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Not Your Daddy’s Shotgun: A Look at Some Modern Shotgun Innovations

“That ain’t your daddy’s shotgun, Cowboy”

Looking at some of the newest scattergun technology, the average observer would likely agree.
The shotgun concept is as old as gunpowder, but that doesn’t mean innovation has stopped.  Quite the contrary: many people are once again looking at the shotgun as an effective tool for self defense and hunting, while others never left the platform.

Here are just a few of the modern ideas surrounding the old smoothbore.

Kel-Tec KSG

One of the most popular new guns at the 2011 SHOT Show was the KSG 12 gauge shotgun from Kel-Tec.  The KSG is an amazingly compact pump-action shotgun with dual magazine tubes that hold a total of 14 shells (seven per tube.)

The KSG weighs a little less than seven pounds, and due to its configuration it is fairly well balanced.  The barrel is 18.5”, and the overall length is a diminutive 26.1”.

The KSG ejects shells downward, rather than to the side, which means mounting the shotgun on the left shoulder is not hindered by shells flying back into the shooters face.

The top of the KSG has a Picatinny rail for mounting iron sights or a red dot optic.  The underside of the pump also has a rail for the addition of a white light, forward grip, or other accessory. 

Kel-Tec expects to ship the KSG in the second half of 2011 with an expected MSRP of $880.

Mossberg Chainsaw

The ultimate in anti-zombie hardware, Mossberg introduced the world to the Chainsaw.  The Mossberg Chainsaw is a pistol-grip version of the Mossberg 500 shotgun chambered 12 gauge.
A chainsaw-like forend grip has been attached to the pump grip, giving the shooter the ability to apply downward force during recoil.  Surprisingly, with the chainsaw grip it is easy to work the pump without the action binding.

The Chainsaw features three rails on the pump grip, which allows the addition of lights and lasers.  The end of the Chainsaw’s barrel can be had with a “stand off” allowing for practical use as a breacher’s tool in military and law enforcement applications.

The Chainsaw holds six shells.  MSRP is $489.

Safety Harbor Firearms KEG12

The Kompact Entry Gun 12 gauge, or KEG12, is a short-barreled shotgun manufactured by Safety Harbor Firearms in the Tampa Bay, FL area.  The shotguns are pistol-gripped, and are roughly the size of a really big handgun.

The KEG12 can be based on either the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 shotguns with either a 7 ¼” barrel or 10” barrel.  The shorter KEG12 will hold three 2 ¾” or 3” shells, while the longer will hold four shells. 

A KEG12 can also be made in 20 gauge on the Mossberg 500 platform.

The pump grip folds down to be used as a vertical grip, and leg holsters for taking these guns afield are available.

As these shotguns have barrels shorter than the arbitrary 18” limit imposed by the federal government, you would need a $5 tax stamp (Any Other Weapon tax) to own one.

Pricing starts at $675 for the Mossberg, and $745 for the Remington.

BLACKHAWK! Knoxx Gen II Stocks

The recoil reduction technology used in the BLACKHAWK! Knoxx stocks is no joke:  it works incredibly well.  The fact is a pump action 12 gauge shotgun produces a lot of recoil.  Recoil pads can help reduce the punishment to your shoulder, but they don’t actually reduce the recoil.  The Knoxx stocks do!

Using a variable cam system and compression recoil springs, the Knoxx stocks absorb up to 85% of the peak recoil generated by the shotgun.  The stocks also alter the recoil impulse, changing the feel from a sharp hit to a longer “push.” 

For 2011, BLACKHAWK! introduced the Gen II version of the SpecOps Knoxx stocks.  The Gen II stocks feature interchangeable grip inserts to adjust the size of the pistol grip to fit the individual user.  Additionally, the Gen II incorporates an ambidextrous single-point sling plate and quick-detach sling swivel.

The SpecOps stock allows the shooter to adjust the length of pull from 11 ¼” to 15” to fit his or her size.  The Gen II has seven positions of adjustment (up from five), providing a greater degree of precision in sizing.

The Gen II SpecOps stocks are available for the 12 gauge versions of the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500, 535, 590, 835 and 88 shotguns.  MSRP is $135 for black and $160 for camo.

DDupleks Steel Ammunition

Ever want, or need, a lead-free shotgun slug that is accurate, won’t damage your shotgun’s barrel and will provide devastating stopping power to bring down medium to large game?  Consider the DDupleks Hexolit 32.

DDupleks is a Latvian ammunition company making a hybrid slug design made of steel and polymer called the Hexolit 32.  The Hexolit design provides both protection to the shotgun barrel and a stable flight path.  When striking the game, the front portion of the Hexolit rapidly expands to about 1.4” wide (12 gauge) before splintering off into six separate projectiles.  The rear, solid portion of the slug continues to penetrate deeply.

The effect?  DDupleks claims very high instances of instant stops on game, even with imperfect shot placement.

Retail prices vary, but expect to pay about $16 for a box of five Hexolit 32 shells.

Daddy’s Shotgun

There are a lot of innovations going on in the shotgun world.  Some are really revolutionary, and some are just fun.  While your daddy’s shotgun isn’t obsolete, there are enough new things out there to keep even the most critical enthusiast interested for some time to come.

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  • Casualshooter

    Home defense, maybe, but I wouldn’t take one skeet shooting. I’d have to have a real SWAT guy tell me if they’d be good for tac ops. The folks in marketing have some say in new firearm designs, obviously. There are a lot of new weapons I have no desire to own, but they’re selling the heck out of ‘em. To each his own.

  • LarryB

    They’d be great for blasting intruders and any other inalienable rights violators too!

  • lifelong learner

    I agree, to each his own.

    But why pretend these are a home defensive weapon of choice, unless you are a narco-trafficker and expect to be overrun by enemy gangs. This isn’t somebody’s first gun purchase.

    What they are, is an awesome phallic symbol. That doesn’t mean you are compensating if you own or want one, but there is no need to be in denial. Why are gun enthusiasts (can’t call them gun nuts, i got spanked for that before) so sensitive?


  • prsmith

    If you rack a round before you pull the trigger, you stand a good chance of getting killed. There is no such thing as ‘fair’ in a gun fight or, as the saying goes, if you’re fighting fair, you’re doing it wrong. If a perp has good hearing, he just might hear the safety release but that’s all he’ll hear.

  • LarryB

    My wife and I are a team too! That’s a real family!

  • hicusdicus

    And blasting innocent bystanders and confusing a jury as to what your real intent was when you removed this persons head and killed two bystanders so they compromise and give you 30 to 50 years instead of life without parole. Remember this is how lawyers get rich and prosecutors get elected governor.

  • hicusdicus

    If you think it better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 you have never been a court room in front of jury. The jury of vegans, soccer moms and frightened anti gun liberals will listen to a prosecuting attorney explain to them what a degenerate piece of toilet bowl flotsam you are and that you need to spend the rest of your unnatural life in a small steel enclosure having a continual prostate exam by amateur proctologists. The whole time you will be scream,I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.LOL…The court is not really interested in your gun cliches.

  • hicusdicus

    I think it is called the profit motive. After the load of shot clears the end of the barrel it does not matter what it came out of or what fired the primer. If it takes more the 2 rounds you will either be dead or in hand cuffs.

  • hicusdicus


  • hicusdicus


  • hicusdicus


  • hicusdicus

    JC3 is right on the money. You people better get your heads out of your colons and If you don’t you may end up with something else in your colon besides your head. You better start doing some serious research on case law before it is to late. The court is not interested in the sounds of your lips flapping just who to hold responsible for the dead bodies

  • Warmil

    I totally agree!! The MPS Auto Assault-12,(AA-12) 12 Gauge shotgun is the stuff for close combat. It shoots from an 8 rd box mag. and a 20 or 32 rd drum. It is a selective fire weapon that can shoot 300 rpm on full auto. It has very few moving parts and is made in stainless steel so it is strong, but easy to field strip and clean. Variants of the weapon have been around since 1972 and has had many improvements since. It has been featured in many movies and TV shows like Future Weapons, Ultimate Weapons, 24 and most recently the movies Predators and The Expendables. BAD MAMAJAMA!!!

  • JingoJohn

    AUTHOR, You were prepared for the “I will stake my LIFE on the reliability of my Rem. 870″ crowd? When ANYTHING comes along that is better for home defense…let me know.

    BTW, nice essay on cool TOYS.

  • LarryB

    Who are all these people, standing around in my house, during a home invasion?

  • JingoJohn

    EXACTLY! I Ran off a camp robber (not the bird kind) and maybe saved my kids from harm JUST BY jacking my Rem. 870 and yelling to the guy “…One more step and you are DEAD!…”

  • hicusdicus

    With Obama in office any thing could be true. The only thing that is not true is that he knows what he is doing and is intelligent and was born in Hawaii.

  • ranger04

    I had the same first shot gun. Mossberg Bolt action 20 guage with polychoke.

  • Molon_Labe_IGOTMINE

    You must not have bought a broomstick lately, they have serial #…. it is mandatory now, just like firearms in 1967.

  • JingoJohn

    Don’t pop JC3 bubble. He BELIEVES the movies are REAL hahha

  • Joel Springman

    Very well said!!!

  • Joel Springman


  • Joel Springman

    I NEED the Blackhawk! stocks! I better be extra nice to the wife for a while.

  • hicusdicus


  • keithb

    That K-Tel is toooo cool. Knock down some zombies (or commies) with that bad boy!

  • hicusdicus


  • hicusdicus

    The demo I saw showed a 33 round capacity. At a dollar a round and firing 400 rds in 60 seconds I would not equate rounds going down range nearly as much as dollar bills plastering the target.Just imagine 33 dollars in 3 seconds, think of all the beer you buy and drink all afternoon while discussing combat commando tactics in gun fantasy land while reading hustler hi capacity magazine and making with drawls from First National sperm bank. “Forums”, a place where one can show the world that they have a minus IO With out invoking the castle doctrine and a 911 call. I am not in any way referring to JC, just me and the rest of the Bozo’s

  • fishtank2013

    i think it’s a slug shot