• A Refreshing Event In DC

    VIDEO: Was there drunken laughing and clapping at inappropriate moments? Absolutely!

  • Helen Thomas, Multiculturalist

    Until last June, Helen Thomas worked for the Hearst newspaper syndicate.  Sometime during the Eisenhower Administration, she crawled into the White House press room and grabbed one of the front row seats, where she perched for decades, asking increasingly deranged | Read More »

  • GOP’s ‘Nuclear North Dakota’

    The only thing truly nuclear in North Dakota is its Republican Party.

  • The Sarah Palin Obsession

    Palin remains a force to be reckoned with.

  • If You Wanna Get Through Security

    …Get a burka.

  • Marriage Appeal In California

    The wacky Ninth Circus Court of Appeals runs amok on marriage.

  • Immoral Progressivism Failing Miserably

    What part of “running out of other people’s money” don’t they understand?