all to see as a scarlet letter in my opinion.  I’ll bet not one of them knows who even wrote “The Scarlet Letter” either; much less have read it themselves after devouring the “Communist Manifesto” and Mao’s “Little Red Book” probably.  

  • TampaMike50

    Does he still make movies?  I thought his celluloid career came to an end after being in “Gigli?”  hahaha  

  • Confused

    And for the big surprise, none are provided, just as none are ever provided.  The left is so devoid of ideas it is amazing some of them don’t grasp that and educate themselves on occasion.  Maybe then some would see that the folks they vote for do the opposite of what they are saying EVERY time.   

  • TampaMike50

    Yuk and double yuk to these 2 skags!!!  Joyless’s trademark smirk is stays on her face so much it almost appears as a botox smile to me.  haha

  • Adam Moreira

     I can agree there. I would have Sean Penn and Michael Moore as multiple places on the list, even if Moore is a capitalist.

  • Adam Moreira

    Ben Affleck has never stated any of his political views, unlike Matt Damon. He’s mostly directing these days, to answer @TampaMike50:disqus’s question.

    Affleck (pronounced Aflac) – Ask about him at your multiplex.

  • Adam Moreira

     Besides—Beck, as far as I know, has never appeared in any movie other than of actual news footage.

  • Adam Moreira

    Yeah, but Bill Maher isn’t even relevant anymore…same for Garofalo, who actually IS on this list. Even before 9/11, ABC was talking about canceling his show; his comments on 9/11 just made the decision easy.

  • Dustoff

    Moore is a capitalist.********************************When it suits him… Other than that, he’s a nut!

  • Dustoff

    Ben Affleck has never stated any of his political views.
    Are you kidding…..Yes he has MANY times.
    Another loony lib. 

  • Dustoff

    Got me mike… I guess Omar is a tad bit racist?   (-: 

  • Adam Moreira

    @ghostshirt:disqus had stated Michael Moore, conspiracy theory huckster, quite successful Capitalist.

    That’s what HE said!

  • Dustoff

    It’s called (HIT & RUN)   

  • Dustoff

    Even her movies were lame. 

  • winston_wolfe

    If you want some substance in this conversation, then why don’t you go ahead and provide some?  What is it exactly that constitutes genuine conservatism in your mind?  You’re very quick to proclaim what is NOT conservative; but you fail to clarify exactly what IS conservative.  You’ve provided no context or support.  You have neglected nearly all prerequisite elements of a standard substantial argument.

    Can no corporation be adequately conservative simply based on the fact that they are a corporation?  How do Beck’s religious views figure into this?  If Fox News is not conservative, exactly how are they not conservative and what would be required of Fox in order to meet your benchmark for conservative purism?  I have no problem engaging you on a substantive level…but you first need to provide at least a modicum of actual substance.

  • Dustoff

    I know, WE agree.  

    Jezzzzzz no coffee yet Adam. 

  • Guest

    If those people would only move to the countries that they are supporting…  It would be a blessing for America.

    Then I wonder how long it would take for them to come crawling back.  After all, the definition of confusion, or mixed emotions, is what is going through the mind of a liberal that is being mugged.

    Obama won for mostly wrong reasons.  Let’s elect Herman Cain to solve the issues.

  • globalcrap

    When America was America.

  • Gary888

     Woopie Goldburg on the “View” gets to me as she is like a guard dog for Obama and if anyone disagrees with him, they must be “Racist”. I personally really thought when America finally had a Black President that Unity would come. Instead all we have gained is division and any decent from Obama’s tearing down our Economy & Constitution is simply called “Racism” daily. This is a Right no white President could have ever used. To bad Obama chose this path when he had such a grand opportunity to bring real unity to all races.  

  • Adam Moreira

     The problem is that they do support America. Herman Cain would be worse—all he is so far that’s confirmed is that he’s a great talker. None of his positions have ever been confirmed.

    It’s an objective thing! Returning to the topic.

  • Rusty Turner

    Omar, I have to agree with you about faux news, I followed them for along time, but over the last few years I have had a feeling that things were-a-changing. Then I discovered that News Corp, the parent company, was partly owned by a saudi prince. An excerpt from an article written by Lee Fang on 02/10/2010;

    “Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America

    FARAH:’There’s a flaw, a real compromise in Fox that you need to understand. And if you care about national security, you especially need to be attentive to it. And that is that Fox News parent company is News Corp has a significant ownership by a Saudi prince that many of you will be familiar with because right after 9/11 this prince very famously offered Rudolph Giuliani a big multi-million dollar check to rebuild and Giuliani told him to stick the check where the sun don’t shine because this guy was basically blaming America for what happened on 9/11. Well this guy owns a very significant percentage of the News Corp and has let the world know that he can get things taken off Fox News when he finds them objectionable and has in the past. And I really believe this is really dangerous for America.”

    What I noticed was that the news about muslims was not as hard hitting.

    So for those of you who still watch Fox, pay attention and you will see that they are not as fair an unbiased as they once were.

  • Rusty Turner

    My biggest problem with these so-called celebrities is not that they speak out and it is not that what they say is mostly asinine jibberish, it is that there are way too many people influenced by them, especially the young.

  • RummRunner

    It’s a shame you had to number them 1 thru 10. As far as I’m concerned everyone of these idiots deserves to be number 1. Why don’t we just call it a 10 way tie for 1. 

  • Guest

     charlie sheen may be a truther, but he is not a liberal. dont slander someone with that kind of filth without proof. the rest on the list can drink jim jones special blend.

  • Dustoff


    Adam that sounds just like O-bummer.  Hey, let’s do it again. 


    The thread reads in part, “… have made biting the hand that feeds them into an art form.”

    I remember years ago, having a dog that bit the hand (mine) that fed him, and his only art-form was doing a full spread-eagle, after I booted his ass out the door. He soon realized it was better to keep his mouth closed. These narrow minded spoiled brats, don’t have a clue for what the average American citizen needs or desires – except – we do love our movies on Net Flix, On Demand, ect. It might be worth it for us, to turn the tube off.

  • Sheryl Ross

    How on earth can anyone narrow this list down to a mere ten? 

  • Keith G

    What is really sad is, there are a lot of conservative actors and for the sake of a paycheck, have to keep their mouths shut. So, maybe these liberal actors are like thespian whores and the real problem is the elitist, pimp, leftist producers. It is easy to politically hypnotize with drugs and money.

  • Dinah54

    Are you an expert on Mormonism? I would place a substantial wager on a bet that you get your information about Fox News from Huffpo or some other propaganda arm of the thugministration. 


     concerning Mr. Hanks – momma always said, ‘stupid is, what stupid does.’

  • Adam Moreira

    Hey, let’s do it againI hope that you say that in jest!

  • Adam Moreira

    They don’t have to…and remember, those who sign the paychecks are usually conservatives. Conservatives are the ones who actually run the studios.

    Case in point: Denzel Washington and Adam Sandler.

  • Steve O

    Bro if your a truther first your an idiot then your a lib sorry 

  • Steve O

    Hey Omar did you know that there were no real men born after 1967 just sayin 

  • Steve O

    Winston my man wish I could speak so eloquently, Brovo    

  • Steve O

    You may have a point but its better than any other of obams news tv 

  • Keith G

    I don’t believe that. I really do not think they would allow this type of socialist agenda to be embedded into TV shows and film. I was really talking directors and producers, though. Reiner, Scorsese, Cameron…I suppose, if the Hollywood types only mingle in their elitist circles, their opinions might reflect their “reality” and view of how the rest of us should live.

  • joesolargenius

    Share holders run major corporations and they tell the CEOs what to do so it dosent matter who sits in the cockpit they still recieve orders they must follow if they wish to fly. When the chinese bought 22% of Walmart thier prices went up and they are no longer the cheapest place to shop,the point I am trying to make is that once all the major newspapers in this country were bought up by a corporation then the news became slanted to satisfy the requirements of the major stockholders regardless of their intentions. 

  • Keith G

     Here is a list of celebrity conservatives. You wouldn’t know they were because they are smart enough to keep their mouths shut and live normal lives.

  • last_resort

    What more do you expect from Hollywood`s liberal elites than inane statements about and laughable activities in regards to matters of importance for the rest of society? As many have pointed out, they`ve earned success in a land of make believe but seem to have fallen short in real life. It`s no wonder they hold such a strong alliance with leftists on Capitol Hill and other places. I`ll bet those movie stars and politicians are very much alike when they reach the top of their game and realize it was all an act. Just sayin.


    I shouldn’t be entertaining this AH with facts because he can’t be over 12~13 years old. This is directed towards Adam.

  • JenChris

    It’s the easiest thing in the world to preach communism, while enjoying all the benefits of capitalism. It also prevents the full enjoyment of reality.

  • Midlandr

    Neither do I Wilber.  Can’t stand ANY of the list above.  I still can’t believe Michael the Marxist Moore is an Eagle Scout.  

  • Dustoff

    That’s for sure…. WINNING.

    Right Charlie. 

  • globalcrap

    Omar Locke, Glen beck is not a movie star. He is a truth speaker about your O bogus.   He belongs with the News, not with the holly-weird  morons that try to act.

  • Dustoff

    Ahhhhhhhhhh yep.

  • Rocco11

    I’m referring to his show on HBO 

  • remaxgirl

    Boy and i liked them as actors but anyone who hangs with people who hate this Country should be shot or give the people back their money they paid at the box office and go live in Cuba or where ever they love those people . i will never watch or listen to them again.

  • winston_wolfe

    And speaking of obnoxious liberals…cue this retread and his plethora of leftist lies.

    Sean Penn is openly cozy with third world dictators who are brazenly anti-American in every filth-ridden mendacity that flies out of their mouths.  Is Hugo Chavez not anti-American?  Is Fidel Castro not anti-American?  Well, Sean Penn is an overt supporter of both them and their policies.  That makes him anti-American.  People are rightly judged by the company they keep.  Take a look at who Sean Penn associates with and the fact that he’s anti-American should be quite evident; that is, to clear-thinking people, which would rule you out.

    Michael Moore?  Are you serious?  His movies do not evoke reflection, they evoke nausea.  And yes, I have had the displeasure of watching them.  The disingenuous tactics he employs in order to make his absurd points are shameless.  He ignores facts which are inconvenient to his worldview and twists reality to fit his liking.  He has been exposed for the fraud he is.  Fahrenheit 9/11 was a hit piece of the lowest order.  Perhaps you should watch Fahrenhype 9/11, which drags that con artist propagandist into the harsh light of truth and lays his lies bare for the world to see.  Check it out sometime, it may “evoke some reflection.” Or, like your fellow leftist comrades, are you fearful of the kind of honest introspection that might be brought about through objective analysis of an opposing viewpoint rooted in actual facts and logic?

    Further, we know that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?  How do we know?  He had used them, on his own people no less.  He had ample forewarning that our invasion was imminent; and was thereby able to dispose of his stash or transfer it elsewhere.  Also, the intelligence used to track-down Bin Laden was gathered through a detainee who was captured in…you guessed it…Iraq.  So we would have never killed UBL if not for the war in Iraq; not to mention the fact that Zarqawi would also still be alive.

    If you want a good view of a moral coward, go take a look in the mirror.  Morality and truth are like kryptonite to leftist trolls such as yourself.  You’d best take your lies and post-modernistic moral relativism BS to a more susceptible crowd that doesn’t know any better.  Try the Huffington Post or Daily Beast; but don’t drag your filth-ridden effrontery out into this forum, as you’ll ruin people’s appetites before dinner.

  • ghostshirt

    Thorstein do you consider yourself a person who can be reasoned with?

    Nobody ‘lied’ us into Iraq except Saddam Hussein. He miscalculated that his tentacles of corruption at the UN would save him. Maybe he really thought he had WMD’s or maybe thought he needed Iran to believe that; I don’t claim to know.

    But it’s Saddam’s fault we went into Iraq and he stretched a rope.

    Another thing Thorstein? It’s the fault of FDR, Chamberlain and others that Hitler was allowed to re-militarize. It’s their fault we had to fight a two front war. But once boots hit the ground, a patriot is supposed to save that conversation for after victory. To do otherwise lends aid & comfort to the enemy of one’s nation.

    That’s something about America apparently Sean Penn doesn’t know.   

  • Jason Johnson

    Are you one of those poor deluded souls that has brainwashed by the mainstream media? 

  • AgTrotter

    Dusty, does it not continue to amaze that the leftist turds know more about Rush, Beck, Hannity, FoxNews, et al, than anyone else?

    Oh well, like a moth to the light I guess. 

  • AgTrotter

     “Sean Penn is derided here as someone who “condemns America.” Condemning George Bush’s rush to war is not condemning America, democracy or the rule of law. It is condemning a flawed policy that history has proven so.”

    No, Sunshine, Sean Penn is derided for befriending thugs like Chavez and Castro, all while openly trashing America. But, like your psuedo-intellectual hero Sean Penn, you believe yourself too superior to us lessers to actually grasp that point.

  • AgTrotter

    “No weapons of mass destruction were found.”

    Psssttt, yes they were, douchebag. Next. 

  • Jason Johnson

    All of the so-called actors here are self-righteous, hypocritical creeps, but that seditious c!!! Jane Fonda takes the cake. After what she did in North Vietnam, she should have had her brains blown out for treason! That fat porker Michael Moore should be forced to give up HIS wealth if he really believes that private wealth belongs to the nation a whole. And Sean Penn? Should we really pay attention to a godless, immoral reprobate that portrayed a sodomite mayor who deserved to have his head blown off?

  • ForgottenHawk

    I think it’s pretty much agreed, the majority of these actors are full of hot air.  So, why is not suprising, the biggest ‘actor’ of them all, sits in the oval office???? 

  • Light_V_Dark…I-SAY…SCREW-YOU! 

    Show of paws…Who has heard of Fyodor Dostoevsky?
    I’ve actually seen Anakin Skywalker quoted online. People don’t even blink!
    On the welfare state:
    Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.

    If there is no God, everything is permitted.

    On kissing Satan’s A$$:
    It is not possible to eat me without insisting that I sing praises of my devourer?

    Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.


    Addendum…No Lips Ron Pollyanna, pro heroin and pot, said the other day…I would not have given the go ahead to kill OBL……. Libertarianism is LICENTIOUSNESS…

    Atheists who vote R, are basically the same animal as a leftist…THEY WILL NOT FIGHT AGAINST EVIL, BECAUSE THEY CANNOT EVEN DEFINE EVIL!…Simple-NON&p=44131&viewfull=1#post44131

    John Stuart Mill is often quoted by Leftists. This is the BEST quote I found, regarding war. Next, was Winston Churchill’s.

    War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
    John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)

  • kipmjf

    I have even stopped watching their movies on television, partly because I don’t want them to make even a penny from my viewership, and partly because each and every one of them are lousy actors who make my stomach hurt when I do watch them. 

    There are much more attractive people and more talented people out there.  Stop supporting these has-been mediocrities.  Avoid their films and tv shows.  Cleaning the house is more fun that watching these losers.

  • Light_V_Dark

    We aren’t supposed to turn our cheeks to EVIL…Not protecting the Innocent is EVIL.
    Uttering a discouraging word against the “Profit”, who was a pedophile and a murderer, will get you exiled to Siberia, for the next 50 years. Buddhist site.
    No one should underestimate the unseen seen force driving communism. IT IS HATRED OF GOD(emphasis, mine) and the Divine Mother. Dharamsala may not be safe either. And… : Patton on Christian P*ssyfism.

    W. Churchill, on Islam…1899.
    How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog…

    Whittaker Chambers said…Innocence seldom utters OUTRAGED SHRIEKS, GUILT DOES.

    This is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Looking at a Liberal, crosseyed, is a HATE CRIME! 
    Death Threats Against Bush at Protests Ignored for Years

  • kipmjf

    As long as the race card is a moneymaker and a career builder for people like Whoopie and Jessie Jackson, Jr,  race-baiting will be a way of life in this country.

    As long as the media double-standard allows minorities to use racial slurs against others, with impunity, racism will remain the coin of the realm.

  • kipmjf

    Many of the people listed here are not really conservatives, so further research may be needed. 

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, just for one example, a little too left-of-center to be called “conservative”.

  • Light_V_Dark

    You’d think I was asking you to drink strychnine and handle snakes..

    Romans:1 NIV
    29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, GOD-HATERS, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. …………

    1 Peter 4 (New International Version, ©2011)

    3 For you have spent enough time in the past doing what PAGANS choose to do—living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and DETESTABLE IDOLATRY. 4 They are surprised that you do not join them in their reckless, wild living, and they heap abuse on you.

    “While self-hating Americans make up but a fraction of the population,” notes Dan Flynn in Why The Left Hates America, “their influence is great.” “They are museum curators, journalists, college professors, librarians, and MOVIE STARS. ”…I-m-PRO-CHOICE…SO-ARE-YOU!

  • Billy K.

    As a Scout, Michael Moore dishonored the Code: Of High Moral Character ! 

  • Light_V_Dark

    Children MOCK and CHANT, Hawk…
    Proverbs 3:34 He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.

    Proverbs 15:12 Mockers resent correction, so they avoid the wise.

    Isaiah 29:20 The ruthless will vanish, the mockers will disappear, and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down— 

    We have been AmeriKa, since the Neo Marxist-Stalinist-Maoist coup, in 1968.

    Mr. Newt may just as well as put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, as SIT ON A FRIGGIN COUCH WITH NANCY LE-PROSY…FOR GLOW BALL WARNING…RIP, NEWT, WTF WERE YOU THINKING?

    Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?
    Narcissism is a defense mechanism whose role is to deflect hurt and trauma  from the victim’s “True Self” 

    Narcissistic leaders are nefarious and their effects pernicious. They are subtle, refined, socially-adept, manipulative, possessed of thespian skills, and convincing. Both types equally lack empathy and are ruthless and relentless or driven.

  • Guest

    Fox is not news. it is a daily sitcom. everyday we watch actors laying out historical fiction that seeks to impact US policy. it isnt illegal its just pathetic.

    so I take it you dont watch faux news…

  • Guest

    Ill bite. The burden is not on me to provide substance. as you can well see people responded to my post. I didnt attack anyone. people started attacking me.  why, then would the burden be on me to prove, disprove or give any of you people what my idea of conservatism is or is not?

    The truth of the matter is that a mormon that claims he is christian is lying.

    a man who tells you about some bogus “coming insurrection” for profit is yelling fire in a crowded room and borders on sedition. as Ive said before, fox is not a news organization. they hire actors and they go on televison and attempt to influence real policy. fake news should not have an effect on real policy.

    now, winston. I’m not attacking you. Im pointing something out to people from my party who want to take it back from a corporation that is helping to suck the life blood out of our nation.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    We were lied into a war with Iraq

    There are a multitude of sources that say to confirm that fact, the Downing Street Memo, Joe Wilson, Hans Blix,

    Here’s an article from June 27, 2003, three months after the attack on Iraq began.

    Rather than expand the discussion to World War II or the Norman Conquest let’s stick to the subject at hand.

    We were not at war with Iraq when Sean Penn went to Iraq. The argument of aiding and comforting seems an enemy is simply bogus.

    As far as the other posters, Hugo Chavez is the democratically elected leader of his country. The coup staged against that government by a right wing coup has the CIA’s handprints.

    Chavez should be expected to plot a course for the benefit of Venezuela, not you or me.

  • Light_V_Dark


    The Obamessiah is a THESPIAN…WHO KNEW?!

    A child in PUBIC SHOOL, PRAYS TO THE OBAMESSIAH…Another pathetic child(pictured) who will be bullied to death, before he reaches high school, ASKS OH, TO MAKE IT RAIN CANDY!

    I would appreciate it if you would try to make this a greener planet and try to bring home the troops and end the war. I am very luckey because I am not part of a military family, but it saddens me to hear about all the people who die in Iraque and know that somewhere In the world people are greiving over a lost family member.

    When is ENOUGH ENOUGH?

  • Guest

     If I listened to NPR chances are I would be a college grad, right? fact is I read what I want to read, I dont need affirmation. I’m using no play book. I’m a republican who has acted with loyalty but is now seeing his own party stab him in the back.

    Im a republican that no longer wants to follow the actors and actresses at faux news. lets turn them all off. Im tired of all the bigotry and hatred that were supposed to consume and thrive on. I dont hate anyone, I love my country and I want feel the way I used to feel about my nation and my neighbors and my state, and my military and my flag. I’m willing to change if necessary to bring people together, are you?

    we cant come together because we cant trust any of our institutions, we cant trust our institutions because sitcoms like faux news have infected our discourse with the inane and they drive a social and racial wedge between us all.

    so no, Im not using a play book, Im not some liberal poseur either.

    I do support RON PAUL for 2012!

  • Guest

    I think you have a point. We should add the actors at cnn, msnbc,  and anyone else who shoves their opinion down the throats of us and our countrymen!

  • Guest

     I’ve already responded to you above. you can answer or continue to post disgucting toilet humor. I leave it to you…

  • Adam Moreira

    Little boy—menacing signs and messages do not equal death threats! And you know what? If the Secret Service questioned them, each and every one of them should have “pleaded the 10th” and refuse to answer any questions on grounds of the questioning is not legitimate.

    A way to shut them up also is: Under what Constitutional authority does the Secret Service exercise its duty to protect the President?

    Oh, and in my book, hate crimes don’t exist, troll.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Chuckie Sheen is a schizophrenic paranoid, drug, alcohol and sex addict. He couldn’t be further to the left if he wanted to be.

    And, his dad, Comrade Martin, doesn’t have the brains to blow his own nose to RESCUE HIM! 


    Personally, I CAN’T WAIT to have ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…With the CommUNists, or the Mullahs, in charge… OH, HAPPY DAY!

    Some Islamic LOVE from Beslan…

  • Guest

    you need an example on how faux news stabbed republicans in the back?

    Immigration – I support full amnesty so does faux news but the majority of republicans and conservatives do not. – tried to help bush legalize 20 million illegals, I say do it!

    harriet miers – tried to help bush get her into the supreme court!

    support for free trade – sent your uncle’s manufacturing job straight to banglapur!

    there is more but three should do it, eh?

  • Guest

    fact is, youre responding to my post I dont have to prove anything to you. you have the freedom to not post to my postings. use it. it is my opinion. Im not trying to win you over…

  • Guest

     I dont hate anyone. Im just pointing out that mormons are not christian. and that a man who will lie to you about his religion is truly disturbing…

  • Guest

     I’m not sure about any conspiracies. I am however sure that mormons have never been christian and that they know it.

    mormons are mormon and you can ask them about their faith. Im pointing out that glenn beck lies about his faith then lies about everything else, too.

  • Guest

    No, Im no democrat. I would never have voted for the current president. I couldnt vote for Juan McAmnesty Either.

    Here is a good resource to learn about mormonism:

  • Guest

    I really appreciate your post, if you are indeed a true republican and conservative, I say we clean our party! If youre up for it Im with you!

  • Guest

    we can always just stop watching all of them, dont you think? when we watch and internalize their values we give them legitimacy.  just turn it off, they tell you all the time with nothing but contempr about what they think of us. lets turn them all off. come out side and lets have a bbq and talk about politics again!

  • Guest

    exactly my point. fox is not news and they hire actors and actresses to contrive issues to distort opinions and policy.

  • Guest

    Im no leftist. I didnt say rush. we can talk about him but I dont think hes a back stabber. rush is at least straight up. I dont agree with him all the time but he doesnt belong on this list…

    …all the actors and actresses on faux news should be arrested…

  • Adam Moreira

    What Jane Fonda said is not treason. Offensive and anti-patriotic, yes, but not treason in the objective sense of the word. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy requires giving them some tangible benefits, or divulging state secrets.

    Making a claim of treason is making a statement of fact, not opinion. It is or it isn’t…and I say that based on objective standards, it is not.

    No court would have upheld a treason conviction based on perception without a secret revealed or money given to the enemy, even if this acquittal were highly unpopular.

  • Guest

     I know, thats why I said add glenn beck and the actors and actressess a the daily sitcom that is faux news. fox is not news its a cable tv sitcom that needs to be exposed by republicans.

  • Guest

    I can read. I can type, too.

    You have the freedom to ignore my posts…

  • Adam Moreira

     They don’t care about politics at all…just acting abilities.

  • Guest

    There is nothing to respond to here.

    I will say that faux news has stabbed republicans in the back, they have hijacked our party and they need to be called out and exposed for it!

  • Light_V_Dark

    Little girl… You’re not going to win this one, Cupcake…

    Suzanne HISSED…Many conservative women will vote Democrat next time. The have gone to bed again tonight complaining of headaches because they don’t have the stomach for racist pig men. They just want a clean-cut guy with an IQ of at least 100.

     A Culture Dissolving In A Bog Of Feminist Hysteria
    Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.14 days before Father’s Day, 2001

    While Narcissism seeks to kill the G-d of our forebearers, Hysterical Feminism(LEFTISM IN GENERAL) seeks to kill the cultural traditions of millenia. Both are goals that rival Genesis, and yet both are succeeding. From clinical experience I have learned, never underestimate the power and determination of pathology. Remember Faust.


  • Adam Moreira

     Nice—use of Photoshop.

  • Guest

     been brainwashed? no, I have not been brainwashed. we need to clean our party and take it off the drug that is faux news. they drive our policies and it is killing us. but we can change it. we dont need them. we have each other. we need to rebuild our communities by coming out of our houses and sitting in our back yards if we dont have a back yard lets go to a park if there is no park lets find the biggest house and have a get together. we need to come together and talk about politics face to face, we cant depend on anyone but ourselves so lets do it.

    lets add the actors and actresses like glenn beck to this list, shun and ignore them! then lets take back our communites, our cities, our states, and our country!

  • Adam Moreira

     Oh now you’ve admitted that you are. If Glenn Beck is an actor, then why is there no IMDB filmography for him—troll?

  • Amyrlyn

    lol. The 10th? The 10th what? lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol I’m sorry, really, its just that that be the best belly laugh that I have had all week.

  • iadydi

    Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah should be added to the list! 

  • Light_V_Dark

    Leftists(the Evil) have to inflate EVERYTHING, by at least 100%. It’s usually more like 1k%

    The pleading the 10th comment was SO BLEEPING STUPID, I didn’t even make the connection, to the Fifth!


  • Adam Moreira

    Plead the 10th (Amendment) – refuse to recognize the government’s authority based on its lacking in the Constitution. I suggest you Google it before making a fool of yourself.

    @Light_V_Dark – maybe you should educate yourself. The government’s power is limited—and so is that of the Secret Service. Now, the President’s National Committee could make arrangements with local and/or state police departments to provide security for the President—for a fee.

  • Amyrlyn

    The scary thing is not what becomes of them, that is just sad, but that there are so many people who take them seriously. 

  • 1twothree4

     I’ll watch their movies. I make sure I download them for free.


    I was hoping I was not the only one that caught that name right off the bat. 

  • Amyrlyn

    Amendment X.

    Authorizes that all powers not relegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and their citizen.

    I still fail to see what you mean. But okay, I’ll be nice.

    I think that you may actually have been referring to the 5th amendment which guarantees any citizen due process of law and the right to a fair trial. Or you might have been referring to the 4th which protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure and requires that warrants show probable cause.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Just disagreeing with EVIL, gets me a half million NAMES!

    I’m putting the MONEY passage here, Salome, lest you DIE, before finishing moving your lips to read the rest.

    35 Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the LIGHT just a little while longer. Walk while you have the LIGHT, before DARKNESS(-LEFT-MOTHER-DEATH-YIN) overtakes you. Whoever walks in the DARK does not know where they are going. 36 Believe in the LIGHT while you have the LIGHT, so that you may become sons and daughters of LIGHT.” When He had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.

    Dear Knee JERK,
    John 12

     7 “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied.(To Judas, the FIRST REAL LIBERAL!) “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. 8 You will always have the poor among you,[c] but you will not always have me.”
     9 Meanwhile a large crowd of Jews found out that Jesus was there and came, not only because of him but also to see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. 10 So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, 11 for on account of him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and believing in him.

  • Amyrlyn

    And again, its lacking of what?  

  • Adam Moreira

    No, I was referring to the 10th, as in refusing to recognize the authority of the Secret Service to do anything other than investigate currency fraud (which was its original purpose). In other words, orders made by the Secret Service may be unconstitutional.

    Very recently, it was suggested that Roger Clemens invoke the 10th at a Congressional hearing.

  • Guest

    I will not personally attack you but youhave to realize why I burst into laughter when I read this…

    You should check and see if Greta, Hannity, O’reilly, and Shep have one…

  • Wil

     It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to

  • Adam Moreira

     Lacking of Constitutionality.

  • Amyrlyn

    The governments power is limited, when it chooses to function within its legal bounds, on this point I will agree with you. I do not have to google anything in the Constitution of the United States of America, as I have my own copy of it at home. I am sorry that I had such fun at your expense. I am usually more diplomatic than that. However, I would not count on google to learn about the Constitution. It is very easy to get a copy of it for yourself. I really do think that you may have meant the 5th.

  • Adam Moreira

     Oprah—for what reason? Please cite some evidence.

  • Amyrlyn

    Yes, you are correct that it was the original purpose of the Secret Service to investigate currency fraud. However, because of the fact that it is absolutely necessary to protect the life of the President of The United States and to investigate any threat to his/her person that has become their primary function. I do not take issue with this. I may not like the current occupant of the White House, but I have no desire to see him killed. There are a number of things that I do not want to pay taxes for, but this is not one of them.

  • Light_V_Dark

    This is the  extent of my adroitness on Photoshop…Pretty crude, non? BUT, IF  YOU ARE AN EMOTIONAL ADULT, YOU SHOULD GET A CHUCKLE OUT  OF HER.


  • Light_V_Dark

    Do you THINK, that EVIL people even KNOW they are evil?

    Following, is the sig to my outgoing e-mails..First, is an ancient definition of PC.

    Second, is Scott Peck’s definition of EVIL…NARCISSISM.

    Third, are 2 links from a BUDDHIST SITE, on Possyfism…

    LAST, is a quote from Winston Churchill, from 18 FRICKING 99 on ISLAM= RABIES IN A DOG, TO A MUSLIM! I believe that Churchill was a BUY BULL THUMPER, FUNDY, HOLY ROLLER! I SURE AM!

    1. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)
    2.  Evil?

    3. Buddhist site.No one should underestimate the unseen seen force driving communism. It is hatred of God and the Divine Mother. Dharamsala may not be safe either. And… : Patton on Christian P*ssyfism.
    4. W. Churchill, on Islam…1899. How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog…

    Addendum: From the Narcissism link…


    Evil then must be named but doing so can be enormously frightening. It means that some must do battle with a destructive psychological *(not supernatural) force.
    The ones most in need of help are those that choose or must stay with a narcissist, or those that divorce them. Divorce a narcissist and you will find every characteristic magnified and enlarged. Divorce a narcissist with a narcissistic lawyer and you are the victim of a REIGN OF TERROR.

    It does not have to be divorce, it could be any lawsuit or other such campaign. It is the opposition, the challenge to the narcissist’s world view and the need to control that unleashes the campaign to destroy.

    *The author of this piece, cannot even say that evil is SUPERNATURAL!

  • Dustoff

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh omar. Just maybe YOU missed it. but again were not talking FOX. MOVIE STARS.

    Are you really that dense? 

  • Dustoff

    She play’s to her emotions not facts.
    Her whole show is based on that.
    it’s it a black & white thing,,,,,,, heck no!

    But I ask you, why did she go all wee-wee over him? 
    A guy with zero history?………………… maybe it was a black thing after all?

  • Dustoff

    I like many VET’s would so disagree with you Adam. She helped the north, With her speeches there and help in the USA.

  • Dustoff

    The same INFO the libs……….. yes that mean Clinton saw.

     Wislon never left his office. AND. if you care to do even a little checking the facts bore out he was a liar. That is IF you care to ck…………..

    Well you?

  • Adam Moreira

    But Oprah has never been obnoxious, and this list is Obnoxious Hollywood.

    On the second half of your statement, it may have been more of a hometown thing than anything.

  • buster757

     Right On!  Ignore them!  Besides they are being paid to entertain us and nothing more.  Nobody cares what they think!

  • Light_V_Dark

    There’s Darkness And Light…I’m PRO CHOICE…SO ARE YOU!…I-m-PRO-CHOICE…SO-ARE-YOU! 

    How many of you have even HEARD, OF GRAM PARSONS? Gram SAW THE LIGHT, but couldn’t stay in It.

    We’re getting ready to put Mankey Jerkson’s UGLY PUSS ON MOUNT RUSHMORE! I believe I got this from, SMOKING GUN… Sean Hannity is STILL mourning King O Poop.

  • gahaven

    Garofalo is the reason I quit watching the new Crimibnal Minds program. I can’t stand her!!!!! 

  • The Underground Conservative

     Michael Moore has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

  • Guest

    Hollywood types are skilled as actors.  When they portray characters from their scripts, they try to use their emotions or feelings in essence to “live” or be that person.

    I suspect they are so emotion driven, that they do not use reason.  They do this so much that they mistake feelings for thoughts. 

    I am reminded of the story of a Russian aristocrat, who became so sympathetic to the character in a play, that she was moved to tears–she wept.  All while her coachman froze to death in the extreme cold of the bitter Russian winter.

    Hollywood is much like that aristocrat.  They show sympathy for fictional characters, or ethereal ideals, without batting an eye for those who really suffer. 

    They are eager to force someone else–through taxation–to care for the poor, but won’t give a dime out of their own pockets to help the unfortunate. 

    For the most part, on occasions when they do give, it suits an ulterior motive such as furthering their careers.

  • CaptainAhab

    These people are only showing how dumb they are. I mean it’s just hilarious sometimes. They say “Capitalism is evil. Rich people are evil”. They are the ultimate in hypocrisy. I don’t see any of them packing their bags and permanently moving to Cuba, because life is so much better there. When are they going to do that? Not soon enough.

  • Light_V_Dark


    Leftists FEEL that war is the most ICKY thing in the world. It’s NEEEEGGGGGATIVE, NOT ORGANIC, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, AND WICKED, WICKED DANGEROUS!…Simple-NON&p=44131&viewfull=1#post44131

    John Stuart Mill is often quoted by Leftists. This is the BEST quote I found, regarding war. Next, was Winston Churchill’s.War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)

  • AKgunguy

    How did Matt Damon NOT make it on this list After all the bile he spewed toward Sarah Palin during 08? I’m not even much of a Palin fan folks. Although there are some patended Jack#ss’ on this list.

  • CaptainAhab

    I thought U2 were great early in their career, but I think fame and fortune went to their heads. Their first 3 or 4 albums were pretty good. I’ll agree, Bono has become quit obnoxious, but he does spend quite a bit of his own money trying to help people in third world countries. His problem is that he whines about what our government should or should not be doing, and he doesn’t have a clue as to what our Constitution says, or what our government is supposed to do. It’s almost twice as bad also, when foreigners like Bono from Ireland, and Neil Young from Canada, start griping about the USA.  Without the USA, their careers wouldn’t be half of what they are.  They should keep their mouths shut and quietly donate as much as they want to whatever charities they want. Like all of the other obnoxious liberal entertainers, they insist on insulting or offending half of their audience. That’s not a good way to sell CDs or tickets.

  • Light_V_Dark


    One of the demonic little rappers at the POETRY READING THE OTHER NIGHT, had a Che Tee shirt on. O’Really(?), excused Obamessiah, for Common’s evil, thusly…I DON’T THINK THE PRESIDENT EVEN KNOWS WHAT COMMON IS ALL ABOUT. The other twerp wasn’t mentioned on the Factor.

    So, here’s a little bit of LOVE, from Che…

    Hatred as the central element of our struggle! Hatred that is intransigent…hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him violent and cold-blooded killing machine…We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism rivers of blood must flow! The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves. Thus we’ll destroy him! These hyenas are fit only for extermination. We must keep our hatred alive and fan it to paroxysm! The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!  


    Sad thing is…The TRUTH, is beyond EASY, to FIND!

    “While self-hating Americans make up but a fraction of the population,” notes Dan Flynn in Why The Left Hates America, “their influence is great.” “They are museum curators, journalists, college professors, librarians, and movie stars. ”

  • Guest

    We speak of the obvious problem of leftist Hollywood.

    There exists an equally obvious solution: Let’s stop supporting Hollywood.  There are better things to do with our money, than waste it to fund libdroids.  Don’t buy or rent their movies.

  • Light_V_Dark

    I’m sorry…I thought you were one of us…”now, winston. I’m not attacking you. Im pointing something out to people from my party who want to take it back from a corporation that is helping to suck the life blood out of our nation.”

    Envy is GREED, ON STILTS, CRACK, HEROIN, LSD, VIAGRA AND STEROIDS. If you are going to demonize corporations, please go to Kanadakistan and catch a jet to the Worker’s Paradise of Cuber..

    I’d rather have a Morman like Beck in the White House than a Muslim, Atheist or other Sexular Subhumanist. 

    10 The bloodthirsty hate a person of integrity    and seek to kill the upright.

    27 The righteous detest the dishonest;    the wicked detest the upright.

    And, from Proverbs 28…

    1 The wicked flee though no one pursues,    but the righteous are as bold as a lion.  (GLOW BALL WARNING, CIGARETTES AND WOWAH! Bumper sticker I would love to see…HATE WAR? RUN AWAY, THE ADULTS WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.)

     28 When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding;    but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.

  • Guest

    yet another personal attack. and just so you know fox is not news it is a tv sitcom with actors and actressess that seek to influence policy. if you cant recognize that, there is nothing I can do…

  • Guest

    Mormons are not christian. Im not sure whether you agree or disagree. I dont really care. Im just putting it out there that anyone that takes that position (that mormons are christians) is a liar…

  • Light_V_Dark

    Faux News isn’t real…Mormans aren’t Christians, Omar The Tent Maker…Prince of FAIRNESS…Atheism and Islam are DARKNESS. Buddhist site.
    No one should underestimate the unseen seen force driving communism. It is HATRED OF GOD and the Divine Mother. Dharamsala may not be safe either.

    Communism is the polar opposite of the Sangha (community of the Spirit). It is a counterfeit, taking on the name of ‘the brotherhood of man.,’ but without God in the equation, the system will eventually breakdown. Much damage and evil works are done before this happens though. Millions of lives are lost and culture and religion destroyed. IT IS A BATTLE OF LIGHT VS. DARK with reincarnated leaders at the helm who have no allegiance to God, the Buddha, the Sangha and the Tao.

    And… : Patton on Christian Possyfism

  • bobdog

    I think it’s hilarious that Kathy Griffin didn’t make the list.

  • Light_V_Dark

    I’m not baptized, although I am a 3rd degree Mason…We use the Bible in our ceremonies.  Romans 10

     9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

    Lots of people tell me I’m not a Christian…I tell them to *uck off!

  • Guest

    @Light_V_Dark:disqus  to the guy who is posting as some religious zealot, Im not sure how to respond. if youre a mormon calling me an athiest or assuming that I am a muslim what youre saying is largely irrelevant.

    I’m not the one who has defend my religion. mormons, do.

    their faith is patently absurd and when they call their cockamamie religion christianity it is offensive! because it is a blasphemous lie!

    Why would I build a tent where false prophets might spew their lies? fox has built such a tent they advocate for things that are blasphemous while simultaneously speaking about wars on christianity:,2933,298722,00.html (thats just one example)

    so you can refer to whatever it is youre writing but its irrelevant, get over that…

  • Guest

    uuummm, okay…

    thanks for responding to my posts…

  • Light_V_Dark

    I noticed that you didn’t address this to me, personally. Somebody actually sent me a personal e-mail letting me know that you were whining about me.

    You are a malignant narcissist… When somebody challenges you, you come unwrapped. That I BELIEVE in Light V. Dark, makes you fall on the ground and pull your eyeballs out and whine to the MODS to have me ejected…You may just be successful…Good luck.

    Evil then must be named but doing so can be enormously frightening. It means that some must do battle with a destructive psychological *(not supernatural) force. The ones most in need of help are those that choose or must stay with a narcissist, or those that divorce them. Divorce a narcissist and you will find every characteristic magnified and enlarged. Divorce a narcissist with a narcissistic lawyer and you are the victim of a REIGN OF TERROR.

  • Guest

    okay, sure. thanks for the response…


    Scott Peck describes for us the characteristics of the personality disorder that encompasses evil:

    consistent destructive scapegoating, often subtle (MORE OFTEN, OVERT)

    excessive, usually covert intolerance to criticism (AGAIN, OVERT) 

    pronounced concern with public image, denial of vengeful motives (TELL ME ABOUT IT LOL!)

    intellectual deviousness with likelihood of mild (MAJOR) schizoid disturbance.

  • Rusty Turner

    Omar, you haven’t read very many of my posts if you have to ask about my political beliefs.

    I am a Constitutional Conservative, not a Republican. The Republicans have let me down too often as of late, too many RINOs. In order to clean up your party you are going to have to remove 90% of the incumbents on the State level as well as the Federal level.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Piece O Cake, Dude!

    Lemme guess, you are voting for No Lips Wron(g) Pollyanna…The Possum/Christophobe/Commie-Jihad Symp…

    I can’t describe to you what I just did to a Qu’ran…DOH!!!

    …Not so those who are evil. Theirs is a brand of narcissism so total that they seem to lack this capacity for  empathy…. We can see then, that their narcissism makes the evil dangerous not only because it motivates     them to scapegoat others, but  also because it deprives them of the restraint that results from empathy and  respect for others….The evil need victims to sacrifice to their narcissism, their narcissism permits them to ignore the humanity of their victims as well. ..The blindness of the narcissist  to others can extend beyond a lack of empathy; narcissists  may not “see” others at all.

  • JohnERebb

    Fantastic post Genna, as always!  I might add that Jane Fonda should not have had only our disapproval, but she should have been tried for treason, convicted, and hanged.    

  • Guest

     ummmmm, okay. thanks for responding to my posts…

  • Guest

    I agree. I cant put it any better than you have, here.

  • Guest

    okay, sure. thanks for the response…

  • Light_V_Dark

    How did I know that you were a Licentious, Liberal Libertarian…POSSYFIST…FAIRNESS LOON? LUCKY GUESS…

    No Lips is OK with 53,000,000 abortions, a several story Muslime Middle Finger To America, near Ground Z…AS LONG AS THEY PAY FOR THE LAND…kumbaya my Mao, kumbaya…OK with heroin, pot and prostitution being legal…


    The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind
    The three great political pathologies of the 20th century are all RELIGIONS of ENVY: NAZISM, preaching race envy toward “rich, exploitative Jews”;

    COMMUNISM, preaching class envy toward the “rich, exploitative bourgeoisie”;

    and MOSLEM TERRORISM, preaching culture envy toward the “rich, exploitative West.”

    My add on: Livertarians: I’VE GOT MINE! PARTY ON!

    I guess, it’s best to just KILL anybody that you FEEL is GREEDY…PUTZ!

  • Guest

    If your attempt is to get me to call you looney tunes or crazy or come up with
    some witty or personal attack, you can wait. Im not going to do that.

    I appreciate your responses. The only issue I have is that there isnt much I can
    say in response. thanks for the posts…


  • Guest

    or not…

  • Light_V_Dark

    Sheer, Homar…You are quite a worrior(sic)…..What are you doing to QUELL…GLOW BALL WARNING?

    I Juthhhht HATE RICH PEOPLE!

    Your turn, Scooter

  • Guest

    thanks for the response…

  • Light_V_Dark

    Lemme tell you something, you passive agressive twerp. You insulted me, but NOT, TO ME…Somebody ratted you out, you pathetic spineless, weenie.

    I’m a CHRISTIAN, because I SAY I AM…Who the EFF are YOU, to beat up on Christians, while giving Atheists and Muslimes a pass? Do you hate Catholics? Falun Gong, Hindus?

    You were mentioned in a comment by Omar Locke:

    Light_V_Dark  to the guy who is posting as some religious zealot, Im not sure how to respond. if youre a mormon calling me an athiest or assuming that I am a muslim what youre saying is largely irrelevant. I’m not the one who has defend my religion. mormons, do. their faith is patently absurd and when they call their cockamamie religion christianity it is offensive! because it is a blasphemous lie!…sniff sniff 

    I haven’t got a clue what Mormans believe…Don’t care…THEY’VE DONE WAY MORE GOOD IN THE WORLD THAN SEXULARISTS AND MUDSLIMES!

  • Guest

    Okay, thanks for the response.

    None of what you have responded with changes any of the facts. fox is not news and they have actors and actresses that seek to affect policy with lies. glenn beck is the worst because he lies about being a christian…

    Again, thanks for the response…

  • Light_V_Dark
  • billwhit1357

    I stopped watching these people long ago, when they opened their idiotic political mouths, all that is except for Charlie Sheen, only because his show was very funny, but that is also gone now.  Why don’t these scumbags leave Amerca?  I don’t think anyone would cry over them, for sure! 

  • Guest

    Thanks for the response…

  • Light_V_Dark

    5. Russian political movement: a political movement in late 19th-century Russia that sought to bring about a socially just new society by destroying the existing one through acts of terrorism and assassination

  • Light_V_Dark

     Would you like to guillotine, hang, shoot, crucify…starve to death or toss them all in a gulag, Comrade?…TOUCH HOLE!

  • ghostshirt

    Hollywood Liberals have no problems with Polanski, who drugged and sodomized a young girl, and then fled to avoid US justice system. They have no problems with Woody Allen who seduced his stepdaughter, a girl 1/5 his age.

    Hollywood instead likes to demonize Mel Gibson, who merely said offensive things. 

  • Light_V_Dark


    Leftists are NIHILISTS…When Mel Gibson first went back into the Darkness, and started going out with the GIRL…Dave Bedwetterman had him on his show.


    Homar sniffed that I was a religious ZEALOT..

    Here’s my Religion; Live And Let(Good People*) Live. The Golden Rule AND COUNT MY BLESSINGS…STAY IN THE LIGHT, TOO…

    5. Russian political movement: a political movement in late 19th-century Russia that sought to bring about a socially just new society by destroying the existing one through acts of terrorism and assassination

    The three great political pathologies of the 20th century are all religions of ENVY:

    NAZISM, preaching race envy toward “rich, exploitative Jews”;

    COMMUNISM, preaching class envy toward the “rich, exploitative bourgeoisie”;

    and MUSLIM TERRORISM, preaching culture ENVY toward the “rich, exploitative West.”

    *Leftists aren’t as happy that OBL is dead, as they were when Jerry Falwell, Tony Snow and Ronald Reagan died. They would have RIOTED, if Osama bought it  on a Republican’s watch..

    Addendum: I’ve turned this entry into a blog entry…I’ve been working with computers since 1974…I love them and HATE THEM!

    Since I Went On Disability, People Axe Me What I Do…I’M A BLOGGER!…I-M-A-BLOGGER!

    In conclusion: IT’S OK TO HATE EVIL! SHE SURE HATES US! Look how that angelic blond on the View, exsanguinated Rosie O’Pigface…STOP PACIFYING THEM!

  • kipmjf

    You have a stronger stomach than I.

  • Light_V_Dark


    Omar belongs in a locked ward on beaucoup THORAZINE…YELLOW-BROWN-FINGERS FROM SMOKING! Little foam booties with Smiley Feces on them.


    How long has the satanic ass-clown Ka-Daffy, been known as STRONGMAN?

    Bill O’Really Would Sit Down With You, Minkey. And, Let You Take Half An Hour…… 

  • Concerned4America

    Started to watch it once and as soon as I recoginized her I switched the channel and never went back. 

  • Light_V_Dark



    The Stupid Left says it favors equality. The Satanic Left favors transferring power to itself so that it can oppress others.

    The Stupid Left thinks animals should be treated like humans. The Satanic Left thinks humans should be treated like animals.

    The Stupid Left wants socialism because it thinks that people will not have to work under socialism and because it thinks that leftists will have a lot of friends under socialism. The Satanic Left wants socialism because Satanic Leftists will not have to work under socialism, while they turn everyone else into slaves, and because they will get to shoot their friends.

    Note; Very black, GOVERNMENT BACKED HUTUS, massacred equally black Tutsis. Bilious Clingon and the CommUNists sat on vibrators as this was going on.

    The Congo has been under the CommUNist’s CONTROL, since 1962. Over 5.5 million deaths and still going strong…THE WORST HUMAN DISASTER SINCE WWII. ZZZZZzzz

  • Adam Moreira

     Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are two different issues. There was nothing wrong with what Allen did (she was over 18—granted, just barely). Polanski, however, is inexcusable; he should have faced justice in the USA in the 1970s.

  • Adam Moreira

    Glad that you noticed. I would have taken the Sheens off the list, since their obnoxiousness is non-political, and put Damon in at 10.

    After all, they’re not like the others.

  • ghostshirt

    I bear you no disrespect. Is for you to say whether Woody Allen’s actions, while legal, are morally reprehensible in having destroyed bonds between an adoptive mother and child, and the siblings too. And I think it should be clear to any adult, Woody Allen exploited constant access to the girl, and used normal teen rebellion to bed a girl 1/5 his age. He’s guilty of psychological incest.

    My point is only that Roman Polanski and Woody Allen are heroes in Hollywood, having DONE things most people in US would find reprehensible, whether legal or not. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson has only SAID things under influence of alcohol. He’s not rebuked by Hollywood because he threw away a 28 year marriage, but only because he SAID some un-PC things while drunk.

    This describes Hollywood, in my opinion. 

  • Light_V_Dark




  • Light_V_Dark

    Poncy, when you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about…SHUT UP, STUPID! 

  • Guest

    I have to agree with Adam on this one.  Oprah is anything but obnoxious.  She seems like a pleasant person.  Someone we might want to come over for dinner, even if we disagree with her politics.

    But, these other Hollywood types, those who are truly obnoxious…well, let’s just say I will express my displeasure for them by not seeing their movies.

  • Guest

    Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings.  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings?   You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

      Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

      Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

      Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

    You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?

    Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?
    Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?
    Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?
    Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent? 

  • Guest

     You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?


    I consider myself liberal or at least open minded but I agree that if all you want to do is complain about our country then don’t  live here. Go help those you claim to care sooooo much about, oh, not from your 5 star hotel I mean live there like
    Bumpersticker1 said without your money and without being able to say “I’m an American” because when you shit where you eat you get no love here. I am liberal but I’m still American and i’m happy I did not grow up in a shithole, and I thank all the “evil” soldiers from my Grandfather in WWII to present if you didn’t fight for it don’t piss on it APPRECIATE IT………

  • Jerry

    Most people dislike celebrities. Very few actually like them and among the most, there’s the actual statements of ” I hate celebrities”.

    It is what it is.

    The young that some think of being influenced by these parasitic celebrities do not care. Self-seeking is the way of life, more so with this new crop of teens to mid-thirties bunch.

    Hollywood would continue to have scripts in TV shows and movies that people of all walks of life like celebrities. No one gives a rat’s ass of these parasites and the young do hate them as much and more so as older people.

    Democrats made a grave mistake in propping up Obama as a celebrity in 2008.



    No just a regular idiot. (Notice I didn’t call you a racist so you can still keep telling yourself that you’re not) Hooray !!

  • george mack

    Exellent stuff!
    I’d like to get our own editors to do a cut n paste of this on our expat conservative blog
    May I, please?

  • Guest

    None of Herman Cain’s positions have never been confirmed?  The man is a successful businessman that has earned multiple college degrees and the thanks of many Americans whose jobs he had secured with his business acumen.

    Some of his positions can only be acheived from the desk of the White House.  Our current community organizer is a great talker that has no business sense.  He has spent more money in the last two years than our Country has spent in ANY other 25 year period in our Nation’s history, even in times of war.

    Every President has told us a few fibs.  For the security of the Nation, we must sometimes steer our enemies or opponents in the wrong direction.  Our current leader has turned lying into an ugly art form.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Matthew 10
    Jesus Sends Out the Twelve

    16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

     21 “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. 22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 23

    34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.I DID NOT COME TO BRING PEACE, BUT A SWORD35 For I have come to turn
       “‘a man against his father,    a daughter against her mother…

  • Light_V_Dark


    Reprobate Commie raved, “Please give up on your postings?* You are embarrassing yourself. You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent?”


    What’s a RELIGIONIST, A$$ CRACK?

    Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:50 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:49 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:48 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:48 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:47 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:46 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:46 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:46 AM    3K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:44 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:44 AM    3K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:43 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:43 AM    4K  Disqus    [heo] Re: Top 10 Most Obnoxious Holl …    05/16/11 12:42 AM    4K  Disqus

  • Light_V_Dark

    Satan, get thee behind me..

    Bill O’Really Would Sit Down With You, Minkey. And, Let You Take Half An Hour…  AND, Mr. PC FEER AND IMBALANCED, WOULD CONCEDE SOME POINTS TO YOU…

    Neo Com…Where Lunatics such as YOURSELF, make up the RULING CLASS, A LAW ABOUT CHILDREN WEARING SEATBELTS WILL CONTAIN 30,000 PAGES…IDIOT!  <8=Q Gotta smoke, brah?

    Here's YOU, waxing philosophical…Come up for AIR, once in a while, won't you Girlfriend?…Sheesh!

    "Those Americans who are tempted to believe that all illegal immigrants are decent, hard working people who deserve legal status in this country should think about the context in which the President proposes his amnesty plan.  The Obama administration has proven time and time again that it is unable or unwilling to enforce the existing immigration laws, so there is little doubt that the new laws and regulations attached to the President’s amnesty plan will be ignored as well.  More importantly, when the new laws and regulations are not enforced, American citizens who dare to complain will be accused of bigotry and civil rights violations by the President of the United States and his loyal goon in the DOJ.  And if the complainers are local and state governments, President Obama and his loyal goon will sue them and their taxpayers.The President has made it clear that his first concern, and the concern of his administration, is to provide rights to illegal immigrants (and future Democratic voters) to which they are otherwise not entitled when his first concern should be to protect American citizens from the consequences of illegal immigration, some of which are tragic and irreparable.  My family was victimized by an illegal immigrant and local, state and federal officials did nothing about it.  Local and state officials claimed they didn’t have the authority or resources to deal with the crime and federal officials refused to take custody of the criminal illegal immigrant.   The unwritten policy of the federal government is that “low-level” criminals are to be released by local authorities, not detained, questioned or deported by the federal government.  And it is this policy that provided the serial offender who victimized my family with the opportunity to do so.If criminal illegal immigrants are provided with a “get out of jail free” card by the federal government, why would they want legal status?  As illegal immigrants they can tap into taxpayer-funded resources, earn higher wages and commit “low-level” crimes without fear of reprisal.  The worst they get is a few nights in jail and a free ride to the border and then they’re back in the country a few hours later.  If the illegal immigrant who hurt my family had been an American citizen, he would have been subject to California’s three strikes law and would have spent the rest of his life in prison.  As an illegal immigrant he received a free ride to the border and an invitation to re-enter the U.S. and hurt other American citizens. During his El Paso speech, I wanted the President Obama to apologize to my family for failing to protect us from a serial drunk-driver who drove down the wrong side of a California freeway and smashed into my husband’s car head-on, forcing it off the road and down a steep embankment.  I wanted the President to tell me that he’s going to see to it that my family is compensated for the financial loss and personal injuries we suffered.  I wanted to hear the President say that his amnesty plan will ensure that American citizens will no longer be victimized by illegal immigrants who are temporarily jailed and then released to victimize other American citizens.  I wanted to hear the President say that he cares more about my rights than the rights of the illegal immigrant who victimized my family. But I didn’t hear the President of the United States any of the things I wanted to hear.  Instead, I heard a politician campaigning for reelection say to his base and all those potential voters he hopes to attract to the Democratic Party with a pro-illegal immigrant amnesty plan that he understands decent, hard working people who come here for a better life are being victimized by mean-spirited Americans who don’t like them because they’re different.  And I heard him say that if given the opportunity, he will force millions of American citizens to reward illegal immigrants for their illegal behavior with compassion, tolerance and billions of tax dollars.  And, as many Americans have come to expect from this President, I heard him take credit for securing borders that aren’t secure and mock those who disagree with his point of view."”

  • Light_V_Dark

    “You are apparently sick.  Please seek help?
    Please give up on your postings?  You are embarrassing yourself.  You are also embarrassing religionists, or is that your intent?”Reprobate Commi…We ALL need some of that Cuban Health Care, huh, Comrade Dill Weed? GREEN AMBULANCIA  TOO FUNNY!

    Proverbs 3:34He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.Proverbs 15:12Mockers resent correction, so they avoid the wise.Isaiah 29:20The ruthless will vanish, the mockers will disappear, and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down—

  • Light_V_Dark

    I know how to EMOTE like YOU DO, Reprobate Communist..

    Michael S Maahs
    3 hours ago
    Watch President Bush & the FBI on Good Morning America here:… S Maahs Look deep in the blue it’s a flying fish no a flying crazy Arab. Play close attention in time reverse its about an ocean zombie that flies up out of the water like a trident missile onto a US military ship all the while acting dead until seal team six extracts the deadly bullet with their special suction of bullet guns then he moves about until the seals can build a helicopter with a magical nano-tech device from scrap metal parts laying around his compound. Then they jump in without him leaving him in squalor and fly back to a base in Afghanistan. Then he runs around the desert for ten years until he can figure out how the Seals built a helicopter from scrap metal. He figures it out in a flash an he uses his new special powers to build two towers out of metal that was used in an explosive test aka molten metal. He has this scrap metal hauled in to ground zero by government contractors from New Jersey dumpsites. Then he uses his magic and two towers he rebuilds for the Jews so they can remember who designed their demise in world war two the Rockefellers Harrimans Bushs and old Thyssen. What a bunch of Krupp. The towers lift out of the rubble pile and blood and guts turn into living flesh. Then zombies fly up into windows into flames as they wave for help the flames subside and then they birth planes that a created from jet fuel and chaos. These planes are able to fly in reverse. Amazing. Take a bite out of that Bush clan your zombie was birthed from the ocean in a special baptism at sea. He created a miracle for all the world to see. Twins hold the Golgotha key. Goolsbee I’ll send you their oswald key. ….. . Keep watching then you’ll see an Arab free from a witch hunt it started in Texas where he’s flying to Arbustos then home to UAE. He can fly He can fly He can fly. Salem had to die. Watch who you cross Bushy your on my street. Four your mess we had 22 send out a GI fleet.I come to take off your head and let the flesh rot away to the bone. I’ll give you your proper lobotomy first Mr. temporary. No grave for you Eye will keep UU in the Bechtel tomb. See you in Preston Hollow soon. Halicarnassus is your new name. Maahsoleum will be the game. Role out a new Plame flame. #… .. ..# – …. .- -. -.- .. —. . —…ment-198463729  

  • Light_V_Dark

    I guess I’d better sign myself in to a FREE Cuban Hospital, huh Bunky?

    Mankey Mooer and his Fidel Knee Pads are mentioned in this link…You have sympathy for el Diabolo.. 

    Talk about a DNA SALAD!?!?!

  • Light_V_Dark

    Little speriment, Reprobate Communist…I AM EMBARRASSED…OUCH!




    You guys on “my side”, keep apologizing to these Ass Klowns! See you at the guillotine, gulag, gallows, forced famine!

  • Guest

    Agreed, only I’d put  Bill Maher, at the top of the list.

  • Light_V_Dark

    You are apparently sick.  Please seek help? (!)(This isn’t a QUESTION, DILL WEED!)


    Many of you reading this, will FEEL BAD FOR POOR REPROBATE COMMIE…SORRY…

  • hooy

    what positions of obamas have been confirmed? 

  • sunkgleska

    jane fonda is guilty of treason, nothing more nothing less

    I am sunkgleska, veteran 1969 thru 1977  
    if you are a vet then reply with your name and service period, we owe that to those that “served or gave all” in Viet Nam.

  • Empirical1

    Let’s put things into perspective here. Hollywood celebrities are celebrated and held in high esteem because they can “act” like people that they are not. Just because they can make an audience believe a character they are playing has ethics and integrity does not mean that they have them as well, it just makes them a good liar or con-artist, IE a good actor. To believe that the actor, because a he plays (acts) the role of a great president or politician would in turn make a good one in real life is just plain absurd. I doubt many would want an actor to fly the plane just because they played the part of one in a movie. Well perhaps some might…

  • Light_V_Dark
  • TxConfederate

     And would not spit on ‘Hanoi jane’ if she were burning up!

  • AcePilot101

    Serious people read Human Events but fools prostrate themselves before Hollywood Babylon.  The leftist royalty of this parallel universe pump out propaganda to the masses
    who believe George W. Bush is still the president of the USA and Obama is an earnest young negro from Chicago who wants to create a brave new world of fun-loving peaceful Muslims and trade union Robin Hoods.
    The thought of a $14 trillion debt (more than $3.2 trillion since Obama was elected) is
    easily solved in their minds, “Well, just print more money!”
    Foreclosures and credit card debt along with drug and alcohol addictions is the legacy of liberal “thought” and Keynesian economic policy.
    I’ve read Booker T. Washington’s biography, “Up from Slavery” and Frederick Hayak’s “Road to Serfdom” and I know the Democrats supported slavery and segregation.
    Socialism is the new slavery and the New World Order is hell-bent on destroying the US Constitution and the Republic.
    When I see a liberal on TV, I change the channel.
    The debate is over. Liberalism is a dead-end.
    President Obama’s trail of lies will lead to prison someday.
    God bless America.

  • AcePilot101

    Not obnoxious?  She makes me puke!

  • AcePilot101

     Hanoi Jane is not a traitor?
    Give me a break.

  • Guest

    I know, since you are sooo religious, you were not talking to me.   

  • Light_V_Dark

    Leftists are so much more RELIGIOUS than Believers, that it’s immeasurable, A$$ Clown! 

    Yours is the Religion Of Satan; NIHILISM

    RUSSIAN POLITICAL MOVEMENT: a political movement in late 19th-century Russia that sought to bring about a socially just new society by destroying the existing one through acts of TERRORISM AND ASSASSINATION.

    I have to say, Reprobate Communist. I NEED YOU!!&goto=prev
    Comrade Sundance Asked…CAN I MOVE, BUTCH? SATANIC CUCKOO CLOCKS, I NEED YOU!                    

  • Light_V_Dark

    I don’t dare put anything on my 11 year old vehicle, to  show that I am a HUMAN BEING, lest you satanic morons, vandalize it. 

  • StewartIII

    NewsBusters: Joy Behar Asks If She Has to ‘Spend the Night With Barney Frank’ to Climb the Obnoxious Liberals List 

  • Bucky Butcher

    Why suddenly Iran became an enemy? Is Iran preparing an invasion on US land? Or this is  the same bullshit used to invade Iraq? Human Events, you become more and more the Zionist Events!

  • lee4

    Jenna:  great commentary!  One little addition:  Jane Fonda in her interview with Baba Wawa, said “If what I said and did offended people, I’m sorry”.  That’s a far cry from saying I’m sorry for what I said and did!  In addition, Baba Wawa’s husbands company was promoting and creating Jane Fonda’s Workout Tapes, and Baba should have recused herself from interviewing Hanoi Jane.  Of course, we all know how much integrity Barbara Walters has! 

  • lee4

    Gary:  Does anyone wonder why they never call Hussein Obaba a half-white President?  He said in his book that he threw his mother and grandparents race under the bus.  In addition, I thought they called Slick Willie the first Black President! 

  • ahanin

    Reminds me of my favorite movie: Team America: World Police. Most on the list are active members of the Film Actors’ Guild (FAGs)

  • Michael Mcconnell

    And yet we don’t see these ‘stars’ giving away 90% of their wealth to ‘the poor’.  They own a million in jewels, own 4 homes, fly in private jets and spend 50,000$ on one dress/suit.

  • Jeane Thompson

    Some of my heros! Totally unselfish people. I hope Brad Pitt is on your list. Loved his statements about paying his taxes! People like these will be the ones to bring the United States out of our 40 year slump.

  • jimmyhawaii

    I think you’ve got it Sherlock.

  • sh

    the author of this artilce is very conservatively biased and does not even have the balls to list his name. obviously a contributor to Fox News.

  • crismahn

    And they all have very large, gargantuan in fact, carbon-footprints.

  • Sarah Conner

    I don’t donate,watch or even read ratings about anyone from the horrorwood that is today’s ‘ entertainment ‘…absolute power corrupts,absolutely…don’t support communist facilitaters…

  • JTWallace

    Too late for an apology. Men died or were brutalized as a result of handing over letters and messages by American prisoners to their loved ones back home. But what did she do? She handed them over the guards! And smiled for the cameras showing her Communist patriotism. I shall never forget it and neither will those who survived it either..

  • Patito33

    I would not pay a dime or watch anything these wpos ar involved with!

  • Gramera

    These narcissistic sycophant liberal has beens are anti-American traitors. Haven’t patronized one of them for years.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Is Bono Sonny Bono’s son

  • mac12sam12

    I would have included that box of wrinkled rocks Cher.

  • jackel

    You know my Dad would not go to professional football or baseball games because he said they just made to much money for what they produced. Well, ditto for these movie stars. If you follow their lives, they do not reflect much good for what is done on the screen. Just have more money than they have brains, but wait, they do go after our money. Their efforts fill our empty time I guess, so they will always have a following. Shame is that all the good they could be doing, they just undo by telling us what they know not much about. They are being used for their money to by giving them another voice in causes that are not what even they think they are. My example: Jane Fonda. Not even smart enough, or worst, not caring enough, to realize that her Vietnam war protest efforts cost thousands of our boys their lives by prolonging the war or any shortened truce. Another example: Their expertise to tell us how great love and marriage is and then end up in divorce a short time later with the kids in the middle, fighting over huge sums of money that we helped them get. Been this way for awhile but under this administration, he just brings out all of what we don’t need.

  • Doc Noah

    Great lineup of blubbering douchebags.

  • Doc Noah

    Jeane, thank god you’re getting those welfare psych meds.

  • Doc Noah

    Busky, didn’t Allah inform you of the Great Satan’s agenda?

    You must be spending too much time banging your head on the floor.

  • Doc Noah

    Very fitting since they both have the same genitalia.

  • Doc Noah

    You might have just said “They’re people that get paid vomitous amounts of money to lie”

    Sorta like politicians.

  • Doc Noah

    I just hate it when non-English speakers get on a board right after they’ve hit the crack pipe.

  • Steven R Cummings

    I would like to add a few more like Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Jamie Fox, Geraldo Revera, Tom Hanks,Woopie Goldburg and Bill Maher

  • Guest

    She can’t hear you…she is busy talking on her ObamaPhone.

  • Ashley Silva

    That’s what I do Wilber – as soon as one of these Hollywood creeps starts spouting off, I add them to my list of “will not watch/support/read”. Tom Hanks is one I aded to the list the other day as well as Shania Twain (I know not Hollywood) She wants to talk rubbish about the 2nd Amendment – I won’t support her. It’s simple – hit them in the wallet.

  • Jenny Lee

    In politics I don’t pay attention to celebrities. They have a job to do, which is act. If they do their job well cool, if they suck or pick the wrong storyline, I don’t watch them. On the personal level, they have been trained to lie, to fake tears, to fake sympathy, happiness, sorrow, etc. When it comes to politics I believe them less than I believe most politicians.

  • Jay Markes

    I disagree with your assessment of Janeane Garofolo. She does not even remotely approach the ranking of a B list actress.

  • George286

    Liberal here and I agree, except perhaps Danny Glover (black people do have a thing or two to complain about, right?) It the sanctimoniousness more than anything else, especially when they have clearly dysfunctional lives themselves yet are lecturing the world.

  • Leslie

    Anyone who does not think 9/11 was an inside job needs to educate themselves.

    Also might want to learn about UN Agenda 21 (on UN website though youtube is much easier)

  • BeBe

    That list makes sense…I can’t stand any of them..a bunch of phonies. Obnoxious, overbearing..self important stiffs. I will continue to boycott anything they appear in….which won’t be very hard, because they are a bunch of creeps and never watch anything they are in anyway. I don’t see them giving money to help the poor learn skills to get a job…they are all talk…and no substance!

  • BeBe

    She is certifiably nuts! Abrasive…!!!

  • BeBe

    me neither!

  • BrianLandon

    Watch the YouTube video of Ed Begley Jr and Marial Hemmingway laughing about taking money from a phoney Saudi Prince (in a sting) . Later they said they pretended but its obvious in the video that they are not merely going along with it, or they would have gotten up and left.

    And how about Whoopi Goldberg who thinks rape of a 13 year old girl is okay when its someone like Roman Polanski.

  • justmike

    I think that these liberal scumbag actors should catch the attention of an enterprising serial killer to focus his attentions on them exclisively it would be a win win.

  • Double edge sword


    · Ben Affleck
    · Woody Allen
    · Edward Asner
    · David Axelrod
    · William Ayers
    · Alec Baldwin
    · Warren Beatty
    · Joy Behar
    · Harry Belafonte
    · Joe Biden
    · Bon Jovi
    · Steven Breyer
    · Jimmy Buffet
    · Warren Buffett
    · Ron Burkle
    · Steve Capus
    · Jimmy Carter
    · James Carville
    · Cher
    · Chevy Chase
    · Margaret Cho
    · Noam Chomsky
    · Ramsey Clark
    · Eleanor Clift
    · Bill Clinton
    · Hillary Clinton
    · George Clooney
    · Ben Cohen
    · Katie Couric
    · Matt Damon
    · Larry David
    Ward Churchill
    · Howard Dean
    · Leonardo DiCaprio
    · P. Diddy
    · The Dixie Chicks
    · Sam Donaldson
    · Maureen Dowd
    · Richard Dreyfus
    · Ebert and Roeper
    · John Edwards
    · Rahm Emanuel
    · Jane Fonda
    · Mike Farrell
    · Larry Flynt
    · Al Franken
    · Kim Gandy
    · Janeane Garofalo
    · Richard Gere
    · Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    · Al Gore
    · Danny Glover
    · Whoopi Goldberg
    · Kathy Griffen
    · Gary Hirshberg
    · Arianna Huffington
    · Jeff Immelt
    · Robert Kennedy Jr.
    · John Kerry
    · Paul Krugman
    · Lady Gaga
    · Jessica Lange
    · David Letterman
    · Spike Lee
    · Peter B. Lewis
    · Bill Maher
    · Madonna
    · Chris Matthews
    · Dave Matthews Band
    · Aaron McGruder
    · Cynthia McKinney
    · John Mellencamp
    · Moby
    · Michael Moore
    · Viggo Mortensen
    · Michael Newdow
    · Barack Obama
    · Rosie O’Donnell
    · Keith Olbermann
    · Pearl Jam
    · Nancy Pelosi
    · Sean Penn
    · David Plouffe
    · Dan Rather
    · Robert Redford
    · Harry Reid
    · Rob Reiner
    · Frank Rich
    Tim Robbins
    · Anthony Romero
    · Linda Ronstadt
    · Susan Sarandon
    · Al Sharpton
    · Cindy Sheehan
    · Martin Sheen
    Charlie Sheen
    Emilio Estevez

    · Russell Simmons
    George Soros
    · David Souter
    · Steven Spielberg
    · Jerry Springer
    · Bruce Springsteen
    · George Stephanopoulos
    · Howard Stern
    · Jon Stewart
    · Barbra Streisand
    · Oliver Stone
    · John Sykes
    · James Taylor
    · Ted Turner
    · The View
    · Jann Wenner
    · Kanye West
    · Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame
    · Oprah Winfrey
    Jeff Zucker

  • Tony Venuti
  • Roy

    Great people, right? I look up to them. Can you imagine if Hollywood wasn’t liberal? Movies would have sucked!

  • Midlandr

    Likely several… his introduction into “Supersize”

  • Edward La Guardia

    Well it might help you to know that many of these guys and gals are now, in 2015, has-beens. I mean the only person on here that’s still making anything is Sean Penn and even he is hard to find.

  • Mr Poitier

    Liberal scumbags

  • rhodag4

    All of your comments are based on truth and passion for our great nation and constitution. Americans have put celebrities, whether actors and or in the sport industry way up on a plain that they never belonged. It is a ‘wake-up’ call for most of us. I am a senior and I must say, I do love movies – always have. But, my love and patriotism for my country is and always has been my priority. These people are lost in their on evil souls and at the same time, have severe psychological problems and they take it out on America. Their Karma is right in front of them! The best and only solution is to NOT give them any attention and stop seeing their movies and or shows. That will not be a message just to them, but to the medias which are evil personified. Now, for what is necessary for our great nation: We as We the American People MUST Remove Barak Obama and his administration from office NOW. Our motto is: We Can & We Will! Go to: http://www.National Coalition to Remove Obama Now. We Must Come Together and March on Washington: July 4, 2015! Rhoda Gelman

  • rhodag4

    Free is NOT & NEVER has been the answer. Free is: paving the way to indifference and silence – a dying society. We Must Stand Up For Who and What We Are – Entertainment is Still Based on What We Want to Watch and Enjoy – What is there to enjoy about Tom Hanks – NOTHING! We All Must Pay Attention to the ‘Solution – Not the Problems.’ We Must Respect Who We Are! Rhoda Gelman

  • rhodag4

    You actually made me laugh – but it is not stupidity with him – it is Evil and Scum and Hate for American – this is true of all the Liberals: Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn (evil) Rob Reiner (evil personified) and more. May Karma strike them finally and blow them out of America! Rhoda Gelman

  • 1twothree4

    Time for your meds, dearie. I posted that 4 years ago.

  • AntiRightWing

    Conservatives and their ilk and mega douchebags anyways. So more power to the above!

  • Taz

    Just a pack of crazy old fools. A pack of Hollywood has been’s. Damn I actually liked them in their prime. Now they’re just pathetic losers!

  • Damien LeGallienne

    Barbara Walters is a money grubbing old yenta — do you think she had an integrity then or now?