Muhammad Cartoon Gallery

Below are the cartoons published in Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten. Click each image to enlarge.

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  • Wolfenberry

    I can say anything I want about that pedophile murdering cretin Mohammed!! Deal with it!


    listn gentle man dnt argue on ths bustard site if u wnt to knw abt islam nd our prophet thn come face to face but dnt say anythng rubbish abut islam nd our prophet
    if we respect yor religion thn why dnt u respect other religion
    we didnt say anythng bad to yor religion coz our religion didnt teach this bludy thng





  • phil nichols

    Here is your so called god
    MUSLIMS This spells it out.
    Muhammed was a pedophile,murderer,liar,thief and much more he was about as holy as a holy pair of underwear.

  • phil nichols

    I don’t need any further information about Islam the deeds of of the radicals speak for themselves.

  • phil nichols

    You can say anything you want about my CHRISTIAN GOD it does not matter if it offends me or not. You will have to deal with GOD on your own. Muhammeds life is an open book and if you think this individual was a holy prophet then I can only imagine what YOUR beliefs are.

  • GeneralPain

    Spatterson if u pay millions in taxes as u say , what in the hell r u doing wasting ur time here , is this because ur millioner of hates or just full of million shit . U need to educate urself one more time reading the Quran , i am sure u misunderstood being a millioner as well as misunderstanding the evilness written in the Quran.

  • SeomenSnowlocke

    Aye Carumba, People!!! I am a Christian through and through. I am a Roman Catholic American, and most Muslims from most of the world would think that I am candidate number one for being a Muslim hater.

    Let me surprise you. The statements against the Islamic religion listed herein are terribly uncharitable and do not represent christian values. Please love your neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Attacking the Muslim beliefs in such determinedly hurtful ways is completely ridiculous. In addition, you just sound stupid.

    However, to my fellow monotheists of the Islamic persuasion, drawing a cartoon of Mohamed is free expression. People have to be able to question all religions, including their own, if you are going to have a free society. This sometimes allows mean things to be said, and hurt feelings. But it is better to have hurt feelings and offended sensibilities than it is to have Gadhafi.

    In addition, it can be therapeutic. Let me tell a story: in the U.S.A. we have a Jewish Comedienne named Sarah Silverman. She has a joke where she talks about nearly converting to Christianity. She says she had a really hard time deciding because, “My people may have 5000 years as the chosen people of God…but Jesus did MAGIC.” As I said, I am Catholic, and this statement could be construed as a disrespectful commentary on the scriptural miracles Jesus performed. However, it is also a comedic look at the differences in viewpoints of religion between American Jews and Christians. By reducing the item to a bit of pithy humor, a cultural divide within our country is bridged by a modicum of understanding and laughter.

    If the Mohamed cartoons offend you terribly, allow me to offer this. Your religion is still pretty young but you’re getting there, so let me give you some advice (oops, is that the humor again?…Catholic Church is 2000 years old….get it….Zing!). Seriously, though, your religion has been around for 1400 years. My guess is that Mohamed would not lose any sleep over the inane doodles of a group of juvenile Danes.

    I mean…it’s Denmark, Dude. Is that even a country? Isn’t that a pastry or something? Oh…that’s a “Danish.” Right. Well Denmark is about the size of a Danish….maybe smaller. (Zing!) Aren’t there like twenty-four people in Denmark? Don’t they all have speech impediments?

    Anyhow, to all of the insensitive turds in the comments, above, I leave you with a classic American saying: “I don’t agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to express your stupidity.”


    P.S. I apologize to any persons with speech impediments if they think I called them Danes.

    P.P.S. I apologize to any Danes who are offended by the appalling smallness of their country.

  • jonny

    SeomenSnowlocke, you’re a very talented writer. You remind me of me, before I woke up to the realities of…everything. And the blinding realisation that idealism, the patronising belief that evil merely needs to *understand* how and why they are being evil and they will stop because it just doesn’t make sense, why they would want to live in perennial conflict, in misery, killing, getting killed in war…living full of hatred.

    Hahahh. lol. No of course this cannot be true. No it makes no rational sense. Therefore all evil is merely merely the fault of misunderstandings, lack of cultural sensitivity or tolerance, inflamed religious extremists. Damn it’s so tragic. We must help! Help the moderates to pull the fundamentalists into line. We must display our pragmatic genius, in assisting the various sides and parties to conflict that they are talking past each other, and not understanding what the other party is saying. But they want to understand, of course! They say they are trying to, are they not…I will help them all understand each other’s position/s, with my intelligence, my reasoned and well-structured compromising, my appeals to reason and empathy and understanding. I will blow away the hatred, everyone will understand everyone else, and once that happens, we will all be able to live in freedom and tolerance.

    hahahh. You silly fool. (and of course, by you I mean me for most of my life). You’re unable to see where you’re going wrong. Unable to see how ludicrously patronising you are being, when you assume that their evil is conducted simply because they are too too stupid to understand the ‘complex’ requirement for religious tolerance or too stupid to comprehend the ‘complexity’ of non-escalation of peaceful expression which causes offence, into violent chaotic murderous rages of killing and insanity.

    hahahh. Hey man, do you really think they are that stupid? I did. I can’t believe it either. More reserve IQ than I could possibly use, frantically trying to help those who are waging wars in the world, flying Evil’s banners, killing and slaughtering and raping, all that supposed IQ and I couldn’t accept that any of it was anything but a tragic misunderstanding which could be evaporated by pragmatic sharing of intelligence and learning to understand opposing views, empathising and compromising with the opposing side’s historical or cultural complexities and claims, helping everyone find Pareto-optimal solutions which would allow every side to win. This is inevitable of course, but I shall hasten it along; I will be the diplomatic voice of reason and understanding.

    sigh. I was a moron. All idealists are morons. To be an idealist, you have no choice but to believe that all the fighting, that all the people hating and killing and murdering over misunderstandings are just completely stupid. Because they have to be. They just are unable to understand what you understand. You and your undeniably fair and pragmatic ability to digest all opposing views, and explain to everyone, everything. With engaging and poetic diplomatic prose, relating your wisdom for their (unsolicited) benefit. After all, you can see the ration and the reason and the logic in everything, so clearly and so unemotionally and unselfishly. They have to be morons, of course – too stupid to function – for your believing in their goodness to be possible. Way too stupid to actually exist, if your tolerance and diplomacy were valid. Of course you never think that in so much words, but it is fact and every idealist knows it. People are inherently good, they just don’t understand each other’s position.

    hahah. Sorry bro, lol no you just don’t get it. They are not remotely as stupid as you would propose to them that they are. No lol. No one is that stupid, man. NO ONE. Literally there is probably not a single person writing or reading an online message board who is actually so stupid, they just can’t understand why they can’t up and kill anyone who says or does anything claimed to be offensive…come on man, wake up.

    This is a pretty freaking obvious concept. And I – and you – and every other idealist in the world who would be so patronising as to think they just didn’t “get it”…and tried to ‘assist’ their “getting it”….

    Hahhah sorry man but I was an idiot. You are an idiot. Every single person who doesn’t get it, is an idiot. And patronising to boot, the idiot lot of us. Man you have no idea until you get it how ironically offensive that patronising is. They not stupid at all, let alone THAT stupid. Watch out yo, they might not express their fury at the insult of your patronising, because there is no real benefit in attacking someone that blind, and non-dangerous. But be careful because that patronising is the epitome of offensive; assuming someone is that stupid, in your simple messages to them…oh man. You do know what they do, when they are ‘offended’, right?


    What don’t you get? What did I finally understand? Why is every idealist a moron?

    Well, I could write books on this, but this is disgracefully long already. In short, they get it. Trust me, they get it. You don’t get what they get. I’m talking about selfish optimality, the sheer brilliance of following the Platinum Rule. You are a Christian or you claim to be one. For all your reason and intelligence, you really cannot see that the Golden Rule is a scam?

    Let’s play some game theory. You live by the Golden Rule. I’ll live by the Platinum Rule. You do unto me as you would have me do unto you. Hey man, that’s pretty cool. You were super fair and totally reasonable and that was a prefect compromise. I really appreciate and respect that. It’s very nice. Of course, I follow the Platinum Rule so…

    Platinum Rule: “Get others to do unto you as they would like you to do unto them. Then you do unto them whatever it is you freaking wish.”

    Sorry man. Jesus was a scammer, or he was too stupid to understand that the Platinum Rule owns his Golden Rule. It’s sweet on the surface, but it’s a trap, there are malware trojans inside. The worst kind of rootkits. The Golden Rule is used to exploit good-natured, simple and sucker victims. If you can’t understand that, well…I’ve probably wasted all this here genius with an incorrect read, regarding the quality of your prose.

  • jonny

    Oh boy. Hey dude, you realise you’ve been suckered by sheer brilliance – well, you should realise that.

    Firstly, lol @ assuming people are trying to understand the things you say, and just need help because they’re totally hungry to learn and become more insightful and intelligent and understanding. hahah yeah they’re really trying to understand things they don’t, over/under on how many ‘patriots’ tried to nut out one of the most simple concepts ever? 1? 0?

    Patriotism > Nationalism > Racism = everyone understands this yo. But they understand what you don’t. Selfishness wins. Sorry. You are too good a person to ever have a chance. You cannot fight self-serving ignorance, whether it’s genuine or pretended. Where did you get this ridiculous idea that people had the ability to understand the opposing views of others? Where did you get this laughable delusion that they would even want to? hahah you’re a crackup, and by you of course I mean me.

    And secondly, oh boy. You’re a wealthy tax-paying Democrat because you’re sick of GOP hypocrisy? I think that’s one of the most poetic things I’ve heard this week, it’s ludicrous of course, and yet almost ironically not.

    Of course you will struggle to accept the truth of the following, as obvious as it is to anyone who isn’t blind – I accept that, but if you can put down your disbelief for just a moment and look for logical validity…

    You don’t live in a democracy. It’s a fallacy. You’re a slave just like I am a slave. Just like the slaves in Myanmar. There is no choices given to you. Oh your slave masters are very crafty, I almost admire their genius actually. They give their slaves the idiotic illusion that they have choices. They put on a grand show, the finest of shows, pitting Red v Blue opponents with polarising positions against each other, in scathing charades that go all the way to the wire! Two opposing candidates, the most polarised of possible positions.

    Uh huh. Well, you either get it or you don’t. But if you don’t, perhaps you’ll have a think about how exactly a man who didn’t listen to rhetoric, didn’t value excuses or promises which are broken, perhaps you’ll explain just exactly how such a man might know that American voted Obama I instead of Bush V (or Dubya III).

    Five wars now man. Unilateral shipping of militaries into wars without Congressional consent? Guantanamo? Bringing troops home in 6 months? Change coming to…Libya? I didn’t see those campaign banners?

    The Supreme Court overturns a ban on corporate political donations? It’s game over, the charade is over, how are people not getting this lol

    You don’t have choices. You just have a very slick slave master. America is not the Land of the Free – since when? When it was bringing the black man over by bucketload without the annoyance of human rights or remuneration for slave pay? 2 centuries later, 40 years ago, high schools still segregated. Come on, who’s been buying the silly rhetoric here?

    The Land of the Free, with the highest incarceration rates of any nation in the world? This is a sick joke, would almost be hilarious except, I dunno, there’s some real sick shit going on with depriving innocent Americans of their liberty. It’s kinda hard to laugh about, even gallows lol isn’t easy.

    Or do you think there is a logical element to imprisoning a kid who wants to smoke a plant leaf, and laugh, and hurt no one. And not imprison elected politicians who assume office on entire platforms of insulting lies; then send young innocent men and women to hot filthy deserts all over the globe, to die, get shot up, and to kill innocent men and women who are deluded into thinking they must defend their homes from the invaders, by their slave master?

    If you cannot accept that you have been ruefully (but fairly brilliantly) scammed, well I’ve just wasted a whole stack of obvious facts, on a slave who thinks he has two polarised choices, at every presidential and mid-term election. ahhah. Yeah man, yall got choices, between being a slave and being a slave. I mean, that’s democracy is right, your liberal candidate acting all GOP and getting nothing good done, and governing from the centre (just like the far right candidates, who also govern from the centre).

    No one, literally no one, is asking the right questions. I don’t know what they are, but I’m pretty sure they have something to do with that magical line down America’s left right political spectrum. And why every rhetoric-loving, filthy promise-breaking, polarised candidate…governs or fails to govern hovering really freaking close to and around that centre.

  • jonny

    You get no traction with that line, it’s going too far back. But I’m not the kind of person who just presents problems without solutions so…

    You should probably look into the minimum age for wives in Iran, lol with some carefully phrased prose you can get a LOT of traction with that little fact. It’s hilarious, they tried to adjust it recently to be less…hilariously exploitable, I guess. Not a chance, said the Iranian Council of Guardians (what are they guarding? oh that’s right, Muslim Law, from the attacks of secular fake moderates, who are scared of having the tough questions posed to them, by foreign leaders who simply refuse to ever mention the paedophilia – strange, no?

    Trust me, there is a thread there worth unravelling. The thread which starts with: “Why doesn’t the world care about this filthy vile evil, so clearly vulnerable to unified outrage and criticism, but yet deemed not relevant…for some reason?”

    From 2001:
    “The Iranian Council of Guardians has ruled that girls as young as 9 can be married with parental permission, quashing an attempt by the country’s reformist Parliament to raise the minimum age to 15.

    The council, the oversight body that rules whether legislation complies with Muslim law, said the measure passed by Parliament late last month was contrary to Islamic law. Marriage has been promoted by Iranian authorities to prevent ‘social corruption.’

    Meanwhile, officials from UNICEF in Tehran said there is an ongoing dialogue with Iranian authorities and that a conference will be held next week on children’s rights.”

    hahah UNICEF in there mixing it up. Of course we’re talking 10 years later. It’s ongoing. I guess some 9 year olds just have to be patient…oh. damn.

  • jonny

    Amen brothers! A little respect, please? I mean, come on. You’re offending the Religion of Peace (TM). lol that’s a bit like The Land of the Free (TM) – slogans are cool when they are invented using Orwellian inspiration.

    But no, some respect! If you please. R-E-S-P-E-C-T – find out what it means to…hang on, wait what? Islam is demanding we show respect for Islam. I respect their genius, but come on. The Prophet didn’t have anything to say about blasphemers, brother Ahmed?

    I believe, I do believe that he had some strong opinions about blasphemers. And…what is it do you think Christians who believe that Jesus is their God, and The One True Prophet was just one of many prophets, a dime a dozen prophet, according to them…is this not blaspheming?

    I believe, I do believe that it is. And of course, I do believe there were some filthy blasphemers brought around to your side of the debate recently, no? In Pakistan…lol.

    I respect the genius of Islam. I respect that most Christians are unfathomably dull. And those orthodox Jews? Stop, I’ll crack up laughing. But don’t let’s be insulting now – with silly wordplay games. Was The Prophet to be taken literally here? Not literally there? Oh it’s all so confusing…lol. he did mean this. No he was talking in a different context there, sigh. Come on people this literal / non-literal stuff is easy don’t you get it? This way, false prophets can claim ANYTHING they want, to suit their unholy aims. It’s brilliant no? Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know it’s not very Islamic, and I imagine the Prophet would have a pretty big problem with false prophets insulting him by claiming he didn’t know what context he was writing in, the real or the ethereal opposite. I mean, come on – I would get insulted, if people claimed my writing was so ludicrously ambiguous. And I’m not prophet, let alone The Prophet.

    And yet…I’m not seeing any true Muslims standing up and getting vocal about that…shouldn’t they be?

  • passerby233

    please guys go get some life and stop insulting each other .there are infinite ways to reach infinity of course if u believe in one , Islam is not what you see,hear or read there is lot more it . it is the most purest way of life 

  • Kuffer

    No, a real muslim wouldn’t draw cartoons, but draw a
    sword and behead whoever was using their right to exercise speech. I remember
    things such as this happening in the past. Aww yes, Adolf Hitler, behead and
    kill for saying or thinking the wrong or improper thing. The islamic sword will
    spread blood over the entire world to prove how peaceful and demonic they are.  The world will wake up and realize that islam
    is a spawn of evil.

  • Kuffer

    poor little brainwashed child.  If you were just a little older your prophet would take you as a wife.

  • Kuffer

    I agree that islam is worldwide, look in any sewer and you will see it floating.

  • Kuffer

    The only greatness of islam is of its certain demise and slow death.

  • Kuffer

    Yes and if you don’t believe it he will cut your head off and kill your family.

  • Kuffer

    That is just the problem, I have read the quran and SHAME on you for being a part of such an evil, evil belief.

  • Branislav Plesa

    Look… if he’d made this joke about Jesus nobody would be miffed.
    And it definately wouldn’t cause riots.So as far as I’m concerned, anyone who can’t take a joke without getting violent is a joke in his own right.

  • j4rch

    Shame is let other take away the peace of your heart.  If a religion cannot help you to achieve this, it totally useless. Grown up.

  • Noonz

    Funny.. Christianity and Christ existed 600 years before Islam, yet your mortal  “Prophet” Mohammed and your oh let’s pick the SUN god, of all the god’s you had, to be the only god happens to be truth? You’re lying to yourself. Mohammed is a myth as is the “holiness” of Islam..

  • Noonz

    Your “Prophet” is a myth

    as is your disgusting, contrived “religion”..

  • John Christian Lien

    First i need to state that i am not religious. I have a few questions for you if you dont mind.. 1. You say that 70% of all christians are gay, do you have any facts to back that claim?
    2. You say that christians follow a bullshit book called the bible, but what about the quaran? The quaran was written by regular guys, just like the bible.. so doesnt that make your book bullshit also? One thing thats good about christians, and that is they dont become a society of rabiat monkeys when they see a cartoon of their prophet like you do. People ask all the time why there can never be peace in the middle-east, and the reason is religion. Hang up your religion and there will be peace!! Religion poisons everything!

    Just a tip for the future, you should really learn to write and spell before posting threads.

  • Mohhamad

    Damn sand Nighars

  • jonny

    I don’t belong to a religion dude. I think for my Self.

    I am Selfish so I treat my Self the way I would have others treat me. I respect my Self enough to respect those who are valuable enough to deserve to be told the Truth at all times.

    I am a human so I am compelled to be humane. I don’t subscribe to religious hatred. I don’t Need a ‘reason’ to ‘justify’ shooting my Self in the foot with religion’s emotional corruption. I don’t Need to be loved…to death.

    I am not Special enough to be loved to the exclusion of Humanity. Perhaps you are Special? Perhaps you’ll explain why – even if you were the most Special human being alive – you could even want to exclude any of your 7 billion options for Happiness or Misery?

    Humans are a double-edged sword. They can swing both ways. The human race has been swinging each other viciously at each other in an insane desperate attempt to find Happiness via the generation of Misery. That’s M.A.D.

    Humans have been swung the wrong way for 5000 years straight by religion’s Needy insanity. Humans are the most inhumane species on the planet. Do you think that’s natural? Do you think that’s sane?

    It’s time to swing the other way. Humanity will be once again be humane or there will be nothing left to love to death. We’ll just be dead as the noble dust from which we came, which would disown us if it could. It cannot, so we destroy the planet because we can. That’s human ‘logic’ for you.

    To be human in this world is an embarrassment. You’re all a disgrace to a disgraceful species. That’s a real shame. Utopia rests on the sole premise of humans being Selfishly humane.

  • RAY

    ah ha ha ha ha we can read you know.Your prophet reads like a child molestor.who else marrys a child so young?And yes i am a christian,i am reading your religion as we speak.Its stupid to think a prophet has all those virgins.Hardly any virgins left you know.I will tell you one thing any religion advocates war is a fake religion.Any man who makes him self a prophet or leader and has no miracilous powers is no god .He is just a man.Did he rise from the dead?Heal the sick?no so he is a regular man.

  • RAY

    abdul akaba means god is great not muhammond

  • RAY

    workin on it but i dont see where the jihad comes into the koran.

  • RAY

    from what ii see they stole the koran from the bible and adopted it as they choose.

  • Jai Sindh

    Science in the Quran: Sun sets in muddy waters. Earth is flat. Mountains are pegs. Universe in 5800 years old. The world was created in 6 days.

  • Jai Sindh

    Everything is described in the Quran – the secret of every kind of scientific knowledge from the beginning of the world to the end of time. Muslims possess the immense level of scientific knowledge. Actually every scientist ever born is a Muslim. Knowledge is for Muslims only. Actually the space rocket flown by Indians to the Mars is invented by great scientist of Pakistan Mahamad Pagal Khan. who studied in Taliban University in Afghanistan and did his PHD in Al-Qaeda University in Yemen. It is against the God’s Law for kaffir to be scientist or have any knowledge of science. So therefore we can safely say that the scientists working in non-Muslim countries are really Muslims pretending to be Jews.

  • Jai Sindh

    Actually I have read the Quran. After reading it my views about Islam changed from respect to contempt. Quran is hate literature. Quran 8:12 and 47:4 Terrorize and torture unbelievers, smite their neck and behead them unless they accept the religion of Allah. There are few hundred such verses in the Quran. At the age of 53, Muhammad married 6 year old Aisha, young enough to be his granddaughter and had sex with (raped) her when she was 9. That’s pedophilia. That proves that Muhammad was not a prophet but just an old man with lust for kids. As a prophet he would have known that sex with a child is not right.