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Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous

Human Events’ readers, in an online poll, recently voted billionaire financier George Soros “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.”  Here are the Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous:

1.  Gives billions to left-wing causes:  Soros started the Open Society Institute in 1993 as a way to spread his wealth to progressive causes.  Using Open Society as a conduit, Soros has given more than $7 billion to a who’s who of left-wing groups.  This partial list of recipients of Soros’ money says it all: ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Soujourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women.

2.  Influence on U.S. elections:  Soros once said that removing President George W. Bush from office in 2004 was the “central focus of my life.”  He put his money where his mouth is, giving $23.58 million to various 527 groups dedicated to defeating Bush.  His early financial support helped jump-start Barack Obama’s political career.  Soros hosted a 2004 fund-raiser for Obama when he was running for the Illinois Senate and gave the maximum-allowed contribution within hours of Obama’s announcement that he was running for President.

3.  Wants to curtail American sovereignty:  Soros would like nothing better than for America to become subservient to international bodies.  He wants more power for groups such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, even while saying the U.S. role in the IMF should be “downsized.”  In 1998, he wrote:  “Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

4.  Media Matters:  Soros is a financial backer of Media Matters for America, a progressive media watchdog group that hyperventilates over any conservative view that makes it into the mainstream media.  Now its founder, David Brock, has openly declared war on Fox News, telling Politico that the group was mounting “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against the cable news channel, and would try to disrupt the commercial interests of owner Rupert Murdoch—an odd mission for a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational foundation that is barred from participating in partisan political activity.

5.  Soros has been a major funder of, a progressive advocacy group and political action committee that raises millions for liberal candidates.  This is the group that had on its website an ad comparing President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler and ran the infamous “General Betray Us” ad in the New York Times, disparaging the integrity of Gen. David Petraeus.

6.  Center for American Progress:  Headed by John Podesta, White House chief of staff under President Clinton, the Center for American Progress has been instrumental in providing progressive talking points and policy positions for the Obama administration.  There has also been a revolving door between the White House and the Soros-funded think tank, with Obama staffing his administration with many CAP officials.

7.  Environmental extremism:  Former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones and his leftist environmental ideas have been funded by Soros’ money at these groups: the Ella Baker Center, Green For All, the Center for American Progress, and the Apollo Alliance, which was instrumental in getting $110 billion in green initiatives included in Obama’s stimulus package.  Soros also funds the Climate Policy Initiative to address global warming and gave Friends of the Earth money to “integrate a climate equity perspective in the presidential transition.”

8.  America Coming Together:  Soros gave nearly $20 million to this 527 group with the express purpose of defeating President Bush. A massive get-out-the-vote effort, ACT’s door-to-door canvassing teams included numerous felons, its voter registration drives were riddled with fraud, and it handed out incendiary fliers and made misleading taped phone calls to voters.  ACT was fined $775,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violations of various federal campaign finance laws.

9.  Currency manipulation:  A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies.  During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities, and in Thailand he was called an “economic war criminal.”  Known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England,” Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.

10.  Delusions:  Soros has repeatedly said that he sees himself as a messianic figure.  Who but a megalomaniac would make these comments?  “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god” or “I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin.”  If only the loony bin were an option.  As it is, one of the wealthiest men in the world is using his billions to impose a radical agenda on America.

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  • Rebelyell41

    Yes and amen to all that and more. Of course we have laws that permit those with the money to do so, to do just about anything they please. I suppose this is thought to be an incentive to a capitalistic environment. At the very least, it is allowed by our constitution.

    All that and some serious questions. How did he amass this wealth honestly. My belief is that through hard work and dedication that this simply cannot be done.His organizations, those we don’t know about, have to be ivolved in some real shady dealing. They also have to have been sround for many years. If the dealings are basicly shady, then both foreign and domestic investigative bodies should have found something to hang him with.

    Evidence of corrupt leanings and shady operatins have him as an outcast to certain parts of the world. But, seemingly, he is welcome to base his operations out of the USA with little trouble. Therefore I see him as an arm of someone elses corruption also. Soros is simply not a one man organization and may even be only the figurehead.

    It seems as though he is always the one easily identified as the financial backing behind a couple of dozen far left organizations. His money runs these outfits. Yet no one takes him down. Certain interests and certainly they have to be belief system or religiously oriented, have to back him from a government standpoint. In other words he has to have a nation or two, perhaps a combination of nations, such as the UN or China behind him and working directly with him. He has to have others and a base operation he works from. He is the basic plant, not the roots. His organizations are the flowers that make the seeds.

    It is constantly demonstrated that HE is the one behind things, yet for some reason he is allowed to do these things. If he had real enemies amoung his own money underworld, he would be gone and long ago. If no one goes after him with a vengeance, then he is not only in control, but part of, something much bigger. The world lets him live and lets him play the big man. Does he have divine help? No, but even if we pulled out the plant, roots and seeds always remain.

    While he seems the public face, I fully believe that sharia money is the true banking system he relies on. The combined influence of the world sharia banking system is the most dangerous and feared set of influence peddlers that can be found. perhaps we need to add to that the influence of the ancient Chinese trade and banking systems, but somehow the whole thing is already one world order.

    The one world order that already exists under the cover of world banking is having a tough time each time they show even a little of what they are up to. In order to try to gain control they use the hatred of big money and banks against themsleves to start revolutions here and there. While they have things stirred up, they take advantage and undermine everything to wrest control away from goverments and such.

    It’s pehaps an odd example, but only one previous organization managed to function like this in the past and they may be the best example. Think of the Roman Catholic church and its control of the western world before reformation. They finally came out in the open and showed themselves, but their influence was felt all over the known western world long before the obvious popes and such were installed. The church finally showed itself and a new world order came about, did it not?

    Not picking on them, but such strength exists behind and with George Soros that we need to take a much harder look at the people he deals with. He is not alone and perhaps only the other hand for us to watch. Perhaps he is the distraction for the rest of what happens in the darkness around us.

  • wodiej

    #10 says alot about the mental state of this person. And without his influx of cash, not only would Barack Obama not be president. most if not all of those rabid liberal organizations would not have funding and would not exist.

    It is also a well known fact that Soros acquired his wealth off of the backs of investors by gaming the stock market in other countries, nearly destroying them.

  • ReaganEagle

    This is ridiculous. If there is a danger here, it is that so-called “conservatives,” allegedly supporters of a smaller government, are advocating that successful people become dangers when they support causes they believe in and that they should somehow be restricted and the state should be used as a means to accomplish such deprivation of rights.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    When we take the Presidency Senate and Congress with CONSERVATIVES we need to rein in the 501(c)(3) charities. They are made up of primarily: 1) For profit enterprises camouflaging their profits as “salaries;” and 2) Political and social action groups.If they got rid of the tax exempt status regular Americans would have more money to give to actual charities (since these groups don’t pay taxes . . . and should). Right now they are a millionaire and billionaire playground and I don’t like them.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Soros is a delusional egomaniac and the slime of the earth and you are slime for taking his money.

  • winston_wolfe

    Flawed logic. If that successful business man is funding groups which are dangerous….then that businessman is thereby dangerous. He is openly enabling enemies of our nation.

    No one has done more to undermine the sovereignty, prosperity, and moral underpinnings of this country. He is a foreign national who collaborated with the nazis in WWII. He is not an elected official and yet exacts an absurd amount of influence over the direction of this country. He is nefarious and malevolent to the core.

    If there were a conservative equivalent to Soros, the liberal machine would have destroyed his reputation and used any means necessary to extract him from the political sphere as expediently as possible; and you know it.

  • Adam Moreira

    Other than 3 and 9, how are any of these dangerous to America?

  • Adam Moreira

    However, the idea of “dangerous” is subjective. Manipulating the currency (#7) is dangerous, and #3 as well…but the others don’t exactly seem dangerous.

    Also, Soros is not a foreign national, or what he is doing would have been illegal. Soros has been an American citizen for the past 50 years. As for influence over elections, anyone can cause that; such is the imperfection of our system.

  • Adam Moreira

    That though would open up the rewriting of the law to too much abuse—and it will reek of political retaliation if it’s written in a partisan manner. 501(c)(3) isn’t perfect, but it’s as close as we will get.

  • winston_wolfe

    #1: Giving billions to left-wing causes through a financial/legal loophole is certainly dangerous. For instance, I think it’s indisputable that La Raza is an inherently anti-American and dangerous organization. Their stated aim is to return the entire southwest of this country to Mexico and undermine American sovereignty at every turn. They would have our entire border erased if they could, and they’ve admitted as much. As far as I’m concerned, they are a terrorist organization. Any endeavor to fund or support this group is dangerous.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    I don’t know where you get that our current 501(c)(3) legislation is as close as we will get to perfection but that statement on its face is risible.

  • dapcat

    Soros’ downfall will come and it will be when he least expects it. Evil always has its day in court. His is coming.

  • Adam Moreira

    Kindly show that Soros is funding La Raza though, directly.

  • Adam Moreira

    It shouldn’t be though—the tax code is rarely written with altruistic intentions.

  • winston_wolfe

    That’s the entire point. He doesn’t fund them directly, but rather funnels the funds through his Open Society Network. The site linked above cites their contributions and La Raza is shown to have received 300K in 2006. Any search engine will yield ample evidence if you search for any combination of la raza, soros, open society and funding.

    If you’re calling the veracity of the information into question…it’s been well-established. Do you honestly doubt that soros would fund such an organization?

  • Rebelyell41

    What is really odd about thissituation is that we used to fear communism and now many seem to embrace it. Was it the reverberations of the McCarthy era that caused this? Did we let the progressives change out outlook of communism to the point of no return? Was it the socalled end of the “cold war”?

    What is it that is still keeping us from using real language. Why do we still use the words, democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist, in the description. Woud simply calling them all communists not spell things out more clearly to everyone? Or, arewe afraid that things like calling Obama aliar to his face or a communist in public, will result in some sort of blowback.

    It’s the same with shutting down the goverment, we need to, we want to and we should. but some sort of blowback is expected. If I were still working as a liberal, unon rep, I would simply say that we strike, stay or strike and not give up our position till we get what we need. For some reason this never seems possible with conservatives.

    The main reason people like Soros are able to control the situation is because they have true believers working the front lines. We conservatives, however, are always told to be reasonable, get along and turn the other cheek. For some reason this doesn’t seem to impress liberals who are willing to end up in jail over sit down protests and threatening remarks over the silliest things.

    Democratic members of Congree and the senate constantly tell lies and rather than our leadership coming on tv with a simple comment that starts with, he is a liar, this is whats wrong and here are the real facts. We constantly act as if a person like this is an enemy we cannot do anything about. I’m not even sure I put my pants of the same as he does. I doubt he is as physically capable as I am and I am handicapped.

    Who gives us this fear we have that causes us to act with some sort of respect when we talk about guys such as this? Are we just supposed to be polite because the preacher always tells us to be? Is it truly God’s will that we give in to folks like this simply because they have money and influence?

    Those folks representing union members are more often just activists than members of anything at all. Many are not even union. many have to be bussed to the sites they protest. many of them are paid agitators. Could it be part of our problem solving policies to do such things. Or is the fact that we are attempting to be honest people and not engage in shoulting matches have soethng to do with it?

    Whats wrong with us carrying a baseball bat to the next picket line and respapinga few folks attitudes. What is wrong with real honesty. Simply being allowed to express our own feeelings on these communists seems to be impossible. Soros is a communist sympathyser with oodles of money. Thats how he makes an impression. But does anyone ever write him up as a communist sympathyzer. I wonder if it’s even possible for us to speak straight with each anymore.

  • winston_wolfe

    C’mon, Adam. All of the above points are obviously dangerous. Let’s take #8. It’s been proven that he funds a get-out-the-vote effort that is riddled with elements of voter fraud. A healthy, functioning republic cannot persist unless the integrity of it’s elections is upheld and protected. With every fraudulent vote counted as a result of soros’ efforts; a legitimate vote is basically stolen from a law-abiding citizen.

    If that doesn’t do it for you, how about #10. Based on his own comments, the man sees himself as a messianic figure, or “some kind if God” as he says. He is clearly a stark-raving psychotic with a God complex. Now if it were your average, everyday, inconsequential psychotic like ‘knownunknowns’, then he wouldn’t be dangerous, only misguided. But when you take that leftist psychotic and give him billions of dollars, then he ceases being innocuous and inherently becomes dangerous. The psychotic has now been enabled to act upon his psychosis. And the damage he has done is clearly demonstrable through any objective measure.

  • Adam Moreira

    On #10, the grim reaper will come for Soros in a few years. I’ll concede #8.

    But you cannot dispute my claims on the other six.

  • Adam Moreira

    What is it that is still keeping us from using real language. Why do we still use the words, democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist, in the description. Woud simply calling them all communists not spell things out more clearly to everyone? Or, arewe afraid that things like calling Obama aliar to his face or a communist in public, will result in some sort of blowback.

    That would also be a flat-out lie (in calling them communists), opening up those claiming it to a lawsuit. As for the McCarthy era, the reverberations of that continue to exist today (as McCarthy actually did ruin careers by exceeding his authority; the grim reaper made him answer for it though).

    Whats wrong with us carrying a baseball bat to the next picket line and respapinga few folks attitudes.

    That’s assault once you actually start to use the devices…and anyone assaulting someone should be immediately shot or clocked in the head. Deadly force against an assaulter at the time of the assault should be okay (legal technicalities notwithstanding). When the assaulter doesn’t come home, it will send a chilling message to not do that again.

    As for Soros, the grim reaper will come for him soon enough. He’ll get his.

  • Dustoff

    as McCarthy actually did ruin careers by exceeding his authority; the grim reaper made him answer for it though).
    He was right many times too.

    It’s one major reason they went after him.

  • winston_wolfe

    I see all of the above as dangerous to varying degrees. On a general level, he is the foremost promoter of a movement that has been proven to be destructive and counter to the national interest. There’s a far less likelihood obama would be president today if not for soros’ efforts…so that alone makes him dangerous enough in my view.

  • KnownUnknowns

    In a Free, Captalist society, shouldnt a wealthy man be allowed to do as he wishes with his money without having fascists-leaning and intrusive organizations and individuals criticising every penny spent ?

    If you dont like what soros does, get off your lazy asses and start your OWN causes. Dont expect the governmnet to do it all for you.

  • Alexander Milne

    Only in America could George Soros be described as a “Marxist”!

  • AgTrotter

    “501(c)(3) isn’t perfect, but it’s as close as we will get”

    Good grief, you are delusional. It is, simply put, an abomination that allows for rampant abuse and legal semantics.

    Of course, you no doubt have a vested interest in both.

  • AgTrotter

    Poor Knowncho, still an abject moron. Of course, the ultimate irony to your babbling post is that the guy you are sticking up for has openly stated that he wishes the destruction of our political and economic systems. You know, the two things that have made him filthy rich.

  • Guest

    In regards to number ten on the list,I am surprise there is not a golden calf cast in his likeness.

  • Ol_Irish_Barrister

    The difference between “eccentricity” and “insanity” has historically been determined by one’s financial circumstances! Were it not for his ill-gotten gains, Soros would be in a rubber room somewhere.

  • Rusty Turner

    The real problem of soros is not soros or his manipulation of events, it is with the people that allow such a despicable person to exist freely.

  • terry1956

    On number 9 that can’t be blamed on that evil NWO man the Bank of England as being devauling for decades longer than the federal reserve system and its been around before even Hamilton talked Congress and Washington in to unconstitutionally the first national bank.
    The Bank of England has been a problerm like all central banks from the start.

  • terry1956

    I wonder how well the Rockfellers and Soros get alone.
    What do they think of this new money up start?

  • winston_wolfe

    LOL!!! Oh, the sweet irony to see knownunknowns extolling the virtues of a “free, capitalist society.” Can you honestly not appreciate the sheer magnitude of the hypocrisy you exude out of every leftist pore? The ideology you espouse runs counter to everything capitalism stands for.

    Lazy asses, you say? Newsflash…you are currently engaged in a political forum with members of the Productive Class. We are the side that creates the wealth which your side, the Parasitic Class, then forcibly confiscates to redistribute in a vain attempt to achieve some warped, abstract notion of ‘social justice’. If anyone is lazy, it is the welfare recipients and other assorted leeches living off the government dole who comprise the modern American left. And you have the audacity to call our side lazy? Get this through your head…we don’t need you, you need us. Someone has to be productive and create the wealth before the politicians your side elects can cease it and redistribute it in exchange for political favors.

    And we HAVE started our own cause, it’s called the Tea Party. Only our cause isn’t funded by corrupt market manipulators and anti-American scum like your dark overlord George Soros. Our movement is comprised of real, grassroots, hard-working, productive Americans who take time out of their busy lives to do something about the damage trolls like you are doing to our country. And what do you do…you villify and defame the Tea Party…and consistently go to bat for corrupt, leftist corporate cronies like Soros. How sad you are…you are living, breathing proof that we need to implement a mandatory IQ Test before we let anyone into a voting booth.

    But what the hell is the point of arguing with a pathetically lost leftist drone like you. I’ve never believed in debating children; they should simply be pacified and put to bed. So Good Night, Jackass.

  • jwebsmall

    Soros in his native Hungary provided information on fellow Jews to persecuting authorities for his personal gain. The smoking guns linking agitation in middle east uprisings back to Soros will surface eventually.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    It would appear each one of the points can be counter-pointed by the Koch Brothers & FoxCorp – except #10.

    $arah Palin walks around calling herself “Queen Esther,” and claims she gets her orders from God Himself.

    There are two sides to every argument. Sometimes more.

    It’s hard to find someone in the Republican party that actually points the way FORWARD. They’re too busy pointing fingers at Obama… or Soros… or other “evils” that must be vanquished. True leadership would be refreshing. The blame game is soooo 2008.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Y’all HAD THE MAJORITY back in the early 2000′s… and STILL didn’t get anything DONE.

    Be sure when you’re swinging the axe you get the tax-exempt churches too…

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Koch Brothers; FoxCorp

  • KatieAnnieOakley


  • terry1956

    What I think Leroy is saying is its best to just elimnate the 501c 3 status and elmnate federal tax exempt status.
    I would agree to a point as long as we have a federal income tax but I say go with the pre 16th amenment claimed intent of the federal income tax with a couple of extra points they may have not said.
    No corporation , LLC or LLP or state chartered or federal chartered trusts and foundations weither for profit, non profit, political party, church, assiocation, club, union, public utility, munciplity, foreign government entity would be exempt from a federal income tax, a federal gross payroll tax and federal gross payouts on dividends, and interest even to banks.
    Its best that the rate be a flat rate between 10% to 25%.
    What will be exempt from the federal income/ gross payroll tax will be individuals, businesses, charities, churches, assiocations etc that are not incorporated, not a LLC, not a LLP or have a state or federal charter.
    On income the corporation would get regular operational expense deductions which in case of some especially nonprofits would result in no tax owed, basically as far as the federal government goes the status of a non profit and for profit corporation would be elimnated.
    The gross corporate payroll tax would be where most of the federal revenue would come from as the current federal payroll tax and personal income tax does but it would now include total benefits including stocks and discounts and it would be on total compensation to allemployees, managers, board of directors and trustees no matter if the average compensation to employee is 100,000 dollars a year or more or 10,000 dollars a year or less.
    To replace all federal taxes and be revenue neutral and assuming near 20% of busineeses would be exempt from the tax the tax may need to be as much as 20% or a bit more but if the current corporate income tax revenue is replaced with higher import taxes the corporate tax could be reduced down to 17% or less, 12% or less if state governments pay for social security/ medicare or find altertives and opt out which they should.
    It would be a good idea to keep the corporate tax low enough to be a market choice for that state privildge yet high enough to help raise enough revenue to have a balanced constitutional budget.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    The difference between “eccentricity” and “insanity” has historically been determined by one’s financial circumstances! Were it not for his ill-gotten gains, Soros would be in a rubber room somewhere.

    “The difference between “eccentricity” and “insanity” has historically been determined by one’s financial circumstances! Were it not for his ill-gotten gains, RUPERT MURDOCH would be in a rubber room somewhere.”

    There. Fixed it…

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Because THAT MAKES so much sense? Really?

  • jwebsmall

    The Gaza blockade runners tied to William Ayers, code pink, etc. This same team on the ground before the Egyptian uprising all link back to Soros. The doctrine justifying intervention in Libya again link back to Soros. Even confining the search to these most recent links, they are so numerous of Soros’ intrigue they are difficult to enumerate them all.
    The truth is surfacing slowly but surely regardless of those running cover for Soros and company. Soros’ money isn’t the problem – it’s his mind and more specifically his actions that are borderline crimes (war and against humanity).

  • AgTrotter

    Wow, aren’t you just the witty one. Any other tired, hackneyed posts for the HE crowd?

  • Susan Grant

    I gave up being ‘politically correct’ for Lent and I feel GREAT.
    George Soros needs to have his citizenship revoked, removed from the USA and NOT allowed to come back for any reason. He is a full blown Communist and proves it every day with his insane rantings of how better off the USA would be as a third world country. Just think how much better the USA would be WITHOUT A GEORGE SOROS. Maybe we can find a third world country that will take him off of our hands and out of OUR political process.

  • 2summer4

    This article is why I like reading Human Events. Back in the good old days in America, this America-hater Soros would be charged with treason. If he’s operating under a legal/financial loophole – close it now. (There’s an awful lot of trolls on here today – probably paid for by Soros.)

  • winston_wolfe

    1. Blame game? You liberals can’t go 2 minutes without blaming something on Bush. Every one of Obama’s inadequacies has been projected on to the prior administration on false premises. Now, Bush was a flawed President and was not a fiscal conservative, but comparing him to Hussein the Teleprompter is like comparing apples to poisoned oranges.

    2. The way forward is to restore us to a constitutional republic operating under the premises of limited govt and the free market capitalist model. There are plenty in the Republican Party advocating these principles..see Bachmann, DeMint, and yes, Palin….among many others.

    3. When has Sarah Palin called herself Queen Esther and claimed that she converses with the Almighty? Cite your evidence.

    4. When have the Koch Bros. and Fox Corp. ever openly engaged in election fraud? When have they ever undermined American sovereignty? The fundamental flaws in your comparison are glaring.

    5. Yes, true leadership would be refreshing, since we haven’t had any since the Reagan Admin. And there are 2 sides to every argument…the only difference being that your side is wrong.

  • terry1956

    its probably not irony to Soros thinking he wants power a lot more than he wants money, he can take what he wants if he has enough power.
    This is the set up for the current members of the poltical class and the party bosses in the old soveit union, they can, could do whatever they want, take what they want and they don’t need much or no money because they have enough power.
    The major diffrence to our members of congress, and the president versus the old soviet bosses is that at least for now our poltical class members( except nine of them) needs money to run for office
    The nine closest to power to the soviet party bosses is the members of the US Supreme Court and maybe even more powerful if the bosses could lose their post.
    Of course members of the poltical class including the justices don’t usually exercise their unconstitutional authority like the party bosses usually did but they are getting closer.

  • winston_wolfe

    Here, here. God willing, he’ll be sitting around a campfire with Che Guevara and Ted Kennedy in short order.

  • terry1956

    I’m sure state attorney generals could find the proper things to pierce his corporate veils and revolk his corporate status after a proper grand jury investagation, indictment and trial.

  • Niniane

    A link is one of those things that cites other sources for YOUR argument, and since I have not seen anything of the type from your posts, if you need help, there are many folks here that will give you tips.

  • Genna2

    George Soros is like other extremely wealthy, powerful ego-maniacs who will never suffer the consequences of their social and political experiments. It’s a game to them and one they very much enjoy. Soros has said countless times that he is fascinated by the ability to manipulate the lives and fortunes of millions of people around the world by intervening in the financial and political systems of his choice.

    During the Obamacare debate, a very wise doctor said reasonable people should be suspicious of solutions offered by those who will never suffer the consequences of those solutions, i.e., members of Congress who are exempt from Obamacare rules and regulations. And we’re seeing now exactly what he meant, as the Obama administration hands out thousands of Obamacare waivers to all those folks who don’t want to suffer the consequences of the legislation they promoted and assured us we would love.

  • siridh

    Right — the man is filthy dirty rich and instead of helping people he’s playing games with people’s lives through funding anarchy and trying to bring down governments. He probably doesn’t care at all about an “open society” its just a challenge to bring it about. If he does it, he wins. Nothing more. He’s a very sick man. He’s a financial criminal and we should turn him over to whoever wants him.

  • JohnWIS

    It will be a good day for America……when Soros leaves this earth.

  • winston_wolfe

    The more I examine your posts the more inclined I am to believe that you actually are in a rubber room somewhere.

  • GabriellaHoffman

    You forgot to add that he’s a self-hating Jew who willingly handed Jews to Nazis during the Holocaust.

  • Matthew

    Dr. Evil!

  • Richard

    Like I said, the Dems were taken over by the progressives in the early sixties and the old repubs replaced them. The conservatives have been out in the cold since. (except the eight years of Reagan) Out of fifty years we have had only eight “conservative” years, the rest were Rinos and Libs.
    It’s past time for a new “Common Sense” party.

  • endpork

    Lady, the early 2000′s were a period where the last of the hippie drug smokers and parent haters of the 1960′s were in charge for the repubs.
    Compassionate Conservativism was their answer to the peace loving, debt building, the man out of my face, spender do nothing except to blame of the social marxist left liberal.
    You’re a dying breed… If you can build a time machine go back to the marijuana and LSD days of the 1960′s and protest the things (liberal fantasies) that have screwed things up around here:
    ABORTION— a way for a racist white woman to get rid of black babies.
    and while your at it….
    find a way to bring peace to Tibet because just bumper stickers won’t cut it and find a way to keep the Libtards from getting the communists countries into the U.N.(there’s a brain fart if I ever saw one)
    OH! and while your at it could you find BHO’s birth certificate?

  • terry1956

    Murdock may share a lot of Dr. Evil Soros ways but not the Koch brothers although I suspect( but could be wrong) they are a lot wrong about ” free trade”. as a good deal of the libertarians are.

  • terry1956

    He’s not a marxist, hes more like a control freak neoliberal facist globalist similar to the clintons only more so for soros, bill gates, david rockfeller and depending on how he feels and what direction the wind is blowing obama is too.
    some other days obama is a marxist and others it seems like he wants a one world islamic government.
    Of course marxist are basically just control freak fascist too because actually the poltical class controls the means of production while in theory its in the workers name.

  • rdman_VietVet

    Hey Adam… no rebuttal??? Typical of Adam when he is exposed… you’ll find him on succeding pages making more shallow assertions.

  • rdman_VietVet

    Subversive Progressive Tactics… the Dems were infiltrated long before the 60s:

    Norman Mattoon Thomas
    (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968) was a leading American Socialist, Pacifist and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

    The Socialist Party candidate for President of the U.S., Norman Thomas said the following in a 1944 speech:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist doctrine, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.”

    He went on to say, “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS ADOPTED OUR PLATFORM!”

  • Lynn Baker


  • joe_heathen

    Kinda like Robert Welch and the John Birch Society, eh?

  • joe_heathen

    So, corrupt market manipulators obviously excludes the cock brothers, eh? What’s it like to be as pure as the driven snow? Do you wear a full-body condom?

  • joe_heathen

    Spiro Agnew set the model for that example.

  • joe_heathen

    What can you do about your seemingly overwhelming guilt complex? Beyond communicating with other tea baggers, your opportunities are painfully limited.

  • joe_heathen

    Explain the legal nuances by which Soros would be charged with treason.
    Could you be charged with being intelligent?

  • winston_wolfe

    The cock brothers? A full body condom? Are you in 3rd grade?

    And I don’t need to be as pure as the driven snow to recognize a corrupt leftist crony when I see one. It’s called common sense and normal, functional intelligence. You leftist obamabots pretend that you’re such crusaders against the intrinsic corruption of corporate America. And then you conveniently push aside the fact that General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Google, and countless other large corporate conglomerates are in bed with the democrats. Grow up and get a clue.

  • joe_heathen

    Go fuck yourself.

  • winston_wolfe

    What kind of nonsense are you sputtering, now? How do you derive a guilt complex from the above post? Do you have any actual substantive retorts to refute my claims; or do your cognitive limitations confine you to the typical liberal realm of spewing mindless vulgarities such as “teabaggers”?

    There’s not much I can do to help someone of your limited faculties. I can only advise you to take your meds and get back on the wagon.

  • reddarin

    Warren Buffet; ProPublica

  • winston_wolfe

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! Typical liberal trash getting back down into his natural habitat, the gutter. Unable to have a debate based on the facts, you simply regress back to your childhood and make a mindless utterance. You are truly pathetic specimens, indeed. My heart goes out to your parents.

  • Guest

    Have you ever heard of the term of praying before false gods?Since George Soros thinks of himself as some sort of God.If you ever saw The Ten Commandments and the scene with the golden calf you would get it.

  • reddarin

    >This is ridiculous.

    It sure is! Oh. Wait. You aren’t talking about your post are you?

    Support of smaller government has nothing to do with exposing a left wing billionaire nutbag that is using his money to destroy America. Especially if he does it illegally.

    >deprivation of rights.

    If Soros was the Koch Brothers you would be cheering on any loss of rights.


  • reddarin

    >However, the idea of “dangerous” is subjective.

    No it isn’t. Right after winston said it he described what he thought was dangerous.

    Besides the whole article describes the man’s dangerous activities. Get real Adam. Quit being a soft shill for the Left. You see the nutbag leftist that post here. They aren’t the rare ones. Look at what you are defending and are a part of.

  • reddarin

    >-and it will reek of political retaliation if it’s written in a partisan manne

    It won’t matter how it is redone the left will scream bloody murder. If that stopped us every time they did that we’d never get anything done.

  • winston_wolfe

    LOL. You’re just a laugh a minute. When did the John Birch Society ever undermine American sovereignty or openly engage in election fraud?….’eh’???

    You’re out of your league. You need to go back to HuffPo and brush-up on your talking points.

  • reddarin

    >Y’all HAD THE MAJORITY back in the early 2000′s… and STILL didn’t get anything DONE.

    Oh? Lets see. Something was going on back in the early 2000′s but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…..OH YEAH 9/11 HAPPENED.

    You’re right. If Bush was Obama he’d of ignored 9/11 to force his radical socialist agenda through Congress before he could be stopped by the voters.

  • reddarin

    Joe are you culture_warrior’s alt? You seem to have a fixation on the male anatomy.

  • reddarin

    >Only in America could George Soros be described as a “Marxist”!

    Only someone totally devoid of any knowledge of history could think that being rich precludes being a Marxist.

    When you see people weeping for public education just know that you are why the tear drops are falling.

  • reddarin

    >Because THAT MAKES so much sense? Really?

    Uh yes? Crack a bible once in a while. I know it will smoke in your hands and burn a bit so Google the golden cafe before you reach for the bible.

  • reddarin

    Whoa there eewell! If you say God and bible in the same post you may make Katie bleed from hisr’s eyes.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Oh – like the Iraqi war was? WMD’s? Ring a bell for you?

  • reddarin

    >Oh – like the Iraqi war was? WMD’s?

    Yes!! I remember now. Would you say George Bush was the stupidest President ever to be in office or the smartest?

  • jimjamer

    Well now, dear interlocutor– in a free society anyone can criticize how you spend your money. But we aren’t telling him how to spend his money, as long as he does not spend it for illegal purposes — and more importantly, we do not want to take it away from him, or from anyone. That’s what YOU guys and your nanny state do.

    And speaking of intrusive, why, our falsely labeled “intrusive” organizations don’t hold a candle to yours in intrusiveness, joined at the hip with the government in crony statism.

  • reddarin

    >When you see people weeping for public education

    Oops. You are from GB huh. Well well. That does make me feel better about American education. :)

  • jimjamer

    Yes, when Godzilla is trampling Tokyo, the proper response is to blame and point fingers at him. Eliminate the threat, then we can talk policy. But of course, if you read enough, you’d find we have plenty of alternate solutions.

  • Guest

    There is nothing worse than an enabler for someone so evil. Without people who support Soros’ causes, he’d be nothing.

    Soros is a man who smells and devours money. Those who nuzzle up to him also smell money. His money.

    Where money is used to destroy the foundations of our country, there ought to be a law…

    Just sayin’…

  • Guest

    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were also American Citizens…


  • Guest

    Directly? You as much as admit that he may well be doing it indirectly which is directing money through a middle man or entity.


  • Guest

    Excellent reply to Soft-Headed Adão…

  • RJLigier

    Seems we’re getting precariously close to repeating the history of national socialism in the United States of America. Oh well, it’s always the same sociopathic social liberals whether in Germany or the USA. I surely hope Canada and Europe can handle the social liberal refugees if this cannot be resolved at the ballot box.

  • Guest

    He’s a hit-and-run artist. When someone nails him, he pretends to be unconcerned and suddenly seems to be elsewhere. Good! Any way we don’t have to read his stupidity, the better it is for the rest of us. Therefore, we need to nail him more and more until he finds some other place to “play.” But, has anyone considered that some of the idiots we see in these forums are paid “indirectly” by Soros???

    During the 2008 elections, there was an email memo sent out from one of the Democrat strategy leaders that their people should “infiltrate” Conservative blogs and disrupt them. Someone sent a copy of it to many Conservatives, also. With that in mind, it seems logical that Soros & Company would continue to do this. It also follows that clowns like Adam Moreira are paid to be in these forums in a constant attempt to disrupt and destroy (a battlefield term) and then see themselves as winners.

  • Guest

    Even when the Republicans had some political power, the Democrats were constantly “in your face” people and resisting any movement.

    Remember when Clintoon was impeached? Remember how those two Californians practically took over the floor so nothing could get done? Even when the Democrats are in the minority, they still manage to hinder all movement. They cry for crossing the aisle but the “crossing” is from the Republican side to the Democrat side and no other way. It’s a one-way street, to them.

    Saying that the Republicans had a chance to do something is ignoring how Democrats love to be wet blankets and keep Republicans from getting anything done. They’re like spoiled brat children that have fits when they do not get their way. They need to get a hard spanking in 2012.

  • HOO


  • Leroy_Whitby

    Quite the reverse regarding the tax exempt status of churches. I think the American tradition, which has always been successful for our people, included tax exempt churches but not these false flag non-profits. I am willing to be corrected though if we historically had 501(c)(3)’s in anything like their present form. Untangling the interaction of income taxation versus other forms of taxation in our history should be quite a project. You also have constitutional issues to contend with.I am curious if you want to do the legwork.

  • GeneralAl

    It won’t be a campfire but I do believe it will be “HellFire”!

  • GeneralAl

    Something that always gets misconstrued by the media [No surprise!], McCarthy was a Senator yet they constantly claim that he was Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. He was leading an independent investigation from the Senate. By the way, his protege was Democrat Robert F. Kennedy. Furthermore, Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. was a staunch supporter of McCarthy. McCarthyism could very well be called “Kennedyism”.

  • AgTrotter

    Good gawd, you really are a caricature of a leftist loon. Which, when you ponder how pathetic leftist loons are, is pretty sad.

    Now, please post a retort with bold letters. It makes you appear so much more intelligent.

    No, really.

  • rdman_VietVet

    Katie sounds just like SharonH, the masochistic loonie who seems to enjoy being ridiculed, scorned and laughed at.

    Soros sure knows how to select his agitators…

  • rdman_VietVet

    Saturday evening (April 2), PBS showed the movie, “Dr. Zhivago” (has PBS finally seen the light?).

    No other movie or form of media can epitomize what life would be like under Soro &/or people like him.

  • reddarin

    >funding La Raza though, directly.

    That is exactly part of the problem. He tries to hide the huge amounts of money he is funneling into hundreds of leftist groups.

    Is there any comparable Right wing bazillionaire?

    How is it that the Democrats consistently label the (R) as the party of the rich when so many rich leftist support them?

    Wake up Adam. Willfully ignoring glaring inconsistencies like that are rushing the downfall of America.

  • londondave

    Oh dear. Another obsessed leftist Koch sucker.

  • bheld

    IMHO…. PC has destroyed this nation. Our social lives depend on the truth in our assertions.

  • Niniane

    Thought I would throw this in as Soros is apparently holding the Soros version of Bretton Woods to make the U.S. economy behave like he wants:

  • WranglerRob

    After working for the US Gummit for 33 years, I do not believe in secret conspiracy theories ’cause NO one can keep a secret. In Soros’ case, the conspiracy is not secret; he has been very public and has accumulated every fellow traveler and pinko in the world. This guy is a psychopathic gamer (probably left over from the stress of giving his fellow Jews to the Nazis). He is suffering from hatred of anything he cannot control and every liberal who believes he should be in charge is with him.

    Like all totalitarian regimes, the liberals cannot tolerate views different from theirs so they will marginalize then criminalize those who disagree with them.

    So the question remains, how do we overcome the totalitarians in media, government (oops, I mean Gummit), and education who work independently toward the same goal of destroying the most unique experiment in self-government in the history of Man?

    I suggest by not remaining silent. Every stupid statement made by media, Gummit officials, and educators must be challenged. We have facts and history, they only have their hatred of America.

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    1). Go to Conservatives4Palin

    On THE main pro-Palin blog, Conservatives4Palin, many postings contemplate Palin’s resemblance to Queen Esther, the eponymous hero of a short book in the Hebrew Bible. And Palin herself encourages the analogy. This past April, for instance, she told a Christian group in Louisville, Kentucky, that she often reads the book of Esther to her daughter Piper at bedtime.

    Palin seems first to have gotten the idea that she might be a new Esther shortly after being elected governor in 2006, when she asked one of her former pastors for an example of biblical leadership that she could emulate. Quoting scripture, the pastor told Palin that she, like Esther, had “come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”


    Palin Calls Her Political Career a ‘Divine Calling’

    Bailey writes Palin often compared herself to the biblical heroine
    Queen Esther and that she believed her campaign and life in politics was
    a calling from God. In June 2006, Palin wrote an email to Bailey
    describing the calling, and in the exchange she used a line close to her
    2008 campaign mantra, “I know what I know what I know.”


    There is little doubt that Sarah Palin considers herself called by God to lead America. She asked her former pastor for examples of biblical people who were great leaders and what was the secret of their leadership. The pastor suggested she re-read the story of Queen Esther, the Jewish woman who rose to be queen of Persia and help her people. (Esther also ruthlessly slaughtered her enemies). And now the fundamentalist/evangelical community is calling Palin a modern-day Queen Esther, miraculously provided by God to save America.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Except when you’re trying to legislate morality…

    If the GOP keeps trying to legislate morality for women, maybe they need to restrict access to Cialis and Viagra for unmarried men… why would unmarried men need sexual performance medications anyway, right? Sex outside of marriage is sin, right? If you’re gonna talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk.

    Women don’t become pregnant all by themselves!

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    So, this would be one of those “well, EVERYBODY knows that” but no one can say where it came from? In other words, a rumor that feeds the particular “truth” being represented?

  • winston_wolfe

    That has to be the most absurd rationalization I have ever heard in my life. Every piece of core legislation that serves as the bedrock of our society is based on morality. It is against the law to steal, and to murder, and to rape…because it is wrong…otherwise known as IMMORAL. Our entire legal system is built upon a moral foundation. Of course we legislate morality…what else should our legislation be based on if not morals?

    Your side wrongly views an unborn child in the womb as some inordinate, lifeless lump of mass. We view that child as what he/she actually is, a human being. And murdering that human being is immoral, and SHOULD BE against the law. That is not “legislating morality to women.” It is upholding the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles upon which our legal system is based and without which our society cannot flourish or even persist.

  • reddarin

    >If the GOP keeps trying to legislate morality for women

    Uh. I’m pretty sure the GOP is just as against men committing murder.

    >maybe they need to restrict access to Cialis and Viagra for unmarried men

    lol Okay!

    I’d sign any petition to get the damned TV ads off the air for sure.

    >Sex outside of marriage is sin, right?

    So? Did I quote scripture somewhere?

    >Women don’t become pregnant all by themselves!

    Ah. Yes. So? I said:
    “Unlike the Left, we don’t have a fixation on someone’s sexual activities unless they choose to make a political issue out of it.”

    If a lady wants to sleep with a zillion men we don’t care. Please show me some links where this has been legislated by the Right.

    If she chooses to use abortion as a contraceptive that is a wholly different matter. Now she is choosing to murder a baby for the sake of convenience.

    You are probably not aware that lots of women that do that regret it the rest of their lives.

    You know that funerals are held for still-born babies?

  • reddarin

    It is much easier to read your posts if you stop using BOLD for everything. That is almost as hard on the eyes as all caps.

  • Niniane

    Haven’t yet seen one of those linky things from you yet to back up anything you spout.

  • reddarin

    >she often reads the book of Esther to her daughter Piper at bedtime.

    Uh huh. If she read Piper the Goldilocks story then we must take that to mean that she thinks of herself as Goldilocks.

    That is proof positive for sure.

    Everything else at that link is *other* people comparing her to Ester.

    I get compared to Adonis all the time. That doesn’t mean I think of myself as Adonis.

    >Bailey writes Palin

    “Bailey’s book, entitled “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin,” was co-written with Ken Morris, described as a former Wall Street executive, and Jeanne Devon, who publishes the anti-Palin web site Mudflats.”

    No ax to grind there huh.

    >There is little doubt that Sarah Palin considers

    “True believers view the world differently. They live in a different reality-one that is dangerous to humankind and Planet Earth.”

    So, lemme get this straight. A former Christian that is now an atheist believes that religion is evil and a curse on the world. He believes no religious person should be in Office. He thinks badly of Palin and, although she isn’t his psychiatric patient, his psychoanalysis is that she is a kook. Hmmm.

    That is the best you can do? I commend you on your bravery in posting those links.

  • Guest

    Liberals have absolutely no standards, no shame, no conscience, no soul, no respect, no integrity, no intelligence, no intellect, no decency, and they are the epitome of Arrogance, Stupidity, and Hypocrisy.. so why should anyone expect anything other than that, from them.. And they are without a doubt, the most vile, repulsive, repugnant, and despicable, sad and pathetic creatures, on planet earth, next to cochroaches.. It’s so hard to tell the difference..

  • KnownUnknowns

    First of all, why the obscenities ?? Are you in 3rd grade ?

    I highly doubt succesful people like George Soros rely on your ilk for his wealth. How exactly is a self-made man with billions in net worth considerd the leader of the “parasitic class” ??? See how stupid you sound ?

    This is why debating your side is impossible. You start all arguments with your head up your ass and it goes downhill from there as you demean and humiliate anyone who has any opinion differing in any way from your extremist point of view.

    I’m just here to return the favor ….. you’re welcome…. dickwad

  • hooy

    oboma couldn’t

  • wildwilly360

    This man is Obamas God.I wouldn’t doubt that Holder, Obama and Soros share a tube of KY every now and then. Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote for George Soros!

  • reddarin

    >First of all, why the obscenities

    It is like there is a room of teenagers playing WoW that all take turns using the Klowncho account.

  • kid7


  • kid7

    they are to afraid

  • kid7

    he is behind it all do not underestimate this dangerous man

  • kid7

    he claims he is the messiah he said this

  • kid7

    he did refer himself as a messiah listen to one of his interviews we need to spread the word about this man he has had 4 secert meetings with bambi makes me wonder whos running the white house

  • kid7

    in the flesh

  • kid7

    better than a george soros follower

  • kid7

    people there is no reason to argue bottom line is this george soros is a very dangerous man EVIL IF YOU WILL he is a atheist,born to jewish parents but turn his own people into concentration camps he has broke the banks in several countries started up rising in middle east he wants a one world government a one world money folks this is pure prophesy ask yourself who does he worship not MY GOD IN HEAVEN AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST we need to put away our petty difference and spread the word on george soros. i am reading and listening to him every chance i get he dangerous. yes his visa should be revoked in the USA but that will never happen number 1 he loves bambi because bambi is just a puppet on a string we must all stick together and inform the people who have never heard of this man what kind of evil man he is. i will look him in his face and tell him get the hence behind me satan for thou shall worship the LORD THY GOD AND HIM SHALT THOU ONLY SERVE. FOR HE WHO IS IN ME IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD. IN JESUS NAME.

  • chaucer222

    Getting back to Soros. What’s wrong with his helping bring former communist countries into the main stream of the world economy? He made a fortune by being a operating within the capitalist system, who on the right hasn’t? He’s helped promote cause that help people that have less money that he. What’s your problem?

  • patriciamae

    whoa! ain’t that somethin’ from the bible?

  • patriciamae

    is this paranoia?

  • patriciamae

    I think she meant for you to provide the link

  • patriciamae

    sounds soooo righteous too!

  • patriciamae

    I like it that someone in this comedy knows how to spell

  • patriciamae

    AMEN you tell ‘m annie

  • reddarin

    patriciamae I do hope you saw my reply to Ann about Palin and the links Ann provided.

    That was righteous :)

  • Robert Laity

    Soros and Obama are BOTH Criminals,both in the same cabal.

  • Robert Laity

    Obama and Soros both have that “Nose in the Air” look down pat.

  • Boz

    so he’s a friend of the Bush’s??? you know the Nazi supporters….

  • Garwoodv6

    Liberals are like cockroaches… shine the lights on them and watch them run!

  • Garwoodv6

    Yes, Soros IS a demigod, in his mind and the minds of his followers. Like satan himself, his followers are all too happy with their POV to ever be able to look beyond and recognize the errs of their way. At least until it is too late for them.
    It is up to us to keep from falling victim to their misdeeds

  • NoMorePC

    To Hell with “Political Correctness” and so called “International Law”.., put simply a “Sanctioned Cleansing/ Purification” of this “Two-Legged BEAST” be initiated to “TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE” this earthly Problem along anyone and ALL his Associates and Supporters and make it happen as of yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuvraj Singh

    Personally, I respect Soros. As for “when he gave over his fellow Jews to the Nazis”, it was a deliver or be killed situation.

  • BGen_Peter_F_Steele_USMC_Ret

    Bill Clinton is a traitor and betrayed the Vietnam Veterans and I have a thing about USMC firing squads to execute traitors. Dad and I were never fellow travelers to communism and socialism. I have the politically incorrect guide to Karl Marx Socialism

  • coastx

    Soros may be dangerous for another reason as well.  He issues from London in the mix with the Vatican and DC Neos what triangulated power structure is occult, legislatively corrupt and attempts to put God consciousness under the direct control of a NWO religious leader.  You will have to study this on your own to understand the implications for this type of a leadership model.  Also, Soros may be involved in the abduction of US citizens harvested for ritual sacrifice in the UK, which I am saying he is the sociopath that orchestrated the abductions Meagan Maxwell and Holly Bobo, which is the tip of the ice berg.  These circumstances also involve BP/Whiting, Monsanto and Tennessee government in activities that are entirely internationally criminal and at the will of Soros himself, and having TBI and the governor overseeing these affairs is like putting a John Wayne Gacy cohort in charge of a teen group.  It’s surprising that people are so easily fooled.

  • JayMagoo

    Except that Soros was born in 1930 and much too young. This is typical of the lies the right wing smear machine spreads — pure fantasy.

  • reddarin

    Hey, don’t let your ignorance on the issue stop you from speaking out and calling other people names.

    You wouldn’t be a liberal otherwise.

    He admitted it himself on 60 minutes in 1998 in an interview with Steve Kroft. Google it.

  • mgeor5

    Bringing down Bush would have saved many lives. If there was ever an evil duo it was Bush and Cheney. All you pointed head republicans must love this economic recession,(caused by that duo) where the conglomerates are making obscene profits, and the herd are kept quiet by bread and circuses,(not too much bread these days, but the NFL and MLB are serving up the circus part) only moving to apply for work with another hundred candidates. If this guy has the chutzpah to manipulate the system and spend the profits on social programs, more power to him. Communism failed and so has capitalism. The only thing that the trough eaters in Washington care about, is getting reelected to the most exclusive club in the world where they have medical benefits, limousines, government sponsored trips for FACT FINDING at of course the most expensive hotels available, all paid for by the above mentioned herd or by the corporate sponsors who have bought and paid for their vote. A government is gauged by how well it takes care of its people, and unfortunately the United States falls short in many categories, while our lawmakers pander to the corporate deep pockets to enable their opulent lifestyle


    Republicans are right, Republicans are wrong.
    Democrats are right, Democrats are wrong.
    We must be conservative to protect our way of life and values.
    We must be liberal to excite change and be open minded to possibilities.

    Both ideals scare me. So… which road does one take?
    Maybe we should just focus on what’s wrong and what’s right. But not everyone agrees with what is wrong and what is right. I guess I’m back to square one. 

  • Guest

    The only man with the balls to put this man is his place is Dr. Ron Paul.

  • goodbishopgonebad

    I’m doing my research to find out more about Mr. Soros and Rebelyell makes this claim

    .His organizations, those we don’t know about, have to be ivolved in
    some real shady dealing. They also have to have been sround for many
    years. If the dealings are basicly shady, then both foreign and domestic
    investigative bodies should have found something to hang him with.

    Rebel if we don’t know about them how do we know they are shady? I always get to the party too late

  • SamanthaRogers

    Wow, I could simply reverse the names and this would perfectly describe the tactics of the republicans every time they have faced a democratic president or congress. Look at the tea baggers today. They refuse to give an inch on anything. Rather it is the democrats who regularly offer compromise.
    As to Soros, he is no different from the Koch brothers and other rich right wing contributers trying to swing politics their way. 
    What this country really needs is a pair of constitutional amendments. One that would exempt campaign finance from free speech provisions allowing it to be regulated thus denying both sides access to the corrupting power of money. The other would strip corporations of their status as “individuals” (corporations cannot serve in the military marry, produce children or vote, so why should they be allowed the legal status of “individuals”?)
    Get the money out of politics so we can all get our country back.

  • HendersonCY

    Meredith, I really hope you are misinformed. Sharifov is corrupt! He’s been getting kickback money through Asian Development Bank and is seriously mismanaging the State Oil Fund. Where are you coming up with this???

  • walkingeagle069

    hmm, Ms. Grant, i doubt that you have (at heart) Ever BEEN Correct, politically or otherwise. do you even read enough to have an informed opinion ? i think not, and even if you did, you would still let the Hate filled, intolerant, and extremely narrow minded views of a miserable few people do your thinking for you. that much is evident from your wanting to throw anybody out of (and i quote) “OUR political process”…. really ??? is that how you really think Ms. Grant ? i personally don’t much care for Mr. Soros, but i am an American, not a freeking NAZI… is there anybody else on your list of people who don’t Belong in YOUR AMERICA ?… you have some nerve pointing the finger at others and proclaiming them “Communist”(although being one is NOT illegal), who at least are taking part in our political process. and one of the Beauties of our political process is that you have the freedom to oppose whomever’s views you disagree with, as well as having the Freedom to Leave America if you so choose. but let me express that you Ms. Grant, are a Tragically poor Representative of our Core Freedoms in America. we as Americans do not point the finger and blame one person, or minority, for our country’s Woes, and then run them out. (or hey, maybe you would prefer Concentration Camps) do you see that the kind of thinking that you are advocating is in exact opposition of a Free Society ?…. no, you probably Don’t…(or Won’t) like i said before, i don’t much care for many of Mr Soros’s Views, BUT i respect his freedom to have them, and since, despite the accusations of his opposition, the Feds has not locked him up for any criminal activity (and believe me, they would not Hesitate) that means he is as WELCOME as you or me, in our Great COUNTRY. so i submit to you, the fact that since the rest of us must Tolerate you and those of your ilk… (although for the Record, i detest cross burning lynch mobs) maybe Ms Grant, you should consider the Unbelievable amount of Blood Spilled, and loved ones Buried Six FEET DOWN, that made the Ultimate Sacrifice, to preserve our Constitution (and please you ignorant woman, read or re-read the constitution, all of it ! READ IT for yourself, with an open heart and mind) our Constitution is not exclusive, it is ALL INCLUSIVE. it is a Guarantee that you can at least try pursue your ideals, and Rally For them !.. HOWEVER,its not a Guarantee that you will succeed. God Bless America and those who Died for it ! (its probably likely that you would not like me Ms Grant, and i Don’t care for your type either, but i would never advocate that you should not be a part of our Democracy Ms Grant… if you want to be an American, then Bless your Soul, you are one….. do you see what i’m saying?… or Rather,.. WILL YOU ?) Bless us ALL.

  • walkingeagle069

    you, … are Correct ! (a brilliant and astute observation.)

  • walkingeagle069

    Rob, The last line of your statement, is pure Gospel… let it ring out loud and clear !

  • WranglerRob

    When Soros first came on the world scene, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, the media touted him as a wealthy Romanian industrialist.

    Really?  During the reign of the Soviets, were there ANY wealthy industrialists?

    In the early 2000s, I Googled him for any connection with the KGB.  There was not ONE hit.  Now there are thousands. This is a huge red flag – someone was covering for him and simply could not keep it up.

    My suspicion is that he was an operative of the Soviet Union who was carefully educated to play the stock market.  He made millions for his Soviet handlers while learning how to manipulate the market by cornering commodities; buy low, sell high, take your profits, then step back when the price plummets.  The Hunt brothers did the same thing with silver and spent quite awhile in jail to ponder their error. Soros learned to stay under the radar.

    Then when the wall fell, he was left holding the bank accounts that previously belonged to the Soviets.

    Suddenly he is the 37th wealthiest man in the world and his mission to destroy western governments continues.  Otherwise, the KGB remnant would have taken him out when he appropriated the money for himself.

    There is a plan, a motive, and a continuing junta (OK, bureau – as in the old Politburo) behind Soros.

    And, surprise, surprise, through Soros, they are funding the American Communist Party (aka the Democratic Party) to take down the USA by bankrupting us.

    I admit this is my speculation, based on a lifetime of observing the commies. 

    This is a clue!  Anyone want to research this more deeply?

  • galati

    to bad he lives next door from me, he makes me sick

  • Ghorns

    Henderson, it is public knowledge that the Obama Administration has been open
    with President Aliyev regarding their desire for him to appoint Samir Sharifov to
    Prime Minister – even bribing him with more funds through the Agency for
    International Development. You’re right that Sharifov has a track record of corruption
    – explains why Obama and people like George Soros are so attracted to him!

  • david hicks

    Whewww! I’m dizzy from readin’ all dis intellectual one-up-manship.  Seems all you folk got de degree in assrashin’ from de finest institutes of higher lernin’ in ‘merica. I sho’ couldn’t play srabble wid you. Back in de day…way back in de day all dis booshit be handled in de nite and come monin’ every thang be all good again. Bring back de good ole days…I’m just sayin’

  • reddarin

    Ah. The ever popular fake hick writing. That *never* gets old and it is always a knee slapping example of humor.

  • mrfrotter

    Thanks for the information G – I don’t see too much harm from appointing sharifov to the prime minister role since it’s basically a ceremonial position, I believe. But if I’m correct, the prime minister takes over as president if Aliyev were to pass. If that were to happen while Sharifov were prime minister, I suppose that would make Azerbaijan a new hand puppet regime for Soros to control

  • Marxist Socialist Liberal

    You people are all nutjobs

  • Pmacaiman

    There’s very few holes left to fill in Wrangler Rob. We know from his own admission he worked for the National Socialists (Nazi) before being submerged by the Red Army. Surely the KGB was looking for up and comers with a good score card. Your education theory fills the bill and accounts for the sudden appearence of a “wealthy” busniessman in the wreckage of a communist state. His continuing employ by the same gentry explains why he’s still breathing. He’s been very good at breaking us. Fine job, WB

  • Dan Galluzzo

    I guess you wouldn’t call Hitler any names either. This guy is worse, he tries to strangle whole countries. If he travels to France he will be arrested. We allow these people consideration that they do not allow you. He would destroy all of the things you mentioned about the Constitution and you don’t think that it can be called sedition and being a traitor?  Wake up. while you play being nice, he’s coming for your children…..legalizing drugs, reducing them to third world citizens and making us under control of others whom you can’t name because it would be name calling. Up against the wall with him and his minions.

  • Kit OathKeeper Crider

    No, it was the GAY population that IGNORED the AIDS epidemic and continued to practice unsafe sex despite the warnings of the dangers of doing such.  And those warnings are STILL being ignored today as evidenced by the spread of the disease among the gay community.

  • patfo49

    You are as sick as Soros. The United States government is not supposed to “take care of its people” financially. Also, you don’t mention Obama and the dept he has piled on this country! It is sad when so many people are so jealous of people who have made it in the greatest country in the world. Sad, sad, sad!! You deserve George Soros!!!!


    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

  • oneforalll

    If you had half a brain you’d see Obama inherited this ridiculous debt and a war that keeps on taking money, lives, and resources. The only people making money are the Haliburton’s of the world and dumb asses like you who enable them to piss on our heads and tell us it is raining. I am not saying Obama is great but I am saying put blame where blame is due. Obama bailed out the elitist groups with tons of money and supposedly they would magically create jobs for Americans (He was pandering to the Republican way of thinking) As you can plainly see all the money went into the corporate pockets and no new jobs were created by large corporations. They merely lined their chief officers pockets and shored up their bottom line. If we gave them more tax incentives (as the republicans put it) they will do the same thing. Keep the money, improve their stock positions, and create a few more jobs in 3rd world countries. This country is in sad shape and mostly because everyone rich or poor is out for me me me. No one cares about their neighbor or anyone else. This country is in a sad state and will remain there possibly until it falls apart from greed and corruption and a totally divided nation as is evident by the voting.

  • reddarin

    Wow. So that is how someone sounds that listens exclusively to Rachel Maddox and Keith O. with a sprinkling of the MSM. Scary stuff.

  • urbsdetector

    Once again…when truth and logic resort to name calling like a three year old in desperate need of a lesson in social interaction. I suggest that you  stop speaking as though you know what you are talking about. A government is not gauged by how well it takes care of its people. Government is judged by how it responds to the will of the people in accordence with its constitution or laws. Goverment provides, or should provide, the atmosphere for its citizens to excell at what they do. People did not unite to form America so that everyone could be taken care of. They united to remove oppressive government from the backs of those who lived here. Capitalism is the only thing that provides jobs for the masses. That is precisely why Communism and Socialism failed. You can’t take from one and give to another without destroying the will to work and excell from the very people who are providing work and prosperity for others. This redistribute mentality leads to the downfal of all who have tried it.  Get off your “give me” high horse and start working for what you want. If you can’t figure out how, educate yourself until you can. I give to charities and always will, but I refuse to let others take what I have worked for. And if you think America falls short then move to a place where you think you would be happier. You will not be missed here and more than likely will not be welcome there.

  • reddarin

    >Give me your tired

    A great poem

    It is funny though, I don’t see a thing about ‘come here illegally, don’t integrate, suck up welfare goodies’.

  • reddarin

    Public education is a frightening thing these days.

  • urbsdetector

    Your ability to swear and use left wing talking points is impressive. I’m sure that your anger and outrage will win followers of a like mind set, but will almost certainly repulse everyone else. Give me facts. Not one sided opinion and then I might concur with you on some point. Otherwise your indignation is going to fall of deaf ears as simple ranting.

  • urbsdetector

    Very well said!

  • kelander396

    Please allow me to introduce myself, Im a man of Wealth and Fame–But while Hustling you is the nature of my game…I rode the tanks in the General’s rank, while the Blitzkrieg burned, and the bodies stank…


    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
    from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of
    them.”–Thomas Jefferson

    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess
    the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its
    experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”–Samuel Adams, 1776

  • doug tauber

    The gist of your reasoning is, he’s dangerous because he gives money to left leaning organizations. eg. Media Matters (which, BTW, shows video clips of right wing pundants contradicting themselves. That’s called exposing hypocrisy not “hyperventilating”) so now my question is, Why are the Koch brothers not dangerous when support right wing organizations?

  • mrfrotter

    See look…we’re not the only one coming up with this. Even Forbes has an article reporting on Soros’ political activity in Azerbaijan. Soros is definatley doing Obama’s bidding over there. Feel free to read about it, I don’t have the link to the Forbes article but it was called something like “Are George Soros’ Billions Compromising U.S. Foreign Policy”

  • VoteLoud

    Are they trying to undermine the Free Market and the Constitution of the United States, or do you just play lip service to Soros’ Marxist dogma?

  • PaterikT

    It’s time to rid the world of dangerous A-Holes like this cloacina of all the depravities of human nature! He should be hunted down, taken out and strung up from a tree, doused with gas, and set aflame! Even this is far too merciful a death for this scum who feast nightly on, in and with the contents of cesspools the likes of which currently occupy the White House!

  • Dærk Skull

    Soros is a SERIOUS MONSTER!! Philanthropist — in his case — means little more than a “brain-washed bag of money”. Money can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. So, take away his money and thusly remove his influence and power.

  • Dærk Skull


  • Joe Fields

    If You had half a brain you would know that even though Obama DID inherit a “bad hand” from Bush, He has made things Worst. Instead of playing that hand well, he has spent more than All presidents before him put together, add it up! All of his actions, from his Czars to the taking over of private business ie. GM etc. The Fast and Furious debacle, etc. I could go on and on. But, if you hav’nt figured it out by now, you never will! And you talk about war? Why did’nt your dear leader Stop the war like he said he would?

  • Foxynene

    mgeor5 your idiot you need to learn more the fact before blaimming George Bush and Cheney. Democrat destroy this country because a lot of stupids American believe them just like you. Learn your history and the people you vote before put them in power. Search these people Goggle and select  WIKIPEDIA.ORG Chris Dodds (Democrat) the one who made a stupid bill to benefit himself and his wife. His greedy, selfish  and corrupt politics and the reason why a lot of American lost their home. Barney Frank Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, John Paulson Democrat. AMERICAN are responsible for life. A lot of American make bad choices for keep borrowing money from the bank even though they know they cannot afford to pay it back by using their credit card and file bankruptcy so that they don’t pay it back. American keep borrowing money from their home equity and spent it stupidly and just left their house when they cannot afford to pay it no more or lost their job because Democrat making stupids regulation that small businesses lost their business.

  • Foxynene

    oneforalll your idiot Obama did not inherited American debt he just continue putting this country more in debt because of stupid American like you vote him. Research and learn more the real fact. The man who responsible for destroying our mortgage industry are Chris Dodds (Democrat), John Paulson Democrat, George Soros the number one supporter of Democrat and stupids American like you that let Democrat manipulate you.  

  • mgeor5

    If you truly believe that this or any government reacts to the will of the people, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona that might interest you. No matter which party is in power they only react to one thing and that is how much they can gather together for the individual members to be reelected to that exclusive club. I quote Mayer Rothschild who said
    ” Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.”
    I have lived and worked under a number of different types of government and came to this country thirty years ago with my degrees and specialized training gained in Europe. I have raised my family here who now have their degrees and doing well. When I came here it truly was the place of opportunity and I prospered, but in the last ten to fifteen  years this country has been ruled by rogues and incompetents. How can a political party be taken seriously when it is hijacked by another bunch of rogues from the religious right or the union left.
    The banks , the insurance companies and the conglomerates run this country and the trough eaters in Washington and other state capitols vote exactly as they are told to vote by their masters.
    One more thing, while you may disagree with my thinking it does not give you the right to attack me personally. You don’t know me well enough to have an opinion of me or what my background is. Try joining a debating society for further instructions on this matter. This message is also for Foxynene

  • urbsdetector

    Well good gosh. You are so correct. There should be no name calling. The fact is I said you should stop “acting” like a child. And I said that Government “should” provide the atmosphere for its citizens to excel at what they do. You have the nerve to tell others they can’t say anything about you after you call all Republicans “Pointed Head” and classify everyone in Washington as “Trough Eaters”? Then you wish Mr. Soros well in his quest to bankrupt another economy!!!!  You personally attack everyone but cry foul if it comes back to you. I stand by my first comment. And what’s more, debating you would be no task as debating does not allow the nyaa, nyaa defense. Now take your degrees and go to work for one of the evil companies that provide an opportunity for you to put bread on the table or return to bankrupt Europe. But if you wish to stay here I suggest you read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers to understand why this nation was created and how it should work.

  • Josh Hixon

    You have been drinking the Soros tea mgeor5… Bush and Cheney are an evil duo? What lives did your Messiah save? Obama has performed more drone strikes, continued the wars PLUS he unilaterally decided we needed to overthrow a gov’t and install a Muslim Extremist set of laws in Libya. We are now deployed in Africa to surround his family in Kenya (look it up). I agree with most of the second half of your post, ALL politicians only care about their office. They will do whatever is necessary to stay in that position that is why I HOPE Cain makes it as the Nominee, I DO NOT want one of these lifelong Politicians in the Office again. I want someone the exact opposite of Obama, I want experience in something other than College.

  • Josh Hixon

    Problem being that the people in charge in our country are ALL funded by this Criminal, try getting an actual trial.

  • Josh Hixon

    Start talking about actual influential countries and then I would care… Well… He funded ACORN, got Obama elected… The rest is history, like the USA, History.

  • Josh Hixon

    I didn’t want to devote the amount of time necessary to read your whole post Mr. Eagle but I think you missed the point and went on a rant, that is where you lost me. Soros SHOULD be removed from our Political Process, not that he shouldn’t be allowed a vote, he shouldn’t be allowed to form MULTIPLE organizations with a sole purpose of cheating the American People out of a fair election. ACORN created thousands (that we know of) of fake people 5-10-15 living at the same address… Sounds highly illegal but there was only $775k in fines? Now honestly I do not believe that McCain is/was actually a Republican, he is a Rhino, he is a career politician and has been bought so many times he doesn’t know which way to vote.. . . Nevermind, you won’t understand.

  • PatDog

    Your screen name suggests otherwise, comrade.

  • Kinigget

    It really didn’t take long to fulfill Godwins law here at all did it?  Also, I love the fact that most of the ten reasons given for Soros being dangerous have to do with the simple fact that he leans to the left politically and takes action accordingly.  If those are the criteria for being a dangerous person allow me to submit to you a few of my own:  Karl Rove, Dick Army, and the Koch brothers.  All four of these people have done almost the exact same things Soros is accused of having done (FreedomWorks, Americans For Prosperity, Etc.)  The difference?  They support conservative causes, which appears to be enough to get them a free pass

  • Kinigget

    Let me ask you this:  Why do you hold the Free Market as sacred?  And why do you see attempts to address economic injustice as efforts to undermine said Free Market?

  • Kinigget

    Wait, wait,  Bush Jr. was a RINO?  Since when?  Not to mention Bush Sr.  What then do you see as a “true republican”?

  • Kinigget

    Pot, I would like you to meet my friend kettle.

    The current set of republicans in congress have been dead set against getting anything useful done since the day they took office.

  • Aster1

    While I’d agree with your assessment of many in Washington, and their motivations, and while I didn’t agree with President Bush’s stand on spending & Immigration, I would say that you may have many things a bit out of place with reality.  1st off, I’m really happy that we had President Bush & VP Cheney running the show when 9/11 happened.  We would have been  in very deep Do-Do if Al Gore had been President.

    Most importantly, the notion about Government gauged on how well it helps its people is 180 out of sync, although popular with people that don’t feel they can, or want to take care of themselves properly.  On of the best things the President Kennedy ever said was of course, “Ask NOT what your Country can do for YOU, Ask what YOU can Do for your Country.”  Learn it, Live it, Love it or find a nicer place like Canada, China, Middle East, or Europe to enjoy and take care of you and others that believe that Progressive & Socialist notion.

  • Aster1

    Just reading things for the 1st time and it seems to me that no one attacked you PERSONALLY.   Your notions & beliefs were brought under the gun however.  That’s what I care about.  I use to be a flaming Liberal (back in the 70′s and I was too young to know which side was up).  Got out of the working over from Public schools & College and started working.  I grew up, found out more each year what worked & what doesn’t.  Slowly developed and understanding for Conservatism and how it grew the USA and other countries to greatness and I embraced it.   Socialism & Liberalism just DON’T work, period.   I had always heard that one definition of Insanity was when you expect a different outcome from the say actions.  40-50 yrs of “Taking Care of the PEOPLE” has put us right into the mess (about 10 yrs behind say England (yeah my Roots are English/Scottish back 3 generations). 

    It’s a nice smokescreen to fall back on with claiming attack, but your belief system was the only thing I read attacked.  I can agree with reining in the wrongs of this country and holding Gov, Corp. & people to the same “Do what’s good for the Country & Growth” notion for all.  I can & will & have given the shirt off my back to help other help themselves or when they have had a bump take them off course.  But, never will I just help people anymore that are able to help themselves and WON’T by their decisions.

  • bjpowellalamo

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of
    other people’s money.”

    Margaret Thatcher


    Jefferson once said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, but
    when the government fears the people there is liberty.” 

  • bjpowellalamo

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of
    other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher


    Jefferson once said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, but
    when the government fears the people there is liberty.” 


    “All that is
    necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  — Edmund Burke

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we
    falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  • Marxist Socialist Liberal

    Satire beyond you eh?

  • TERBE39

    I do not understand why Obama hasn’t been impeached and George Soros tried and convicted of treason. He is no more than a trouble maker for the United States and has Obama for his puppet.

  • james perrino

    Amen to that!!!! He’s bad for this country and the world.. And the worst thing is, he’d sell out Israel and the Jews (his own people) in a heartbeat!! He’s the most dangerous man alive..

  • james perrino

    VERY WELL SAID!!!!!!!! I love how the left speaks of equality and freedom.. their “gODFATHER” is an evil slave master that is using them to set up a new world order!! Soros is pure EVIL

  • james perrino

    Bush and Cheney are all on the same team as Soros… Look at what Bush did before he left office… He started writing out the bailout checks to all the banks, Chrysler and GM… When Obama took over he just kept writing checks also… Besides I don’t need government to take care of me!!! I work and take care of myself. Yes we do need welfare for those that REALLY need it.. but besides that government is only good for taking care of the Highways, Military, Police and Court System.. HAHAHA and they can’t even do that right… Both sides, democrats and republicans are in bed together!!! It’s all smoke and mirrors on TV my friend.

  • William Key

    Check out what Soros
    did in Georgia. Follow what he’s doing in Azerbaijan with Samir Sharifov. A recent Forbes
    article states it bluntly: “Georgia’s opposition Labor Party leader,
    Shalva Natelashvili, contends that “Effectively, George Soros is the president
    of Georgia, whereas [President] Saakashvili and [Prime Minister] Zurab Zhvania
    are his governors. ”

  • Joy

    You should see what
    he’s doing behind the scenes with samir sharifov in azerbaijan. He’s going to
    cause some serious unrest over there. 
    Read all about it at forbes:

  • google

    Hi all, very lively debate….
    I have spent two decades in Europe and two decades in the USA, I have worked and gone to school/college in both. I am not a democrat or a republican since clearly both are corrupt.
    Because of the intense divide in this country about whether left or right is the way to go I decided to put together a sort of score sheet considering, among others, the following:

    - The freedom to do what you want without hurting others.
    - Level of Corruption in Government.
    - The lifespan of the people.
    - The level of crime and murders.
    - Average standard of living, materially.
    - Overall happiness with ones life.
    etc etc….

    I suppose others may have a different idea of what a healthy country is but most people I have spoken to tend to agree that these are major factors. Most of these things are all tracked closely by a number of organizations, please look it up for yourselves.

    On almost all points Europe appears to win out. They live longer, are far freer in their daily lives, have less corruption, a fraction of the US murder rate, and are overall happier.

    One area where it is a close call is with some of the crime statistics, not counting murders which are multiple times worse in the US.

    The USA does win one category: Material wealth.
    We have more TV’s and Cars than any other country.

    So I guess it comes down to what one considers important.
    When I was younger and less mature, like my own children are now, material goods were intriguing.
    However, after having had the many TV’s and the BMW and the nice house it clearly only bought me a false sense of happiness. One, two or three TV’s no longer matter much. Fancy car or regular car has lost it’s meaning because it ultimately doesn’t have any meaning, to me anyway.

    Lastly, for those who care to look at the Christian viewpoint, Jesus spent his time with the poor, not the rich. He said the rich are very unlikely to go to heaven. He preached compassion for, and helped, those who were in need. He did not say, it’s your own fault that you were born poor and that you don’t know how to improve your situation.
    He showed the way from a self centered material focus to spiritual growth and compassion for others, a path I personally believe we are all destined for, we just don’t all get there at the same speed. As a person matures in the deepest sense, material goods beyond food, water and shelter mean very little. Those of you who have experienced intense suffering and how it can force amazing personal growth will certainly know what I mean. 

    I hope no one feels the need to flame me, I am not trying to tell anyone what to think nor do I feel obligated to defend anything, I am just sharing my experience with living in both places and the research that I did as well a few personal views.

  • maria dina

    The American Dream allows us the freedom to become who and what we want to be…not to be dependents of the government…that is Socialism. We all need a hand up sometimes, but we shouldn’t be kept down by government programs. And while we bicker back and forth, we need to worry less about the candidates and what party they represent, and focus on what they are likely to do if elected. Please stop trying so hard to prove you’re right, or he’s wrong. The big picture is’ are we better off with 4 more years of the same? Or, do we think someone else can do a better job? The reality is, the media is controlled by powerful people, with deep pockets. They are sowing the seeds of discontent, and causing us to fight against eachother. We need to recognize this for what it is, a strategic ploy!
    Our future, and our children’s future depends upon us thinking clearly, and rationally…and making wise decisions. Vote your conscience, not a party!!!

  • 848484



  • Donald Bly

    Those Frenchies were pretty smart putting that on the Statue of Liberty before giving it to the US…  The poor all came here instead of France…

  • Winston Lee

    yeah—-I don’t know why we don’t arrest and detain him for economic terrorism.  Truly.

  • Winston Lee

    The degreee…I mean Soros is known for breaking the Bank of England…..messing with currencies to break the currencies in many countries….I could understand it if he were 20 years younger…but he’s 81 years old….why isn’t he playing Parchesi somewhere?

  • Winston Lee


  • RevolutionRenegade

    And so most of you fall prey to the plan to keep you ignorant. All these polarised posts about democrats and republicans, communism and capitalism.

    To begin you cannot hope to understand what is going on if you don’t understand the basic principles. Communism is NOT the polar opposite of capitalism. It is not capitalism that has made America great. What made America great in the past was democracy – one man one vote. Communism is the polar opposite of democracy. Socialism is the polar opposite of capitalism. The problem so many people have is that they equate communism with socialism and democracy with capitalism but just as communism is not the same thing as socialism so democracy is not the same thing as capitalism.

    The problem in America as in the rest of the world really boils down to human nature and the ease with which we can be motivated/controlled by greed and fear. Capitalism exploits our greed whilst socialism exploits our fear.

    The problem with Soros on the left is mirrored by Murdoch on the right. Doubtless many other names could be added but the real problem is the distorted voice these men have in the democratic process. Fundamentally democracy fails when it is made a servant to money and power and that is exactly what happens when political donations are made. Mainstream media reports on this problem without actually addressing it head on when commentators talk of a candidates chances being slim because they lack a sufficiently large war chest or financial backer.

    It is delusional to think that either major party will deliver a better America when they are beholden to their respective financiers. Just like the boards of public companies serve themselves over their shareholders so politicians serve themselves and their paymasters over the electorate. It makes no difference which side of politics they come from.

    The whole Bush/Chaney (I prefer to say Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove) vs Obama is a furphy. Cheney is a blatant manipulator and IMHO the power behind the throne but Obama is an empty vessel. Where Cheney manipulated the country into war and much besides to fill his pockets and those of his superiors, Obama promised to end the war, close Guantanamo in his first year and do a host of other things he has failed to deliver on. Surprise, surprise!

    As to debt – that is a snowball that started rolling a long time ago. Whilst Obama has done nothing to fix it he was not its instigator. Obama will continue to increase US debt because he has too. At this point in history the US has to increase its debt every 90 days just to pay the interest bill on what it owes. The only solution to this is to increase taxes AND reduce spending. LOL I can hear the blood curdling screams from republicans (no tax increases – in fact give us cuts) and democrats (you can’t cut our programs – we need more). The alternative is default and only those of you who truly don’t understand what default would mean will say “bring it on”.

    Fundamentally capitalism has failed – not because its a bad system in and of itself but because the people using it (you, me, Soros, Murdoch, et al) are basically corrupt beings. Give us some money – we want more. Give us some power – we want more. How many yachts can we ski behind? As many as you can make. (Reference the movie “Wallstreet”). We are never satisfied, we never have enough, and in our endless quest for more we corrupt the institutions and ideals set out by our founding fathers. Sure it takes centuries but it is inevitable. The solution – revolution.

    (If you don’t think capitalism is corrupted in the US consider the 2008 bailouts. Trillions of dollars to bailout wall street and the banks. How much bailout money does the local drycleaner get if he bankrupts his small business? A system with these distortions is doomed to fail – its just a matter of when.)

    The US did it to break away from the increasingly corrupted British Empire. Eventually the American Empire will collapse like every empire before it and it looks like this or at least the next generation will have front row seats.

    Romans went through the same thing before their empire collapsed, looking to this one and that one to save them and fix the problems they faced.

    Probably in the 2012 election their is no candidate even running who will change the status quo but perhaps Ron Paul could be such a candidate. Of course he has no chance of actually winning his parties nomination so we will never know.

    I would like to think the system can renew itself without a major upheaval but history shows this is not how the world works.

    In the end it is democracy we should be fighting for – not necessarily capitalism.

  • Audra Couch

    Hello. You make some very interesting points, and I think you are very correct in your statement that capitalism is not what made America great in the past. I must disagree with you in your corollary statement that democracy IS what made America great. What made America great in the past is the simple truth that our nation and its people were built on a foundation of serving God and keeping His commands to the best of our ability. Our founding father’s built our government upon this principle, and democracy was its natural offspring. Democracy, however, is not now nor has it ever been our God. Slowly and steadily over the years we elected leaders and supported movements that placed greater importance on the individual person as master of his own domain and destiny, rather than relying on God. We have slowly allowed the erosion of so many fundamental virtues of a true Christian culture that fears the Lord and follows His commands only, a culture that knows how to be humble and submissive to the will of the Lord and to the authority of its own earthly leaders, that we have lost many of the blessings that God once bestowed upon us as a nation. 
    The USA is the only other nation in the world besides Israel that has ever built its government upon the will of God, and for that, we enjoyed the same blessings that the Lord has poured upon the tiny nation of Israel and it’s people for many thousands of years. Today, we have allowed the philosophy of “separation of Church and State” to be manipulated to the point where we are no longer even recognized as a nation of God. We are a nation that is only slightly predominately populated with people who like to fancy themselves Christians, but most of which have never read more than a few chapters of the Bible, could not accurately convey the gospel story to anyone and who may or may not even believe in fundamental truths such as the deity of Christ, the existence of hell and Satan or in the one true path to salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Instead they have constructed their own customized belief system that they pull off the shelf and dust off whenever it is convenient for them to do so. The rest of our nation is made up of many, including an alarming number of people in our new generation of youth and young adults, who consider themselves to be “more ‘spiritual’ than ‘religious’”; which basically means they have no real set of beliefs or convictions. Their morality is built on quicksand and shifts with the changing popular culture of the day. 
    The result of this degradation of fundamental knowledge of and submission to the Word of God and the Will of God in our nation can be seen all around. Our children are not allowed to learn about the God of the Bible – the creator of existence itself and the one who gave them their very soul. The institution of marriage, created and given to mankind by God, has become a farce. Today marriage is a little more than a preteen’s handwritten note that reads, “I like you. Do you like me? Check Yes or No”; only we attach jewelry to it as adults. The consequence of destroying this sacred covenant is seen by the financial and emotional turmoil that divorce leaves in the lives of the separated. None is more evident than the emotional devastation that it causes in the lives of children who must grow up in the wake of divorce. No one denies these consequences, but they are far more devastating than most realize. I speak from experience on this matter, as my wife and I were both divorced to others before we devoted our lives to the Lord. We feel the effects of that great sin every day. Now that homosexuality has become a mainstream part of our culture, marriage is under attack once again. It no longer resembles anything of what God intended it to be when He created it and gave it to us; the ones He created in His image. Our failed attempts to recreate our own concept of what a “family” means now has lead to more chaos and heartache for many. Teens are now taught that sex is completely natural and acceptable as long as you feel like you are in love with a person and you use protection. What is the result of this?? Abortion is now a form of birth control when birth control fails or is omitted altogether. Yes, the murder of millions of babies growing happily and healthy in their mothers’ wombs because someone made the decision to have sex outside of marriage and without the intent of producing children or a family. And just so no one has to feel bad about this, we made it “legal”, and labeled those that oppose it to be somehow against the concept of choice and freewill. For the record, we believe in personal choice and freewill up until the point in which it violates Gods commandments. That is what is meant be submissiveness to the Lord. That is what “not my will, but thine be done” means. That is what we mean when we pray, “Our Father, who art in Heaven…thy Kingdom come, thy WILL BE DONE..” Abortion is not the only problem that our liberal view on sex breeds, though. Sexually transmitted disease, unwanted children broken homes and broken hearts result as well. Its a dangerous cycle that makes it incredibly difficult for monogamy and trust to exist in a marriage; often leading to divorce….which leads to disillusioned and heartbroken children that grown into young adults that lack confidence in themselves, that lack any solid moral ideals and fall victim once more to the dangerous cycle of any combination of homosexuality, promiscuity, abortion, divorce or worse. 
    The fundamental problem is that we forgot as a nation that we were created in Gods image and placed here to serve the Lord. We forgot that God designed our bodies with a specific set of instructions for proper use and optimum enjoyment of them. We forgot that God created sex, and marriage and the miracle of our own human reproduction. We began to think that we created these things on our own….or that they simply happened by chance…so we can write our own set of instructions for their use. Sex? Anytime, anywhere…so long as you’re not a pedophile or a rapist (at least those are the current limitations). Marriage? If you feel like it, go for it! Do it in anyway you like! It doesn’t really mean anything anyway, right? You can easily undo it whenever you like and then do it all over again later with anyone else if you want. Abortion? Hey, we understand, accidents happen, right? Go ahead and get that little “problem” “taken care of”. It’s just a medical procedure anyway. You’re just removing a lifeless glob of cells the same way you’d remove a tumor if you had one. It’s not a baby until it’s “born” anyway! ( we may reserve the right to revise that statement if you actually don’t see it as a problem and want to keep it and it is “born” prematurely). 
    As a nation we have wholeheartedly rebuked our God, denounced his commandments, and rewritten our own laws. We worship ourselves. We worship those that are extremely wealthy and flaunt their elaborate riches for us on TV, and we covet their lifestyle. We worship those who use their God given talent to encourage us to do whatever feels good to us through music and art. After all, “there ain’t no other way, cause baby I was born this way”. It can’t be sin if we were just BORN THIS WAY, right? We worship our political parties that each promise to somehow improve our own personal levels of wealth and attainment, while only seeking to improve their own. We’ve become a nation of ME and not of God…so God has removed many of his blessings upon as a a nation. Personally, I think that the only thing that even remotely holds us together at all, rather than allowing the complete collapse of our entire government and society is our relationship and alliance with Israel; but that is something our current administration is threatening. This is something that this man, George Soros, and his financed president, Barak Obama (who I regrettably admit I was duped into voting for the first go around), would like to see happen. When that does happen, and I believe that it is inevitable, you will see the United States of America dissolve into some kind of federation of international nations. Our identity will be absorbed into this new world alliance and forgotten. We will no longer be a nation of God on any level, and soon become an enemy to Israel. When that happens, and I fear it is within my lifetime, look to the air because you will probably find Jesus coming to claim his church and anyone left behind that has not yet learned how to serve the Lord will soon learn the consequence of a life spent in service and worship of themselves. 

  • rjcollins

    A very insightful post.  Please take a look at Buddy Roemer as an alternative candidate who’s been excluded from Republican debates because he wants to talk about the money and the corruption.

  • Brent

    very well said there google… and I agree

  • elaine

    George Soros is not the problem! Newt Gingrich and the Evangelicals are!

  • CelestineC

    The comments here are all over the map and with good reason.  No one person has the entire picture.  Not even the elite targets of so many.  Not Soros, not any POTUS.  What Soros and the elites have is a more complete picture, nothing more.

     One thing that the elites have in common, and this might help some of you in your lives, is that they don’t believe in a god, any god.  None of us have seen acts of God or any evidence to the existence of a creator of the universe.  What we have seen are the acts of men both good and evil or what we interpret as those from our various perspectives and natural occurrences.  Thus we view what Soros does in this world as evil.  He however looks at his acts as god-like.  If man created “God” then he is correct in his stand.  Thus, he sees the evils of World War II as something that must simply be survived and learned from and he did just that.  He can seemingly turn on fellow Jews as he sees his Jewishness as coincidental and random, not a gift from a non-existent god.  Soros has not abandoned his human nature, his natural intuition, for man-made tribal law.  He has rolled back the intellectual clock and is functioning from a “survival of the fittest” perspective.  That makes many of you bristle.  You’ve been taught to hate that but deep inside your psyche your dormant intuition tells you he has the advantage.

    At some point in the human time-line, perhaps a number of points, “God” or “gods” became the catch all answer for phenomena yet unexplained.  For instance if a man could shake something and cause damage, then only a “super man” could shake the world causing damage.  Seismology and plate tectonics were yet unknown.  Thus within such narratives, gods entered into our world and likely at multiple points around the globe.  Gods evolved with their respective societies and the likes of human sacrifices eventually faded away.  Think about it!  That tribal wise-men inserted what we have accepted as moral behavior into religion/tribal law only helped to cloud the issue for successive generations and perpetuate the belief that God made man and not the reverse.

    What is taught in the halls of higher education are these concepts.  There is nothing known beyond this existence.  Tribal laws can be widely accepted, civil and moral but are nothing more than tribal laws.  Those holding strictly to tribal laws can be readily manipulated and often abused.  All of the elites know this and none of them believe in “God” despite pretense for political gain.  Not Soros, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton and certainly not the Kennedys.  Consider their actions, consider their consequences.  They have no fear of paying in a next life.  Many of you however are constricted in this, very likely your only life, by the false promise of a better “next” life.

    “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, render unto God that which is God’s”

    And with that one brilliant yet vile sentence, likely written by a Roman author (Josephus perhaps), modern man gave his material wealth and earthly power to the Roman elites for the promise of a better next life.

  • Don B

    George Soros didn’t go far enough in getting the Bush Gang removed from the White House.  Those bastards Bush and Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld should have their faces on post office walls.  I see where Cheney doesn’t think its safe to travel to Canada.  Maybe he thinks he’ll be kidnapped and taken to the Hague for a War Crimes trial.  The SOB couldn’t service his country during Vietnam but he sends everyone else’s spn and daughter to his illegal war!  No, George Soros has a more realistic view of the world than a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity–those are egomaniacs!

  • Gary

    Why has George Swartz(Soros) not been arrested and tried for nazi war crimes against his fellow Jews during WWII. The man turned in his fellow Jews to the nazis for monetary compensation. A man with no regard for other human lives.

  • Gary

    I suspected my first comment would be censored, it tells the truth about George Swartz.

  • Gary

    Well to my amazement, it was not censored.

  • Gary

    Keep drinking the coolaid Don

  • Breanna LaHoma Mitchell

    Actually…  The country wasn’t founded solely on Christian ideals.  If it was, we wouldn’t have the first amendment.  I think that if we respected people’s freedom of choice more, and letting them live with their own choices while holding them accountable for the bad things they do (especially, ESPECIALLY big business and lobbyists) the world would be a much better place.  The country doesn’t need Christianity.  It needs freedom, and that’s what is slowly being taken away from us.  I think that abortion should be legal, because miscarriages happen, and no one has to live with that choice but the mother.  Gays should be able to marry, because no one has to live with that choice but the ones getting married.  Live and let live — am I right, or am I right? 

  • Chris

     Wrong, George Bush r, inherited in 2006 the most liberal Democratic lead Congress in history. Prior to that the job market was flourishing just fine. Stop watching what Soros run media is telling you. Stay off msnbc, fox, cnn abc cnn, dig deep and you will find the trail all the way back to Soros as many of us already have. The key to this years elections is to take whatever control he has away. Remove Obama, remove Reed and Pelosi. That’s where it all began and until they are all gone, we will continue to plumet to 3rd world status very quickly.

  • Ole Jack

    Soros was not engaged in currency manipulation. You dont know much about finance. The Malaysian Prime Minister rescinded his accusation after realizing that Soros was only making attempts to realize his profits which he has previously speculated on. That is in fact the purpose of finance. To secure, trade, and insulate oneself with financial instruments. And the idea he was manipulating the sterling is a fucking joke. The UK had entered into the ERM and hence into an agreement to keep the sterling at or above a certain price, it was a fucking disaster of which no one but the UK government could have been blamed. What is killing the world, not just america, is a lack  of fucking science. What made America good was geography, a good constitution and innovation. What made America great was fucking science. From the Cold War . . .  and WWII. And now that we dont have to fight communism the republicans have become nothing but opportunist and religious zealots and the democrats are in love with their own image. No sense of objectivity anywhere. And for the record, most people who have created great careers by themselves, whether they be Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Milton Friedman, Henry Kravis or George Soros, have put an infinite amount more time and thought into life and what makes the world a better place than 90 percent of the people who write critical articles or comment on sophist editorials. Real criticism is not simply about deconstruction. And even it if were most of these bs articles would fail. 
    Have a nice day!

  • Charlie Robbins

    Come to find out that used to be right wing columnist Huffington is paid by Soros to spread his lies.  He can not possbly continue with his 501 tax exempt politics when Obama threatened to take it away from churchs that objected to abortion!  Soros objects to everything, even our Constitution!  Why is there a double standard for a guy who started out helping kill jews for Adolph Eichmann?

  • Martha Vineyards

    I thought that America was a Republic, not a Democracy!  Don’t you know the Pledge of Alligence? I hear so many intellectuals talk about Democracy…..and we are a form of it…but we are a Republic…not a Democracy..there is a difference……

  • Martha Vineyards

    Audra, You are so right!!!  I’ve been researching George Soros because he is the “mastermind” behind this whole OBAMA Administration…He’s the master puppeteer…And, Breanna who replied to you…well, she’s obviously someone who was duped into believing that it’s OK to abort precious life growing inside the womb…God knows the name of the baby way before it’s conceived…Of course she wouldn’t know this…she obviously doesn’t read her Bible…What she also doesn’t know is that in Matthew…there is references to the conditions that will be on Earth prior to his coming again!  When Isreal becomes a Nation (and it did in 1948 after the Jewish people were murdered and escaped to their homeland)…that this generation will not pass until they see the coming of the Son of God….That means, this generation…Now..this doesn’t mean we know the exact hour or day or year….it could be within the next few seconds of this typing, the next day, year….no one knows except God himself…But, in Matthew….Jesus said to “Watch and Pray” it says much more, but this is the main fact…It will be in our lifetime…look at the capability of Israel being attacked from forces with mighty armies (Revelation)…So, I always say…I believe, but other might say….they don’t…
    So, there is a saying…If there is no God…then there is no consequences…but if there is a God…(and just look around you! Yes, God exists and Jesus Christ is his Son!)…Then are you prepared?  Do you know if you will be going to Heaven?  There is an alternative, but you won’t like it…and it is as eternal as Heaven….P.S.  Don’t think for one moment that God will allow Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth…It just isn’t going to happen!  America may be…because America isn’t a Godly Nation…but I do believe that Jesus will come and take his own out of the equation before America will no longer exist…..I had always wondered why, when studying Revelation, there wasn’t any reference to America….I know now why…..America will either be destroyed or absorbed into the One World Government that elitist are trying to push down our throats…..either way…I don’t want to be here when that happens…And, if you actually know who the Anti-Christ is…then you’ve missed Jesus Second Coming…..

  • Martha Vineyards

    Bravo!  You are so right!!  I tell people…the unemployment has nearly trippled if you count those who no longer qualify for benefits and those who are under employed….and gas prices???  Way more than we should be paying…..and worse now than when Bush was in office….And, the Obamacare???  Don’t get me started!!!  There are so many I know that would love a job rather than a handout…but there just aren’t any because of all the red tape this Administrations has created…And, the icing on the cake???  Guess who’s gonna be paying higher taxes???  Not Obama’s friends who he making independantly wealthy (Solandra, etc)…You, me and all of us in the middle class (and sinking daily)…Pretty soon, there will only be the “have’s” aka George Soros, Warren Buffet, Solandra CEO’s, other Czar’s who have cashed in on the OBAMA Gold Green Rush) and the have not’s……

  • Martha Vineyards

    Oneforall:  Bush didn’t start the war…remember???  911 was because radical islamists attacked us and killed over 3,000 innocent men, women and children of all ethnic backgrounds….If we didn’t go after them in their homelands…we’d still be fighting them here…..And, what about his HOPE & CHANGE???  You think that Solandra, and all the other Green inititives he’s endorsed will get this country going..??  What about all those jobs he’s promised…Unemployment has reached we’ll over 10%…I say more like 14.7% if you include those who no longer can collect benefits and still can’t find work…and those who are working 2 to 3 jobs (called the underemployed)…Gas prices are nearly doubled, people can’t afford healthcare and employers are providing minimal coverage…all to where everyone will be forced to go to the OBAMACARE….Government funded…and we all know what happens when you have to rely on the government for your healthcare!!!  If everyone is out for me, me,me…then why are there so many families taking in relatives rather than their loved ones having to go to homeless shelters..??  And, I know family members who have tried to go to shelters and they are all FULL…this wasn’t happening with Bush…..He didn’t created this….Yes, we were in a recession…that happens…But, we’re at the door step of a DEPRESSION……and we’re so reliant on China it isn’t funny….And, this Administration also is negotiating with Russia releasing “some” of our National Defense Secrets in hopes Russia will deter Iran…Really?  I could swear Russia and China furnished the means for Iran to have the Nuclear ability that now have??!!!  This administration has to go….We need for people to wake up and stand behind someone who will not sell us out for a Trillion Bucks…Oh!  By the way….We’ve gone from $1+ Trillion in National Debt to $15+ Trillion in the last 4 years…and blaming Bush is sooooo  soooo Old and Stupid if you believe that Bush is the Blame!!!!

  • Martha Vineyards

    Don’t forget the guy at Fannie & Freddie, you know that Democrat from PA?  Obama was a “law consultant” helping ACORN do their thing in helping people own homes who couldn’t afford them and then all their friends , speculators…causing gas prices to increase, which increases the middle man’s costs, which increases groceries, etc….A maddening domino affect….and it wasn’t by accident….Where is ACORN by the way??? Has it changed it’s name because of all the revealing facts of Voter Fraud….and other questionable activities???  Anyone know what the new name of ACORN is?? American’s need to know……

  • Martha Vineyards

    I don’t know who Keith O is, probably don’t wanna for Rachel Maddox??  She’s not a Conservative and by any means a person I would give any credance too…She’s as liberal as a liberal can be…..I agree that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and ESPN are all backed by Soros’ and OBAMA because they continually demean good, conservative, christian women who have done nothing to them but be good, conservative, christian woman and as a matter-of-fact…real ladies…..These men (Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr, David Letterman) have called these women horrible, demeaning, degrading names…all because these women are far more intelligent and have more class than anyone of them…As a matter of fact..All the money in the world these guys have couldn’t buy them decency because these men have absolutely NONE!!!

  • Martha Vineyards

    Aster1:  You said it!!!  Thank you….these people must be brainwashed by all these liberal media people….they actually believe that Obama had nothing to do with the housing bubble bust (he did and so did his cronie Democrat Senator that headed Fannie and Freddie)….And, he’s bowed down to our enemies rather than tell them where to stick it…
    We need someone who will stand up to our enemies and tell them…Not on my Watch!!!  I beleive that Newt Gingrich is the one we need in office..He’s not wishy washy…He knows what he’s talking about…..and he won’t bow down to our enemies!!!!

  • Martha Vineyards

    Josh,  Sadly Cain isn’t in the race because of the liberal media attacks…but he is a smart man….I hope he’s in Newt’s Cabinet when Newt becomes President….I believe that Newt is the smartest intellectually and the strongest personality wise…But, if he doesn’t make it…Newt will back any candidate to get Obama OUT!   We didn’t do a very good job helping the countries of Libya or Egypt becasue the Muslim Brotherhood are in power and these guys are even more Islamic Extremists than their pedecessors…And, don’t you think our military know what we need to do?  Obama may be CC, but our military are the men who conduct these maneuvers…not Obama…..And, we had a dedicated team of men who were searching for Osama Bin Ladan for years….it was the PK government that was harboring him… least factions of that government knew where he was… was to OBAMA’s advantage to take him out….if Obama hadn’t been doing so poorly…that may have never happened…but he needed that to increase his ratings…which has fallen even further since…Have you ever heard of WAG the DOG??? 

  • Martha Vineyards

    My father passed away in 1978, but he told/warned me of the Bildabergrs, Rothchilds, and the Tri-Lateral Commission….Seems like they are finally making their move….If we can hold off the One World Order/it will still only be a matter of time…..We can only pray that God will protect us….Our country is sliding down in to the abyss….and fast….I know that our country has suffered through depressions…but this next one (which is being helped) will devastate all Americans and other Countries with it…As I said, we can only pray that God will intervene….we are not powerful enough to restrain this movement….we need God and the people of American to no longer be fooled by what’s going on….Voting is a right and priviledge for now….Let’s keep it!!!! Vote these guys out…..and pray that their money will not buy power…

  • Martha Vineyards

    Josh, Not yet!!!  It only takes one voice!  Don’t be quite….keep warning people….and pray!!!!  There is absolute power in prayer!!!  Need to find out where ACORN is….whether they’ve changed their name (I heard a bleep of news that this was a stategy of theirs)….ACORN did a lot to elect OBAMA because there was voter fraud abounding around that organization….Someone find out and report it to FOX NEWS…they will get it out to the public…better yet…report it to the Christian Media stations….

  • Martha Vineyards

    Susan, I agree with you….If George Soros and his father had anything to do with the pillaging of the Jewish people’s treasures during Hitler’s reign of terror….that needs to be addressed…perhaps he should be brought up on charges…So many of the survivors are gone now…but I’m sure the Jewish people haven’t forgotten..I certainly wouldn’ t if it were my people who were dragged from their homes, shot, imprisoned and burned in ovens, used as guinea pigs for experiements, used as target practice and forced to work in factories while their babies were starved to death. Would you?

  • Martha Vineyards

    First of all, we are not a Democracy, We are a Republic…And, our Constitution is at risk by this Administration, and the Clinton’s did their best to try to supercede the Constitution many a times, but failed….As for Mr. Soros….Yes, he has rights, but not to buy power to put this country in danger of being a third world country and he’s doing a pretty good job so far….All the sacrifices our Brave Men and Women will be for Not if things continue the way they are….Use your right to Vote….and make sure you do your homework! 

  • Martha Vineyards

    We need to be vigilant in who we put in power….I agree…there are those who are connected to what some would call “secret societies” like the Bildeburgers, The Rothchilds and the Tri-Lateral Commission…..Our constitution is at risk and any one who tries to change any of the laws, or tries to have the UN supercede ours is a danger to our country and needs to be ousted….So, when you go to vote….don’t allow yourself to be intimidated…the result will be just as bad as if you stand up to any thug….By all means, pray before you Vote…but please go out and Vote and pray that God doesn’t allow the Voter Fraud that occured last time!!!

  • Martha Vineyards

    Josh, you hit the nail on the head!!!  ACORN was set up in each state crucial to getting OBAMA in office….They called me and I hung up on them after I gave them a piece of my mind (no cussing though)….Again, we need to find out how they are operating….I suspect they’ve changed their name and game plan…..Watch Out!

  • Martha Vineyards


      Please by all means…get it out about his connection to the Nazis…I’m seeing a correlation to what is happening now…Social/Liberal Media demonizing all those who represent the Conservative side and blatantly demeaning any Conservative Woman…Palin, Laura Ingram, Bachman….Ed Schultz’s (NBC)  ranting the other day was way over the top….He should be railroaded off TV!  I couldn’t believe my ears, but I’m not surprised…Bill Mahr and David Letterman have made it their point in life to deman, demoralize women and their daughters, and even more disturbing making fun of children with disabilities….This was one of Hitler’s tactics….attack and destroy anyone of significance that stands in their way…Women and Children are targets…..they are so much cowards that they would attack in these ways and they’re using the media to do it…they need to be taken off the air…..the comedians aren’t funny, they have telepromters laughing for them…..I find no comedy in their bashing of women and children…..

  • Martha Vineyards

    Genna, George Soros, one day, will suffer the consequences of his actions, and if he doesn’t won’t be pretty……God is the ultimate Judge.

  • Martha Vineyards

    Need to find out more on this….I heard that he and his father cashed in on the Jews treasures…which would have made them wealthy, and their turning on their own like that…men without souls….so anything he’s behind (OBAMA) and anything they’re both up to is absolutely NO GOOD!!!  Need to find a way to expose this.  These men are capable of anything…..

  • Martha Vineyards

    It’s called being brain washed or because people are so reliant on the government now that they can’t think for themselves anymore….The liberal Left Media bashes and attacks anyone who stands in their way…..People need to tune out ABC, CBS, NBC, esp. MSNBC and even ESPN…..

  • Martha Vineyards

    Soros has sold his soul to the Devil….What he doesn’t realize is that he “is” human and one day he will be before God….and he will be eternally with the Devil who will make his eternal life in Hell, Eternal Hell…..Think about it…There is a Heaven, and it is Eternal…so why wouldn’t you think that God wouldn’t make an Eternal Hell?  That’s the punishment for those who are unrepented of their sins….George will  be cell mates with Hitler..the very second he breathes his last breathe.

  • Martha Vineyards

    There’s a book out called “Hollywood Hypocrites”….examples of Harrison Ford, a big greenie who flys his private jet to get a hamburger of choise…Barbara Striestand who spends $22K a year watering her lawn…and the biggest abuser of natural resources is the man himself, Al Gore, with his palacial mansion in California….I’m getting this book so I can fend off those idiots who back Obama’s Green Program that has wasted Billions of our Tax Dollars…

  • labrown69

    Soros did more to defeat communism that all the right wingers in the USA combined. Right wingers think Soros is dangerous and evil just like the KKK thinks the ACLU is evil!

  • bill b

    sorry to interrupt the finger poiting here, but isn’t the reason the mortgage industry screwed up is because everyone who took out a mortgage couldn’t pay it back? you got to hold the idots who got the mortgages responsible.  i will never take out a mortgage i can’t possible pay back .  besides, did it take a rocket scientist to predict the market fallout? i knew it would happen, did anybody else?  ‘course, i was living in some of the worst of it in california.

  • bill b

    wow! it’s like you read my mind.  i second everything you said. thanx for writing it for me!  

    for now, we have the gov’t we vote in, so the answer is to vote out the bad and vote in the good.  so lets do our research and vote out the bad ones..if little to nothing is done with gov’t spending, then these are some milestones to watch for: the credit rating on the national debt declines;  the interest due on the national debt exceeds the income.  banks stop lending money to the us gov’t, every gov’t service is severly reduced, including the military.  people start scrambling to get everything they can before its all gone; in that chaos, no one notices china, north korea, iran, the taliban and every other enemy encroaching on our land to help themselves to some part of the U.S., or moving in on our allies whom we protect.

    a more hopeful view is gov’t services are severely reduced or stopped/phased out, taxes are raised, china and all the banks who loaned us money get paid back and become richer, our enemies get closer to us because defense spending is cut.  there’s just a no win situation here, thanks to the idiots who wanted the gov’t to babysit them.

  • Trust1TG

    Some say Soros also has some influence on the FED, oil and other commodities.  

  • birdboys

    Yes and anyone who thinks for one minute that its ok to be gay and abort babies and all we need is freedom should wipe the cool-aide stain off their lips. Our country was founded on Christianity!!!  We still have the Freedom of choice to do Right by God’s will for our lives or choose to make the mistakes we keep making.  God gave us the freedom to choose your way.  Walk in the light or in the dark…..with the cool-aid stain 

  • Michael Rush

    Seems like a pretty good guy from most of those Top 10…fighting the good fight against the far right extremists.

  • StackoLee


    It’s impossible to engage in a discussion in response to such a long comment. One point I think you should consider regarding your characterization of Abortion: It really isn’t accurate that there is any kind of prevailing attitude among American Women that “Abortion is now a form of birth control when birth control fails or is omitted altogether.” I’m personally opposed to Abortion, but I’ve made it my goal to understand it as much as possible. I have studied and researched and disused Abortion in America for quite a few years now with many, many women and many groups and many organizations and Abortion providers and clinic counselors and other counselors, etc. (it goes on),

    I have thereby come to learn that there is a hugely important matter of consensus between the two groups: Both groups believe Abortions is not a good thing and they wish there were LESS Abortions; they desire that Abortions be reduced and they desire to find ways to reduce the number of Abortions. Why cannot these two groups work together toward this one shared goal? Women who call themselves Pro-Choice are absolutely NOT “Pro Abortion” and they vehemently oppose that ill-willed label invented for political means and in furtherance of Political agendas, a fact that they find utterly offensive because it’s about an incredibly important and intimately personal decision and Belief.

    Again, here is the firm consensus between the two groups (excluding any extremists found on either sides): The idea that they should work together to reduce the number of Abortions in America because they absolutely view Abortion as something that is not good and, for the one side, ought to only ever be a viable decision for them as an absolute last resort after all possible other decision have been thoroughly examined and exhausted.

    Both groups view the desire to reducing the number of Abortions as an incredibly important goal. Both groups hate Abortion and can and should work together to find as many ways as possible to reduce Abortions in America.

    As far as this notion that “Abortion is now a form of birth control…” Again, with regard to the vast majority of Women and excluding extremist I have absolutely NOT experienced or seen that attitude whatsoever as a prevailing attitude; quite the opposite! Through all of the research, interaction, study, etc. (described previously) I have absolutely NOT seen this attitude prevail in any meaningful way as the true attitude of most all American Women and the non-extremist core of the entire so-called “Pro Choice” group.

    I understand that the divergence of beliefs is absolutely mutually exclusive. I’m not suggesting otherwise, merely asserting that Abortion is NOT treated lightly, not marginalized, not treated as mere “Birth Control” most especially in the same way The Pill is treated as Birth Control. They all believe Abortion is absolutely to be avoided if at all possible and that it is only to be considered as an absolute last resort after all other personal choices have been completely exhausted through serious and comprehensive soul-searching.

    And as far as individual Women who have actually had Abortions (and I have familiarized myself with a very large group, by personal interaction, through their writings, authorized access to counseling session discussions and other means – and what is truly consistent and at the core of their beliefs and feelings about what they did (which I personally believe is a shocking sin and a crime, but did not ever disclose my attitude or ‘give away’ my beliefs through non-verbal means) – and all of these women take Abortion extremely seriously; they all treated and considered their decision making process extremely seriously and with the utmost gravity and soul searching.

    Because of their ‘Pro Choice’ belief system, such soul searching and ‘last resort’ analysis did not include bringing the fetus to Term. Of course, that is a fundamental difference and divergence which is the basis for all of the enormous differences between the two groups.

    They made their choice, yes, but NONE of them were every nonchalant, flippant or offhand or dismissive about it whatsoever; none of them minimized in any way the decision itself or the procedure itself, but to the contrary viewed both as something that is awesome in it’s significance.

    They all had an amazingly similar experience and subsequent viewpoint about the entire thing: that it was one of the most incredibly important and serious decisions of their entire lives and how deeply and vehemently they wished for an alternative to their decisions, but in accordance with the law of the land and their apparent lack of the viewpoint that it is a crime and egregious sin, they say they do not regret their decision and they made it only after the most serious and comprehensive soul-searching and know it will affect them for the rest of their lives, will be something in their lives they have to live with every day and that they simply took it all about as seriously as is possible without choosing to NOT do it (and, again, this is where I cannot understand the fact that they did make the wrong decision). They absolutely did not ever consider it to be mere Birth Control, but (again) one of the most serious and important decisions they have ever made; one of the most serious decisions of their entire lives.

    Because of all of my experience, research and learning about this subject I was shocked to read your characterization of Abortion as mere Birth Control and wanted to offer this counter-point for your consideration. I didn’t intend for my tone to sounds so serious or morose, but the gravity of the subject matter really didn’t allow for anything else.

    I sure hope you receive this so many months later! If you do receive this and read it, please at least confirm that to me by REPLYING to this comment directly; thank you.

  • Byron Johnston

    9/11 False Flag Besides the 15 or so trillion during the Obama administration the FED has also loaned out 16 Trillion to various banks around the world. Wake up and find out what is really going on.

  • ghastly1

    “Democracy”, as a concept is flawed from the outset. As you know, the many will consume the few in a pure democracy Our government structure – a representative republic – was put in place to offset this tendency .Unfortunately, the same flaw exists among our representatives.
    Ignorance is also one of the prime reasons why a democracy will never work in the real world. As the framers rightly noted, only an informed and engaged electorate can produce the desired result. We don’t have that sort of population.
    BTW: Neither capitalism nor democracy alone “made America great”. Liberty did that, and liberty is something that socialism – which is the way we’re currently heading – must extinguish in order to prevail.

  • RevolutionRenegade

    More fundamental than any of this is the “nature of man”, which tends to corruption and thereby ultimately corrupts all its great institutions. Perhaps we need another revolution.

    This message is intended only for the named recipient and may contain confidential, proprietary or legally privileged information. No confidentiality or privilege is waived or lost by any misdirected transmission. If you received this message in error, please notify us immediately by telephone and immediately delete this message from your system. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not use, disclose, distribute or copy any part of this message.

  • Todd Clemmer

    How in the HELL did you get 82 likes? Just the last line you’ve used would cause Ron Paul chuckle. We aren’t a Democracy. If we were minority groups would have zero say. Mob would rule. That’s why we have a REPUBLIC and the rule of law which protects everyone. Capitalism is the only workable solution because it is modeled after nature and Utopia cannot exist within nature. Period. Crony capitalism is the indicator that progressive leftists have infiltrated the system. That can be blamed on a complacent public.

  • RevolutionRenegade

    Perhaps you should re-read the post as you seem to have missed all the nuances. I didn’t say America WAS a democracy. I said the principles of democracy are what make it great. As to the rule of law protecting everybody that is as laughable as the notion of democracy in America at this time. But perhaps I should distinguish the rule of law from notions of justice. My interest is in justice. The rule of law only interests me to the extent it provides justice. Most laws today are implemented to favour the crony’s in “crony capitalism”. As such the rule of law is used to suppress justice. If you would like a relevant example look at the GFC and the bailouts received by too big to fail banks. I am fairly certain if my business fails I won’t get a bailout. That to me is a clear example of IN-justice. Justice requires equal treatment of all citizens regardless of stature in the community. Suffice to say in a nation where he with the biggest wallet wins the lawsuit I believe the rule of law is being used to suppress the people not protect them.

    As to capitalism being modelled after nature,  well, if you subscribe to the most prominent theory of “nature” you must believe in “survival of the fittest” which can be loosely translated as “might is right”. I think we are very much living in a society that follows these precepts (thinks about bailouts again).

    As to what Ron Paul might chuckle at – I’m not sure he has taken you into his confidence. Democracy is our attempt to give life to a simple expression found in the constitution – “all men are created equal” – I don’t think Ron Paul would laugh at that.

  • thomas

    George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr

  • John Garrett

    “Blah blah blah … blah blah blah … it is democracy we should be fighting for – not necessarily capitalism.” Mmmm NO! Democracy is just as dangerous to our personal freedom and liberty as Communism and Socialism. Please tell me where in our founding documents does it mention democracy? Our founding fathers wisely feared democracy because they knew many people would cast their vote for their own personal benefit rather than the benefit of their country. The 17th Amendment destroyed one of the founding fathers “firewalls” against the evils of democracy and it should be repealed. For the same reason, voters should be property owners too. As for capitalism, do you honestly believe America’s economy can be called a capitalist economy! Bureaucrats, unions, and other governmental parasites dictate almost every aspect of America’s business. Every large company or corporation employs people for the specific purpose of complying with government regulations. These political parasites are are akin to the Political Officer in the movie Hunt For Red October. Our economy has more in common with Mussolini’s Fascism than it does with capitalism. I call it Obama’s crony-Fascism.

    I prefer Rand Paul over Ron Paul!

  • bigmyc

    In Britain, some of the intelligensia jokingly refer to America as the “God Squad.” Perhaps this may put into perspective some alternative viewpoints on the U.S. throughout the western world. Now, this may or may not matter to you, but one man’s ideology is another’s folly fodder. Christian ideals are fine when consolidated, but when a foray into others’ lives is made with an agenda, things get muddied. You suggest that it is not alright to be gay….says whom, exactly? Your good book…written by whom, exactly? Who might you be to impose your arbitrary theology upon others? Because you are not gay (I assume) that gives you unchallenged credibility to judge another, is that it? I sometimes wonder if the percentage of criminals that are gay is less than than the percnetage of gays in society in general. That would be interesting to find out.

  • RevolutionRenegade

    “Blah blah blah …blah blah blah. Our founding fathers wisely feared democracy because they knew many people would cast their vote for their own personal benefit” and “ voters should be property owners too.” Are you serious?! Of course people will cast their votes in their own self-interest. This will occur irrespective of whether these people are property owners or not. I suppose you want to give more votes to those who own more property too. What nonsense – as if property is some asset that grants special entitlement to its owners that nothing else can. If you haven’t grasped the concept of people acting in their own self-interest yet I doubt you will be able to understand any human interactions. Be honest – I bet YOU are a property owner. And I bet if you were not a property owner and had no prospect of becoming one you would NOT be suggesting giving them the vote exclusively. And why do you propose this – because as a property owner it is “in your own self-interest”. As to the founding fathers – while they had some great moments – they were just men not gods – not everything they said or did must be adhered to like a holy scripture. Many of them were, after al,l slave owners, to put a name to just one of they flaws.

    Finally you don’t suggest any alternative. You vaguely reference capitalism but it’s unclear if you see pure capitalism as a solution or not. And if you do you clearly have no understanding of what it is. Let me help you there – true capitalism is commerce between individuals, unfettered by regulation and government interference, who are “acting in their own self-interest.”

    This message is intended only for the named recipient and may contain confidential, proprietary or legally privileged information. No confidentiality or privilege is waived or lost by any misdirected transmission. If you received this message in error, please notify us immediately by telephone and immediately delete this message from your system. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not use, disclose, distribute or copy any part of this message.

  • Mona Levine Marche

    Even History teachers in public schools don’t emphasize that America is a Republic and just what that means.

  • Mona Levine Marche

    If it were a democracy, and the popular vote was the decider, we could have any popular and unqualified person leading the country!

  • Robert Myles

    Very good Martha, yes we are indeed a Republic not a Democracy, the first amendment with its seperation of church and state was a bow to the fact that there are many different religions in this country and all came here dur to persecution in europe. The reasoning was and is to place the value of no one religion above another, not to force religion down some deep dark hole as the athiest movement in this country has managed to. They claim having the children recite the pledge of allegience is indoctrination. Well teaching in and of itself is indoctrination as it places one’s view point above another’s. Now we have such liberal education system that it actually teaches the means to overthrow and destroy our very nation and is allowed under ‘free speech’. we needto find a happy medium and no i dont advocagte book burning. We do have to institute proper values into our children and that starts at home whether it be singel parent or both it does not matter the duty of the parent is there and there we have failed misrably. this is what brings us to obamination and the power of one mane George /soros who has a god complex and his ‘world vision’ hence the NWO. we have to look at his youth and how he came to this conclution. If you do not know soros’s youth you do not know the true nature of this terribly powerful man

  • Kingweird20006

    1. Koch brothers give millions to right wing causes.
    2. Koch brothers influence U.S. Elections
    3. You could say the same thing about the Koch brothers.
    4 and 5. The Koch brothers give money to similar groups.
    6. It’s a liberal group, Obama is a moderate who leans to the left. Of course they share staff.
    7. So he’s an environmentalists, something to keep in mind, environmentalism started as a conservative idea.
    8. Mitch McConnell – Single most important goal is to stop Second Obama Term.
    9. Until I find proof from a real news website, and not some Breitbart clone, not going to deal with this one.
    10. Every business man I know, both on the right and on the left have a God complex.

  • billy bob gop

    Republicans are so dumb… it’s actually funny. You harvest your own crap.

  • gadsdengurl

    YOu forgot #11 which should be #1: He is a Nazi=-enabler that actually helped Hitler steal from the Jews before leading them off to their deaths. We wonder why he doesn’t get the Demjanjuk treatment and be deported and jailed?

  • gadsdengurl

    NO comparison. We are unfunded grassroots while the left pays everyone to do everything.

  • gadsdengurl

    Soros is worse than a communist — he’s a Nazi, but then again so are most democrats.

  • labrown69

    I’m surprised you could say that without drooling on yourself. He is neither a nazi or a commie however you have distinguished yourself before God and the world as a moron!

  • Kristen Barnes

    He is going soon and God and Satan are ready for him.

  • William James

    How is Soros any different from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Sheldon G. Adelson, Rupert Murdock just to name a few who spend billions of dollars individually to do the same thing Soros is accused of?

  • Charles Fugate

    as i read down through every one kind of got off track this page is about soros not the people that he bought. it not about obama or bush but its about soros and how he’s trying to destroy america.


    hey what the hell you talking about??????? you need a history lesson—–but you can’t fix-stupid—————look back to 95 and it will tell you what created the mess we have—-and is still doing so—–GET A BRAIN!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Molina

    His days are numbered.

  • George

    It will be a good day for America…when Soros defeats the evil Koch brothers

  • george

    When people don’t agree with your policies they’re considered evil. This site is a neoconservative site. The Koch Brothers are a hundred times worse.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    He’s a real life Bond villain, down to the Nazi youth. How sick does an
    atheist of Jewish descent have to be to call the year where he helped
    steal property from condemned Jews “the best year of his life.”
    He’ll spend money attacking Jews and Israel, but not one penny repaying those Jews he stole from and helped send to their death. A complete monster.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    Soros is a second generation atheist, a declared Magyar, who helped the Nazi-allied Hungarian regime steal property from Jews. He isn’t a Jew. he’s a monster.

  • Bonnie J. Wren

    Why is he alive?? So many wonderful people seem to die before their time, and that toad just keeps going and going!!

  • Bonnie J. Wren

    I certainly hope so!!

  • Sue Donovan

    Only a conservative could condemn someone who donates to causes that benefit US ALL: education, health care, human rights, workplace safety. the environment, media accuracy (which, by the way, is critical of ALL politicians: left & right), …

    Why do conservatives oppose efforts to assure a more just and tolerant society? Because these causes have NO ideology. They only want you supporting “conservative” causes. How does that make ANY sense? Humans are humans. No where is there species labeled “conservative” and “liberal”.

    The right supports ONE thing – the coalescence of power in a tiny fraction of the population. They don’t want anything standing in the way of making a profit. If workers die – so what? It is cheaper than complying with safety standards. If people are made ill by contaminated medication, as in the case of NECC steroids contaminated with fungi – oh well! As long as nothing stands between me and the almighty buck!! This is what happens when regulations are emasculated:

    Did you ever wonder why conservatives want to dismantle the public schools? Why do they oppose tax payer investment in higher education? (The one sure way to emerge from ignorance and poverty is through education. But education results in an open mind. Power always opposed independent thought from the “little” people ). Note – their kids are not stuck going to second class schools or community colleges. The rich & powerful send THEIR kids to the very schools they want you to think are elitist: Yale, Harvard, Princeton…

    Why are you not suspicious of a “NEWS” organization funded by a major political party, that always always leans away from consumers, in the direction of big business? How about the MANY times right wing media gets the story wrong? (example: )

    How gullible do they think we are??? Doesn’t this stuff make anyone a tiny bit suspicious? Or doesn’t truth ever penetrate your conservative bubble?

    This comes from one who once used to think JUST LIKE YOU. Think for yourselves!! Demand answers from ALL of your representatives. And don’t just trust those who tell you what you want to hear!! I DO NOT mean I ask you to trust the left, either. I ask you to do your OWN investigation through media that doesn’t have a political motive. On either side!! BE OBJECTIVE!!

  • Sue Donovan

    Oh, please!! You are aware that ACORN was completely exonerated?By that left wing ideologue the Government Accounting Office!! Go ahead and google it.

    Don’t you get tired of Racist loudmouths?

  • Sue Donovan

    And, of course, the Kochs are social workers who give tons of money to the poor and to environment – right?? We can throw Soros and the Kochs back and forth all day. Demonize conservatives? It doesn’t take much demonizing!!

    Liberal = tolerant.

    Let’s see what “conservative” economics have done for Americans… In the 70′s when America had seen a generation of “liberal” policies the ratio of CEO to worker salaries was about 30:1. In 2010, after trickle down.conservative economics & deregulation, the ratio of CEO to worker salaries is now about 600:1. So which economy is more favorable to everyday Americans? Since Ronald Reagan (who had a major impact on the economy and corporate power in America) the income of the American worker has been stagnant while the income of the top 1% has exploded! So whom does conservative economic power benefit?? Certainly not middle Americans.

  • Sue Donovan

    Both Bush and Cheney lead us into an invasion of a country that did nothing to us. That is & will continue to be a huge drain on the economy. Just the cost of caring for these Veterans will be paid by your kids and grand kids. I can show you stats that demonstrate the cost of eight years of Bush Cheney. Recovering from their policies will cost us trillions.

    If you think Obama is so evil and corrupt – why did he take the investigation and prosecution of Bush/Cheney off the table, despite the fact that many American wanted them brought to justice?

    While it would have earned Obama plenty of political capital, it would have cost the country. We were already so divided politically. Obama made a wise move by refusing to rake those guys over the coals. I note, however, that the “pundits” on the right avoid any mention of anything good that Obama does.

  • Sue Donovan

    Were you asleep during the Bush years, or just not paying any attention? Before Obama was even sworn in there were TeaPartiers already blaming him for the economy. 6 months into the administration he was blamed for not turning things around. He was blamed for legislation passed during the Bush Administration!

    Obama was not my first choice, I admit. But voting for him made a heck of a lot more sense than voting for those who got us into this mess to begin with!! We were on the edge of another Great Depression. I cannot figure out if the problem is that many on the right did not study economics, or if you are so blinded by Obama’s skin color that you cannot see beyond it.

    Unfortunately – most people don’t understand how bad it COULD have been. Since you can’t prove a negative, many Americans will (thankfully) never have first hand experience with how close we came to disaster!!

  • Sue Donovan

    Matha – do yourself a favor and fact check some of the things you are repeating about ACORN. The charges by right wing bloggers were investigated and are baseless. I know they stir your feelings but that is what they are supposed to do.

    Propaganda is designed to bypass your brain and go directly to your gut. It is designed to fuel your emotions. You sound a lot smarter than that. Do yourself a favor. Avoid the info sources with an ideological viewpoint – liberal or conservative. Check the facts.

    If you want to be angry – vent your anger toward those who manipulate your legitimate anger to suit their own agenda. (And both sides do it.) You sound very passionate in your beliefs which is GREAT!!! Use that for a good cause. Discern the truth. Focus your passion on creating a more fair and a more just world.

  • patfo49

    Blame Bush, Blame Bush, Blame Bush! Why can’t you, brainless, understand that Obama the Socialist has accumulated more debt then all the other presidents before him combined. When we are like Greece and you are begging along the road for a crust of bread perhaps you will understand how he is destroying this country!!

  • patfo49

    Sue Donovan, You are an idiot! Unfortunately, all the smart people in America have to suffer because you and your like put the Socialist back in office!

  • Jobseeker

    Mitt would have been a great president too bad the media sold there souls to the clintons obamas and soros. funny how soros richest man in the world lives in the poorest city in the us. And when did americans start believing every they hear. if it sound too good its probably real bad.

  • Jobseeker

    Does anybody have a theory on who is the next president gonna be?
    Im getting the horrible feeling it is going to be Susan Rice. It just seems like we are gonna vote ourselves into a very vulnerable country that everyone in the world already hates including Obama.

  • Geary Morrill

    Sue Donovan: Thank You for exposing your ignorance of the 8th wonder of the world … Compound Interest. You’d be amazed what one can accomplish in the short term when spending occurs without interest being paid out. And if one can print currency to pay back that debt with devalued dollars … they look like rocket geologists. Unfortunately, the ride is ending, And you don’t even recognize it. God bless ya …

  • Donnie Burgess

    Hey Obama care,,with the job thing the way it has been and the only jobs for kids to get like WalMart with no health care ,my two daughter would have debt they no way could handel,,Having them on our health care has helped them with there start in life insted of years of paying back hospital debt,also the insurance big wigs can not cancel me for cost if I get sick, This had happened to me State Farm had dropped me I was costing them to much,,This can’t happen now and my daughters have health care coverage if not I am sure the debt because of them needing health care would have them bankrupt!!!

  • Kimberly Preston

    What a sorry state for a foolish soul.

  • steggy

    To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, I’ve never killed a man but will read George Soros’ obituary with pleasure.

  • Stephen Kutler

    LMFAO…thanks for the laughs conservatives

  • Stephen Kutler

    lol…thanks for the laughs you crazy conservatives

  • lawmaiden wells

    Hmmmmm, this is interesting

    The Freedom Group is owned by a company called Cerberus Capital
    Management. Guess who controls Cerberus??? GEORGE SOROS, Obama’s chief
    financier!! He wants to restrict or ban all civilian guns. Please
    pass this on to all your freedom loving friends. This needs to come
    out. Why have we not heard about this in the
    “mainstream” media? I would think this would be BIG news. (Soros also
    owns Progressive Insurance). If you don’t know who George Soros is, you
    need to do some Research. He backed Obama with millions of dollars and
    Obama is a puppet on a string controlled by Soros.

  • Diane E. Ballou

    If george bush was like hitler, that should have reminded him of his old wwll boss.

  • Randy James Flavin

    Is it just me or does this creep remind any body of the evil senator from Star Wars??

  • David R. Roy

    Conglomerates like o say George Soros? How many people have dies or will die in his quest to implimate his “Open Society”?

  • Sassy

    He did. He sold them out to Hitler’s army.

  • Mona Levine Marche

    Right on! Very well said, urbsdetector!

  • Mona Levine Marche

    Again, Bravo!!!!!

  • Mona Levine Marche

    I appreciate your posting also.

  • leebert

    Soros is a big funder of the legalization of ‘recreational’ pot movement in this country.

  • guamang1

    So, we have two messiah’s. One in the White House and the other financing him. Boy, we are being the crucified ones!

  • Randy L

    Sounds to me like he supports a lot of things good for America and the Earth. Especially like getting rid of Fox News. That would be a wonderful thing!!

  • Bushdidit

    Education is priceless. Try thinking even if it hurts.

  • JohnWIS


  • John J. Griffin

    The people who claim to hate $$ are really the ones who absolutely love it !!! They just don’t like to share it. If Soros really believed his crap he would give his fortune away to the poor. It is all about Power !!!

  • Michael P. Fink

    money is power but power is not money ( to the high moraled people)

  • Stasea Roshell

    Well said!

  • Dougie WildParadise

    Killuminati… its obvious he is a member an sad thing about it Barrack is a puppet… if any of you have watched Manchurian Candidate.. its just a little odd how they were brainwashed an put on the peddle stool as a hero but nobody knew of their background or anything till later same thing happened with Obama… hmm strange.. just like the gay guy who was sentenced an killed for spilling the information on Obama an Soros.. Soros is the one who leads the Democratic party he controls Obama… an one by one the illuminati members are being exposed… George is straight evil an yea #10 shows you rite there!

  • James Reitano

    The impulse to make the obscenely rich even richer is euphemistically called “conservative.” The effort to aid the poor is demonized by conservative christians as communist. (I guess that’s to excuse them from not doing what they are supposed to be doing as christians). Where did Jesus say that the rich were children of god?

    Were we not chided to treat “the least among us” as we would Jesus? Matthew 25: 35-40.

  • Johnny

    Wow sue, I have not EVER seen such a delusional rant in my life. Do everyone a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Cope101

    You don’t understand conservatism if that’s what you believe.
    Please do not get your understanding of a political philosophy from sound bites on MSNBC.
    Conservatism is not corporatism. You actually seem to be describing the philosophy of Soros.

  • Ray Rittenhouse

    How come NO one has done him in yet???


    Well, unless old Georgie is spending a few of his billions cloning himself or making a robot mini-me, he’s headed for a dirt nap like everyone else…..Good riddance I say….Human kind does not need his filth…..

  • KnoKnees

    It will be a good day for earth……when Soros leaves this earth

  • letstakealook

    Caught your comment on another site, like the dirt nap idea for GS. Don’t know how his children are.

  • Will Depp

    Hilarious! Cons are frightened of him that is why they hate him. He has done a lot of good with his money unlike the Koch brothers. His efforts to help the poor and immigrants brings on hatred from the so called “Christian Right”, it really is hilarious and quite sad at the same time that Cons are so stupid.

  • Will Depp

    Why when he can do so much more good with it.

  • bbgunplinkplink


  • mycorrado

    Now it makes sense to me, I finally understand why there’s been so much effort being made to erase Christian symbolism in the us.. paid by Soros. all the way down to the VA prohibiting Chrismas cards to vets with the words Merry Christmas..

  • Patrick McCartney

    Right-wingers are scaredy-cats. Afraid of one class traitor who believes in a progressive future and open society.

  • Clearhead


  • Clearhead

    @ “Sue” — It certainly takes you an awful lot of words to convey so very little.

  • Clearhead

    @ “mgeor5″ — You should read (if indeed you can) up on America, what she is and stands for, how she was built and her core philosophies. Then you can get back to us. Some of us may even allow you a second chance to be read.

  • ForrestByers

    George Soros, a thoroughly contemptible character, who takes the world stage, somewhere in the middle of dichotomy of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and Fabian Socialist, George Bernard Shaw’s, “UnderShaft” as found in the play, “Maj. Barbara”. Mad as a man screaming at a tempest, while also, connivingly sardonic with an easy breezy lightness of being, while at the same time, a patient, animalistic boldness at the thrill of kill of his intended victims, who in reality, is the world!

  • Randy Gacke

    Sue, your knowledge of the difference between Soros and the Koch brothers, how they earned their fortunes and the role Soros played in the Hitler regime in World War II and their political contributions and influence is astonishing. Your lack of knowledge regarding economics is equally disturbing. For example, do you even realize that in most socialistic or communistic countries there is no middle class to even be concerned about? Please spare me your righteous indignation with Bible quotes that are largely taken out of context or misquoted. For example, “Where did Jesus say that the rich were children of God?” What an inane statement. Where does Jesus say anyone can’t be a child of God? What you’re really talking about is not charity or giving but rather redistribution and taking and I don’t believe that’s what God had in mind nor do I believe for a minute that you’re really a Christian. What you are is a lame brained leftist so full of your own BS that I’m surprised the top of your head hasn’t exploded.

  • A. Edelstein

    More anti-Semitic hate speech against the Jews. Since Soros is a fellow Jew I will protect him to the death, whether or not he does dirty deeds against the stupid white Goys. You are our slaves, remember that. Now get back to work and pay your taxes and use our Federal Reserve notes, like the good little Goys we trained you to be.

  • chas1010

    old news

  • Jeffrey Colin

    Goodness, you people seem to loath the Democratic process. Did your parents not change your diapers fast enough?

  • Olpe Murphy

    No, little, girl we loathe the Democrtas, not democrats.

    According to the US Constitution, there is difference between funding a bunch of racist scum, Democrats, and funding true democrats.

  • Ryan

    Get rid of conflicting voices and ideas….you realize that’s fascism correct?

  • REK

    ACORN is Battle Ground Texas in Texas that is

  • FrostyC

    lol so are yours. No one is immortal

  • John D

    If you were not such a fool you would know that the Koch’s give millions to charities and private hospitals.
    You would also realize that Obama policies have done more for the wealthy than the middle class and poor. But unfortunately, you are a fool, so you don’t know those things.

  • DoubleDogDiogenes

    He’s a good man…when compared to the America hating Tea Party and the self-serving propagandist at Human Events. He’s better for America than your lies. As usual, your baseless accusations simply don’t add up. But keep it up!! You have to have some last ditch tactic to keep the eyes of patriotic, freedom loving American citizens off the filth and corruption of the Koch brothers, ALEC, the tyrants of the NRA, the fanaticism of Hobby Lobby and the flood of corporate fascism from Citizens United! You serve your masters well.

  • Paul Smith

    Not sure why, but this guy reminds me of Hitler with more money….

  • Robert Chow

    with all the hacking technologies inplace, why not hack and dump this murderous slimbag ill-gotten gain account? just hack and back track those liberal organization funding he supported: plan parenthood, ACORN, NOW, GREEN and dump his debit to oblivien….prooooooof…….vaporized into thin air. he has to support these liberal groups and they have to continue receive his funding, why not put virus and trojan horse into all these liberal bank account he supported so zerooooo cent remain in their accounts. also making sure his account is worthless as hollow bamboo

  • Duane Wood

    Yikes!!! I have stumbled into a conservative moronic inferno!!!!

  • Jason Stewart

    What’s the difference between George Soros or the Koch brothers donating billions of dollars to our “democracy”? Thanks to the Supreme Court, The only thing that is important is we no longer have a say in who would be the best candidate for president. Sure, you can still vote, but at the end of the day you’re voting for who they want you to vote for. Our Democracy is a sham.

  • Faux Lies

    Wow, the collective IQ of this site must be below 50!
    Being racist and ignorant is no way to go through life, boys.

  • scottt

    I like how Soros donated $20 million to get Bush out of office and $35 million to the state of New York for under-privileged children.
    Sounds like a nice man.

  • Lainy

    Looks like we the people are peons in this ego war between the Koch brothers and Soros. Their fight is to rule the world. God help us all!

  • Lainy

    You must be very young to think this started in 2006

  • Lainy

    So glad they work for less.

  • Lainy

    Texans love fertilizer plants that murder people by blowing up towns. They don’t even prosecute the killers. Conservatives love oil spilling, contaminating our lands and water, as long as it’s not in their neighborhoods.. due to no regulations

  • Wrest216

    LIKE THE KOCH brothers are any less crazy…ha ha hey YOur billionaires are crazier than MY billionaires. Or how about they are nobodys billionaires. You must ask yourself. Where is MY billion dollars? Why dont i have an equal say in politics? Why does my voice not matter. The simple and painful truth?> You dont have billions of dollars .

  • jgat

    So, Johnny, please take each of Sue Donovan’s points, one by one, and explain why each point is “delusional” and why… IF you can.

  • Red Cabbage

    This is a ridiculous article written by an obviously ridiculous person. The premise being that the phrase “Left wing” is synonymous with “evil.” This is just blatant stupidity and blind obedience to right-wing dogma which, as we all know, is far more destructive than anything on the left.

    Wow, funding groups that care about education and the environment are terrible things? Oh, I forgot, the right wing doesn’t believe climate change is real even though the CEO of every multinational oil and energy company has done so. Twits. He contributed money to defeat W. Bush? Seeing how history has proven Bush and his cadre of butchers to be the worst administration in recent memory, I’d say (and millions of others would as well) that Soros was in the right.

    Charles and David K. are far worse than Soros. Accept it and shut up.

  • Viva la Revolucion

    Human POS

  • msLou

    All sides have big $$ working for them. Soros is a political liberal. He is no different, other than being less dangerous, than the powerful TeaParty Koch Bros, right wing Rupert Murdoch or Sheldon Adelstein. Funding and distributing their pervasive corporate propaganda, that plays on one’s fears and emotions, further enables the oligarchs to control everything. Distract and divide at work here. No matter which side you’re on. wake up. United we stand..divided we fall.

  • msLou

    There is so much more to the mortgage crisis than the simple scenario you have painted. Look to Wall Street traders and bankers, and what really caused this. Or is it easier to blame people who trusted what they were told by professionals and lost.
    Meanwhile the real perpetrators raked in billions.

  • msLou

    May I add, that our Presidents have NO direct control over the FED. Or the CIA (except perhaps GHWBush, former head of CIA).

  • msLou

    The right wing MSM is very much alive and well. Wake up!! Right-Left…It’s all a ruse!!

  • Politic202

    So tell me more about Israel

  • Jack7

    The irony is so staggering Atlas couldn’t hold it up……

  • Justin

    Conservatives just hate Soros since he has a better communist fighting record than reagan.

  • Fed Up With Washington

    The Liberals complain about the Koch Brothers?? Soros is the lowest form of garbage.

  • Guardian

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he bequeathed the rest of his fortune to these left wing groups to perpetuate his evil after death.

  • Franco Miccolupo

    Well at least this billionaire supports the people. Unlike the Koch brothers that support corporations. I’m a people you are a what?

  • Franco Miccolupo

    LOL..contradicting haters…

  • Franco Miccolupo

    Bankrupt Europe? We need more then a dollar to buy an EURO my good friend. Is there nothing else that matters to you Republicans? How about Europeans live longer? Quality of life better? Takes care of ALL their citizens when it comes to health? And you know what? They don’t fake their “WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY” motto. They just do it.

  • urbsdetector

    Money is valued in different ways. Pounds,Deutschmarks, Yen. But the world moves on US Dollars. G.D.P. per capita (an insufficient indicator, but one most economists use) in the U.S. is nearly 50 percent higher than it is in Europe. Even Europe’s best-performing large country, Germany, is about 20 percent poorer than the U.S. on a per-person basis (and both countries have roughly 15 percent of their populations living below the poverty line). While Norway and Sweden are richer than the U.S., on average, they are more comparable to wealthy American microeconomies like Washington, D.C., or parts of Connecticut — both of which are actually considerably wealthier. The average Mississippian is richer than the average Greek. Our life spans are almost identical to Europe’s with American males having an edge over European males an Euro females having a couple of months edge over American females. Quality of life is a matter of opinion but having friends who have traveled all over Europe I can tell you they are all very happy to get home to the US. European health care is very good but I don’t think we were debating that. And where do you get off saying fake “We Are A Christian Nation” .That is an arrogant statement.

  • Dimitri

    so this is the real illuminati
    remember hitler was also comparing the jews to the devil…….

  • Leigh Anne Stovall

    as Alex Jones would say, “if you are [reading this], then you ARE the resistance!”


    Soro’s has a root in tribe greek who believes he and his tribe should control all the World. La,la,la,la…..


    How do you explain all tribal people root in a Crete Island, Greece get shame to tell the origin from where they came from but, get proud to find each-other with a candle using conspiracy theory in a country host and saying:’ Americans cannot change us from inside’. La,la,la,la…..

  • itasara

    George Soros, who bought into the Dinasaur BBQ (why I stay away from there now) is a discussing self-deprecating person who goes against everything his Jewish background stands for. AIt has been 6 years since we (not me however) elected Obama, and we are worse off in this country and in the world than we have ever been. Dispite OB’s good or bad qualities, I don’t think he has any leadership qualities in him. I think he was bought and boostered into this position with money from people like Soros and others.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    What are you talking about? Crete?? The Philistines may have been from there. What’s your point?

  • leehester

    I’m not sure why supporting liberal causes is so dangerous… If that reasoning made any sense, then from a liberal point of view giving money to a conservative cause would be dangerous. Seriously folks, unless their is a particular… truly dangerous… goal of any of the groups he funds, then you haven’t made a case.

    For example, the Koch’s fund various lobbying efforts on behalf of fossil fuel companies… that doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous either… until you find out that one of the things they are specifically helping to funds are efforts to ensure that valid scientific conclusions showing global warming are either ignored or denied. Now, that is dangerous. That is the kind of thing you need to do to show that the Koch’s or Soros, or whoever is “dangerous.” Just saying that they donate to the Republicans or Democrats hardly rises to “Danger” … though I’m getting closer to thinking that about the Repubs all the time :-) Besides showing real danger, you also need some documentation to prove your point…

    The closes this article comes to making me think anything bad about Soros is the stuff on currency manipulation and I’d need a lot more documentation and explanation.

    As far as the “megalomaniac” stuff goes, he is certainly a lot more honest than a lot of people I know. Everyone is their own hero… Soros admits it, but also points out that it has to be kept under control. Some of my high school buddies many years ago couldn’t manage that much.

    But just saying he helps people you don’t like isn’t much of a case for danger.

    I think the world and the U.S. would’ve been a LOT better off if Soros had succeeded in getting Bush II defeated. Just how was that effort dangerous? It was a truly noble cause.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Anybody know where George lives?

  • Kim Tse

    George Soros is the antichrist. After Obozo leaves, he will take the reign. Although Hillary is a close second.

  • Rob Mosley

    Soros is KGB he was also a Nazi war criminal him Bush Sr and Jr, Obama, Clinton all in it TOGETHER, its called the NWO they pretend to fight each other when in reality they are allies in thought, word, and deed

  • Rob Mosley

    amen bro

  • Rob Mosley

    LIE, the president have total control of the fed they are apart of the control system the bankers put in place they are the mouthpieces of the banks, Bush Sr was a NWO lackeys and mouthpiece too

  • Rob Mosley

    Correct he merely ramped up the programs and failed policies started primarily under that pig Clintoon and continued Bushie Jr aka artificially subsizing home loans sending housing prices to unsustainable unpurchaseable heights


    Exactly! The philistines have been from Crete Island, Greece. This is the origin where they came from, who didn’t inherited any religion, any law, any faith, any culture from the past. La,la,la,la….


    In the God’s World Soros will say baa-baa-baa…La,la,la,la,la!


    Soros has a root in predatory tribe origin from Crete Island, Greece. All the countries around the World were created from United Princedom. Greece was created from his tribe grab from other ancient white people everything included the History. Same story with new tactical his tribe want to do with American people and our country.

  • The Conservative Atheist

    Just as labeling right wing as terrorists is wrong? And the Koch brothers haven’t manipulated money markets, which hurts the little guys first.

  • Sigmund Freud

    Soros is a great like Warren Buffett. Anyone who disagrees can suck….

  • Sigmund Freud

    Especially JohnWis lol

  • skw

    Some argue that Koch Brothers are bad for the country. At least they hire by the thousands. Who does Soros give jobs to?


    He is despicable and totally anathema to American Ideals, he works to destry the US as such he is a traitor and should be dealt in like manner. He had nothing to do with the Naziz in Hungary, since he was 9 years old at the onset of WW2 and 15 at the end, and after the war the many high ranking Nazis were working in the United States.

  • D.S. Resch

    What the hell is wrong with creating green initiatives? Do you people want more pollution and climate change or are you like the 2% of scientists who don’t believe in it?

  • Dr. Dana M. Connolly

    Please let him go peacefully and asap.

  • James C. Dragon

    Insert any billionaire’s name, and you have the same danger. He is also an experienced and accomplished puppet master he has been manipulating Obama’s strings all along and now is focusing on his next puppet, Hilary. Thanks for posting interesting topic.

    For more info visit

  • Patrick Mulcahy

    Legalizing marijuana is the final chapter for America. The debt for all U.S cities is $14 trillion dollars. Add the rehab and social costs to the bill and we are done. Pray for our children’s future. The only outside chance is to turn our efforts to get people. Smoking pot is huge debt for rehab.

  • MarkGillar

    The economic collapse was caused by the sub-prime lending scandal. People like Obama’s buddy Frank Raines who cooked the books at Fannie Mae. Even Clinton agrees the democrats were more to blame for the collapse because they would not listen to republicans who wanted more regulation on Fannie and Freddie. Watch and learn liberal.

  • Gary Colongo

    Take the snakes head off!! Then the rest will fall, take back America!!!

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  • ajs42548

    Obama started the war in Iraq even though he knew they had no WMDs. Yes he knew that. He used intelligence that was made up to justify his invasion of Iraq. He cut taxes on the rich which made things worse. He took troops out of Afghanistan to fight in Iraq. Bush increased the deficit more than Obama did on a percentage basis. He plunged this country into the worst recession since the great depression. He didn’t inherit a bad economy like Obama did.
    Halliburton made billions on NO BID CONTRACTS. You like that too? Obama’s spending was to bail out teh very banks that cuased teh recession and millions of peole to lose their jobs. At the end of Bush’s tenure we were losing 600,000 JOBS PER MONTH.

  • ajs42548

    Yeah Obama made things worse. Let’s see.. Bush inherited a healthy economy and the DOW was over 14,000. He left the worst economy in 80 years with 600,000 people losing their jobs every month. Obama came in with those jobs loses and the DOW at 7000. Within one term the DOW doubled and more jobs being created than lost. If that’s your definition of failure than we need more failures like that. Obama saved millions of jobs by his loans, saved GM and Chrysler and all of the major banks even though they didn’t deserve to be saved.

  • ajs42548

    When Bush left office people were losing jobs at the rate of 600,000 per month. Per MONTH!!!! You call that OK? That’s when your jobless people came from.

  • ajs42548

    So I take it you like depressions and millions of people losing their jobs.

  • ajs42548

    You do realize that when Bush was told, and I quote, “Mr. president, the country is under attack.” he just sat there motionless for a full 7 minutes not knowing what to do. Do you have any idea what could have happened in those 7 minutes. At that point he didn’t know what happened. It could have been a nuclear attack for all he knew and major cities could have been wiped off the map. You call that good leadership?

  • ajs42548

    You mean like when Bush was walking hand in hand with the leader of Saudi Arabia like they were married?

  • 19battlehill

    You got it all wrong, Soros is part of the noise that keeps people from joining together. He is the noise on the left, just like the Koch brothers are the noise on the right. This divides the masses of people, (that is their plan), now they can do what they want, do you really think this billionaire cares about the little people? Divided and conquer have the masses fighting over issues that don’t really affect their daily lives and it keeps their attention off of what big business and government surveillance it really do to them. It’s one big kabuki theater.

  • 19battlehill

    The Koch brothers pay unlivable wages – so what good is their hiring.

  • International Common Law Court

    Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, a retired public official of dutch decent, has come forward with information to organizations in North America after a fruitless effort to report crime in her home country. She accused George Soros of participating in hunting children for sport in the woods of Belgium between 1996 and 2000.

    “In some woods near Oudergem, they hunted those naked children through the forest and shot them down … then they cut off the penises of the dead boys and held them up as trophies. I saw Belgian soldiers patrolling the woods and protecting the men who did the hunting, men like Prince Friso, King Albert of Belgium and Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister. I recognized George Soros in the hunting party too, you know, the billionaire. He is good friends with Friso’s wife, Mabel Wisse Smit.”

    The man named ‘Friso’ mentioned in the quote is Prince Johann Friso, the second son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

    In 2004 her husband Kees van Korlaar, a long suspected member of the international mafia Ndrangheta, brought her to attend human sacrifice rituals in Zwolle Netherlands. Kees Van Korlaar, working for Queen Beatrix Secret Service, ran an organization within the Dutch court that would procure children for these sacrificial rituals. She reported seeing Prince Johann Friso and George Soros again in attendance with Friso’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit.

    Please read the full story at

  • PoliticsAJoke

    It’s all balanced out by the Right Wings bedmates… the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson. You lemmings are laughable. Politics has become the same thing as two home teams cheering for their favorite NFL or MLB team. No matter what you say to the other side… They have sworn allegiance to their team. You could put a literal donkey or elephant into the oval office and nothing would change.

  • Bulan Sabriel

    Nylas (Arrow Cross) filth

  • Fred Powell

    You are the ignorant one!

  • EBizGuru

    Only took 2 years to come up with the 5th graders reply, Fred? And you even remembered both caps off AND punctuation??? Bravo! Now, I won’t tell anyone you snuck into their computer room if you don’t. But be sure to leave everything as you found it … Oh, wait … /smh

  • Joshua Brennig

    Unlike the Koch brothers, who only want to fatten their bank accounts, Soros supports an agenda that benefits the people by raising taxes on the rich – including himself – and giving much-needed relief to the poor by raising minimum wage. Conservatives are morons, constantly voting against their own best interests and the wellbeing of our country.

  • Joshua Brennig

    The purpose of government is to protect citizens in every possible way, but especially against exploitation by the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Liberals do this. Conservatives do not.

  • Sue4477

    A lot of what you say is true. Where you err is assuming conservatives all favor the rich. I know many conservatives who aren’t rich, including myself. We believe in conservative VALUES. We can’t stand the lib/dem agenda.

    Many, many conservative Christians aid the poor. They just don’t stand on a podium or street corner and proclaim their charity. It’s often done quietly & efficiently. Evidently you haven’t been active in helping the poor or you would have run into these many people as they give of their time and money, etc. Your assumption is way off on that one.

    Being a Cons. Christian means the pursuit of a more just society, wanting respect for the Constitution and doing as Jesus taught us. That includes private citizens and public & private businesses helping the poor or needy vs. the wasteful blundering gov’t. handing out freebies to all comers.

    I know this post is old, but you are so inaccurate your opinion cries out for someone to open your eyes. I suspect they are still closed tightly.

  • Louie Salazar

    Wow, this Soros guy is legit. Why exactly do you guys think he’s terrible?

  • John Mangan

    Koch Brothers? Adelson? Trump? Murdoch? and loads of others. First prove the “billions” in the first charge and then say why it’s OK for right wing demagogues but not a single left-leaning one. After all, it was right-wingers who said corporations are people and opened the way for billions in dark money to fund the GOP and the Tea Party. Pot calling kettle?

  • Mike

    Two words: Koch brothers.

  • Pledges

    Look up Facism and the Kochs. I’ll take an environmentalist democrat who wants balanced world power and media any day.

  • Venturin

    I doubt Eric is trying to destroy countries and people.

  • Ruth Eve

    After reading about what someone did a decade or more ago…please ready about what is happening to our wonderful country right now!!!

  • Mark Broge

    But the Koch brothers and their political efforts are not dangerous, I suppose. Talk about megalomania. I’m no fan or Soros, but maybe the universe is trying to maintain balance.

  • christianh

    Not sure what’s so bad about all that… Most of those groups represent MILLIONS of Americans.. The Kochs represent the Kochs… They paid for the bill just passed while you whin about a “community Organizer who likes clean air and water…

  • heynorm48

    The only thing Soros cannot buy is more time. And the clock is ticking.

  • whiplash55

    He sounds a lot like a left wing version of the Koch brothers. Thank god someone on the left counters those two extremist. Although I don’t like Soros that much I depise the Kochs and their agenda, they want to finish what Bush started, destroying the American middle class once and for all.

  • whiplash55

    Thank you Sue, you do get it. Reagan’s economic policies are still held up by the conservatives despite his horrendous deficits he racked up during generally decent economic times.I don’t care for Soros, but I’m thankful for where he spends some of his money. As a recovering right winger I see that most of what we were told of conservatism is a lie.Republican presidents have far worse economic track record than Democrats. Bush will be considered by historians as one of, if not the worst Presidents in American history

  • Jennine Kinzer

    Old fart get out of our country!!!! Do you think any of your wives would have looked at your old crappy face twice if you didn’t have billions. Guess you sold your soul to the Devil long ago.

  • panskeptic

    This is funny. George Soros has done more to spread democracy around the world than any man in history.

    The Koch Brothers are worth 41 Billion dollars each, and are spending it to kill democracy at home. If you want to know what danger is, try Charles and David Koch.

  • Igor Banhei

    A lot of the above are expanded on in the solidly-documented book THE SHADOW PARTY: HOW GEORGE SOROS, HILLARY CLINTON AND SIXTIES RADICALS SEIZED CONTROL OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY by David Horowitz and Richard Poe.

  • mobilemann

    please go to and look up those “facts”. You guys are making stuff up.

  • mobilemann

    you know that hackers are generally alligned in an idealogical sense with liberals right? Seriously, between, weak threats (ha) and your comments, i’m really thinking conservatives should just quit the internet.

    You’re clearly having a hard time.

  • mobilemann

    and what is rupert murdoc to you? the people on this thread know no bounds in terms of hypocrisy. You should seriously never speak again.

  • mobilemann

    this thread has made me stupid. The insane hypocrisy of you, and sridh is to much to bear. You don’t mind rupert doing it for fox? The seemingly sole provider of “righteous” news?

    Modern conservatives are a joke


    I’m not going nowhere What I told is according a secret History If you are to learn more all the documents you can find in Vatican’s Library.


    Nazis have a same root with Soros Nazis were Greek fascists used the conspiracy theory in the Germany. They weren’t German. If Soros helped ‘em he did it for his brothers, same root in tribe. La,la,la,la…..

  • Ron Lewenberg

    What are you talking about? Nazis were German

  • disqus_xFhi081Mvq

    patfo49 – the deficit has dropped under Obama. The idea that Republicans are fiscally conservative is an illusion the sheep continue to believe…

  • disqus_xFhi081Mvq

    The Koch brothers are no different, but nobody hears Republicans bitching about them…

  • patfo49

    Perhaps the deficit is lower but only because the government is taking in more Taxes than ever before! We are paying for all the worthless Obama sheep on food stamps, welfare, disability and obamacare! Does that make us a strong country? Hell no! It makes us a laughing stock! But, this is what Soros and Obama want…a Third World Country! However you can’t argue that the debt is over 18 Trillion and will be 20 Trillion when Obama leaves office! Is that a “delusion”? If this is what you consider good progress I weep for you!!

  • Calvinius

    So donating billions to political causes and influencing American elections is dangerous when George Soros did it, but not when Charles and David Koch do it? LMAO

  • Calvinius

    It’s hilarious how Soros, who spent vast amounts of money to break the back of communism in Eastern Europe, is declared a communist by American right-wingers.

  • Calvinius

    And really, Media Matters is dangerous for calling out lies in the media? is dangerous for “disparaging the integrity of Gen. David Petraeus”, who has since been proven to have no integrity? Remember, this is the guy who not only cheated on his wife for years, he’s on the verge of a felony indictment for handing over classified information to his mistress.

  • Calvinius


  • Ghost

    Actually, George and Jonathan Soros are the flip-side of David and Charles Koch. We have an oligarchy now, two sides of a One Party Planet (Google it).

    Senator Sanders is saying we need a political revolution. Greece just had a revolution. Spain may be next. Iceland had one a while back.

    The U.S. needs a revolution to return the power back to the American people and away from the corporate-backed power elite now in power (also Google “political duopoly”).

  • Ghost

    Before Soros, the corporate-backed, right-wing organizations were the only well-funded groups. Soros leveled the playing field slightly, and now the far-right is freaking out.

    Give me a break. Bush was worse than Obama in foreign policy, and Iraq is why Soros wanted to counter Bush’s money with some of his own. He paid penalties for that spending which was, at the time, illegal.

  • Grazzly

    People that believe in gods and trickle down economics will believe any propaganda.

  • Grazzly

    National Socialism is the right wing utopia. Republicans are Nazis. Face up to it.

  • Grazzly

    Soshulism is bad mmkay?

  • Grazzly

    Are all righties as dumb as you?

  • WilsonE405

    George Soros has helped overthrow more Communist countries than anyone else in history.

    I love how people try to make Soros out to be some great Nazi sympathizer, when the truth is that he was a kid during WWII. Do the math. His family paid someone to pass him off as his “godson” because he’s Jewish. He would have fine, but he had been spotted by an old classmate who knew George was a Jew, and this was during a time when the Nazis were making a concerted effort to round up any Jews who were trying to pass themselves off as Gentiles. George had to find someone else to live with after that.

    Even the ADL has come out publicly and defended him against people like Glenn Beck.

  • joe Schmuckatelli
  • joe Schmuckatelli
  • joe Schmuckatelli
  • brace_for_impact

    whiplash, Conservatism is a lie you say? Wanting smaller government and embracing the Constitution are lies? You are comparing conservatism to Republican Presidents. If you live in a Democrat vs Republican world you clearly can’t see what is happening to the country. Good luck with your carnival glass view of the world.

  • Michael

    seal team six took out the wrong terrorist, Soros has done more damage to this country than Ossama Bin ever could.

  • Julian John Siuksta

    He’s so obnoxious, even Auschwitz rejected him!

  • I_Am_Me


  • I_Am_Me

    He’s a one-world government Leftist elitist. He is only anti-communism because it doesn’t work and in practice it leads to mass deaths. But make no mistake about it, he wants absolute central control over all of humanity, ostensibly “for their own good” and accepts quasi-capitalism and globalization only out of pragmatic concerns.

    What he fails to realize is that Leftism itself doesn’t work in reality. The examples are endless in modern and ancient history, and globalizing it will just enable it to unleash the totalitarian hell that is the foundation of its political philosophy upon all of humanity.

  • First Last

    Driven mad by Zioniism.

  • John cappello

    laaaame, lies…………..

  • templepearson

    He truly is a real life villain. Makes the fictional villains in the James Bond movies look like saints in comparison.

  • shatto

    George Soros is worth 24.2 billion dollars.
    One billion = one-thousand million.
    One million is all of what most of us will make in an entire lifetime.
    George Soros makes his money when the market goes down.
    George Soros invests in what will make the market go down.
    George Soros invests in a number of leftist organizations.
    It is easier to create chaos and uncertainty than calm and serenity.

    “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” – Don Corleone.


    Sounds like he should be exterminated for the rodent he is.


    Like I have been saying for years, WE HAVE THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY. Anybody has a price, and in Washington it is called greed and money talks. But the politicians keep trying to tell you they don’t get into politics for the money. NO it is MONEY AND POWER. And the billionairs keep playing the Monopoly game with REAL PEOPLE LIVES AS THE PLAY PEICES.


    Every president this country has had for over 200 years had faults, but a lot of these presidents had to deal with imbicils wanting this or that for a very small percentage of people, so they have to weigh what is best for us in the grand scheme of things, Bush used the war claiming the people were being slaughtered by there Government, maybe they were, but there was a lot of oil to be had, and WHAT does the Bush’s legacy in Texas revolve around on. OIL! And We Americans love are car so WE LET IT HAPPEN. Reagan was an actor a dreamer at least he tried to make it a better place, but people around him to implement some of the ideas failed him as with Carter, Carter was for the people for most part but he was unable to see the big picture and that hurt him, Clinton’s, Obama, Nixon and some others WERE in it for themself’s but WE did not want to see it. I knew Obama was a liar when he made it into the Senate and became worse, But a lot of people fell for him because he was black and he was going to save us, because black are wholesome and hohnest, well look at what we got because people in General DID NOT DO THE DUE DILLIGENCE
    IN VETTING HIM FOR ANY OFFICE. When someone pulls the crap he done the first month in office in HIDING everything about his past, should have been a warning sign to people. But he gave us free stuff and people bought into it this, and gave him free pass after pass. I don’t care if he is white black or polka dot. He is an out right liar and conman and people in this country lately has become unable to think for themself’s and because of this, America is going to die a pain full death BECAUSE NOBODY is willing to stand up to fight and/or die for her anymore, and that is a shame.


    Wrong, look up all these numbers you are claiming, Obama unemployment figures DO NOT TAKE IN ACCOUNT the people that were knocked off unemployment quit looking for work that wasn’t there ETC. but yet he keeps claiming 5% and less. That is plain BS and people believe him. WAKE UP.


    Good for you it worked out, but for a lot of others it has NOT.


    Inherited he added HOW MANY TRILLION ON HIS WATCH? Wake UP!


    Absolutely Correct!


    ????? Sources on these comment please, Yes old man Bush did run the CIA, But when the President speaks, FED says YAS SIR.

  • ajs42548

    Just as every president does including Bush. So when comparing the 2 presidents, Obama still comes out way ahead.


    Gulp that kool aid there dude WOW you are WAAAAY out there

  • ajs42548

    So let me get this straight. You’re actually saying that the employment situation was better under Bush than Obama? You’re saying that under Bush jobs weren’t lost but under Obama they were? You’re actually saying that under Bush there was no recession but under Obama there was no recovery? I’m not going to say that you drank the cool aid, but I will ask you what you’ve been smoking.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    -Kochs are social workers who give tons of money to the poor and to environment – right??-

    Actually, they do exactly that, in addition to political spending.

    -We can throw Soros and the Kochs back and forth all day.-

    Until people actually start to compare the two, at which point Soros supporters get laughed at.

    - It doesn’t take much demonizing to demonstrate that conservative America favors the wealthy.-

    Just a bit of lying.

    -In the 70′s when America had seen a generation of “liberal” policies the ratio of CEO to worker salaries was about 30:1.-

    Curious–just why is “liberal” in quote marks? What about the Sexual Revolution or the Great Society or the 70% tax rates wasn’t actually liberal?

    Also, where’s your evidence about this 30:1 rate?

    -In 2010, after trickle down.conservative economics & deregulation, -

    Funny you should pick a point in time so far ahead after Reaganomics–but do you really think the several pounds of added regulations are “deregulation”? I have yet to meet a liberal who has used that term with an actual understanding of its meaning.

    -”When I fed the poor they called me a Saint. When I asked why poverty persists, they called me a communist.” Dom Helder Camara, Archbishop of Recife and Olinda, Brazil.-

    Amusing you should quote something like this… because it’s a lie. He didn’t “[ask] why poverty persists,” he actively aided and supported the Communist party. THAT’s why they called him a communist.

    -It isn’t easy to tarnish those who advocate for the less fortunate and the needy. In order to do that, it is necessary to trot out tired old labels like “communism” and “socialism”.-

    Except that (as in the above case), those labels are completely accurate.

    -The impulse to make the obscenely rich even richer is euphemistically called “conservative.”-

    Then how come the “obscenely” rich are getting even richer under the most left-wing president in history?

    -The effort to aid the poor is demonized by conservative christians as communist. (I guess that’s to excuse them from not doing what they are supposed to be doing as christians).-

    Here in the real world, conservatives aid the poor considerably more than liberals. We give more of our time, our money, and even our blood. The effort we demonize is the effort to steal money from one group and use it as we think will benefit others.

    -Where did Jesus say that the rich were children of god?-

    Jesus said ALL of us where children of God. Where did Jesus say we should hate and steal from people who are more successful than us?

    -”REAL” christians know that contrary to being communist, the pursuit of a more just, more tolerant society is, in fact, a very NOBLE and a very worthy pursuit.-

    And people with a brain understand that the pursuit of a more just, more tolerant society means advocating freedom, not government control.

  • canyonguy

    Via Sue Donovan-

    And, of course, the Kochs are social workers who give tons of money to the poor and to environment – right?? We can throw Soros and the Kochs back and forth all day. Demonize conservatives? It doesn’t take much demonizing to demonstrate that conservative America favors the wealthy. That is a matter of numbers.

    Let’s see what “conservative” economics have done for Americans… In the 70′s when America had seen a generation of “liberal” policies the ratio of CEO to worker salaries was about 30:1. In 2010, after trickle down.conservative economics & deregulation, the ratio of CEO to worker salaries is now about 600:1. So which economy is more favorable to everyday Americans? Since Ronald Reagan (who had a major impact on the economy and corporate power in America) the income of the American worker has been stagnant while the income of the top 1% has exploded! So whom does conservative economic power benefit?? Certainly not middle Americans.

  • Rio Rita

    Send him back to Hungary where he originated

  • Carla Rogers Williams

    socialism is right wing utopia?
    LOL you might want to sober up before you post.

  • Dave Posh

    Although this article is 4 years old, George Soros continues to do as much evil to America as he can.
    He contributed a minimum of $33 million dollars to foment riots in Ferguson. That $33 million is what has been documented, it may be even higher. I wonder if this poll was given again, how would the top ten change.

  • rojawi

    Lies, distortions, hysteria. Soros’s wealth, power, ambitions and influence pale in comparison to the Koch brothers.