Michael Savage: Still Banned (Unlike Roman Polanski)

Two new developments here in Europe which are just begging to be juxtaposed:  US talk show host Michael Savage is adopting a new tact in fighting his UK entry ban, while Roman Polanski is allowed to hang out in his Swiss chalet under house arrest while a decision is pending on his extradition to the USA.

Savage was placed on the Labour government’s barred-entry list in May, and still hasn’t been taken off — so now Texas Rep. John Culberson is asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene, citing Savage’s need to tend to his “rare medicinal plant specimens from Fiji and Tonga” in Kew Gardens.  Not a bad approach to use on a Labour government whose Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, believes the world is doomed if it isn’t saved from global warming within 50 days. 

It may seem like a far-fetched approach to getting around an entry ban, but one might also have said the same about citing weather patterns as an excuse for increasing taxes.  Would “greenie” Brown want to be held responsible for killing rare, potentially lifesaving plants?  Could he live with himself knowing that he allowed valuable phyto-lives to be extinguished because their caregiver is a right-wing blowhard?  Tick tock, Prime Minister.

Polanski lived freely in Europe for decades after being convicted of statutory rape of a 13-year old girl in America.  And what, you might ask, was Savage’s crime?  Well, he said things on American soil the likes of which aren’t normally seen outside of a European soccer match:  he has claimed that autistic kids are brats who just need to smarten up, told a homosexual that he hopes he “gets AIDS and dies”, and suggested that illegal immigrants are bringing H1N1 into America. 

So basically Michael Savage is your average 80 year-old grandmother.  And in more ways than one:  Grannies are felt up and harassed routinely by airport security so as not to offend anyone who actually fits the profile of a threat.  Similarly, the UK Home Office doesn’t want to offend people with a proven track record of causing death or destruction — jihadists, mass murderers, and Russian gang members — so it slips someone relatively innocuous onto the list in the interest of good company.  Obviously Gordon Brown isn’t taking Michael Savage’s feelings into account by lumping him in with thugs.  That’s because he’s not a rare plant, or a drowning polar bear.

But here’s where Culberson errs in his plea:  He says that he’s seeking “to help protect Dr. Savage’s First Amendment rights, and his ability to travel freely to Great Britain.”
Savage has no “First Amendment rights” in the UK — or anywhere outside of the USA.  All you have to do is look at the average newspaper website comment section in either the UK or France to see how the approach to free expression in America is the exception, even among western democracies.  In both of these countries, website operators can be held responsible — through hefty fines in many cases — for defamatory comments made by others in the interest of “free speech”.  In France in particular, the penal code explicitly guarantees a person’s right to control their image, unless public interest demands otherwise — and even those exceptions are very strict.  That in itself is a good thing.  Celebrities who move to France for some peace and quiet — such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp — would likely agree.

But the question is whether or not this approach to protect individuals ought to extend to groups of people.  In short, it shouldn’t.  Creating protected classes gives rise to a cottage industry of victimhood which latches itself like a parasite onto government funds and leverages this generosity of the state to bully individuals whose opinions they dislike.  Where are all the defenders of minorities when the opinion of the smallest minority unit possible — that of the individual — needs defending from the tyranny of government-funded proxies?
It’s also politically and diplomatically gauche for Culberson to claim Savage — or anyone — has an innate right to enter any sovereign foreign country.  The UK would likely appreciate the sentiment about as much as the US would want a foreign leader dictating its own border policies.  

The best argument Savage and his political pals can advance in favor of his admission to the UK is that Savage knows the laws as they apply in various countries, hasn’t broken any, and doesn’t plan to — as evidenced, for example, in a Cambridge Union Society debate on (ironically) free speech, in which he was relegated to participating via the internet because of the entry ban.

Or, more realistically, he could always could just fly into any of the other EU countries where he isn’t banned, lose his ID somewhere along the way, make his way to the illegal immigrant camp in Calais, France, and nip across into the UK.  It would be the international travel version of cheating with your own wife.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MBYHX4MOX2D4RXEDRWVEKMZO24 Ajax

    The doc has friends on this 1 in England now who’re trying to attack this assault on freedom of speech by elements in HMG’s civil service from within to support his campaign from without.

    Surrey, England.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MBYHX4MOX2D4RXEDRWVEKMZO24 Ajax

    The Doc ran afoul of a policy programme put in place by elements of HM Civil Service to foster integration & social harmony between the multi-ethnic society that England is struggling with now.

    They banned him as an easy option scape-goat from a foreign shore because of his publically pronounced anti-Mohammedanism views to show the growing Mohammedan community here that the simultaneous purge against militant Islamic fringe elements in England that HMG is conducting now isn’t a 1 sided policy. 

    The doc was targetted by this policy as a throwaway cynical measure with the intention of trying to placate any sense of grievance about the policy in the Mohammedan population

    Surrey, England.

  • Weinernation

    Pardon my ignorance, but isn’t michael Weiner a 5 foot tall midget that use to swim naked with men and wear a purse?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003362688634 Jimmy Klinicki

    You piece of shit……you have to be human to have rights…….

  • tmanosaurus

    Michael, thanks for being a brother with me on the radio. You have found a way to come and visit me every day for years now, even though to you I am a mute, The people around me know I’m not a mute because you have me laughing and yelling on long drives and daily trips. I want you to know I am boycotting Britain and I dont need any help. They have become an Arab Nation anyway and the Arab nation of Britain is having some serious involutions at this point in time. You already know it is a geo-religio-regional national Britain and other interests write their speeches for them now. I ride with you in a world of souls as often as I can. God Bless you and your keen sharing. God save the Queen and her head from the scimitars.

  • savagenutssaack

    Savage is just nuts… 80% of his claims on Obama are shut made up BS. (like removing Churchill’s bust from WH, when in fact it was on loaned to US and scheduled to return before he took office)…

  • Both eyes

    Why would you call yourself his nut sack? And just because a person does not agree with you politicaly or ideologicaly does not mean everything they say is made up BS.
    The only reason Mr Savage is so despised by both democrats and republicans is because he is not shy about saying what needs to be said.
    you should listen..

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnfrazzini John Frazzini

    Savage is a hypocrite and only worried about him. Savage thinks the world evolves around him like any good egocentric.
    Savage’s attacks on Obama is for one reason which enrages him; he might
    have to pay a little more in taxes. it all comes down to money for this
    self proclaimed genius, and he has plenty. Freedom of religion to this
    hypocrite does not include my right or anyone’s right to not believe in
    religion or the God he thinks he worships, but it is salient Savage
    worships the all mighty Dollar. He is a disgrace to the Jews and
    proliferates the stereotype with his hypocritical religious rants with
    money at the foundation. It is no surprise to me that you cannot leave a
    comment on his site. Savage is a racist and made it clear with his
    comment I heard on his show in Arizona 9/6/12 where he said he saw
    someone with a sign or something of that nature at the DNC that said
    “Once You Vote Black You Won’t Go Back”. Not sure if it was true, who
    made the sign, if the person with the alleged sign was in the
    convention, parking lot, their name, or any specifics to determine where
    that sign came from. Was it a republican trying to cause problems? Was
    it a black supporter of Obama who thought he or she was being witty and
    trying to get attention to be on TV? Was it a sign made by the democrats
    for mass consumption? If the sign existed I highly doubt is was
    approved by the democratic party. Regardless, I would assume if it
    existed it was one person in the parking lot and in very bad taste and I
    would not rule out a republican there trying to start racial trouble.
    Savage was so enraged when he heard of this alleged sign he showed his
    true racist colors with “well if they can say that I can say If You Vote
    White You Will Always Be Right”. Savage’s true racist views. I wish Savage could be banned Period. Michael Savage you have made salient you are a racist, a religious hypocrite, a
    selfish self indulged individual who worships money and not any true
    god unless god is money. If there is a heaven or hell you are at least
    smart enough to know where you would end up therefore you must believe
    in a fantasy religion that only you are aware of. You are a sad
    representative for the Jews and you are having such an ill effect on me
    because you are making me feel racism in myself, but I must remember not
    to take it out on a whole race of people because of only one, but you
    are such a disturbing influence I have found it difficult not to keep
    these sick feelings at bay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shannon.Smith1993 Shannon Smith

    Dr. Savage, why would you care? Why would you want to go to England, even for a visit? Somebody recently wrote: “the maggots of Radical Islam are feasting on the rotting corpse of England.” You could get stabbed on the street by an Islamist over there, just for being Micheal Savage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shannon.Smith1993 Shannon Smith

    Because he criticizes Radical Islam, and he holds no punches. On his radio show and in his more recent books. Where have you been?

  • dgtekinc

    Any country can ban anybody, except their own citizen.

  • dgtekinc

    Neo-nazi speech is banned in Germany and antisemitic speech in France, this guy is just a sophomoric ahole.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thor-H-Asgardson/1639915847 Thor H. Asgardson

    We NEVER pardon ignorance here.

  • less1leg

    I listen to Michael Savage for some time now. I haven’t yet heard him advocate physical harm or civil actions against any group. Opinionated yes, that’s Mr. Savage’s radio show is about. But I haven’t heard him advocate harm.
    So far, I’m very disappointed with the UK and it’s government leadership of weenies who trample on freedoms of speech. The same government that established common law in the North American continent can’t stop sucking up to 13th century zeolots who actual do advocate harm to the indigenous people of the UK.
    This is so bizarre it’s comedy. Ban Michael Savage, and permit some bizarre Mullah who actual advocates the overthrow of the British parliment and install a Caliphate Sharia driven government and laws.

  • michaelweiner

    When is Weiner coming back on the airwaves? I know the old man is charging $5 for people on his website to listen & watch like 40 minutes of him ramble and pan the camera around the studio while him and his rat dog eat hamburgers.

  • michaelweiner

    I listened to Grampa Weiner when he use to be on the air. I agree that the old fart has a huge ego, but he’s entertaining at times. When he’s not talking about himself of course.

  • michaelweiner

    Perhaps you should pay attention to facts then instead of kissing up to a narsasitic old man who constantly talks about himself on the radio and takes calls from idiot plants like yourself in order to feed his ego.

  • redbanshee157

    Excuse me if I can muster up sympathy for a millionaire banned from one country while fellow Americans are struggling to buy food and pay utilities. Dr. Savage is right on so many topics, but it seems to me he thinks this is a real crisis and the fact most hard working Americans can’t afford to vacation at all.