Day 2: Obama: Premature Babies Aren’t People

Barack Obama worked to allow a gruesome practice, in which babies born alive after attempted abortions are left to die without medical care, to continue in Illinois.  National Review journalist David Freddoso’s new book, The Case Against Barack Obama, exposes the lengths to which Barack Obama went to protect this ghastly procedure.

Because of a loophole, doctors in Illinois had no legal obligation to treat these babies.  Under the law, they were non-persons.  Illinois legislators tried to close this loophole with a bill mandating that babies born alive during an abortion would have to be treated just like every other baby born prematurely.  The same laws and the same rules of medical ethics would apply to these born, living babies as to any other born, living human being.

On the federal level a similar bill passed 98-0 garnering a yea vote from pro-abortion stalwart Barbara Boxer.  But back in Illinois, Barack Obama had problems with this type of legislation.  He spoke on the floor of the Illinois Senate in opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act – in fact, he was the only senator to do so.  The following year he spoke against the born alive bill again.  As a rabid proponent of legalized abortion, Obama voted against the bill or worked for its defeat on three separate occasions.

From The Case Against Barack Obama:

The tiny newborn baby made very little noise as he struggled to breathe. He could not cry—he lacked the strength. He had been born four months premature.  “At that age,” says nurse Jill Stanek, “their lungs haven’t matured.” Stanek is the nurse who found herself cradling this tiny human being in her hands for all of his forty-five-minute lifetime. He was close to ten inches long. He weighed perhaps half a pound. It’s just a guess, no one had weighed or measured him at birth. No happy family had been there to welcome him into the world. No one was trying to save his life now, to put him into an incubator, to give him oxygen or nourishment. He had just been left to die.


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  • Carla Barger

    duh..whos the fascist??? what an A hole..there is a higher power besides the marxist you obviously worship!!

  • Linda De

    Cant handle the truth can ya,….ass?

  • Berry Muhl

    “You freaking fascists.” What a load. There is no more overused, and misunderstood, term in politics than “fascist.”

    When the progressives are made to understand that fascism is just another form of collectivism–right alongside Nazism and communism–the guilt they feel at realizing that collectivism is collectivism is collectivism, and that it’s all vile and evil–is enough to make their poor little empty heads explode.

    Either human beings have rights or they don’t. The unborn is a human being. It is a full member of the species. An organism’s identity doesn’t stem from its age or its shape, or whether the mother has a feeling heart. It stems from its ontogeny and its phylogeny.

    There is no reason to exclude the unborn from personhood other than political expediency. I laugh every time I hear liberals claim their ideology is the “compassionate” one. The death toll from abortion is around 20 million at this point…similar to the numbers killed by Stalin and Hitler. Fitting, that.

  • Peter Nyikos

    So now everyone who is against infanticide is supposed to be a “freaking fascist”? Or only those who tell the truth about Obama’s infanticide record? Aren’t true fascists among the most ardent opponents of freedom of speech?

  • Megan

    How can anybody with the least bit of common moral sense still be capped up by this grinning salesman whose chief ability is self aggrandization and endless speeches full of falsely pious platitudes?!!! His worshipful followers ought to be informed: Hey baby, he’s not all that!

  • Michael Wolf

    Perform the bodily function elucidated in your puerile moniker.

    A much more apropos use of your obviously limited skills than attempting to form a cogent thought.

  • Cathy Gulden

    I was a premature baby…..and voila….I’m an actual PERSON!!!!!

  • Carey Zink

    There is no more clear and present litmus test of mindless liberalism than accusing conservatives of waging a “war on women”. I have heard just about enough of this piece of crap disguised as political discourse. It (“You’re waging war on women!”) has now replaced “hateful” as the ultimate, empty liberal denunciation of any and all conservatives. The idea that a campaign to save the unborn is somehow analogous to a campaign to degrade women’s health is one of the stupidest concepts the Left has yet embraced.

  • Carey Zink

    pickass, you’ve unknowingly given yourself away. You’d like to think there WILL BE camps to put people like us in, such as, say, concentration camps, wouldn’t you? This goes a long way towards describing and defining your thinking.

  • megamimi

    With advances in neonate care when premature babies are surviving at earlier and earlier gestational ages, the question as to who will be afforded that support has to now devolve to the more basic question of who will command their death if they are one of the unfortunate who have been aborted but still hold onto life? Who amongst us has the right to command another person die? The state, yes, after due process of trial and sentencing. God, yes, for those who like myself believe in a Creator. But are we now assume the role of God or the state as individuals and require that our medical providers do likewise? I would hope not. Abortion, as currently regulated by legislation is the law of the land, however in those cases where the baby survives, then the choice to not provide the care, at minimum, the usual support for the terminally ill, is barbaric in my opinion.

  • LauraE

    I had premature twin boys born at 24 wks, they cried, they looked different, they were human beings, each with their own personhood. How can anyone look upon a newborn baby, no matter how premature they are and authorize their destruction.

  • interpcurves

    Obama: Premature Babies Aren’t People


  • Bob Kops

    All I can sayi is one word to describe him….EVIL!!

  • Jennifer Matlock

    Actually, over 55 million, in the US alone, since 1973 (passage of Roe v Wade).


    “Obama’s next victory”? eh, it’s not going to happen

  • johnwes

    I have always been a stanch pro-lifer but pickass has made me change my thinking a bit. I really think the world would be better off if his mother would have aborted him!

  • Keith

    Red handed Barack. Seems BHO did not get that Bible lesson in J. Wright’s church: God Almighty knows us at the moment of conception.

  • Douglas Lynn

    It is easy. All you have to do is have a worldview that originated in Hell. God is very patient, but America is paying and will continue to pay for its purposeful destruction of life.

  • Donald Moore

    Excuse me…..I was born weighing 2lbs 3 oz in 1955.I am now 57 years young.
    Please do not tell me this garbage!!!

  • TanongSak

    The only one about whom there’s a legitimate doubt as to his personhood is Obama himself. He abdicated his humanity long ago, when he became a liberal. His hostility to life and his apparent desire to see the unborn exterminated is simply a logical extension of that abdication.

  • TanongSak

    Just pray to whatever idol you worship that you live to see it. Were it up to me, you wouldn’t now be alive to write your mindless obscenities.

  • Billy Mullins

    abomination – an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence; “his treatment of the children is an abomination”evildoing, transgression – the act of transgressing; the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle; “the boy was punished for the transgressions of his father”

    If that does not count as a genuine “abomination” then I cannot imagine what would. As a Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, the idea of allowing a precious innocent to die in such a fashion is truly horrifying. Everything that is within me cries out to protect and defend such as that baby – not to allow it to die. The nurse in that story is a true angel. Even if that baby’s birth mother did not want him/her, SOMEbody would have been willing to love and raise it as their own, The Creator did not see fit to allow my wife and I to conceive children. I had to go our and beat the bushes to find my two. But find them I did and I have never been sorry.

    Only a true moral degenerate can agree with such a horrific practice! No one, I say again NO ONE who supports such acts dare style themselves “civilized” – NOT IN MY HEARING!!!!!

    I cannot see how this nation – OR ANY NATION THAT SUPPORTS SUCH HEINOUS ACTS – can long endure. Indeed, how can a civilization which supports and engenders the attitudes and beliefs that would lead to such hideous acts long stand? How does it DESERVE to stand?

    {Walks off shaking his head and muttering to no one in particular; “Land of the free and home of the brave. Says so right here on the label.”}

  • maddog23

    Having seen the work of Neonatal professionals, it boggles the mind to think of the defenseless dying in cold ways, bereft of the array of help.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Wow, such a national shame. G~d will show this nation no mercy for this atrocity.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Ah yes, intimidation, threats and thuggary. It is the Neo-Marxist Chicago way. Will Soros be rewarding the lemmings?

  • TanongSak

    The answer is, of course, a psychopath in a designer suit, like Obama.

  • TanongSak

    That’s eloquent. Please write more on this subject, and any subject. :-)
    Moreover, it’s an absolute truth. May I quote Spinoza: “The sovereign has right insofar as he has might; and he has might only insofar as his subjects deem subjection a lesser evil than rebellion.”

  • TanongSak

    Do you beat off too?

  • dondehoff

    Premature babies are not persons??? I am not a doctor, but I will wager there are more premature babies born than “late” babies. If so, when did those millions of premature, now adults, walking around, become “persons”? Once a decision has been made as to when one is premature, we have opened “pandora’s box” for abuse. I am 80 years “young” and I can remember when abortions were restricted to the first trimester, then it gradually was extended over the years to the full gestation period and now we have “partial birth” abortions. Whats next, age 5 when little Billy talks back for the first time, when he doe not want to go to school, when he becomes a hippy, when the “second husband” does not want children, ad nauseam? Also a fetus is not living “part” of the female’s body, to do with as she sees fit. It is a “product thereof” and there is a significant difference. The fetus developed from a fertilized egg that had been “free floating” within the females body until it attached to the wall of the placenta, which in turn is attached to the uterus. The fertilized egg develops into a fetus, which is a “product’ of the male and female, each providing 13 chromosomes. It is at that point the females task is to nurish the fetus and dispose of wastes. just as she would later do after the child was born. The point is that fetus is the product of “both” the female and the male and at present only the female has any say as to shall it live or shall it die. Bottom line; how many adults, who were born premature, could, at the option of the female, not be here today. I understand the youngest premature child born and lived, was 13 weeks. I also heard (not verified) that 100 ladies were interviewed who had prior abortions and later had children. They were ask as to how the felt about the earlier abortion—85 of them responded in effect, “God, what have I done”. The others refused to respond. There must be a better way of solving this problem.

  • dondehoff

    Berry, just what is your problem?. Your first two paragraphs are off-subject, wherein you object to the word “Fascist”(dictator) and after all of the verbage, manage to say nothing. As for the rest of your post, you could have used just the word “genetics”, Your “two big words” reflect the study of all “beings” in general—much too broad of a spectrum for this narrow subject of abortion. I agree with your last paragraph, except for the numbers which are far too modest and that you omitted “Muslims”. Remember, when you communicate, remember who is your audience. i

  • Yep211

    Ask these “loving” liberals whether we should let puppies die in this same way, or try to save them. Watch for their answer.

    It all falls into the environmentalism/population reduction/ atheism mindset. They just hate people. “Save the seals – club the babies.”

  • TanongSak

    I don’t think primates do that.

  • Liberty Campus

    Obama Hussein Barack is a misplaced modifier in the US. He belongs in a 3rd world climate that needs hope and change of maruna proportions.

  • ghanburighan

    Very kind words, friend. I’m working on an article now, about a third option open to those who find infanticide an abomination, yet know too much of war (as I do) to think it is a solution to any humanitarian problem. I’ll keep you posted.

  • TanongSak

    Please do. I will await your reply. I take it you’ve been in the military?

  • ghanburighan

    Civil war, actually. Africa.

  • TanongSak

    You who have observed the rough edges of human life are in better position to speak on this subject than all of us put together. I have about a million questions I’d like to ask you.

  • TanongSak

    Much worse than stupid: it’s demonic.

  • Dale Briggs


  • Jamo11

    Which is more scientifically innacurate, that a child isn’t human or what Akin said? How is it that Akin is ostrasized by his party and Obama is adulated by his?

  • Don Jordan

    The eternal spirit begins at conception. Even aborted children are in heaven as attested by Colton Burpo the young boy who briefly saw heaven as a three year old during an appendicitis operation. The conductors wand doesn’t bend it breaks Obama is totally and obscenely wrong on that comment all life is important.

  • Gail Eng Littlefield

    Yes our heavenly father loves all spiritual beings. He surrounds them with more love than earthly life could ever provide them. If heaven is the place to be, then why do we fight to keep everyone on earth? Its conflicting. We put to death criminals. If they ask for forgiveness are they to not with God? Does God not forgive those who abort if they ask for foregiveness? One day we will all know the truth and the answers. I for one am looking forward to that day.

  • Traveler118

    God caused fire to come down from heaven to burn up and destroy the evil Bael priests and worshipers who cast babies into the fire. Those slaughtering babies by the millions have perverted our generation and God will require a full price to be paid by those causing the slaughtering. The time is not yet but it is rapidly approaching. Those who love and worship God know this is true. Those who deride God will eventually know, beyond a shadow of doubt, their actions are an abomination before God AND the human race.

  • Leonard Wessell

    My son was a premature birth at exactly 7 months. Only with the most intense care could the doctors save his life. Had he been aborted (paid for by Obamacare insurance) and had he survived in the same physical condition, the very same doctors would not in any way have been obliged to save him, even if I had requested. Question: Cannot a premature birth be seen as a natural bodily abortion? I view Obama-law as potentially homicidal re my child.

  • Joy Ann Roberts

    in china, I think it is, they have the option of aborting girls. AND they have the practice of limiting a family to only two children, I think…..(I know the facts, or most of them, but I am trying to make a point, using the facts that I think I know…correct me if I am wrong)…anyway, my point is that in time, there will be no more chinese people, because they are doing away with girls and only keeping boys. THIS is wrong, too !!! AND we, the USA, have lost about 2 generations of workers and producers and families !!!! And they want to kill even more !?!?!

  • Joy Ann Roberts

    look at all the attention this little bitty brainless “person” got for what it wrote……..I would have just ignored it and let it beat itself to death in the bathroom looking at odumbo’s photo !!!!!

  • TanongSak


  • Clarence C. Young III

    I wonder what any parent of premature babies would think about this particularly when they are holding them on their lap looking into their eyes where you cannot ever deny intelligence exists. Has anyone done this with new born kittens like I just experienced? Watched them and their mother interact? Life begins with birth and most likely before birth and where there is life there is always hope.

  • johnbbbb

    So, everyone who disagrees with you is a Fascist? Liberal logic at its finest.

  • Larry Killion

    Yeah and Hitler said the Jews were not people either.

  • TanongSak

    I just wish he would give us a prelude, by striking down a few liberals now and then.

  • TanongSak

    Girls in the womb are also aborted in India; in fact, it’s become common practice. Why? Because girls are considered worthless. Now when is the last time anyone heard the filthy hags at NARAL or Planned Parenthood express any moral outrage about this?

  • brent

    I can’t stand the guy already. But at the same time if I had a chance to
    shake his hand I would, and be civilized towards him. After reading this though
    I’m confused. Does he really mean that myself (born premature) now 29 years old
    did not deserve to live? And if this is really true then I would spit in his

  • Hank

    The fruit of abortion is nuclear war. How anyone can kill a baby, is straight from the pit of Hell. If God allows Obama to win reelection it is for our punishment. God will not allow His unborn to be murdered without punishing this country for its ghastly and hellish crimes.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    Modern abortion does not ever produce live births modern abortion methods dismembers the baby with suction tubes. The old method which was actually safer for women was to flush the uterus with saline in order to burn the baby alive. Now they insert a cannula into the womb and suck the baby out in small pieces. The reason this is not as safe is that sometimes they perforate the uterine wall with the cannula and cause severe hemorrhage. The only reason this method is preferable is that it never results in live birth of an intended to be aborted fetus.

  • Cat Christodoulou

    life begins when the egg is fertilized, not at birth. Basic Biology 101.

  • Linda K

    If scientist claims that a single cell is life, then life begins at conception. How many people were premature babies and became successful, loving, caring, people who contribute to humanity?

  • Nancy Law

    That is a tragedy.

    Worse yet Roe v Wade is based on LIES.

    LIES are the only way you can justify murdering innocent little PEOPLE.

  • Nancy Law

    If Obama had his way, you wouldn’t exist.

  • Nancy Law

    We need to pray for His mercy.

    Not all of us are barbaric Demoncrappers.

  • Nancy Law

    Yes, we are testing God’s patience …

  • Nancy Law

    Obama has your typical dysfunctional childhood. No father to identify with and raised amongst Marxists. Obama’s life is one big fabrication.

  • Nancy Law

    Even black ministers are telling their congregations to NOT vote for Demoncrappers. Demoncrappers are the party of pure evil. The Father of Lies is quite proud of them.

  • Nancy Law

    Life begins at conception.

    When the two parts meet, egg and sperm LIFE BEGINS.

  • Nancy Law

    Lovely name … “pickass”….

    somehow it FITS you in the most unflattering way.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Obama’s agenda delenda est.

  • Don Jordan

    Abortion is definitely mentioned in the bible stating the eternal spirit begins at conception. Those twenty years in the Reverend Wright church apparently didn’t take.

  • momlove

    Obama encourages women to abort their children then calls himself their HOPE.

  • Charles Mitchell

    well said

  • Keshet59

    Liberals want problems to just go away, magically. It’s a logical progression of the total lack of accountability for personal behavior that is the rallying cry for their secular progressive philosophy (although calling their collective thoughts ‘philosophy’ is an insult to 2000 years of western civilization). How else do you explain their support for late second and even third trimester abortions? If steps aren’t taken to kill a fetus in the womb– such as injecting hypertonic salt solution into the amniotic fluid– the ‘risk’ is that the fetus will be born alive. All in the name of choice. The pregnancy is not wanted? Bingo, the fetus is now a non-person, and becomes anonymous tissue to be disposed of. Meanwhile, liberal women who want to be pregnant will play music to their bellies, and outfit their newborns like French royalty. And unwanted fetuses are subjected to butchery that would have liberals marching in the streets… if animals were involved.

  • Keshet59

    The REAL war on women starts young, and it is an offshoot of the moral relativism that is inherent in secular progressivism. If morality is relative, and private behavior should have no limits, then teenagers can have sex– let’s make sure that they have access to birth control, with or without parental knowledge. If girls in particular are young and have low self esteem, they may mistake sexual intimacy for love, but let’s not empower them– they need to express themselves. If they have babies– let’s make sure they have social programs so that even 14 year olds can be mothers. And the statistics? 29% of white babies are born to single women, 53% of Hispanic are, and 73% of black babies are. I don’t know about the economic background of each of those groups of single mothers, but it’s the poor ones I am most concerned about. The 30-something career woman can take care of herself. But nothing will keep a poor woman trapped in poverty more firmly than babies, especially if she is in high school. Nothing will keep her more firmly out of college, or out of a better life. Certainly, single women with children can be successful, but how many are, if they first gave birth at 15? There is the war on women, writ large. Sure, there are food stamps, TANF, and other forms of government assistance, but it’s still a hard-scrabble life, in which women are trapped into dependency. Rampant patriarchal societies could not have come up with a better way to keep women underfoot if they tried. Remember talk about the “patriarchy”? You do if, like me, you were a young feminist coming of age in the days of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. I am still a feminist, old school, and I am disgusted by they way so many young girls are treated in this country.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Ted Kennedy, deceased, and a former Massachussetts Democrat, has the dubious honor of having the first CONFIRMED KILL in the War on Women. His nephew also has a CONFIRMED KILL. But if you’re a Kennedy, actual kills are meaningless compared to a mythological war on women designed to castigate conservatives.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    In New York City, the rate of abortion is 63% among un-wed black women. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger would be very pleased to know that this segment of the population is being destroyed through abortion. She wanted to neuter blacks. And, she was a progressive.

    Of the sixty plus million abortions that have been performed in America since Roe v. Wade, I wonder if any of those lives, given the opportunity, would have discovered the cure for cancer or aids?

    We’ll never know.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Socialists have little regard for life. History has made that point many times.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    60,000,000 plus abortions in America since ROE V WADE. That equates to 4,350 per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year since abortion on demand was legalized.
    Nothing America should be proud of.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    I think the Lord has turned his face and blessings away from America and the resulting punishment for our transgressions is in the person of barack hussein obama aka, barry sotero.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Progressives refer to a fetus as an unviable tissue mass…………..but if they found the equivalent on another planet the headlines would read, “LIFE DISCOVERED”.
    Progressives will never acknowledge a power higher than themselves. In their eyes, they do no wrong, because they believe what ever they do they do with good intentions………….and the road to hell is paved with ‘good intentions’.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    You sir are a survivor. God bless you.

  • extyrequeen

    i don’t understand obama stance on abortion. doesn’t he realise that for every
    abortion that occurs the democrat party is losing a vote….

  • extyrequeen

    yes and i was there on that july day when poor mary jo was left in the car
    for 8 hours and the bottom line isa she didn’t drown…much worse then
    that…sufforcation…..he was the lowest of the lowlifes…..horrible person

  • monkbiker

    Liberals are masters at changing the plain meaning of words, or using inappropriate words in order to re-frame their argument. The issue is not whether an organism is a person or not, it is what genus and species the organism belongs to.

    Unborn and born human beings have a classification of Homo sapiens. A simple DNA test will prove that beyond a doubt. If Obama or any pro-abortion / anti-life individual claims otherwise, then the burden of proof is on that individual to identify the genus and species the organism in question belongs to. While they’re at it, they might want to describe the hitherto-unknown mechanism by which this mysterious creature transforms itself from whatever it is into Homo sapiens.

    Here’s the deal: you either believe that all human beings have human rights, or you don’t. You either believe that human rights are intrinsic (conferred by virtue of being a member of H. sapiens and NOT conferred by a government or another individual) or you don’t.

    Liberals and pro-abortion / anti-life people apparently believe that only SOME human beings are worthy of possessing human rights, and that whatever rights an individual may have are conferred on that person by some other person or a government body
    This is basically the same intellectual position held by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Che, Castro and Pol Pot.

    That’s why I believe that liberals are extremely dangerous people who should probably be separated from healthy society.

    Think “Escape From New York” or “Escape From LA”.

  • Eleanor

    Aikin’s words/thoughts were expressed wrong as were Mourdocks. I don’t think either men really thought before they spoke, I think their basic beliefs do not support their words. Obama is supporting this abombination saying he wants it available for his girls. Does he not think about this. One of his girls has an abortion, she is murdering his grandchild????? Guess if you have no value for human life, killing off your grandchild is of no significance.

  • Eleanor

    Is this the way of suppressing the number of citizens in the USA???Next will be the Obamacare death panels, to do away with the old, the “inflicted”, disabled, and those they choose as undesirables, just to let die for lack of care. As a senior with senior sisters, I can say, these practices are against everything I learned and believe about God.
    Having been the mother of a prematue girl (7mos, weighed 3lbs) who died at 3 hrs of age bacause scientific technology had not been discovered to help her, having the Hyline membrane as did the Kennedy child. You never “get over it”, You learn to live with it, and go on. You never forget it. That was a living breathing part of me. I also had 2 “miscarriages by or before 3 mos. and I cannot see how people can say this is of no consequence,I was married at the time, not out screwing everything in pants, then expecting someone else to pay for her to “get rid” of her mistake. Abortion is the choice between the woman, her doctor and her God, Government needs to get its nose out such personal things. You want birth control fine pay for it, you want an abortion, fine get it, but don’t expect me to pay for it, as we will in raising insurance premiums, and tax dollars. Morals in the USA have gone to Hell, and we will have to answer for it someday soon.

  • Eleanor

    Wish I could laugh about this, but too close to home, having had 2 spontaneous miscarriages, and losing a premature daughter (3hrs), I cannot think it is a laughing matter. Just sayin’

  • Donna Brown

    For those of you who think you condone abortion, I have a challenge. Watch a video like The Eclipse of Reason or The Silent Scream. See if you really know what you believe. Women can take care of their own rights; babies are helpless! Our God will be the ultimate judge of our barbaric practices.

  • Julie Amos

    Oh, how I deeply despise the Demon named Barack Hussein Obama ,em,em,emm! When I was watching the Elana Kegan choice for SCOTUS , I never knew what partial birth abortion was . I learned how barbaric it is , I learned how Obama supported Infanticide and I wept for hours over the thought that we had a man that EVIL in the White House ! Democrats love to claim Republicans have a war on women and want to control their reproductive rights but I would say to them , who really has control of their reproductive rights when the Federal Government will control their healthcare ?!?!?! It will be Obama deciding whether you may have a baby, it will be Obama deciding whether your baby may live if prenatal test show the baby has a defect .It will be Obama deciding whether young sick children are treated if they are born sick or premature. They will decide who live who dies, who breeds who doesn’t .Theyll have the power to steralize you , just educate yourself on John Holdren.These people in Obamas administration are all DEMONS straight from H666 ! Short of a miracle , we are doomed !

  • TanongSak

    Obama is adulated by his because his “party,” or rather, that vile mob that dares to call itself a party, is laden with criminal psychopaths not unlike their Dear Leader.

  • Garrey McVicker

    this story has been around befor election, so, why did you vote for him. did you just wake up. theres a lot out there and no, oneis reading what is going on.he doesnt give a dam, you need to see him for what he is.

  • Garrey McVicker

    well they all voted for him. evil is as evil does.all they wont is free stuff. and havent learned theres nothing free.

  • Christian Lanier

    Abort Liberalism. Problem solved.

  • jackiestbird

    My son was born at 28 weeks and weighed 900 grams, barely over 2 pounds. He is now 28

  • Derek Weaver

    You are so right it is scary.

  • Gerald Holloway

    That is COLD and should be a CRIME. You call him a GOOD MAN, I call him a poor excuse of a father. I wonder if his kid know how he feels or is he lying to them to.

  • TheProfessor Rockhill

    I was premature as well…so was my son. Behold! People!

  • popseal

    It is for these horrors that I REFUSE TO SERVE ON ANY JURY. I’ve been dismissed twice upon offering my opinion (respectfully) to judges and attornies. SCOTUS decisions tell our churches and families that we are wrong to hold to Judeo Christian ethics and heritage. Are we to stand by and offer only silence in the face of “legal insult” as the secularist agenda is pushed down our throats? I don’t think so Scooter!

  • Terry Tinsley
  • Terry Tinsley
  • justsaynotosocialism

    Obama should be forced to witness one of these murders in person, as should every liberal who professes to support ‘choice’.

  • Linda Kate

    This makes me sick – our country wouldn’t do this to puppies or kittens. Obama needs to be impeached – not for this but for all his crimes that have been documented. He is a very dangerous and evil person who is only out for himself. Wake up America before we’re just another USSR.

  • monkbiker

    You either believe that human beings are organisms with DNA that contains 46 chromosomes, or you don’t. You either believe that a pregnant human female is carrying an unborn human being, or you don’t. You either believe that all human beings have human rights, or you don’t. You either believe that human rights are something that is inherent in being human, or you don’t. You either believe that human beings are responsible for the consequences of their decisions, or you don’t.

    On a side note, if tearing millions (25 million at least) of living, female human beings into tiny little pieces isn’t waging “a war on women”, then what is?

  • william_stanley

    And if real Americans had it their – and the Constitutional – way, Obama wouldn’t either.

  • John Cox

    Something approaching 90% of African Americans voted for Obama. If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is. Racism and stupidity go hand-in-hand. These people must outgrow their racism, and oppose sinful liberalism.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    And a lie doesn not Justify murder never has never will, it only subverts it until exposed. It seems Justice in this case is deaf, blind and dumb.

  • Debbie Knight

    not just one sanitized, publicized, infanticide. tie him to the bed posts and make him watch, over and over. make him hold the little children and watch each take its last breath. see if he is still human at the end of the day? oh – didn’t start out that way? never mind.

  • TanongSak

    If rational people had their way, Obama wouldn’t exist.

  • Rural Dweller

    In Socialism, Marxism, Communism, …the people exist to serve
    the State. The State comes know, the Greater Good

  • Rural Dweller

    I wish people would quit calling them Progressives…their real
    name is Communists. They changed it to Progressives because
    they know they would not be accepted otherwise.Do your homework
    on this. They are Communists.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Who knows what potential America has destroyed by stopping the heart beats of 55,000,000 unborn children?

    When a society can so casually diminish the miracle of life, they destroy their very humanity.

    Which one held a special gift for healing, for science, for teaching, for leadership?

    We will never know. But, we do have obama.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Ted Kennedy got the first confirmed kill in the ‘war on women’…..and liberals loved him.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Not in Greensboro. Here they told their congregations to vote for obama and if it bothered them they should ask Jesus to forgive them….but first, vote for obama.

  • Don Jordan

    Apparently all those years listening to Reverend Wright didn’t take because the bible states the eternal spirit begins at conception. There was too much racist propaganda apparently to sift through for him to understand anything else.

  • Dave Suchy

    oh he identified thats why he returned to hawaii, so he could be near his real father.

  • opy

    if i knew, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a doctor had left a living breathing baby to die unattended, i would grab him, strip him and let him go in the woods at night, give him 5 minutes, then go hunting, with a knife.

  • mikinzla

    Be Careful!they might still come after you.

  • mikinzla

    good now you can vote for Obama.

  • mikinzla

    People are only product.

  • mikinzla

    That would be fine if all of us did not have to suffer the consequences.

  • mikinzla

    What Black ministers?? Puleeze.

  • mikinzla

    Say what?

  • mikinzla

    “the rate of abortion is 63% among un-wed black women” And is that bad news?

  • mikinzla

    Progressive sounds so…progressive.

  • mikinzla

    that’s because they have progressed beyond God.

  • mikinzla

    Just think: the majority of “Americans” voted for a Fascist.

  • mikinzla

    But that’s OK if it advances his agenda.

  • mikinzla

    We :play God” every time we save a life.

  • mikinzla

    But puppies are so cute!

  • mikinzla

    And written by America hating ,, left wing anger.

  • mikinzla

    but he is a mongrel.

  • mikinzla

    But he did it by expressing himself with a bit of arrogance anda bit of alcoholism.

  • mikinzla

    “But nothing will keep a poor woman trapped in poverty more firmly than babies, especially if she is in high school.” But, they keep on doing it ,don’t they? You know what might stop it? Stop supporting them with social welfare programs. Fat chance.

  • mikinzla

    No one is more Racist than Blacks.

  • TanongSak

    Sounds like a good idea; you can use Obama as the prey. He deserves it even more than the doctors who are in attendance. That would solve a lot of problems all at once. Of course, it would be like hunting a wild animal in the wild. Since they’re in their natural habitat, they have the advantage.

  • TanongSak

    His pedigree one can’t hold against him. It wasn’t a matter of choice. His devolution is not a natural process; it’s a result of a choice freely made, a choice for evil. And for that choice he will be held responsible, whether everyone judges him, or no one judges him.

  • TanongSak

    One of these days they will come to see that the hatred is mutual. As for their anger, who asked them to get angry? In fact, who asked them to exist and consume scarce resources?

  • TanongSak

    You forget that they are stupid and depraved as he is reprobate.

  • TanongSak

    What you say about the embryo is, of course, established science. Yet, the very people who denigrate religious belief in favor of “science” see fit to shamelessly engage in pseudo-science, when it suits their ideological mandates. In truth, ideology trumps all other authority, values, and loyalties, including science. History teaches us that just about every perpetrator of genocide attempts to justify his actions by denying the humanity of the victims.
    As for liberal heads exploding, it won’t come about by understanding, since understanding is beyond them. I prefer the more certain methods. A night stick or a metal baseball bat will do just fine.

  • TanongSak

    Don’t bet on that happening anytime soon.

  • Pete Bruno

    Have to believe Teddy Kennedy is burning in Hell! He was a despicable individual!

  • adnawsr

    race has nothing to do with stupidity, stupidity comes in all colors this goes to show how stupid some of your comments are, grow up, guess what i am black white and indian you and i may be related becareful you may be calling your own self stupid, stupid

  • Lilyct

    I have two children who were born prematurely and I can assure you, they are human! They are itelligent, joyously happy, healthy humans, and the center of my world. I think if a child is born alive we owe it to them to give them a chance at living. How did we end up with such a monster in the White House, and how do we remove him?

  • Karen Largent Eldridge

    This seems to be a popular feeling among Christians scarey isn’t it? We need to continue to pray for our beloved country

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    I believe that the Lord is still in charge. He allows us free will. If we as a nation, or as individuals reject Him in pursuit of self we will be held accountable. He has given us grace and the redemption through the blood of Christ, so there is always hope. Fearful, no.

  • Annathule

    My condolences Eleanor, that is truly sad and heart wrenching. I will say a prayer for you after I post this. My son and his wife lost a child to miscarriage and we lost a niece or nephew cuz some parents locked a poor terrified girl in the “nuthatch” (she was underage) until she consented to kill my bro-in-law’s baby, even AFTER we promised to take the child and raise it ourselves, (our whole family that is, Grandmother and me mostly.) That’s why I HATE abortions – even *she* wanted the kid, at least wanted it alive, even if we raised it. She could at least still see the child and not have a murder on her conscience – what kind of “caring, loving” parents would do that to their child? How screwed up is she by now, when that was something like 1984 or so? No doubt drugs and alcohol are her life or she’s recovering from them. And I hate to think how much she hated her parents for that. *shaking my head* It’s a disgrace.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    You only have to go back to before he became president to see how truly evil Obama really is.

    By default he is saying to his daughters – you are only here because we did not kill/abort you!

    And his daughters know that their dad – the one who draws up Kill lists -they know there dad is very serious when it comes to killing his own.

  • Guest

    To bad abortion was “legal” when Prez. Obumfuks mother got herself knocked up, would have saved us all a lot of trouble had this ba$tard been aborted. Personally if all these abortion rights people are so into wanting to kill little babies I think we that disagree should practice post birth abortion on them. No I’m NOT advocating going and killing these murderer, but its nice to think about.

  • Frank Porter

    Too bad abortion was illegal when when das furrers trampy mother got knocked up, would have saved us all a lot of trouble. I think that Post-birth abortion should be practiced on those that think that human life has so little value. No I’m NOT advocating we actually do it but its nice to dream.

  • t.cole

    I have raised my own premie son for the last 41 is not a burden and often a blessing.Shame on u Mr. Obama

  • dragonfly

    Yes, that information was available before Obama’s first election. I did NOT vote for him. I don’t think extyrequeen did either./

  • dragonfly

    10,000 times worse than Hitler!

  • Michael Hussey

    I would use a dull knife.

  • Don Lynn Jordan

    Politics rears its incompetency again when we get mediocrity like this making statements like that. This is besides the fact of his illustrious past with 15 social security numbers at his college addresses. If this isn’t a case for legislation to change the political process of leadership by popularity to one of competency I don’t know what is. Top echelon leaders should be appointed not voted for based on competency as a baseline objective. There can be supplements to that but this current system clearly shows how low we have gone.

  • Lianne Griffin

    Who says they would vote democratic, I hope they would then be republican since their life was probably saved by one!!

  • Lianne Griffin

    However, these young girls, alot of them know about contraception. They choose to get pregnant, not for the right reasons but nevertheless, they choose it one bc they want someone to love them, 2 bc they believed that stupid boy that told them he loved them to get sex, & 3 it is a paycheck. I worked in the city in an ER & for some it is a way a of life. And not just for African Americans, I have seen white, as well not marry their baby daddy just so they can claim single motherhood & get more money from the government & it isn’t any better but obviously those numbers are higher among the poor & minorities.

  • Lianne Griffin


  • Lianne Griffin

    I guess my response wasn’t in yet & even on shows on tv , I saw one on Dr. Phil just the other day, her reasoning; her & her mother didn’t get along, she felt her mother didn’t love her & all their young minds think of is that little baby has to love them. That was her answer when asked why she wanted to get pregnant at 14 & she was white. They don’t think about the rest! Then there are the one’s who are born into it as a lifestyle. Well, if I have a baby I automatically get $250/month or whatever it is Woa I can get that purse or cool tennis shoes I want & leave the baby to their momma to take care of. It is sad but yes it is a very abused program. But there are alot that need it too.

  • Lianne Griffin

    I don’t understand how all those employees stood by & watched, I am sure there were some that couldn’t. I would have to quit a job that told me I had to have anything to do with abortions or the new emergency abortion pills etc., I could never pass by a garbage can that I heard a cry come from that was a baby aborted too late term, which has been done in hospitals or clinics in Chicago where Obama always voted no on bills to fund botched abortions! What kind of person does that?! So excuse me when I puke when I see Obama kiss a baby in the crowd while he is campaigning!!! Or act like he cares about ant of the kids murdered in schools bc he cares nothing about life or he couldn’t do that!!! He is the type of person that can fake emotions, he really only cares about his family & rich cronies & oh his best friend celebrities, can’t forget them!!

  • mikinzla

    Demons need stupid.

  • mikinzla

    People vote for what they want, not what is right: only occasionally are they the same.

  • mikinzla

    No, weak is as weak does.

  • mikinzla

    And, he got away with it.

  • mikinzla

    Wow, good news after all.

  • mikinzla

    so what if she was white? Blacks are OVERwhelmingly likely to spread their legs as a routine behavior. So does white trash.

  • mikinzla

    Which is why it keeps happening… the poor are poor because they refuse to do the steps to change.

  • mikinzla

    Or Kenya,where he could hang around the gravestone.

  • mikinzla

    Ask Kermit Gosnell.

  • Bob G

    Third world, illegal aliens from Kenya aren’t people either.

  • jake hoek

    If, according to Obama, premature baby’s aren’t people, what are they then?
    He maybe thinks they are muslims like himself!

  • chylene6599

    Yeah, there are. Muslims. And I was a premature baby, weighed 3.5 lbs. and I have a grand-neice, born 55 years later, that weighed 2.8 lbs and lived. Obama, and all that believe in these Malthusian practices are incarnate evil.

  • chylene6599

    What choice to they have? The education in thhis country sucks; thanks to the Unions, they are lucky to get a teacher who knows how to read. They drop out before even completing tenth grade. Where’s the jobs? Where’s college? Poverty-Pimps like Obama and Quota Queens like his wife are the ones who really exploit the system that’s designed to give Blacks a better life; ACORN diverted tons of money from many programs that could have assisted more young people and families out of poverty instead of on their own selfish political agendas. Ask Valerie Jarrett. She knows all the tricks.

  • chylene6599

    He has no excuse. There are always choices, and he chose the dark side.

  • Ruth Thomas

    The Democrats, in their endless “compassion” want the government to take care of all our wants and needs from the cradle to the grave. The trick with this crowd is making it to the cradle!

  • justsaynotosocialism

    …and veered right into stupidity.

  • justsaynotosocialism

    Amen, Debbie!