The Coming Revolution

I believe a revolution is coming to America. Just as Hurricane Ike slammed into my home state of Texas, I am more and more convinced as every year passes that a needed voter revolution is brewing and will arrive imminently at America’s shores and ballot boxes.

The birth pains for this voter revolution can be seen through the highs and lows of current political polarities. I believe it was felt through the surge of the constitutional community supporting Rep. Ron Paul. I believe it was felt in evangelicals’ and conservatives’ frustration with our present presidential picks. I believe it is felt in the heightened responses to John McCain’s "Hail Mary throw" for vice president in Sarah Palin. And I believe it is felt in Americans’ virtually unanimous disapproval rating (roughly 91 percent) for Congress.

Of course, America has some good congressmen, such as Ron Paul. But the fact is those good politicians are few and far between. The majority of them need to be replaced, and the rest of them need our help to do it.

A voter revolution would usher in politicians who make sweeping and radical changes, including disposing of the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service and replacing it with a "fair tax." These are leaders who genuinely commit to the America established by our Founders, drastically cut government waste, immediately stop pork-barrel spending, reject political perks and lobbyists, quit borrowing from other nations (such as China), cease imperialism and nation building, lessen the flow of so much government aid overseas, and bring back production and pride in American commerce, etc.

The way I see it, there are three major common-sense steps toward a voter revolution:

First, examine your representatives from the top down, and ask yourself: Do they represent the people? Do they stand by the Constitution? Do they reduce big government, taxes and our deficit? Are they working to protect our borders and sovereignty? Will they stand up to governmental status quo and gridlock? Do they have the type of character that can resist the temptations of political power and special interest groups?

Second, if your answer is "no" to any of the above, get them out of office. Petition their dismissal; publicize their political problems; and muster community consent in order to vote others in. Call them by name on blogs, and explain to people why they should be ousted; then do it. No more talk. Stay the course, no matter how long it takes.

Third, fight to vote in solid, reputable, law-abiding, Constitution-honoring representatives. Half our problem today is that we have been duped to vote into office individuals who have no integrity. A politician’s integrity must precede our interests because if leaders are above reproach, then they are more likely to do what they’ve promised. And if you can’t find a more upstanding citizen than you are, then consider running for public office. It’s time to get out of the bleachers and onto the battlefield.

You know the words of the British orator Edmund Burke, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." Well, evil has flourished for too long. It’s time for the good people to rise up in another voter revolution. Don’t be like the 90,000 people who ignored the evacuation orders as Hurricane Ike approached. Don’t just sit back and hope it turns out OK. Get involved. Start in your community. Fight for your country and state. And together, we can reawaken our country.

It’s time we all revive the revolutionary spirit of America’s Founders and reinvigorate their legacy. I’ve experienced a renewed sense of appreciation and commitment to them, and in my new book, "Black Belt Patriotism," I talk about how a spark of their passion can turn into a raging cultural fire:

"It doesn’t take many people to foster a revolution. Jesus did it with twelve disciples. George Washington did it with his few suffering troops at Valley Forge. And we can do it today. We can set a new direction for America with people like you and me, who through our efforts in our communities and at the ballot box and in our personal lives can make this country everything it should be, everything our nation’s Founders wanted it to be. America has fallen asleep at the wheel and it’s time for her to wake up before it’s too late. It’s up to us; and this book is my way of showing where we can start."

I heard once that it only took 2 percent of our population to create our nation and that it still would take only 2 percent to change it today. If you don’t like what you see in America, then join me by being a part of the new 2 percent. If you’re with me, then you know the road ahead will not be easy and the war will not be won easily, but the rewards (I promise you) will be ultimately glorious.

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  • nogeeksadmin

    The Revolution just happened in 2012. And Faux Patriots like Norris have been tossed on the trash heap of history. Great move alienating the Mexican-Americans, morons. Hillary 2016. Love it or leave it!

  • Cheryl

    Unrest seems to be rampant throughout the nation. I am left with the impression that the nation will only be inhabited by those of middle income and greater. I see America going the way of Rome and Greece. A nation that once was. Tocqville said this would happen. And it doesn’t surprise me. People have not taken care of their rights nor their country. The only thing they are concerned about is money. America a nation who loves money more than God, a nation who ridicules prayer, a nation that has thrown out the basic principles of faith upon which it was founded. America has gone the way of the nations they fled from, nations that were prejudice against those who chose to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and read the Holy Bible. America is it now a new Russia?


    Yes, a great message from the planet Pluto. Yes, just go to sleep, as you have ever since your birth.


    Sorry Chuck, your article was great 8 years ago, but it is way to late, for your type of action. When you find yourself in a game that is rigged, you do one of two things—You leave, or just continue to play.

    Today, we need a director of an organization, funded greatly by taxpayers, that is going to use the rule of law to dispute every proceeding and election known in this country to make the taxpayer so angry, that all parasites will be legally exiled from taxpayer heaven.

    Yes, the house of cards for government, education and the news media, needs to crumble, and fast, for this country to survive itself. Money talks, inkling fails.

  • Constitution First

    They’ve already run out of other people’s money, they just don’t know it yet.

  • sidjames

    Wise words Chuck, the only problem with implementing your good suggestion is that people running for national office have to be vetted first by the Israel lobby, to check their allegiance to the Jewish state (so really putting America first would unfortunately be a disqualifier). Remember that the Jewish Neocons now run the Republican party, and the Republican Jewish Coalition singled out Ron Paul to be excluded from the televised election debate they held, blacklisting and branding him an anti-semite for standing up to the AIPAC Jewish lobby and daring to put America first. As famed Thomas Friedman senior columnist (who is Jewish) of the NY Times said last year watching 29 sealion like standing ovations for Israel’s PM Netanyahu the “Jewish/Israel lobby owns our Congressmen and Senators”. How do you get around that blackmail/bribery/extortion racket?

  • revolting1

    and so?

  • 21Palms

    Your objection to the rich is somewhat misplaced. There are plenty of rich people whose activities contribute far mor to this economy than they extract. The problem with the American is a merchant class that for forty years has been seducing consumers with inexpensive imports. Both political parties have served these merchants with en ever expanding network of ‘free trade’ agreements. For those not yet pinched by the inevitable – my job goes overseas – this lack of economic patriotism yielded the perception of an improving standard of living. I.e., a stagnant income buys as much or more stuff than the decade before.

    We did this to ourselves. Impose a 10% tariff on 80% of imports, stand back, and enjoy a steadily rising standard of living.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vladintool Vladimir Kunin

    Viva socialism!!! Hillary wili lead us to complete victory of socialism

  • Alan Hans

    You forgot to include our elders, our disabled and our vulnerable into the equation. We all are not living up to our abilities on this front. If things are going to get ugly, best we make a softer landing as they may be a loved one or two. The quality of a nation isn’t measured from the shores.

  • mountainmikey

    I agree Chuck…assuming the polls aren’t rigged, the media is objective, the masses shake off the dependancy of big ‘guvment,’ and “conservative republicans” grow a spine…but I hope you’re right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.paetzold William Paetzold

    You are wrong—although it sounds like your intentions are good. It appears you have never started and run a business. Prepare the soil and then plant seeds. Businesses only invest when there is a good chance of a harvest. If you see that the fields surrounding the garden are full of rats eating the profits you will not invest in seeds. As a 20 year business founder/owner I watched as the mood in our country turned sour on anyone successful. We need to adopt pro-growth attitudes towards the few that know how to create wealth. We cannot achieve our dreams without hiring others to help us.

  • Big G.

    what we need is another 1776!!! to arms! to arms! the socialists are coming!

  • Robertf

    I believe that Chuck Norris is a very loyal, brave and optimistic
    American. He is someone I would go into battle with, as he would always
    have my back, and never run. However, Mr. Norris has an optimism that I
    no longer share. I no longer believe that this Country can or will turn
    back to the days of Ronald Reagan-one of our greatest Presidents. I
    believe that the Revolution we are headed for is of a separation similar
    to 1776. I have known this day would come at least 30 years ago. The
    steady, unending attacks by the Fabian Socialists will never stop. Now
    with America near economic collapse, and a Imperial President demanding
    that We The People disarm, the time is near for the breakup and
    dissolution of the United States of America-that greatest of Nations,
    “that city on a hill,” that I and all of you love and cherish, and have
    been so proud to call our home. This is not the ramblings of an unhinged
    mind, or someone desiring the end of our Nation, but rather it is only that I have seen the “Handwriting on the Wall.” I have for watched helplessly, as my Nation has slowly been corrupted by the vicious lies from the left, and the cowardliness of Republicans, who lack the will or courage to fight. Nor do they have they the decency to allow Conservative members to have a voice in the Party. Instead, they are ashamed of those flying the Conservative or Libertarian banners of freedom. Republicans cower at the thought of a fight. They do not know that the heart of REAL Americans are willing and eager to support courageous leadership, but instead we have cowards, as leaders. Republicans have two-faced, back-stabbing, cowardly weasels like John Boehner, that crybaby House Leader. When we need a General Patton, all Republicans produce is a crybaby afraid of taking a principled stand. But the people will not much longer follow those undeserving cowards in Washington., and May God be with us all in this upcoming struggle for freedom.

  • gypsy314

    I say to the elected leaders if you do not stop this madness of Obama and liberals attack on our constitution the American people will have no choice but to bear arms and take our country back. You folks have a chance to do what needs to be done peacefully but make NO mistake Americans will not wait much longer so impeach Obama and crew and save a lot of blood shed.

  • gotham1883

    Whether the government wants to start a rebellion is up to them. The Great One and his zombies seem to believe that nothing can stop them. That is why they are brainless.

  • Rogets

    Generals,We need a Honduran style military coup. We need to have our generals disarm the capital police and arrest both the president and the vice president. Americans should go online (military men and women) and read what happened in Honduras. they will find that Mr Obama was on the wrong side there as well. The Honduran can thank God that their brave military me and women had enough love of country to STAND UP. Generals, I’m pleading for Christ sake for our brave to STAND UP. Our CIA, FBI, Diplomatic Security, Home Land Security, US Marshals and all Law Enforcement to stand down or STAND UP for this great nation. American patriots will support all of you. When this administration seeks to go to the United Nation to disarm Americans (hence the smoke screen gun controversy) . That is a violation of the oath of office. To protect the constitution against domestic and foreign enemies. Generals, will you stand for UN troops when the progressive push us that far? Do you love your children? Isn’t it against the protection of all Americans to sell our air crafts and american technology to foreign governments? Think about what Honduras would look like today without their brave military standing up to protect their constitution. One nation comes to mind. CUBA. Is that what our Fathers, Brothers and Sisters bled and died for? What kind of government would allow Muslims to stop traffic in New York to pray, then let an American Christian pastor be jailed for ten years.Two great Americans Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln took bullets along with thousands of other American patriots for us all to love each other and protect each other. Together they all bled red. American Red. STAND UP AMERICA !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Helle/100002703829200 Lee Helle

    For this to work we must have honest elections/ yes voter ID / no dead voters/ no imported voters/ no damn unions forcing members to vote

  • mrempirical

    The problem with Mr. Norris’ analysis is the assumption that good men will run for office in today’s political environment. They will not.

    Most truly good men are those who have, through life’s painful experiences, learned why it is important to do right and evade wrong. Rarely do people gain a powerful commitment to what is good and right merely because someone told them it is better not to make mistakes. When life’s waters remain calm, the sinless may follow the advice to choose good but when the powerful storms of trial and temptation come, they are shaken from their mooring and drift away with the currents of corruption.

    Men who are truly committed to their core that they will choose right are those that have made and survived a few mistakes, suffered the pains of those mistakes, seen the consequences of those mistakes and hardened themselves against evil so they don’t have to live through it all again. Those good men will not run for office because the media would eviscerate, emasculate, and humiliate them in the court of public opinion for the mistakes from which they learned to be good men. They will not subject themselves and their families to such public abuse when the public abuse alone would make the effort pointless at the polling places. Look at Romney, a virtual saint by all accounts, but the media when all the way back to high school pranks to try to make him look like a demonic bully. Just imagine what they would have done to him if they found out he had cheated on a high school girlfriend? Never mind that the hurt caused may have fixed firmly in his heart the importance for fidelity in marriage. What if they found that he had cheated on a math test, had to face his teachers, friends and parents after it became common knowledge? Never mind that

    The reality is that the fall of Rome is upon us. Our nation is rotting internally as the population abandons all sense of right and good, all willingness to sacrifice self interests for the greater good, and all sense of self restraint and discipline in an unchecked race to the bottom of the pleasure and entitlement barrel. Sadly, the voices of the few who know how rotten the bottom of the apple barrel is are drowned out by the mocking voices of those who would poison society for personal power and profit. The only possible salvation for the republic lies in the hope for a miraculous conversion of the masses to a belief in and commitment to divine right. History has, however, shown that only devastating tragedy and loss are able to remind man that we are not gods. A revolution is coming, but I don’t think it will be at the polls, it will be brother against brother, father against son, American against American and there is no guarantee that good will win out over evil.

  • mrempirical

    Do you honestly believe that taxing the rich will begin to help solve any problem? Seriously? Do you work for the rich? Do you buy goods and services from the rich? Do you not realize that every tax on the rich is passed on to the middle class in increased costs of goods and services or, in the case of markets that will not support increased costs, in the form of downsizes in the labor force with increases in demands on retained labor? The middle class ALWAYS pays ALL taxes in the end.

    As for trickle down economics, yes it works. It takes years to come to fruition, but it works. Reaganomics was the source of the boom during the clinton years. Socialist economics, on the other hand, always lead to ubiquitous poverty among all but the most powerful elite at the top of the political system. Look around the world, China, Venezuala, North Korea, Greece and the failing examples of most of Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, etc.)

    Capitalism is the greatest force for prosperity the world has ever seen. Only the lazy have no opportunity to progress. Socialism is the balancing of wealth until there is no wealth, only poverty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/philip.bergen.98 Philip Bergen


  • TanongSak

    I agree with you. In order for the kind of revolution Chuck is talking about to succeed, about a third of the American electorate would have to be disenfranchised.
    As for the rest of your comments, their value is negated by your appeal to the notion of “fairness.” It’s a word that should be deleted from the English lexicon. It’s not a virtue; it’s a liberal superstition. I suggest you delete it from your thinking, and then try to restate what you’ve already said.

  • TanongSak

    “Furless talking apes?” No, the apes didn’t start to take over until very recently.

  • TanongSak

    It’s also why, when reality hits them, and it will, they won’t have a clue. They should start asking themselves what it would be like to go to sleep, and wake up in hell.

  • TanongSak

    I would call them something else, but yes, point well taken.

  • TanongSak

    If that’s true of him (which it isn’t), then he must have learned from Obama.

  • revolting1

    You’re right; this is not a fair world and never will be. Replace “unfair” with inequitable or un-ballanced; how about a light red word like unjust? The main point is that those with the greatest amount of resources have have the power to direct the nation’s resources disproportionately upward.
    I recall neither the words Capitalism, nor Corporate rights in the Constitution. I do remember something in that great document about ” Promoting the general welefare “, not to be confused with promoting welefare in general.
    I am not a socialist, but the inalienable rights reserved to each human can not be assured when the corporate aristocracy and the unfettered power it exerts on our legislative and executive branches – and the resulting influence on the judicial branch – remains unregulated.
    It is unfortunate that we live in a dog eat dog world. I’m betting my dog will eat your’s. Just kidding; I have no doubt that we agree on the most important things: freedom, a strong sustainable economy; opportunity for all, and justice even for those who can least afford it. Am I wrong.

  • TanongSak

    Of course you’re not wrong. Who would want to deny what you’re saying?
    If we had a true “laissez-faire” system, no private enterprise would be able to use the monopoly of power which is the state in order to further its interests. One reason is that it would do such an enterprise little good, because the power of the state would be very limited. One of its authentic functions is to constrain the activities of private enterprises, so that they can’t use violence to advance themselves. One such form of violence is institutional violence, which nowadays is represented by the punitive, “progressive” system of income taxation. Another authentic function of the state is to provide goods and services which the market can’t, because of market failure. These are goods and services which are characterized by indivisbility and non-rival consumption (e.g., police protection, fire protection, national defense, and so on).
    My objection to the use of the notion of “fairness” is that it’s almost always self-serving; and this negates its moral standing. For the liberal, an issue of “fairness” only arises when the liberal (he or she) isn’t getting what he or she wants. It’s simply a way of using political or moral discourse to throw a temper tantrum.

  • Thomas Lewis

    In the streets will last shortly, for the federal government’s DHS will finish off a disorganized street revolution in no time. The Feds want a street revolution, so that DHS can become a larger armed force against the citizens of the United States. Stealing from people is the biggest crime. Banks are the thieves, and you know it, quit blaming the small business man.

    Occupy the banks, occupy political offices, occupy political centers already works, just do it.

    Stop paying taxes, everyone, and the government will listen. Health care today is nothing more than Drug care, and for that matter drug addiction, real medicine is available already, its called “Natural Medicine.”

    Start convincing military personnel not to fight against their own people. Voting is a Joke and we all know that as well. Bankers own politicians, and politicians will take away laws that protect you from them. Politicians will remove critical laws that protect “we the people” see what’s happening in Washington and around the country to the 2nd Amendment.

    The NRA was established to protect ex Black Slaves seriously, many American Black individuals would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the NRA. Getting rid of the NRA will help those like Michael Moore to make the entire country’s people become slaves again. Tell people like Moore that it has been governments that have killed more people than any other group. In the twentieth century over 150,000,000 people were killed by governments, not by it citizens. Freedom of religion will follow, and be taken away. Already, the Federal government has decided that freedom of speech is a violation to Obama-care. Those who receive money from the federal government are already slaves. Voting has lost its power, because bankers own the media, and the media servers the bankers.

    Keep blaming republican versus democrat voters and you will help the government win, while the people will lose – and these politicians who bow down to the bankers will continue to harm “We the People.”

    Don’t get caught up in conspiracy theories, all that which has been said above is NOT a conspiracy, it is really happening to all of us, and for whose benefit? It is either we act or the Banker owned Federal Government will do to us what Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin did to Europe. These men were all owned by bankers. Obama is owned by bankers as well.

  • Thomas Lewis

    The problem with political philosophy is it takes money to make that political idea become a reality. With Capitalism this idea can become a reality. But Capitalism has it problems especially with the introduction of a central bank. Communism does not, and cannot establish itself functionally without finance and dictatorship. Communism is a systems that absorbs moneys, but has no way to produce the capitol to sustain itself. Bankers financed Lenin, Stalin, Hitler etc. Without the bankers investment there would not have been a communist/socialist movement. Only governments with central banks can help finance Tyrants and Dictators who eventual help the bankers to establish central banks in other countries, for the primary banks purpose. England tried with taxes and lost to the American Revolution. Later England tried again under Alexander Hamilton, but failed. Still later England again tried to establish a central bank in the US in the War of 1812, and failed again. It tried again under the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, but once again failed. England tried under Abraham Lincoln and failed once more. England’s central banks can be seen behind the assignations of some of our presidents. Finally a central bank, called the Federal Reserve system was established under Woodrow Wilson, together with a Federal tax, this institution now runs the United States of America.

    Tyranny is not freedom, but despotism. Nor is anarchism freedom but rather extreme survival of the fittest a social Darwinian theory. The wild west movies of the twentieth century demonstrated what anarchy is all about. Moving strategy on a chess board in not reality either, but merely a game, which many intellectual proudly boast of, but can show little evidence of those same strategy working when applied to the lives of the common man.

    What is never talked about by socialist political philosophers is “Benevolence of Government” only how to distribute the wealth for equalities sake. Equality has one and one purpose only, to help bankers obtain the maximum revenues from the most peoples. To make all peoples equal is to remove all their individual rights i.e. speech, religion, protection, due process etc. All of the Soviet Unions 5 year plans were failures. And although the Chinese have introduced a form of capitalism, there is no benevolence from the government towards the common man.

    The greatest benevolence that a government can do for the common man is to be a moral entity, which for a government is not very likely. So the next best thing that a government can do is “KEEP OUT OF THE WAY.” so that the common man, the individual families, and communities can compete in a benevolent stage. Free of government control. Free of Banker’s controls. Free to compete in a climate of moral obligation towards each other, rather than against each other which now exist under the lawless Obama Administration.

  • larrybud

    Yeah the rewards will be great, as long as you’re not dead. There is no guarantee that even in a successful revolution where the current leaders are taken out of power that those replacing them will be better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.bobier.1 Michael Bobier

    i also see the big money that is going to be thrown at the far left leaning democrats to be as dirty in their re-election campaigns as possible. buying of union votes, moving illegals around so they can vote in multiple state elections. yeah i see a revolution coming but i think it will be louder.

  • TanongSak

    Regarding your first sentence, would that it were true. That day can’t come soon enough to suit me.

  • TanongSak

    You’d better be careful about your predictions. Nowadays Obama’s Thought Police can construe predictions as threats.

  • redware

    If you believe that millions of Americans die because health care is unavailable you are either ignorant or a liar!

  • 1tomritter1

    All of this yammering about a “fair tax” may very well produce a national sales tax on top of the present income tax.

    The liberals will hear this yammering and propose one. and most of the GOP will go along.

  • poppyw

    What good is a voter revolution going to do when the Big Boys control those voting machines. It wasn’t for our convenience or to save money, that these easily rigged voting machines were mandated and paper ballots thrown out. No, it was precisely to thwart a voter revolution. This way, those in charge control the machines and the transmitting of blocks of votes. The present method of counting the votes is so loose, that it begs criminal manipulation. Read, http://www.blackbox.com With paper ballots, you can at least oversee the counting with poll watchers, but how does a poll watcher see inside the machine. In 30 seconds a computer student can cause the machine to cheat. Notice that the politicians never criticize the system? We’re told that Obama won last time. Strange, the machines were kind to him, but where paper ballots were still used and a more honest count, he didn’t do good at all. In the paper ballot counties of Oklahoma, Obama didn’t win a single county. And, if Obama was so popular, why did they have to pay people to attend his Inauguration?

  • rodrob43

    Is there a revolution coming? Yes, I believe there is. I would like to see a ballot box revolution, but I don’t think that will happen with any great effect, the sides are too polarized. Too many people in this nation only see what they can get for free: free money, free food, free housing, free phones, etc. Work is a nasty four letter word. There is little work for the undereducated; the factories have moved to China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and India. If another world war started now and we were attacked, we would lose that war. Why? Because we have lost our industrial base. Most of our steel mills are empty, outdated, and defunct. Most of our electronics are assembled in foreign countries. Even our footwear is made outside the US. We do not have the industrial backbone to sustain a WW II. However, only a fool would invade us; we have too many personal firearms (thank God). We must quit giving away our resources and bring our industrial power back to the US. We need a government, but for the most part, what we have in office is a sham. 90% of our national political figures are worthless, but we don’t seem to be able to get term limits into the lawmakers agenda; we also don’t seem to want a flat tax system ( no advantages for the wealthy so hide their riches ). With these and other considerations I see a protracted street battle coming on. I’m to old and sick to run & fight but I will “stand my ground.”