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‘Undercover Boss’ Prayer on CBS Sparks Faith Firestorm

Christian conservatives often decry the silencing of faith by major network television. 

But Sunday night on CBS’ hit reality TV series “Undercover Boss,” people of faith had their breath taken away by what they witnessed, sparking a Facebook and Twitter avalanche of support and praise.  

On Facebook, Kini Se remarked, “Loved the episode of ‘Undercover Boss’ last night.  It is the BEST one yet.  It is great to see you praising the Lord on National television.  The entire time, I had tears running down my face.  It was real, it was true and inspirational.  God bless you and your family.” 

Chris Connor on Twitter wrote, “Loving that #undercoverboss has a positive Christian perspective features tonightabout time we have a good depiction in the media.” 

The show featured Baja Fresh CEO David Kim, a Korean immigrant who has gained a reputation as an “empire builder” within the food and restaurant franchise world, praying with his children, praying alone in a church, even praying with one of his employeesa scene surely to cause ire among anti-faith in the workplace progressives.  But the serial entrepreneur, who is also the CEO of La Salsa and Sweet Factory, is not bashful about his faith or passion for America. 

“America is about freedom!” Kim told HUMAN EVENTS.  “As Christians, we shouldn’t be afraid to share the hope within us.  It’s what our country’s Founding Fathers believed in.  So why hide the love inside our hearts?”  

Why hide it indeed.  Except that by the American Left, such outward devotion to God is treated with scorn and derision.  The PC police eavesdrop on the American conversation to ensure that any references to Christianity are purged from the public vernacular.   

But Kim wasn’t picking a fight or making a cultural statement.  He was just being, well, he was just being himself.

“Why can’t we just pray?  Why is this even a big deal?  It was spontaneous.  It was nothing.”

Here’s how it went down.

While incognito at the Cypress, Calif., branch of Baja Fresh, Kim got choked up when talking to a 20-year-old employee, Anthony, who emigrated from the Philippines to the United States and who, at his very young age, must financially support his five siblings and his mother, having been abandoned by the father.

Upon learning that Anthony was a Christian, Kim asked whether they could “pray for each other.”  The prayer took place, and more importantly, remained unscathed on the editing chopping block.

The “Dear Heavenly Father Lord” aired for millions and millions to see.

Go ahead, pinch yourself.  We’re talking about CBS here.

“I have watched several of the ‘Undercover Boss’ episodes and had to send you a message, which I hope you see,” said Sandra Camacho on Kim’s Facebook page.  “My comment, as well as the other comments I see, [is that I was] touched by watching you.  The fact is that my husband and I were in tears giving praise to God for your humility, humbleness, and especially your boldness to pray on National TV and give the one who deserves all the glory the honor and praise to.”

Kim, who played the role of a clerk named Ken, told HUMAN EVENTS that he’s unapologetic about his Christian walk and that he will never let his voice be silenced.  “A minority of individuals suppress the voices of the majority of Americans.  That’s not right.”

Sources close to AOL News disclosed that their report on Sunday’s show has received “unprecedented” traffic and that they’ve “never seen anything like it before.”

The Baja Fresh CEO is also the author of The 12 Values that Fuel Billionaire Success and has a truly rags-to-riches story.

His family came to the United States from South Korea penniless, and in order to make ends meet, his parents were relegated to selling whatever they could find to people passing by.

“I couldn’t erase those memories,” Kim told HUMAN EVENTS, and it inspired him to become an entrepreneur.  Today, as the “Undercover Boss” profile piece noted, Kim’s Baja Fresh branches stretch a solid 400 strong across 29 states and the franchise is worth more than $300 million.

Thank you, capitalism.  Actually, he does thank it, having given speeches titled “Capitalism Fuels Freedom to student activists with Young America’s Foundation.

Kim hits the speaking circuit because he believes that natural-born Americans take the cornerstones of freedom, property rights, and individual liberty for granted.

“When you’re caught with a Bible in North Korea, they kill you.”

“Americans who haven’t seen other systems, don’t understand.  Other countries are not the same.  They’re just not,” he added emphatically.

And the social media universe took notice, as thousands of Facebook and Twitter messages poured in.

Nan Kc J on Facebook had this to say:  “You, David Kim, are a true immigrant success story, and I hope everyone saw it last night:  Family man [and] faith within yourself was a gift to watch.  Thank you so much!”

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  • joevil

    “Americans who haven’t seen other systems, don’t understand. Other countries are not the same. They’re just not,” he added emphatically.”

    I am constantly amazed at the American left’s tendency to dis America. They have no idea how good they have it.

  • bodyman47

    If you don’t know, adjust your glasses, turn on your ipod and rock on.
    Another blue light will begin in 10 min.
    Yes ladies and gentlemen we now have one size fits all blinders under the blue light. Guaranteed to keep you from looking around. Someone will tell you all you need to know. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
    Good night Toetoe

  • pointsett

    What a joy to read about this. God Bless Mr. Kim; and thanks to CBS for having this particular show episode for folks to see. Baja Fresh and Chic-fil-a are on my radar; as is Interstate Batteries.

  • redaxeguitar

    I beg to differ on the comment “they don’t know how good they have it” I believe they DO know and it is exactly what they DON’T want. They don’t want ANYONE to have it good… Even themselves. It is anathema to their endgame… I am supposed to “love” them… I don’t however have to sit idly by and let them run roughshod over all I hold dear. I will rail against the abject failure the “left” is trying to foist off on all of the true patriot Americans that get the big picture in spite of the junk they have to filter through to get it… There is a place for pacifism… However, there is also a place for battle. The “end” will not be a peaceful transition… It is a battle. I will fight my enemies… They know who they are… So do I…

  • redaxeguitar

    Truth… Continue speaking the truth. Never stop…

  • redaxeguitar

    Yup… Don’t be fooled… Even a blind squirrel finds an occasional acorn. CBS got one right. One… If they back it up with a couple decades of more right, then it will say something…

  • sewash

    Ungrateful wretches is what I call them.

  • redaxeguitar

    We rightly should sue the ACLU on the grounds that they have fraudulently represented themselves as “American” or “Civil” or having anything to do with “Liberty” (ies). They do get the nod for Union. They have been united against this nation for long enough to be called a union. That makes their acronym no less than 75% fraud… And tell me sir just what you think you know about the Constitution… The mere fact that you bring up the “context” of church and state as if they were somehow meant to be mutually exclusive shows your complete ignorance of the spirit and intent of the founding fathers of this once and hopefully once AGAIN great country! I don’t know you any more than is possible from your short statement but you show your “stripe” rather quickly. What do you suppose is the likelihood that you would actually leave if I bought your ticket? Perhaps you should try the Newham or Tower boroughs of East London??? Or maybe just a bus to Dearborn… Give me your address… I will send you plane fare… (Although it seems a bit like casting pearls…) I will challenge any who defend the ACLU to collectively “Take a Hike”

  • James Burns Jr.

    Genna you should read Howard Zinn’s Peoples History of the United States and you will hear the other side of America’s history. America (the government) has had a long history of backing bad guys that will give us what we want at the expense of their people.

  • Dennis Paul Habern

    Hey Ed:

    Greetings from Germany.

    Thanks for the e-mail.

    It is quite evident that there are alot of readers on this rag, and they have a lot of good things to

    mention, but the main issue throughout America, is the fact that ALL Americans are dissatisfied

    with our government, especially with Obama and Soros running the show. You cannot imagine

    how deeply it bothers me that in 2008, our American citizens, seeking a miracle, elected this moron

    of a president. I do not know if you have ever spent any time in the service, but I served for 23.5

    years, and I got to know the Black community quite well, and most of my encouters with them, were

    not positive. Perhaps, and I do not consider myself prejudiced, but call a Spade a Spade, regardless of

    the ethnic group, in the same vein that I call-out the moderat Muslims to standup for what we Americans

    are all about, because they themselves are Americans, therefore, when I heard that Obama was going to run

    for the POTUS, I just knew it was the wrong move to permit to happen. For myself, and my experience with

    Blacks, maintaining the tribal mentality that they still adhere to, Obama did not get my vote. There is just

    inferior, for lack of a better word, and I do not meant this to be demeaning, but in my opinion, most Blacks are

    one Taco, short of a full platter. I am a former school teacher, and I have to mention that the black students

    were my worst. Ask around among you friends whom are teachers and see if what I have mentioned about the

    Blacks are not true. The reason why Obama does not get challenged, ever, is because he is BLACK and he covets

    this credential because he can use it covertly or overtly without being accused he is using it. In my opinion, and

    I am no psychiastrist, but I believe that Obama is insane, because he acts like an insane person whom does not

    care how anyone views his countenance or character. I also know that he is not an American, no matter what kind

    of proof that he may have, and as far as his birth certificate is concerned, the American people will never really

    know where he was born, because Obama and Soros have had enough time to doctor anything that has something

    to do with Obama’s life. Both Soros and Obama are on a mission to destroy the United States and no American

    is challenging him, not even the Black Congressional leaders on the Hill, if you follow. It is as though he is the cult

    leader, the Messiah, the Savior, but in reality, he is a nothing. Once again, it really hurts me to realize that 99.9%

    of Americans that marched to the polls in 2008, were gullible not to see the transparency in this moron and also his

    fat, ugly mouth wife. They both need to be tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge, if you follow. Obama has

    ruined it for any future member of this race to run for the POTUS. Americans forgive quickly, but we do not forget.

    I like the “Kick-ass-and-don’t take-names” attitude of Donald Trump. Americans are waiting for a strong president to

    lead and not to take any shit off of the rest of the world. I loved it when George W. Bush named the axis of evil.

    That took some balls, and for future reference, they have been branded as such and will remain as such until we get

    rid of them. Do you recall how the Allies ended World War Two in the Pacific in August 1945. It brought the war to

    a screeching halt. The only thing different between then and now, is the date. Everything else is the same. We have

    been in the Middle East for 10 years, but where is our first victory? We need to make an example of Iran and then

    bring our troops home with the warning that once we have left, that if they continue to screw around, as Arnold

    mentioned, we will be back.

    A march on Washington, D.C. is really what is required, in the same fashion as what the Middle East is experiencing;

    perhaps a velvet uprising to show Washington that we Americans have had enough of the elite running the country,

    especially a clown that has been awared the title of Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, what a rediculous title

    for a man that has never worn the uniform, and in the same fasion that Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,

    for doing what? For some reason, Obama continues to receive a pass, but in 2012, in the words of Harry S. Truman,


    That’s it for now.

    Keep me posted.


  • emil k

    This isnt the first time this has happened. The Frontier Airlines CEO also prayed with a co-worker in an episode of undercover boss

  • George P

    Also, tens of thousands are being “born again” each and every day :)