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Pro-Life Democrats


Last Friday, America was treated to the spectacle of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid openly declaring his intention to shut the government down, in order to protect the flow of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.  Just imagine a prominent Republican expressing comparable dedication to protecting the subsidies and government contracts for any other billion-dollar corporation.

How do pro-life Democrats feel about all this?  The short and snarky answer is, “Who cares?”  Pro-life Democrats have always been a small and subdued element within the Party.  They’re even smaller now, thanks to the general flight of true “moderates” from the increasingly radicalized Democrat caucus.  There are few “blue dogs” left snoozing on the Democrats’ front porch. 

Quick, name a prominent pro-life Democrat!  Even if you’re a fairly energetic student of the modern political scene, that’s not easy to do.  There’s a good chance you thought of Bart Stupak, the former Michigan representative who made a big deal about his “pro-life principles” before abandoning them all to support ObamaCare.  If you haven’t scratched Stupak off your list, you should do it now, because Dave Weigel at Slate noted today that Stupak has joined high-powered lobbying firm Venable LLP… and one of their clients is Planned Parenthood.

The other big name on the pro-life Democrat roster is Representative Heath Shuler of North Carolina.  He’s important enough to have mounted an insurgent bid for Minority Leader, but it amounted to little more than a handful of House Democrats coughing and shuffling their feet while Nancy Pelosi cruised by in her sedan chair.

The forlorn website of Democrats for Life of America declares they “believe in the core values and principles of the Democratic Party.”  This is followed by a list of ideas that could not be further from those core values and principles – one of which involves going to any length to protect big-money contributors with heavy political muscle, such as Planned Parenthood.  If anyone at Democrats for Life still thinks their opinions matter a hill of beans compared to the Planned Parenthood agenda, they didn’t listen to a word Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said last week.

As Tim Carney notes in the Washington Examiner today, “On all the big fights during Obama’s presidency, Planned Parenthood has gotten what it wants: abortion subsidies in ObamaCare, two Supreme Court justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade, and staunchly pro-choice Kathleen Sebelius at the Department of Health and Human Services, among other things.”  Pro-life Democrats have accomplished nothing except providing political muscle to fuel those victories, while fooling themselves with happy talk about noble “principles” that have nothing to do with the brutally efficient party machine their votes help to fuel.

Carney cuts to the quick by asking the “real question,” which is, “Should taxpayers be forced to subsidized a partisan group that provides abortions?”  You had them at “forced,” Mr. Carney.  This is all about force and power.   Disconnecting Planned Parenthood from the U.S. Treasury would move the United States to a lower level of force, in which those who have a strong moral objection to abortion – nominally including Democrats for Life of America – were no longer compelled to subsidize the nation’s largest abortion provider. 

The Democrats are entirely devoted to the centralization of power, and their central authority has decreed that abortion services must be subsidized by the State.  Participation in this subsidy is not voluntary.  Ending compulsory support for Planned Parenthood, and every other liberal special interest group, would unquestionably increase the amount of liberty rolling across the fruited plain.    

Pro-life Democrats are part of a machine that has declared its extreme and implacable opposition to such an increase of liberty.  Nothing they do or say will change the agenda of the Party.  Their only purpose is to provide blindfolds for voters who refuse to confront the reality of what the Democrat Party has become.  They dispense sedatives, not fiery moral truth.  They are earnest vegetarians working the night shift at a meat-packing plant.  The pro-life Democrat is an intermittently useful hallucination that saves purple-state voters from having to admit that abortion isn’t really very high on their list of legislative priorities.  It’s the one “moral imperative” they’re not terribly interested in expressing through legislation… and they support a Party which believes everything else should be either mandatory or forbidden, subsidized or taxed, rewarded or fined.

You heard it right from Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat all-stars last week: there are no more pro-life Democrats.  You can be either sincerely pro-life, or a Democrat, but you can no longer be both… and it isn’t Republicans who made it that way.


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  • Leroy_Whitby

    The national Democrats are just trying to fool the older habitual more conservative Democratic voters for a few more election cycles and then they’ll all be gone. The Hippie Dippie’s from the 1960′s and 1970′s are in their 60′s and 70′s now. Just a few million oldsters to go to the grave from the greatest generation and the Democrats can kill babies, marry gays, and allow polygamy and their voters will ALL think it’s fine. They are almost there already.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I don’t get your point. Planned Parenthood does 25% of the abortions in the country, they make 36% of their money from abortion, and they get almost 50% of their money from the Federal Government . . . over $300 million from our tax dollars.

  • flmom0f4

    Well done, you saved a life.

  • flmom0f4


  • johntmcdonald

    If every pro-life person would stop calling Murder Incorporated “Planned Parenthood”, we might make some progress. How does one achieve parenthood by murdering one’s children? Murdering children is what Planned Parenthood does. It’s their schtick, their calling, their ambition, their ultimate desire to kill as many children as they possibly can and, based on the organization’s long history, Black children are their preferred victims. Stop covering for these evil killers. Call them exactly what they are! If you do not, you are complicent in their killings and you are part of the problem. This is not a problem that yields to politeness.

  • flmom0f4

    I would say their motives are purely monetary.

  • planeboy

    Bingo…If fed money is supporting this org. (rent,power bills,equipment,whatever) then it is by default that fed money IS being used for abortions….who can’t understand that…

  • planeboy

    Nice step up to the plate analyst again Leroy…my mom (God rest her soul) was a Dem MOST of her life…but late in life she bailed..she could not buy the crap that the NEW Dems. were shoveling…

  • another_engineer

    This is going to sound extraordinarily rude, but anyone that bases their vote on abortion should put their name on a list and we can tax them for the rest.

    It’s a non issue brought up by the socialist-light pseudo religious right.

  • confedgal

    Apparently Pelosi and Reid But then again, I don’t think their brains are working.

  • Guest

    I do not even call them democrats anymore, time to take the gloves off and call them what they are, communists. Put the Stalin platform up and then put the Democrat platform up, compare them and get back to me. It is all you need to see the truth.

    Funny article here, Communist party sues Democrats on platform theft-

  • Guest

    Well, I will back one union, the Democrats coming out and call themselves what they really are, the Union of Communist and Socialists of America. LOL

  • Guest

    They are not allowed you say. Tell me, what is the income for Planned Parenthood? Let us say it is $1 Billion dollars for ease of math. The US government gives PP what, $397 Million a year.

    So, actually the Federal government funds 397/1000 of ALL abortions by PP. Hmmm, yep, they do not fund any abortions and all.

    Talk about moral equivalence.

  • Guest

    Facts Leroy?

    You are attempting to assuage Adam with facts? Of course I responded to him also. LOL

  • Guest

    I think their motives have many levels. Think about it, what are some of the communist……erm progressive arguments on world population?

    Supposedly, the US has a negative growth rate of people. That is what these eugenicists want right? So why do they allow almost a free flow of illegal and legal immigration to swell the US to an unsustainable quagmire.

    Many theories, I just call it what it is, evil.

  • Guest

    I come from a higher than average religious family. Anytime one of the older uncles or aunts bring up the Democrats I just say one word.

    Murder. They tend not to get in any political discussions while I am around. Especially when I call the Democrats the big tent of murderers. Some are beginning to come around especially after seeing the communists and socialists directly backing the Democrats now. Funny how the protests in Madison have woken them up to the truth.

    See, that is the problem with the Dems………erm communists. They thought everyone had believed their utopian lies are now waking to just the dystopian realities. They think that if they repeat the lies enough, the facts will just blur into the background.

    One thing I have noticed, is the fact that the young are beginning to see through the lies they are being told. The internet has a big part of that. It is easy to actually do a search on things nowadays. It was harder for us while growing up. We needed to read and search for information. Now it is at the fingertips. You can access 1,000′s of history and theory books and get all kinds of viewpoints. The lies are not working anymore, except those so engrained with the indoctrination.

    The PP exposure videos by the younger generation has woken their eyes. They see the evil of the entitlement life. Growing up in dysfunctional families and environments has made them forlorn about the history and stories they heard.

    It is hard to suppress freedom when information is at the fingertips.

  • Adam Moreira

    They’re not nearly the same though; half of the stuff would get the Democrats killed under Communism.

  • Guest

    What, I thought Communism was some UTOPIAN dream all socialists aspired to?

    Oh, I forgot, with HUMAN NATURE every system devolves to TYRANTS running things. Since in a Republic where the Constitution limits the power of the state, it is where freedom and liberty naturally have room to breathe.

    Where in ANY system that uses force like in socialist systems, the government naturally acquires more and more power.

    Heck, even in a system where EVERYTHING was done for the good of the
    people-oh heck, this is better-

    Think about the children! Think about the good of the collective!

    “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”-C.S. Lewis

    Also, read the Robot Series by Isaac Azimov, I do not want a bunch of socialist robots protecting me from all harm, I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE!

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Well, it’s time to clean house. Never should have funded Planned Parenthood in the first place.

  • Guest

    Being a Constitutional Libertarian, I find your point here to be rude.

    Can you put my name on the list for EVERYTHING else that is not listed in the US Constitution or the State Constitution?

    Since that would take away, income taxation, ss taxation, property taxation I am good with that. Get on it. If people are held accountable for their own actions and the government did not stick their noses in just about everything, all of these things would be irrelevant.

    Think about it, if government did not supply everybody with everything, people would be responsible for their own actions. Get pregnant, you can pay for your own darn abortion. Have sex, you might have to raise a kid or pay for that abortion.

    The safety net is what is causing, IMO, 95% of the problems nowadays in our country.

    Shame and responsibility needs to be brought back to this country before it implodes due to everyone’s special interests.

  • planeboy

    HELLO..these people don’t know who they are IN bed with…who’s using who…as was once said “They know not what they do”…

  • another_engineer

    Spoken like a Wisconsinite, which I know you are (me too).

    Molon Labe,

  • Guest

    LOL, I must have known something from an earlier post of yours. Usually I jump on people but for some reason I did not harp on you, I should quit doing that. Jumping all over people I mean. Cheeseheads, {shakes head} LOL

  • another_engineer

    No harm, no foul. I like your posts, carry on my son.

  • deeme

    He confuses all his lies so..