President’s El Paso Immigration Pander

President Obama’s El Paso speech delivered the predictable: a call for the same old mass amnesty mix (“comprehensive immigration reform,” to open-borders types).  And at least for a time, he’s put immigration front and center.

First, look at Obama’s “solution.”

Government’s “threshold responsibility” is “to secure the borders and enforce the law.”  Obama asserted that his administration has done that.  In fact, the Government Accountability Office reports that only 129 of the 2,000 miles of the southern border are under control.

The President said that “businesses have to be held accountable if they exploit undocumented workers.”  House Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Elton Gallegly points out that Obama’s work-site enforcement has fallen more than 70%.  Obama has switched to civil fines and dropped filing criminal charges against companies employing illegal aliens.  The administration has stopped holding illegal alien workers accountable in job-related enforcement.

And then there’s my personal favorite: Obama’s lame requirements purporting to hold illegals themselves accountable.  He said, “They have to admit that they broke the law, pay their taxes, pay a fine, and learn English.  And they have to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they can get in line for legalization.”

These things are pretty much what current law requires, what the 1986 amnesty required, and comprise the same old Bush-era garbage circa 2006 and 2007.  They reward all 11 million illegal aliens with eventual U.S. citizenship and access to taxpayer subsidy through welfare and other government benefits, along with the privilege of sponsoring even distant relatives for visas ad infinitum.

The supposed penalty ensures lack of assimilation.  Legalized aliens gain the right to vote here and can keep dual citizenship, so they can also vote in their home country.  The fine print in all recent amnesty bills proves that “learn English” doesn’t mean legalized aliens gain command of the English language.

The bottom line remains the same, though.  Eleven million illegals get legal status.  The President threw in a farm worker amnesty and the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act amnesty for good measure.

Obama also called for “reforming our outdated system of legal immigration.”  Here, it gets interesting.

The President endorsed giving foreign students green cards so they can stay here permanently.  This apparently is part of what makes “immigration reform” an “economic imperative.”

Having invoked company names such as Google and eBay, and foreign-born assets including Einstein and Andrew Carnegie, Obama implied that immigrants are overwhelmingly brainiacs, innovators, and job creators.  He also implied that these are the world’s most talented people—“the best and the brightest,” Obama called them.

The President paints a false image, if you consider the facts.

Obama’s own supporting “facts” illustrate a dearth of immigrant innovative genius.  He claimed, “In recent years, a full 25% of high-tech start-ups in the U.S. were founded by immigrants, leading to more than 200,000 jobs in America.”  Not very impressive as a proportion of the total 5.9 million U.S. high-tech jobs in 2009, and below the 245,600 jobs that industry lost in 2009.

Prof. Norm Matloff of the University of California, Davis, has calculated a Talent Measure, the ratio of salary to the prevailing wage.  By that measure (which assumes talented people will command higher pay), he found H-1B visa holders (skilled foreign temporary workers, many in high-tech) are just average.  That holds true for foreign workers at leading tech companies.

The Small Business Administration reported in 2009 that only around 16% of U.S. tech firms have at least one founder who was an immigrant entrepreneur.  Less than 13% of tech entrepreneurs are foreign-born.  While these immigrant business founders hold more doctorates, they also twice as often have links to foreign companies.

These are the “smart guys” among immigrants.  Not especially distinguished as a group.

Moreover, most immigrants are less skilled, less educated and more likely to take welfare and other taxpayer subsidies, lack health insurance, are more likely to be a net fiscal drain, and lag on other socioeconomic measures than native-born Americans.

Among immigrants in general, 11% are entrepreneurs, compared with 13% of American natives.

In addition to selling the same snake oil that stands little chance on Capitol Hill, Obama showed a cynical, partisan attitude hardly likely to win friends and influence people.

He insulted everyone who supports the urgent need to secure the border.  He charged opponents of amnesty with “mov[ing] the goalposts one more time.  … Maybe they’ll say we need a moat.  Or alligators in the moat.”

Obama took a condescending, preachy attitude:  “I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself.  But that’s not how a democracy works.”

In fact, Obama has attempted to end-run Congress on immigration.  His administration plotted a number of options for abusing administrative discretionary policies to achieve wholesale amnesty—or, in the words of a leaked memo, “result in meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action.”

The Obama speech showed little originality, no flexibility on approaching the problem, and an animosity toward those who disagree with him on immigration issues.  All in all, a wasted opportunity.

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  • OriginalReggy

    You are soooo very correct. There is a very big difference between obama’s lies and the “normal” lies of most every other politician, but this is a very important difference and it must be acknowledged if we are to return our country to its former greatness. Everyone is so stressed about screaming “you lie!” at the president, but until this becomes acceptable with reference to obama, we won’t be on the road back. The truth must out, call a spade a spade.

  • OriginalReggy

    “Government’s “threshold responsibility” is “to secure the borders and
    enforce the law.” Obama asserted that his administration has done
    that. In fact, the Government Accountability Office reports that only
    129 of the 2,000 miles of the southern border are under control.”

    Rats! ….I didn’t know that obama’s govt. was this “math challenged”….I owed $2000 in taxes this year and I could of just sent them $129 instead….it’s all the same, right?

  • KayK2

    Obama sure gets off on mocking and belittling people who don’t agree with him. Keep it up Obama, you really seem to have no idea that you are the president of the entire nation and your words anger a large part of the electorate who become more determined with every insult to kick you out of office. This sick pandering to illegals is vomit enducing.

  • Keith1941

    I remember when Clinton lied, the media would say he “lied so well”. With Obama, they don’t even mention it when he lies. But there is a difference, Clinton was corrupt, but he was smart, Obama is corrupt, but dumb—that is dangerous, along with his Marxist views.

    Americans, if this clown truly does have an approval rating of close to 60%, it is over for America. With more than 50 years of Marxist teaching in our colleges, “the chickens are coming home to roost”.

  • globalcrap

    It’s natural for this illegal to let these illegal criminal aliens into America. His mentality is that of a Chicago gang rapper selling drugs . These people can’t understand what the word illegal means. Who knows what kind of people are sneaking into America from other countries. With the execution of the devil” obl ” he should close the borders. He figures these illegal votes will get him elected. Impeachment is past due. 2012 will tell.

  • wearyconservative

    Some sources are claiming it was nearer 70%. On yesterday’s show, Limbaugh spent some little time explaining exacly how that poll was done to insure these numbers (don’t ask me to explain it as he did), but it definitely didn’t include the average American.

    You are right that it would be over for America if the numbers were accurate, but they were skewed as is everything else done by this anti American asswipe some call president. You’re also right about universities brainwashing students with marxist propoganda; winnig over a majority whose heads are already full of mush because of former socialist/progressive indoctrination from K through 12. Fortunately, many of these young people will come to their senses once they’ve encountered the real world in the clear light of day.

    As I see it, our main concern should be for the ever increasing number of parasites who subsist on the backs of the tax payer. Those who work for a living soon learn about real life. Those who don’t work continue to vote for the party that uses the most convincing rhetoric to convey the idea that re-electing them will keep the gov’ment cheese coming in every month. We all know know which party that is.

  • Keith1941

    I agree with what you say, but “when these young people come to their senses”, we are going to have programs/policies in place that will never overturned—but I do hope you’re right.

    About the poll: I think Rush said they interviewed 46% Democrat, and 29% Republican.

  • wearyconservative

    Words, words , words. I’m so fed up, sick and tired of the same old dialog and constant discussion on this issue which could be cleared up practically overnight with just two small steps. Number 1: Anyone caught employing an illegal loses his business, farm, ranch, mansion, or whatever; everything he owns. Period! No exceptions! And number two: Absolutely no social services for anyone who cannot show indisputable proof of citizenship. Not a thin dime in food stamps! Zip, Zero, nada medical treatment! No subsidized housing! No free breakfasts and lunches for their anchor brats, and in fact, these kids will not attend school unless given up for adoption. Can’t prove beyond any shadow of doubt that you’re an American citizen? You’re 100% on your own.

    Am I dreaming? Of course I am, but it would be a heartwarming scene to watch the worthless illegals scattering like rats from a sinking ship with only these two simple rules of engagement, and when you get to the bottom line, the only right they have, or should have, is the right to go home or stay here and starve to death. It’s all the same to me.

  • sunkgleska

    The employers are the heart of the problem. They must be dealt with in a very punitive way as you have stated. Good post ordman!

  • rhamboy

    Neither national party will deal with the illegal aliens in this country nor will they do anything about securing the borders.
    The self defined aristocracy of this country has to much of a vested interest in low wage individuals, and the power to be retained by supplying these individuals.
    Follow the money..

  • Mr Kimber

    There are enough Hispanics that know this is too little too late. Obama will talk a good show do nothing and then blame republicans. Hispanics know if Obama was serious he would have done something when he had control of both houses of congress. Instead he choose to ram HC down our throats not realizing it would take a year and cost him the House and almost the Senate.

    The problem for me is that so many of these illegals would probably make fine citizens. Think about it: If most of us were living in Mexico what would you do? I know what I would do espically if I had kids and America was on my countries boarder. So I can’t blame them. However, we can’t afford 12,000,000 more recieving amnesty and I don’t give a rats patooty what Obama calls it. Obama is doing nothing but pandering for votes and he knows if he gets amnesty they will all vote democrat. That is all he is worried about. I don’t see how anybody with any kind of knowlege thinks this guy deserves a second term. God help us.

  • Concerned4America

    What part of illegal do these people not understand. As is typical of liberals they tend to twist language and ignore inconvenient facts. There is nothing wrong with immigrants, it is true that most of us are children of immigrants, perhaps several generations back. The immigrant population has contributed both brain power and sweat to build this country but those were immigrants who played by the rules or were recognized as special cases like the rocket scientists we grabbed after WWII, not law breakers or people who were imported on H1B visas to keep wages low for our own scientists and engineers.

    What to do with the 11 million illegals does present a problem since we can’t easily ship them all back. As much as I would like to send them back and let them apply and go to the end of the line probably the best we can do is fine them $50,000 (could be paid by their employer) and require them to live here for 5 years with no criminal activity and show that they have paid their taxes (are self supporting). Businesses that employ illegals should be prosecuted and the government should make it easy to verify citizenship.

  • Guest

    The Pimp-In-Chief wants to reward trespassers so he can have more votes for 2012.

  • aballer1515

    More illegals – more votes for democrats. Thats the bottom line. And most of the republicans we have in office are so soft they wont put up a fight or dont really want to on any matter important to this country. We need to vote in more Rubios and other real conservatives before any real changes are made. We have democrats, democrat lites (rino), then real conservatives (people voted in in 2010).

  • maisy

    So,SO many are as fed up as you……But most of the GOP is just as bad……Need to replace these slobbering self serving country killers with patriotic real Americans whose first loyalty is to preserve the nation!

  • dmacleo

    my neighbors house is better than mine, would you blame me for crawling in an open window and staying there?

    I understand what you were trying to say, the problem is ( IMO ) it is a dangerous sentiment to spread as it desensitizes the illegality of it.

  • Mr Kimber

    Good analogy. If you don’t mind I will use it myself. If the border would have been secured for the past 25 years none of this would be happening. Since it is so much easier to enter our country that is why they do it. Now, we are supposed to feel sorry b/c “innocent children” have to pay tution to be educated.

  • dmacleo

    I don’t mind at all, IMO the biggest problem is it is a misdemeanor (until its a multiple offense from the person) crime to willingly violate our nations borders.

    it should be a felony and treated as espionage.

  • Midlandr

    Yeah, the critter in chief is a leader of lemmings.

  • Midlandr

    ANYTHING after “Illegal” is irrelevant. Toss them back across whichever border warrants the toss. No need for a hearing, just fingerprints, a photo and a black-mark on the records.

  • Sweetrae aka: LeAnn

    I’m all for a moat with gators, as long as they are American gator’s, we have enough illegals here.

  • endpork

    Let’s see now… the governments “threshold responsibility” sounds interesting.

    BHO and his homeland security folks did what?
    George W. and the republicans did what when they had the power?

    Seems to me that you should be upset with ALL POLITICIANS. The lied to you, me and everyone. That is not like politicians to say something during an election time and others then do nothing about it when in office either dem or repub.

    So why don’t you do something concrete? Why don’t you join people in your state to place on the 2012 ballot to create:

    BAN LOBBYISTS IN D.C— seems like you may have a problem with lobbyists effecting your politicians judgement… if not them do something to stop their effect on other politicians.

    Shake things up. Put things in the constitution that ACTUALLY LIMIT their power.

    Look, think about a Washington D.C that has NO politicians in office from before say 1996. and forced spending limits… you know they won’t create laws that will limit their power. Do you really think that if the repubs gain the W.H, Senate in 2012 and keep the House that they will limit themselves and put things in order like we have to in our households?

    Just think for a moment how our government will be forced to be like if WE did this.


  • JohnERebb

    Everything that comes out of our illegal alien muslim-in-chief’s mouth is a lie. Yes, our nation is a nation of immigrants, but mainly of European descent. The United States was founded by white men with guns for themselves and their progeny — not with the intent of letting it be taken over by all the flotsam and jetsam of the third world as Obama so clearly wants to do.

  • Anxious_in_MA

    BO’s proposal is classic boob bait for bubbas. Pretend you are going to actually make illegal immigrants do something for citizenship. I can see that English language requirement lasting about 10 seconds in a California federal district court.

    Most important is to keep the heat on the GOP in the House. If we can keep them from passing it, then we are at least safe from having amnesty written into law. That won’t stop BO from allowing a de facto amnesty, but it’s something.

    Does anybody want to venture why leftists are always harping on people who employe illegals, but not on the slumlords who lease them substandard properties under crowded conditions, likely at exorbitant rates (probably apid in large part by taxpayers via welfare)? They must have better PR people or better lobbyists.

  • John Jones

    Obama may be untouchable on the border control issue as it remains to be seen if it will be a major issue in next year’s campaign…..although it certainly should be. Members of Congress however in both political parties know that if they sign on to his open borders policies and legalizing the presence of more than 10 million illegal criminal aliens in the US, such would be the quickest way imaginable for them to end their political careers in a “New York minute.” His opponent in the ’08 election, the Quisling McCain, nearly was defeated in his campaign for reelection to the Senate because of his prior support for making citizens of criminal aliens. Bob Bennet of Utah saw his long Senate career ended over it, and Senate Majority leader Reid almost bit the dust on it also in Nevada. McCain apparently got the point as he has backed off his former open borders position.

    Obama’s power is in intentionally NOT enforcing the border control laws on the books, which he and his chief non enforcement officer, Napolitano have been sitting on their hands since he took the oath of office. He does not have a “snowball’s chance in H” however in enacting new laws to abolish the border and make citizens of millions of criminal Latinos living in the US, mostly on public welfare at American taxpayer expense. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Niniane

    And talk about pandering, look up the ICE STEM program for increased stay and increasing visas for foreign students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Apparently U.S. students have suddenly gotten a serious case of stupid.

    Would post link, but ‘puter has other thoughts today.

  • Mr. EMT

     That arguement would have worked, had GOP’s in Arizona not passed a reform bill and had obama no sued them for it.
    Back on earth? Yeah people are trying to do something about it, and the jackasses are trying to stop it. Vote the Donkey’s out.

  • Mr. EMT

     I disagree about employers being the problem.
    The government of Mexico is equally to blame along with all politicians crying for the need to extend the benevolence of America’s wallet to “poor undocumented immegrants”
    Employers who hire illegals do so for so many reasons you can not lump them all into one single group who are aiding and abetting law breakers. Some illegals get hired due to bad background checks, if any.
    Example, the illegal in the white house.

  • compunaut

     I have said for a long time that three main things have to be done to control illegal immigration.  1. Provide documentation for alien workers who are certified as being necessary to fill jobs for which no native workers are available. Provide severe penalties including jail time for false certification. Cheap labor would not be an acceptable justification. 2. Severe penalties for companies who hire workers without following protocols to eliminate illegals that would also lead to their apprehension. Jail time for those who knowingly violate established protocols. 3. Establish that illegal immigrants discovered in this country after a reasonable time to allow them to become legal documented workers would never be allowed to become citizens.
    That we could never return all illegal immigrants to their own country is a smoke screen.  Dry up the jobs and provide severe enough penalities and the illegals will return on their own. Immigration for needed expansion or skills must be controlled at levels that allow for assimilation while assuring work for existing citizens.