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Obama Grabs More Land With Conservation Corps

While the nation wrestles with an unfathomable deficit, the Obama administration announced the formation of a new entity designed to instruct young people about “climate change” and empowering Native American reservations. 

The program is called the 21st Century Conservation Corps, which would be implemented through Obama’s Youth in the Great Outdoors initiative.

If you’ve never heard of Youth in the Great Outdoors, it’s a federal outfit within the Department of the Interior that was allocated nearly $40 million last year alone and is seeking $47 million for 2012.

In a recent Web telecast, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar argued that the conservation corps was an “absolute key component” in the “engagement of young people.”  He added that the Obama administration’s emphasis is on the youth because, without them, “we will not succeed” in the “conservation agenda.”

What exactly do these young people do on the taxpayer dime?  By the Interior Department’s own account, the outdoor activities include “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources,” “empowering Native American communities,” “building trails,” “enhancing wildlife habitat,” studying bird migration, preserving fish hatcheries, and “improving and restoring our cultural and historic landmarks.”

Already, the Interior Department has hired 21,000 young people to assist with those efforts, and Salazar is looking to enlarge that number by 60%.

Meanwhile, Myron Ebell, who directs the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, unloaded on Interior Department’s green agenda as nothing more than a brainwashing boot camp and land power-grab.

“The Obama administration’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative is another attempt to expand public land ownership, waste taxpayer dollars, and indoctrinate young people in the belief that more government ownership and control is better for our environment,” Ebell told HUMAN EVENTS. 

He added:  “Creating a conservation corps may make people feel good that the federal government is helping to provide employment for unemployed young people, but it would do much better to provide economic conditions so that private investors could create real jobs.” 

Also participating in the Web telecast to promote the taxpayer-funded student project was Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.  He defended the need for such programs because, according to him, the administration wants “to make sure that young people in the country understand the relevance of the outdoors to their life,” adding that the federal government must guarantee that young people “feel comfortable in the outdoors.”

Ebell noted that “unfortunate effects of the program” will be a “larger constituency that supports the federal land agencies, just as the Peace Corps has created a constituency for useless federal aid programs to poor countries.” 

As is the case already, the National Park Service, U. S. Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management already control nearly 30% of the land in America , he observes.

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  • wodiej

    Do these people ever stop to think that less is more? Much of wildlife preservation means no human contact or intervention. It’s disruptive to the living cycles of these environments. I wonder if they will leave their Ipods and cells at home when they go.

  • BazzaMcKenzie

    So just where in the Constitution is this authorized?

    If the states want to do something of this sort, they are quite capable of doing so. Absolutely no authority or rationale for the federal government to be involved other than the political interests of the current executive.

  • Niniane

    How does one reduce the impact of climate change on the environment — dismantle the local old coal-fired electric plant? And wow, what a resume these kids will have: experience of eradicating kudzu and air-potato vines from swampland!

    As far as enjoying the wilderness, there are many instances where drug gangs enjoy it more with their pot farms and manage to make a great profit.

  • albert

    Hey Jason, you ain’t even counting the land he is grabbing in Libiya are you? Thanks to our strong steady President Obama we will go back to the shores of Tripoli and stay there this time. Badges? We don’t need no stinken badges!

  • gjd3

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. … adding that the federal government must guarantee that young people “feel comfortable in the outdoors.”

    SERIOUSLY!!?? I just can’t seem to find in our constitution where it says that our federal government has that responsibility! How far down the rabbit hole must we venture before reality bites us square in the A$$ ?

  • Rick_Kalifornication

    From the article: “What exactly do these young people do on the taxpayer dime? By the Interior Department’s own account, the outdoor activities include “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources,” “empowering Native American communities,” “building trails,” “enhancing wildlife habitat,” studying bird migration, preserving fish hatcheries, and “improving and restoring our cultural and historic landmarks.”

    You know. Like the U.S. Dept of Forestry already does. But with youth.

  • Dustoff

    It’s theRE a law about “child” labor

  • confedgal

    I don’t see how they will empower American Indian communities. That group has a SERIOUS mistrust of the government.

  • planeboy

    I know I know…makes you want to beat your head against a wall…

  • gjd3

    Maybe that’s the idea. It’s all a communist plot to get us to take ourselves out…

  • planeboy

    Never looked at it like that …but you might be on to something…LOL

  • Smeethow

    No, they’d be lost with out them

  • OICUR12

    The Sovereign States Several MUST re-exert their inherent RIGHTS against an over-grasping federal government.
    Put the Feds back where they belong – servants to WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Disingenuous

    I’m sure they are required to join a union and donate to the DNC… I mean pay dues..

  • chandler1925

    It is so dumb to think that recreation is more important that drilling on our own land. We still have enough room for recreation and drilling is not going to do that much harm. How stupind can our government get?? Please don’t answer that question. They show us every day how stupid they are.

  • Law14

    In many places they can have their cells….they just won’t work; and it will cause anxiety attacks in parents and children, thereby giving more cause for Obamacare. (gasp!)

  • Drifter12

    The Repub controlled House should have complete control of this in the appropriations process.

  • victorbarney

    Jason, I hope that you know that the Anti-Christ in the book of Revelation in the Bible had to be the forbidden foreigner(Deuteronomy 17:15) put over Israel by the seed of Joseph, not Judah(only promised grace or Messiah, but not the name Israel-Genesis 48:16)? Remember, it also is written that the FIRST(CAIN) will be LAST and the LAST(SETH) will be FIRST to be resurrected! p.s., Don’t forget that Cain murdered Able! I do wonder what Eve’s part was? WATCH AND WE’LL SOON FIND OUT!

  • globalcrap

    Don’t forget Mrs. O Bogus has help the unemployment out . She hired 23 interns to work for her. Now their is a lot of wasted tax dollars.

  • ashley

    Democrats don’t know what the Constitution is. They were offended that they had to read it all together when Republicans took control of the house. Even though their jobs were created by it. If the Constitution was the President our country would be far and away the best in the world again and China wouldnt control us.

  • ADRoberts

    Spending money we don’t have on things we don’t want or need.

  • ADRoberts

    Studied the Bible my entire life. Never heard such a spin in my life.

  • Rob Donnelly

    Most of the things that they describe the kids doing, “…the outdoor activities include “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources,” “empowering Native American communities,” “building trails,” “enhancing wildlife habitat,” studying bird migration, preserving fish hatcheries, and “improving and restoring our cultural and historic landmarks…”,
    are already done by Boy Scouts, Cub Scout and Girl Scouts. And they are being done for FREE!

  • Escapee1

    If you want kids to learn more about the outdoors, encourage them to join the Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or to go hunting and fishing with their family or friends! STOP TAXING US FOR YOUR SOCIALIST PROGRAMS!!!

  • JingoJohn

    MOST posters above miss the point.

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao; ALL had their “youth corps” of various names.

  • Drifter12

    Here in my state of Utah, the Feds are trying to lock recreationists out of public lands, as well as energy producers. I’d bee willing to bet that the same thing is being proposed for public land near you.

  • BGJim

    A good point about the economics of putting our bright eyed idealistic youth to work for our glorious leader. They get to learn how they motivated the drones in the workers’ paradise that was the Soviet Union:

    “They pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work”.

  • 1uncle

    More welfare for people who should never have been born on welfare in the first place.
    We must eliminate ‘special interest groups’ by 2/3rds of the states passing an amendment to the constitution. Career politicians will not do it in congress. They will continue using our taxes to buy votes.

  • eosbun

    There is a fallacy here: there is no way to effect or reduce the effect of climate change. It is outside of human capability.

  • eosbun

    I do not doubt the sincerity of the three Dept. of the Interior individuals. I have similar experiences in the employ of the Dept. of the Interior, including trails, forestry, fire fighting and helitack in a National Park, and several years with the U.S. Geological Survey. All of these employments financed me through graduate school. So I would ask the individuals: what will these youths be paid? That is a far more important issue than the concept that these youths may be inculcated with the fallacious concept that they will learn how to effect or reduce the effect of climate change. Such political “hot” issues are propaganda, and do not belong within the agenda of the Dept. of the Interior. The field experience and pay is the thing, and not being instructed about somebody’s fallacious contention that we cause climate change.

  • Danco30

    This administration has done what it can to keep the jobless unemployed and now attempts to show the youth that only the government can be the job creator.
    Then, they indoctrinate the youth of America in what to believe (global warming) and that they know more than their parents (Al Gore).
    I continue to be totally amazed that liberals still go along with this malarky.

    As an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, camper, I have grown up in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah and have learned that the beautiful country we have is to be respected and preserved. I have passed these values onto my 3 children… it’s got nothing to do with politics or the carbon markets.

  • hit912

    with good reason

  • Larry Long

    Glad to see you understand how it really works. It’s simply not acceptable to expect “youth” to actually be uncomfortable, even if they have to pull their electronic brain-graft away from their ears. The tough part is thinking up phony names for all the useless “agencies” our fearless leaders come up with. Known a couple or three young folks who worked in such “primitive” conditions, and, within a few weeks they began to realize how sweet fresh air smells, and how peaceful nature really is — the quiet, the unexpected wildflowers just at the next bend in the trail, the rustle in the leaves of some furry varmint looking for some dinner, maybe a splash in the crick as a fish goes for a tasty bug. Makes a person realize there are a whole lot of real, intelligent (often brilliant) young people doing what needs doing, learning what needs to be learned, and having a fine time doing it. Sorry if that seemed like a rant.

    When we throw out most of the current thieves in Washington we’ll have lots of offices for another round of young parasites.

    Right now, I’d like to be sitting on the sand at River Lake Park, in the hills outside of Austin. Sure could use some of that peace and quiet.

  • valvepop

    Victorbarney, how you BibleThumpers can make something “according to” the Bible out of every post on here is beyond me. How about just crawling off into a corner with your Bible and reading it quietly. You are about as bad as the ragheads with their Quran.

  • wildbill555

    They can just send these “green Shirts” to Alaska.We have some hungry bears here that wouldn’t mind a bite of bureaucrat now and then.That is if they can get past the smell emanating from these piles of federal excrement.
    Wild Bill

  • al003

    No, it is not my head that I want to beat against a wall.

    This is exactly why in 2012 we need to win the House, the Senate and the WH. Then we need to abolish all of these phoney agencies of the federal government, get us out of the UN, Nationalize the Federal Reserve, free up energy exploration, start our Nuclear energy programs again. Dump ObamaCare and get some good tort reform in the new and proper Health Care. Control our borders and set limits on immigration. And then learn to keep our noses in our own business

  • Raptorroar_Detroit


  • gmalarki

    Oh. We’re going to have the Obama Youth now.

  • Reasonsjester

    Thirty percent of American land is controlled by the Feds? They are indoctrinating our youth based on phony science? For me, this is the most outrageous of many outrageous things this administration is doing. Why? Because they are OBVIOUSLY prepping the next generation for an eco-socialist state! It couldn’t be more obvious if they announced it. Ever watch a children’s cartoon lately? Environmentalist propaganda wall-to-wall!

  • Reasonsjester

    It’s all worthless and unproductive. It doesn’t add a dime’s worth of value to the economy, while those being paid are sucking off of other people’s labor by consuming resources.

  • Reasonsjester

    Are you implying that CLIMATE CHANGES, regardless of human action? HERETIC!!

  • Haironfire_1

    Gosh, is it actually possible for an individual to become progressively ‘dumber’ by the day? If so, Poncho, aka Albert personifies this problem. Perhaps he can volunteer for a medical study. Maybe a new medical syndrome has been discovered. We can call it Poncho syndrome. I hear it’s eventually lethal.

  • Haironfire_1

    I feel pretty sure that the U. S won’t come to an end if we don’t have 21,000 young skulls full of mush studying bird migration, building trails and empowering habitats or whatever drivel was put forth by the politicians. This sounds like the rural version of Americorp and we know how corrupt and pointless that was/is.

  • justinwachin

    One great way to get out of debt is to sell stuff. Hopefully a new president will be inaugurated in 2013. As the economy picks up hopefully a Republican president, Senate and House will begin placing some of the government properties on the auction block.

    I have no problem with conservation. I bought some land and planted trees on it. If people are concerned about the environment they should buy some land with their OWN money and plant trees. Our government is broke. It is time to put the land on the auction block.

  • confedgal

    Oh yeah.

  • confedgal

    Especially if the recreationists use motorized vehicles.

  • eosbun

    Well, immediately so I’ll have to agree with you. It is like the CCC in the 30s, in which my
    uncle saved his bacon. He retired at Fort Bliss many years later as a Lt. Colonel.

    My personal example is only part of the story. I retired recently after working many years
    in the geothermal for electric power industry as first a geologist and then as a petroleum
    engineer ( a third degree was obtained ) after helping to make the owners/operators millions
    of dollars in several steam fields. What I am saying is that the investment is in the young
    people, not the immediate economy.

    When I worked as a forest fire fighter in Yosemite, the neighboring Stanislaus National Forest
    has a program that employed CYA “undergraduates” from the alley ways of the big city slums in
    California. In mutual aid on their and our project wildfires I worked with these youths. They
    appeared to be developing better attitudes about the typical hard labor on forest fires. So I
    think that these programs are valuable, but of course the benefits are not seen right away.

    You said nothing about the fallacious part of their program. Why not?


  • eosbun

    Well, well, a radical mushroom blooms forth. You bet your ass, and I am well prepared
    to be more explicit you willing to listen.


  • GabriellaHoffman

    This program reminds of the Pioneers found in the former Soviet Union…

  • Ann

    Brainwashing is not good! The state of the city slicker and how America got suckered……

    to know what a governmental baptism creates and why …

    …the city states of America votes for NIXON…and now make the students learn what is a “RESERVATION” and learn the Indigenous by their names and learn every state currency they want so badly and then start creating more videos…Hollywood paint my face! ps—put a road in between the farm to market the schools…haha!

  • gjd3

    I’m not sure that any of what you’re writing has any relevance here. You may have some points (somewhere in that mess) but I don’t see what they are or how they apply to this discussion. The Bible is a powerful thing. It can save you, frustrate you, engage you and guide you. But one thing that it can not do on its own is take itself out of context or the context of the times in which it was written, or written about. A dear friend, mentor and lifelong student of Theology once told me that in order to seriously understand or effectively quote anything from the Bible unless you must first have a working knowledge of cultural anthropology. This coming from a man with 3 PhD’s (1st in Theology, 2nd in Human Behavior and 3rd in Education) and a life of dedicated research. So I don’t quote things that I don’t fully understand and I don’t pay much attention to shills screeching convenient passages in response to personal opinion.

    I’m just making an observation here.

  • gjd3

    Ann, step away from the pipe……

  • gjd3

    I knew a “Wild Bill” in Orange County years ago and if you’re like he is (wonder where he is now…) I believe you just might have a location on some of those bears … maybe even know some them … LOL

  • paintinc56

    Yeah, they have been so abused the past 150 years! You can be like 1/8 Native American & get welfare benefits for life! They lost, too bad, so did many others since the beginning of time. I did not do anything to these people, my parents didn’t & neither did my grandparents, why should I have to pay for them to sit on their lazy a$$es & whine? They are a shining example of what Soc ialism can do for people. They are not interested in bettering themselves, they do nothing to contribute to their communities, just sit & wait for their taxpayer cash. How long are we supposed to pretend that is o.k.?

  • BillNC

    I wonder if Obama pronounces it, “Conservation Corpse”?

  • JingoJohn

    AND ‘Hitler Youth’ and ‘Red Brigades’ and……
    ALL wannabe totalitarians start with the young.
    google/bing ‘obama youth’

  • Reasonsjester

    It is hard to detect sarcasm when you deal a lot with leftists, isn’t it?

  • randydutton

    Want to fix trails??? Let us use chainsaws in National Parks to clear down timber across trails. YEARS have gone by in Olympic National Park with trees across many trails from the 2007 windstorm.

  • eosbun

    Well, no, just in case. In general, I slay them with facts and mechanics.


  • Randallrj

    The logo is a nice Illuminati design.

  • Guest

    yup now the blacks gangsters can get paid to smoke their crack in the great outdoors ,instead of home on the couch watching oprah………… a more healthy program, you know food deserts and everything…………… this smells like michelle…………