Radical Islam

Secret Selling of Halal Meat in the U.S.

The latest submission to Islam comes to us from the meat industry in both Europe and the United States. Recently I have been reporting on the little-noted but explosive new revelations that much of the meat in Europe is being processed as halal and sold without the halal label. This is not the exception, but the rule, and the people are being betrayed by their own elected officials. And it’s happening here, too.

Yes, folks, if you’re in Europe, and in many areas in America as well, the meat you are eating is probably halal, unless you’re keeping kosher. In a little-known strike against freedom, yet again, we are being forced into consuming meat slaughtered by means of a barbaric, torturous and inhuman method: Islamic slaughter.

Where are the PETA clowns and the ridiculous celebs who pose naked on giant billboards for PETA and “animal rights”? They would rather see people die of cancer or AIDS than see animals used in drug testing, but torturous and painful Islamic slaughter is OK.

Many people have written to me saying that they simply won’t eat halal meat, as they object to the methods used to slaughter the animal. And I agree. The Sharia term for halal slaughter is dhakat. Dhakat is to slaughter an animal by cutting the trachea, the esophagus, and the jugular vein, letting the blood drain out while saying “Bismillah allahu akbar”—in the name of Allah the greatest.

Many Christians, Hindus or Sikhs and Jews find it offensive to eat meat slaughtered according to Islamic ritual (although Jews are less likely to be exposed to such meat, because they eat kosher). The issue for many Christians is that in halal slaughter, an imam offers the animal up as a sacrifice to Allah which makes it meat sacrificed to idols.

70% of New Zealand lamb imported into the United Kingdom is halal. It is not labeled as such, so people are eating halal without even knowing it. But people there are fighting back: When halal food was imposed on public schools in the United Kingdom in 2007, parents were in an uproar. And last March, Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), the sister organization to my group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), called for the cessation of mandatory consumption of halal meat on the continent.

As halal slaughter becomes more common in the U.S., the likelihood of non-Muslims who object to halal meat for whatever reason unknowingly buying it also increases.

I wanted to know if this Islamic supremacism in being imposed on U.S. meat processors as well. Imagine my surprise at many of the findings. After asking lots of questions of people inside the meat-packing industry, I discovered that only two plants in the U.S. that perform halal slaughter keep the halal meat separated from the non-halal meat, and they only do so because plant managers thought it was right to do so. At other meat-packing plants, animals are slaughtered following halal requirements, but then only a small bit of the meat is actually labeled halal.

This is because neither the United States nor Britain requires that halal meat be labeled as such. Nor do government regulations require that halal meat and non-halal meat be kept separate.

Yet there are existing labeling laws requiring that meat be labeled in a truthful and not misleading way. These labeling laws could be and should be used to make sure that all halal meat is clearly sold as such, so that those who want to avoid it for whatever reason can do so.

But the way it looks right now, most of the beef sold in the United States comes from meat-packing plants that engage in at least some halal slaughter—and don’t always tell the public that they’ve slaughtered the animal according to halal rules. There’s no easy way to tell exactly how much of this is occurring, but I am still investigating.

One thing appears clear now: some of this halal meat is going to public school lunch programs.

Why are meat-packing plants in the U.S. and Great Britain engaging in any halal slaughter at all? Because they export a great deal of meat to Muslim countries. That’s fine. But non-Muslims in America and Europe don’t deserve to have halal meat forced upon them in this way, without their knowledge or consent.

It’s Islamic supremacism on the march, yet again.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGEDVYLYZ22QB6KN32LBFKY2FQ Nancy

    I don’t know how slaughtering in the name of Allah can be offering it up to idols. After all, Arab Christians call God Allah too. It’s the only word for God in Arabic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PVMKZEWP4VJTGY2PXTQ6QSACHQ Nodentures

    The author is ignorant or an idiot – halal slaughtering is similar to kosher –
    carotid, windpipe, jugular all cut with one swipe of a sharp knife with
    no pain or suffering as countless studies have shown.
    To call it barbaric is an affront to common sense and scientific fact as well
    as to Jews (and Moslems)

  • http://profiles.google.com/mohammedibrahim10 Mohammed Ibrahim

    You idiot.

    Most animals nowadays are slaughtered with electrocution and killing machines, and taken to slaughter on conveyor belts and metal hooks. Halal slaughter is actually aimed at reducing the pain for the animal….but because Islam is tied to something it becomes cruel?

    “People are eating halal meat without knowing it” …it disappoints me that the internet lets your opinion exist. Halal meat is regular meat, but each animal is slaughtered properly to ensure the blood is fully drained and it is prepared correctly. The prayer is a blessing, just as an athlete would bless a score, that doesn’t mean he’s offering the football up to Jesus.

    You have never in your life witnessed a Halal slaughter, or a regular slaughter, nor have you ever witnessed any kind of real success in your career because you’ve typecast yourself as an anti-Islamic columnist, and you don’t realize the difference between shared opinion and parallel racism.

    Next time you attempt to record a thought, remind yourself that you’re not inherently intelligent and need to build objective research before you address anyone with a high school diploma.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5DX3CKK7EGJZU3M6C2QD56TZME yahoo-5DX3CKK7EGJZU3M6C2QD56TZME

    Halal meat is the same meat anyone eats but is slaughtered with consideration to the animal not as hundreds thrown into machine slaughters in unsanitary disgusting means of killing hundreds at once. It is the most sanitary way but it is still meat. You seems to make is seem as if it is in its own class of meat. It is more clean and more expensive and that is why most people are not leaning towards it. What company would waste their time killing one by one rather than all in bunch. Try to dig deeper into the truth and look at it outside of any religion. And if meat is such an issue to you and hand killings, versus massive machine slaughters than just be a vegetarian and keep your islamic comments to yourself.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XUXHYXEJIMM62KWVRMWL2TSOLE F

    It’s sad how ignorant and uneducated people these days can be. This author has no idea what she’s talking about. Halal meat insures that the animal did NOT go through any pain when being sacrificed. Not only that, but she’s living in a country that hang their animals on a conveyer belt and sends an electrical shock through their body. After the shock, it takes the animal no LESS than 15 minutes to die. Yet to quickly slaughter an animal with a sharp knife is barbaric? “The issue for many Christians is that in halal slaughter, an imam offers the animal up as a sacrifice to Allah which makes it meat sacrificed to idols”, this is further proof that this author is complete piece of trash. The animal isn’t sacrificed to idols, when the Imam says reads Quran on the knife, he is asking permission from God to take the life of this animal for food. He is respecting the life of the animal unlike that of the factories all around America.


    This is a slaughter house in California that treated their cows disgustingly. The careful precision of an Imam when slaughtering a cow is what your complaining about? Or is it because halal meat is linked with Islam which makes Muslim trying to “secretly feel people cursed meat”.

    You’re a pathetic excuse for a writer. Maybe if you stopped feeding yourself such ignorant garbage you could be able to see the truth.

  • blindfreddie

    Thank you Pamela Geller for putting the truth out there. Halal meat by stealth – what else would you expect. I wont eat meat that is offered up to the Muslim god. He is not my God.

  • http://twitter.com/AlexKuwayti Alex

    Perhaps your username is a double entendre for your blindness from the truth. Do you understand how ridiculous all of you sound? “I wont eat meat that is offered up to the Muslim God. He is not my God.” What Sunday school did you attend? Do Baptists and Protestants believe in the same god? Islam is just a revised version of Christianity, as well as Judaism. 
    I truly believe it is people like Pamela Gellar that make the rest of the world hate Americans. 
    Why don’t you try opening your eyes, blindfreddie, and realize that hatred causes hatred and nothing else. By generalizing an entire religion, you become no better than the terrorists of 9/11, the nazi’s, the ancient egyptians and so on. Do you really want something like that on your conscience? 
    Or perhaps, you are so filled with hatred… I truly feel for you.

  • BonBon ArsBon

    WOW.. Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me…

    A very ignorant author who knows nothing about halal, kosher or how the meat is slaughtered in the U.S. 

  • jtpobrien

    This article has really opened my eyes, I am now extremely scared! It is all too easy for anyone to come in contact with the hateful, insidious, and racist ideologies of one columnist. 

    When Geller has gotten off her high horse, (which must be properly labeled as “curse-free meat”) and done some on-the-ground research I’d be interested in the results. It would be  really interesting to know the percentage of pork chops and bacon that are actually halal, but not labeled as such.

    If someone is so worried about how their meat is slaughtered then I invite them to take the previous suggestion of eating vegetarian (soy beans aren’t sacrificed using barbaric means right?) or get elbow deep into the blood and guts of their own dinner.

    Perhaps Geller would like us to put a crescent moon on all halal meat, and then keep it in a “separate but equal” storage unit at the grocery store, or rather a different grocery store all together?

    What about the offspring of cattle that were blessed? Surely we would need to make sure their calves, and their calves’ calves were marked as “halal descended meat,” and the calves should be branded with a crescent moon to distinguish them, right? Let me just go find a book that could help us “cure” this epidemic. Ah, yes, I found an internet copy of Mein Kampf, Now we can solve this problem.

    Seriously, this has to be one of the most base tabloids masquerading as a news column that I have ever seen. I would politely ask Ms. Geller to keep her hate and alarmist theories to herself as we have plenty of both already; however, I’m not sure parliamentary language would penetrate her hate-filled hide so rather I will just plead that she stops writing.

  • BlueMtMom WA

    9 Human Rights Act.Freedom of Conscience – gives us the right to
    religious and secular freedom, ie to not be forced to participate in
    religious rites. Dedication of HALAL meat to ALLAH leads us into forced
    participation in anothers religion without consent.Christians, Sikhs
    & Hindus are specifically instructed not to eat this meat, so where
    is non-muslims religious freedom now?
    1Co 8:4 “As concerning therefore the eating of
    those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an
    idol is nothing in the world, and that there is no other God but one.”
    Do YOU know if what you are eating is sacrificed or prayed over to
    please another god? Someone says, “well, I pray over mine so it’s ok.”
    Where is THAT in the Bible? There are many places that speak of blessing
    the CREATOR of the food but not the FOOD. When are WE going to wake up
    to what is going on in this country and take a stand according to the
    Word of our GOD?
    We have become so politically correct in this country that we have sacrificed our own rights. Great Britain has done the same thing. We must stop and remember that ALL of us have rights and we should not sacrifice one to appease the other.

  • http://twitter.com/kemaldemirturk kemal demirturk

    Sir, you’re plain idiot. Kosher way of slaughtering and Halal way of slaughtering are pretty similar, in fact, muslims are allowed to eat kosher meat. Both Kosher and Halal slaughtering are much more humane than common way of industrialized slaughtering animals with electric guns.

  • M Smith

    Uh … DUH on you left-wing nutjob, let’s-all-hold-hands and kumbaya post-ers here.
    I doubt that you will find any bacon or pork chops
    slaughtered as halal, because the backward, sixth-century farce of a
    “religion” known as Islam considers the pig to be the filthiest creature
    on earth, and their idiotic book of imaginary beliefs instructs them to
    more or less kill anyone who eats any pork products. Hello? Read a book once in a while.

    As for you other idiots who think halal is just a harmless and more
    thoughtful way of slaughtering a cow, I happen to have worked in the
    meat industry for many years and know from actually seeing halal
    slaughters that it is a brutal and filthy act. Since the Koran instructs
    all slobbering-for-world-domination Muslims to cheat and lie and use
    any means necessary to fool non-believers and take advantage of them,
    you better believe that the religious nuts slitting the throats of live
    cows are throwing dead ones in to be butchered as meat for human
    consumption. SEEN it happen.
    Read your food labels, people, and boycott halal throughout
    America. Let the sixth-century barbarians eat their own disgustingly filthy food.

  • http://twitter.com/baldeguy56 baldeguy56

    Alex. Why is it that someone who has prefences outside your belief system on non-belief system or no better than the murders of 9/11 or Nazi’s. Actually, Alex it is rage filled people like yourself that create discord among different people or sociaties. You don’t have the right to use the murder of almost 3,000 people to even come out of your lips. I’m glad were not neighbors.

  • http://twitter.com/baldeguy56 baldeguy56

    Hi Nancy. I would hope you return here, as I, to see an answer to your comment. I am a Christian with different beliefs than mainsteam Cristianity. Halal meat is not the the way we do things in my religion. Even if the meat was slaughtered and one of my ministers said a prayer over it, I could not then purchase that meat and consume it. It simply is not in the way we do things. A prayer a thanks is always given before the food is eaten, but it is prepared (cooked). This is done at the table where the family or congregation are gathered and the food is prepared. Why would this make a difference? Well, to us it does. It is in the way the prayer is said at the killing of the animal, then later sold to unknowing people as I with my particular set of beliefs. It is a fact that Christ never offered a prayer of thanks to His Father before the fish was cooked, but the meat was prepared. Likewise, we follow Christ who knew the correct way to do things. Anything outside of Christ’s perfect example is done out of faith. For many other Christians halal is not for them either. As fee people we should have the right of choice. I blame the food companies on the deception, that, is against my religious beliefs. They maybe did it that way in the Old Testament, but Christ came and the New Testiment was established. This is why Christians do not stone people to death anymore because the stoners are not perfect and without sin themselves. This is another reason why Crist gave us the perfect example of how to give thanks to God. The priests were in Christ’s time hypocrites and not really holy men at all, as Crist was most hard on them. All this has changed and Crist gave us His example. Again, outside of the methods of Crist’s example is outside of our faith in Him.
    Warm regard…baldeguy56

  • http://twitter.com/baldeguy56 baldeguy56

    Why are you so hostile? Don’t you believe as a free people we have a right to know if a prayer is said over a killed animal is right for us. As a free and tolerate people I would hope you would see all sides.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kingogondo Kingo Gondo

    Geller, you are a moron. The very same objections to halal slaughter can be raised about kosher slaughter as well. In fact, the Nazis used the “look how barbaric the Jews are by the way they slaughter their animals” argument in the very same manner you do about Muslims–it was the “closing argument” in the infamous Nazi propaganda film “The Eternal Jew”, in fact. So, as usual, you are in good company.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VRWCBFVKZCPVIJ4DYBCJDYXJZI Tammy M

    This article is entirely false, and any intelligent person can see that by the lack of references on all of your hyperbolic claims.

    Good thing for you, conservatives don’t seem to be critical thinkers.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SWCAI4YRSABBEE343V3XBLDLTI Aladean Bakeer

    Pamelea is ignorant of this fact. Islam prohibits the slaughter of meat with a deathing blow. The animals is supposed to be slaughtered in a fashion such that the torture of the animal is reduced as much as possible. Muslims are extremely against animal violence so much that meat can not be eaten unless it slaughtered for the cause of The almighty allah (the owner of all things includings animals ) ie a sacrafise. Any other reason of slaughter is considered illegal by allah. I HOPE these facts have been straightened out. Allah is clear in the noble quran on what muslims are permitted to eat.

  • SuperJew99

    How can you have the indecent gaul to call comments in Pamela Geller’s article “racism” in any form? You’ve already proved your a moron for believing in a “Arabian Moon God” made into a book by a faker that claims to be an offshoot of Abraham, my ancestor! Abraham believed in the ONLY living God, the God of Israel! Your so-called religion is anti-human, anti-Godly and anti-individual human rights, and especially for women. If you kill anything “In the name of (your god)”, you are sacrificing it to “that god”. I, for one, do not want any portion of your beliefs shoved literally shoved down my throat, as food, or in any other manor. And that is NOT a racist attitude (Islam is not a race, but a belief system), it is my individual desire, which you obviously (along with all your ilk) don’t believe should even live and breath air on this planet! So why should I feel any different about you? Choose any language you desire to explain this to me, please. I can read most any you know bird brain! 

  • MikhailKennedy

    Although you think that most Christians would not be concerned with this ‘cursed ‘ meat there are probably a few that would consider eating this meat ‘blessed by Allah ‘ an affront to their sensibilities but also to the 10  commandments, specifically the 1st and 2nd that deal with worshiping false gods. Food that is blessed by ‘Allah’  is not food that a Christian would want to eat, as it would represent worshiping a false god.

  • MikhailKennedy

    Your name says enough.
    This article is not about your moon god.
    This article is about keeping infidels away from your precious HALAL foods , after all you don’t want Jews and Christians eating your ‘blessed food’
    I eat my Halal bacon everyday!!

  • MikhailKennedy

    Although you THINK that is what Halal meat is you are wrong. Halal has to be blessed to Allah. I am not comfortable with that.
    Although all my bacon is Halal
    You are ignorant or you are  lying to deceive me because I am not a muslim pedophile.

  • MikhailKennedy

    I understand that you muslims think that a sharp knife is ‘ the way to go’ when slaughtering animals and infidels . Many civilized people would disagree.
    The point is that many people do not believe that Allah is God; the MOON GOD of heathens maybe.
    I would never willing eat any food sacrificed to a murderous pedophile racist.
    Except for maybe bacon.

  • MikhailKennedy

    You are are either ignorant or you are practicing “taqiyya” if you believe that islam is in any way related to Christianity
    As for the Jewish faith I don’t think that many would think that the Jew hating false prophet mohammed would be consistent with their faith either.

  • MikhailKennedy

    All bacon, ham, and pork chops are Halal you ignorant infidel. What kind of meat do you think the prophet mo HAM med would bless?


  • MikhailKennedy

    Kingo Kongo
    You are a less than a moron.
    How do you think us civilized people think about somebody who wants to commit genocide on the Jewish race calling us a bunch of Nazi’s is going to help your cause?

  • MikhailKennedy

    Too bad that you are not intelligent enough to see the point of this article, Liberal tool.

  • MikhailKennedy

    It’s too bad that Islam is not extremely against human violence that the torture of the human infidel is extremely reduced as much as possible. The Qur’an is clear that violence against humans is legal by Allah. I hope these facts have been straightened out. Allah is CLEAR in the ignoble Qur’an on who muslims must kill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurie-Dawn-Kellman/676387517 Laurie Dawn Kellman


    I realize everyone has their opinions, but after reading all these comments, my opinion is this:  Any & all meat if processed  by the “halal” method should be labeled “halal”!  Freedom of choice, religion, speech, etc., is what this country (AMERICA) was founded on by our forefathers!! !!

  • hameed gheyaszada

    first off you read the Quran you would know that you have to treat the animal with respect and feed it good food also when slaughtering the animal you must cut the veins in the front of the animals neck so all of its blood can spill out while causing numbing throughout the animals body. also the meat companies that aren’t kosher halal or organic have always had problems with disease(mad cow disease) and the FDA. Also if you could please explain why slaughtering the halal way is filthy or brutal because the way we slaughter animals makes the animals numb so they cant feel the pain and we drain most of the blood out of the animals body leaving much less chance of disease.

  • hameed gheyaszada

    you cant judge a person by their name you racist 

  • hameed gheyaszada

    god help u

  • MikhailKennedy

    I have read enough of the quran to know that it was written by a bloodthirsty tyrant who tried and succeeded to influence idiots into believing that his words have come from god. I do not justify killing under any pretense, except self defense. The consequence of murder should not be celebrated with 72 virgins.
    You can take your lying (TAQUIYYA) somewhere else, what kind of a god condones lying?

  • MikhailKennedy

    OK Hammy I will try to be more civil to the uncivilized in the future. I apologize, please to not kill me for speaking ill of your moon god.
    PS: It is not racist to disagree with a totalitarian philosophy, an example of racism is when mussies hate Negroes because of the color of their skin.

  • Mark Williams

    God tells us in the Torah/Bible the “PROPER” way to kill the animal. Very similar to the Quaran. So if it comes down to doing it the “ACCEPTED” way and use a captive bolt gun causing intense pain and having the toxins in the animal released into the meat, or doing it God’s way…I’ll do it God’s way.

  • SugaKitty

    WHY does it matter who hates who and why? Americans have the right to eat as they please either by faith or personal choice . If you can not eat something because it was prepared a certain way okay fine.  You should be informed on how it was prepared . If some one prays over my food and the do not ask me or tell me then they have sinned against me. In addition to sinning they also have demonstrated in all truth they do not love and or care about me therefore they are not even worth being called my enemy. So while you sit and whine because he/she said or called you something , how about solving some real world issues like the millions if not more homeless people around the world. You would think if any one of you were as committed to your own faith as  you  as you claim to be would understand this is minor  hog wash. First the Christians as I am one what in all creation are you doing spreading hate not love, the gospel , charity, faithfulness,  fairness, healing? why are you not praying for the lost as we are called to do? how about love thy neighbor and thy enemy?
    Now the Muslims what in ALL CREATION are you doing if you faith is as strong as they say it is why are ALL OF YOU helping is it so inconceivable that you work with infidels to try to better your life by having stuff labeled would you not be offended if you ate meat not prepared this way? TO EVERYONE including myself  we have wasted energy on something which should of ended early on unlike our apparent inability to  wipe out hunger , homelessness , poverty unless chosen by choice ,  stealing , lying, murder, hate , understand a perfect utopia made by man could not last but we all could improve our world however long the human race must share it . Lable the meat come on they lable kosher hotdogs  it works out better for the world plus then i would not have felt the need to right this long post. ” If you hate you shall be hated by those who hate and loved by those who love . if you love you will be love by those who love and hated by those who hate.  Either or you shall be loved and hated which one matters most is defined  by the words of your tongue and by  your actions.  For when you die  it does not  matter who hated you or loved you only what you did and said is left after the body fades .

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C5F66GFNUPGGJTXSGUHHLDERR4 Zero

    Yeah, read about the Constitution of Medina. It’d shed some light on the practices of our Prophet. Just because some dudes condone them, does not make us all the same.

    The same with you guys. Just because some guys think its ok to invade a country because of “democracy” and vague evidence of “WMD” present, we don’t think everyone does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Syed-Murtuza-Abbas/550754930 Syed Murtuza Abbas

    The writer of this article should first teach herself what actually halaal meat is before using phrases like “slaughtered by means of a barbaric, torturous and inhuman method: Islamic slaughter.” and “torturous and painful Islamic slaughter is OK.” I would suggest some readinghttp://www.themodernreligion.com/misc/an/an_slaughter.htm

      As a responsible and sensible citizen of this global family, one should try to unite people and remove the differences. Writing hate articles without even really knowing what you are talking about is not appreciable.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SWCAI4YRSABBEE343V3XBLDLTI Aladean Bakeer

    Mikhai kennedy,
    My friend it seems you are extremely mislead. Don’t read things out of context, it will get you no where. the quran never suggests the murder of an innocent person or even non-muslim. I quote from the quran “Rightous servants of the most merciful(god)  walk the earth with humility; and if the ignorant(arguers, disagreers) address them they give them their peace.” When in war if the enemy, according to the quran, wants peace give them peace, but if not then it says fight for the sake of allah and don’t hold back and strive ie jihad…….

  • BlueMtMom WA

    To waheed 12 and any others who object to Christians not wanting to eat Halal. If you think we need to keep religion out of it, then the Muslims should as well.THEY can eat ANY meat – including PIG! I am sick and tired of kissing their butts and being politically correct for every stray who decides to sneak into this country. If you don’t like it here then go the hell back where you came from and don’t let the damned door hit you in the ass on your way out!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000709190349 Sho Gardner

    If muzzies want their Halal meat then I hope they all choke on it, keep it the hell out of my country, and keep it away from me!!! If you muzzies dont like our laws, or our religion, get the hell out! Go back home to your sand dunes and camels and and stone your own daughters and wives. and Im saying wives as plural as most have several wives and a few little boys on the side to play with. Muslim are a nasty foul evil cult, not even a religion!  If you go according to your filthy koran, then your filth. Your nothing but terrorists, haters and  you are all the spawn of the devil himself. Take your muzzie babies, and muzzie children and get out! We dont want you here, we dont want to smell your filthy stench or have your rotting flesh desecrate our Country. You  are not going to change USA and you are NOT going to run things here! Keep going as you are and you will find life here is not that easy on you. Not a threat, its a promise. Just poke your fuckin head in my door and see what happens!!!! You will be peeling your nasty ass off my sidewalk in pieces.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Davis/100001684100684 Sean Davis

    You lie, sir.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Davis/100001684100684 Sean Davis

    You lie, sir.  Islam = The peace that comes from having your boot across your enemy’s neck.  Allah = Satan, Muslims deny the virgin birth, sinless life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and deity of Jesus Christ, Islam commands to kill or convert the infidels until the whole world is under Islam, and Islam expressely commands Muslims not to take Jews and Christians for friends.  Islam also teaches Muslims that it is permissible for them to lie to non-Muslims.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Davis/100001684100684 Sean Davis

    Yes, it does matter to Christians.  Christians are commanded not to eat meat sacrificed to false gods.  Halal meat has been sacrificed to Allah.  Allah is a false god.  Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Allah is not Yahweh.  Allah is not Jehovah.  Allah is Satan.  And if you want to keep religion out of it, then stop forcing halal meat on non-Muslims.

  • MuniMuIa

    If the turkeys are not label, halal how would the muslims know to buy them?  Could Butterball be informing Muslim communities on the sly?

  • crusader2010

    I think is time to get the ACLU and The Freedom From Religion groups involved in this as a class action suit. The meat should be labeled as to it’s specific type of  processing and religious requirment.

  • crusader2010

    Interesting that you would mention Mein Kampf (my Struggle).  During the War the middle eastern nations were sympathetic to the german cause.

  • crusader2010

    Ya right! we have seen that tolerance in egypt, iran, iraq, and many countries in northern africa. The words mean nothing, it’s that actions that speak.

  • Christian Parker

    Muslims broke away from the Jewish/Christian religion when Muhammad started the Islamic religion. Allah may mean “God”, but it is by NO MEANS the Jewish/Christian God, Yaweh. Ishmael, the father of all Arabs, worshiped and loved Yaweh, but that is not the god that the Islamic people pray to. As a matter of fact, the Qur’an is not the Jewish Torah at all is it? It’s actually an entirely different teaching written by the caliphs(followers of Muhammad) who had written down Muhammads teachings. If you TRULY worship the same god as the Jews, then do the Islamic people read and accept the Torah as God’s word? Don’t you disregard it as lies written by the Jews? Don’t you believe that Ishmael was set to be sacraficed and not Isaac? Don’t your people feel that Israel is YOUR holy city and not the Jews? How can you possibly say you worship the same god, when you spit on what the Torah says?

    As for what the Western media portrays, it is hard to see DAILY violence erupting out of the middle east in EVERY Islamic country, and called it biased. Does the media show us ficticious material when we see Israeli and American flags burning in Muslim hands? Or when Christian pastors face execution at the hands of an Islamic country bent on forcing their relgion upon others in their country by hanging those who do not denounce Christianity? If Islam represents peace, then where is it to be found? You surely don’t mean here in America or in Europe where the Islamic people are allowed to live in peace because they are not subjected to sharia laws and punishments? Is that the peace you speak of? Because that’s called Democracy and freedom of religion, not Islam.

    We are not Ignorant people. Open, loving, accepting, and a bit blinded by what threats we TRULY allow into our country….maybe.

  • Christian Parker

    I have no problem with the treatment of the animal in Halal slaughter houses. But Christian/Jewish law forbids us to eat food Sacraficed to idols. That is what is most offensive. They offer the animal to Allah as a sacrifice .  That is not “PROPER”, nor is it God’s way.

  • Christian Parker

    I appologize for people like that. I have a deep respect for all peoples. And it deeply embarrasses me when I see such blind hatred. Let me say then that this issue is not about hatred. I personally have no problem with Halal meat being made available to your people or the way in which you slaughter them. It is simular to Kosher, and I eat Kosher. However, being a Christian, it is against my belief to eat food that has been “Blessed” “Sacrificed” to another god. I do NOT believe that we share the same god, therefore I consider it offensive to eat. All I would like to see is a label clearly stating whether it is Halal. I would think the Islamic community would prefer this as well, yes? I would also like to have the option at the supermarket to buy NON Halal meat, and not to have Halal corner the meat market. I feel that we all deserve the same respect for our personal beliefs and practices, don’t you?

  • Christian Parker

    I suggest that you learn a little more about the subject before you expose your ignorance to the whole world.

    Muslims broke away from the Jewish/Christian religion when Muhammad started the Islamic religion. Allah may mean “God”, but it is by NO MEANS the Jewish/Christian God, Yaweh. Ishmael, the father of all Arabs, worshiped and loved Yaweh, but that is not the god that the Islamic people pray to. As a matter of fact, the Qur’an is not the Jewish Torah at all is it? It’s actually an entirely different teaching written by the caliphs(followers of Muhammad) who had written down Muhammads teachings. If they TRULY worship the same god as the Jews, then do the Islamic people read and accept the Torah as God’s word? Don’t they disregard it as lies written by the Jews? Don’t they believe that Ishmael was set to be sacraficed and not Isaac? Don’t their people feel that Israel is THEIR holy city and not the Jews? How can you possibly say they worship the same god, when they spit on what the Torah says?

  • Arizona_Mike

    So will you label the meat that is processed in the United States by the largest packinghouses as “This animal was shot in the brain with a captive bolt, hung upside down and then had his throat cut”?  When I worked in a Abattoir it was common for the animal to become concious  after it was hanging to kick itself free of the chain that was holding it upside down and fall sometimes breaking it neck and at least once a week an animal would get up and start trying to find a way out.  That is why we kept a gun on the kill floor to ensure that we could put the animal down.  Dhabiha or Shechita is in my opinion a much less stressful way to kill an animal.

  • Angelswatchingoverme

    My God is One God in 3 Persons.  Father, Son, & Holy Spirit….Jesus is God the 2nd Person of the godhead.  without Him we are nothing….He is the way the truth and the life.  No man can get to the Father accept through Him….without Him there is no Salvation….He is the only name under heaven that deserves praise and worship…we owed a debt we could not pay.  Christ paid a debt He did not owe.  Why because He loved us.  Jesus is Good New…the best News on the face of the planet…the thought of eating food sacrificed to a false god sickens me…it is not right…any honest decent person wouldn’t do that to another person…it is deceptive practices…..shouldn’t Allah convict you of the sin of deception?  Even if you are out to convert the world it doesn’t give you the right to deceive anyone. 

    Halal meat is on the same level as Monsanto….they don’t label either…..do you realize when you eat GMO you are eating a herbicide or an insecticide producing plant…the seeds have been altered , that way they can spray the crop with roundup and only the weeds die.  It strips the vegetable of the minerals we think we are getting in our vegetables…it damages our DNA, it is also sterilizing the public…done to wipe out populations .  Don’t tell me to go eat soy it is a genetically modified plant…I don’t touch it…corn is a GMO product, Canola is GMO…keep eating it and our race will be wiped off the planet.

  • MikhailKennedy

    Please tell me the book and verse where it states this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Paulinsky/100001711631525 Tony Paulinsky

    Exactly why are you muslim pigs here?  allah is satan from the blood of a pig.

  • AlMedina

    well, would you rather have you throat slit swiftly and smoothly so that you didn’t even immediately feel it (think how it takes a minute to notice you’ve been cut with your kitchen knife) and then have the blood drained so that you lose consciousness and essentially die peacefully in your sleep, or would you rather be electrocuted in the bumm, often not enough to properly stun or kill you which is the supposed purpose, and then start to be cut apart while you are still kicking, screaming, and most definitely alive (not nerve reaction) 

  • Muujahidkuffer

    Typical Dumb Ass yanks… Topped of with a bigger dumb ass Jew.. OK so you guys clearly cant taste a difference.. however articles like this cause hysteria. By cutting the vain the animals body becomes numb hence they feel no pain.. And for all y’all calling for Muslims to leave your America hello wake the hell up it aint your country.. you lot are made up of a bunch of immigrants led at one point by some charismatic leaders and lately by people like Bush, the perpetrators of 9/11. Yet muslims have been made into a scapegoat for these peoples actions.  You guys much like the UK dont even own your federal reserve ever thought about kicking off about that.. Like who the hell prints your money and then profits off it by lending it back to your dumb asses.. Wake Up.. Your America belongs to the Native Americans who in actual fact should round up your sorry backsides and send you back to your cess pits! Thats if your know your heritage.. Jackasses
    And the real reason Pig meat is not allowed much as it was not allowed in the old testament is because a pig digests food within four hours not enough time to get rid of toxins in the digestive process these toxins then make their way into the meat as their only way out is through pores in the skin.. Nice I didnt think so!!
    I do agree with one thing however people should have the right to choose what meat they buy and as a consequence all halal meat should indeed be labelled as such!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662108585 Kerstin Vocana

    You do know that american’s are muslims too. Muslims are not just from one area but everywhere. Just like any other religion. So please respect other religions as you would want yours to be treated as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662108585 Kerstin Vocana

    I find it funny you base one bad muslim to how you base other muslims to be the same way. 

    What’s sadden me is that people don’t hear someone in the White House who’s could be one of the bad jews, christian, or any other religion doing something so bad. Making media all over about it and people start hating on a religion because of someone who is bad not following there ways of religion and asumming that’s how an actual person is going by their faith.

    People are people. Not matter there religion. There’s good and bad. Everyone should really get proof and facts of how a religion and understand of all religion before ever judging.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662108585 Kerstin Vocana

    I’m a muslim and do agree with you. I feel it’s right to label for respect to everyone in each religion. Not only that even so that even a muslim can know if the meat is halal or not. To know for proof by the label.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662108585 Kerstin Vocana

    You do know that muslim do and are allowed to eat meat slaughter by Jews and Christian? They are so close to us actually, not the other way around. Kosher food, which comes from a Jewish law that Jews eat. 

    There tiny bit like Halal, but do have a somewhat differences. But you understand it’s not just one religion actually doing this. Rather it comes from Muslim, Jew and Christian meat were all allowed to eat each others products of meats because we all believe in the same God, plus we all respect the animal from all 3 three of these religion. If you really study of each religion you’ll have the facts. Not false information you seen so far, but from the source itself.

  • clstans

    I know that but only muslims are ignorant enough to believe that by killing innocent people they will go to a higher place. If you do not like the worlds perception of muslims to change, tell them to stop acting like fools.

  • bon jovi

    Everyone should have the right to buy their choice of food and making sure it conforms to their beleifs and likings. And to people who think ‘its their country’ ? should not forget that this country is made up of immigrants and the muslims, hindus, sikhs, buddhist..coming here from acorss the globe came here in peace and unlike the ancesters of BlueMtMom did not kill and deprive the natives ( American Indians…remember) and build on the blood of slaves.

  • EU_guy

    It supposed to be about the meat, isn’t it? Or have I missed something and it is political propaganda?
    When the animal is killed in the halal way and we ignore the religious extras, then it means that the animal gets some water to drink before the slaughtering begins and then its throat is cut (with all the blood vessels on the front) and it is dead within a couple of seconds.
    Inform yourself before crying wolf…
    By the way, koscher slaughter is very similar, too.
    Why does no one cry about it?
    Maybe the PETA guys are not there to protest because the halal slaughtering is possibly kinder than the Western one, where the animal is stunned before its throat is cut. Stunning is not nice, either…

  • خبير حواسيب

    how dare you say that about our god you low animal.
    you are too low to type gods name.

  • خبير حواسيب

    sand pit that you americans drool to get whats in it.

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    pig eats a pig!

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  • خبير حواسيب

    which god do you mean?
    the “Three in One” God?

  • خبير حواسيب

    and Im glad we are not neighbors.

  • خبير حواسيب

    Lord God Jesus Christ “Three in one” again :)

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    I wanna talk to you face to face.

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    another clown

  • sabood2012

    To clarify a little bit of something for you, Arab christians use the word Allah to refer to God. Does that make them worship a moon god? Nope.
    Allah simply means God. Not moon god, nor anything else. Any meat blessed in the name of Allah is any meat blessed in the name of God. Even when that meat is sacrificed by a Christian, which, incidentally, can be eaten by muslims, because it is sacrificed under the same one God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/muzahidkhan Md Muzahid Khan

    yeah rite.. and all americans should be packadged out from all of middle east afghanistan and all other muslims countries where they go in the name of peace and start war… amazing … this article was ablout food and now you make it about religois propaganda… r u that big a moron…..well cant blame you … its the non halal meat of the pig which makes you dumb….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/muzahidkhan Md Muzahid Khan

    well duh…r u a moron…!!!!!!!!!!! or u r not a christian only on fo this can be true…!!!!!!!

  • clstans

    Suck it towel head!

  • Joe Kristang

    I was told that Pamela Geller, the author, did some research into halal slaughter.
    But she hasn’t shown a single iota of what research she did. Anyone can make statements the way she does, like “Dhakat is to slaughter an animal by cutting the trachea, the esophagus, and the jugular vein, letting the blood drain out while saying “Bismillah allahu akbar”— in the name of Allah the greatest”. Anyone could have borrowed this from an encyclopaedia.

    And this is supposed to be cruel and barbaric? Who says so. Name me the scientists, biologists, etc.

    Pamela, if you don’t have anything to substantiate your statement with, then just shut up and stop showing your stupidity. Because you really are stupid, you know. Go and read up and do proper research into what halal entails before you come up with such crap.

    Boy, I wish someone could just take you to court and sue you for this!

  • mdubuque

    My family came over on the Mayflower Janbo, before yours.

    The author does NOT know what he is talking about.

    Generally Halal animals are also FED different a better diet.

    I note that your cattle are fed manure and cement in feedlots.

    I’m not Muslim.

    I just don’t eat as much corporate garbage food as you do.

  • Nice Guy

    What are you talking about “moon god” you do know that Arab Christians and Jews call god allah. And also why do believe these things the media say if you knew anything about the quran you would no that it says the death of an innocent is like the death of humanity and that is including everyone of any religoun not just Muslims I never criticize anything until I find facts from the source and not some translation I found on the internet

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001390456119 Paula Shimel

    Please check Snopes before writing an article next time.

  • [email protected]


  • http://www.facebook.com/ruha8 Ruhana Rahman

    r u serious? in an islamic slaughter, animals are blindfolded so they don’t know they’re gona die to start with. an they tie 3 legs an leave 1 leg free so they can kick the stress out if the fell any pain. and then they take a knife and chop the head off in one second very quickly. u better stop being a racist and learn some real facts about islam ok? each time period, one race is always hated on. it was jews at the holocaust, african americans at the civil rights movement, and muslims now. who do you think is next in the blame game after all this racism crap? humanity can be so pathetic sometimes…and in fact halal meat has more blessing in it cuz we sacrifice it decentlyyyy in allah’s name.
    like are u kidding me? “secret selling of halal meat”? this is more like entertainment than news. it might not say halal on the package but u can always ask the them if its halal or kosher. and explain why some animal farms that are run by non muslims have animals that killed even more brutally.ex. if a pig is not healthy or strong enough, they kill it by taking it from its 2 legs and slapping it hard against the ground several times until it dies.

    in your article, u sound like muslims are these little creatures that are played around with who have no dignity. honestly ur just embarrassing urself, showing that you are a bit stupid. check ur sources and think again….

  • cathavasu


  • Donder33

    I have designed and installed lines for both conventional slaughter, Halal, and Kosher. In the end the amount of blood left in the animals is the same for all three. Hallal/Kosher as far as science is concerned was just good sense health code and slaughter techniques well before their time; they encapsulate/achieve much of what the USDA mandates based on scientific study of the slaughter process. I tip my hat to some really good Rational thinkers from the Bronze age for figuring out that health and food safety benefits of draining the blood and stress free slaughter.

    The Halal/Kosher key objection to stunning electro/captive-bolt/controlled-atmosphere is that the animal may be killed by other than a quick painless razor sharp cut.

    The the hooks are shackles for both chickens and cattle. The cattle are not hoisted on their shackles until stunned and their throats are cut. Any stress at slaughter shows up in the meat as excess shrinkage (moisture and loss of weight/profit!) and a tough dry texture; no one wants any of that. For large animals, well run conventional and ritual slaughter can be equally humane in my experiences.

    I have more problems with Chickens. Controlled-Atmosphere stunning… you take a hit of CO2 from a balloon and let me know if you would do that to even and animal. I also have seen both conventional and ritual operations impart more stress and injury to birds than they should. Usually it comes down to pushing speeds beyond design and the ability of people to keep up. On conventional, birds raising their heads out of the stun bath and then twisting away from the knives so they go live into the scalding and plucking. On ritual, squirming flapping birds getting wings broken as they try to hold them for the Rabbi, or birds getting slashed in the body or head when they miss the neck.

  • Manfrom Modesto

    Alex: I thank you for being my example for others. Everyone else: This is what it looks like to be devoid of individual thought. This is what it looks like when someone never overthrows their “socialization” ingrained in school in trade for nice grades and approval of teachers. This is what it looks like when people do not actually read their source material (e.g Bible, quran) and examine the raw data.
    Don’t accept the conclusions they tell you and which you must repeat on an “exam” in order to be rewarded with fictitious points which cannot be traded for anything real.
    Now: Do the followers of Mohammed and the moon god Allilah (the real, secret identity of Allah) live and conduct themselves in the same way as the followers of Jesus and Almighty God? Do they bear the same fruits? Like begets like and the spirit of a thing cannot do anything other than what it is. Elisha received the spirit of Elijah- and went out and performed the same miracles as did Elijah. Those with the true spirit of Jesus live and do the same as did Jesus- loving others, having compassion, preaching the truth, desiring unity (but being hated by those who desire admiration and power for themselves, not God). Are these the acts of Islam? … which is involved in 98% of all wars in the last 40 years?

  • girl with a heart

    I only buy halal so if only for that reason, I too believe that halal meat should be labeled as such so I know that I am actually purchasing halal. Islam slaughters in the name of God, the one who put this bounty on earth for us humans to consume and for no other reason. Therefore, it is our duty to take good care of them while they are alive and slaughter them in the least traumatic and least painful manner with utmost respect. They too will speak of their mistreatment by their handlers on the day of judgement. This is certain, their is no escape. We will all be held accountable by our Creator, the One who created all things, and all people not distinguishing between religions and by what we call ourselves. There is no Christian God or Muslim God. Only one God.

    If you are going to write an article about your opinion on such a topic, at least get your facts straight. You are making a false impression on the Muslim religion and what truly is halal. Honestly, I stopped reading after the second paragraph because you are so blind to the truth. May God help you.